BREAKING: Paul Walker Reported Dead at 40

    November 30, 2013
    Rachel Kolman
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Paul Walker, the actor famous for portraying Brian O’Conner in The Fast and Furious movie franchise, is being reported as dead by TMZ. The tabloid reports that Walker, 40, died instantly in a fiery car crash Saturday afternoon in Southern California. The actor was a passenger in a friend’s car when the vehicle lost control and slammed into a tree and burst into flames.

BREAKING: Paul Walker’s official Facebook page confirms the actor’s death. Read the official statement below.

New Regency, the movie studio behind the Fast and Furious franchise, also confirms the report and shares condolences:

TMZ is publishing the photo below as an official photo from the scene of the accident:


Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • You Know

    When Walker first hit the movie scene …. I thought he was a Keanu Reeves rip off ….. I mean he acted literally like Reeves….. but with time …. he turned out to be pretty good ….. I truly liked the Fast and Furious series ….. it is hard to make a great series about stealing cars …. but they did it. Walker was excellent. Reeves and Walker both got better as they aged.

    I still hold out hope that he is alive. After all, TMZ is a garbage show and website. They get more wrong than they do right.

    Let’s hope he is alive.

    • reggie

      no it’s true

  • i dont think he is dead

    I don’t think that Paul Walker is dead I don’t see no picture of his dead body so I can’t believe it until actual proof is showed

  • casi

    In memory of Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner), Fast & Furious producers have provided for the fans the last scene he filmed for Fast 7. The scenes can be downloaded from: http://oceanfiles.me/pmFdbwhGDe

  • Hector

    I don’t believe he is dead until I see a picture he was a great actor I can’t believe is going

    • kevin

      Unfortunately with a accident like that a body Wont be shown it wouldn’t even be recognizable if you did and the site would be so gruesome that you may never see it I’ve seen alot of accidents and by looking at it they both should have died instantly b4 the vehicle ever cought fire even so if he wasn’t in that vehicle people still died and and our hearts should Go out to them.

  • http://http.anikh120@yahoo.com anik

    I am so sad…. Paul walker is my so favorite actor ………i love u