Paul McCartney Urges Putin To Free Greenpeace Activists


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Paul McCartney has decided to help out the Greenpeace activists that are being detained in Russia. The activists have been imprisoned for protesting drilling in the Arctic, and have since become known as the Arctic 30.

There are 28 campaigners and two freelance journalists that are currently being detained.

The Arctic 30 are facing charges of hooliganism, and were transferred this week from Murmansk to St. Petersburg.

The activists were originally arrested on a charge of privacy, but it was later reduced to hooliganism, which carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

A letter from the ex-Beatle would certainly be significant when heading to the desk of President Putin, since he is very respected in Russia after his iconic song, "Back In The USSR." He quoted a line from the song which said "Gee it's good to be back home," and asked if Putin could make that true for the Greenpeace activists.

It is also a huge step to see a celebrity like Paul McCartney standing up for detained activists, who most people would argue were doing nothing wrong. The private letter was sent to Putin on October 14, and he insisted how important it is to free them when saying "I am writing to assure you that the Greenpeace I know is most certainly not an anti-Russian organisation...And above all else they are peaceful. In my experience, non-violence is an essential part of who they are."

In addition to Paul McCartney, more than two million people have sent letters and emails, insisting that the Arctic 30 should be released. Environmentalists, and people all over the world are outraged by what has happened, an event that is another result of the developing term Eco-terrorism. For those that still want to make their voice heard, and send a letter, information to do so can be found here.

McCartney is an outspoken vegetarain, and has been a supporter of environmental causes for many years, including opposing drilling for oil in the Arctic, the action that the activists were arrested for. He was also one of several celebrities who made their voice heard and urged Russia to free two members of the punk protest group Pussy Riot, however they remain in jail to this day.

Paul McCartney has truly shown that he is a man of the people, and believes in standing up for the causes that he believes in, after writing his letter to Putin. Eco-terrorism is a growing problem in this world, and many people have not yet become aware.

A letter from someone important like Paul McCartney should enlighten people to a a dilemma that environmentalists all over the world are currently facing when they attempt to stand up for a particular cause that is important to them.

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