Patricia Medina Dies: Hollywood Legend Was 92

    May 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Patricia Medina was often called “the most beautiful face in England” during her early days in film, a title that was certainly well-deserved. She has passed away at the age of 92 in Los Angeles after a brief illness.

Born to an English mother and a Spanish father, Medina began her acting career in the 1930’s but didn’t hit her stride until the ’50s, when she was signed with MGM in Hollywood and starred alongside some of the biggest names of the day, such as Abbott and Costello and Karl Malden.

The dark-eyed beauty married actor Joseph Cotten in 1960; the two starred in several stage productions together and remained devoted to one another until his death in 1994.

The couple appeared on an episode of “What’s My Line” together:

“The Black Knight”, starring Medina and Alan Ladd:

  • http://yahoowebpronews Nicole Laurent

    In 1954, I was 11 years old and those epic movies were to help me cope with the school and the weekdays chores. Beautiful ladies saved by romantic and charming princes making you dream for the same fate. Not like the violence and the immoral ways to live today. Those were the ” good old days” were people still hope for a better life. I miss them and I certainly not miss the present time.

  • http://Yahoo Gary Sherer

    I first saw her in a scary movie in 1947, Moss Rose. She didn’t have a big part, but she is killed in the movie, and I have never forgotten the scene where it comes in on her dead body laying on the bed, and her head hanging off the edge, eyes wide open and looking at the camera. Still gives me shudders.

  • vince bantinelli

    she n joseph cotton were a classy couple
    she was once interviewed by skippy lowe several years back looked great n definitely enjoyed her life…