Pat Sajak Can't Take It, Walks Off "Wheel" Set

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Pat Sajak has seen some doozies when it comes to Wheel of Fortune fails. I mean, the guy has been hosting the same show since 1981.

Let's face it, when a game involves words and phrases, people will bungle it every now and then.

But Pat Sajak may have witnessed some world-class silliness on an episode of Wheel of Fortune this week that takes the cake.

With one letter, an "n", available and only the category as a hint, a contestant just throws it out there.

"Riding a brown horse!" he exclaims with something nearing certainty.

After some giggling on the part of Pat Sajak, not to mention the other contestants, Sajak says, "That's amazing! And it's wrong!"

As soon as the set calms down, things take a turn. The next contestant, armed with the same information, says, "Riding a white horse?"

That was just too much for the game show veteran. Pat Sajak lost it and walked off of the set for a few seconds.

When he returned, he yelled (in good humor, mind you), “Who said anything about a horse!?”

Interestingly enough, it isn't even close to the first time that Pat Sajak has been a little surprised by contestants' answers. Just last week, this happened:

And in June, poor Pat Sajak had to endure this:

Is Pat Sajak possibly ready to be done with all of this nonsense?

According to Fox News, not quite yet.

Apparently, Pat Sajak stated in a 2013 interview that his contract wasn't up for a couple years and he wasn't ready to go anywhere.

"I'd also like to leave before people tune in and see me and go, 'What the hell happened to him?'" he said.

"So I'm trying to walk that line."

What did you think of Pat Sajak's reaction to the contestants' horseplay?

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