Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]

By: Sean Patterson - May 16, 2013

Pat Robertson is well-known for making controversial statements. In addition to failed end of the world and presidential election predictions, the well-known conservative Christian has blamed everything from the 9/11 attacks to hurricane Katrina on gay people and non-Christian society.

This week, Robertson has made headlines again, this time for blaming the victim of marital infidelity.

While addressing questions on his Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson told a woman who was cheated on and trying hard to forgive her husband that men can be expected to do that sort of thing. He goes on to tell her that she should be grateful for all of the things he provides for her and attempt to “fall in love with him again.”

“Stop. Talking. About. The. Cheating,” said Robertson. “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. So, what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place. On what he does good. Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children?…”

After that, things get a bit cathartic for Robertson, who gets specific on a scenario the question did not even mention.

“You’re praying ‘oh, God, keep me not to hate him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room ten years ago and I’ll never forgive him…please help me.'”

Robertson goes on to make his excuse for men even clearer, and implies that the woman who sent the question may, in fact, be at fault.

“Like it or not, males have a tendency to, uh, wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make a home so wonderful that he dosen’t want to wander.”

Sean Patterson

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  • Frank Felix

    I am glad I listened to the whole interview . I think the advice was not as bad
    as the article painted it. I would say that if the cheater was the wife , he would have given the same advice. As christians we are to forgive each other and move on. If couples were to practice forgiveness toward each other more marriages would be saved and our children would be a lot better off.

    • gregory johnson

      Yeah, probably the advice isn’t as bad as it sounds, its probably best to live with people you don’t trust, instead of having a trial seperation to see if you can gain that trust back.

      • 1958Debs

        Soooo, he tells women to be grateful for the VD that he brings home with him? i can see that. and if they die, then they no longer have to put up with the louse.

        • Gwangju

          Come on, the guy used a raincoat.

        • Tom R

          Yeh, Robertson’s view stated a thousand times is that woman is 3rd in “his version” of biblical hierarchy, God, Man, Woman. So, if man treats woman badly, it is God’s role to punish (get even with) man!!! Wow, and we spend so much time these days talking about Moslem radicals!!! Defending Robertson on any basis has got to be a ridiculous clallenge!!

          Robertson for years has been a bloody financial business — anybody that thinks otherwise has been grossly misled.

      • C.L.(Chuck)Troupe

        How in the world does one “gain that trust back” while living apart? How long should such a trial separation last? You don’t see each other for, what, two months? six months? And after that the trust just automatically comes back? Where does this kind of marital counseling come from?

    • John Cady

      Forgiveness is important, but at the same time so is accountability. Robertson’s callous comment, “but he’s a man,” makes one think the husband is off the hook because of his gender and biology. Would my wife let me off the hook if she found another woman in my bed? I seriously doubt it. I would not let my wife off the hook either if I found her with another man.

      This flippant approach to the way men behave, without accountability, has helped fuel the divorce rate in this country. Mr. Robertson sounds like a Christian version of a Muslim extremist who treats women like property. No wonder fewer people go to church or are willing to accept Jesus Christ. It is our fault as believers when we permit this garbage to be promoted.

      • RG

        Right on, brother

      • Jay

        John, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Deloris E.

        Hey, I couldn’t agree more..kudos to you for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth on this matter. It made me want to slap Robertson when he said ” does he provide for you, provide clothes, are nice to the children”. What if the wife works and contributes an equal amount into the household?
        The cheater should be the one reaching to touch and to earn forgiveness and trust.

        • george

          How can the cheater reach out?Touching? out of the question! not the way females behave after such things!Some men do the same thing too.

          • Alva Greene

            There is the human aspect of hard wiring of men vs women. Mr. Robinson was wrong on the scriptural and as George has pointed out the natural aspect of the matter. God wants us to use reason to consider a problem. He even supplied extra wisdom to Solomon to help him make decisions. Tx George plain good old common sense can slove alot you don’t have to pray that you will carry on, hoping you do better so the other party will keep their vow (promise).

          • http://yahoo Eleanor Washburn

            Do you realize how hurt a woman is to find out that her husband has been cheating on her? Some can forgive, some never do. She needs time to heal and not some chauvanistic advice from a person who is willing to excuse the man because that’s the way men are!!!

        • Jami Theresa

          I agree with you completely. It’s a shame when the woman is blamed for her husband’s infidelities. I am shocked he would say such a thing.

        • Tom R

          The truth shall set you free!! Well, Pat is anything but free. There isn’t much he’s ever said that didn’t want to make me slap him. Anybody that continues to try to defend Robertson and his version of so-called religion business, has got to be working some serious overtime these days!!!!!!!!

        • Lindsey

          Delores, with all due respect, you just insulted every wife and mother who decides, of her own accord, to stay home and raise her children. She certainly “works” her tush off and definitely “contributes an equal amount into the household” (if not more I’d say). I’m thankful for my husband who “provides” for me and my children and I know he’s thankful for me, taking on so many other responsibilities. We both have college degrees and yet I chose to follow a “career” that is more important. Investing in the lives of my family full time. That being said, adultery is absolutely unacceptable and my husband and I are disgusted by Robertson’s remarks. They certainly are NOT Biblical. (Other then us being called to forgive of course).

      • Andrea

        Thank you John. Accountability on the individual level. I love that.

      • ubyy

        Here is the thing: He who puts his trust in a man is cursed. Gods word! That is what I think he was pointing out. ALL have sinned and usually when there is cheating going on, noone is innocent completely. When people are taking care of business at home… normally does not stray! The bible does say forgive and ye shall be forgiven. It nowhere says that it is ok to sin, NOWHERE>

        • Marie

          ubyy: utter nonsense. Pathetic.

          • Judytrust1

            This is pure bull. Cheating has nothing to do with taking care of business at home. The cheater is insecure,and a liar living a fantasy life. The person that he/she cheats on is living in the real world. It’s the cheater who has the problem who entered the marriage with demons that they couldn’t deal with. You can’t be faithful if you have no faith. Women work bring home probably more money than her cheating husband pays his bill while
            he steals from her. Pat Robertson has stuck his foot in his wife again. Cheating is about trust. The cheater can’t keep their pants zipped or her legs closed. Some people’s diginity for sale for three pieces of silver.

          • Betsy

            What an ass!

        • DALE

          I disagree that if thingsare the way they need to be at home the male won’t go astray. If man concieves sin in his heart it really doesn’t matter how wonderful his wife is he is going to sin.

          • marilyn peyton reinders

            very well spoken!

        • Norman

          Hey ubyy… Where does it teach about in the Bible on God’s view on “taking business at home” and you wouldn’t stray? I think that is a secular rationalization for men or women to commit adultery… And it seems Pat is going into that same unbiblical territory… His opinions don’t matter,only the Bible’s. And so the secular rationalization of how he provides for her… does hint of treating her as possession. That is obvious. But more than that, he has violated his marriage commitment which if he is a Christian was made before and with God…
          Now on the subject of adultery… there is a lot spoken about that in God’s Word… So if you follow the Bible’s teachings… you got throw out of your heart any secular views… The what is not… then allows this to happen… And if this is being done… then you should overlook what happened… Rationalizations like these are what is hurting the Christian faith. Can’t have one foot in one boat and another foot in another boat… You will eventually fall into one or the other… or drown… too Christians live in the grey area…
          For me, I am all over the forgiveness and reconciliation teachings of the Bible… and hopefully they can work this out… But in the end, if you don’t drink only from the cistern God gave you… don’t go drinking from different one!

          • David S.

            You are living in a complete fantasy world. I hope to God you don’t have kids. You are talking about a mythology as if it was real. Not healthy.

        • Mike

          wow brother…”taking care of business” at home??? That would be protection, financial security etc. not sex… Since when is getting yourself off taking care of business? You won’t die..sounds like you have a problem just like someone with alcohol, drugs etc…you can jack in the shower too and not hurt anyone!!! You do not, DO NOT use another person for narcissistic and selfish wants…it is a privilege and not a right to ejaculate and quite frankly you are a fool if you think it is the wife’s job…It is for love making and reproduction…not a man’s ill conceived and selfish wants!!! Do you get her off orally?? well, that is her biological happiness…stop thinking of yourself and put her first…then you will be a man….not all men are pigs! Thank you John…agreed that so many are turning from the bible because of the behavior of men!

        • David S.

          The Bible is an ancient work of fiction so why are you quoting from it in 2013? It is time to let go of these primitive superstitions.

          • C.L.(Chuck)Troupe

            David your opinion of the Bible reveals the fact that not only do you not know what you’re talking about, but everything that you DO know and understand about the Bible could be placed into a capsule and stuffed … no … DROPPED into the rectum of a gnat.

        • Amy

          So we shouldn’t trust anything a man says since “He who puts trust in a man is cursed”. Does that include the marriage vows he made? The promises he made when getting married? If I can’t trust that or the man at all, what is the point of all of this??

      • jen

        well the bible says any man who looks upon a woman with lust in his heart has committed adultry already. A man is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church… this man is exposing his wife to all kinds of diseases and now has made her distrust him in every way and I would feel that he doesnt love me after this escapade…the man wasnt even thinking…so to say a man is gonna be a man is just junk..

        • trekadam30

          But Christ hated the Church, as well as all forms of organized religion. “My father was not meant to be worshipped in buildings of stone & mortar; he was meant to be worshipped everywhere.”

          • trekadam30

            I mean, WAS NOT MEANT to be worshipped in buildings of stone & mortar. Sorry.

          • jisland

            The Church is not a building of bricks and mortar. The Church is the people.

          • Hector M.

            I disagree and do believe Christ came to this earth and did organize HIS church. All through the bible you read the apostles visiting congregations in different cities and trying to help them understand the teachings Christ taught.

          • Marie

            Where does it say Christ hated the Church?

          • Ed Bearden

            You don’t have a clue. The church is not and never has been a building. The church is the collective body of all born again, the Greek word is “anothen” meaning from above, believers regardless of denomination. There will not be one corner for the Baptist and a different corner for the Presbyterian. We are one body, the bride of Christ. The building we call a church is simply the meeting place of a local assembly of believers. The problem we have today is to many folk who do not rightly divide the word of truth. If we are not 100% certain that what we are saying is true we should keep our mouth shut or in this case our fingers off the keyboard.

        • Alva Greene

          Also, there is the covent aspect of this whole matter. God is all about promises (long before the scribed ones) Vows are to our bond just like God’s promises are His to us. You are right Jen. The Torah even layes out went folks can put off or divorce the party that has broken his word( bond or promise). God’s word never changes. This was bad teaching which can lead to bad, stinking thinking and get others to be deceived into thinking it’s OK … must be it was spoken by a Christian man. Glad the Holy Spirit revealed the truth to you and you spoke up …for it’s not OK…it’s wrong.

        • DALE

          Agreed Jen, It will take years for her to once again trust him. I think that if both are willing they should try and save their marriage. She will have to forgive a man who doesn’t deserve forgivenss just as Jesus does the sinner. If she can do this and he can work at being a man who loves his wife as Christ loves the church and if she can once again place herself into the role of a woman willing to give this man a second chance and willing to take on the role of a loving caring wife they can save their marriage. There are a lot of if’s and only one way to make it work forgiveness and surrendering to a loving savior and to each other. The husband needs to genuinely understand that he is the lucky one here and that he owes her big time. The wife on the other hand needs to be full of grace and only expect his love in return.

          • Gerald

            Well written Dale. These are what we lack in our unions today.

      • jen

        well the bible says any man who looks upon a woman with lust in his heart has committed adultry already. A man is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church… this man is exposing his wife to all kinds of diseases and now has made her distrust him in every way and I would feel that he doesnt love me after this escapade…the man wasnt even thinking…so to say a man is gonna be a man is just junk..

        • Johnny Utah

          Then I am guilty as sin already…why not just act on my impulses.

          • Alva Greene

            Why, because once you are washed in the blood of Christ (which was to reverse all of man’s wrongs or sins) you become a new man. If the Queen of England goes to a mall, looking like the others there and she states she’s the Queen … it doesn’t change anything if others don’t believe her; for the fact remains “She is the Queen”. The same with you; once you are in the family of God, thru Christ; your name has been engraved in His book of life and no one can chg that. Keep in the Word for the Holy Sprit will guide you into all truth. Sometimes he uses man to convey a message to us. It just happens this man didn’t convey the truth.

          • Mike

            really sorry you make men look narcissistic and selfish…that is what is wrong in society and the root of all discourse in this world…men were not made to think with their penis only…if this were so, he must allow his wife the same eye candy and attention must be made to look like a mighty man and not a pig..fat and sloppy, demanding and needy pig…women must then go for and chose the man who puts more effort into his own body than demanding others to make him feel good…obviously bad, bad advice and more like manipulation making true christians look bad!

          • Trudy

            Your answer can be found right in the Bible…because you WON’T suffer consequences just for your thoughts if you realize they are wrong and ask God for forgiveness. However, if you ACT upon those thoughts you WILL suffer consequences rather it’s here on earth or when you stand before God one day. That is dangerous thinking on your part.

      • Abdul

        why bring Muslim to this conversation. I am Muslim who loves very much his wife and treat her like queen. You called Robert’s comment callous, not sure what to call you. but I forgive you brother.

        • Lisa

          He didn’t say “Muslims” he said “Muslim extremest”. Big difference.

          • James

            There was no need for him to even make that kind of analogy. This man is a big hypocrite! I’ve never had any respect for him and hypocrisy is much of the reason why.

      • Abdul

        why bring Muslim to this conversation. I am Muslim who loves very much his wife and treat her like queen. You called Robert’s comment callous, not sure what to call you. but I forgive you brother.

      • Ralph Malph

        Well put.

      • Donna

        Exactly, John. This is the reason why I have absolutely no time for organized religion. These frauds (teleevangelists, ministers, priests) hide their sexism behind religion, turning off LOTS of people.

        And this country is loaded with Christian extremists. Robertson leads the pack. He needs to join his butt buddy Falwell in the 9th Circle of Hell already.

        • Kate

          Donna, you said:…(This is the reason why I have absolutely no time for organized religion. These frauds (teleevangelists, ministers, priests) hide their sexism behind religion, turning off LOTS of people.

          And this country is loaded with Christian extremists. Robertson leads the pack. He needs to join his butt buddy Falwell in the 9th Circle of Hell already.)

          This country is loaded with people that won’t open their minds to God at all. Speaking of extremism… reread what YOU wrote.

          • Jami Theresa

            Kate I couldn’t agree with you more. People like Pat Robertson turn so many people away from God and the church ..I stopped watching his show years ago because all I ever took away from his preaching is how to hate…

          • POPD

            Kate, kate, kate,

            why would I want to open my mind to a work of pure fiction and accept said work as a guiding principal? Almost every religion out there claims theirs is the one and only true religion and if you do not follow the path they lay before you that you will be damned or not enlightened or whatever the “punishment” is. Prove to me that your religion is the one and true path – prove it to me with data and scientific fact! Don’t tell me I too need to become yet another mindless member of some herd blindly following the preachings, teachings, and rantings of another.

            I have many friends that follow their chosen path to god or enlightenment or whatever. There is not a single one that doesn’t “church shop”, that being through usually a long search finding a church that speaks what they want to hear, what their interpretation of what they believe is being presented. And, when said church’s message no longer matches their beliefs they then go and find a different one that better suits their needs.

            And you want me to open my mind to madness like this? I don’t know a single “christian” that doesn’t have serious issues of one kind or another. Of course they dont see it but hey, they pray and all is well because they speak to god. Like one of my neighbors who told me she was selling her house and moving to CA because her husband left her and god told her to move. Then, just a few weeks later she took the house off the market and when asked told me that her husband came back and “god told her to stay”.

            For starters I don’t believe “god” would change his mind. Second off – these idiots that have conversations with god are in reality doing nothing more than having a conversation with the voice in their head – the same voice we all carry despite what religion if any one might subscribe to.

            In short, Donna had a very good point that you missed completely all because of your short-sighted vision. You refuse to accept that your way of believing might be good for you but it in fact might not be good for everyone. Our country was founded on the precept of religious freedom – THAT INCLUDES NOT BELIEVING IN GOD OR BEING FORCED TO FOLLOW THE PRESCRIBED RELIGIOUS MANDATES OF THOSE THAT DO!

            Not believing in god is not extremism. However, believing that those who make a deliberate choice to not be a mindless follower of yet another form of mythology is in fact the precise definition of an “extremist”.

        • DALE

          Donna you sound pretty extreme yourself! Wow toalk about hard case. Yes some people will sin because they are human other will do stupid things because they are human that is the reason Jesus became a sacrifice for our sins. I am not saying we are free to sin I am saying people are human and thus the need for a Savior.

          • James

            Why on earth are you giving this man a free pass? Dressing and excuse sprinkled with message in my view is displaced thinking. I do not by the sin argument. It’s an explanation and not an answer

        • Ed Bearden

          You’ve seen him there in person? Falwell I mean. I often wondered who the gate keeper was.

      • phil coleman

        John, where I disagree with Robertson. Your comments lack some insight too. “fewer people are going to church” “fewer people accepting Christ” No, Christianity is rapidly growing worldwide… also to campare Robertson to an Muslim extremist, is to say you lack undersanding. Boils down to him taking stupid, thats all.

        • Carrie

          It’s worse than just talking stupid. To make the excuse that this is the way men are going to be and a cheated on wife should accept it is the thinking (or non thinking) of a male chauvinist pig. To shift the blame on the wife (taking care of your man at home blah blah) is garbage. That’s an old one. Robertson’s philosophies, if you want to call them that, sound demonic to me… this is the same guy who was all for Bush’s war in Iraq and quoted the Bible (ad nauseum) to support it. War is an invention of the devil and Robertson was all over it. People follow Robertson and think he can say or do no wrong.. I think he’s done quite a bit of damage and is a nuisance in the world.

      • Marie

        John Cady, you are exactly right. Mr. Robertson’s viewpoint does come perilously close to a Muslim extremist. Mr. Robertson has probably done more damage to the Christian religion(of which I am a member) than many outright critics of our Faith. The fact that right wing Republicans put a blanket condemnation on Democrats for supporting a woman’s right to choose (I do not believe in abortion, but I can’t tell a woman what she can do)gave the imprssion that the leader of the free world should be elected on the abortion issue alone. That is ludicrous.

        • Mike

          abortion is personal though not right but if man doesn’t want it then he must take personal responsibility for his sperm and not impregnate…he is the controller and donator so if he doesn’t want abortion or fatherless families, he needs to not engage, wear a condom or get a vasectomy…men have the final say…it is not the woman’s final option and she should not artificially take pills everyday just so he can avoid responsibility!

      • harvey melcher

        Sorry, John – it is NOT “our fault as believers”……you think we “permit” this garbage to be promoted? there will always be narcissistic freaks like pat robertson who paint their selfish phariseeism with a patina of religiosity. It makes no sense to assume responsibility for that, nor to blame other believers. Pat’s at fault and will give account. End of story.

      • Marie

        John Cady: I nominate you for President in the next election.Mr. Robertson’s philosophy is not typical of Protestant faith, thank God.

        • Dallas in NC

          Yeah Marie. You probably voted for Obummer too.

      • Chris

        Well, the bible itself promotes women as property. You can sell you daughters as slaves. Adulterous women are to be stoned. This is God’s word according to the bible. To be truthful, I think many people don’t go to a church or accept Christianity when they read the entire bible and know exactly what it says. I was a Christian for 20+ years..until I started to critically look at the scriptures.

        • Alva Greene

          Sorry to hear that Chris. I think you’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water. Outside of church folk + not wanting to be apart of that group, any more. Did’t you gleam the personal walk wih God he wants to have with you? You quoted the OT not the new good news, did you not get the revelation that the OT is a mirror to the NT. Take Joseph for an example …he is Jesus being revealed before Christ was born, earthly. Jesus and the HS are thru out both books as they were (all three parts of the Godhead) in the verse first verse. I pray you re-read the entire thing; not to disprove but to gain insight into the heart of God. For He considers you His own …Beloved and Favored. Take care.

        • Becky

          I agree with you Chris. Once I really studied the Bible I found it to be so absurd that I couldnt believe any more. The majority of so called Christians bend vast parts of the Bible to fit their personal way of life. Cultlike in that Pat Robertson leads the weak of mind with his harmful thinking in the name of religion.

      • Debbie Jones

        It is time for Pat Robertson to hang it up. This response was so poor in every way. He is not representing the Jesus that I know. I agree with John. Well said!

      • Dale Leehy

        Matthew 6:14,15
        14 For if you forgive men for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 Bur if you do not forgive men, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions. (men is used as all mankind, male and female)

        Can we forgive as God forgives, do we understand Gods forgiveness? Most of the time we forgive others as it fits us, not God. We, Male and female, sould be like Christ and at all times be ready to forgive, but we are not. Christ forgave all at the cross. We only forgive people that meet our likeing.

      • Quentin

        What are you talking about? permit what? men in American are the most castrated in the world and it shows in the society…how many times do u hear a man in home depot say “I have to ask my wife” I use it as an excuse not to buy a lot of these numb n*ts really mean it lol and its money they worked hard for please whatever man.

      • Amy Laderer

        He spoke of him being a MNA, meaning that we are flawed and are sinful. Not that it is OK because he is a man. Human being would have been a better choice of words, but then again Robertson is also only human.

        • Carrie

          No Amy, he did mean MAN and not human being. You are grasping at a straw.

      • Mcflyer54

        Robertson earlier stated that it was both acceptable and understandable for a man to divorce his wife if she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia since she would no longer know him anyway. He did not however, say that divorce would be acceptable for the woman if the husband was diagnosed. This man just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

      • efarenas

        when robertson says “hes a man”, hes referring to the Christian idea that he is of the flesh, meaning he is prone to sin. he is not referring to his gender.

      • Belia

        Besides his callous comments, he assumes that she’s a helpless woman who counts on him to provide a roof over her head and food in her kitchen. Additionally, he reminds her of the “nice things” that she and her children enjoy because of him.
        What the hell does he know? I know almost no body who have a life style this way. She provides too, probably, and the children’s happiness is not based on his lame (and cheating) ass showing up to a ball game. He broke his marital vows and she’s trying to learn how to move past it. What does Robertson say? He says to shut up and sit down and enjoy the nice things you have. Jeez. What a world. What a guy.

      • Belia

        Besides his callous comments, he assumes that she’s a helpless woman who counts on him to provide a roof over her head and food in her kitchen. Additionally, he reminds her of the “nice things” that she and her children enjoy because of him.
        What the hell does he know? I know almost no body who have a life style this way. She provides too, probably, and the children’s happiness is not based on his lame (and cheating) ass showing up to a ball game. He broke his marital vows and she’s trying to learn how to move past it. What does Robertson say? He says to shut up and sit down and enjoy the nice things you have. Jeez. What a world. What a guy.

      • Su Hodgson

        I honestly see where you’re coming from, and I think your post reads well and makes perfect sense, especially where accountability is concerned. I think, though, after watching and listening to Robertson here and there for over 30 years, that he wasn’t so much excusing the man with his “well, he’s a man,” comment, as he was disgusted that, “here’s one more guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants.” Trust me, I am NOT trying to get Robertson off the hook, I am simply offering a turn on the logically inferred position most, like you, have taken. Either way, his statement was unfair to men, faithful men, everywhere. Taking responsibility is, in my book, not a gender issue, but a critical issue, and Robertson missed a chance to hone in on that. But then, the caller was asking for help on ‘how to forgive,’ not ‘if to forgive.’ Food for thought.

      • http://Yahoo bev

        I’m with you John….no excuses….Robertson needs to find a new profession….

      • Jeff

        I totally agree with you, John. Both the woman and the man promise to be true to one another when they stand in front of a minister to repeat the wedding vows. Forgiveness is one thing but if this world considers it OK for a man to cheat simply because he is a man, then someone is very confused on what the Bible teaches on adultery.

      • michelle ward

        people should not look to man or look up to man so much that they forget man is just that. a human being who will make mistakes. i always look to the bible it will tell you everything you need to know.

      • http://700club brandon united states marines

        amen i agree with this comment indeed the accountability is always right if the man di this terrible thing then i do agree indeed
        i also agree with what the lady in the video said fprgiveness is hard for anyone but true forgiveness means loving jesus and always being true to everyone

      • Trisha

        The advice did not start out that badly, on the assumption the woman was looking to save her marriage. It’s always good to weigh the good & bad because nobody is perfect, but he then just gives the man an out by virtue of his gender & comes dangerously close to blaming the victim instead. It’s interesting he references the bible to back up his condemnation for gays, while adultery is in the very same bible… on the same page!!! From a Christian standpoint, a couple IS supposed to try to keep their marriage together through it all, but both parties take marriage vows, thus both are supposed to uphold them – – – forsaking all others, right? I guess I haven’t found the part of the bible that explains when it is okay to commit adultery.

      • Phyllis


        Well said!!! I applaud you and your comment. Why would a man of God condone such behavior?

      • Harlene Youngberg

        I want to thank you for speaking truth,it is so encouraging to hear someone speak of accountability and as Christians we do need to forgive but the victim is oftentimes expected to do more than the person who was unfaithful. We can’t judge others, but we can and should hold them accountable for their actions.

      • Mark

        Join the real world, John. It’s human nature…for both males and females. You can live in a romance novel if you like…..but it’s NOT reality.

      • TLA

        I completely disagree with Robertson on “it’s ok if your husband cheats, he’s a man” sentiment, kinda makes me wonder if he hasn’t wandered around a bit himself….BUT to compare him to a muslim extremists who would STONE a woman to DEATH, is just not even remotely in the same ball park! Saying “forgive your husband for cheating” is in no way shape or form even close to the way the muslim extremists treat their wives!

        • Becky

          Stoning to death is rampant in the old testament. Why is it so extreme. The muslims are just living out of the old testament teachings. The bible changes its mind halfway through. If God was so perfect why did everything change.

      • Millie

        Thank you John I agree with you totally. Especially hypocrite
        Christian who sound more of the world then the church.

    • Robert

      it pains me to see people who call themselves christians in our generation who DON”T have the spiritual fortitude to uphold what they’re suppossed to…”the Bible” if a spouse has cheated on the other ,sexually that is, and they can’t reconcile through prayer and conseling to move on , then listen to what the author of christianity said concerning DIVORCE …Matt:5:32 but I say unto you,that whosoever shall put away his wife,”save” or except for the cause of fornication causes her to commit adultry…” in modern terms , if someones cheating ,God understands and allows divorce ,not that HE likes it but sometimes people just won’t change and it’s not right that the other has to keep living with an untrustworthy spouse. and personally i think it’s time they cancel his show , and it is a show not a program there’s a difference between a show and a program.

      • Carrie

        I too wish they would cancel his show; but unfortunately, his son would take over full time… and the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • Alva

        I wish I could write as well as you have here. Just a super job. Spot on, with Bible truth revealed correctly. TX

    • http://yahoo deany

      Some of this advice is good; however, no woman should be made to feel that she absolutely MUST try again if her man wanders. She certainly can try to make the marriage work if it has been basically good, and she loves the guy. If she looks at all the facts and sees that the same thing will simply happen again first time her husband looks at another woman, she is allowed by God’s law and by man’s to obtain a divorce and continue with life. Also, what is the husband’s take on the situation? Listen to his side of the story before making a decision–after all, we all do things which are wrong, and sin is sin…………

      • Flip

        what is sexual fidelity?

    • kerry

      forgiving others is great..trusting others is another issue..esp when it comes to lying and infidelity..

      • Roy

        Wow, you nailed it! It happend to me and I was able to forgive her but I was never able to trust her again…things ultimatly fell apart. I do believe things happen for a reason; looking back and knowing hwat she’s been up to it’s a good thing I got out when I did…starting over is still hard though.

    • Anthony D. Sharp Sr

      Follow Faith, and True Faith like Love are action words. Read the written word of our Heavenly father(He gave it to us for this very reason and more); 1Corinthians chapter 13 describes Love.
      Then read Galatians the 5th chapter(all of it), together husbands and wifes.
      Leave your flesh and it’s feelings on this subject of Forgiveness hid, until you have heard from your Counselor(Holy Spirit-Comforter)remember him. Then start thanking him because he did and still is ready to forgive you of your SIN, should you ask Him.

      • Isa K

        These are NOT God’s words, these are Paul’s words. The books of the New Testament were chosen at the Council of Nicea in 321 AD at the prompting of the Emperor Constantine. They were chosen because these letters contained a certain philosophy that, at the time, was supported by a majority of the members of the Council. Other books were rejected, and some that were accepted at that meeting were later rejected by various Christian sects.

        I get really tired of Christians calling the New Testament(and the Old Testament, for that matter) the Word of God. It isn’t. It is the word of men – men who never met Jesus as most of these book didn’t appear until 70 years or more after the death of Jesus.

        The ignorance of most Christians as to the history of their religion amazes me. Learn your history, learn how Christianity evolved- then decide what is truth and what isn’t.

        • Caleb

          2 Timothy 3:16 “

        • Caleb

          2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” The scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit led men to write Gods words. How else can so many books written over thousands of years not contradict each other? Also many of the New Testament books were written by the actual disciples of Jesus. The men who were walking and learning with Jesus, or by Paul who Jesus revealed himself to. Yes the Roman church did collect and only choose some of the written books of the time but it is the Christian belief that the Holy Spirit influenced these choices. If your opinion is that the God of the Bible is not real, I accept that. But Im not sure how you can justify saying that the New Testament was written by people whom never met Jesus.

    • Del

      I have never heard Robertson give the same advice to a female..never! I live 45 min from his campus and planned to attend his seminary and he has never given the same advice to the opposite sex. Instead of blaming her you should be convicting this so-called brother in Christ he who has committed not only adultry to his wife but hypocrisy to the Lord our God for not taking his oath seriously enough. We have a responsibility to uphold not only to ourselves, our wives, but also to an unbelieving world that considers acts and comments such as these totally unbelievable (2 Tim. 4:3).

      • Anthony D. Sharp Sr

        Del, Del he didn’t blame her. He offered her ways that she a caring enough wife(believer in Christ)could better aid her hubby at home. Now here’s what some folks might want to hera from Pat. Men are weak to women, especially when men see a waman dressed-up and looking totally awesome. I would if you are a member of the body in Christ, do not make my nerve racking mistake, of wearing the apinions of what you think others are saying about our Lord, Our bible, our church and etc…please, plese, don’t do it… just in htis instance read for yourself Titus the first chapter and have yourself and warm peaceful moment with Him(Holy Spirit). Our God is God and he is in control of yourself, no harm.

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          She can aid her husband at home…cut off his private part!!!

          • CuriousCursor

            It’s a sad day for browsing when Lorraine Bobbitt trolls the internet looking for approval and gets it in spades.

        • Marie

          Anthony D. Sharp Sr: What?

      • Gary

        I used to live in Virginia and I never watched his show because he has this belief that he is the only christian in the world that has no spot or blemish on him.I have on suggestion for you and that is Liberty University. And as far as his advice goes,he is very wrong. That woman has the right to make her own decisions regarding her life and her husband. Only God can judge,NOT PAT ROBERTSON.

    • Jeff Coulter

      I believe that forgiveness is a gift from God and that this woman does need to forgive, at some point, so that she can get on with her life. Forgiveness does not mean she needs to stay in a relationship in which she no longer feels trust and safety. But for Pat Robertson to suggest that he cheated because “sometimes men wander” and that men sometimes cheat because women don’t provide a “happy home” is stone-age, sexist, advice. People, men and women, cheat when they determine that their personal gain is more important than the vows they made, before God, to another person.

      • marilyn peyton reinders

        Jeff you speak the truth here

        • http://yahoo Eleanor Washburn

          AMEN TO THAT!

    • Mark Thompson

      Well stated, and I agree.

      As a pastor / counselor many tend to think that I’m biased and turn a ‘deaf ear’ to this reply. However, it is important to view the entire video and then take into consideration what the overall message was that Robertson delivered.

      My advise would have been similar to any female client seeking marriage counselling. The point that was expressed by Robertson (in other words) was that the things we focus on always dictates the direction of our thoughts.

      He stressed, perhaps rather awkwardly, that instead of constantly replaying the details of her husband’s affair, the wife should instead be concentrating on all the positive details of their marriage.

      Obviuosly over-looked in the report, is the point of this scenario. The woman was seeking ways to forgive her husband. She was not seeking advice as to whether or not she had grounds for divorce, nor justification for feeling cheated. Had she been asking for validation, Robertson would have likely given other advice that didn’t seem so pro-man.

      Forgiveness is a concept that is often times difficult to fully grasp, much less completely implement. It requires releasing our condemnation, sacrificing our right to justification, and abandoning vengence. The deeper the hurt, and the more severe the offense, the harder it is to process.

      Counseling couples for over thirty years, it is my experience that forgiveness is by far the most complicated concept for clients to properly understand. The reality of harboring unforgiveness is that, in the long run, it does far more damage to the harborer than to the offender.

      Robertson likely knows this, and based his response from that perspective. As long as an individual rehearses the offense, unforgiveness will perpetuate itself. She needed to be told to change her focus, and that’s what the WHOLE video shows Robertson’s answer to be.

      • RobbyRob

        Would you give that EXACT same advice had the wife been the cheater?

        • Gerald

          Why not?

      • http://YAHOOP JERRY


      • Marie

        Mark Thompson: I think you are being overly generous in your view of Mr. Robertson. He is obviously close to following in Oral Roberts’ footsteps in his view of himself. My view of most televangelists is pretty dim. They are for the most part deceived by their own self-importance. On the other hand, I am thankful that Billy Graham for the most part has remained a humble man as has Dr. Charles Stanley. There are others.

        • Dallas in NC

          Be very careful who you condemn, Marie.

          • Aloecious

            … is that a THREAT?

    • Mark Thompson

      Well stated, and I agree.

      As a pastor / counselor many tend to think that I’m biased and turn a ‘deaf ear’ to this reply. However, it is important to view the entire video and then take into consideration what the overall message was that Robertson delivered.

      My advise would have been similar to any female client seeking marriage counselling. The point that was expressed by Robertson (in other words) was that the things we focus on always dictates the direction of our thoughts.

      He stressed, perhaps rather awkwardly, that instead of constantly replaying the details of her husband’s affair, the wife should instead be concentrating on all the positive details of their marriage.

      Obviuosly over-looked in the report, is the point of this scenario. The woman was seeking ways to forgive her husband. She was not seeking advice as to whether or not she had grounds for divorce, nor justification for feeling cheated. Had she been asking for validation, Robertson would have likely given other advice that didn’t seem so pro-man.

      Forgiveness is a concept that is often times difficult to fully grasp, much less completely implement. It requires releasing our condemnation, sacrificing our right to justification, and abandoning vengence. The deeper the hurt, and the more severe the offense, the harder it is to process.

      Counseling couples for over thirty years, it is my experience that forgiveness is by far the most complicated concept for clients to properly understand. The reality of harboring unforgiveness is that, in the long run, it does far more damage to the harborer than to the offender.

      Robertson likely knows this, and based his response from that perspective. As long as an individual rehearses the offense, unforgiveness will perpetuate itself. She needed to be told to change her focus, and that’s what the WHOLE video shows Robertson’s answer to be.

    • Matthew

      Not true. There is a clip on youtube with Robertson promoting killing women if they do not listen.

      Not joking. A man asks what he should do with his wife who treats him mean and puts him down as a man. And robertson said “convert to islam” to then you can beat her. He was half kidding with converting to Islam but his point was that the man need to put her in her place.

      This guy is a joke and you are apologizing.making excuses for him

    • Clint Tores

      LOL!!!! You silly Christians and your nonsensical beliefs. Pat Robertson is a mental midget. Well, so are Christians

    • LanaJoIC

      I agree with you. When you read the written text, it sounds really bad. But when you watch the live question – solicitation for advice – and then the answer – it makes sense. He is trying to help this woman (who is asking how to forgive her husband and move on) – figure out a way to do it. He is telling her that basically if you are ever going to be able to move on – you have to re-focus on the good things in your marriage and why you once loved him – and when you do, forgiveness will come.

    • dcj

      The advise was WORSE! LOL! “Give him honor”!!! Whatever! Is this a joke? Without knowing more details he says it’s a “stripper in a hotel room”; suppose it was your best friend or his co-worker, suppose it wasn’t a one time thing but an ongoing relationship?!! I’m not saying give up on the relationship but communication that leads to understanding and trust is the answer. Yes, he’s a man and as humans we are not perfect but it is not her responsibility alone to understand his “wandering” and “temptations”. He needs to prove forgivable and then the betrayal may subside with time. Good luck to Ivy.

    • Karen

      Very true. The media will always criticize him. I know women who have stuck it out for the sake of the children and because he was paying the bills. It’s not easy, but in the long run they were better off. Some women are so quick to leave or kick him out of the house, but then they are struggling in every way. Not bad advice at all. I don’t ever remember Pat Robertson to make end of the world predictions. He doesn’t believe that stuff. He believes in the soon return of Christ like the rest of us.

    • nancy muldoon

      no, if the cheater was the wife he would have demanded death penalty or life in prison. Remember kids, Its Pat Robertson we’re talking about.

    • Carmel

      Oh give me a break. Ever heard of the 10 Commandments. You Christians are sickening. You preach the Bible and then live whatever you want because you can “forgive”.

    • Kim Bakken

      You’ve got to be kidding me! The advice wasn’t that bad? Anyone that blames the spouse for someone else’s cheating is a jackass. Pat Robertson has no idea of what is going on inside that marriage. At the most they are equally at fault (for perhaps a breakdown in communication & giving up on their marriage). But to full out blame the wife. Pat Robertson is nothing but a sexist, racist scumbag. How he has managed to stay on television blows my mind. He disgusts me. He hates everyone who isn’t a white male. Women are second class citizens. And he hates all minorities. This man is disgusting!

    • Fotios Tsimboukakis

      I can see your point,Frank Felix. And Robertson’s. The mobsters used to go to Mass on Sunday morning, extort or kill someone Sunday night, ask and get forgiveness and GO BACK AT IT AGAIN next week. You guys are both CON MEN playing with peoples needs,fears,excuses and whatever will sell easy. I am certain, Frank Felix, you would kiss and love your woman right after someone else has FILLED up her mouth with his liquids. Right? Or your wife would be ok if you mess around once or twice a month. I read it in “some” modern Bible. It’s ok if it suits us. Jokers.

    • Quentin

      Thank you sir! I try to tell women this same thing ok so you leave him now what? u become a ride for unworthy men and there will be a few. Im not condoning cheating and Im not saying all women who leave become sluts but Ive seen enough to know that they become preys because their minds are now fragile. Always looking for a “man” in this world of useless “men” you now raise your sons without a dad and they become one of these useless “men” its a vicious cycle but hey OPRAH tells them they deserve it all so they never stop to think about giving anything ….like forgiveness, patience etc lol

      • James

        You have lost what’s left of your everloving mind! What you said is a complete pile. You sound like a real true blue Woman hater. I am sure that no Woman in her right mind would even give you the time or day. Let alone lay down with you!

    • Mark Vosburgh

      Are you crazy? This guy is ingrate, he should be horse whipped for the statements he has made over the years and the pain and misery he has inspired his followers to visit on others. But then again, he isn’t the stupidest one, those who follow him and his disgusting messages are by far the stupidest . . .

    • Alexander Mccoy

      Wow yes pat speaks the truth but his voice. Seems to me. To. Be off as a voice that should teach wife’s on cheating husband from God’s point of view. I know he means well but not very wise in saying that men wonder like its okay all I can say is we need more harmony in our marriages an more compromise in our walk

    • KiKi

      To forgive does not equal forget. Husband cheats, he’s looking for something else, something new. So yeah, forgive him – but be smart enough to move on. He’s not worth your time nor does he deserve your love and devotion.

    • http://yahoo lisa

      OK. I can understand the part of your comment about forgiveness. But to tell this woman to show her husband honor is ridiculous! Her husband didn’t honor her or their marriage vows.

    • William Millsaps

      I’m positive Pat is wrong. As Christians, would it not be better Not to cheat in the first place…

    • Belia

      I think that if it were a woman he would be telling the victim that he has to get rid of her before she poisons him and the children.
      He’s an old old man who is used to believing that he has the answers to everything. He’s just a sorry old man.
      Give it up.

    • Angrum McCloud

      If you were a real christian, you take you vows seriously and not cheat to begin with! Furthermore as a real christian you would realize that these vows are not only toward each other but also toward GOD !

    • Angrum McCloud

      Were you a real Christian you would not cheat to begin with. Further more were you a real christian you would realize that the vows you took are not only said to each other but also to GOD !

    • David

      Time to write Pat Robertson off as a demented individual who either has lost touch with Christianity or never understood the tenets of his claimed religion. His staff has had to make far too many clarifications re his comments in recent years. Assassinate Hugo Chavez, the Haitians are being punished for being in league with the devil…

    • simon

      I agree Frank Felix!

    • Mary Horton

      That is not the bible says,Mr Robertson.It says “thou shalt not commit Adultry.” That was not just for women!Men need to stand up and be men and take resposibility for what they.Where is their
      self control?

    • Figaro


      Wonderfully expressed.

      And yes, if you take into account the broader Biblical context, just as you stated, well, Pat Robertson’s advice to the cheated on wife is refreshing. Altogether uplifting.

      Love isn’t a battlefield. On the contrary, it’s a lasting peace ceremony of which forgiveness is an integral part. We all need to partake more of that process even though it’s hard to do.

      I know…

    • Steve

      Where and when were you born. His specific statement says men tended to stray, not women. And blaming the man’s choices on someone else, not what I would call mature. I think you need to revisit your christian beliefs.

    • Pattysboi

      Robber$on is nuts, and needs to be taken off the air, permanently. He needs to lose his FCC license, as well, as he has completely gone over the edge.

    • Tom

      I honestly did not even need to hear the entire interview. While I usually disagree with most of what Pat Robertson says, from the first quote in the article I got the impression that Pat Robertson was being raked over the coals for this one. That is good advice for ANYTHING, really: Forget about the negatives, and concentrate on the positives, because if those positives are still present, then you CAN get past the negatives – especially if they happened a decade ago.

    • glenda dotson

      Many people including Pat Raobertson have never read the Bible .In the beginning in Eden God ask Adam first before asking Eve why he ate the ap[ple he said ‘ The woman you gave me tempted me .There by blaming the Woman and God for making him weak . Then Eve Said the right thing the serpent tempted her. Been the story of man since the world began .

    • JeffInMpls

      As a Christian … Pat Robertson is an embarrassment! Yes, we forgive, but that does NOT require us to stay in any relationship. The trust factor in the relationship has been destroyed. I don’t care what P.R. has to say, it is NEVER the fault of a victim. Nor is it correct for him to justify immoral behavior of a man by his “boys will be boys” attitude. It’s very clear that we have all been COMMANDED: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

    • Tom R

      Sorry, but if you happen to chose to be a Christian, that’s your personal business. However, if that’s what you’re going to chose, I’d be very careful attempting to validate your beliefs against some of the many dysfunctional things Robertson has erupted with over the years!!! Trying to defend him and his mouth defies logic. If he sounds like an idiot, looks like an idiot and talks like an idiot — MAYBE he’s an idiot!!! So, be careful tying your horses to his chariot!!

      This is still the same ole Robertson who preaches the God-Man-Woman hierarchy. Woman makes herself submissive to Man and when Man mistreats Woman, God gets even with Man. Whoa!!!! What an inspirational concept if you happen to be a woman.

      AND, in regards to certain comments below that suggest it tends to be a failure of women in this society to understand a males sexual needs — the word lobotomy come to mind. That’s nothing short of a Dark Ages comment!! Don’t suppose those commentors would like to continue the dissertation on self-awareness and talk about the males well-understood abilities to take emotional sensitivity to such high levels in this society!!! Apologies for the sarcasm!!

    • http://Yahoo Bill Anderson

      What a load of garbage! Your comment suggests that infidelity is acceptable. There are many things within a relationship that warrant forgiveness, but cheating is not one.

      And Robertson is a nut-job who needs to shut his mouth. He’s just a hateful bigot and we’ll all be better off when he’s gone.

    • Izy

      Thanks Felix,I agree with your comments. The article seem to have a tinge of ‘unlikeness’ for Pat. We should emphasize forgiveness and love, although this should not be a licence to continue to hurt those close to us.

  • Debbie

    If you are married, you are off the market… period.. enough said. Having said that “You are not man enough to take my man”

    • JB

      So does that mean your man is looking for a man???? hmmmm

      • Anthony D. Sharp Sr

        You should focus your talent where it is truly needed, our country is in need of better not bitter human beings. I forgive you, but come on!

    • Anthony D. Sharp Sr

      Speak Truth there now….amen

  • Robin Bednarczyk

    THAT is why I don’t go to church anymore! Too many leaders in the Christian religion are going around basically changing whe rules per say by letting things go. Excuse ME, but DOESN’T the Bible say in one of the commandments “Thou shalt NOT commit adultery”? And isn’t cheating COMMITTING ADULTERY? So who is ANY Christian to just blow it off as being alright, just because THATS what men do? You can’t change the rules here, THEY’RE FROM GOD, GOD TRUMPS ANY AND EVERY CHRISTIAN no matter how much money they have OR how often they appear on TV. I’m not saying don’t forgive the cheating spouse – I’m only saying don’t candycoat it with such BS as thats what men do! No A REAL MAN WOULD STAY FAITHFUL WITH THE WOMAN HE MADE VOWS WITH!This whole world is going to hell in a handbasket and the Christians are leading the path with the way they dismiss commandments from the Bible! Whats really messed up is they’ll allow and even condone cheating in their congregation but God forbid someone read their horoscope! Go figure!

    • Doc

      So might as well go live on an island because you can quit being in America where our leaders are cheaters and liars.

    • David

      So according to Robin king David was not a real man? Like many christians you forget that we are real sinners with real sin problems. I hope you find a church that deserves to have someone as holy as you to be one of their members

      • JustMe

        To David: remember that God did not just brush off David’s sin. He remonstrated him for it, and even allowed the first baby of that union to die. And David was forgiven because he repented, not on the basis of “that’s what men do.” Real Christians, with real sin problem, should heed the Bible warning about satan roaming around looking for someone to destroy [by tempting them to sin], and about resisting the devil (obviously by resisting the temptation to sin). The advice of the Bible is to “flee fornication”. In other words, one must avoid situations that will cause one to commit fornication or adultery. One can be forgiven, but they should also repent, like as Jesus said, “go, and sin no more.”

        • Dave Fried

          I think that it is sad that King David’s child had to pay for the sins of the father, just as so many innocent, first born Egyptian children paid the ultimate price for “a crime” in which they played no part.

        • billy

          The point is only God can judge, Pat can’t judge the husband, a wife can’t judge her husband or a husband his wife. Pat does the only responsible thing and points the wife back to her own faults and forgiveness.

          My wife cheated on me 9 years ago and it was hard but I looked at my failures rather than her’s. I looked at where I failed and left open doors in my marriage for her to fail in that way. She and God looked at her faults and me and God worked on mine. Whenever you attempt to hold your spouse accountable you usually fail to look at your own faults and that is what tears the marriage apart more than anything else.

        • http://WebProNews Harry

          “he remonstrated him for it and even allowed the first baby of that union to die” Well, that’s real fair! Pick on the innocent child instead of the malefactor.

    • StackSteel

      Just a note, I wouldn’t base my reasoning for not going to church on imperfect people. Isn’t that what Christianity is all about, admitting your not perfect and you need help. Stop being surprised when people let you down and focus on the one person who won’t.

      • Dale in Oklahoma

        StackSteel that is probably the best advice I have ever heard, and I thank you for that. Just reading that has made my day and pointed me in a better direction. It’s strange that little things along our paths can be very meaningful to us, even if it means little to others. Thanks again.

    • http://Yahoo Felton Woods

      You don’t want to go to church anymore because of YOURSELF. Don’t blame people in the church. Everyone on your job, if you have one, are not righteous but still you go. It doesn’t make much logic to me to leave a place where there are but a few hypocrites (maybe yourself at some point)to go back into a world FULL of hypocrites, God haters, Christ deniers, sinners, non-worshipers, atheist, and more. You go to church of worship God and no hypocrite or lying preacher should prevent you from doing so, that’s if you love the Lord enough. Everyone is not going to be what you want them to be or expect them to be in the church and that includes you. Even Jesus Christ knew that. He Himself had one in His very midst to betray Him with a kiss. Did it stop Him from saving the world. Find you a church of your faith where the preacher is preaching from the book and if not hold him accountable using book, chapter, and verse. You stay away from the church with a flimsy excuse as the one you gave and when you stand before Christ on that great day, He will judge you lost using book, chapter and verse.

      • Bill Kramer

        these are peoples opinions… we all have one… including yourself… how can YOU preach the word of God… and then pass judgement yourself.. ???? thats being a true hypocrit.!!!!

      • lolakitty89

        For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matt 18:20 You don’t have to go to a church to have a relationship with Christ. I too stopped going to “church” but that does not mean that I am far from God. To the contrary! I have never had a closer relationship with The Lord. So to go on your little tirade is ridiculous.

        As for Pat Robertson. This man is and always has been ridiculous. Sad that so many people listen to this ridiculously borderline senile old man. My mom use to watch him all the time when I was growing up and I didn’t like him then either.. “SEND ME MONEY!!!”.. yah right…

        • S

          @ lolakitty89 The Good book also states in Hebrews Chpt 10 vs 25 that we should ‘Not Forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another; and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching”. Which simply means that I need you and you need me. We are ALL apart of God’s body. When we quote scripture, we need to apply ALL of it, not just some. Now, as for Mr. Pat Robertson, am I sooo in agreement with you on him! A total mess

    • Brian

      Robin I stopped going to church in collage when a deacon treated me badly. I have learned in the last 5 years that all people are sinful, but we go to church to spend time with God. I have also developed relationships with people in the church that I would not give up. People will fail you but God never will.

      • donnie

        Did you also stop going to Collage when you “stopped going to Church in Collage”.

        Do they teach spelling in Collage.

        • JQNN

          What a “Christian” response. It’s too bad you can’t stone people anymore.

        • T. Farlow


          Did you just have a bad day, or is judging others for something insignificant and accidental a way of life for you? I’m sure it’s the former, or sure hope so.

          Oh, by the way your question to Brian as follows: “Do they teach spelling in Collage”, is missing a question mark at the end, and for whatever reason, you made “collage” into “Collage” or capitalized the misspelled word that shouldn’t have a capital c!

          I hope your day gets better, but if you’re a prowling “typo cop”, make sure your bases are fully covered before tearing down others.

          T. Farlow

    • http://none Gustine Marsh

      Mr. Pat Robertson, is a poor example for a Christian.

      • Caleb

        I agree. Plus the fact that someone calls themselves a “Christian” does not mean that they know God. They may know about him, but that does not guarantee a relationship with Him. As for Pat, 2 Peter 2:1,3 “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you… In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.” It is sad that people like him slander the name Christians, because they truly aren’t. They are NOT “like Christ”. And their words do not hold truth, only pieces of truth twisted into lies.

    • garry

      What did he smoked to think like that?

    • Jay


      Unfortunately, I agree 100% with you! And this is coming from an ordained Baptist Pastor of over 20 yrs of service in that capacity!! I have seen first hand how the so-called “Christians” leading and attending OUR Churches, and the most ignorant, racist, arrogant, judgmental, unforgiving, ostracizing people on the planet. It has ruined the TRUE MEANING OF WHAT A “CHRISTIAN” ACTUALLY MEANS!

      In this case here, and I actually don’t think Mr. Robertson meant ill, as much as he is INSENSITIVE and RECKLESS IN HIS STATEMENTS in his counseling to REAL PEOPLE, NEEDING REAL HELP!

      The issue needs to have the BLAME SOLELY ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE PERSON AT FAULT! Where I come from, and the way I was raised, A MAN WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS! No, I do not think he should be damned to hell for his error, but to blame the offended party is the most detrimental way to create emotional, mental, and other problems in them!


      Well said, Robin!

    • Jay

      AND BTW:



      • Terrie

        Mr. Robertson runs a cult of people that cannot use their own brains to make a decision for themselves. To place blame anywhere expect on the one responsible is just really ignorant. And it is inconceivable to me why anyone would believe that BS….

    • Jonathan

      I believe the trouble begins when you turn your spouse into an
      object of worship . Partners should help each other but also
      forgive the other’s failings . Moving beyond her spouse’s
      infidelity , she has a choice : stay or leave him ; it’s
      up to her . Her own self worth should not be compromised
      by the decision she makes ; however , if her husband is
      abusive , don’t even think twice about it – grab the children
      and leave !

    • Anthony D. Sharp Sr

      Robin, I feel you! But you have several errors going on at the same time. SIN IS SIN and SO IS GOD’S FORGIVENESS/His propitiatior(CHRIST) who came for our SIN. Read Robin in your bible this text and you’ll come to spiritually see a mystery that the apostle Paul was given and he revealed for the church(True believer)Galatians chapter 3, all of it. Now I’m sharing this with you IN LOVE, do not allow any other thought/emotion/spirit to come nigh you or between us on this or any truth, Why? As you already know(Ephesains 6:12). Now for you to allow any one to separate you from meeting with weaker than you believers or stronger than you believers is a fault of yours. His word reminds us NOT TO FORSAKE/PUT OFF/NEGLECT/DENY/QUIT our Christ Jesus ORDAINED Assemblies, but it is of the enemy who dosn’t want us believers to ever come to know our POWER through obeidence of His Spirit/Word/Faith/Love AND MORE…HEY remember the church is on enemy territory. Ug huh!
      Get Back in There and hunble down as we should like Christ, who, LEARNED MANY THINGS THROUGH THE THINGS HE SUFFERED(hebrews 5:8) are you greater than Him?

    • Alva Greene

      We should remember there were hundreds of yrs before the ten commandments were given where God and man had a covent or promise to one another that covers not just ten but many other commitments between the both. God has not changed He is the same forever! His word is His bond. We follow His example when we married and vow to each other a commitment. Just like the one Robin has expressed; the Bible states that man’s veiw if not in line with His word … it is wrong. The torah even instructs folks accepted ways of putting off or divorcing the party that has not stayed true to this very important promise. I am sorry Robin (you appearently know the word) but of wrong words feel you can’t gather with God’s kids …where different levels of light have been revealed to them. Stay in the Word; Keep a personal relationship going on with Christ; go to church but keep on letting the Holy Spirit guide you in all truth. Take care …The Father Deeply Loves you; rest on His shoulders (like a lamb in His flock); continue to speak against wrong teaching …like this one.

    • Fotios Tsimboukakis

      You are right. If Christ did,and I say did,ever came back, he would spit most on the Religious heads first,then everybody else. Nobody is able to do what that great philosopher taught. Cause it’s too inconvenient for most. Like Robertson,here.

  • Doc

    You journalists must get your degrees from kindergarden….you twisted everything he said to cause controversy and hatred toward Pat and christians. If you listen to what he said, he is basically just saying to focus on the good not the bad and that will help you forget and forgive.

    • lolakitty89

      Completely disagree with you. Speaking as a Christian, Pat Robertson is a loon as are so many televangelist. I am sure most of them start out with good intentions ..He is a complete loon..

    • Fotios Tsimboukakis

      Focus? On the good? The Mob used to focus on the good. Dealing drugs and killings took the back seat to more positive doings. Like giving to the Church and the Catholic Schools. I see your point. A PHD kindergardener.

  • Avis McGee

    I’m not saying the cheater should not be forgiven; but to say that the cheater is ‘just being a man’ is highly irresponsible for a religious leader to say. It’s just wrong to break your marital vows, whether you are a man or woman. Pat Robertson needs a filter!


      A filter! Yes! Anyone have any duct tape?

  • Joe Silvasi

    Pat robertson is an ass. No way is that fool a “man of God”

  • Tallulah Grassfire

    Robertson is a dinosaur. He has no business handing out marital adivce to women or even men for that matter. Had the infidelity shoe been on the other foot I am sure Pat would’ve advised a man differently. He made that clear with his statement, “He’s a man, ok?” Pffffffft. If this woman was cheated on ONCE she’s most likely been cheated on many times. And if this is something that’s intolerable to her then she should keep his cheating butt to the curb.

    • Tallulah Grassfire

      ETA: Kick not keep.

    • Kathi Bledsoe

      I absolutely agree with you Tallulah! He is a dinosaur and shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone for anything! How can he go on calling himself “a man of God”?

    • No Androgyny

      You aren’t Christian. You are a feminist!

      • brutus75

        NO..You are not a Christian. You are a judgmental fool!!!

        • No Androgyny

          Why do you voice such evil?

          • RobbyRob

            Seems to me you NO are the voice of the devil. Who are YOU to judge these people stating their opinions? I bet you have been sitting all day at your computer replying. NO life, no ambition. Why don’t you go out and do something for your community? Go work in a homeless shelter or mission?

  • Cindy

    My sisters husband cheated on her for short period of time. I thought it was over for the both of them because the husband and the other woman who was also cheating on her husband were having a passionate lusty affair. But my sister scolded the other woman and forgave her husband and THEY HAVE the MOST BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE … my sister is BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT, she could have gotten any other man BUT she chose to stay with her husband who IS SO REPENTIVE and seriously if you saw them today YOU COULD SEE THEIR MARRIAGE IS AWESOME and they look so BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER. VERY HAPPY ENDING.

    • Blondeone90000

      Your sister is the exception not the rule and good for her! God bless them both! : )

    • Jay

      I’m definitely glad your sister’s marriage worked out. Forgiveness is key. But was there any forgiveness for the other woman? What was the point of scolding the other woman if she forgave and stayed with her husband? She understood that her husband makes mistakes, but another person who committed the same mistake gets scolded? That doesn’t make much sense.

  • truthseeker

    Ine thing the writer of this article failed to note was whether the adulterer (in this case, the husband) was repentant or not. Because repentance is a misunderstood word these days, it needs to be defined as not just saying one is “sorry” but to turn away from the sin (repent), to pay a penalty for one’s transgression, and to become and remain a faithful partner again. If the husband has done this, then the wife as a Christian is obligated to forgive him and work on staying with him. If he does not fulfill his promise to be faithful, does not repent, than all bets are off and she is well within her privilege to divorce him.

    • Jena

      maybe the wife should cheat, then repent, then they can talk forgiveness.

  • elaine walker

    Senile moron. Time to retire Pat!

    • No Androgyny

      Feminist idolater. Time to repent Elaine!

  • Perry

    1. He blames the woman for not making the home too attractive for him to be tempted to wander.
    2. He justifies the sin of adultery as normal behavior for a man. This flies in the face of the Bible’s admonishment to flee from temptation, to resist the devil, to “leave thy loin cloth and run”, and then asks the woman to overlook the sinful pride of the man.
    3. Yes, Christ instructed to forgive 70×70. Means forever. The woman isn’t perfect. “All unrighteousness is sin”, regardless of the sin and who commits it.
    4. I agree that the woman should focus on the positive aspects of the marriage and not hold a grudge, learn to focus on the husband’s good qualities, and then let the dead issue be buried along with resentment.

    But to say in so many words that because a man is “made that way” justifies his useless behavior is a step too far. A man is responsible before God for either giving in to temptation or walking away (like a real man is capable of). If God knew that man’s emotions were too much for him to resist, God would not have made such stern statements. All of us are capable of resisting evil desire and temptation. Just say no and walk away. No excuses, rationalizations (self-deceit), or outright lies.

    • Jena

      Perry, very well said!

    • moteague

      Why do you guys always refer to the Bible as if God wrote the Bible? Every word in the Bible was written through the perception of men. You guys need to stop this nonsense.

      • babyboomer

        God did write the Bible. He inspired men to write what He wanted us to know. Many Christians believe the Holy Bible is not only the inspired, but also the inerrant and infallible Word of God. That’s why Pat Robertson needs to remember, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is one of the Ten Commandments when he basically says it’s ok for men to cheat on their wives – that’s just the way men are.

    • http://yahoo deany

      This is a thoughtful/insightful reply………

    • No Androgyny

      You make a better feminist than a Christian.

  • Tinker

    I have to agree with Frank Felix after listening I can see where Pat Robinson was going with what he was trying to say… the article did sound much worse than what was really said. I believe if you and your spouse agree to try and make the marriage work then there needs to be a renewing of mind, heart and attitude …not saying that its easy but you should focus on the positive to move forward

  • Sandra

    I agree with a PP. The advice isn’t as bad as the article makes it seem. This was a question from a woman TRYING to forgive her husband and move on with their marriage. He gave her advice to help her achieve that goal. Stop talking about the infidelity…many marriage counselors advise the same thing. You can’t move on from it if you keep focusing on it.

    And it’s true, men ARE more susceptible to sexual temptation in this world. My husband looking at women in bikini’s on TV is going to be more tempted by that than I will be looking at men in speedos, and that’s the truth for MOST men and MOST women. Men ARE bombarded more by pornographic materials and temptation. Porn has absolutely NO appeal for me…I think it’s gross, disgusting, fake, repugnant. But…for my husband the feeling is not the same. He has to actively TRY to RESIST the temptation to view it.

    Men and Women have different love languages. Men need to do their part to keep their wives happy and wives need to do their part to keep their husbands happy. It’s NOT a woman’s fault if her husband cheats, but she CAN help him resist the temptation to wander…and vice versa. I think that’s essentially what Pat Robertson was trying to say.

    • Dallas in NC

      You hit the nail on the head, Sandra. You made more sense than any of these “holier than thou’s” on this board.

    • Gerald

      Sandra, I cant agree more with you on this. I wonder what they wanted Pat to say to the woman in question-just kick the cheating husband out! While I dont support marital infedelity, I believe forgiveness is key in every union, even Jesus said in the case of the woman caught in adultery ” he who is without sin should cast the first stone”.

  • koala

    Pat Robertson is sooooo wrong – there is no excuse, NADA, for cheating on a spouse – husband or wife – to forgive is one thing – to be able to trust and forget is another!

  • Mack

    I am not a P.R. fan but the actual interview is different than the biased news article. If the woman is serious about forgiving her husband he gave her good advice. I’m also sure he would have a few choice words for the husband if he were to talk to him.

  • Tenton N. Horton

    Well, Pat has been operating a “religion for profit” for many years now…and has been quite successful at getting people to send him “money”….this means that he is, at least, a very clever person.
    Therefore, his advice may well be worth considering.

    Islam has solved this “problem” by providing for more than one wife.

    Nature tells us that people of both sexes are attracted to the opposite sex all of their lives…married or not. It is mostly a matter of whether or not one will consider the effect upon their families…particularly their children…of becoming involved with “the other” man or woman.

    Such an involvement usually hurts the children of a family…as well as the marriage partner.

    It is all about what one believes in as to their way of life…and how much they consider what their actions may do to their loved ones as well.

    Is Pat right or wrong ? Only time will tell… after someone decides take his advice…instead of “thinking for themselves”…..

  • karen

    Pat Robertson should stop being pessimistic for making a bad statements made to women. For my opinion to other people that they need to stand up and tell Pat that enough is enough. He needs to be accounting for the bad statements and judging them for what they do. If I know that God will be asking why he said things to them that is not true. He’s also, he is part of the tea party and he’s accounting for owning money to the IRS tons of millions to them. They are getting fed up with Pat Robertson now. They need to look into the scandalizing the money now.

    • Dallas in NC


  • Bill Kramer

    When you get married…its supposed to be forever… yes ..she should forgive him… if it was unintentional… but come on… its usually very intentional, and premeditated… now with that said… he should know Karmas a bitch…

    • lolakitty89

      Unintentional? lol.. really? “oops.. I’m sorry honey, I tripped and feel inside her, it wasn’t my intention to do it”.

      • Dallas in NC

        Just a little change!

  • Agnes Witherspoon

    Marriage is built on trust, understanding and yes, forgiveness. In the Bible divorce was frowned on even if you were being physically abused. The ONE condition for divorce however was infidelity. I say you can forgive them but for me personally…the marriage is over. The trust and foundation is ruined. To cheat on someone is disrespectful and you would not want it done to you. In order to do something like that and know that you risk someone leaving you means that you did not care in the first place. I honestly think it is insulting to women and men to say, “Well, he’s a man. They cheat. Get over it”. Basically you are saying that men are dogs and to not expect anything from them because well, they are going to screw up anyway. You should expect more out of folks because they are more…

    • No Androgyny

      Too much feminist indoctrination has ruined your Christianity

    • Dallas in NC

      Most of us are like dogs. We don’t get emotional with sex.

  • Terry

    Like most conservative Christians, Mr. Robertson gives the rest of us a bad name. When in doubt go directly to the source, the Bible. Scripture teaches us to forgive, yes, but scripture also teaches us empowerment. We serve the One who created all and everything. Mr. Robertson might do well to re-read the scriptures where God speaks to marriage and infidelity. Infidelity is the one situation where divorce is sanctified. Shame on Mr. Robertson for giving poor if not wrong advice and even more shame to him for making excuses for the male gender. You take a vow before God when you wed…keep your word to your spouse and more importantly to God.

    • Jena

      Yes, Terry completely agree. Cheating is the worst thing you can do to your partner. It’s the ultimate hurt you can inflicted. To say ‘he’s a man’ oh well, boy’s will be boy’s, sounds to me like Pat just gave the ‘green light’ to men to cheat. Unfortunately, all the ‘good’ the husband may have brought to the relationship is gone, over shadowed by cheating. Is it worth it?

      • Dallas in NC

        You’re full of yourself.

    • No Androgyny

      Empowerment is a liberal word. Are you a Christian or Churchian?

  • lbjohnson

    I think his answer to the question was right on, ” how do I forgive an move forward…” He didn’t say it was ok to cheat. Title of article is misleading.

    • Dallas in NC

      Here,here lbjohnson.

  • RObert Vogler

    Pat Robertson in a complete ASSHOLE. He is old and mostly confused. Anyone who listens to Pat Robertson on religion or anything else is an idiot. He opens his mouth and makes statements that are so outlandish that anyone that has a brain and can think for themselves knows he need to be muzzled and taken off his own show. Giving men the right to cheat because they are men and you know how they are has not religious background with the bible.
    Turn him off and do not listed to what he spews and think for yourslef.

    • No Androgyny

      Genesis 3. Men and women are different despite you spewing talking points of your feminist indoctrination.

      • Dallas in NC

        Yes,yes No Androgyny.

  • Gene


    • http://yahoooo olukemi

      uuum why do you go to church? to worhsip God or to see the faults of pastor. As long as we are still in the flesh we tends to fall into sin and comits blun drs. The bible advises us to look unto jesus the author and finishre of our faith and its also syas woe is teh man who puts his trust on man cos he will fial and disappoint you. The church is like an hospital with people with various sickness and needs healing and there are some battle you cant fighr alone you need cooporate anointing for such and you can never study the bible alone you still need people to share with and you alone will stand before the jurdgement throne to answer to God you cant tell God you stop going to church cos someone let you down , remember there is no excuse before God you will answer for yourself. leave Pat BObison alone he will answer to God for any wrong consel he gives.

    • Dallas in NC

      You got that right, Gene.

  • DMkBk

    Concentrate on why you married him or her in the first place. ‘to have and to hold apart from any other’.There’s a million people out there that would provide the food and clothes, be nice to you.and would take care of the kids. If only they could fool around and appear legit. All God wants is your whole self body soul and spirit. The spouse second to God deserves the same “Bone of my bone,flesh of my flesh.”

  • Dennis

    This idiot is a wack job and anyone that follows him is also wacked. He neens to disappear :)Thats whats wrong with these bible bangers..

    • A Man

      Everyone who believes in the God and trust in the Bible should not be group together. Many Christian such as myself do not agree with his “biblical” advice for the woman which is not biblical at all.

    • Dallas in NC

      Hm! You sound like a libtard, Dennis.


    Pat Robertson what you said is a bunch of crock….is that your excuse for cheating ono your wife…that’s such bull…you should be ashamed…

    • No Androgyny

      Feminism is a false idol. Androgyny is not part of Genesis.

      • cmn8

        That’s a very odd statement to make, as if I recall correctly, Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Now maybe she was kinda masculine, or maybe he had an awfully feminine rib; either way, it sounds to me like androgyny is part of Genesis.
        I’m also interested in the fact that apparently no woman can ever be angry at a man without her being an extreme feminist unable to believe in anything else, but that’s another issue.

    • Dallas in NC

      Sally, what you said is a bunch of crock.

  • Zach

    What kind of grown person seeks the advice of this freak?

    I suppose some of you think that when God promised Pat a two-term presidency for Mitt Romney, He was “taken out of context” by the evil liberals…

    • Dallas in NC

      So what are you babbling about, Zach.

  • RG

    Ask an eighty-year-old for advice, and you’ll get advice eight years out of date.

    • RG

      Eighty, that is.

    • Dallas in NC

      I bet you’re 79.

  • John

    Terrible advice Pat. Man or Woman should not cheat. Period!

    Forgiveness is one thing and that’s good. However, if a person strays, they are essentially abandoning the marriage. Don’t blame the victim. Ever.

  • kt


    • No Androgyny

      If you don’t feel clean down there then that is what you should do.

  • A Man

    I am a man who has not cheated on my wife mainly because of the vow I made to her before God and because I abstain from the things that Pat noted a geared towards men. THe advice he gave was good advice because it seems as though the wife wants to forgive her husband and continue their marriage. However he should not have made excuses for the husband. He cheated which was sinful and scared his wife. He can’t take that back, it was not ok simply because he was a man and Pat should not have made excuses for him.

  • dannyoy

    WHY do jews HATE Pat Robertson so much !?!??

  • http://yahoo Louise

    This man is nuts. If you can forgive, fine, but I don’t think infidelity is anyone else’s fault but the one who cheats. He or she is the one who made the committment and should either follow it or move out. It also kills me that a wife or husband blame the other man or women involved, instead of the spouse. If he’s lying to you, honey, he may have lied to her or him as well. They may not even know the fool was married. I say, stay with him, spend all the money you can so he’s too broke to leave. And, if he thought you were cranky before, let him see how you are now. It’s also curious that he talks about a stripper in a hotelroom 10 years ago. Have to believe he’s talking about himself.

    • Dallas in NC

      Yeah, it would probably be best to leave you Louise.

  • C Mack

    Its amazing, but the Christian religion has cause so much heart ache , around the world and wants to blame it on everyone else. I don’t like that the gays force themselves on the America people. But at the same time religion has destroyed lives all over the world. Because if they were so into helping people , we would not have as many poor people as it is today.
    They could go to every city in this country and stop this genocide and racism, but its a part of the American fabric.

    • Dallas in NC

      Hey Mack, Christianity, is not a religion. It’s a way of life, based on faith. Religion is organized practice.

  • Cam

    What a crock of s**t. “he’s a man” whatever as if women don’t have the same desire to cheat when their man isn’t treating them right. Facts are Facts his man is NO man of God if he expects men to cheat and women to be doormats to said cheating POS. If you love your spouse you KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS. Period, no excuse will ever be good enough and NO you do NOT deserve forgiveness without repentance. The church is a total joke and has been for years. Leave it to man to f up what God has made…it seems to be the only thing we are good at as people.

    • No Androgyny

      Men and women are different. Male and Female he created them. Feminism and androgyny are false idols.

  • bill

    their god is a man correct? no christian i know ever refers to god as She rather He. And their god supposedly impregnated another man’s wife correct? And that same all-knowing god sent that son (John 3:16) to earth from his loins? to die on the cross for all his followers sins? AND that same god “told” Abraham to sacrifice his son to show his devotion then when Abraham was ready to kill his son “saya” nevermind i trust you love me now? And this same god of theirs wiped out all but who could fit on a wooden boat holding every creature on this planet so he could eradicate sinners or whomever right? And he gave the rainbow as a sing He would never do that again right? so that didnt quite work out as he wanted so take back the rainbow promise and kill the gays through katrina….this god doesnt seem to know anything maybe? Andin the new testament its all about forgiveness as apposed to the old vengeful god yadda yadda….is there ANY wonder why a free thinker would buy any of this horse@!*t?

    • Dallas in NC

      Free thinker? Sounds more like a babbling idiot.

  • CC

    This is a perfect example of how the mainstream media attacks Christians. While I do NOT agree with Pat’s comment that “males tend to wander”, the point of the interview was a woman who wants to rebuild her marriage. She WANTS to forgive her husband.

  • gw

    I have been a cheating spouse. All sin has consequences…I’ve been dealing with it for seven years…still deal with it everyday. Everyone sins. That’s why we have Jesus to turn to when we screw up our lives. He forgives us, and, helps carry our burdens. Like Pat said, this world is full of temptations and it can be hard to deal with. Of course, not committing adultery is one of the commandments. I believe the commandments are more of a guide to leading a peaceful life. God knows when we break these commandments, we will suffer the consequences. It’s funny, it this world of unparalleled communication, we rarely sit down and talk out problems, like adultery, with the ones we love…what is lacking in the relationship that can be fixed by just talking things through. I wish I would have done more of this before I committed adultery…the consequences of this sin have been terrible. My exwife hasn’t forgiven me, but, I am thankful the Lord has and proved to me to not do it again.

    • Dallas in NC

      Well said, gw. Peace to you.

  • No Androgyny

    Men and women are different. I see that you have succumbed to the liberal feminist view of gender. Please pick up your Bible. Read Genesis 3 20 times. And also stop cursing.

    • lolakitty89

      I see that you are one of those judgmental, holier than thou people. Please pick up your bible and read it..

      • No Androgyny

        Male and female HE created them. Not androgynous HE created them. Do a little less reading and a lot more comprehending as you are missing the basics!

        • Prion

          The God of all the Universe, the framer of worlds is a MALE? WTF? Maybe you should research the cultural context in which the Bible was written. Or maybe you didn’t know that God created FEMALE in “his” image, too.

  • Carm

    Well I thought I heard it all from him, but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Such an embarrasment to the Christianity.

  • Maureen Hammond

    I watched the 700 club today and Pat Robertson did not say it. Media, has twisted it around.

  • Robert

    Pat answered the question in the context that it was asked. she asked how to forgive him and that’s what he answered to. She did not ask if it was right or wrong, she already knew that. She was trying to save her marriage and Pat gave her a way to do that. No where in there did he say he was approving of the actions of the husband.

    • Gerald

      Bless you Robert!

  • Margaret Hamilton

    Pat Robertson is a complete and total ass. My husband and I have been together 31 years and neither he nor I have ever cheated. If you really love someone you have no urge to cheat. If you are a shallow person, you will cheat. You don’t care about your spouse or your children, just yourself and your gratification. Shut up Pat. You obviously are just as shallow as the cheater in question. Why don’t you do us all a favor and retire and take your show with you.

    • Dallas in NC

      Margaret Hamilton, have your spouse take a lie detector test.

      • Terrie

        Well said….

  • Marty

    Has Pat lost it or what! Thou shall not commit adultery! Enough said.

  • lynetta daniels

    I think we have become people of little MORAL value, use any excuse or reason to justify what we want to do. The young folk call it KARMA… @ 58 years of age I remain “OLD SCHOOL”…… WE …EVERY OF US!!!!!!!

  • Haleigh

    The sanctity of marriage is being threatened everyday by crackpots like this. I’m not a feminist, however since when is it only the wife’s job to keep a happy household? Providing food, clothing and shelter are not the only responsibilities of a husband. They’re responsibilities for both husband and wife, especially now a days. I want to meet a woman who is satisfied with a life and husband of mid evil traditions, and one who is so forgiving for such harsh transgressions committed against their marriage.

    • No Androgyny

      But you are a feminist!

  • http://yahoo 56hornet

    I would do all that after I shot both of them…………….

  • Frank

    The cheating had allready happen. So this advice is OK. A man or a woman should be faithfull. If not. the one who cheated is wrong. ditching the one who cheated, is also wrong. What your end up doing is marrying someone else, and if your do read the bible. thats wrong also. So try to work it out and find out what happen and make it right.

  • karen

    Wow what an insult to men! It’s as if men don’t have the willpower to resist cheating. Hate to be his wife.

    • No Androgyny

      Is Eve and insult to women? Then shut up feminist.

    • Dallas in NC

      Better check your closets, Karen.

  • Robert Longazo

    The article is totally misleading…I watched the whole video, and he’s saying that if your in a marriage that is trying to move forward you cannot constantly bring up the past. How is bringing up bad memories or situations supposed to enhance a marriage? Trust me I’m no fan of Pat Robertson, but that’s all he was saying here.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Well then don’t do anything to bring up bad comments…if you can’t stand the heat then get out of kitchen!!!!

      • Liz

        Pat Robertson is no prize. I have met him and he is a mean, nasty little man. A dog has more of the love of Christ than this man.I really feel sorry for his wife. Seriously.

        • Audrey

          Well in my heart, I go by the commandments and I do remember one says, “Thou shalt not commit Adultery… So where is Robertson getting this.. If the good Lord says it is not good, how can he come and tell men it is ok.. I think his senility is showing thru…

          • Dallas in NC

            Audrey is another person that didn’t watch the video. I think you need to go by more than just the Commandments.

          • Terrie

            Agreed. He is an idiot!

        • Dallas in NC

          And I bet Liz has never had a bad day.

    • jun Caling

      Yeah I agree. Pat Robertson’s advice was taken out of context. He was actually referring to a sin of infedelity committed by the husband 10 years ago which the wife should get rid off from her memory. She needs to give her husband a second chance by helping him do what changes she would want him to do. God Himself made a covenant with His people that “He will forgive their iniquity and their sin He will remember no more” (Jeremiah 31:34c. Paul reminds us in Galatian 6:1 that “if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently but watch yourself or you also may be tempted.”

  • Ann

    Why do people say that Pat Robertson is not saying anything short of foregive the cheater because he’s a man and men wander do things like cheating? It’s like a back-handed compliment, in my eyes, to hear someone say to the person who’s heart has been ripped out and who DOES remember why they married this person and has this happen to them, that they should foregive this person and make a great home so he’ll not want to wander. Give me a break! this is not Leave It To Beaver days, so let’s get real with what today’s marriages are like. Most couples are both contributors to the household financially, but what they both should be is faithful to each other, in whatever way that means to that couple. When one breaks that trust, no amount of baking cakes, doing laundry, and offering up infinite sex will undo the infidelity. Can she foregive one day? Of course she can, but it takes time and a show of determination on the cheater’s part to make things right. It is not up to the one who was cheated on to make it better until the cheater decides to come around. Give me another break!!

    • No Androgyny

      You are a feminist not a Christian. Thus your “Leave it to Beaver” comment.

      • David

        If she’s a feminist (which she’s probably not, but it doesn’t matter if she is ) it doesn’t change the fact that what she says is true.

        • No Androgyny

          Actually it does matter… Never heard “consider the source”?
          Both you and Ann are wrong!

          • Sandy

            Either you are an internet troll or you are the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across.

          • CuriousCursor

            “Consider the source” = genetic fallacy. Look it up.

          • No Androgyny

            “genetic fallacy” = fallacy fallacy. You look it up.

          • CuriousCursor

            lol I already know what a genetic fallacy is, which might be why I mentioned it, Einstein.

            If you think the genetic fallacy is a pseudofallacy, then you obviously haven’t been able to wrap your head around the concept. Perhaps some examples will clarify:

            “You can’t trust that report on the safety of cigarettes because it was paid for by Phillip Morris.”

            “You can’t trust that report on the dangers of second-hand smoke because the anti-smoking campaigns are always looking for popular appeal.”

            Both arguments use the genetic fallacy: While it may be true that anti-smoking campaigns seek to reach as wide an audience as possible (what social or political campaign doesn’t?), it does not follow logically that a report supporting their views must be false. The report must stand or fall on its own merits.

            Likewise, while it may be true that Phillip Morris funds studies on the effects of cigarettes, it does not follow logically that a report conducted with those funds must be biased. The report just stand or fall on its own merits (although, in this case, they DO generally fall).

            By implying that nothing can be true if it comes from one you’ve labelled as a “feminist,” you are invoking the same argument ad hominem, and it is STILL a fallacy of logic. If a feminist says that the sky is blue, would you suddenly question whether the statement was a trick?

            The truth or falsehood of a statement must be evaluated based on the statement, not based on its speaker.

            Now comes the test: Will you impress me with your understanding of what I’ve just explained, or will you yawn, type, “TL;DR” and confirm my suspicion that you’re just another troll trying to win the internet?

          • Chris

            I wonder if the cheating husband ever gets the source of his lust pregnant? If so, who is the Mother and how do you explain to your existing children that they will have a new sibling and a 2nd Mommy.

        • Su Hodgson

          Excellent response, not reaction. Thank you for sticking with the issue and not falling for the smokescreen!

      • Su Hodgson

        oohh, easy there; you do not know if the writer is a Christian or not. Is that not God’s call?

    • ubyy

      Ann, every part of what Pat said is true. He is not excusing what the man did. Gods word says we are cursed if we put our trust in a man. Why? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We cant expect man (or woMAN) wont sin at some point. God said forgive and YE SHALL BE forgiven. Men are visually stimulated and ALL women over the age of 12 know this and try to use it to their advantage to get a man at some point, thus the sun tanners! and sexy outfits, what does sexy mean? I can draw lust out of someone….

      I know people dont like to hear truth but that is the problem, they dont. Gods word has the answer to all of mans problems, man just does not want to hear it.

      The womans question was how to forgive her husband and Pats anwswer is right. I am studying biblical counseling right now and what he was talking about, we call a stroke file. It is for:
      a husband, a wife, God…whoever someone is mad at. If you dwell on crap, you will get crap in your head, thus all teh depressed people out there.

      Gods word say to thing on whatsoever is pure, honest, just, of a good report, lovely, virtuous and praise worthy, think on these things.

      If man would just do that one verse it would change the world and people would be much happier…..and her husband would have never cheated in the first place…

      God is right and man is wrong. Might make people mad, but Gods word also says “they shall be keepers at home”. Why are both out working? Because they dont want to believe and or trust God!

      • Sandy

        You’re an idiot. If you were a human being that had a womb you would not like the laws made up by your God. Like the one that says a woman must marry her rapist. All this woman did was ask HOW to forgive. She didn’t ask to be blamed for everything, told to keep her house welcoming. Do you know why women aren’t forced to marry their rapists today in America? Because some people who read that law from the Bible thought to themselves, “That’s not right.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know in your heart that something is wrong. You aren’t special because you have a penis. You keep trying to sucker as many women in as you can, take advantage of the fact they’d like to know the truth about God and are willing to humiliate themselves and be abused in order to gain his approval. The fact is if there is a God and he really authored that book, he hates a woman. She is nothing more than property.

        • No Androgyny

          Don’t blaspheme the feminist. They will shriek. My penis does make me special. Just like your vagina makes you special. There is no androgyny!

          • CuriousCursor

            Her vagina makes her good at bearing children, and your penis makes you good at peeing for distance. That is the grand tally of gender-based talents, and one is about as important as the other when it comes to who you are as a human being. The bits that are truly important to whether you can die saying you’ve lived a good life are not held in monopoly by either sex.

          • Sandy

            Yeah bitches like to shriek when they are denied human rights. Ariel Castro, is that you? Who gave you a computer to use in your jail cell?

          • No Androgyny

            Lmao. And te cult of androgyny going off the deep end… again. One is obsessed with genitals… the other on extreme news.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘One is obsessed with genitals…’

            Actually, YOU’RE the one who started typing about his penis. I guess I can’t expect you to remember that far back, though. Not enough RAM allocated to your spam function, eh?

          • Sandy

            And you, No Androgyny, are obsessed with a middle aged book that you think you can make everyone live by. Besides I’ve said penis way more than CuriousCursor. PENIS PENIS PENIS.

        • ubyy

          sounds like you are the idiot, going against almight God, creator of the universe. you are so bright in your own mind. Odd, i dont recall seeing any woman being told to marry her rapist. The rapist, in the old testiment would have been stoned.

          Where does it say God hates a woman? right, nowhere! Funny, it does say “husbands love your wives as Christ also loved the chruch and gave HIMSELF for it.”

          HE died for her and told husbands to love their wives like he did the chruch, so where is this hatred you talk about?

          people get aids by being whores and whoremongers. He does not say not to commit fornication just to keep people from having fun, it is harmful to us, spiritually and physically when done outside of his design.

          • ubyy

            spiritually, men and women are no different. God loves both the same.

            Where the distinction is, is in our design. He created us for different purposes and when we cross those purposes, we create problems.

          • Sandy

            “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.” (New International Version)

            Sorry but no one who loves is going to make me marry some asshole who raped me.

            The Bible doesn’t specifically say God hates women that is my opinion from reading all the horrible things he says they must do. It’s called reading comprehension.

            God condones slavery.

            God thinks unruly kids should be stoned.

            He is real gem.

            You should read all of that book you try to force on people.

          • Sandy

            That cheating husband really “gave himself” only it was to another woman. Still his wife gets the blame.

          • Sandy

            People get AIDS from blood transfusions also. Don’t use people with AIDS to instill fear in people and try to force them to follow your religion. That is sooo 1980’s. Get a new trick.

          • YES Androgyny

            God doesn’t hate women, No Androgyny does. I think he needs himself some strange.

          • ubyy

            Sandy, I would not give you 2 cents for your new international version. King james version does not call that rape. It is talking about what is happening today. He committed fornication with the girl and must marry her, yet today they dont do that, they just commit fornication.

            sorry but aids is a result of many acts of fornication and adultry, like it or not and yes innocent people do end up paying for others sins and dying of aids or other diseases.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘King james version does not call that rape.’

            Written like a truly brainwashed idiot. The story is the same no matter if the word translates as “rape” or “sexual intercourse without bothering to inquire as to the other person’s consent.”

            Your kind of semantics obscures the truth so badly that what should clearly be considered a crime is wholly acceptable to you. No amount of abuse is forbidden so long as you can find a biblical precedent for it, eh? And you lot are supposed to be the MORAL ones.

        • ubyy

          so when you go out to a bar and have sex with some guy, he is now called a rapist? so why did you go to the bar if you know that kind of person is there? is every woman who has sex, raped in your mind? As I said before the NIV says rape, the King James does not and it was translated in 1611, not in the 1960’s. It was also translated from a completely different text. It was not the textus receptus like the King James was. Satan warped the NIV.

          • Sandy

            You don’t know what Rape is?

            When a human has sex with another human and they both want it it’s not rape.

            When a human forces another human to have sex that is called rape. Even if the one of them wants to call it dating or wooing or loving or whatever word he wants to put on the act. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. And a sex crime by any other name is just as wrong.

            So when an army (OF THE LORD) comes into a town kills the men and takes the women for cute little fuck toys that is rape.

            Do you really think a woman who just watch a brute from some other country and culture kill her husband that she wants get busy with him.

            “Oh baby, that’s so hot! TAKE ME NOW!” Sure you do because women have no feelings, they are like cows or dogs, just provide them a meal and they will willingly spread their legs for you. How can you justify that attitude?

          • Sandy

            Obviously you are too lazy to look it up in the KJV so… here. *sigh*

            Deuteronomy Chapter 22

            28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;

            29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

            It says the same thing. If a guy rapes a woman he has to pay her dad and marry her. She has no choice in the matter. And you can’t see why this would be humiliating to the female? You think the woman is being LOVED here?

        • Becky

          Here, here! Well said Sandy. A book written by men for their own gains.

      • Su Hodgson

        Wow! For someone studying biblical counseling you have made huge assumptions and given men plenty of reasons to blame women . . .”Well, she tempted me with that outfit, it’s her fault, not mine.” Er . . .did I just make a ‘biblical counseling assumption’? Is it so hard to hold people accountable?

        • ubyy

          I didnt blame women for anything. I just pointed out that men are visually stimulated and please show me the fool who denies that one. The bible says dress in modest apparel. NO it does not specify sex there..HELLO. not sexist. It is called personal responsibility, regardless of who it is. I never said anything he did was OK, NEVER. You leftist love to assume, just like with what Pat said, he never excused the husband either. He just noted man are sinners, all man, mankind, including women.

          AGAIN, her question was, how do I forgive him and all of you bleeding heart liberals cant get past his adultry, that was not the question. the only way for her to get over her sin of not forgiving, she must focus on right things, not dwell in the past.

          Same could be said for someone who lost their loved one….if you dwell on missing them, you will NEVER be able to move on with your life.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘AGAIN, her question was, how do I forgive him and all of you bleeding heart liberals cant get past his adultry …’

            Something is amiss when I see someone accuse another of being cold and unforgiving while at the same time calling it a “bleeding heart.” I suspect that you have no idea what that term means; that you just use it as an automatic qualifier, like referring to “stupid Americans” as if there isn’t any other kind.

            Let it not be said that Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits” lacks a sense of irony, too!

        • ubyy

          Sandy, Im not saying you have to follow my religion. You love to twist everything because you are so full of hate, anger and bitterness. Sorry for that. I have not judged people for sin. All are sinners. I leave that to you guys who are smart.

          If you continue or anyone else does, to follow satan and his worldly lusts and hate and keep spitting in the face of God becasue you want your sin and noone can tell you what to do, you will suffer the consequences to your sin.

          you hate God because of your twisted view of God and your twisted version of the bible. Satan twisted Gods word in the garden of eden and has been doing ever since. Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different. HELLO, satan has many version out there to cause confusion

          God does not condon slavery, never has. Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants

          • Sandy

            “Sandy, Im not saying you have to follow my religion. You love to twist everything because you are so full of hate, anger and bitterness. Sorry for that. I have not judged people for sin. All are sinners. I leave that to you guys who are smart.”

            You don’t know me off this board. You have no right to judge me as full of hate bitterness and anger. I am defending my position just as you are defending yours. Does that make you full of hate, bitterness and anger? You don’t know if I am a liberal or leftist but go on and label me. I don’t care. Jesus said hating someone is the same as murder in your heart. So for you to say you aren’t judging me is more bullshit. You are basically, according to your religions logic, calling me a murderer. I may be a sinner to you but in my world sin does not exist so yeah, you are trying to force your religion on me by saying that I better repent. You are using fear (and it isn’t working) to scare me into following your ways or either you are getting off at the thought of me burning in hell for having the nerve to not agree with you.

            “If you continue or anyone else does, to follow satan and his worldly lusts and hate and keep spitting in the face of God becasue you want your sin and noone can tell you what to do, you will suffer the consequences to your sin.”

            Right! You aren’t trying to scare me into obedience and convert me to your religion! That’s laughable.

            “you hate God because of your twisted view of God and your twisted version of the bible. Satan twisted Gods word in the garden of eden and has been doing ever since. Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different. HELLO, satan has many version out there to cause confusion.”

            I was a dedicated Christian for 40 years. I’ve read many translations of The Bible from cover to cover more times than I can count. I can’t convince you that I was sincere in my religion, but I was. No matter what I say or how I answer any question you may ask about my experience you WILL find something I did wrong, and you will blame me for not being *whatever* enough. You have already pointed to “MY” New International Version in another comment and make reference to it here by saying “twisted version”. Now, I was taught that the blood of Jesus was payment for my sins and that if I accepted him as my savior I was saved by his unconditional love. But… then come conditions. Depending on which Christian Cult you end up in they are different. Mine said I had to be Baptized, then Baptized in the Holy Spirit. I needed to tithe. Then comes all the things Paul saddles the Church with. Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Think pure things. Don’t let women talk in church, don’t get married if you can control your lust, Don’t let a woman teach… I could go on but hopefully I’ve made my point.
            Now I said all of that because I had just as good a foundation in scriptures as anyone. And I’m sure (because Christians can’t agree on shit) that I did everything wrong and if I will only listen to you, you will straighten out my life and show me the only right way. Because all other denominations are wrong and only you have the truth. No thanks. I read the KJV more than any other. I only used the NIV because when I Googled the chp and verse for the rape scriptures that you didn’t know existed, it was the first entry. And you have seized it as what has damned me to hell. It’s not. I have chosen with my free will not to serve the hateful, awful character in the OT. I call him a character because that is what he is. A character in a book that some people wrote to control other people. Do I hate God? That guy in the Bible called god is an asshole. I think he is no more than a terrorist. I hate terrorists. If there is a God out there, I don’t know about him. And if it turns out that the guy in the Bible is really THE GOD then I choose hell. I will not serve him. I have way more morals than he does.

            “God does not condon slavery, never has. Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants”

            Thank you for the friendly hello. Greetings to you too. God does condone slavery. In fact one of the verses CuriousCursor used in his explanation on Rape pointed to the children being taken as slaves as well as the women being taken for their sexual pleasure. Do I have a job, no. Because Jehovah, the God that healeth thee, didn’t healeth me. I had a job. I went to a business and I applied and they liked me and hired me. I worked and they paid me. I wasn’t a slave. A slave isn’t paid. A slave doesn’t go looking for a master to enslave him. Slavery is forced labor not employment.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different.’

            Not as different as you like to think, sparky. They all have the ten commandments, they all have the gospel, they all tell you to be brutal to unbelievers, and they all present life as the same false dichotomy between virtue and sin. “HELLO!” The same message can’t be both “good” when it’s Elizabethan AND “bad” when it’s a 20th-century update. “HELLO!HELLO!HELLO!”

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘God does not condon slavery, never has.
            Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants”

            This is a good case in point, actually. Behold:

            Leviticus 25 lays out rules for how the Israelites were to treat one another. Toward the end, God explains to Moses how Israelites are conduct themselves regarding taking others as slaves. Apparently, God was perfectly fine with slavery as long as either master or slave was a foreigner and the Israelites didn’t go about enslaving one another. The KJV uses the term “heathen,” which can only mean someone who is not one of God’s chosen people, i.e. an Israelite, so the difference is purely semantic. The KJV uses the terms “bondmen” and “bondmaids,” but verses 39 and 40 draw a distinction between these terms and the concept of a “hired servant.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a bondman is one who has sold himself into servitude (as opposed to the usual image of a slave as someone taken in chains and sold into servitude by his kidnappers). Does the fact that bondmen are their own slavers make much difference to how the KJV says they are to be treated? No. Verses 45 and 46 are clear that these bondmen bought among heathens are to be treated as possessions until the end of their days, and that a son can inherit them from his father, just like all the other livestock. The fact that other translations use the term “slave” while the KJV doesn’t is purely a difference in style and NOT a difference in meaning.

            If you happen to think that the New Testament doesn’t also acknowledge slavery, think again. In Ephesians 6, Paul advises that Christian slaves continue to serve their masters; that heavenly reward is not based on social status. The KJV translates the term as “servant,” but Paul didn’t write in English. In Greek, the word he used was “doulos,” which, in his day, meant the SAME FREAKIN’ THING as the concept described in Leviticus – a bondman, which, as I have already pointed out, was a self-sold SLAVE, not a hired worker.

            What is your excuse for the glaring contradiction to what you’ve implied, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits?” Am I to conclude that you haven’t actually read your own bible, or is it just that none of your degrees is in the study of English? A man hired with a wage and a man bought into bondage are NOT the same thing, not even in the KJV.

          • CuriousCursor

            It should be noted that Sandy is wrong on one point, though:

            ‘A slave doesn’t go looking for a master to enslave him.’

            Yet that is precisely what people did in the bronze age. Not all slaves in the Roman empire were taken as captives; some voluntarily entered perpetual service in exchange for a lump sum up front. As you can imagine, most avoided volunteering for certain slave duties; your typical gladiator was either taken captive or condemned to such an existence as punishment for a crime. An educated bondman, on the other hand, might serve as a tutor for a wealthy man’s children. Such a slave might have the opportunity to run his own business, earn his own wealth, and perhaps even repurchase his freedom. Slavery in the Roman empire tended to be only as restrictive as the slave’s duties entailed. Make no mistake, however: A bondman earned no wages for his service beyond what was paid to him from the start, and the opportunity to buy back his freedom only existed if his master was inclined to entertain the notion. “Slave” is most definitely an appropriate word to describe the role, CERTAINLY more appropriate than the implication that a KJV “servant” was akin to the average bloke working 9 to 5 in the western world.

          • Sandy

            “It should be noted that Sandy is wrong on one point, though:”

            It happens. *shrug*

          • Sandy

            “God does not condon slavery, never has”

            Tell that to Joseph. He didn’t warn him with a talking ass, handwriting on a wall, by inhabiting a burning bush, he didn’t send an angel, he didn’t tell a prophet. No he let it happen. God gave Joseph dreams but rather than say, “Hey Joe, get thee down to Egypt.” He let his family sell him into slavery.

        • ubyy

          Sandy, you are so confused. Who is blaming the wife? The question she asked was how can she forgive her husband. NOONE asked how can her husband do right or was it ok what he did.

          get out of your emotion and use your brain. The only way she can forgive is to stop dwelling on the bad and look for the positives in their relationship. If he is still cheating, she should not be with him. There is NO excuse for what he did and God will hold him accountable for it. the LORD CHASTENS those who He loves. Noone gets away with their SIN, NOONE.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘get out of your emotion and use your brain.’

            OMG ROFL That is the funniest thing you have typed so far! “Use your brain!” LOL This coming from the troll with “4 degrees and 239 college credits” yet won’t even do BASIC research on a book he claims to love with all his being.

        • ubyy

          Another thing, i have not tried to force anything on anyone, there is your liberalism coming through again. Twisting and twisting.

          The bible will prove itself true regardless of your belief or unbelief. I dont have to convince anyone of anything. Gods laws of nature will prevail, thus why he said dont sin.

          Personal responsibility goes for everyone and Gods word tells us all how we are to live.

          Sandy, you might try getting out of the old testiment and God showing us that man cant keep His laws, to the new testiment where He is showing us His grace and mercy and our need for His forgiveness.

          • CuriousCursor

            Having trouble figuring out how the thread structure on this page works, eh, Mr. “4 degress and 239 college credits?”

          • Sandy

            “Sandy, you might try getting out of the old testiment and God showing us that man cant keep His laws, to the new testiment where He is showing us His grace and mercy and our need for His forgiveness.”

            You might want to get into the OT so you can see what kind of God you serve.

            God is supposed to make the rules, why didn’t he just forgive Adam and Eve instead of punishing everyone for all time? Why send his son to die? All he had to do was just forgive. It makes no sense.

            Here is the truth. You have to say I’m wrong about everything and you have to make up some excuse for God no matter how pitiful it is because if God doesn’t exist you aren’t as knowledgeable as you want to be. It takes away your power and you aren’t special anymore. You don’t have a direct line to big daddy in the sky.
            However none of this really matters much. The only point I’ve wanted to make is that Pat Robertson was wrong to lay ANY blame for the husbands adultery on her because he didn’t know any details. She didn’t ask for marriage advice, she asked for forgiveness advice. His assumption that she was a bad homemaker had nothing to do with how to forgive someone. No matter how many times I say that on this thread and others you are determined to change the subject. You want to debate every issue in the bible that has ever been debated and I want to stick to the matter at hand.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘Gods laws of nature will prevail, thus why he said dont sin.’

            That doesn’t make any sense; it’s self-contradictory. You believe that God’s efforts to stop mankind’s sin goes AGAINST man’s nature to sin and disobey. You even say RIGHT HERE that the Old Testament is God showing you that you CAN’T stop sinning. How is that prevalence of his “law” not to do so?

            I take it that none of your “4 degrees and 239 college credits” required your term papers to be logically consistent from one sentence to the next.

    • Sharmon Hardaway

      Often when I refer to cheating, I’m talking about sinning. Habits you’re not willing to break free. This is also known as playing the harlot.

    • John David Maher

      Why didn’t Mr. Pobertson say the same thing when it was Clinton accused of cheating?

      • Su Hodgson


    • Angrum McCloud

      Considering the a cheating spouse can now offer a death sentence for His/Her cheating,,, forgiveness is not an option !

    • John

      It works both ways. Men wonder and so do Women. It’s because nobody is perfect. Trust plays a big part in a marriage and when that is breached either way, it is very difficult for the other party to forgive. It takes a special person to forgive another for their infidelity. I personally do not know if i could, and do not believe my wife could either. So, it is not a simple thing. You can look to God all you want, but the bottom line is how you are going to deal with the situation at hand. There is no simple solution.

    • Dawn

      Stupid journalists. First of all, way to seriously twist what Robertson actually said. Second, according to the letter he was responding to, the man is not cheating currently.

      • ubyy

        Dawn, please stop putting out the facts. We are having a completely emotional discussion here. What are you trying to do? Make people actually use their brain? Come on!

        Her question was on how to forgive but these liberals dont want to forgive so they twist everything that Pat said to meet their goals, like liberals always do.

      • Sandy

        If only she had kept a welcoming home and made her husband want to come home. You know men like to wander a bit she should have known how to keep that man happy.

  • marty

    Maybe the cheating men in the world caused the horrible tornado yesterday. “men do these things” what a bunch of horse shit, no men that are honest and truly invested in their relationship do not “do these things.” When are these people that call themselves good Christians going to start being honest?

    • ubyy

      Everything he said in this particular article was correct. To forgive you must think on good things not bad. Those who dont want to forgive others, do you expect God to forgive you? Funny, Gods word says He wont if you dont forgive others. Might think on that a bit.

      • Sandy

        He didn’t stop at telling her to “think on good things” he went on to blame her. Did you even watch the video?

        • ubyy

          no he didnt blame her but I will say this. I know of very few situations like this where she/he (the one cheated on) was completely blameless. Gods word tells us how we are to live and people think they get away with things before they marry, but sin has a consequence. whatsoever ye sew, that shall ye also reap! Im not talking about this lady in particular, just how Gods word proves itself true all the time. People hate it when they start to bare the fruit of the seeds they planted while “sewing their wild oats”.

          • Sandy

            He did blame her. Watch the damn video and stop changing the subject.

          • CuriousCursor

            FYI, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits:”

            To “sew,” one requires a needle and thread.
            To “sow,” one requires grain.

            To “bare” is to expose.
            To “bear” is to endure or produce.

          • ubyy

            I did and I speak clintonese so I know how to pay attention to EVERY single word. You dont. But I will play along, give me the quote you are talking about. exactly what did he say that you call blaming her.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘… I speak clintonese so I know how to pay attention to EVERY single word.’

            Your homophone confusion seems to indicate otherwise, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits.”

  • shawn olsen

    This is exactly how all of these republicons think, look at Sanford and what he did and they voted for him so this is exactly the way these tools think, just despicable you suck Robertson old man.

    • ubyy

      BILL CLINTON ring any bells? your ignorance is amazing

      • Sandy

        Yes. We all know Bill got a blow job. Guess what, his wife forgave him. Guess what else… he doesn’t try to keep her barefoot and pregnant. The point is that Republicans want the Country to be run by religious nuts… It’s one thing to have freedom to practice your religion but when you demand that the country’s laws be the same as your religion’s laws you are taking away the right of anyone who has a different religion. I don’t want to be forced into servitude to men because they just happened to be born with a penis and some ancient book says it’s OK to rape me or sell me or throw me out to a group of men that want to rape another man. Really even if they got their way… which denomination gets to decide which version is the absolute truth? Christian’s can’t even untie within their own Churches. You missed the point.

        • ubyy

          who said this guy did either? you liberals reach a lot. The bible does not say it is ok to rape you. You are so full of lies it is not funny. Stop listening to those satanic liberals. Noone is trying to force you to any religion, that is another libeal falacy. They follow satan and want to make sure you end up in hell. But the choice is yours. Noone says you have to be a slave to any man. no, you missed the point. Pat never said any of what your aree alluding too.

          you took him out of context, but that is what liberals always do.

          the right are homophobes, anti immigration, raicts, anti government, uneducated on and on.

          I love all people, and I hate all sin. they love to join the sin to the person, to make you hate me.

          I am married to an immigrant, who is not of my race! HELLO

          Im a minority in my own home, I have 4 degrees and 239 college credits!

          God established government, how can I be against it. i am against big governemnt or government control over our lives which is liberalism. Im not saying people cant commit their sins, Im saying i dont have to accept their sins and being ok, which is what liberalism is pushing. God created marriage, man and woman. now satan wants it changed. the bible said this day would come…..the end times would be as the days of sodom. HELLO better get saved, time is growing short

          • Sandy

            “All people are sinners.”

            “I love all people.”

            “I hate all sin.”

            It’s like one of those really hard math word problems he just can’t get right.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘The bible does not say it is ok to rape you.’

            Someone needs a refresher. The bible definitely condones rape, so long as certain conditions are met. You can’t just rape anyone any way you want; you have to follow the rules. Here are some of them,in (somewhat) chronological order, cited so that you can check them yourself to see whether it’s all just liberal propaganda (I’ll break them up into multiple posts, too, to avoid overwhelming the comment form TOO much, lol):

            In Genesis 19, Lot tries to placate a drunken crowd that want to rape his male houseguests by offering his virgin daughters for them to rape instead. God subsequently destroys the rapists, city and all, save Lot and his family, though he kills Lot’s wife for the AUDACITY of looking back. Without a wife, these same virgin daughters worry that their father will now be without a male heir, so they each get him drunk and rape him to fix that problem. You see, it wasn’t the rape in Sodom that angered God; it’s the fact that the rape was sometimes of men. On the other hand, incest-rape goes unpunished (no pillars of salt or ANYTHING!) as long as somebody can get pregnant from it.

          • CuriousCursor

            In Genesis 34, Jacob’s daughter is raped by a village leader. Her brothers attack the town, slay all its men, and take its women and children. The moral of the story: Retaliatory rape also goes unpunished – so long as someone can still get pregnant from it.

            There are other examples of such conquest-rape in the bible (e.g. Numbers 31; Judges 21), and they become codified in Deuteronomy. Chapter 20 refers to the women of an enemy town taken for rape and the children taken for slavery as gifts from God. Chapter 21 describes how a man can single out a particular female captive for prolonged rape so long as he forces her to “marry” him first and then gives her a month to get used to the idea. He may freely dump her when he gets bored with her, and so long as the man never actually takes payment when he gets rid of her, he’s a respectable citizen.

          • CuriousCursor

            Still in Deuteronomy, chapter 22 explains what must happen to those involved with less-socially acceptable rapes: If the victim is a virgin and not already promised (by her father, of course) to another man, the rapist must pay his victim’s father for the insult and then MARRY HER! Apparently, his victim gets no say in this. If, on the other hand, the victim is a virgin and IS already promised (by her father, of course) to a man, then the rapist shall be put to death because he took what was rightfully another man’s to take (i.e. his victim’s virginity), and the VICTIM shall be put to death, too, BECAUSE SHE FAILED TO CRY OUT LOUD ENOUGH FOR THE RAPE TO BE PREVENTED! Apparently, that must mean she was a slut who wanted it. Sick stuff right there, bro – and ALL of it transpiring without so much as a finger lifted by the vengeful, city-destroying Old Testament God in punishment.

          • CuriousCursor

            On the contrary, the second book of Samuel illustrates quite clearly how callous God regards the rape of women in the grand schemes of his punishments. In chapter 12, God sends a prophet, Nathan, to rebuke David for his successful plot to kill another man and take his wife, Bathsheba. According to Nathan, God had decided to punish David by having all his women raped at some future date, and that David should be GLAD for it because God would rather he live to see it than kill him right then and there. Later, in chapter 15, God makes good on the promise when David’s son, Absalom, stages a coup of his father’s throne. Once David has fled the capital, Absalom stages a show of dominance in chapter 16 by publicly raping all of his father’s women. Apparently, not only does God not seem to care that much about rape beyond WHO it is that’s being raped, but he HIMSELF promises the rape of SOMEONE ELSE as punishment. What the hell did those concubines ever do to upset God?

            Oh, and just to add injury to insult, God also kills the first child David had with Bathsheba – all part of the same “message.” It took the child a week to die.

          • CuriousCursor

            In summary, it’s pretty clear that the bible regards women as little more than chattel, and its rules about fidelity and adultery are clearly weighted to the advantage of men in both theory (e.g. the legal context of Deuteronomy) and in practice (e.g. the treatment of the vanquished). If you think the seventh commandment was meant to prohibit men from sleeping around with multiple partners in the time it was written, you’re completely ignorant of the very text you claim to love so much.

          • CuriousCursor

            Before someone goes on about this, no, the New Testament does not change matters very much. In the gospel’s depiction of Jesus’ society, the adulterer Jesus saves from being stoned to death is still a lone woman. Presumably, she had committed adultery WITH some man somewhere, but where is he to be found? The mob certainly wasn’t chasing HIM. As for Jesus, he never mentioned this particular hypocrisy. Instead, his reference to ALL sin is far broader, eclipsing the double standard from view.

            In truth, though, it’s not as if these attitudes are singularly Judeo-Christian. They were typical and widespread among bronze age cultures, and one has to remember that to maintain the proper context. Nevertheless, that context is a far cry from being able to claim that neither the people written of in the bible nor God as depicted in its pages condone behavior that modern society would most definitely consider rape.

          • ubyy

            no, I got it all absolutely right, you just have an inability to understand anything through all your emotion.

            I love everyone. PERIOD I hate sin. PERIOD

            All people are sinners. PERIOD your problem is you dont know the difference between a person and what a person does! HELLO

            Murder is a sin. I hate murder
            MURDERER is a person, I love the person.

            Rape is a sin. I hate rape!

            Rapist is a person. I love the person.

            Homosexuality is a sin. I hate sin.

            Homosexual is a person. I love the person.

            get it yet? that is how it is with
            God. He hates the sin but not the sinner. He died on a cross, shed his holy blood to pay for the sins of sinners in order to save the sinners that He loves.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘your problem is you dont know the difference between a person and what a person does!’

            No, that’s fairly clear all around, but you’ve missed Sandy’s point. When your ten-thousand-year-old code of morals tells you to judge others based on a laundry list of infractions ranging from the severe (“Thou shalt not kill”) to the inconsequential (“suffer not a witch to live”), one eventually has to ask the question: What is it, exactly, that you love about sinners?

  • Jim

    This guy truly is a nutcase! We’ve known this for some time but he’s so entertaining!

    • ubyy

      Pull your head out, stinks in there. Tell me this, will she be able to forgive her husband while thinking on crap all the time? NO, so Pat was absolutely correct in what he said here. Dont agree with him all the time but here he is right. I am studying this very thing. your line of thinking leads to hatred and depression which are where most mental illness comes from.

      • Sandy

        She was blamed for not keeping a welcoming home. That horrid wench drove him into another’s arms. Robertson has no idea if that’s true or not. He also doesn’t know that the husband is a good provider. Where is the responsibility for the man? Why didn’t he tell her he was struggling with lust? Why couldn’t he be honest with the one person on earth that he wanted to pledge his life to? Why did he give her marriage advice at all? She didn’t ask for any. She asked how to forgive.

  • Jim

    True, he’s no worse than Mark Sanford and the voters re-elected that liar and cheat!

  • RJP

    I am sure he did it for Jesus.

    • ubyy

      no actually he did it because he submitted to the lust that your father teh devil put in him.

      • Sandy

        Wait a minute! Did the devil make him do it or did he just stop thinking on pure things? Either he has a will and can overcome temptation or he is a puppet on a string. Make up your mind.

  • jeff joyner

    Most of the so-called mainstream religions are a joke. It always has been and always will be easier to hate/be intolerant/ discriminate/ and even kill your fellow man because of your/his religion that it is to love him because of your/his religion. If you want to pattern your life around the positive things in your religion that’s fine. Unfortunately many people latch on to the intolerant/discriminate aspects of their faith. More people have been killed because of religion than loved their fellow man because of their religion.

    • ubyy

      you are clueless about christianity. God teaches LOVE not hate. hate is when you sit by and let those you say you love go to hell. Love reaches out to them and leads them to salvation through Jesus Christ (God) who paid their sin debt for them but also says they MUST repent and accept His sacrifice for the payment of their sin. If they dont, they get to pay for thier own. That is their choice. I dont hate anyone, I hate sin, which hurts everyone it touches. FUNNY, why are most hospitals carrying names of religous denominations. You have obvioiusly believed the lie that most wars were because of religion, yet I dont know of any in recent times other than islam fighting islam.

      • Sandy

        Why so many Christian denominations if it’s all about love and acceptance? Anyway, Jeff said nothing about recent wars. Thankfully people have started thinking a bit as of late instead of letting a book think for them. You should study some Church history if you don’t think Christians have been in bloody wars in which their ways needed to be followed by EVERYONE. Supposedly even God gives a choice, why can’t the bunch who claims to know him?

    • Sandy

      Jeff, that’s one of the best comments I’ve read on this board.

  • Joe Eric Davis

    A television show with a g rating where children watch so mr robertson, we will teach children that cheating on their mate is alright not very responsible coming from someone who says he,s a christian inwould cancel his show based on his statements. Inasm certain that satan is happy with mr. Robertsons advise

    • ubyy

      you are showing your stupidity now. Nowhere in this did he say it was OK what the man did. NOWHERE. your ignorance is amazing. The question was, How does the wife forgive the husband who cheated. If you knew the bible you would understand what he was saying about “man”, in the first part. Man being manking, and all people are sinners, it is only by the grace of God that we dont do what comes naturally to us….sin. The second mention, he was showing what happens to a man when he is drawn away by his lusts, due to satans temptations through porn, scant dressed women etc. didnt say it was ok. Just pointed it out. Fact men are visually stimulated and all women over the age of 12 know it.

      • Sandy

        He did not mean mankind, he meant a man can’t think with his head unless its the one on his penis. And now you want to blame women for dressing scantily. You’re a gem, what a lucky wife you’re gonna have. If you’re on a diet and you see a cake, do you have to eat it? NO. If you do eat it did the devil make you?

      • CuriousCursor

        “If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out.”

        That’s Jesusspeak for, “Grow the eff up and get some self control, muthatruckah.”

  • kat

    As a Christian, I agree with what Mr. Robinson says. To look past the indiscretion and focus on the good things about the husband; But… what if there ARE no good things about him? What if he changed so drastically since the beginning of the marriage that she can no longer go on? Providing a house, food & clothing is just NOT enough to call a marriage a good one. Yes, she should forgive, through God’s strength. But she doesn’t need to set herself up for more abuse or cheating. You know the old saying : Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will give account to God for what he has done. She needs to trust God to help her do what is right.

    • No Androgyny

      Once a cheater always a cheater. You aren’t a Christian, you are a feminist.

      • Chris

        Are YOU a cheater you ANDROGYNOUS adonis… 😉

      • Prion

        So saying that a woman does not deserve to be treated like a man’s property would make me a feminist by your line of thinking.

    • David

      Where is the accountability on the husband’s part? Robertson just gave him a jail free card with- he’s a man and men wander.

  • Desiree

    So the wife gets blamed for the husband cheating. Oh so does that mean that the mother who killed her children can blame the children? Lame!!

  • Ann

    Most of what Pat Robertson says is truly “none of his freakin’ business”. Who listens to that cult leader?!?!?!

  • Sandy

    He just assumes that the woman didn’t provide a good home at the same time assuming the man provides well for her. If a man sees porn on the internet, shouldn’t he then want to go home and have sex WITH HIS WIFE? I’m sorry but everyone is tempted, yes even women. He is a man is a bullshit excuse. Because, guess what, she is a woman who has needs too, like having a partner she can trust. The key isn’t to beat yourself up for being mad it is to work through the anger and allow yourself to feel what you feel. Then you either find yourself another man and try again or you stay with the cheating piece of shit and give him another chance.

    • No Androgyny

      Another feminist in church clothing

      • CuriousCursor

        Shut up, Android. The quantity of your robo-comments is NOT making up for their lack of quality.

        Also, you ARE likely to find people who read this article and who aren’t, in fact, christian, so think before you assume – but there I go refusing my own advice, since I’m assuming you CAN think beyond your impersonation of a spam-bot.

        • No Androgyny


          • CuriousCursor

            That’s funny; I get the feeling the rest of this board has said that very thing while reading your litany of spam. Who knew you had a sense of irony?

      • Sandy

        I wouldn’t touch Church clothing you fucking moron. I don’t want to be a door mat and thankfully in this day and time you can’t make me. So go fuck 8 or 10 women, call them a whore, and go home to your wife and give her an STD while proclaiming that if she loves God she will get her ass in the kitchen and make you a sandwich.

      • YES Androgyny

        Another jerk with a penis

    • ubyy

      showing ignorance. The first time he mentioned man, was about manking, both men and women. The bible tells us what we are…SINNERS. God says cursed is a man who puts his trust in a man. why…..we are SINNERS. That does not excuse what the man did and he is accountable to God for it no doubt.

      The question she asked was how to forgive her husband, and pat was exactly right. you cant forgive anyone for anything if your are constantly reminding yourself about it, you will drive yourself to depression and all kinds of mental illness if you dont forgive like Gods says you are to do.

      • Sandy

        I think you are mentally ill because you just can’t comprehend that he could have stopped at answering her question on forgiveness. He didn’t have to make assumptions and blame her for his adultery in the first place.

      • Sandy

        The first time he talked about making man … he made Adam, moron. He later put him to sleep and made Eve. Learn your own religion before you start cramming it down other people’s throats.

  • dannyoy

    WHY do jewish journalists HATE Pat Robertson types and Christianity so much !?!?? They LOVE to splash ANY kind of bad press on anything that paints Christianity in a bad light. See what happens if , GOD FORBID, anything is ever said badly about jewish religion…. Theyll be crying “antisemitism” faster than you can blink!!

    • Sandy

      Not unlike how you are crying Anti-Christian at the moment. Stop being a hypocrite. The article has a video attached so it’s not like they are making stuff up.

  • David

    Pat Robertson said I can cheat cuz I’m a man! Woohoo!

    • No Androgyny

      Nope. He simply says you are more likely to want to cheat.

  • Marie

    Pat Robertson has said plenty in the past that I did not agree with, but I think this article was unfair. The woman was not asking whether she should forgive her husband. Evidently, she already decided to, but she was struggling with really forgiving and letting go. Robertson focused on that aspect–forgiving and moving on. I do think that his flippant reference to infidelity as something to expect from men is deplorable. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” applies to men and women alike. Because some men have a wondering eye and a weakness for loose women does not mean all men do or that they act on it. True men of God hold themselves to God’s standards.

    • Sandy

      Some women have a wandering eye too. Pat didn’t just answer her question about how to forgive he made assumptions and blamed her for not keeping a welcoming home.

    • CuriousCursor

      ‘“Thou shalt not commit adultery” applies to men and women alike.’

      … only if you take an anachronistic view of the bible. The ten commandments were formed for a society in which – both before AND after their forming – it was commonplace for a man to support a handful of wives and as many concubines as he could afford. The idea that the seventh commandment applied to men is as modern as the “biblical definition of marriage.”

      The sad fact is, Robertson’s view of men is merely a continuation of the gender roles as they’re depicted in the bible; that part of his monologue is no more out of place than the rest of it. If you truly have a problem with it (and what self-respecting human being wouldn’t?), then perhaps it is time to rethink whether scripture truly reflects your own values.

  • Cindy

    She said she WANTS to forgive and HOW to forgive. He told her how to forgive. Whats the big deal? Oh yeah, society tells us to hit him with a golf club, break the car windows, go crazy and divorce his butt and take half of what he’s got.

    • No Androgyny

      Yes. Because Feminism is the modern Apple from the garden. As you can see from all the “Christian” women.

      • Chris

        Hey! i love Apple products! Oh and BTW, you are SO a woman hater. Did someone pretty lady turn down the teenie peenie?

    • Sandy

      No one advised her to do any of those things. What’s the big deal? Pat Robertson blamed the wife for the infidelity in the first place. How does he know that, did the question come from Pat’s wife? Is this how he has such intimate knowledge?

  • Naomi

    I can’t believe what this publisher is doing. When Pat Roberson says he is a man, he is saying he is human and made a mistake, he is giving an advise about forgiveness. You see? Why the world is calling the bad good, and the good bad?? so, the best advise could be go divorce him, or what. I have seen how forgiveness brings blessings and keep families together, because forgiveness is part of love.

    • Sandy

      She was asking how to forgive she wasn’t asking to be blamed for not keeping a welcoming home. She didn’t ask any marriage advice at all, ONLY how to forgive. You know what is calling good bad… overlooking all the horrible things he said to that woman so you can show your love and respect for God. Pat Robertson is a man who makes mistakes… if you can’t admit that he said some things that are way off base then you are calling good bad.

  • Stevie

    I’d love to hear the interview. I do think he’s right! I’ve always thought this about marriage if you’re happy even 85% of the time it’s a good marriage. Like Pat said if he’s bringing home the money and doing most of what he should be doing…..there it is.

    Harping on him cheating every day is NOT going to make the situation better. I don’t agree that if someone is cheated on it’s their fault because they didn’t make home such a wonderful place no one would want to wander BUTTTT I have to admit he has a point. I was “cyber” cheated on and I must admit home wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows……I guess you can always fake it till you make it. Pretend that you’re happy with things……and do what makes the other person happy…..maybe they won’t leave or cheat?

    • Sandy

      She isn’t happy, she is having trouble forgiving. She wants to because it’s obviously her religion, but a happy woman wouldn’t have trouble forgiving. It would already be in the past for her if she were over it.

      Pat doesn’t know that the husband brings home money, he assumes it.

      Pat doesn’t know the woman was a bad wife, he assumes that too.

  • Donna S.

    Would he have given the husband of a cheating wife the same advice? I somehow doubt it.

    • lolakitty89

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • No Androgyny

      No he wouldn’t. Because he’s actually read Genesis and isn’t a Feminist.

  • barbara

    I wonder if Pat Robertson might have alzheimers. Outlandish behavior comments…no filter…early onset alzheimers??

  • ralph phillips

    I for one do not believe in cheating, as a police officer I saw alot of
    it. However, it was always hard to feel sorry for some of the officers
    wives that used sex as a reward/punishment system. There are plenty of
    ready,willing and able out there ladies that are more than ready to fill
    in for you. That system only works if you are the only woman that has

    • Sandy

      I agree. I think it’s wrong for women to use sex as a reward or punishment. I still say it’s wrong of Pat to blame the wife without knowing details.

  • bruce yarbrough

    i have long thought that pat should be removed from the air, because he does so much damage to christianity with his off the wall advice…. basically , he is a fool.

  • zz

    Oh, Pat. You silly (& dirty) old man.

    • Jani

      “silly?’ how kind of you. i think moron is a better word.


    oh ok! How silly of me…”make my home so wonderful he doesn’t want to leave..”…and even better yet…”he’s a man…they wander”…Thanks Pat! Thanks so much for helping me understand…NOT!!!!!!!!

    • No Androgyny

      Why do you have the name of a pop culture Blood sucker?

      • Chris

        LOL! So you have seen Twilight? What a ma-roon

        Keep on thumping. Thump Thump Thump…eventually the clouds will part and you will see…OH NO! A strange vagina! Hey, God said it was OK…thump thump thump LOL!

      • Prion

        “BELLA” IS ITALIAN for BEAUTIFUL. Moron.

  • Thomas Flewellyn

    The bible seems to suggest that a bill of divorcement can be written for infidelity. It is the only justification I found in the bible for divorce. I am not suggesting that divorce should be sought after all of the time; however, there is a damage that cheating creates that is very deep and would take a great deal to repair. If the couple is willing to go through that then great. If one cheats, the trust is broken and that is immensely hard to regain. But if Christ be in the center of the reconciliation it is possible. Having said all of this, Pat Robertson is to be listened to as infrequently as one would listen to Rush Limbaugh. They are both lightining rods and should be avoided and if you do listen hold a few grains if not a shaker full of salt in your hand.

  • Rebecca

    I’m gonna go thrown up now….and tell my boyfriend to sleep with a different woman everynight just because he’s a useless , feeble guy and that’s what they do;
    and we’re stupid, forgiving women and we let them……….

    • No Androgyny

      He already sleeps with an unmarried woman so what difference does 1 more make.

      • CuriousCursor

        “You know, the sad part is that they actually think they’re being original.”

      • Sandy

        Yeah what’s the difference? You’re just a vagina made for poking by married and unmarried men alike and you are shit for it. He on the other hand is real great guy. Sorry Rebecca, I’m not really slut shaming you. I have to feed the troll. Poor thing needs attention.

  • Ryan

    Best advice I could have offered would be to seek first God’s kingdom Matt 6:33. If we put God first in our lives he will give us the strength to forgive. By seeking God out he will put the love in our hearts to forgive. I would advise to pray for your spouse day and night. Pray that God delivers him from temptations pray that God softens your heart heart toward him. Through this struggle and trial you can even grow closer to God. Place all trust in Him. Remember God wants to prosper you He will not leave you nor forsake you. We must also remember not to put trust in people but God because people are sinners and will fail us every time. God is willing to forgive us we must be willing to forgive others.

    • Sandy

      Wow. You might actually be a Christian.

  • http://Yahoo NormaJean

    Good advice in one way but also far out for someone suffering as the woman evidently is. Men have no more right to cheat than women do. God did not set down one set of rules for men and one set for women. Sin is sin, male or female makes no difference. There are some who will cheat no matter how good they got it at home. If the man was doing his job as a husband, he would not have time to cheat, he would be busy at home.

    • No Androgyny

      Actually… Note that in Genesis… the punishment for Eve is different than for Adam. Why is this? Stop worshiping the Goddess called Feminism and become Christian! You spew androgyny and it is blasphemous.

      • Sandy

        Make her.

      • Sandy

        Because men wrote the Bible and wanted to control women.

    • Sandy

      Norma Jean, It is good advice for that woman. She is obviously Christian and wants help dealing with the forgiveness issue in a Christian manner. She didn’t say she was abused in any other way than cheating and she wants to forgive that. She didn’t mention him being a repeat offender either. I hope their marriage gets on track because it appears both are working on it to the point they are in counseling.

  • Bobbi Ysmael

    I think the best thing to do in a case like this is to just talk to him about how you’re feeling. Tell him you love him deeply and you want to stay with him but you need the time to heal yourself from this kind of pain. Because you trust him with your life and a marriage is a sacred thing. No one should be as intimate with your spouse as you are. It kind of hurts and breaks a sacred promise that you both had. When trust is broken, faith goes out the window and that can seep love for that person away. The best thing to do is to be honest, open minded and talk. Talk to him about how you feel. Let him talk to you about how he feels. Be open. That’s the best way to get through this. Now, in my case, I busted my guy with another woman and instead of trying to get away from her and try to heal with me. He chose to try to murder me because he wanted to be with her. That’s no way to go about things. No way. I was in a relationship when I was young and the guy cheated on me but we talked. You know. I talked to the girl, she talked to me, I talked to him, he talked to me. Repromises were made and that person kept the promises with me but then something happened and he couldn’t stay with me because if he did we would be homeless. That was before this last person I was with who I caught and his reaction was to try to murder me. You can’t stay with a guy like that. When it’s over, it’s over. But, if you can talk and heal do so. I highly recommend it.

  • sarah

    It’s hard for women to accept the excuse “he’s a man”. I know I’m not as smart as Pat Robertson, but this woman needed a little more than that. However, don’t ever discount Pat Robertson! He’s made mistakes, asked for forgiveness, repented, prayed and lived an excellent life. We should all be as rightious as he.

    • Sandy

      Please don’t tell me you aren’t as smart as Pat Robertson. *cringe* It can’t be possible.

  • Rebecca Walker

    Pat Robertson is a FOOL! It really get under my skin about these SO CALLED CHRISTIAN. First they want you to obey the Ten Commandment and then its okay to commit adultery. Pleasssssssse give me a BREAK all of you SO CALLED RIGHTEST CHRISTIANS.

    • No Androgyny

      Feminist shrieking.

      • YES Androgyny

        Jerk talking

  • Lin

    Many years ago I heard him give the advice that a woman should tell her husband she cheated, but that a man probably shouldn’t tell his wife he did. Double standards as always. People make choices everyday that can affect their lives in negative ways, they get in the moment and all wisdom and common sense goes out the door, consequences be damned. If you have been cheated on and choose to stay in the relationship then you do have to work on forgiveness. No sense in staying stuck and punishing that person for the rest of their lives. That implies you have no power. You always have power and can leave the person even if it is the hardest thing you have ever had to do. Or you can work through it and make it clear it is never to happen again, ever, or the deal is off forever. Plain and simple. Personally, women need to not rely on a man for their basic necessities, that way you don’t have to grovel to keep your security or what you think is your security.

  • Realist

    What a piece of garbage. He is setting the stage for the public’s forgiveness when he gets caught molesting little boys ….. you know, men do these things…… isn’t this guy dead yet?

  • MrCharming

    First, God’s law was written with the knowledge that no one can keep all of them. That is why sacrifices had to be made until the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus was made for everyone. And no one on this message board has kept all of the law. Breaking one of them means you have broke the all.

    With that being said, God has provide forgiveness for us through his son. And God forgives and remembers no more our sins. He can be bestow that same abiliy to foegive to the wife. In honesty, not just men have the aptitude to commit adultery. Everyone will eventually sin at some point and would like forgiveness.

  • gary

    The problem was getting caught…Be a lot more careful and then no problem!!

  • LP

    I think that a woman can be emotionally and physically distant and then be surprised when her husband has an affair. This advice goes for a man or a woman: If you make your home life miserable and never have sex with your spouse because you “don’t feel like it”, they will eventually turn to someone else. You have to keep your spouse happy at home by submitting to each other and catering to each other’s needs. Make them excited to come home…

    • Sandy

      That’s good advice in general but how does Pat know this woman was a bad wife? He just assumes because she was cheated on that she was a bad one.

  • gary

    Don’t get caught and for God’s sake don’t make a confession out of guilt
    You do this and no problem

    • Lin

      @ Gary—-Don’t get caught? Why get married with the agreement of fidelity then. I guess you’d be cool with it if your woman was banging every dude she could behind your back–as long as she still cooks, right? This whole thing reeks so bad.

      @LP, this is another thing, we are so immature that we need to go find it elsewhere while still maintaining a miserable existence? Makes no sense. Just get a divorce and then go out and get it. There ya go, problem solved.

  • triciaj03

    Why is Pat still alive!

    • CuriousCursor

      Because, according to him, there’s only two places where he might go when he dies – and nobody from either place wants him there.

  • Chester Rebel

    What can you expect from a man who impregnated a woman outside of marriage?

  • Jani

    Robertson just keeps proving what an ignorant fool he is, everytime he opens his mouth. I cannot believe people look to this man for spiritual guidance.

  • Don

    It sounds like Robertson is talking to his own wife… a stripper in a motel room? Whatcha been “Up” to Pat? As a man, I feel no more compulsion to cheat on my wife than I would to, let’s say, attend his church… Most men are honorable, honest and would never think about cheating. Forgivness is fine but seriously…

    • No Androgyny

      And most humans wouldn’t think about sinning because we are all good…Amirite?

  • jo

    Has this “christian” man not heard of adultery? or is this another attempt to re-write the bible.

    • William

      It is evident from your post that you didn’t read or listen to what he said.

  • Jacqueline

    Any Christian man that tells a woman that was cheated on that men “do this” and to “create a wonderful home” so he doesn’t wander is an idiot. He’s putting the blame on the woman for her husband’s cheating. He should be talking to the man. Some men will cheat no matter what their homelife is or situation. Cheating is a choice. There is always temptation but you have to overcome it. You have the right to say no.

    • No Androgyny

      Read Genesis and stop worshiping the Goddess called Feminism

      • Lin

        I agree 110% @ Jacqueline

        If Patriarchy hadn’t abused it’s power there would be many, many happy women and children in this world. As long as the males of this world keep doing what they do, Feminism will be there to balance the scales. Sorry to break it to you No Androgyny.

        • No Androgyny

          Patriarchy? You might as well tattoo feminist idolater on your forehead!

          • Lin

            @ No Androgyny—Hmmmm, now there’s a thought 😛

    • William

      You’re great at word manipulation.

  • ss

    Pat Robertson needs to be committed to a psychiatric ward. The man is insane. The fact that ANYONE would listen to a word he has to say boggles the mind.

    • William

      The fact that you’re blogging about it is equally mind boggling, given what you’ve said; you sound like an oxymoron. No offense.

  • MrCharming

    Television have given us a false vision of what love is. Love is patient, kind, not boastful, doesn’t keep record of wrong. It is easy to like someone when they treat you good or everything is perfect. Anyone can do that. The bible says to love your enemy. How easy is that? Can you love someone that did something wrong to you or someone that wants to kill you? That is love!

  • Alexandra

    He’s a fundamentalist. What else what would expect the man to say. Of course everything is the woman’s fault.

    • No Androgyny

      She’s a feminist. What else would you expect the woman to say. Of course NOTHING is the woman’ fault.

  • William

    It is obvious that the writer clearly doesn’t understand forgiveness, reconciliation, and truth. Robertson, never said woman was at fault, rather, he told the woman some of the things she could do in order to help the marriage. Robertson would be the first to tell anyway that cheating is sinful…bad storyline.

  • mack

    Thank you John Cady for your truthful comment! Robertson you male chauvinistic MAN! What about stds? What about AIDS for cryin’ out loud! Jesus gives us ‘permission’ to divorce our spouse that did the cheating. That’s the only reason for divorce so says the Bible, but with our current and sometimes violent society – the woman (usu it’s the woman) has to ‘seperate’ from her ‘loving’ husband and seek protection/help from these monsters and go to a battered shelter and then to court to get sole custody AND support for themselves and children. How dare he make such a comment!!! You do not excuse fidelity in ANY society! Oh, but he’s supposedly a ‘Christian Man’? Robertson you just gave men your permission to stray . . . SHAME ON YOU!!
    our spouse ‘

    • No Androgyny

      You are a male feminist, not a Christian. What an abomination.

      • Sandy

        You’re from Westboro Baptist Church aren’t you?

  • jeff

    Funny considering it is widely known that Pat Robertson used to have sex with african american hookers.

  • Y

    Now divorced from a serial cheater… IT IS NO OK TO CHEAT!! I was a good, faithful, loving wife and mother… I worked hard, provided my share! HE HAD NO REASON TO “WANDER”.


    • No Androgyny

      That’s not what he said.

      • Lin

        Yes it is what he said in a nutshell. According to Mr. Robertson,boys will be boys. And women should be good little girls and keep a nice house and to suck it up.

        • No Androgyny

          Na. That’s your typical feminist spin. He didn’t say boys will be boys. He said men are more sexual and more prone to cheating than women. I know that angers your goddess, but oh well!

          • YES Androgyny

            Did you burn your bra in the 70’s and now they hang to your knees? is that why your are so anti-female? Jesus, thou name No Androgyny needs healing in his heart and soul. Please forgive his sins and put him on the right path where a human is human.

  • zenepher

    He is beginning to sound dementia and he is prejudice against our President.

  • Joe

    Another hateful comment by a website that hates Christians.

    Robertson is RIGHT. Move on. It’s up to the women to handle the situation, no one else. If she does nothing but focus on the problem, that’s all she will see. Common sense. Well, not for sites like this.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Are you crazy…no it’s up the woman to handle the situation..she didn’t create the situation you moron! And you have no common sense!!! He is the one who drove the car into the ditch, let him fix the situation.

      • ubyy

        Lisa, He is absolutely right. Please get out of your emotional state and listen to her question. Noone asked if the man was at fault. He was definately at fault.

        The question is, how does she get to where she can forgive her husband. Not how can she continue to blame her husband or trample over him for his sin. How can she forgive him.

        Pat is correct. She must start to focus on the good things not the bad. Even those who are depressed have to do this. focusing on the bad will keep you down, God said to thing on things that are pure, honest, just, lovely of a good report, virtuous and praise worthy. People dont want to do that, and that is why there are so many mental illnesses.

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @ubyy-not sure what “he” you are referring to but I was talking to guy above me (Joe). I have been thru this and it’s hard to get over being trampled on. He ought to be begging her for forgiveness. To think of things “pure,honest,lovely,virtuous”…too bad he wasn’t all of those things. It’s very hard and we even had counseling. It is hard when someone has betrayed you, especially when you have followed all the rules as a wife. Some marriages don’t survive this. So unless you have experience in this, then you need to not say anything!

  • Richard

    Pat Robertson has lost his mind.

  • Rev. Riley

    He is thying to tell the wife how to forgive a cheating husband. Forgiveness is the foundation of christianity and marrage. Love and cherish your spouse. Thank God for each other. Satisfy and fullfill each others desires at home. The there is no need to seek outside stimulation.

  • Common Sense

    Mr. Robertson, isn’t one of God’s commandments thou shall not commit adultery?

    • ubyy

      what does that have to do with the topic of her question? HOW DO I FORGIVE HIM? NOT was what he did ok.

  • Jo

    Pat Robertson is either getting senile and doesn’t know what he’s saying (family members ought to intervene), or he knows EXACTLY what he’s saying ’cause it appeals to men and it brings in the $$$. Having been the target of this guilt and blame myself, well….I’ll save my lengthy comments for another time. Plenty of women who read this know what I’m saying.

    • ubyy

      he knows exactly what he is saying and he is correct. Yes, I know what you are saying, you are saying, ” I am emotional and cant listen to what someone is saying to me”. There you go.

      Listen to the topic again Jo and keep out of your emotion.

      She asked how she can forgive her husband and get on with their lives. She did NOT ask if what her husband did is OK.

  • Robert Cote

    When are people going to understand that Pat Robertson is described in Revelations. For they will be many false prophets. Pat Robertson is a false prophet. His insprition comes not from God but from another source. Those who follow Pat Robertson are being led down a path that is not God’s path but man’s path. He knows not what he is talking about.

  • TimBo

    HAHA Hypocrite this is one reason why marijuana should be legal CUZ PEOPLE DONT KNOW HOW TO PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH just like our government

  • Elaine

    So, “If he is nice to the children”… How can committing adultery be “nice” to the children. A cheating spouse can cause discord among the home, therefore, having the children suffer for the adulter’s mistake. That is not being a nice parent. And I use no generalization for male or female, because both sexes (not in this case) can commit adultery. However, Pat has generalized and shunned the woman in this case. He basically told her to keep the home well kept and her man won’t wander. Wow.

  • mary ann

    This lady ask what to do to forgive him so he gave her advice on what she can do to forgive him He didnt say it was ok for the man to cheat. He was helping her with what she ask for how do I forgive and forget.

  • hbeale

    Pat Robertson is a degenerate just like every other christian that hides behind a book of lies to justify their evil and nefarious ways.

  • Lilly

    IT’S THE THING MEN DO!!! Does he realize that women and men are aching inside because their spouse cheated on them. He has never experienced this!!! He has never known what kind of evil is evident within an affair. Tell him to watch “Dateline NBC – he’ll realize it’s not a pretty picture. And who in the —- does he think he is when he is letting it off as some kind of “thing” that men just do!! It’s called “family bashers” and “heartbreakers”. I’m one who has been through this kind of atrocity against the family. Are you insinuating that we as women should thank him for “caring” for us? Do you know what happens when the affair goes on??? Irresponsibility, he becomes invisible to the family, he leaves in the middle of the night, and he doesn’t blink and eye, and then you expect us to just shove it under the rug!!! It’s an emotional hell-hole!!! That’s what it is!! I don’t care if he is a minister…my ex-spouse was a minister too!!!

  • Charlene

    Has he not read the basic commandments? Thou shalt not commit adultry?
    Geez, way to make someone who was cheated on feel WORSE, like they are at fault.
    Terrible. Now, I can see why people think that us Christians are full of garbage

  • Tim Mayer

    Pat Robertson becomes more arrogant and angry all the time. He is ignorant and is usually the one attacking others. These are NON-CHRISTIAN traits. Listen to what everyone has been saying…it is about disrespect and a lack of compassion for the woman’s pain. It has nothing to do with feminism, which helped women rise above gross mistreatment. COMPASSION for everyone, male or female, is the message. Compassion opens the door to love.

  • jeff

    Listen to the question that the woman ask in the first place…….How would you have responded? I think that the advice was dead on. The woman wants to learn to forgive her husband. Im not a big Pat Robertson fan, but i see nothing wrong with this advice. People need to lighten up and ask themselves the same question. Quit making a big deal out of this. People would complain no matter what he said. People love drama. Lets all grow up or shut up!

  • Dre

    The problem with a majority of the comments is that they are directed toward whether the man deserves forgiveness and how it should look coming from the wife. Ivy already knows that she has to forgive her husband and wants to. She was asking Pat what she could do to help her forgive her husband and that is exactly what he provided to her…a new focus. If you do not like the way your life looks, change the way you are viewing your life. Think of the good things about this man and fall in love with him again. This is good advice for a Christian woman who does not believe in divorce and wants to make her marriage viable again. So many of us have forgotten that we all stumble and fall at times. This man fell and he cannot reverse the situation, but Jesus has the power to heal that relationship. The wife’s heart has to change toward her husband in order for the relationship to move forward. As a Christian, she must honor and respect her husband. He must love his wife and be willing to lay down his life for her. An indiscretion does not mean that he would not die for her. It does not matter what it looks like in the eyes of the world. Christians live by s different code so you haters can just keep on hating. We have to do the hard things. When the world says hate…we show love. “Let he who is without sin…”

    Why are people acting like Pat said something that was plain crazy. Everybody knows that men cheat more than women. If that is news to anyone on this post then you really need to get out more. Is anybody out there believing that this is not true? Technically, the data only reflects those that get caught. More than half of the women responding to Pat’s comments have been cheated on and are speaking from a place of hurt.

    • ubyy

      The thing is, men are visually stimulated and many if not all women know that.

      Women cheat too. HELLO, Pats advise would be the same for a man who was dealing with forgiving a cheating wife. NO DIFFERENCE.

      Women are also visually stimulated just not to the same extent as men. Some women also have problems with pornography.

      I see no difference in the advise that would be given to either sex.

      but I am not very emotional !

      • Sandy

        You’re not very bright either if you can’t see where Pat stops giving advice on forgiveness and starts giving marriage advice on how to make him want to come home. Because Obviously in his mind, she wasn’t already doing that. I’ll give you a clue, it starts around the 2 minute mark. I don’t have much faith that it’s going to sink in though…


    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      @Dre-We all get that she’s asking how to forgive, and how you describe it, it’s all up to her…I don’t think so. It’s all up to him…he now has to earn trust her new focus is always going to be if he is 5 minutes late, where is he. He has to make her fall in love with him again. We all know that people can make mistakes..and if we choose to stay and forgive doesn’t mean it’s going to be peachy keen..there will be work on BOTH partners. Hate to tell you but Jesus cannot heal the relationship, the husband has to be by being an open book and very transparent. Christians live by a different code…please..most of you preach it, then do the opposite. We are not haters, just realistic. Once you have been betrayed, you are always going to be on guard.

  • Donna S.

    From what I have seen over the years women can usually forgive the man..for many different and varied reasons…for being unfaithful. Men usually can’t seem to get past it or forgive when they have been cheated on.

  • Lin

    Per Article above “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. ” Would if I could bold that last sentence. This is taking personal responsiblity of the man right out of the equation and giving a free pass.

    • No Androgyny

      Nope. Only a feminist manhater would read all that into his comment.

      • Chris

        Oh stop…we all know you are a feminist man-hater…or perhaps…you bat for the other team. Such a woman hater. Feel sorry for all the women in your life. Especially your Mom…poor woman, probably got cheated on by her hubby.

    • ubyy

      in the bible the word man is used referring to mankind. feminists dont like it but oh well.

      Mankind are ALL sinners, thus his comment. Women cheat too, same advise for the husband of a cheating wife. He must thing on the good things not dwell on the bad.

      • Sandy

        For once I agree with you. The Bible does use mankind for men and women. But that wasn’t a Bible quote. It was Pat’s quote and he wasn’t including women in his meaning. Shall I tell you how I know this. Hold onto your Bible and observe the capital letters I use in Pat’s quote. *wink*

        “He cheated on you. Well, *HE’S* a man, ok.” See, “he’s”? That is specifically talking about the member of mankind that has a penis. The male.

        You’re Welcome.

      • CuriousCursor

        ^ What Sandy said. Lin was quoting Robertson, not the bible, and Robertson wasn’t talking about all of mankind; he was talking about a specific member of it.

        By pretending that his statement was broader, you engage in sophistry in order to lessen the gravity of his reply. It makes me wonder whether you have ANY honesty, but then I recall how much sophistry you use to whitewash the parts of the bible that you prefer weren’t so bad, and I end up answering my own question; sophistry is hardly something that’s new to you. Oh, but sometime I also forget that you call it “using your brain.” lawlz.

  • John Phillips

    Why people listen to this moron is beyond me.

    • ubyy

      there was nothing he said that was incorrect. Tell me, do you think she would ever be able to forgive her husband (which was her question) if she dwells on the sin he committed?


      Pat never excused the mans sin, just pointed out that man has a propensity to lust and satan and his world are always pushing naked females in the face of men.

  • Chris

    Clearly a dinosaur who is preaching to an audience that won’t exist much longer.
    As if women don’t cheat. As if women don’t provide homes, food, clothing to their families. As if women can’t see that there are others who may make better biological mates. As if all the sexual opportunities available to us don’t entice women as well as men.
    This old man knows nothing about the 21st Century marriage.

    • No Androgyny

      Clearly a feminist who is preaching to an audience that will abort it’s offspring.
      As if men don’t have more testosterone. As if men don’t PRIMARILY provide homes, food, clothing to their families. As if men can’t see that adulterous sex is far less risky for them than women. As if all the sexual opportunities available to us is much more of a burden than women.
      This wet behind the ears woman knows nothing about anything other than androgyny

      • Michele

        Hi-larious! So testosterone justifies cheating? Hmmmm, so if a woman’s hormones dictate her sexual desires and an hot guy wants to take her to bed, it’s ok? Because, ya know, hormones and all. Hey! There’s a sexual opportunity walking by my window! Wonder if my husband would be OK, I mean, and eye for an eye right? Isn’t that in the bible too? Well, off to do the work of God! Thanks Pat!

        • No Androgyny

          We have testosterone. You have ovulation. Did I say anything about justification? Nope. But of course you like to throw your feminist spin and androgyny apologism into my comments.

          PS. I’m sure you’ve been cheated on a lot!

      • Chris

        No An, I’m a man. I’ve been married for 27 years to a beautiful woman who contributes as much to providing shelter and necessities for our family as I do. I daresay that she has more extra-marital sexual opportunities than I do, too.

        • No Androgyny

          Geez another silly androgyny. Of course your wife has more opportunity that you do. She’s a woman. But women do not have more desire. Duh!

  • Rich

    Who cares what this BOZO says about ANYTHING? He’s just another turd that refuses to flush itself down the drain

  • J

    Anyone ever heard of “Adam and Steve”? :)

    • No Androgyny

      Gender is just a construct. Men and women are no different. It might as well have been a Steve. Didn’t you get the email?

      • Chris

        You’re a dope. No doubt about it. Whatcha smokin’ there No Androgyny. Dope? LOL!

        • ubyy

          listen again, closely to her question and his answer. He is correct. you heard the wrong question. She did not aske if what her husband did was OK. HELLO

          Liberals have a hard time paying attention, close attention. listen to every single word, they all have meaning.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘listen to every single word, they all have meaning.’

            … says the troll who doesn’t know the difference between “bare” and “bear” and can’t be bothered to research the Greek and Hebrew texts of the book on which he’s chosen to model his entire world-view.

  • Sista Rae Rae

    What about the 7TH commandment?

    • Johnny Cee

      O K…what about the 7th Commandment. Does the 7th Commandment override forgiveness????

      I Cr 13:8a

    • ubyy

      was not part of her question. So irrelevant. The question was on how to get to where you can FORGIVE the cheating spouse and it is the same answer for either case.

      think on the good, not the bad or you will never forgive them.

  • Rondee Striegel

    I would love it, if I had a wife I could give a hundred dollars to every time I wanted romantic sex; when I was really in the mood. My first wife thought, being a church girl, you would burn in hell for having sex at all. I would hope GOD allows romantic sex, for pleasure, in a marriage as much as both partners like!

  • J. W. Griggs

    You all seem to be missing the point. She is asking how to forgive her husband, not whether or not she should stay with him. In this context, he is supplying different ways of looking at the issue so as to help her do just what she requested. If she had asked him whether or not she should stay with him, his answer would probably have been different. He was just responding to the question in a way that is helping her to forgive and move on, not judging the man who made the mistake. How would he have answered that question any better?

    • Johnny Cee

      J. W. … you’re absolutely right
      I Cr 13:8a

    • Sandy

      By stopping at around the 2 minute mark. He didn’t need to tell her to keep her house. Make him want to come home. That has nothing to do with how she can forgive. He assumes she isn’t a good wife, one who doesn’t make him feel welcome. He implies that that must be why he cheated. In other words she drove him to it and she shouldn’t do so again.

  • Johnny Cee

    Pat and Christy are right on. Forgiveness can be hard but if you focus on the good stuff you’re way ahead

    I Cr 13:8a

  • Kris Ealy

    Okay… I am not a fan of Pat Robertson at all, but the author of this article is seriously reaching. He is not condoning the man’s cheating. He is trying to get the woman to forgive her husband for cheating. And let’s not pretend that men aren’t more likely to cheat than women because they clearly are. Men are wired differently. It doesn’t justify men cheating; it’s just stating the facts.

    • Sandy

      Actually , no, he isn’t trying to get her to forgive. She wants to know how to do it. She didn’t ask to be called a bad wife, told to keep her house welcoming (as if she didn’t already) and blamed for driving the man to adultery for her lack of homemaking skills.

    • CuriousCursor

      ‘Men are wired differently. It doesn’t justify men cheating; it’s just stating the facts.’

      No, it isn’t. Men are not wired SO differently from women that they are slaves to their impulses. IF men are more likely to cheat than women – and I do NOT stipulate that they are – do you honestly think that the behaviors pushed by society as gender-appropriate have nothing to do with this?

      “Hai, bro! U saw dat fayn-azz poon n u didnt tap dat??? Wut r u, GAY?????????”

      “O, hai, Sally! I herd u kissd Brandon last nite, w/TUNG! U r such a slutbag!”

      The truth is, manboys aren’t considered proper manboys unless they sleep around, and girls learn that even ADMITTING the extent of their physical desires and responding to anything even remotely sexual with any reply other than “EWWWWWWWWW!” can leave them with a scarlet letter.

      The perceived gender gap in sexual response is an illusion. Social pressures overestimate the male libido and underestimate the female libido (and even SAYING so is likely to get me branded a harlot if the internet thinks I’m a woman and either gay or impotent if it thinks I’m a man). Ignoring this and blaming the Y chromosome instead is a rationalization intended to diffuse blame away from the individual and spread it out among an entire gender.

      News flash: Some people don’t appreciate taking the blame for what others of their gender do. QUIT passing the buck already!

  • Lee Stanz

    Tell em like it T.I. is Pat. Let the world see the good ole boy mind at work plain and clear. Pat has been in the Dark Ages for years and people think “oh, it’s just Pat being Pat”. No, that’s how the good ole boys think. And you wonder why this country is divided between the new and the old way of thinking.

    • ubyy

      your ignorance is amazing. OK tell us in all your wisdom. How is she to be able to forgive her husband so they can get on with their lives, YOU KNOW, the answer to the question she actually asked him?

      Pat was correct in what he said, you in your emotion, did not hear it.

      you cant forgive if you are dwelling on the problem, so think the good things.

  • Josh

    Fool me once, shame on you? Fool me twice, shame on Pat.

  • Paul

    Pat R. has fathered at least one child out of wedlock.

    • No Androgyny

      Did your mom tell you this?

      • Chris

        Duh, it’s in his autobiography dopey dope. He admits it. Such a God loving man. I wonder if the 700 in the 700 Club means how many times he has diddled another woman. Thoughts to ponder.

        • YES Androgyny

          What size shoe do you wear No Androgyny?

  • B.W.

    As an ordained minister and former pastor, I am horrified at this word from a man of God. Ignore the problem because he’s a man and focus on the good things? What if he is NOT nice to the kids, is on unemployment, does not provide a stable home life for you and the family, would Mr. Robertson’s answer then change? Perhaps but, all that aside, God’s word is infallible and doesn’t ever change; never! The answer is the same whether he’s a good husband or not. Can you forgive him for his infidelity? If so, it’s going to take hard work on both parts. I’ve seen marriages survive and they are truly stronger now for having worked through it together. More often however it ends up causing the marriage to disintegrate. It’s not an easy fix and to summarize it by saying, “listen, he’s a male and males will, ummmm, wander”, is totally wrong and not a Biblical approach to the solution.

    • No Androgyny

      You sound more like an ordained Feminist than a Christian.

    • Sandy

      I get your point but she wants to forgive the man. We don’t know if he is a good man or a bad one but it kind of doesn’t matter because she *wants* to forgive him. Pat crossed a line but he did in the beginning give her the advice she was looking for.

  • Margie

    I listened to the interview and the question was about how can the wife forgive her husband so they can move on in their marriage. Apparently it is her desire to forgive him and I commend her for taking that attitude. I think Pat Robertson gave a completely appropriate answer to the question. Why are you out to crucify this man? He is not perfect…none of us are but he answered the question that was asked—in a biblically sound way.

  • Rhonda Griep

    Is this idiot for real. What a jerk!!! Never liked him and his ilk. Holier than thou and biggest sinners around. He better get on his knees and ask the Lord’s forgiveness.

    • ubyy

      you people are such nimrods! HELLO, listen to it again carefully, he did not excuse the mans sin. He told her the answer to her question, what did she ask, please try to focus you liberal ignorant minds on the question. No wonder Obama is president, you nimrods dont pay attention to anything people are saying.

      • CuriousCursor

        I’m gonna tell you a little secret, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits.” It’s something the overly emotional, bleeding-hearted liberals don’t want you to know:

        WE ALL READ IT THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Imitating a spam-bot didn’t do much for the Android. What makes you think it will work for you? Do you have this notion that constantly posting the same message over and over is going to make your stance any clearer, or are you just stuck on stupid?

        Hey, I’ve got it! My new name for you is now Four Degrees of Stupidity. Do ya like it? Do ya?

  • Philip Mullen

    Robertson let’s the adulterer off the hook, much easier than God/Christ does in Holy Scripture! I’ll always take God’s commandment’s over man’s opinions.

    • No Androgyny

      Wrong. John 8

  • Paulette Goulet

    Oh brother! Some people need to learn to be still and give no answer! Let alone a stupid one like that!

    • ubyy

      try listening again, HE was correct. you cant forgive anyone if you think bad thoughts about them all the time.

      She did not say was what he did OK. Some people live on emotion and dont listen, most on this site do.

  • Dell

    I know that we are supposed to forgive…but saying that infidelity happened because one is a man is as absurd as saying that one punched him in the throat because one is a woman…

  • Michele

    What about wedding vows…I, (name), take you, (name), to be my [opt: lawfully wedded] (husband/wife), my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow as long as we both shall live.

    What woman could live with that picture/thought in her head of her husband doing to another woman what he does to her. I am guessing Patty boy cheats and hides behind God to justify it. Yoh, women, suck it up, I’m Pat Robertson and I approve this message.

    • No Androgyny

      So you were a virgin when you got married?

      (What man could live with that picture/thought in his head of his wife doing to another man what she does to him. )

      • Michele

        Actually, not that it is your business, I was a virgin, 21 when I was married. He wasn’t. That was fine. But when he started bringing strange women into our home and screwing them in our bedroom while I fed our newborn in the living room. Well, unforgivable. Only so much a HUMAN can handle and the sounds of my husband having sex in our marital bed is more than I could handle.

  • Angryamerican

    Why does anyone listen to this man??? He is so out of touch with reality he is in another world. Seriously. His advice was good 60 years ago. Today things have changed. Why does the Media keep bring up the things he says, as if he speaks for the whole Christian community? Old, out dated, and out of touch.

  • Alfred

    Really… yes I agree to forgive… but this guy is not the guy to give advice…. It’s obvious he likes to talk, but educated responses is not his best suit… Interesting that a man of God would go after the President like he does.. of all the Presidents, this one is black and educated, and because they know he’s educated… the world and Pat find ways to be critical..his religion, his ideology..he’s a communist..WOW.

  • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

    That’s why I feel very apprehensive with people who claim they are so religious and talk about God then say stuff like that. What he should have said is “he was wrong and that we sometime make mistakes and if BOTH people are willing to work it out along with some type of counseling then that is a good thing.” He has the nerve to say what has given her like a house, nice things, etc. What about what she has given him, maybe children and giving up her career to stay home and raise them. It takes two and I can say this because I have been thru this. You may be able to forgive but you will never forget. So this applies to anything in life…if you choose the behavior, then you choose the consequence so if during the forgiveness process she is feeling insecure and may bring it up then he should be man enough to listen and feel compassion and comfort her. I think Pat Robertson is an idiot and I bet if we dig deep into his skeletons we might not like what we find!!!!

  • kermit humphrey

    pat robinson in the past thirty years has been known as being a cold,calculating husband to his wife, so this writer thinks now that robinson is only trying to cover his own sorry tracks with this nonsense.he is a cold,smart,conniving,controlling man who this writer thinks is a play preacher who has no standing as a man of god

  • Susan

    As a Christian and also a female who is almost done with her Psychology degree with an emphasis on Christian Counseling I can say that Pat Robertson is correct. Let me explain, the media loves to distort things and there is so much pornography out there that is directed at men. There are also many many ads, programs, etc.. directed at women’s bodies that portray us at sex objects that men are very very tempted to stray. However; statistics show that women cheat almost as much as men do. The bottom line on the question that was posed to Pat Robertson is how do you forgive. If a person has made the decision to stay with the spouse who has cheated they have to focus on the positive and not the negative. They needs to seek Gods help in forgiving.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Well if this is Christian counseling, then count me out. The media does distort things but really? Blaming the media and pornography, etc for men straying…that doesn’t give much credit to men, do they not have any self control or common sense? And two wrongs don’t make a right whether it be men or women cheating. Again because I have gone thru this..I can say that you have to get thru the negative to get to the positive and it takes a very long time if not the rest of your life and if your spouse doesn’t get it then he doesn’t really have true remorse for his/her actions.

      • No Androgyny

        Temptation. She said temptation. Why do you hate men so much that anything short of castration is viewed as lenient on us? Your female ego is in the way of your personal growth. What was your part in creating a relationship that cheating was on the table for your man?

        • YES Androgyny

          Oh good LORD! You truly HATE women! What’s the deal with that?

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @No Androgyny-Screw you…and that’s the nicest way I can say that. You don’t even know me. Just to let you know..he came crawling back to me!!!

          • CuriousCursor

            Was it the tire iron or the baseball bat?

      • ubyy

        Lisa you need to learn how to listen to what people are actually saying. He never said men have no self control, he pointed out that men are sinners…including you, woman! All have sinned. That is what he was saying and if you expect God to forgive you, you have to fogive others.

        You cant forgive anyone if you dwell on the problem all the time.

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @ubyy-I do listen, and you just are talking about semantics..just because he didn’t say those exact words..he basically said that’s what men do because they are men. Yes we are all sinners, and I do forgive but when you are talking about a trust issue you have to earn that trust which takes time so that makes you “dwell” on the it. So unless you have experienced this then zip it up idiot!!!

  • Jay Gee

    So God decided to create men as weak creatures who cannot control their sexual life? Pat Robertson is a fool. Stop using the Bible or Koran or Torah as your excuse for bad behavior. She should forgive him since forgiveness if for the one who was harmed, not the won who did the bad deed. Then get to a Lawyer as soon as possible.

  • andy

    Do people not have enough to do without sitting around waiting for Pat Robertson to make a blunder? Surely there is more in the world to report than this. Get a life, people!

  • http://yahoo don edwards

    Robby doesn’t know if hes scratching or winding – U know what! End of world – elections Etc – etc- hes a notorious liar and that is a true fact -as a few more fake ministers on tv & futhermore they they get big monies to sit n tell big bodacious whoppers !

  • Tim Mayer

    Another thing…if “the media” was against Christians, it would expose much more of the propaganda and hypocrisy that is rampant in it. The crusades that happen today against those who are different, including women for equality, Gays, Lesbians, and Transgender people are no less evil than those that happened hundreds of years ago. Don’t whine and say that Christians are being attacked when it is actually the other way around. Truth is not harassment. By the way, I am a Christian and I am ashamed of much of the so-called leadership today.

    • No Androgyny

      You aren’t Christian. You are Churchian.

      • Pat

        Ha ha ha, making up words. Good one!

    • ubyy

      wrong Tim. The crusades were not christians, they were catholics. The inquisitions also, they were murdering the real christians because they would not convert to catholosism. God is against any sin, because it hurts people, adultry, fornication, homosexuality, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS. Sin also affects the innocent, AIDS<AIDS, AIDS.

      Catholics were murdering people just because they had a bible written in their own language. you see, the priest was to tell you what to believe. God gave us his word, to tell us.

      • CuriousCursor

        ‘Sin also affects the innocent,’

        If that is true, then most of humanity has a better sense of justice than your “benevolent” deity.

        Please, go crawl back into the poisonous pit from which the Westboro Baptist Church sends you delusional nutbars and leave the well-adjusted alone.

      • Sandy

        What were Catholics if not Christians? There weren’t any Protestants yet, the Catholic Church was the ONLY Church. Maybe some were good and some were bad but the point is that there was a lot of bloodshed by Christian leaders aka Catholic leaders. Really are you learning Church History from Carman’s video’s? The problem with claiming that other Christians aren’t real Christians is that then only YOU get to decide who is real in their religion and who isn’t. Only YOUR view of the Bible can be true, and isn’t that what you are saying the Catholics were doing? All you are doing is transferring the power they had to yourself. Before you say the Bible was hidden and now it’s not and the Bible judges what is true… *points at the approximately 41,000 Christian denominations that fight each other over what is true.*

  • Cynthia

    Many make comments but unless you have experienced a spouse cheating, you can’t really understand what someone goes through. I’ve unfortunately been through this – more than once. While God does say we must forgive, being as flippant as Pat was in his comments is extremely hurtful to those of us who have walked through this “unintended journey.” Not surprised, really that he made comments like this. I honestly don’t think he’s completely stable – old age or something else. He’s make way to many “out there” comments for me to even think twice about what he said. The only reason I’m commenting is to let people know that the hurt and pain from adultery does not go away… you get over it but the pain will always remain.

    • No Androgyny

      If guys keep cheating on you, you might wanna look in the mirror.

      • Chris

        Oh snap! That was quite the bitch slap Androgyny. Maybe you call yourself that because you are ‘confused’ I think the No was a typo. Hey, they rhymes! 😀

      • Chris

        Come on, I DARE you to post a pic of yourself in all your manly glory.

    • Michele

      I completely understand what you are saying Cynthia. My ex-husband fathered a child with another woman while I was pregnant with our second child. Then he cheated on her…and wanted to cheat on her with ME! She left and he married a 3rd time and she cheated on him and he ended up in therapy and actually called me and apologized for cheating because now he knew how it felt. What goes around comes around. I believe in the words “harm none” especially the person you pledge your love and commitment to in front of God.

  • HW

    Ummm…Mr. Robertson should not be calling himself a “Christian” with anything he said. “Men tend to wander” and it’s the woman’s fault. Ummm….last time I checked, a Christian dies from his old self to become new, which also is stepping away from sin and moving toward the better life Christ died to give us. My ex husband cheated on me, for over 11 years. It was the lousy advice of “Christians” and my fear of hell that kept me in that lousy relationship, constantly forgiving him because it was the “Christ like thing to do”. The fact is…NO where in the Bible does it say, stay married to a cheating or abusive spouse. I believe it says in the Bible that if you don’t take care of your family, it is a sin. It also says that if a man looks upon a woman with lust, the man has already committed adultery and also, I believe one of the 10 Commandments says: You shall NOT commit adultery. So with all of this said, A Christian is supposed to share TRUTH, NOT give a pass to sin and say it’s acceptable. That’s wrong with the country now…TO MANY PEOPLE are OK and saying it’s OK to sin and truth is…IT”S NOT! Sorry for the blog.

  • Nancy Johnston

    Spoken like a true man! This tells me he has probably cheated himself!

  • roberta

    This is just a sign that it is time for Pat to refrain from giving advice. Even the most popular get old, senile and out of tune.

  • violet

    “Like it or not, males have a tendency to, uh, wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make a home so wonderful that he dosen’t want to wander.” What a stupid comment, perhaps one made by somebody who wants to justify what they may have done in the past. Christ centered men do NOT have a tendency to “wander a little bit”. Christ centered men honor their marriage vows, and do not try to make excuses for men who act in fleshly, selfish ways and end up violating their marriage vows. Regardless of what monetary benefits the man provides,there is no scriptural provision that allows him to cheat on his wife. Marriage vows aren’t suggestions in the eyes of God; they are serious obligations. Pat conveniently forgets that God defines adultery as sin. If Pat wanted to be a true minister of the gospel, he’d also define adultery as sin and would call the man to own up to his actions, instead of trying to blame the woman for it. It is a sin not just against the wife, but also against the children too. If the woman wants to forgive the man, then fine, but Pat should find a way to support her in that decision instead of giving her unwise, ungodly counsel that attempts to blame her for the immoral way in which her spouse exercised his free will to cheat on her. Pat could have referred her to Retrouvaille or other resources to help marriages that are in trouble, and he could have referred her to individual counseling to help her heal the wounds in her heart so that she can forgive her cheater spouse. It is never, never scriptural,godly,wise, or acceptable to suggest or imply that a man can cheat on their spouse for any reason, or vice versa. I hope that Pat repents to the Lord for these foolish words; heaven only knows how many men he will help lead astray by encouraging them to think their philandering is ever excusable.

    • No Androgyny

      Genesis 3. Like it or not…Men and Women are different. That includes sexually.

      • Chris

        Oh no! We have different naughty bits? Is that why my spouse looks so different naked. Wow, thanks Androgyny! My prayers have been answered!

    • Mary

      Well said, Violet – Mr. Robertson needs counseling on how to counsel women or give it up entirely – he is so wrong – adultery cannot be tolerated, ever!

    • Mark

      Well said. Trouble is, Robertson and so very many church “leaders” have that same attitude ingrained in their selfish, mean, childish hearts: “You better make me happy, or I’ll cheat and it’ll be all your fault!” They aren’t men, they’re whiny, spoiled little boys who expect their wives to cater and pet them like two-year olds. Instead of taking responsibility for the spiritual health of the household, many “Christian” leaders leave that up to the wife while they stand in pulpits dreaming that they’re rock stars. Pathetic. ANY man who blames bad behavior on a woman is not fit to teach, period.

    • ubyy

      actually it is right, and the same for women too. if you are not taking care of business at home, as Gods word says we are to do and husband and wife, BOTH, then there is more tendency for one to stray, to fall to that temptation, why. Because men AND WOMEN are sinners. and all need forgiveness from time to time. does that excuse the sin? NO

      but her question was? What?

      How do i forgive my husband so we can go on with our lives.

      • Sandy

        And here is what Pat told her… Stop thinking about cheating, think about his good qualities …. and wait for it…


  • http://webpronews Beth

    For all the Christian moralizing and sermonizing he does he is a total hyprocrite. One of the ten commandments is THOU SHOLT NOT COMMIT ADULTRY.
    I don’t see how Mr Robertson can condone what this woman is talking about. If her husband cheated on her then she needs to leave his sorry ass,because if he did it once he wil do it again. Even if he doesn’t ever cheat then the thought will always be in the back of her mind that he is cheating or thinking about it.
    For her own peace of mind she should leave and save herself the heartache and pain that can only come by staying in the marriage.

  • musicman2tall~ dhe




  • Abbie

    I am so tired of hearing from men and women in the media about what a wife’s role in the marriage is and if she adheres to their philosophies all will be well. This is horse manure! I am also so tired of hearing that this is what men do- because they are men! Like the comment before me that said most households today are financially supported by both the men and women- so their so-called ideologies no longer hold water. I am a stay at home mom and I do all the housework- including the yard, I have almost single-handedly raised 3 children, I do all the cooking, shopping, errands, healthcare and the list goes on. I am not sorry for not flitting around the house everyday in a teddy and purring like a kitten. I am human! When my husband looks like Fabio and romances me like a Danielle Steal novel maybe then I will!

    • No Androgyny

      Your husband is cheating.

      • Chris

        So is yours

    • Richard

      1) Women need to show their husbands RESPECT
      2) Men need to show their wives LOVE
      3) Believe that your spouse wakes up every morning with good intentions.

      Then, yes, all will be well.

  • Mike Hunt

    If Pat was on fire, I wouldn’t even piss on him!!

    Pass the marshmallows please

  • ContributingCitizen

    Is Reverend Robertson making excuses for his own past behavior? I jest of course, but I think I understand what he’s saying. Hopefully, he’s telling the woman that she may be able to find trust again through looking at his current good behavior and not his past mistakes. (I’m assuming he’s back, is sorry for his behavior and wants to save his marriage.) However, this BS about it’s in his nature is just silly. When I was in a psychology group at one time, one of the men told us this same type of excuse. He actually said things along the lines of “I can’t help myself. I’m a guy. It’s not my fault.” (His wife was not present during this nonsense.) My response was and is: “So you’re basically an animal. You are totally and completely controlled by your Johnson; you’re controlled by what’s below your belt and not between your ears?” He told me he thought that was the way he expected a woman to think. Since his wife was female as well, I would bet his marriage didn’t last. I do hope this woman finds peace but I think Reverend Robertson needs to retire. (I do wonder what advice Mrs. Robertson would have given this woman 😉

    • Bob

      At first, it kind of sounded like he was saying to forgive and move on, stop dwelling on the past. But then, Pat just keeps on talking and it just keep getting worse and worse, and by the end it sounds like he’s saying, “Oh well, that’s just how men are. suck it up.” Then the media, which is always looking for a good excuse to roast Christians anyway, jumps on it and we’re on the defensive again. Wish Pat would just stop talking.

  • Jack Gordon

    I am very please to read such good Biblical references. Mankind is a sinner and whether man or woman has committed adultery it is sin. In most cases for a woman or a man, it is their pride and feelings that have been crushed, the higher calling is to love and remain committed to our first love, Jesus Christ. Most the time, the Devil convinces us that we have been wounded and should hold it against the offender. But Jesus says, “love even our enemies”. Forgiveness can only come from our Lord and restored love from the one who loved first. Never let our pride get in the way of doing what God has commanded.

    • Kathy


    • Richard


      As you can see, there are many people reading here that are unfamiliar with the ways of Jesus. Keep the faith and don’t let their words discourage you. You speak the truth.

  • Michelle

    BTW-DOES this A$$ have any kids? and what does his wife this of this?

  • liberty

    What bothers me about Robertson is not that he’s something of an ass, but that he sold his Family Channel for millions to Rupert Murdoch and still asks people to donate money!!! He HAS enough already! He’s such a ringer.

  • vicks

    Where has the world come from 60 years ago if you cheated You left him her….There is no longer self respect It doesn’t make you a better christian it make you a FOOL…. yes a fool because he will do it again.
    No wonder Jesus talk about Moses and divorce. When you cheat it can never be the same. And another thing Pat what about all that money you have in the AFRICAN mine fields for diamonds. People do your homework and check it out….Many will say in that day , I did this and did that..
    I sorry Pat to say this but Pat investing his diamond not souls..
    My advice keep you eyes above to God cause in these days only Jesus is the perfect example. Prayer begins at home

    • Mary

      Well said Vickie – I totally agree – she must divorce him and move on – and don’t settle for sloppy seconds – the adulter does not deserve her.

  • phil

    is this SOB still alive?? Doesn’t sound like it.

  • http://www, Dr.Robert Valenti

    I can’t believe how many people actually take this crackpot seriously.He is a weird,creepy man who reminds me of some pervert who hangs around playgrounds looking at little girls.Wacko!

  • Win Adams

    This man no longer has a brain. As a matter of fact he hasn’t had for a long time. Gay tele tubbies? He does Christianity a disservice by claiming to offer advise to a Christian. This man needs to be in a nursing home for senile patients.

  • Dan R

    It’s funny how the news works these days. We can take any set of words from a speech and make it sound like someone is a chauvinist, a racist, an idiot, or what have you. This lady asked HOW DO I FORGIVE MY HUSBAND. And Pat gave her an answer; if you want to forgive your husband for cheating, focus on the good points of your marriage instead of solely the fact that he cheated on you. That is how you forgive. That is how you get over hurt. Pat didn’t tell the lady to stop her typical women sniveling and accept the fact that she’ll never be good enough to satisfy her man’s needs, or that she has no right to be upset with him for cheating. If he had actually said that, you may actually have had something to write a real article about. I bet you’re bummed it didn’t work out so well for you.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty


  • albacon

    This from a man who has made between 140 million to a billion dollars and lives on a mountain with its own airport, so is probably totally out of touch with how normal people live. Certainly it is Christian to forgive but the Bible also talks about throwing pearls before swine and shaking the dust from your feet as you leave sinners, which I imagine also includes those who commit adultery and cheat on a spouse.

  • Stiv

    To: All you conservative women who VOTE/Support the GOP and the Evangelical Right:

    It’s a man’s world. God made you from a rib bone. You’ve been taking CRAP for 6000+ years…keep on enjoying EATING FECES. Here’s to 6,000 more years of servitude and EATING FECES from your Masters/Betters!!!

    • Sandy

      In your fucking dreams.

    • CuriousCursor

      To: *Everyone* who votes (or at least pretends to vote when he’s on the internet):

      Not all who support the GOP also support Pat Robertson or the rest of the evangelical movement. It’s rational to dislike taxes; it’s NOT rational to believe that hurricanes and STDs are God’s way of playing “smear the queer.”

      As much as I like to rag on fundies, it’s just not true that all Republicans are that detached from reality.

  • Jeff

    If it is not glaringly obvious that this demented wiener ought to be the poster child for the conservative movement, which has in reality become nothing more than a bowel movement, you need a psych eval.

  • Chris

    I think No-Androgyny is a GIRL! Probably a woman whose husband busted a move all over town. Come on Androgyny, admit it, you have a vagina because I think you hit your cycle today! ROTFLMAO!

  • Skye

    This type of callous advice is what kept me trapped in a horribly abusive marriage for 2 decades. I kept trying to find help, advice, support, counseling, etc. within the church walls-from pastors, elders, church groups…only to be told at every turn that I ‘need to be a better wife, be more submissive…show him through my gentle, quiet ways, just pray…’ Unfortunately–that’s exactly what the problem was: I was gentle, quiet, submissive, and put everything I had into making the best marriage possible. I’m not proud of that. Luckily, I finally decided that the hell I was already living in was worth the risk of eternal damnation I was told I’d surely receive, through leaving this loveless “union”. Yet, I’m so much happier now. I’m FREE. I’m living my own life. I’m also no longer a christian. It’s a crazy religion that would put women through the things I was put through;

    • Chris

      Applause for Skye!!! You go girl! Woop Woop!

    • Kathy

      I am so glad you are ok now!

    • Sandy

      Good for you!

  • Michael

    I just wanted to say, Jesus died to forgive all of our sins. Pat Robertson can stand before you and say that he hasn’t been tempered or cheating thoughts.

    God is a God of Love! He never wants you to look down on another person only to place them higher than you.

    We are all have free will to chose our destination and God will guide us through life, but He will not interfere.

    God Bless

  • Sherry

    Somehow I don’t believe the advice would be the same if it was the wife that was cheating. I hope that there are men out there that won’t cheat!

    • Rick

      I think the advice should be exactly the same.
      I don’t think my wife would ever cheat on me, but if she did, something’s wrong here. Something’s going on with her, or I’m shutting her out in a way I’m not aware of.
      I’d be devastated if my wife cheated on me, but I’d be more devastated to lose her from my life. If she felt she made a mistake and wanted to remain with me, promising she’d never stray again…I’d accept that and stay with her.
      It would be hard, but I’ve been through something similar long ago and I overcame it.

  • Kay

    One point to make is that you never know what you are going to do until it happens to you so before you judge the one who cheats and the one who is left behind, think hard. My husband has cheated numerous times, and I stayed believing that it was the best for the children, and that he would change if I forgave him. There comes a time when saying I am sorry doesn’t meant anything, and turning the other cheek is too much to take. And what of the children?? Do you believe that the children don’t suffer under these circumstances??? Are we teaching the boys that it doesn’t matter what vows you make before God??? And our daughters?? That they should be expecting this to happen and accept the behavior??? No….we shouldn’t. And I’m not. It has happened one too many times and I have prayed and prayed and sought counsel from my pastor and I know it’s time to go. I can say I have done all I can to fix things but that’s it. I will forgive to move forward, but never will I forget.

    • Rick

      I agree with you, Kay. There’s a huge difference between someone cheating, realizing what a huge mistake it was, and being lucky enough to have the spouse forgive and move on together…
      Your situation is different. He’s done it more than once. He’s not worthy of your devotion. He didn’t make a ‘mistake’, he’s treated your marriage like a ‘mistake’.
      You don’t deserve this, your children don’t deserve to see you allow this and your husband doesn’t deserve you.
      God doesn’t want good people married to hurtful spouses.

      • Kay

        Thank you Rick.

  • Rick

    The article and the video are two separate paintings. When I read the article, which paraphrased what Robertson said, I was appalled. Once I watched the video and listened to exactly what he was saying, I wasn’t nearly as livid.
    Cheating is wrong…end of story. If you are trying to forgive your husband or wife for the cheating, then you obviously love the person and want to work it out. I think his advice, overall, with an open mind, is actually great advice.
    Men don’t cheat on their wives because they don’t love them. Women don’t cheat on their husbands because they don’t love them. There’s something ‘missing’…either in the marriage, or in the cheater.
    Cheating is wrong, it’s a horrible mistake that causes serious pain to the other spouse…if you’re willing to work it out, and you believe your spouse is truly sorry and being honest where they want to be, his advice is pretty solid.

  • holly

    How bout you make the home so good I dont go out and cheat on you too…..See Pat, these days us women can wander too! So as the good book says do on to others as you wish someone to do to you! how bout them apples

  • cheryl

    I hope this woman doesn’t believe what he said to her. I don’t understand why women still believe in Christianity. It is clearly and always has been hostile towards women.

  • Kathy

    PUKE! Ok blame some one else you ass hole! Nasty old man

  • Steven

    After reading this my understanding of Pat Robertson, he is usually right – article proves it was 10 years ago and they are still together. Therefore he is giving reasons for forgetting what 10 years ago and my parents would agree with that reasoning.

  • Eric

    Everyone is missing the point. She didn’t ask for her husband to be tried or condemned for his actions. As the cheating has been established and counseling has ensued he has and as it seems is still being held accountable.

    She asked him with help on trying to forgive her husband because it was so hard for her. What the minister was telling her was correct. Think of the reasons why you married and fell in love with him in the first place and focus on that. True love, genuine and pure can overcome anything if you allow it.

  • Terrell Tammy

    I totally agree with his comments. Believe it or not.His point about being a good provider is on point. No it doesn’t excuse the man but a Christian woman you can make small steps to slowly forgive him and maybe change some of your own habits to maybe enhance the relationship.If 90% of your relationship is good and you have a good level for each other and you have a common goal of having a comfortable lifestyle, why rock the boat. Of course without question he must be good and a provider for the kids, as he said. Total thumbs up on his comment.

    • Tom

      So, what you are saying is your husband is cheating also. So you just accept it because he is paying you like a whore. With that, you are saying a well paid whore should be happy to have a man who takes care of her, feed her, take care of his kids, gives her a place to sleep, she should be happy as a lark. Well lady, if you are happy with that, maybe Pat can bed down with you one night. After all, he is a man and God will forgive him. But? What about your husband? Will he be as gracious to forgive you? After all, he is treating all women as whores.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Being a good provider has nothing to do with it..and he drove it off the track so HE should do most of the work to make it right again. I’m sure there were problems in the marriage but going outside the marriage isn’t the answer. It is going to be a long healing process for her and the only person who can help her is her husband by being transparent, communicating, and comforting. It doesn’t really matter what the question was…he was WRONG!!!!

  • Beverly

    I’ve long known that Mr. Robertson is obtuse but with these comments, he has refined obtuse to an art form! Granted, be the cheater male or female, one should forgive and move on if that’s possible. However, Mr. Robertson’s reply sounds like a man gets a free pass if he’s a good provider because “it’s a man thing.” If Mr. Robertson is married, his wife had better sit up and take notice lest she end up with an STD.

  • Doug Gentile

    I don’t judge Pat Robertson’s faith because of his insensitive remarks.
    But we need to understand that Pat Robertson is on the fringe of Evangelical Christianity. He has pretty much lost credibility with most Christians of all races. So please let’s not judge all of spirit-filled Christians due to Pat Robertson’s callous putdown of a victim od adultery.

  • ron

    I understand that cheating happens and it does not make it ok for anyone to do such a thing to someone they LOVE. If she is unable to forgive God does provide a way out. Matthew 19:9 states: I say to you that whoever divorces his wife, except on the ground of fornication , and marries another commit adultery. So what we see the key part of this being for this person is: on the grounds of Fornication, which the other person did, she has a right to divorce. Jesus did not say do this or that. If forgiveness is not able to be gotten to then you have the right to leave. However you can not let ten years go by and say i am leaving now because I do not trust you. It needs to be done within a reasonable amount of time

  • M. Moser

    This is seriously sad. Mr. Robertson, your response was appalling. I have been an admirer of you for years, but my heart was truly changed with the “advice” you gave this woman. You seemed to push the husbands sin of adultery right under the rug, excusing him of his actions. I can not picture God telling him that its okay, you are a man and men have a tendency to wander. Then telling the woman to provide a home for him in a way that will keep him from wandering. Mr. Robertson, this woman is not responsible for her husbands sin! He needs to get before God and ask for forgiveness and do the same with his wife. Your chauvinistic viewpoint puts us Bible believing evangelicals in a difficult situation to explain ourselves again. You have also discredited yourself in my eyes. Your words seem to indicate you don’t take sin seriously. Watching your response has literally made me sick to my stomach and may God help you indeed.

  • revdavy

    If Pat opens his mouth, something stupid is bound to come out.
    Check his track record!

  • Terrell Tammy

    He makes total sence. He is right on this one

    • Kay

      How is he right???? I am a stay at home mom, there are 4 of them, one that isn’t of my blood but heart, that I have “made a home for”, made sure dinner is on the table, the laundry is done, etc.. Oh yes, he works…yet he spends his money on cigarettes, liquor and other women sometimes before his own family. And time as well. And if you’re asking?? I’m not lacking in anyway…not vain, but I am aware of my own worth. I grew up in a two parent household, yet even my mother (who along with my daddy, kept us in church as often as the door was open) has come to the point to where even she believes no more can be done. Listen to some of you. “Look in the mirror, work on whatever you’re lacking, don’t rock the boat.” We were not made to be beaten down, disrespected, humiliated, etc… He makes sense, he’s right….off, so way off…..

    • Tom


  • Mac

    It is morons like this that chases would be Christians away from the faith and make true Christians ponder how many stupid people that God bestow on our religion. God forgive his ignorance and bless the woman who is hurting because of her husbands infidelity.

  • BillyD

    I don’t care about what “gender” (man or woman – don’t consider homosexuals as any gender at all) claims to be, cheating for one is just as wrong for one as the other. Was talking to a co-worker while in south Texas, of another “ethnic origin” some years back, and he informed me that it is wrong for a woman, but acceptable for a man. His reason… “The man was here first, so he can do what he wants to do”. That reasoning has puzzled me ever since

  • mama d.

    i am a christian wife who forgave. our marriage has gone on, now, for nearly 45 years. do i regret it? sometimes. the bigger picture, though, is that in this day and age, it is not just a matter of cheating. there are enough sexually transmitted diseases in the world now, that it is not just a chancy thing to have an affair, or even a one night stand. it becomes a matter of playing russian roulette with your life, and your spouse’s, as well. another point is that wives are no longer chattel. in a truly christian marriage, the wife is an equal partner. most of us work, to keep food on the table, and a roof over the family’s collective head. the argument of “does he provide well, is he good to the kids”, etc. is only a small part of the real issue–it is a betrayal. it is a denial of God’s place in that marriage. it makes a travesty of vows taken, of promises made, in front of God, and the supporting family. it is nothing more than a lie, from the heart and soul of someone who doesn’t care enough about what he has to honor it. men are accountable to God. sin is sin.

    i wonder if mr. robertson would be so quick to forgive if it was the wife who made the “error”–after all, she’s only a woman, and apparently, in his eyes. the weaker sex, not capable of existing alone, or taking offense at such a betrayal. she is supposed to “sell” herself for the price of a house, food, etc. this is the same thinking that has allowed women to stay in physically abusive relationships for years–“he only hits me once in a while. when he’s not mad, he’s a good dad, and a good provider.”

    abuse is abuse, sir. emotional abuse is not as visible as physical abuse, but just as real. just what do you think cheating is–a kindness? re-examine your bible. wives are to be cherished. what we see often as a reference to a “weaker vessel” is correctly translated as “fine china”, not something that is coarsely breakable. men are charged to love their wives as christ loved the church–to the point of giving their very life for her, if called to. that doesn’t sound like behavior that you describe. you need to man up, and expect more of the men around you. and you need to validate the destruction that that woman felt in her life, not just brush it off as “boys will be boys.”

    sign me, “been there, forgave”. but believe me, forgetting takes a lifetime. that’s where God’s grace comes in…

  • Tom

    Christians are not only crazy, but they are absolutely insane. What kind of advice is this nut giving this lady. This man is not worth his salt. If she stays with this blooming idiot, then she will get what she is asking for. No way any preacher or priest that is a man of the cloth will give such stupid advice. Get out of that relationship, ( if you call it that ) and find yourself a man worth having. As far as Pat Robinson is concerned, he should retire into the nut house. He is off his rocker and suffering from dementia. He needs to see a good doctor and put in a nursing home.

    • Betsy


  • Paul

    I believe the advise was about forgiving but the jornalist with no etics just want to distort what was said to try to discredit the preacher. Etics in journalism is something from the past.

  • Betty Cloer Wallace

    The issue is why is this idiot still on the air and being allowed and even PAID to continue his misogynistic diatribes?

  • George McCasland

    Daily, men are under a biological attack by women.

    Evolution or creation designed women to produce loads of pheromones during ovulation for the sole purpose of getting their husband’s excited during that time of the month. Today, with women in the work place, and the large volume of mixing of the sexes, men are nearly always near a woman who is ovulating and putting out a silent message that she wants to have sex, even if she is not aware of it.

    When Strippers are ovulating, their tips, even from women, go up 400%.

  • sally


  • Tim

    Pat Robertson is my hero! He’s the MAN!

  • ted

    No wonder he and his flock get caught abusing little boys, the ones that preach righteousness are always the most deviant. If he and the tea party got their way they’d be brainwashing all children having their prayers in school causing rghteous indignation and wars. He tells the woman just be glad that her husband has been a good provider, we should be glad at least during the time this nut is taping his program he can’t be doing the ghastly deeds that their clergy do behind out of public site. Hypocrites, and no wonder they are the worst deceivers as they are are sworn to a book of fables, and trying to deny their own sexuality somehow makes them feel superior providing a righteous concendescening attitude criicizing others for being Human

  • Terrie

    Are you kidding me? This nation is full of idiots who cannot use their own brains. And it is because of the supposedly LEADERS of your church and government. Pat Robertson is a narcissistic Borderline personality. Seriously, people? You have to ask someone who has a cult following what to do if you can’t move on after being cheated on? If you have not forgiven after 10 years, move on. He will do it again! Just like your darling Mr Robertson says…If you make him happy at home he will not wander…..what fucking bullshit!! Been cheated on…lived through it and was a better person for the experience. No one seems to realize that this man runs a cult in the name of God for people who are too stupid and weak make decisions for themselves. No wonder this nation is in so much trouble! This is a generation who has to ask someone else what to do about anything from how to discipline a child to how to wipe your own ass. Wake the fuck up, America!

  • Dwight Osborne

    Pat Robertson indeed makes controversial statements and this is one of them. But, while he may be a political conservative, he’s not a Biblical conservative. As a matter of fact, Christian-wise, he’s a liberal.

  • Phil Tyler

    You women quit your crying about this. It is in a man’s DNA to have sex. If we can’t get it from our wives, we are sure gonna find it somewhere else.

    My wife has a problem that her doctor hasn’t figured out yet. It has been almost a year now, with no relief in sight. Does that make me a bad guy for wanting something I need? Hell no!!!

    So quit your damn crying and take care of your husbands.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Well then divorce her…and I hope nothing ever happens to you, like a car accident that disfigures you or a disease that cripples you because I wonder if you would still feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot you selfish man!!!

  • ted

    If we all pledge a dollar maybe he’d off himself on national TV, he may do it so he can continue to make payments to the parents of his boy toys, or to his most repetent street lady devotees. One day we will find out about all of these entertainers and the fraud they committ since there was snake oil

  • Ellen56

    This guy’s cheating is not the only “problem.” He could easily have brought lethal STDs to his wife (HIV/AIDS, and gonorrhea and syphillus are on the upswing). He sowed his oats, but who’s to say that he’s finished? Hey, Pat. Have you ever cheated?

  • Scott

    Cheating can never be justified. I heard someone say that infidelity is a symptom of a larger issue in a marriage, to which I would tend to agree. Men are quite vulnerable to all of the temptations out there in our world, for sure. That is why it is VITAL for a woman to understand a man’s sexual needs and to be that partner who fills those needs. I think the church has done a very poor job of talking about the importance of sex to men, and women need to be given permission that sex is OK. So many women are inhibited sexually, because of the notion that “good girls” don’t do “that” or whatever. God created sex for the enjoyment of both parties in marriage. I was married to a woman who I don’t think ever had a sexual thought- and I cheated after 15 years of terrible frustration. I should NOT have done that, I should have simply divorced her.

    • ginger Stuart

      My husband was cheating during our whole engagement and the whole first year of our marriage and I just found out by catching him with his coworker. So. yes, I can focus on all the wonderful things he has done for me…like sharing God with other people at his work which makes him look like a great man of God, and all the while he was being screwed by a married coworker. Oh, he did pay the bills, Pat. Especially the one that put me in the hospital for depression and for counseling and for the ditress of looking at all of his phone messages at work to his co worker and seeing all the photos of her “nude” on his phone. All the things that I did of thinking that it was just a two some instead of a three some, like cooking, working at the office with him, wearing sexy lingerie, and loving him as much as I could, well he is just not worth it! Time to cut the cord and move onto a relationship with a man who is not a BIGOT, nor an IDIOT!!

      • ubyy

        question, how was his sexual relationship with you before marriage? Not wanting to judge, just wondered if God gave you any indicators that he was a whoremonger?

        I know when i was dating God showed me things, that if I ignored would have allowed me to marry a whore, which does come back against a marriage.

        • CuriousCursor

          ‘I know when i was dating God showed me things, that if I ignored would have allowed me to marry a wh***, which does come back against a marriage.’

          The most disturbing thing about you, Four Degrees of Stupidity, is that you don’t even know how delusional and misogynistic you are.

  • J

    She should learn how to move on just like all the men have to do after the women who steal 50% through the divorce laws of all the men’s wealth in this country.

  • Bertha

    Pastor Robertson-I feel you are not a true man of Christ for making such comments. If your wife cheats on you are you going to be so forgiving?

    • Mike

      Yes as a matter of fact he “WAS”!!!!

  • Mary

    As a Christian myself, I must say that his comments are very condescending to women and too broad in nature with regard to the man’s reasons for cheating on her – I honestly think the only way to continue in life is to divorce him – she should be encouraged to seek counseling to develop a better self image – She does not need him for any of the reasons Mr. Robertson suggested – she can take the children to sports events herself or with her new significant other who will respect her. Mr. Robertson, women no longer need to put up with disrespect.

  • Tricia

    Seriously?? Not quite that simple. This guy is an idiot.

    • http://yahoo jb2013

      thank you

  • Scott

    It is never ok to cheat. His answer was weak at best. I do not think many women understand a man’s sexual needs, and his vulnerability to temptation in our society. I also think the church has done a very poor job educating women in particular about men’s sexual needs. I think most Christian women are inhibited sexually, because they are taught at an early age that “good girls” don’t do “this” or “that”. I’d rather have sex than eat, and I think most men feel that way.

    • George

      Scott, you are ABSOLUTELY right. By FAR… most women (though they say they do) have NO CLUE just how much a man needs sex and how important it is for him.

      More than sex, we need to know we are pleasing you. Most good men would rather watch football than have sex with a disinterested, hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with partner.

      You Christian women have the feminists on one side telling you how bad men are and the completely ignorant goody-two-shoes-spiritually-ignorant ministers and ‘teachers’ on the other side telling you that you should ‘make love’ and not have sex.

      The connotation ends up taking sex away from being a ‘need’ of a man and turning the man into some sort of evil pervert for wanting his wife to fulfill his evil desires.

      So you end up denying your husband AND YOURSELVES a lot of pleasure and real togetherness… all in the name of feminism and a warped sense of Christianity.

      Man gets frustrated. Man more easily tempted. Man cheats… and it IS wrong… man bears consequences. Man gets total blame and painted (again) as a pervert.

      Really smart women understand this; but most women are not really smart (in this area).

      • Sam

        You know what??? There are many of us women who feel and know how important sex is and have to deal with men who have various problems with keeping it up…..

      • Sandy

        Not all Christians are goody two shoes and not all feminists hate men. You have to find the right partner. If she is a prude about sex and you wanna go all night, look for another. Don’t think you can marry her and turn her into a porn star.

    • http://yahoo jb2013

      you are so right…i was brought up to believe sex was a sin

  • http://Yahoo Just Ren

    Whoa ! Friends and Foes !
    What CENTURY is THIS ? Please, count ’em since “the next to the last god” appeared to tell us the true path to ? And GIVE UP the Mumbo Jumbo, Holy Book/THIS is the way routine. Face at least some of the indisputable facts of life, if not, maybe even your reason, and, maybe, even try a little honest, true LOVE. That was a period, and this is, of course,
    a Humanist/Atheist. Sorry, couldn’t resist all this silliness !!!!!!

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch

    HEY like with Mooselems U should forgive them when they BEAT yeww Too. You may have made them Mad and besides, Satan will punish them in the and anyway.

    Wonder if he’d say the same about a Cuckholded Man??

  • George

    Funny how most of you women know the truth, but you get mad when a man says it. It’s true! Like it or not… men have a tendency to wander.

    That is whether the man is happily married or not. It IS human nature.

    Doesn’t make it right, though. He didn’t SAY that. He was trying to cushion the blow of the fact that he cheated. Listen to the video. It was not necessarily because she was ugly or bad in bed… it is nature! Ouch… fact hurt, don’t they females.

    We men say that… and you get all mad. But we hear it all the time from you when you stereotype us that way and it is okay as long as YOU said it and not us.

    Your man cheated? It was wrong! Want to make it easier for him to cheat? Don’t sleep with him; nag at him all the time. Refuse sex constantly.

    Want to increase the odds that he won’t cheat? Work (with him working, too, of course) to make the home life better. Take time for each other. Plan time for sex. Stop bringing up the past; you can’t change it. Focus on what is good.

    Truth hurts, but truth wins.

    • http://yahoo jb2013

      very insightful

    • Pete

      It is not human nature to wander. You are only giving yourself permission by saying so, creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • George

        Uhhh, Pete… are you and I living on the same planet?

        Not human nature to cheat? How many of your friends are divorced or have been divorced before?

        NO one said it was right and simply stating a fact does not give one license to cheat either.

        • CuriousCursor

          ‘… simply stating a fact does not give one license to cheat either.’

          … except it isn’t a fact, at least not the way you’ve described it.

          The idea that men are more prone to cheating is like the idea that women are better at multitasking. By saying so, a feminist can argue that women can do anything as well as a man can, but IF, by some off chance, she fails, it’s because she was really SUCCEEDING somewhere else; the woman was better at multitasking while her male counterpart was better at focusing on the task at hand, and THAT explains his success.

          Your argument is of a similar caliber: It’s wrong for a man to cheat on his wife. Oh, but if he does, it’s because men are predisposed to doing so. Cut him some slack (thus diminishing how “wrong” it is in the first place, in spite of the premise).

          In both cases, the speaker is hedging his (or her, as the case may be) argument, JUST IN CASE he can’t find any other support for it. It’s a way for you to be right even if you’re wrong, and that makes it COMPLETE BS. Either it’s wrong and a wife is justified in being upset, OR a man doesn’t have complete control and expecting fidelity was unrealistic in the first place. These are mutually exclusive conditions; it can’t be both at the same time.

          So, which is it? Even if you don’t want to admit it, there ARE men with an iota of self-control. I’ve met them; I know they exist, so my money is on the former condition. By all means, keep believing the latter, though, if you want to give yourself an excuse. One false rationalization is as bad as another.

          • Sandy

            “Either it’s wrong and a wife is justified in being upset, OR a man doesn’t have complete control and expecting fidelity was unrealistic in the first place.”

            You said that perfectly, CuriousCursor. :)

    • Renee

      So would it be okay for your wife to cheat on you since it is human tendency? Or is it of course a double standard?

      • George

        Wow. Women don’t want to read. They would rather complain.

        Who said cheating was okay? I sure did not!

        I stated a fact that you don’t like… but that does not change things. Please read my statement again.

    • Sandy

      I feel sorry for your wife or future wife, she will get hurt by you. It’s one thing to look but you should go home to the person you pledged your life to and sleep with her. Even if you have a desire for more than one woman a lot of ladies would give you the go ahead. Open marriages exist, but be real and honest. And if she isn’t OK with it, suggest some role playing. If you need to cheat you don’t have a relationship. If you know you are going to be a cheater then don’t get married. Here is some advice for you men who want to focus on the wife as if she was the bad one. Let say that she was withholding sex, and not feeling well, or was too tired. How about you ask her why she is so tired? Too many chores? Offer to help. Give her a massage. Pick some flowers from the yard to make the room more romantic. Relationships aren’t one sided. Show some concern and love. If she is supposed to make you want to come home you should make her want you to come home. It takes work on both sides.

      • George

        Did you not read what I said… that it (cheating) was WRONG?

        But some of you women don’t want to read… all you want to do is whine and complain.

        For your information… I have been married almost 30 years and never cheated.

        I just made an observation that women do NOT understand the sexual needs of men and that need increases the likelihood of their man looking to fulfill that need elsewhere.

        Now you don ‘t have to like that fact, but it IS a fact, whether the behaviour is wrong or right.

        • Sandy

          Awww… no women will listen to George so he is gonna whine and complain about us whining and complaining.

  • Laque Luster

    Many men & women aren’t “man” enough to forgive others. This is the very core of Christianity. It’s accountability verses grace. Everyone is eventually put in a situation where they will have to forgive or live their life wondering whether they’ll be forgiven for the many questionable things they’ve done during their short moment on Earth.

  • Laque Luster

    Many men & women aren’t “man” enough to forgive others. This is the very core of Christianity. It’s accountability verses grace. Everyone is eventually put in a situation where they will have to forgive or live their life wondering whether they’ll be forgiven for the many questionable things they’ve done during their short moment on Earth.

  • Steven Parks

    Pat is dead wrong when he says it’s natural for men to be unfaithful. The correct statement is that CHRISTIAN men are unfaithful.

  • Jatee

    Pat Robertson is even slimy by TV preacher standards; and that’s saying something.

  • jb2013

    wow now ive heard it all…you take VOWS when youre married

  • phantaseer

    well im a good for everything airy fairy pagan and im surprised there are so many people here believing things for totally certain that they dont really know. you cant even formulate a mind set to concieve for one second what true eternity is. look at yourselves spouting the words true christian not able to realize christianity is the rule not the exeption in this country making it the BROADWAY which Yeshua clearly says to stay away from. put one ounce of original thought into into your belief systems and maybe youll have a shot at the narrow path that i am priveledged to be on. why id rather spend eternity in an orgy filled underworld than with a buch of pride filled christians aiming at false purity.

    feel free to feed

    ps you talk of the light of the world, youve NOOOOOOOOO CLUE of what divine light really is. nop not a clue.

  • Angrum McCloud

    And this moron has the gall to consider himself to be a man of GOD? What dribble!

  • http://yahoo jb2013

    wow now ive heard it all….why bother making wedding vows then?

  • Mark

    Yep…. Pat…. Nothing has changed. You are consistent. You’re still an ass.

  • Ellen

    What a piece of shat Robertson is!

  • Ellen

    What a piece of scumbag trash Robertson is! He’s one of the many things that is wrong with that sick religion! Can’t God put that old f#ck asleep? Why won’t he DIE!
    You’re all idiots if you respect him at all!

  • anne harris

    I find more often then not that long suffering females putting up with their husbands indiscretions often end up being used, not respected and lacking in confidence. This “stand by your man” thing no longer applies today “if” they have proven to be cheaters. However, I agree it’s best not to get angry, not to scream or get bitter, Especially if kids are involved. Do as the French do. Don’t get angry get even. Find yourselves a lover and they will know EXACTLY what it feels like. If ya can’t beat em, Join em. DOUBLE STANDARDS DO NOT APPLY!

  • Nick

    This man should not speak. What a destructive response, I hope she doesn’t take him serious. What a nasty response to someones hurt. We are all born holy righteous and perfect in the sight of God because of the finished work of Christ. We are accountable to each other for our actions. The law has been taken away, where there is no law there is no sin. Now we are responsible for our own actions. One doesn’t need a law to tell them not to hurt their spouse! I would never take advice from this man. The lady who wrote in, just follow your heart Christ lives there you can’t go wrong in the eyes of God.

  • Winston

    Pat Robertson does indeed give poor advice. The Bible speaks clearly that “adultery” is the only reason for divorce, so Robertson is shaking his fist in the face of God’s Word. It is true that Robertson has been giving very bad advice which departs from God’s Word, so he should just retire and make room for someone who will give RELIABLE and BIBLICAL advice. To those calling in to the show, why not do your own homework and be as the Apostle Paul directs in Acts 17:11 “…they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” When someone, such as Pat Robertson, has already demonstrated that he’s giving bad advice, and often, then it’s time to realize there’s a credibility lost for that person. Once a cheater, always a cheater. God knows that side of some people, so that’s why HE gave His Word to divorce for the sin of adultery.

  • Ken

    Another reason why ALL religion just needs to be eliminated 100%

    I bet this butt wipe will say the girls in Ohio were responsible.

  • Jim

    Someone just needs to remove him. He’s getting like the old guy in the nursing home who keeps telling the nurses they have nice asses and everyone in the place can hear it. Just like Al Gore, the more he speaks the more irrelevant he gets. God Bless you all.

    • Brian M.

      A lunatic with a 12-gauge, just might do it. Just kidding of course, people should not listen to this moron.

  • Brian M.

    The Double Standard lives on. Thanks Mr. Robertson, so if the woman does it, God will punish her? Please, give me a break, So the guy should get away with it, because it is what guys do? Holy Shnikeys, something really stinks in Virginia folks.

  • Cindy

    The man is 83 years old (born in 1930) and comes from a time when these things were not discussed at all or discussed euphamistically and / or in muted tones when they were addressed. That can impact the way you advise. The phrase “forgive and move on is” loaded. It can mean a few things. you can forgive and not stay with the person. You can get counciling and stay with the person. You can get counciling and ultimately not be able to work it out. However, the don’t discuss it which is the overarching message, I believe, not necessarily putting the blame on the wife, metality is not a healthy one either. Counciling can help. There are generally reasons why someone cheats. It can be as simple as “growing apart” and incompatability or as complex as rough patches in the marriage and other strife, but these need to be acknowledged and aired at the very least.

    • Cindy

      Another note on his age: when a person gets into his / her late 70s and 80s they often lose thier ‘filter’ when it comes to what they say. I think this may be going on here too.

  • john shute

    because THE GOD OF THE HEAVENS created the universe

  • Bob

    I am a Christian, but it is very difficult for me to take Pat Robertson seriously. He neither teaches what the Bible teaches nor does he represent the views of most Christians. The more he goes off on a topic, the more he pontificates, the less truth comes out, and more of Pat’s nonsense comes out. For many Christians, Pat Robertson is the embarrassing uncle Larry that every family has and dreads.

    • Jeffnkr

      (quote)”…For many Christians, Pat Robertson is the embarrassing uncle Larry that every family has and dreads.”

      Any man named Larry is a great man. Sometimes it’s the guys named Robert about which one must be cautious.

  • Mark

    The Bible says we will be judged for every word that we speak-and that is to let us know we had better be so careful of what we say! Be slow to speak, and quick to listen the Bible also says. Trouble is, Christians have been fooled into believing that anyone who can run their mouth the most must be holy, so we have Pat Robertsons who can say any wrong thing and still people will send them money, defend their un-Biblical ways, and treat them as if they themselves are the saviors! And obviously, people like Robertson have everyone cowed- his own staff don’t know when its time to tell him to retire. Each of us has to look to the Father only, and follow the example and teachings of the Savior. That woman needed love and support, not blame and shame. Jesus treated the adulteress better than Robertson did that caller, who was trying to FORGIVE her husband. People in the church like him are the reason there is no accountability for married men any more, who are supposed to be the spiritual leaders of the household, not babies whining because the wife didn’t cook their favorite dinner or didn’t polish the silver. Most women are working, too, yet they are expected to do most or all of the work at home, raise the kids, AND stay glamorous looking, or hubby gets to have a hissy fit and cheat. The church today has been led astray by leaders who care more for power and self-indulgence than being an example of Christ. Look to Him, not to man!

  • Kai

    What’s wrong with Pat Robertson you ask? What’s wrong with you?
    If you profess to be a Christian – you should easily be able to answer this question:
    What should a Christian minister be ‘teaching’??
    Obviously – Christian principles – which are mainly LOVE and FORGIVENESS.
    Which is what he did.
    If you have a problem with that – go look at yourself and remove that log before you go criticizing.
    Too many so-called Christians are actually practicing “pop psychology” and ignoring what Christ actually taught.
    Guess that’s part of what happens when you focus on the Crucifixion instead of the Resurrection.


    GOOD gravy, is this doofus still doling out his delusional crapola? If he gets anywhere near the Pearly Gates (which I seriously doubt), I hope it’s to scrub it every day for eternity — from the outside!!!

  • Wendilee

    Pat Robertson once again shows not that he is a tool of God – he’s just a tool.

  • Dann Youle

    Pat Robertson shouldn’t be allowed to speak to any issue publicly any more! He only makes believers look worse, and who would want to even consider the claims of Christ given his track record over the past several years of saying the stupid things he’s said?! He’s not even remotely Biblical with a lot of what he says, he just “shoots off” his mouth and it’s clearly disengaged from his brain! So sad, “Jesus, help people believe in you in spite of your followers and “spokespeople!” Amen.”

  • Steve

    This is not bad advice. I very much dislike Christianity and all organized religion, and frankly dont care much for most of what Pat Robertson has to say.
    But this is not a fair case of smearing. What he said was truthful, honest, sincere and I think from his heart.
    Marriage is tough work and in Pats words here, hes advocating to salvage love–and I give him credit for it.

  • Robb

    He is a nut. He has stated that Hinduism is demonic. After Hurricane Katrina he implied that is was God’s punishment in response to the United States abortion policy and made similar implications after 911. By his callous remarks and his overall misogynistic statements to this woman, I would bet money that he too has cheated on his wife. He is not that guy I would be going to for advise on moral matters.

  • whitey

    was the guy a biker? your headline made it sound like pat was riding a scoot. i do agree that he shot himself in the foot tho. now get a harley and quit worrying about the world.

  • Richard

    It sounds to me like many of the comments on here are being filtered through the worldly person inside of each of us instead of subjecting every thought to the spirit.

    For this reason, I think Ubyy’s post said it best…

    He said, “Here is the thing: He who puts his trust in a man is cursed. Gods word! That is what I think he was pointing out. ALL have sinned and usually when there is cheating going on, noone is innocent completely. When people are taking care of business at home… normally does not stray! The bible does say forgive and ye shall be forgiven. It nowhere says that it is ok to sin, NOWHERE.”


    Seriously, its time for this guy to retire and go rest…..! When Christians leaders start to take this approach regarding “men” we seriously trample on the Gospel of Christ. “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation……” II Cor. 5:17! It amazes me that many of our Christian leaders (not all but many) have this attitude and dishonor the power of God in men. If God can keep a woman…..He can keep a man. A persons gender does NOT give them a right to sin under any circumstance. The same Holy Spirit works in all of us and if we will learn to yield to Him…..ALL OF US CAN LIVE HOLY. II Tim 3 (read all of it)! This mindset is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND AGAINST THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST.

  • Sam


  • peterpangrandma

    I can’t believe my ears!Pat Roberson, or anyone for that matter, excusing infidelity on the basis of being a man? I think that kind of baloney has been taught to men for centuries…you’re a man, your urges are stronger, every man does it! BALONEY! I’ve had 3 husbands and, rest their souls, they were NEVER unfaithful. (for those who are raising their eyebrows about now, I DO KNOW that for a fact)What SHOULD be taught to men is respect for themselves as well as respect for others, fidelity and being a man of his word!Yes, I believe that our men were supposed to be the “leaders”, and with that leadership comes responsibility to be an example! Can most men handle this? It’s a shame but I think most men just don’t have this leadership quality. Who wants to be led by a lying, philandering, bully who thinks he’s God gift to women? Anyway, after this diatribe, the point I wanted to make was that only the worst kind of wuss would use his hormones as an excuse to be unfaithful in a relationship!

  • Pete

    Sounds like he is speaking from experience there.

  • Pete

    Maybe he should re-read that book he claims to follow! Hey Pat, what does the Bible say about infidelity?

  • Donna Obenauer

    No excuse for anyone to do cheating. I don’t care what reasons why he married for. No money or rich person still no reason to be cheat on your spouse period!!!!!!!

  • jef

    That guy is insane

  • Suzanne

    Why is this idiot still allowed on the air? He’s not teaching scripture. He’s making excuses for men and blaming women for problems in a marriage. Bull!

  • E. Warren

    O.M.G. Is this man suffering from dementia? Brain tumor? Kicked in the head by a mule? Why the hell, is this woman writing to this caveman? Please, someone give God a break and stop listening to the ramblings of someone who is out of touch with reality. Change the channel!

    • Betsy

      I think he’s way over medicated. He needs to get his levels checked at a psychiatric hospital – while on lockdown!


    And another thing … I wonder how many days it will be before Robertson goes on the air and apologizes? Not that he shouldn’t, and not that I would give him any quarter if he did, but those of you who agree with his drivel, I challenge you to count the number of times he’s said something ridiculous and then gone on the air soon afterwards to say, “I didn’t mean it that way!” (Somebody call a wambulance!) Honestly, people, if there is a God and he gave you a brain, why aren’t you using it? How can women with any respect for themselves think Robertson is giving them good advice? “Touch his face, talk to him, focus?” What a bunch of hooey!!!! And on the same page, how can men with any respect for their wives give Robertson an ounce of support for his garbage? Is it because it’s “expected” they won’t keep it in their pants? I ask you. One last rail — I’ve known gay people who are more faithful to their partners than most of these “upright”, right-wing excuses for Christians. I’m not gay, and I’ve been married for 32 years, but I know love is love, however a person practices it. Robertson, I’d say you were a joke, but I’m not laughing.

  • Renee

    I wonder what this quack would say if it was switched around. What would he say if the woman cheated? Would he say to forgive her and that the husband would be at fault? What a hypocritical person he is. He would be one man that Jesus would condemn if he were here.People like Roberts should not be allowed to give anyone advice. Once again — what a quack he is.


    If this man claims to be a man of God,he needs to read what God says about cheating.It is grounds for divorce.
    Also,men love to quote about the woman being submissive to the husband.That is fine and good.BUT QUOTE THE ONE AFTER THAT THAT COMMANDS THE MAN TO “LOVE HIS WIFE AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH,AND GAVE HIS LIFE FOR IT.”If you love your wife so much that you would give your life,can you not make the smaller sacrafice of controlling yourself until you get home to your wife?Man of God my a**.He’s making excuses because he is probably doing some cheating of his own.

  • Blake

    I’m sorry but when does being a man an excuse for cheating. Has anyone forgotten that adultery is one of the ten commandments and I’m pretty sure God looked down on things like that because he specifically addresses it in the Ten Commandments. We are to forgive yes but never forget and the Husband should be repenting for his sins to God and his wife. He broke the covenant with God and his wife when he stood before him and took vows. A man of God would have stated that and advice both her and her husband to speak to their priest/pastor about some kind of marriage counseling. The blame is not to be put on the victim ,but the one who committed the sin,because he allowed his lust to make him weak minded enough to cheat.

    • Alexa Smith

      I totally agree with you.

    • Berwyn Meadows

      I totally agree. This is not the best format for this type of issue. Private professional counseling with both parties is what is needed. Sin is sin and we all constantly need forgiveness. Pat’s point is that adultry is not the unpardonable sin and needs not necessarily break up a marriage. Especially where the parties wish to get beyond it get on with their marriage.

  • Robin Chaney

    I like the 700 Club for the most part, it has a lot of good Christian news and interesting guests. But, Pat needs to step down and let his son take over. He seriously seems like he has dementia! “He’s a man.” Are you kidding me? That is not an acceptable statement from a Christian leader! If Pat cannot have appropriate conversations on the air, then he needs to retire. Judging by recent comments…that seems to be the state of things.

    • Katherine Trammell

      I’ll be glad when this old SOB dies and goes to his imaginary hell for lying and hating women.Christians are liars.

  • Mike

    I worked for Pat Robertson from 1985 to 1986 , I left just after he started his run for President. I was on his security staff, the the Secret Service kinda took over. He may have been a little out there on some of his views but they were his views and he believed in them. He is honest and treats the employees of CBN very good, CBN is one of the biggest employers in the Tidewater area, if not the r=entire state of VA. The only reason the main stream media tries to make him look bad is because he is honest and upfront about his beliefs. Being on his security team I had many opportunities to talk with him, he is just a normal person with what some people think are abnormal beliefs! I know that every dime donated to his 700 Club goes to exactly what he says it is used for.
    I left simply because I wanted to move back into the law enforcement field. I still to this day believe Pat Robertson to be an honest and God loving man, contrary to what many think!

    • CuriousCursor

      Just because his belief that natural disasters are caused by the existence of homosexuality is genuine doesn’t mean he’s any less wrong; it just means he’s that much harder to reach and all the more likely to inspire others to fanatical intolerance. There’s nothing benign or admirable about it.

    • Marc

      Pat is a false teacher. Doesn’t matter how nice or rich he is

      • Katherine Trammell

        Listened to? Why? He has zero proof of what he believes in and demand you believe in his religious garbage too, or you will go to hell. Threatening people with hell by the Christians is just the same as the Mafia’s protection racket. I would never believe in such garbage based on threats, extortion, and blackmail that if I did nto believe this crap I would go to hell. Christians are liars.

    • Katherine Trammell

      One thing Pat Robertson is not up front about is being a Christian liar and hating women.

      • James

        Katherine; sounds like you have some anger issues and as most liberals are bigoted and hateful. If you don’t believe then don’t! But to call all Christians liars make you a liar Nd. Hatful one at that!

        • CuriousCursor

          ‘… most liberals are bigoted and hateful.’

          Um, I DO hope that the irony of this statement is as painfully obvious to others as it is to me. heh

          ‘If you don’t believe then don’t! But to call all Christians liars make you a liar Nd. Hatful one at that!’

          The problem with that oversimplification is that most Christians claim to believe in the bible but haven’t read it, and those that have frequently indulge in sophistry to lessen the absolute horror of its message.

          “Well, I know it SAYS that non-believers are to be viewed as gifts from God to pillage, rape, and enslave, and that Jesus SAYS that he never came to abolish such old laws, but what he MEANT was something completely different, in fact, just the opposite; those old laws really ARE null and void (which is what ‘abolished’ MEANS, btw), which is why nobody reads them.”

          It’s not a lie to call people out on this dishonest approach to reading scripture. Actually sitting down and doing so WITHOUT the Sunday school spin is a good way to lose your faith.

  • jack

    This is good advice. He’s right and should be listened to instead of ridiculed.

  • john winter

    i’m not s pst rob. fan, however you read the article and you think he’s nuts…. you listen to what he says and watch him and i think he makes a very valid point and is giving wise advice…. however, if your going to be in an open relationship it should be mutally agreed, in advanced….

  • Tammy

    God said that there will be false profits.

    • CuriousCursor


      “False prophet” = one who claims to speak for a deity but really doesn’t (it’s a redundant term; you can simply say “prophet” and you’ll invoke the same meaning).

      “False profit” = lying on your tax forms.

  • Crh

    Can someone explain to me why anyone would pay one bit of attention to this man. His opinions of the world are make no sense either from a religious point of view nor from a common sense point of view. Blames Katrina and 9/11 on gay people and a non-Christian society????? He is either living in a parallel universe or is in this one and doesn’t understand how the world works. To me it is sad that a man like this can host a TV program. Clay

  • Sam

    What a bunch of crap. If you loved her enough to marry her, respect her enough to break it off before you start playing the field. Cheating is the most disrespectful thing you can do to her. And yourself.

  • Jeffnkr

    I listened to the whole interview. Mr. Robertson is indeed exhorting the lady to focus on the good things about her husband – his positive attributes; his contributions; his overall performance as a husband – and less on his mistake. The mistake is a grave one, however. This isn’t like he forgot to take out the garbage. Jeremiah 32:17 “Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.” Verse 27: “Behold, I AM the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” All things are possible with God! However, it requires our participation, and our desire for GOD to be glorified, in HIS way, and on HIS timetable. This lady appears to want to save her marriage, and that’s commendable. But in order for real healing to take place, the husband must acknowledge his sin, against God and against her, and repent.

  • LA

    I am so sick and tired of America thinking that it is okay for a man to cheat. Men need to realize that if the shoe was on the other foot, they could not handle it. Don’t do it if you cannot handle it being done to you. There I said it. Shame on you Pat Robertson.


    My good fella,it’s time for you to go to the great retirement home of your faith. good luck and GOOD BYE.
    You are burned out to think like that and you are old.


    Your old and a disgrace to the man kind.

  • Alexa Smith

    I don’t agree with the advice. Just because men tend to cheat doesn’t make it right, and it is not good modeling for children to see their mom let their dad treat her like a doormat. Unfaithfulness is a Biblical reason for divorce (along with marrying an unbeliever who doesn’t want to be married anymore). Cheating goes against the vows that were taken by each person. I believe it is unforgiveable.

  • stacyk

    What a complete moron this guy is. My guess is this was all staged and there is some breaking story about Pat cheating with “a stripper in a hotel”. When the story breaks he will reference back to this “advice” he gave about a man’s tendency to stray. I just hope that the stripper is a male and then maybe people will stop paying attention to this total hypocrite. I can’t imagine any God endorsing what Mr. Robertson has said.

  • Marc

    Pat should read his Bible more closely. I could have sworn one of the Commandments was ‘Thou shalt not commit adultry’

  • katherine

    These are going to be hard words that I am about to say to you.
    My papaw was a Pentecostal preacher, and two uncle’s On Sunday all day Wednesday PM and Friday young people’s church. And then Saturday nite sing and pray as long as we could go, on prasing God. I tell you from my heart I will never stand and let someone change a word in God’s
    Bible so it can make some ones wrong a right for them, so they feel ok with what they are doing. I believe I’am wrong in God’s eye’s if I did
    speak up and keep them from living that sin. That’s what I feel in my heart. OK! here go’s, Your statement. I Must tell you. You have never bend more wrong Sir. I don’t know the God you talk too! The God
    Ilove and knows he loves me back. God is a man that would not ask one of his children to live however long of a life unhappy. On the other hand, you have this ideal woman must take the pain of having a man that she trust and loves. Takes no other to our bed.when a husband breakshis vows that they both took on their wedding day, I Believe God himself don’t look upon them anylonger as husbandd & wife. And you sir, how dare you
    to ask a woman to carrie more pain, then her heart as already taken.

    • Buck

      @ katherine … sorry but you are so mistaken and misled. The fact that you’re Pentecostal nearly says it all. You’re not Christian but rather you’re a Paulist that been led to believe that that is the same as being a follower of Christ. Paul was a false apostle and there is no worse doctrine in heaven or earth than to believe that the scriptures are inerrant or that babbling tongues has anything at all to do with righteousness when it is merely spewing out demonic nonsense that has an emotional payoff for you. Paul started this b.s. and he was the false apostle out of whose mouth came the dragon’s flood that was meant to carry away the children of Israel (the offspring of the Woman clothed with the sun and the moon).

  • Barb

    What an ass. I am furious that Pat Robertson shifted all this back on the wife. Tell me that isn’t a man who is cheating himself. If a married man cannot resist another woman then do the noble thing and divorce your spouse and move on. Don’t let an idiot like Pat Robertson tell you it’s ok, cause it’s not ok. I have never liked Pat Robertson, always felt like he was a fake wannabe. I like him even less now.

  • brunhilda

    I absolutely agree with Pat. It’s always the wife’s fault when a man strays. And it’s always the wife’s fault when she strays.

  • MayorAndy

    Is this the same guy that said it was ok for me to mess around because my wife has Alzheimer’s?

  • fred Harris

    Pat’s only advice to women shall be Matthew 5:31&32. If a spouse forgives, then thats a blessing. Marital unfaithulness is only reason for divorce. Pat should rear think his advice.

  • Concerned Voter

    This is some of the most disgusting “Christian” teachings that I have heard in ages — barbaric and very UNCHRISTIAN. In essence, Pastor Robertson is saying, oh, ladies, it’s all in the gender and it’s your fault. I don’t think for one minute that God would say that. Obviously, Pat Robertson does not consider women of equal value and cheating is condoned in his book.

  • Craig Y

    I am so glad I watched the video instead of forming an opinion based upon this misguided writer. Pat Robinson is RIGHT! While I dont agree with his “He is a man statement” everything else he said is right on the money! Move on! Focus on the positive and move on if you are choosing to stay. If not, leave – move on! Its not rocket science! If you choose to stay in a relationship after things have gone wrong, you have to focus on whats right and move forward. I rarely agree with Pat Robinson but on this one, he is RIGHT!

  • Berwyn Meadows

    First of all, the proper setting for airing this type of complex issue is the couple in private professional counseling, not a one sided blurb on network TV. It is a commentator’s minefield. But even TV hosts and bloggers have to pay the rent. In judging Robinson’s , reponse, we must keep in mind that he is responding to this specific wife, not the wives and husbands in general. This wife is struggling to overcome this roadblock and get on with the marriage she treasures; not bent on revenge or dumping him out of fear for her safety.

    Robinson picked up on this and challenged her to follow her dream; let go of the past and build for the future. A husband’s infidelity is not uncommon and need not send a marriage into a fatal tailspin.

    Although the choice of words, pulled out of context seem damning, this by no mean can this fairly construed as excusing or endorsing cheating husbands. In fact, under the circumstances he did quite well.

  • Michael McCroskery

    Pat Robertson doesn’t know God as well as I do. I’m sure God would want want you to forgive but also to realize that,maybe there is somebody else he has meant us to be. There are so many women who are married to made to the wrong man solely base don this person didn’t express his feelings in time or that the other person just proposed first and the woman apparently was s desperate enough to accept. I know first hand because there was a woman a was to marry but she was just so desperate, that she married another person.

  • fred

    Pat’s only advice to women shall be Matthew 5:31&32. If a spouse forgives, then thats a blessing. Marital unfaithulness is only reason for divorce. Pat should think about his advice .There is just to much sin in this world. We should all think about loving one another rather judging.

  • annmarie

    GOD-DAMN CHRISTIANS!!..all of you guys are going to HELL. How the fuck you gonna tell women that, “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. Aren’t you suppose to be a Christian show? So the first thing you should have said, you need to get on your knees and ask God for guidance and forgives.

  • Katherine Trammell

    Pat Robertson is just an old con artist. Christians are liars and would not know the truth if the truth jumped up and bit them on the butt. Secondly, Christians hate women. Women are put on earth to be their slaves. Christians claim they want to “protect” women. But, just remember the flip side of “protection” is domination and a destruction of your rights. Pat Robertson has made billions off of stupid Christians. Its no wonder that the American people are fed up with Christianity to the point that 175,000 churches have been foreclosed in the last 20 years…down from 500,000 to 325,000. Its no wonder that 1 out of 5 Americans says they are “not religious.” What is there to believe in? Nothing. Jesus is a myth, created in the 4th Century AD. There is NOT one single original Christian text in existence before the 4th Century, not one. Christians are liars.

  • Katherine Trammell

    This is the news that YAHOO is not giving you:


    Here is a portion of an e-mail between 2 retired Navy Brass circulated through the VFW on Sept. 12:

    Pretend you are Barack Obama. You are under huge pressure from the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt (but who is controlling much of the Caliphate) to free the blind Sheikh Omar who is in prison here for his part on blowing up the World Trade Center the first time. Obama knows he cannot just release this high value prisoner, not just before the elections. No way. But the Islamists are mad and putting on the pressure. What could work??

    Maybe kidnap the Ambassador and be forced to make a trade. Stevens for the Sheikh. OK, that could work, if….if we cleared the Spec Ops force under the LtColonel and ordered them away. And no, we won’t bring in any US Marines.

    So two weeks before the snatch, Spec Ops is ordered away. Then Stevens needs to leave Tripoli which is main base and more secure for what is nothing more than a villa in Behghazi, far away.

    So the plot begins, a few shots are fired, cameras on the compound are live showing bad guys. But then, two Navy SEALs, not on this detail are hundreds of yards away and they hear gunfire coming from the direction of our Consulate, so they run to help defend. Now they have screwed up the plan and now we have a real firefight and the SEALs are slaughtering the bad guys, and in time they are both killed. In the meantime, the Ambassador is in trouble, hurt, maybe dying.

    Now you know….. this explains why: 1) Obama and his thugs are keeping the witnesses away from testifying before the Senate hearings, and 2) Why none of the Moslem terrorists are being captured and interrogated, and 3) Why Obama is stone walling the Benghazi investigation. What will eventually be learned will lead to Obama’s impeachment and putting Hillary Clinton in jail for treason.

  • Joe Mulay

    Let’s let God, not Pat Robertson, do the heavy lifting: “Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” “Do not be deceived; … adulterers … will [not] inherit the kingdom of God.” “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her …”

    Pat, you’re right: the Scripture says much about our weaknesses, about forgiveness and about focusing on the good as opposed to the bad. But our wicked and adulterous generation gives men all the excuses we need. We don’t need our ‘truth tellers’ joining the crowd. Pat: “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like [a man], be strong.”

  • http://yahoo Candace

    A real man of God would know that the bible lists sexually immoral acts, such as being unfaithful, as one of the ONLY pardons for a divorce. This man obviously is NOT a real man of God. It’s false prophets like this guy that make the rest of the non-Christian world moch Christian faith and believers and not want to become one themselves.

  • Judith Walker

    I think seriously that pat robertson ought to retire and stop talking…the more he talks the more foolishness comes out of his mouth..Retire pat….u arent giving out the Word of God..only your opionion which doesnt count for much at all…just plain nonsense..

  • Judith Walker

    Pat Robertson ought to stop spouting out that phsychoheresy nonsense and go back to the bible….this video ought to be pulled….God has plenty to say about adultery..and its not what pat robertson just gave out

  • Hall

    Maybe he’s a cheater is why he takes it so lightly. According to the Bible the only clear, acceptable reason for divorce is cheating on your spouse. Also a lot of women are the breadwinners now while their husbands play around and don’t work.

  • Hall

    maybe he’s a cheater is why he thinks it’s no big deal.

  • Carroll Hanks

    If there are still a few that don’t believe this idiot is bat-crap crazy, this should dispel your doubts.

  • Tammy

    He is talking about forgiveness here. The bottom line is, no matter what we need to forgive, or God won’t forgive us…going on from there….one can see what good there is left in someone….look of the good in everyone because the devil knows that if he can tempt a man to stumble, it will bring down the house like a domino effect…so, the best way to avoid the devil’s tricks is to love and forgive others trespasses…also Pat is old. He is an old man and he has done alot for many people in this world. He is not perfect…so forgive him and work on yourself….and don’t hate. Look for the good in everyone, and you will find joy in your own hearts.

  • Robert

    Pat Robertson is a neanderthal and is so absolutely clueless that it is hard to believe someone that backward thinking is allowed to pollute the airways with his disgusting bile.

  • http://webpronews Neva Rogers

    If you marry stick to it! If you want to play, stay single. I believe women’s sex drive exceeds man’s. So if women allowed their drive to rule, they would be more cheaters than men.

  • Adam

    Pat my boy.. and I mean that literally.. get your head out of your butt and stop the blame the woman 1950’s mentality… you sounds like one who has cheated and mama didn’t like it!!

  • Dr. Tom

    Which head is he thinking with?

  • Scott Carey

    How could anything this guy have to say be considered relevant to truth. Look at those beady little rat eyes and know here lives deceit.

  • D Makush

    He is soooooooooooo wrong! He reads from the bible all the time. Jesus explains in Matthew 19:3-9 the reason for divorce. The only acceptable grounds for divorce before God is adultery. This woman has every right to choose for herself whether or not to forgive her husband and stay with him or to divorce him. Adultery breaks the marriage vow. It sickens me the way Pat paints the man as weak willed so the man has to follow his penis to a strippers bed. Then he blames the wife. The man and woman are in a partnership for a home and they take care of each other. The man has to think of his home and his wife, too! Pat you are soooooo wrong. Jesus is mad at you for giving wrong advice. Get his forgiveness and give out Jesus teaching not your worldly imperfect man thinking advice.

  • Oscar

    Cheating has nothing to do with what happens at home.Cheating has to do with the idea of variety.Both men and women cheat because they want something different at that moment.They may have perfect satisfactory sex once a week or more often but nevertheless they cheat just to have something different not for satisfaction.Cheating is not accepted in the Bible at all but then to deal with this situation,poligamy is accepted by the Book but when societies made it illegal it opened the door to secret cheating.What christians have to do is apply the sentences that the Bible states are to be done on cheaters.Christians quote the Bible but do not apply it as it is written that is why christians are fakes.Jesus forgave the adulteres but the Old Testament did not.Which do you follow if you find your wife or husband in bed with somebody?.

  • Bob

    Pat is justifying adultery just like the Catholics justify the reasons why so many of their priests molest children. They use the Bible to justify their actions. If the Bible had truly been written by ‘God’, then this would not be possible.

  • Pete

    That’s why Christianity is in trouble. Your holy book, supposedly God’s word says let he who is without sin cast the first stone, judge not lest ye be judged, all have sinned and come short, forgive 70 times 70 and whomever is guilty of the smallest transgression is guilty of them all. Your marriage vow says for better or for worse, but when something goes a foul and there’s infidelity, hypocrisy rears its ugly head and a child of God is vilified. Divine principles and morals are ignored and forgotten as one’s own feelings prevail. What’s wrong with you Christians. Don’t you see, Robertson is right? Your bible says so. If ever one strays the other must forgive and forget as no one is perfect.

  • Futhermucker

    Pat Robertson visits Athens restaurant in Virginia Beach every Sunday with his WIFE if anyone would like to talk to him personally…

  • Bob

    Pat is the same loser who told a guy that his Alzheimer’s wife was “already dead” so it was okay to divorce her. How can you sick-in-the-mind people keep sending him money???? If anyone is serving SATAN, it’s you – because you keep giving him money to continue his work. Look up the articles about how he used your money to enrich himself with African diamond minds (Libyan, I think).

  • http://yahoo john

    this guy was always a crack-pot.i can’t believe people still listen to him.

  • http://google brent schwartzmiller

    Forgiveness Patrick Robertson? After her husband commits adultery! In the Book of Matthew, I believe Jesus Christ said: “That who-so-ever even looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery in his heart.” And if your right eye offends thee, pluck it out! And if your right hand offends thee, cut it off! For it is better to enter etc… You Patrick, appear to be a Liar, a Fraud, and a Deceiver, and I’m confident you know it! What I do believe is that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to religion. It’s pathetic you’ve been able to fool so many for so many years! They should lock you (Pat) up and throw the key away!

  • http://yahoo john

    i always thought he was a crack-pot. i cannot believe people still listen to him.

  • Essie

    Guys when it comes to how to live our lives, lets not depend on mere mortals for direction,lets depend on the one who made us, he made sure that the BIBLE would be a guideline for us. Pastors ,christians in general make mistakes, God doesn’t that’s why i love him. He covers marriage in his word and even tells us how to handle an adultery situation. Please do not base your view of the Church and Jesus Christ on how many Christians today behave and what they say because they are so clueless. Read the bible, find great people who are actually walking the talk….living out the lord’s word. I am so disappointed in Pat Robertson ,I don;t know what he was thinking. Married couples should never cheat on each other period!

    • M.A.X.

      ESSIE, YOU are RIGHT that Married people should NOT CHEAT, period. YOU are also correct when you say we should rely on the Bible for guidance, and NOT RELY ON PAT ROBERTSON and his JAUNDICED and REPUGNENT view of the world. PAT ROBERTSON should be IGNORED, then he wouldn’t be able to keep his show on the air, and he would then lose his platform to spew out DISGUSTING and TWISTED views and interpretations of The Bible.

      • John

        I understand the part that we are all human, we all sin and we need to forgive. What I don’t understand is, that Robertson is quick to point out that homosexuality is sexually immoral and blames all the bad things that happen to this country on that, but defends adultery? I 1 Corinthians 6:9 the sexually immoral are classifiedas adulterers, prostitutes, and homosexual offenders. It’s in Men’s human nature? Well not all men. I’ve been married 30 years and I’ve never even considered being with another woman. I spend all my free time with my wife – it’s not just because of a promise I made to her, it’s where I’ve always wanted to be. That’s why I married her in the first place. It just seems like Roberson is defending adultery becasue maybe he was guilty of it himself?

        • ubyy

          I agree with you there. The bible actaully says the opposite. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

          It is more the christians than the lost. The lost will bring judgement too, just like in Sodom. The bible does say the end time will be as the days of Sodom and with all the same sex “marriage” talk these days….here we are.

    • ubyy

      you were correct in the first part of your message Essie, but how did you twist what Pat said here? Her question was, how do I get to where I can forgive my husband for his adultry so we can move on with our lives. I talked to a friend of mine a few minutes ago and she told me her brother was in this type of situation, his wife cheated, what Pat said was correct for both situations.

      man in the bible often refers to mankind. All men (mankind, including women) are sinners and we should not be surprised when one of them falls to temptation/sin. Satan is after all of us. If we take our eyes off of Jesus Christ, any of us will fall.

      We are to forgive if we want His forgiveness of our sins.

      Pat did not say what her husband did was OK. He said she had to start thinking on the good things and not the bad, if she wants to get to where she can forgive her husband. He also pointed out all the traps satan has for men out there with the porn, the pop ups, the advertisements with women half dressed or not dressed. al designed to draw out lust of men, men are visually stimulated and all women know it, and most use it to their advantage at some point in their lives. Sorry but it is true. God said dress in modest apparel, both men and women. Women can be visually stimulated too you know. Im not fooled, but not the the same extent, usually, as men.

      • CuriousCursor

        ‘man in the bible often refers to mankind.’

        That’s STILL not what Robertson said, Four Degrees of Stupidity. Sophistry doesn’t stop being sophistry just because you post it multiple times.

  • Temat

    Real men don’t cheat on their wives.

    Man I am getting sick of folks like Pat Robertson taking every opportunity to stereotype men.

  • Pete

    If a marriage partner says I’ve got a headache or I’m too tired for intimacy, a rejection to some degree occurs. If a harsh word is spoken due to the stresses of running the household or winning the bread, an issue of respect is raised. Mental or psychological abuse, and even physical abuse if a reality, are difficult to detect. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Is it his fault or is it hers? Without knowing all the facts of a relationship, anyone looking from the outside in can never fully or truly know what really goes on. It is further impossible to know what’s inside each one’s heart and mind therefore making your own judgment will always be wrong and that’s why your holy book commands you not to render judgment as all are sinners.

    • John

      Not sure what you are trying to say in your first sentence. It sounds to me like you’re saying, if my wife says she’s too tired for sex one night and rejects my advances, it’s OK for me to run to another woman’s arms? How shallow of a person would you be if you could not control your urges one night in consideration that she might not be feeling up to it. Would you expect sex after she just gave birth to your child? I don’t think so.
      Someone else that commented, that his wife cheated on him while he was recovering from an appendectomy. That recovery time is only 2-4 weeks. It’s not like he was permanently incapacitated. Without sounding crude, there are other ways a couple can “reciprocate” in times like those. Sometimes, you make do with what’s available. Again, it’s only a temporary situation.
      Now, if this were to continue for months or years, then I would suggest counseling to work through those issues. Some people tend to give up too easy without even trying to work through those issues. But as for the other part of what you are saying. Obviously if someone was being mentality of physically abusive and you tried to get them to change and they refused, then you can’t stay in the situation.

      • Pete

        My point is for anyone to render a judgment is wrong, no matter what is observed from the outside. And even if you were in their presence 24/7, could you honestly believe you knew everything about them…their innermost thoughts, their intentions, state of mind or level of competence?

  • Inthesand

    Why is anyone still listening to this imbecile? Time and time again he has demonstrated to be nothing but an undereducated, sexist, anti-knowledge, recalcitrant, anachronistic, unabashedly-intolerant biggot. Even if you are a Christian you should be able to discern when the person speaking to you is missing some marbles. This kind of mental constipation is dangerous because good people will listen and believe this garbage when they are vulnerable and needing advise. To Robertson’s credit, he has never presented himself as anything other than a cartoon character with an agenda, so why would this surprise anyone? If you know the source is unreliable, why keep going to it? If people would ignore him, he would have no influence.

  • dl

    Wonder if he would give the same assurances to a husband whose wife was cheating on him?

  • M. L. Maston

    Senile old fart…

  • Tony

    Is this guy serious? It’s almost as bad as a cardinal trying to explain why pedophilia is not sinful. Instinct tells men to bang everything in sight so that we can pass on our genes. God gave us a conscience to distinguish between right and wrong so that we can rise above raw emotions and animal instincts to become something more; that’s why he gave us dominion over the earth and all its creatures. Jesus simplified right and wrong into their basic elements: selflessness is good, and selfishness is evil. When someone breaks a vow to god to be devoted to a person they are only thinking of themselves, in essence loving themselves more than their spouse. Forgiveness is great, because all of us are sinners. However, there is a difference between forgiving what a person did to you and fabricating trust where there can be none. If you want to stay with your husband because you love him and it’s worth it to you to live without trust then do it, but don’t let guilt drive you to stay with him. God gave us the adultery escape clause from marriage. He broke the contract, nullifying it and giving you a free choice to hold it together or let it fade away.

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    and they call this man a Christian? No wonder their is so many folks in hell,,,this is what the bible calls a blind man leading the blind,do folks really out their take this ole man seriously?


    Pat Robertson is the devil incarnate.He is the prelude to the Anti-Christ.


    Pat Robertson is the Devil incarnate,the prelude to the Anti-Christ.God has a special suite in Hell especially designed for him filled with all sorts of hot creature comforts to make him feel most comfortable and at home for eternity.Who could ask for more?

  • Mike

    His advise makes sense for a couple who really wants to get past the incident. If he was talking to a man I assume he would say “women are apt to wander when their husband quits paying attention to them.

    Since the act of criticism is a proclamation the critic can do better, what advise would you give to a women who was trying to get past the incident and bring the couple back together for eternity???

  • Lisa

    Pat you’re an ASS!

  • dewayne


    • M.A.X.

      DEWAYNE, YOU are as REPUGNENT & DISGUSTING as Pat Robertson is!!

  • mehere

    what an a$$hole

  • Charlie

    Back in ’84 Diane, my wife, actually cheated on my. At the time I was recovering from a appendix operation. I found out about by reading a journal she had lying around. She was at her sisters at the time. I called and asked her to come home. We talked about the incidents and I forgave her and we kept on going as a couple.

    In ’95 I told Diane that I was infatuated with a woman I work with. That is all it amounted too.

    She got more upset with me than I had with her.

    During the course of our 30+ years together I have had to teach Diane how to be able to forgive.

    So forgivness is the key.

    IMO Pat Robinson is a jerk and a slimball.

  • Chris

    I agree with one of the previous replies. I am not a Pat Robertson fan but he is right about her focus. I think this article is much ado about nothing.

  • JeffInMpls

    As a Christian … Pat Robertson is an embarrassment! Yes, we forgive, but that does NOT require us to stay in any relationship. The trust factor in the relationship has been destroyed. I don’t care what P.R. has to say, it is NEVER the fault of a victim. Nor is it correct for him to justify immoral behavior of a man by his “boys will be boys” attitude. It’s very clear that we have all been COMMANDED:

    “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

  • M.A.X.

    Pat Robertson is so FULL OF CRAP, I feel embarrassed for him. Of course he will blame women for a cheating husband, so that the men don’t feel any remorse. That’s the way it works in all those Evangelical ultra-right-wing-conservative “religions”. The men rule, and the women are treated like second class people, about one level higher than slaves on an old plantation. Someone needs to put a tight muzzle on good ole Pat. It’s too bad the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution also protects the Pat Robertsons, the Glenn Becks, the Bill O’Reillys, the Sean Hannitys,and the Mike Huckabys of the world. There should be an Amendment to the 2nd Amendment that covers crazy loonatics like those guys.
    Pat Robertson, YOU are a GENDER-BIASED JACKASS!!!!! Wonder if YOUR wife would feel the same way?

  • muffin

    I would have a problem with my spouse sleeping with someone else which would make it really hard to be focused on the positive. I believe in forgiveness but a lot of church people are not living so much a Christian life as a life of just sheer dishonesty. They have a public image that they present to the world and that they don’t want to lose. Their husbands might have a zillion girlfriends but as long as they still have the same job, house, and social standing then they are right there together everywhere with all their wonderful years of marriage, even if they ever loving hate eat other. Some women have their whole identity based on what was acquired through their marriage and raising their children. I’m a Christian and I believe in forgiveness but if my husband started sleeping with someone else then I’m thinking that is where he needs to go live. The kids would be okay with that too. We can be Christian and still kick the cheating spouse to the curb. Some of Robertson’s advice is just goofy.

  • pam

    He is correct in all he said. He never said it was right. So tired of people not listening to all but making judgement. We all need to worry about our own and not blame others.

  • gary14305

    I fail to understand why anyone would pay the slightest bit of attention to anything this crazy old man says.

  • Patrick

    The interview/counsel may not have been delivered in the words we want ot hear but I agree with the Spirit behind the counsel – FORGIVE and GET ON WITH YOUR MARRIAGE, whether you are the husband OR the wife who has been cheated on. For those of you christian who believes in the infallible word of God. Look at Mathew 5 31″“It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’ b 32But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except
    for sexual immorality, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery.” then read Mathew 19: 3″Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?”
    4“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ 5and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his
    wife, and the two will become one flesh’ g? 6So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 7“Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command
    that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?”
    8Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard.But it was not this way from the beginning. 9I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”
    11Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this……”.
    My read of this is that if we choose not to forgive and proceed to divorce due to unfaithfulness, then we should remain unmarried going forward and since I know that this is a difficult thing to do (remain unmarried) for previously married individuals, then you have no choice but to forgive and remain married to your spouse.

    • John

      Patrick, in 1 Corinthians 6:9 the sexually immoral are classified as adulterers. Based on the passage you quoted, then the spouse that is being cheated on, could divorce without being an adulterer themselves.

  • Patrick

    The interview/counsel may not have been delivered in the words we want ot hear but I agree with the Spirit behind the counsel – FORGIVE and GET ON WITH YOUR MARRIAGE, whether you are the husband OR the wife who has been cheated on. For those of you christians who believes in the infallible word of God. Look at Mathew 5 31″“It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’ b 32But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except
    for sexual immorality, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery.” then read Mathew 19: 3″Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?”
    4“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ 5and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his
    wife, and the two will become one flesh’ g? 6So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 7“Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command
    that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?”
    8Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard.But it was not this way from the beginning. 9I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”
    11Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word……”.
    My read of this is that if we choose not to forgive and proceed to divorce due to unfaithfulness, then we should remain unmarried going forward and since I know that this is a difficult thing to do (remain unmarried) for previously married individuals, then you have no choice but to forgive and remain married to your spouse.

  • Tom

    And we listen to this crap.. Pat Robertson needs to taken off the air for all the lies and diseaption he spreads. He’s hiding behind Christianity because he as nothing else to work with. He isn’t following anything Christ said in the bible. Telling her that maybe she is to blame. Besides that blaming everything on gays, Give me a break, he is a fraud.

  • Annette Sharp

    Uh, I just listened to his response. A poor choice of words. I can’t say I agree with him at all. First, he didn’t acknowledge her pain. The comment he made about “well…he’s a man….” had a hidden meaning behind it. It was a shrug-off. It was more or less putting it all back on her. He was correct that there are many temptations and subliminal messages out there that cause a “man” to fall; but it’s not okay to focus the shame game toward the recipient of the misdeed, which is how I would have taken it. I’m disappointed in his response.

    • pam

      How do you know for sure it was a shrug off, again people reading more into it then was meant.

  • Tooner

    The man is an idiot. How do pinheads ike this get listened to..?..?..A ‘christian’ man can screw around and this is WHAT part of that faith..?…

  • http://yahoo! Gene McManus

    I seem to recall a Commandment: Thou shalt not commit adultery. Apparently the Rev Robertson has overlooked this commandment. Do you self described Christians believe this?

    I think he needs to have his meds increased, as currently he’s totally incoherent.

    • pam

      He only stated a fact, he never said that it was right or wrong

  • John

    I understand, we are all human and we all sin and because of that we need to forgive. When someone makes a mistake, I don’t yell or get mad. I try to fix the situation and move on. But what Robertson is saying here is that it’s OK for men to cheat and that it’s the woman’s own fault? How convenient. This is the same man that said 9/11 happened because we removed prayer from school. But now it’s OK to be an Adulterer? Adultery seems to be very widely accepted these days. I’ve been married 30 years and the thought never crossed my mind. I spend all my free time with my wife – not just because of a promise but because that’s where I always want to be – the reason I married her in the first place. It’s not always easy and it takes an effort sometimes to keep things going. But that’s the responsibility of both partners not just the wife. I would like to say to Pat – what about the 10 commandments? If it’s OK to cheat, then is it OK to steal and kill too? Where do you draw the line on that Pat?

  • Tom R

    If you chose some version of Christianity, that’s certainly your personal choice. However, to try to incorporate it into the “teachings” of a Pat Robertson will cause you to spend your days trying to word-smith what he says to make it acceptable.

    Pat still teaches the ole biblical hierarch of God-Man-Woman. Woman should subjugate herself to the man . When Man mistreats woman, God will “get even” with Man. Whoa!!! What a deal if you happen to be a woman in this society!! And he’s worried about the Middle-East extremists!!!!

    To the earlier commentors who indicate that women in this society simply don’t understand a mans sexual needs and desires, the word LOBOTOMY come to mind. You should continue your social awareness dissertations and move on to the subject of emotional availability/sensitivity which , by all accounts, MEN are so unanimously well versed in in this society!! Oooooops, that was sarcasm!

    Robertson is tax-exempt business. All of his cosmetic lines, nutritional lines, book revenues, television & radio programs, etc, etc, are part of Pat Robertson Enterprises. If you hang around with Pat, you’re likely to spend a great deal of time defending his notorius foot-in-mouth disease!! Because he uses the word “Christian”, quit feeling as though it is important to defend him. HE IS WHAT HE IS WHAT HE IS!!

    • John

      Maybe remind Pat that in the Old Testament, they documented how they would execute the two adulterers as punishment. That would reduce the cheating pretty fast today.

  • pinky25

    male chastity that will keep him from wandering around ,
    lock up his manhood and never worry again ,
    his focus will be on u all the time


  • Angie

    This guy should not even be on tv. Years ago he broke down in tears telling people that if he did not raise a certain amount of money, it was a crazy amount like 2 million dollars or some crap that God told him he was going to take him to heaven. He was crying…as a “man of god”, does he not want to go to heaven? Sadly people sent in the money, their life savings, sold their houses so he didn’t have to go to heaven. Ridiculous. He is making bank and doing it off the people he brainwashes. I’d be interested to see proof of where his money actually goes as far as charity and the church. So it’s ok for a man to cheat on his wife if she didn’t have the house spotless when he got home? That’s not the kind of man I’d want to be with. My husband and I understand each other, love each other for who we are, respect each other, and can talk about the things that bother us. I could keep going on why this man is brainwashing people, but the brain washed would still defend him. If he told people that god wanted 50 people to jump off a bring by the end of the week I think there would be people that do it and exceed the quota

  • N

    First of all, the husband went to counseling with her, if he didn’t want to keep the marriage, he would not have gone. So, he may have already asked for forgiveness and is trying to mend the marriage. Robertson was addressing the wife’s question of how to be able to forgive him and trust him again. I won’t excuse his reasoning “he’s a man”; there’s no excuse for breaking the marriage vow and defiling the marriage bed. Tho very hard to do, she needs to forgive for her own sake. (been there) The trust will take longer, but the husband has to help with that or it won’t happen.

  • Layton

    JUst another money mongering hypochristian that has bilked many out of faith and money for way too long. someone get the cane and pull this Bozo off of the air.

  • Nick

    The Bible in which only the first 5 books the Psalms and the Prophets are scripture (the rest being just letters) have nothing to do with me, you or us it is about Christ. The bible is not a moral compass even the atheist knows right from wrong. What you do or not do, say or not say, believe or not believe has no bearing on your righteousness Christ has imputed. Both the wife and the cheater are righteous. Both know cheating is wrong and for the one cheated on to have to fight to make sure they stay right with God is horrible. To quote from the bible on how one should fix or not fix this is like asking a mechanic to look at your teeth! He was wrong it is up to them if they wish to continue or not that is life in this world. To spiritualize things of this world is what religions do and creates hopelessness in peoples hearts. You all have your own moral compass in your heart use it don’t try to blame or credit God or the devil for it. Your free to make your own choices deal with them.

  • Judy

    Get off it people!!! Another example of blind religious views trying to accept the idiocy of a “goofball”! It doesn’t take rocket science to figure this guy out! I would venture to say ole Pat himself has seen a few backdoor antics himself! If Jesus showed up and tapped him on the shoulder I’m sure Pat would have some stupid remark to say to him as well. He doesn’t know what being “God like” is. It’s all about the man made…Opressive…Woman submission…Man invented religion. People are so “afraid” to think for themselves and will believe in anyone who they think knows better than themselves! Wake up folks!!!! The only think this guy knows about is MONEY. And he is good at making that. Just look at the insanity he predicts…the hate in his heart and how he invisions God as being vindictive all the time. My God is loving…End of story.

  • Lisa

    Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Do you not know Pat, they we are called His sheep! and that people who lead the sheep astray by justifying sin in the manner in which you speak, is misleading men by stating “he’s a man” and it’s natural for men to cheat? We live in a fallen world and are born with sin. This does not give a man a license to go and sleep with other women. You make it sound as though a man is justified for any reason. God created marriage to be very sacred! Love is the greatest of all these things, between a man and a woman, and within the bonds of holy matrimony we are to procreate life within the holy bonds of matrimony. As Christ loves his church, so must a husband and wife love what unites them within the Holy Sacrament of marriage. Pat, you have become a water down Christian, I know if Jesus was here listening to you, he’d disagree. Why don’t you just say it’s okay to get a gun and go kill people, as you suggest to your audience, look at your husband and all his good deeds, is he a good provider, does he take the kids to soccer, etc…should we look at someone who kills someone and say…oh, well let’s look at all his good deeds and what he’s done in life? Do we continue to justify sin? Our world is in trouble, and our families are breaking up. You have just given men out there a ticket to proceed in full speed to cheat on their wives. Forgiveness, yes! justification for any of our sins, no!

  • Cocoa

    I was disappointed with his advice , I was like hau what did he just said. He provides shelter, food and etc. for her/children and he is a man.Because he is a man and he provides for his family that makes it legit for men to cheat, when GOD said we should not . when thousands of women out there are the breadwinner of the family and still be faithful.He should have stopped at forgiven not because he brings food and etc home, He will also bring home std one day.

  • karenlou

    the Lord grieves
    his mouth makes Christians look like fools
    please believe that this is not what all followers condone

  • lgreen

    1) He’s making too many assumptions as to what the situation is
    2) He seems to think men get a pass because of their nature and society’s sexualization
    3) Somehow the victim is at fault because maybe she didn’t make the home good enough for him to stay?

    Seriously, this guy is an idiot, and lacks any sort of sophisticated or nuanced view of the world.

  • Velma

    If people took the time to read the Bible and apply the principles in it, they would not be misguided. We are individually responsible for our accounting to God and people can’t just go to church and think that your dues have been paid. We are instructed by God to benefit ourselves. If we know what God’s word says then we won’t get stumbled or feel hopeless when we have to overcome trials. Adultery is a grounds for divorce (Matthew 19:9) and it is not acceptable for either party to cheat on a spouse once he is married; nor is it ok while separated. Look to God’s word for answers that are wiser than ALL!

  • Will-Edward

    If Christians want the church to have a chance of thriving through the next 50 years, they’d better find a way to shut people like Pat Robertson down and do it quickly. Christians get so offended when people stop believing in the bible, stop believing in God and abandon the very thought of church attendance all together. But when people hear people like Pat who are highly regarded as Christian representatives and supposedly knows the bible from front to back saying cold hearted disconnected chatter like this, it makes you want absolutely nothing to do with religion, the bible or God. And that’s the real honest truth whether you all like or not or even agree. It’s a fact!

    • Shelley

      I’m a Christian and none of my friends think of Mr. Robertson as “highly regarded.” The guy should not be allowed to speak in public. Sad.

  • ted

    Asswipe!! Condoning Adultery….

  • Shelley

    I just really hope that the non-Christian population doesn’t lump all Christians in with this bozo. Why is it, that every time a Christian is depicted or quoted on TV, it’s the stupidest Christian in the world?? There really are true Christians out there with brains and common sense; Pat just doesn’t happen to be one of them. What a shame.


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