Passenger Overboard On Grand Princess Cruise Ship

    November 15, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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A 54-year-old woman is still missing after intentionally jumping off the Grand Princess cruise ship on Wednesday. The coast guard and the cruise ship resumed their search yesterday, however she has still not been found.

Another passenger claimed she saw the woman jump off of the ship into the Pacific Ocean and immediately notified the cruise staff. After watching the surveillance videos, the staff was able to confirm the she had, in fact, intentionally jumped off of the ship at approximately 1:00 p.m. It is believed that the jump was an apparent suicide attempt.

“This is very sad,” the Princess Cruises spokeswoman, Julie Benson, said in a statement. “This was not an accident. It was apparent that she went overboard intentionally.” She continued, “It’s very apparent from the witnesses and the video that this was her intention.”

The Grand Princess was on day three of a two week, round-trip cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii. When the passenger jumped, the ship was 750 miles northeast of Hilo, Hawaii.

While many have presumed her dead, Benson says their is a possibility she could still be alive. “The water is quite cold, and the seas are quite rough,” she said. “But it’s not inconceivable that she could have survived.”

The woman’s name is not being released until the family can be formally notified.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Petal

    The right-wing site Newsmax tells us she was 54. Other sites say she was 30. Whatever age she is, my heart goes out to her. I wish the net would get their stories straight.

    • MisterE

      With all due respect, I don’t feel bad for the woman at all. Is it sad that someone decided to take their life? Yes. But unfortunately that was her choice. And her decision to do what she did, where and when she did it shows tremendous selfishness and a lack of caring about anyone. The other passengers on this trip were on the cruise of their lives. They probably planned and saved for years, and now their dream trip is interrupted and inconvenienced because of one person’s decision.

  • Mark C

    My next door neighbors are on this cruise. They told their son that it has really bummed out their fellow passangers and the fun uplifting,carefree attitude of the whole ship has changed. Too bad. Selfish woman.

  • Wai Ming

    With due respect for the above comments, I would like to say it is a perfect funeral. 3500 people were invited. The Coast Guard’s plane circled the area for 30 hours. The US Navy ship added 6 hours of service. It offers a different perspective on life. Some celebrates life and some condemn it. And I was one of the passenger on board. We missed Kaui which is just another island.

  • Nina

    I was on that cruise & I cannot understand why someone didn’t respond to the bizarre behavior of the woman prior to her final act.
    She most definitely was not “well” and I would think that at least the person who was traveling with her would have known that…and, no, it wasn’t just “another island” we didn’t get to visit. There was only 4 we were to visit, so, it was 1/4 of an expensive cruise. It was a very tragic event. Suicide is the final selfish act of a very disturbed person.

  • nicole

    Does anyone know the females name my father went on the cruise….was she drunk when this happened? May her soul be at peace with whatever difficultied disrupted her life.

  • Sheri

    My clients were on-board & were the witnesses to her act. She was definitely suffering mentally. She made a remark before jumping and she was also in the elevator with one of my clients the day before. The next door neighbors to her room/cabin heard constant fighting for all 3 day prior to her jump and they too were interviewed by the FBI. Guest services were contact many times due to the disturbances. It’s unfortunate, sad and selfish. The entire group of guests had do miss a port due to circling looking for her. The coast guard should have taken on full responsibility once an effort had been made and the cruise should have resumed it’s course.