Paris Hilton DJ: Audience Boos, Twitter Reacts

    June 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Paris Hilton, DJ extraordinaire, finally debuted her skills at a recent gig at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although Hilton was seeming overwhelmed by the crowd’s positive response to her appearance — she tweeted about how the event was one of the greatest nights of her life — those in attendance apparently felt a little differently about the show. As soon as Hilton stepped on stage and addressed the crowd, the heckling and booing began.

“I’ve partied all around the world… to the best parties… but I’ve never seen anyone party like you guys do in Brazil,” she said before her infamous set was underway. In one of the many photos posted over at The Mirror, someone can be spotted turning on the decks for poor Paris. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a DJ would couldn’t operate their own equipment. Of course, I might not be rolling in the right circles, so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance.

The highlight of the show was the debut of a track Paris did with famed DJ AfroJack. According to the folks over at TMZ, the heiress is plotting a follow-up to her first album, the 2006 electro-dance effort “Paris”, which is rumored to feature collaborations from Snoop Dogg and LMFAO. Here’s hoping this particular endeavor proves a bit more fruitful than her recent outing as a DJ.

As you can imagine, the dance-loving, electronic music-worshipping folks over at Twitter have had plenty to say on the subject. You can find an assortment of reactions to Hilton’s gig in the space below. For those of you who need more footage of Paris’ Pop Music Festival debacle, two more videos have been included, as well. Enjoy…?

  • Freddy


    When you near 30, T & A is not enough… you have to produce… or at least have the last name of “Hilton”

  • http://Yahoo FRED

    wow, why are we suprised she is doing it wrong!

  • Alex

    I like how you write an article insulting Paris Hilton and making fun of her not being able to turn on the decks, yet you are a “journalist” and you don’t even know how to proof read your articles.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a DJ would couldn’t operate their own equipment.”

    You haven’t encountered a DJ who “would couldn’t” operate their own equipment?

  • JPE

    I thought she said that she was going to start getting her life together a year ago. She still just an idiot looking for some attention. And what DJ would really take her seriously? Its either money or favors that gets her what she wants.

  • jb

    Does she have anyone around her to tell her what a waste her life has been.

  • Glenn Quagmire

    In all fairness, Paris thought the job offer was for a “BJ”.

  • icthruyou

    What I find amazing is how so many people hate on this young woman all because she is rich and famous. Get a life people. Paris could care less about our comments and opinions. It just shows how shallow you are, not her. This girl is PAID for life people! Stop hating and go apply for a job and the Hilton!

    • Jon

      We don’t ‘hate’ on her because she’s rich, we hate on her because she’s a retard.