Papa John’s Price Increase: Obamacare Is To Blame

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Obviously, few subjects have been stickier than that of Obamacare, which would require business owners employing 50 or more people to offer affordable health care to those employees or pay a penalty. It’s become a topic of debate between, well, just about everyone, and now, some business owners are coming forward with a new wrench to throw into the machine; higher prices passed on to the customers.

John Schnatter, a.k.a. Papa John, says he’s not in support of Obamacare–he’s been fundraising for Mitt Romney–and that the necessary adjustments Papa John’s will have to make to their business model mean the cost moves on down the line to the consumer. While it’s only estimated to be about an 11-14 cent increase per pizza, every penny adds up, and some franchise owners are concerned that they will be forced to cut jobs to stay within the 50-employee limit.

“I have two options, I can stop offering coverage and pay the $2,000 fine, or I could keep my number of staff under 50 so the mandate doesn’t apply,” Judy Nichols, owner of a Texas franchise, said. “Obamacare is making me think about cutting jobs instead,” she said.

Some think the price increase is so small it probably would have gone unnoticed if not for all the press about it, and Matthew Yglasias, writer for Slate.com, thinks it’s a small price to pay considering what’s at stake.

“Stipulating for a moment that this is true, doesn’t it seem like a rather small price to pay? Papa John’s website is currently offering to deliver me a large pepperoni pizza for $14.08 and Schnatter is warning me that the problem with Obamacare is … a one-time price increase of less than 1 percent! That seems eminently reasonable. What’s more, it’s well within the range of the kind of price swings Papa John’s is going to have to expect just based on the vagaries of the weather, which impacts the price of ingredients, and the ups and downs of the oil market.”

While the law probably won’t affect large, national chains like Papa John’s too much, it may have an adverse affect on smaller businesses, and the National Restaurant Association has warned everyone to expect to see price increases coming soon.

Papa John’s Price Increase: Obamacare Is To Blame
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  • Lisa

    I will no longer be purchasing Papa John’s due to this story. I personally would be HAPPY to pay 14 extra cents for an already overpriced pizza so that everyone in the building could have health insurance, and not be bankrupt by a broken leg. Restaurants need to learn to shut their mouth when it comes to politics, because they just lost a long time customer.

  • Frank

    What a low blow. You expect people to believe that you are raising your prices because of Obamacare. It sound to me like it’s the old profit motive. You have under sold your competition, now you want to make that profit up. Why don’t you just admit what motivates you.
    No more Papa John for me. Frank

    • David D

      Greed “Papa” that is your motivation, not what is best for your fellow human being, your fellow citizen. Shame!

    • Gayleen

      It’s football season look like someone is going to make a few $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is that enough for every $=0. I’d say he’s at a billion now (maybe)he will only have millions if obamacare is not repealed???????????

  • richard

    i rarely order pizza delivery, and never before papa johns, but next time it will be papa johns

    • Chad

      Richard — this will be cruel and unusual punishment for your taste buds. His ‘za ain’t so good.

  • LTC Mike Dunnings

    I too used to enjoy Pappa Johns. I will never eat there again. The owner should have stayed out of politics and I hope he looses 50 percent of his patrons all who would not mind paying a little more in order for everyone to have access to affordable health care. Mr PJ is a idiot!

    • John Gamble

      LTC…. in what the salvation army? Did 9yrs in the Army… found most officers to be self righteous, arrogant and narcasstic anyway.

  • Maurice

    Wow. What a farce! Papa J. is raising prices because of Obamacare!? Shouldn’t they raise prices because gas prices have gone up 50 cents since the beginning of January? This is hilarious… Better ingredients, horrible tactics, Papa Johns!

  • http://Google Helen Phillips

    I will continue to buy Papa Johns, because it’s the best. We as Americans better wake up, not only will he have to raise his prices, have you been to the grocery store lately, or the gas pumps? Best you all get out and vote this loser out of our White House>

    • Nora B

      The raise in price at the grocery store has NOTHING to do with Obamacare, you ding dong! Haven’t you heard of the drought affecting soy and corn crops? And as I recall, the reason why gas and oil prices have gone up the way they have is because of a little war on terror that your beloved Mr Bush started many years ago…What a farce! You republicans are sooo selfish and only think about yourself, and then you go off spouting patriotism…A patriot cares about their entire country, not an entitled few…

    • GJ

      Says the Papa PR Puppet

  • em

    Its true, and obvious the other poster’s here have never owned a business. .20 cents isnt a lot anyway, and if that keeps his employee’s covered then fine. BUT i think you are all in for a shock once everyone is required to do this, see how many other places start raising their prices so that they can afford the health care. Do some research on the bill itself you will be shocked at the BS that is in it! I guess the idiots posted above just assume for the company to eat the costs, thats how businesses end up bankrupt. morons.

    • dan

      like what? If you are going to throw stones at a program that will lengthen the life of our community and increase the quality of life of everyone in the United States, the least you could do is offer specifics.

    • Gayleen

      OK. Now they say BIG BUSINESS, WE CAN’T AFFORD HEALTHCARE. I would look at the upper management and other places of business to observe and came up with the conclusion that. If I was a millionaire or billionare and this is my country, that I love so much, YOU DON’T THINK WE CAN DO IT, IT COST TO MUCH, THE U.S. IS BROKE. WE ARE GOING TO LEAVE A DEBT FOR OUR CHILDREN. I thought this was the country that showed the rest of world that our standard is better, we are better, we are great, I say we are the trailblazers of the world and now you have this fear of healthcare that is going to kill business, make us weak, All I hear is the same BS and if I hear China, China, China (no offense) who is China and I am not being offensive when I say that I would tell my child that about one of her or his freinds if they were listening to them saying BS all I saying is I know my Berries . Talk to the everyday people and ask them questions ask the single mom who works everyday full or part time. The pizza drivers, the sales clerk, cashiers.

  • http://denise1489@yahoo.com angela

    I am willing to pay a higher price so everyone can have health insurance. And I believe your prices will go up anyway every time you want a pay raise.

    • doug

      Sure you are, Angela… until that higher price involves 10% or more of your paycheck. 10 cents here, then its a dollar & 10 cents, then two 10, etc. Don’t be a sucker. Wake up. Those who didn’t have coverage before always had a place to go, which was a local ER. People that get this insurance will go to their doctors, only to be turned away because the governmental reimbursement rates to the doctor are too low for them to cover the cost of seeing said patients. The sad thing is, once the law goes into effect, it’s hard to go back and change it. All that money will have been spent and nothing will have become of it…. now everyone has insurance… but it sucks…. and we’re still paying for it, year after year after year…. it never goes away.

  • Alex

    So, let me get this straight: $0.14 a pizza increase and all of your employees across the country get healthcare? Sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Evan B.

    Just the opposite of Lisa, I will now be buying more Papa John’s due to this story. He is just telling the truth and explaining the cause of the increase in price. Businesses should not be punished for explaining their political beliefs, and we as America should unite and not divide because of freedom of speech.

  • John M

    I don’t suppose the 30% of Papa John’s stock that he owns has anything to do with it.

  • Suz

    Papa John’s is just raising prices because he’s an idiot. I can understand a price increase because of gas but Obamacare??? He’s just looking for an excuse. I don’t order from Papa John’s anymore. Their pizza sucks, most times the crust is soggy & they charge a delivery fee. It doesn’t matter how many pizza’s you order, there still is a delivery fee. Only pizza place in my area that charges for delivery. Hope he prices himself right out of the market.

  • gerryf

    Here’s the big lie..Papa Johns already offers healthcare to its employees. He is using Obamacare to justify a price increase for something he has already paid for. As a fundraiser for Mitt Romney, he is making a story to increase support for Romney, and like Mitt Romney, he is lying

    • Buffy Singleton

      AMEN! That is EXACTLY what he is doing! He’s a little rich punk!!

    • doug

      but obama doesn’t lie, is that it? for how long have you been delusional? probably as long as the current administration. i feel sorry for you. please apologize today for the (permanent) mistakes in which we’re going to be living in the years to come, should your clown be re-elected. i know that, ultimately, his being re-elected worries you to SOME degree, so do the right thing at the election booth.

  • https://www.facebook.com/cafox71 Chris Fox

    Papa Johns = BOYCOTTED for life. Line your pockets with our pizza money in the name of anti-ObamaCare.. F-U Pizza Boy.

  • Barry Scheidler

    Raise your prices. There are other choices than Poppa Johns and I intend to use them. If poppa johns doesn’t provide affordable healthcare for their employees than I would prefer to patron a business that does.

    • doug

      um, you’re kidding… right? i thought so.

  • Steve

    John Schnatter is a multi-millionaire and part of the 1%. Anything that reduces his income is bad, even if it was to save his mother! What a farce. I have never, and will never buy one of his pizzas.

  • Jim Schnetzer

    A prime example of what Obamacare will bring for small business down the road. I think a lot of small business’s will opt for the small penalty, discontinue company sponsered health plans, and allow employees to obtain health coverage on their own thru Obamas health care pool options. Good luck with that !

  • Bill Gray

    I do not care why he increased his prices (he had a fund raiser for Romney at his home). It is just not good pizza and was already overpriced.

  • Nick

    You whinners wake up. Your comments show your ignorance. Business owners are struggling to make a living. Anything that ads costs of doing business has to be passed down to the customer. We will all pay for Obama care anytime we buy anything. Food included. It is not greed, it is accounting. Something our government ignores and has us in dept by trillions. People, WAKE UP…

  • frank


  • Jen

    I already boycotted him when he had a fund raiser for Spit Romney.. Now he’s blaming Obamacare; something that helps the less fortunate get insurance.. KISS MY ASS, John Schnatter!! You will NEVER EVER see another dime from me again.. It’s obvious he spends more time kissing ass with the rich, than helping the ones who made him what he is now.. Oh wait.. he’s rich asshole.. I’m sorry.. Not.

  • Kelly

    It’s a PR stunt. John Schnatter supports Romney and recently held a fundraiser for him. http://www.wlky.com/news/politics/-Papa-John-Schnatter-hosts-private-Romney-fundraiser/-/9365900/11203698/-/47wixbz/-/index.html

  • Ryan

    Ummmm is anyone bothered by the fact that franchises claim they are worried about employing LESS than 50 people? What pizza joint has FIFTY people on the payroll?!? Really? “I may have to cut jobs to keep my staff under 50 to avoid the fee.” Ummm ok, good luck with that. I smell political BS.

  • http://amazingflings.com Rachel Donner

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  • Karen

    I agree, Lisa. I would pay $.25 more per pizza to get people off of medicare and eventually see lower taxes for public services. If someone works in McDonalds or Papa Crap, they should have the option of buying insurance at an affordable rate. I remember a Republican in Georgia trying to force people to enroll in a state insurance plan instead of medicare because then they would still have co-pays and fees for the ER and it would save us all in the long run.

    This sounds like corporate creed – plus political circus to me. Bad PR move, Papa Jackass.

    • http://webpronews Kay

      I’m sorry, but we PAY for medicare, it’s not free.I’m hoping you mean Medicaid.

  • KryptoniteBalls

    The opinions of corporate food presidents & CEOs, what is now dividing America. First it was DOWN WITH CHICK-FIL-A, and now it’s, DOWN WITH PAPA JOHNS. Are you people really this ridiculously nar-tarded, that you attribute the opinion of a president of a company to an entire organization? Can people really be that, just, uninformed?

  • Kelly

    I used to be a manager for Papa Johns. Their prices have been going up for years! In 1997, a large pizza with one topping was $8.99. That same pizza is now $11.99 plus you now you pay a delivery fee of $2. There is a HUGE profit margin on their pizza. This isn’t a company that cares about American workers either. They pay minimum wage and work with skeleton crews. You wouldn’t believe how much they spend on advertising. They could comfortably cover health insurance for their employees without raising prices but there have NO incentive to do so.

    They want to be the new Chik Fil A. They want us to spend thousands ordering more politically motivated pizza.

  • Jane

    I work for Papa John’s and every year we are paying higher costs for insurance, for the past 10 years! I have no idea why now my boss is complaining, oh wait it’s because he’s backing Romney and giving him money that he could be sharing with his 100,000+ employee’s. I have an Aunt that makes less then him, has over 50 employee’s and pays ALL their health and dental insurance….why is this an issues?? We have gone through high gas prices, food cost increase’s, everything in the past 12 years has gone up in price, even health insurace. People need to get a clue! Obamacare is making sure there is more coverage for more Americans when other countries have complete 100% free health care! We need to wake up and move forward and put the blame on the people that actually deserve it.

  • Nancy

    Guess what, Papa John……the cost of everything is going up…quit being greedy and deal with it!!! You might have a better profit margin if your pizza wasn’t really crappy. Sorry, but I’ve tasted a lot of pizza and yours just doesn’t cut it……

  • Russ

    let’s see PJ’s is going to increase its prices 15 cents per pizza to pay for health care which means I am going to pay for some one’s health care.Thanks pj you keep racking in the profits paying 14% in taxes and I just keep getting poorer.Well I can do without PJ pizza. I will just go to lil ceasars

    • http://any Popps

      Hey russ, go to lil’ ceasars all you want… you will still have to pay for the pizza, only this pizza sucks, just like the insurance your buddy barracks obahama wants everyone to get including you, asshole…

  • Ben

    Well, I think I can afford 20 cents more for a pizza if it helps someone get healthcare, although I think with a lot of the posters here that the company can certainly absorb this and still be very profitable. I actually order Papa Johns a lot but will no longer. I stopped Dominos a long time ago due to the Opus Dei religious nut who runs that company. And Herman Cain is the Godfather’s guru. Why are all the right-wing crazies selling pizza? I guess the proper alternative is the corner pizza shop. Can’t stand Pizza Hut . . .

    • Danny

      Right-wing crazies? Care to elaborate on that? Herman Cain is not crazy. He is a smart business man who should not have let the liberal media run him out of his bid for the POTUS. What exactly is it that makes him crazy anyway? The fact that he wants smaller government and less government intrusion in our lives? The fact that he believes in the constitution? The fact that he thinks that Americans are paying too much in taxes? What exactly is it? I’m curious.

      • Ursa Worlds

        What part of the constitution does he believe in the part that says slavery is legal? Cain is a joke.

        • IllinoisCPA

          Or the part that ended slavery, or the part that ended alcohol prohibition.
          Very selective in your indignation.

  • http://msn john s

    I am a Pizza Hut franchise manager who was laid off last year when the owner decided to sell the franchise because he did not want to be responsible for paying the Obama healthcare tax, I respect him as President but I have a feeling that I am not the only one to suffer a job loss from this new tax. Not able to replace job, when I interview talked to like I was at fault for this dilemna. Only blessing is the unemploymnet benefits Obama had to institute from so many people losing their job.Keeping faith in finding work but most not willing to hire or interview unemployed people.

    • Ursa Worlds

      I think what you are saying is a bunch of crock. Most pizza franchises don’t have 50 employees what are your other excuses for opposing Obamacare?

  • Boricua X

    Higher Prices to crappy pizza, sounds like winning strategy

    • IllinoisCPA

      Chose a different pizza. The ObamaCare costs are the same and so will the price increase.

  • Jon

    “a one-time price increase of less than 1 percent! That seems eminently reasonable”
    Well, if you look at it like that it seems reasonable. Now lets see what happens when you introduce logic. How many products do you buy on a weekly basis? I’m sure your grocery bill is more than a pizza a week, now add 1% or 11-15 cents to all your grocery purchases for the month.

  • Candy

    This is a total crock of @hit!!!! I was from Louisville, but I will never order from Papa Johns again!!!! Anyone who reads knows that once Obama care goes into effect in 2014 at first it will cost more, but once it evens out it will save money over all. To think that a huge company that already makes pizza for pennies on the dollar can soak up 11-14 cents out of their profit, is just doing this as a stunt to help Romney!!!!!!!! I think the real reason is cause Obama wants to raise John Schnatter personal taxes !!!!! You already take us the consumer through the ringer with high fees for deliveries. Wake up people it is as if they are saying everyone is not entitled to have health care you have to suffer be in pain and suffer because millionaires are too damn cheap!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nancy

      Agreed! At first I was thinking–who cares? I don’t mind paying a little extra for my pizza so Papa John’s employees can have health care. Then, the fact the increase comes 2 years early prior to election and it is widely publicized as being blamed on Obamacare,
      hit me. I’ll be getting my pizza’s elsewhere from now on!

    • joe

      Everyone knows it will never equal out. Even the Obama administration has come out saying that the cost is now double the initial estimates they had, and it hasn’t even reached the point of implementation. Great healthcare will never be affordable to all in our society. With obamacare, it appears all will be eligible for some type of healthcare, but it will not be great.

      • IllinoisCPA

        Your logic is lost on most of these people but keep talking and perhaps some of them will wake up and realize that the cost of ObamaCare has already doubled according to the Congressional Budget Office, and there is no care yet, but many taxes.

    • GJ

      I’m with ya Candy!!

  • Sheena White

    THANK YOU for putting this information out there. I’ve ordered my last Papa John’s pizza. Saying that it’s Pres. Obama’s fault is just an excuse. The delivery price went up a year ago – and who’s fault was that? AND Mr. Papa states that the delivery charge doesn’t even go to the delivery person. To heck with Papa John’s!! Never, ever, ever, ever again! Good riddens!!

  • Eric

    I think this is a joke. Blame Obama for an increase for a mediocore pizza is rediculous. I have waaayyy to many pizza options in my area to even worry about Papa Johns. What a joke!

  • http://yahoo eddie

    oh what a pussy blame on obamacare no now you have to taxes.

  • http://na r cotton

    Here it is, after poisoning people for years, PJ is now gripping about having to pay a little something toward their health cost. Shouldn’t Romney be considering him for VP? Romney-Papa John 2012 “Anyone who swallows it, deserves it.”

  • Bob W.

    Are there any pizza stores with 50 or more employees? I have not seen any. Owners with multiple stores will set them up as separate LLC businesses. This is obviously a political stunt.

  • Mark

    SOO during the last 5-7 years you lowered your prices despite the fact that fuel prices (gas) were on the rise. Now your saying that you will have to raise prices because of Obama Care? Sound like BS to me. Yours over head would be much higher with the cost of fuel. Lets not forget to that for businesses Obama care is deductible.

  • Ursa Worlds

    He’s a Romney supported and since he wants to put his one cent in…I won’t be buying his pizza. Anyone that does not want to pay an extra 10 cents for health care doesn’t deserve my money.

    • Ursa Worlds 2

      Good I hope you choke on what ever it is you eat instead you jerk.

      • Ursa Worlds

        Troll…using my name.

    • ravenhair

      It will be a lot more than 10 cents in the future, and you will be paying that 10 cents over and over and over again – it will add up substantially in the future. I’m glad to know you feel you can afford it.

      • GJ

        I’ll be happy knowing it’s going towards keeping hard working Americans healthy and not into the pockets of business owners to fund their new sports car or mansion :o)

        • ravenhair

          You won’t be saying that when reality sets in – and you see just how much this is going to cost you.

    • Brandy

      The extra $.10 isn’t what he will be paying for healthcare, it’s what you will be paying extra for your pizza. Do you really think healthcare is only going to cost him $.10? What lala land do you live in?The average cost of an employer-based family insurance policy in 2008 was $12,680, which was nearly the annual earnings of a full-time minimum wage job. $.10 extra for a pizza isn’t that bad, but consider this, health care costs add $1,525 to the price of every General Motors vehicle. The company spent $4.6 billion on health care in 2007, more than the cost of steel. We now know that General Motors wasn’t doing so well and needed a government bailout.

  • JJ

    I work in transportation. We had to axe health care for employees due to rising costs of everything. Try putting fuel in a 5mpg semi x 50 a week. The $.15 increase is only due to their volume. But once trucking companies have to pay for health care, EVERYTHING will go up substantially. The problem we ran into, was the better drivers got older and costs were nearing $1500-$2000 a month for some that were married. Assuming they do 2 loads per week (long haul), the added costs per load would be $250.00. Just wait til consumers see prices in the store. I suggest people actually have some knowledge of employment before they speak. So actually Papas cost will go up a lot more than the $.15, since it takes semi trucks to even get there. Then add the shippers/manufactures “mandates”….Good luck boycotting everyone and everything. There is a bigger picture than just your one pizza.

    • GJ

      Let em go right ahead and raise prices. The consumer will decide if the product is worth it. No one will blindly pay higher prices just because the company jacks it up. Businesses will try to to raise prices, and then lower them or go out of business. It’s not like companies are not making a profit, they just want to be greedy. The world will go on just fine without a Papa John’s or a Chick-fail-a in it.

      • John Gamble

        GJ… you do realize everything you buy comes off a truck,train, or ship? JJ’s saying EVERYTHING you buy is going to cost more, and he’s right. So go ahead and talk about how you’re going to ban companies that raise their prices. You won’t be buying a thing…. to include groceries.

    • Ursa Worlds

      Everyone knows truckers get treated like sh@t and don’t make enough money it’s not healthcare, it’s greed. Truckers have always been treated bad by there employers..Nothing new there.

      • IllinoisCPA

        “there” is a place.
        Did you mean “their”?

        Your gramar is as bad as your economics.

  • Tiberius1701

    Well, reading some of the previous comments, this must actually be Bush’s fault because NOTHING is Little Barry Soetoro-boy president’s fault. SoetorCare is an abomination that this country cannot afford like so many other boondoggles perpetrated by this the most untransparent, corrupt, ill-equipped administration in history. While this bunch leaks classified intel, decimates the military-don’t believe me, check out SecDef Panetta’s comments on the direction they are taking, treasonous might be an apt definition for these folks.
    One more thing, remember who owns Little Seizure’s Pizza..yep a dyed in the wool Soetoro supporting liberal. So there.

  • confused

    SOOOO, Papa John’s didn’t care enough about it employees to offer affordable healthcare before this?

    I finally understand why we need obamacare, employers are selfish !@#holes.

    • Boricua X

      Couldn’t agree more

  • ravenhair

    I know several business owners who will be cutting jobs as a result of obamatax. I also know many of them have laid off obama supporters. They said, if they want change, they will get it, but mostly they did this because it wasn’t fair to lay off people who do not support obama. As they see it, supporting obama put their business in jeopardy and so they should no longer be employed there.

    • Brat

      Ravenhair, when people lose their jobs because of their political views, we are all in danger of losing our freedom. Any employer who does this is next to a dictator!

      • ravenhair

        Nope – not a dictator, just trying to save their business – nothing wrong with that.

        • Ursa Worlds

          So firing people are saving their business? So what you are saying is if there are good employees that support Obama they would be fired??? That business deserves to go under.

          • John Gamble

            This is actually going on quite a bit ravenhair. Hell, you voted for him…. here’s your change… hope it’s enough to get you home. LOL

  • confused

    JJ, you nailed it. Bigger picture, these people can’t afford highcost healthcare! Let the masses save a few dollars and forget the unhealthy.

    • brenda cantrell

      You are right…we are a greedy nation, and everyone wants all the dollars they can grab, never mind what is actually reasonable. Cost containment is going to be necessary for health care and prescription costs! Canada can buy medicine from America cheaper than an American citizen can. This is so wrong.

  • Bob

    Does anyone get it?

    Every small business with 50 or more employees, that currently does not offer healthcare coverage, WILL have to raise their prices too, in order to cover Obama Care.

    It’s simple math.

    As your costs increase, so too does your price, unless you’re willing to take a loss, which businesses won’t do.


    You people writing these posts are dumb as doornails.

    Go ahead and buy your pizza somewhere else. That other place you buy your pizza from will have to raise their prices too.

    The irony of Obama Care is that the consumer pays for it. How so? Because businesses will just raise their prices to offset the added cost of health coverage.

    Kind of like when Big Tobacco got sued. Want to know what they did to pay for the lawsuit? They raised the price of a pack of cigarettes. So the poor fools hooked on nicotine, where the ones paying (over time) for the damages.

    So while we force businesses to cover their employees, we should also force healthcare providers to put a cap on what they charge.

    Anyone been in to a hospital lately?

    The charges are ridiculous. $90 for a band-aid. $200 for a towel.

    So if you really want to get mad, then get mad at the entire system. Americans are unhealthy. Healthcare providers overcharge us. And insurance companies are greedy pigs.


    Papa John’s is not the problem. They’re just a pawn stuck in this mess.

    • GJ

      And if the product is poor they can just go out of business. A company can raise prices all they like, consumers are under ZERO obligation to buy. Oh no, prices went up, whatever shall I do.. I know, NOT BUY.

    • Brandy

      Yes, dumb as a box of rocks are the posters saying that they now have to pay for someone who is not insured. Guess what, you the taxpayer are STILL going to be paying for someone else’s healthcare under Obamacare. Do you honestly believe that the extra that he plans to take from the rich is going to pay for universal healthcare? If you do, well then you deserve what you get.

    • Ursa Worlds

      We are already paying for health care…when people get sick. At least this way people will be able to get preventive care. Obama Care does address those outrageous costs. If all the states would be on board it would work..as it is some states are already opting out which is really going to make it a mess.

  • Me

    “If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers in order to protect our shareholders best interests,” Schnatter vowed.

    I hope Papa John’s lose millions due to Schnatter’s attitude. Putting shareholders before customers is always a bad idea. Papa John’s pizza are crappy anyways. Making them more expensive will do him no favors. Blaming this stunt on Obamacare is ridiculous. He doesn’t have to worry about me being a customer and I will tell my loved ones not to buy any either. I only feel bad for Papa John’s employees and franchise owners at this point.

    • Airneil Crafter

      Corporations are REQUIRED BY LAW to put shareholders first. That has been proven time and time again when shareholders sue the company they are shareholders for, and WIN.

      We do not live in a Capitalist nation. We live in a Corporatist nation. Capitalism is not the evil one. Corporations having the power to run the nation (Corporatism) is the evil in this country.

      Learn the difference.

  • http://ns gil devine

    I would like a mailing address to reach papa John .

    • GJ

      Online Ordering Customer Service
      877-547-PAPA (7272)

      Our Mailing Address
      Papa John’s International, Inc.
      P.O. Box 99900
      Louisville, KY 40269-9990

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