Will Dell Remove Its Head from the Cloud?
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Dell thought they could take the phrase "cloud computing" and keep it for themselves. It appears (for the time being at least) that they will have no such luck.

The company filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark the term, but its request has ultimately been denied because it has been established as a generic term.

Fans Flock Online For Olympic Coverage
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With the first week of the 2008 Beijing Olympics completed, Nielsen Online has released a report on how fans around the globe used the Internet to follow the games.

Fans in 10 countries visited Beijing2008.cn, the official web site of Beijing games, at a rate of 930,000 per day, with traffic surpassing one million unique visitors on a number of days, as they searched for Olympic results, news and video.

SES: Industry Predictions From MSFT’s Satya Nadella
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The search industry is changing, and Microsoft is keeping up with the times, according to Satya Nadella, the senior vice president of the company’s Search, Portal & Advertising Platform Group.  Nadella outlined both processes as today’s keynote speaker at SES San Jose 2008.

A Tear In The Link Economy Fabric
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For a decade and a half the outbound link was a "hat tip," a courtesy or even system of content reimbursement; the "Web" is a web because of linking, each quality website helping to prop up another. It was actually kind of socialist in nature.

Apple Really Wants You to Use MobileMe
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Apple may have scored big in customer satisfaction with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, but that doesn’t change the fact that customers haven’t been so pleased with its MobileMe syncing service.

The service has been nothing but headaches for all parties involved since its launch. Problems ranged from email access and downtime to even syncing itself.

Google Rolls Out Red Carpet For Convention Bloggers

Google is helping to set up an 8,000 square-foot headquarters for bloggers attending the Democratic convention in Denver next week and will provide similar services at the Republican convention in September.

Photos From SES San Jose

Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive in San Jose until after 6pm–so I missed all of day one. However, I did make it to the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party, which was a huge success.

I’ve posted a few photos from the event to my Flickr account. Here are a sample:

Google.org Puts $10.25M Into Geothermal Research
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Utility bills are always annoying, and as energy costs continue to rise, they’ll become even worse.  Google wants to combat this problem, though, and so Google.org has invested $10.25 million in enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).

Managing Your Google Reputation

More signs that online reputation management is becoming mainstream? Mainstream media, namely ABC News, decides to take a look at the importance of managing your Google reputation.

Score One for Apple!
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Google of course won the eBusiness sector in the recently released American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). No surprise there.

Apple won in the personal computers category, which really isn’t all that shocking either.

SES San Jose 2008 – Where’s Money For Search Going?

Day 1 at SES San Jose. I’m here as part of SEO-PR’s crew, interviewing speakers for the SES Conference Youtube Channel.

Google Tops in Customer Satisfaction
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Customer satisfaction with e-business Web sites has reached a new high, according to the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) second quarter report out today.

Microsoft: Everybody Else is Doing it
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Microsoft is tracking your data.

But so are Google and Yahoo!, as they are so quick to point out when confronted by the House.

A classic example of the "but everybody else is doing it" excuse that they taught us in D.A.R.E. in elementary school.

The drug of choice for search giants is not crack or pot though. It is ad-targeting – learning about you so they can fill your screen with advertisements from companies whose profits would be in their own best interest.

Yahoo Buzz Opens Submission System
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A little less than a month ago, Google announced that it had indexed 1 trillion unique URLs.  In a slightly apples to oranges comparison, the 400 or so publishers connected to Yahoo Buzz seemed like a tiny group.  Now, however, Yahoo Buzz is knocking down all its barriers.

SES: Video Search Engine Optimization
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In the SES session "Video Search Engine Optimization" (VSEO), Greg Jarboe, president & co-founder, SEO-PR, started by talking about YouTube.

Get Social With Your GPS
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GPS giant Garmin is joining the social game with a newly announced partnership with uLocate, makers of WHERE and Buddy Beacon.

Buddy Beacon, a program that is already available on mobile phones such as the iPhone, lets users find exactly where their friends are at (given their approval).

Google Reader Getting Into Politics

Think of it as a tech-savvy, politically-oriented version of Oprah’s Book Club: Google Reader’s new Power Readers in Politics program is supposed to let anyone and everyone see what stories the main candidates and a number of journalists are viewing.

Different Guitar Hero Strokes for Different Folks

Your first reaction to the idea some North Carolina parents agreed to let their 16 year-old drop out of school to pursue a career in Guitar Hero is likely similar to mine: um, what? I can imagine asking my parents …

Fox News Tweaks Facebook Profile
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Fox News Channel said today that it will add a number of enhancements to the network’s Facebook profile on Tuesday.

Facebook Basking in Glory
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It seems Facebook is all the rage, and MySpace is so over.

At least that’s the impression you’d get perusing news articles about them.

Ads Hit YouTube’s Mobile Site
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"Don’t panic" seems to be the underlying message Google sent to users of YouTube’s mobile site.  Just the same, the main point Google communicated earlier today is that an experiment involving ads is underway.

SES San Jose 2008

SES: San Jose

WebProNews is back in San Jose, Calif., to bring you the latest developments in search marketing from the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Over the next four days, Mike McDonald will continue our second-to-none video coverage, and the WebProNews writing staff will provide the textual healing you’ve known them for over five years of covering this event.

Moreover Folds, Settles With AP

Signaling that maybe nobody is willing to let this linking-and-snippet business go to court, Moreover and parent company VeriSign have settled a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press for undisclosed terms.

By the tone of the press release, though, those terms must be favorable to the plaintiff. "AP is pleased to have resolved the litigation in an amicable manner and appreciates VeriSign and Moreover’s efforts to resolve AP’s concerns," said AP Vice President and General Counsel Srinandan Kasi.

U.S. Pushes WTO For Panel On High-Tech Tariffs
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The United States has asked the World Trade Organization to create a panel to settle a dispute with the European Union over tariffs on high-tech items.

The request is an escalation in an increasingly bitter dispute over the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement (ITA), which abolished duties on a number of high-tech goods from July 1997 to encourage trade.