API Released for Second Life Plug-Ins

You don’t hear as much about Second Life these days as you did several years ago. For a while, articles were being written left and right about how to leverage this virtual world from Linden Lab as a business tool. Lately, not so much.

Google Tweaks AdSense Fonts for Better Performance
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Google is updating the default font faces associated with specific AdSense ad formats. The decision to do so is based on findings that different fonts perform better with different formats.

EU Investing $25 Million In High-Speed Mobile Internet
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The European Union said Tuesday it will invest $25 million into research that will underpin the next generation of 4G mobile networks.

The EU says the funding will go towards research on Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced technology, that will offer mobile Internet speeds up to a hundred times faster than current 3G networks. The funding will be released on January 1, 2010.

Street View Adds Images From Switzerland, Taiwan, Portugal
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Fans of Street View may not get a lot of work done today.  Google’s seen fit to release images covering three new countries, and pictures documenting some special points of interest within America’s borders have become available, as well.

Switzerland, Taiwan, and Portual are the three main attractions (as you probably gathered from this piece’s title).  Interesting and even stunning views are available of each, with the image below showing off Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Google Continues to Satisfy, News Publishers Don’t

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that Google reigns supreme in the search engines and portal industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. This isn’t hard to believe considering Google’s share of the search market.

There’s a reason why Google dominates the arena. Users are generally satisfied with the results they get, and see no reason to switch engines. That is why Microsoft has its work cut out for it with making Bing a true competitor.

UPS Adds New Feature For eBay Sellers
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UPS said Monday that all U.S. based eBay sellers now have a direct, free connection from within eBay to the shipping system UPS WorldShip.

eBay sellers can now import their information into WorldShip without having to manually enter data. Sellers can export shipping data from WorldShip and automatically update their orders with UPS tracking numbers.

Facebook Most Popular Social Site In Australia
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More than 70 percent of Internet users in Australia visited a social networking site in June, up 29 percent from the previous year, according to a new study from comScore.

"Social networking continues to grow in popularity both across Australia and throughout the world," said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region.

New AdWords Interface Comes to Google TV Ads

Google announced that its TV advertisers now have access to the new AdWords interface. Users will be able to access the old one for a while, but by the end of the month, they will have no choice but to use the new one.

TV advertisers that aren’t already familiar with the new interface will want to get acquainted. They can start with the following video:

Category Filtering Announced for AdSense for Feeds
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Google recently announced an extension of its category filtering beta to Engligh-language ads on the AdSense network. Now Google is pointing out that this applies to AdSense for feeds as well.

Key Ad Salesman To Quit Yahoo
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It looks like Yahoo is set to lose yet another key exec.  David Dickman, whose business cards should read something like "Vice President, West Coast Sales," is supposed to leave the position (and the company) at the end of the month. 

INTERPOL Launches Site Featuring Stolen Artwork
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International police organization INTERPOL announced today it has launched a website featuring a database of global stolen artwork.

The move is part of the agency’s effort to combat the illicit trade of stolen artwork.

eBay Launches App Directory for Sellers
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eBay has announced Selling Manager Applications, a directory of apps for eBay sellers to use to improve their customer service, streamline shipping, and make their businesses more efficient.

Sellers can use these apps if they are subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro. Regular Selling Manager is free. Any apps the seller subscribes to will appear under the Applications tab in their version of Selling Manager.

Wolfram Alpha Provides Financial Answers Based on Xignite Info
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Xignite, which provides global financial market data, is working with Wolfram Alpha, so that Wolfram Alpha users can get such data when performing a query.

MySpace May Acquire iLike For $20M

MySpace has been doing rather well on the music front in recent days; this month, it’s debuted a Heath Ledger-directed music video and some Pearl Jam songs.  The site may soon chalk up another win, too, as one report indicates it’s about to make a significant acquisition.

YouTube Adds Captions Option to API

About a year ago, YouTube added its feature, which lets users include captions in their videos. The company is now including this feature in the YouTube API, so developers can utilize the functionality.

WordPress.com Launches WP.me – URL Shortener
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If you’re a blogger with WordPress.com, you’ll be happy to learn that you now have the capability to shorten your URL’s within Wordpress.com with the new WP.me service. You can see an example of a WP.me link below.


Shortend Version

MySpace Way More Popular Than Twitter.com
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You wouldn’t know it from the amount of media attention that Twitter receives these days, but MySpace.com is still way more popular than Twitter.com in the US. It’s not getting the visitors of Facebook.com, but in July MySpace.com had 59,613,985 unique visitors, while Twitter.com had 23,284,395, according to Compete.

Twitter Tries To Put A Stop To Follower-Selling
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It seems that Twitter may be taking a stand against the practice of selling followers for cash.  uSocial, an Australian company that became rather infamous for trying something similar with Digg, has apparently been directed to stop spamming the microblogging site. 

Facebook For iPhone 3.0 Has Been Submitted To Apple

Soon you’ll be able take better control of your Facebook account as Facebook for iPhone 3.0 has been sent to Apple for approval.

Are you looking forward to the new Facebook app? Let us know.

Online Video Viewing Reaches Record Audience
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More than 157 million U.S. Internet users viewed online video during the month of June, the largest audience recorded for a single month, according to a new report from comScore.

The rise in video viewing is mainly due to important news stories during June, including Michael Jackson’s death and the Iranian elections, which generated significant gains particularly at major media properties such as Viacom Digital (includes MTV), Microsoft sites (includes MSNBC) and Turner Network (includes CNN).

Gmail Knocks AOL Out of the Way in Race to the Top
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Gmail has reportedly become the third largest web-based email service in the United States. According to data from comScore, Gmail has surpassed AOL’s email service.

This data shows that in July Gmail had 37 million unique visitors, while AOL had 36.4 million. If this data is accurate, and Gmail continues to grow, that just leaves Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail left for it to tackle.

Twitter Looking To Make ‘Retweets’ Official
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If you’re a new Twitter user, you’ve probably stumbled over the correct etiquette for "retweeting" someone else’s tweet. Do you use "RT: @andybeal…." or "Retweeting @andybeal….."? And what about those precious characters lost when you retweet? We only get 140 to start with!

Well, Twitter has watched the practice of retweeting closely and thinks it has an official solution. The question is, will you like it?

The Truth Behind Google’s Latest Doodle

Woohoo! Today’s Google logo celebrates one of my favorite authors of all time: Hans Christian Andersen!

The danish author is best known for his children’s stories including Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl, and, my favorite, The Ugly Duckling. Born April 2, 1805, Andersen…..

EC Still Researching The Microsoft/Yahoo Partnership

In a change of pace regarding the EC (European Commission) and their view of competition the early returns are that the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft will not be given a difficult time gaining approval. While the EC has been a stumbling block to other deals including both companies in the past (Yahoo’s previous issue was when there was the propsect of a Google / Yahoo partnership – having Google attached to any competitive issue makes it more interesting for sure).