Google Responds To “Suicide” Queries

The search giant that does everything from take pictures of city streets to research solar power may manage to save some human lives, too.  Google’s started to provide people who search for certain suicide-related terms with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone number.

Queries for terms and phrases like "suicide," "how to commit suicide," and "ways to commit suicide" now return a red phone icon and the hotline number above the first search result, making them impossible to miss.

Citysearch Launches Cityseries iPad App

There’s no shortage of iPad app announcements flying out of the press rooms. You can include Citysearch in the mix. The company has introduced an iPad App called Cityseries.

"The cityseries app will offer users the great Citysearch editorial content they’ve come to know and love, with an innovative digital magazine format built specifically for the iPad," a Citysearch representative tells WebProNews.

Features include:

iPad Sales Top 300,000 First Day
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Apple said today it sold over 300,000 iPads in the U.S. as of midnight Saturday, April 3, the first day of availability.

Apple said sales included deliveries of pre-ordered iPads to customers, deliveries to its channel partners and sales at Apple Retail Stores.

The company also said iPad users downloaded over one million apps from Apple’s App Store and over 250,000 ebooks for its iBookstore during the first day.

German Official Objects To Facebook Privacy Changes

Germany’s Federal Minister of Consumer Protection is not at all happy with Facebook.  Indeed, in a new open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Ilse Aigner condemned proposed changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, and threatened to quit the social network if her concerns aren’t addressed.

More Journalists Using Facebook And Twitter
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More than a third (37%) of traditional journalists now contribute to Twitter and 39 percent produce content for a blog as part of their expanded duties, according to a new PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey.

"Across the board you can see a change in journalists’ behavior," said Sarah Skerik, VP of distribution services at PR Newswire.

Is Facebook Going to Change the Face of E-Commerce?
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Over the years, Facebook has grown into much more than a social network, including a place to shop. More and more brands are placing product listings on their Facebook Pages, a phenomenon, we’ve discussed more than once within the last week or so.

MySpace Lines Up Special Content For iPad Users

Anyone who’s sneered at the idea of using the iPad as video-watching device, citing the laptops, desktop monitors, and TVs that offer larger viewing areas, might have to reconsider their stance on the grounds of "something’s better than nothing."  MySpace intends to let iPad users see at least the occasional movie trailer before everybody else.

Spammers Sending Malicious 3D Easter Emails

Easter is coming up, and of course that means spammers are taking advantage. They do this with most holidays. And like they do with other holidays, they are using the holiday to disguise malicious emails. Symantec shared some examples with us.

"MessageLabs Intelligence has intercepted Easter ‘e-card’ spam emails offering a ’2010 Easter 3D e-Card,’" a representative for Symantec tells WebProNews. "Spam authors are attempting to use the recent surge of interest in 3D media to increase the likelihood of people falling for their scam."

Facebook Acquires Photo Service Divvyshot

Facebook has acquired Divvyshot, a photo sharing service. Staff will join Facebook’s engineering team. Divvyshot founder Sam Odio tells WebProNews, "We’re thrilled to be joining the Facebook team and look forward to kicking ass there."

Divvyshot describes itself as an "effortless way to see and share photos important to you, your friends, and your family. The company was just founded last year, and it’s made up of three people: Odio, developer Paul Carduner, and designer Michael Yuan. It’s located in San Francisco.

Digg Launches Android App, Announces Hiring

Last week Digg launched its iPhone app, along with an iPad contest. Now, Digg has launched its Android App.

Google Prepares For iPad With Five Services/Apps
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The iPad’s become almost inescapable – really, it’s hard to imagine that anyone with a TV or Internet connection hasn’t heard of the device by now – and to those people who actually buy one, Google would like to be similarly omnipresent.  The search giant discussed five iPad-specific tweaks and apps this afternoon.

Google Acquires Video Monetization Platform Episodic
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Update: Google gave us the following statement:

The New York Times Rolls Out iPad App
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The New York Times has introduced its free app for the iPad called "The Editors’ Choice app."

The Editors’ Choice app offers two pages of content from the top eight to ten articles in news, business, technology, opinion and feature sections from The Times along with videos and slideshows.

Search for More Search Marketing Opportunities
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Since Bing launched last year, it has placed a great deal of emphasis on giving answers beyond just the "ten blue links." In reality, the major search engines each offer much more than these ten blue links  (the standard of the old days of search). Google, Yahoo, and Bing each offer a variety of ways for users to obtain the information they’re looking for through various search options, blended search results, and other products altogether.

Facebook Names Manager Of Custom Data Center
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Facebook moves fast.  On January 21st, the company broke ground on a custom data center in Prineville, Oregon.  Now, it’s named the facility’s manager, and proven with a handful of photos that construction is coming along quite nicely.

Yahoo Entertainment For The iPad Debuts

If the iPad lives up to the hype (as you may know, Apple’s actually termed the device "a magical and revolutionary product"), it’ll provide companies an important way of connecting with millions of consumers.  And Yahoo may be one of those companies, since it launched Yahoo Entertainment for the iPad this morning.

Disney Offers Host Of Apps For iPad
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Disney has announced it will offer applications from all of its businesses on Apple’s new iPad, including an ABC Player app.

The new ABC Player app will allow iPad users to watch free, ad-supported episodes of 20 ABC programs via a Wi-Fi connection. iPad users will also be able to buy downloads of episodes through the iTunes store.

Hitwise Dubs Facebook “Most Searched On Brand In U.S.”
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It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is going to have to make more room in his trophy case.  Hitwise has devised a new metric termed "breadth volume," and Facebook is beating brands like Google, Yahoo, and Craigslist is this respect by quite a lot.

Google Has All Kinds of April Fools Day Fun
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April Fools Day is upon us, and that means of course that you’ll be fed lies all day long. It’s an interesting day, particularly in the tech, news, and tech news industries, where even companies get in on the fun. Google is no stranger to April Fools tom foolery, and they’ve got a number of silly announcements up today.

ConnectU Founders Claim Facebook Fight Not Over
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After a false start or two, it appeared that an argument about the founding of Facebook was resolved in 2008, with an out-of-court settlement ending the quarrel between Facebook and ConnectU founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  The Winklevoss twins have now claimed that’s not the case, though, implying that more lawsuits might be on the way.

DOJ Supports AP Digital News Registry

The Department of Justice said today it supports a proposal by the Associated Press (AP) to develop and operate a voluntary news registry to manage the licensing and online distribution of news content created by the AP, its members and partners.

The department said the registry is not likely to reduce competition among news content owners and could offer procompetitive benefits to both participating content owners and content users.

eBay Wins Tiffany Case (Again)
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We’re not taking sides here, but April Fools’ Day seems like an appropriate time for some lawyers representing Tiffany to find out that they’ve wasted over a year and a half of their professional lives.  This afternoon, a court affirmed a previous ruling that favored eBay in a trademark infringement lawsuit.


Goober Thinks It Has the Better iPhone VoIP/IM Apps
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Goober announced the availability of a new VoIP app and an IM app for the iPhone and iPod Touch this week. The company shared a few details with WebProNews about what makes its apps stand out from the competition.

"Goober, besides Skype, is the only company offering versatile and flexible flatrates," a Goober representative tells WebProNews. "The flatrate prices are about the same as Skype’s while the per minute rates are drastically lower."

Yahoo Arranges Transfer Of 200 Employees To Microsoft

Although it’s unlikely that anyone’s printing up new business cards just yet, it looks like Microsoft and Yahoo have decided how to deal with the post-partnership personnel situation in at least one country.  According to a Yahoo exec, about 200 of Yahoo’s engineers in India will switch companies.