Yahoo Puts New Spin on the Recruiting Process
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Today Yahoo! released what it refers to as the first performance-based online recruitment product, Yahoo! HotJobs Pay Per Candidate. The new HotJobs feature lets recruiters pay for candidates instead of just per listing.

The idea is that this will help recruiters tie their dollars directly to their results. The recruitment community will get its first look at the product at the upcoming Society for Human Resource Management conference starting June 28 in New Orleans.

Microsoft Unveils New Internet Explorer 8 Commercials
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Shortly after Microsoft unleashed it’s monstrous campaign for Bing, they’re unveiling yet another campaign – this one for Internet Explorer 8.

The IE8 campaign features commercials starring actor, and former Superman, Dean Cain as public service announcer.

YouTube Gets Mobile Boost From New iPhone
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Google said today that the number of videos filmed on mobile phones and uploaded to YouTube has increased 400 percent since the release of Apple’s iPhone 3GS last Friday.

The new device allows users to film video clips and upload them wirelessly to YouTube.

The increase is part of an overall trend with mobile uploads to YouTube surging by 1,700 percent in the last six months.

AOL’s Truveo Video Search Gets a Makeover

AOL’s Truveo, which touts itself as the 2nd largest video search engine both in the US and worldwide, has relaunched its site for 17 countries. The company says the update makes it easier than ever to find video on the web.

Google and Egypt Ink $10 Million Deal
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Google and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have signed a $10 million contract regarding business and workforce development in Egypt. Egyptian Minister of CIT, Dr. Tarek Kamel came to Washington D.C. this week with the goal of reinforcing bilateral relations between Egypt and the US, a representative for the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) tells WebProNews.

TV Shows Start To Earn Higher Ad Rates Online

The odds seem good that, no matter how huge his (or her) computer monitor, the average person still prefers to watch shows on a television.  But something of a breakthrough’s occurred, as television shows have begun to command higher advertising rates online.

YouTube Rolls Out New Channels Design

Update: YouTube has made an official blog post saying they’re ready to start rolling out the new channels design. Here’s a new video about the redesign.

China Accuses Google Of Spreading Vulgar Content
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China on Thursday expressed anger at Google for providing links on its English language search site that lead to vulgar content that violated the country’s law.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang dodged a question about whether the government had played a role in recent disruptions to Google sites within China. He did make it clear that the government was angry with Google.

What’s Your Favorite iPhone App?
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While the Apple App Store has grown to contain over 50,000 apps in less than a year, the most popular apps are generating the majority of usage by consumers. AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report for May (pdf), which examines the distribution of consumer usage of iPhone applications.

Highlights from the May 2009 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report:

Report: Yahoo Planning Major Brand Makeover
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The launch of Bing has, according to report after report, worked near-wonders for Microsoft.  Now, it looks like Yahoo’s going to take a shot at reproducing those effects with a significant (though not name-altering) makeover effort of its own.

Real Time Search Still Just a Concept
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We caught up with Michael Gray at SMX Advanced in Seattle and talked a little bit about realtime search.  Now, realtime search is one of those super buzzy concepts that meets all the criteria as the ‘Next Big Thing’.  It’s so big, Google is supposed to be afraid of it.  It’s so awesome, it’s going to change politics in the Middle East. Why, the way people are going on, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I got up in the morning and realtime search already had my coffee ready.

Online Spending In The U.K. Set To Double
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Online spending in the U.K. is set to increase from $14.6 billion to as much as $34.9 billion in annual sales by the end of 2011, according to a new report by PayPal.

This 137 percent growth in online spending means consumers in 2011 will spend the equivalent of about $705 for every U.K. adult – more than doubling the current annual online spending.

The Power Of Twitter

Two recent reports illustrate the power of Twitter in two important metrics—driving visits and purchasing power. Hitwise analyzes overall downstream traffic for Twitter, while NPD Group takes a look at downstream purchases generated by Twitter.

Ballmer Mentions Yahoo Partnership For Umpteenth Time

First off: yes, at this point, we’re all ready to slap Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz with a fish every time they talk about a partnership or acquisition.  Just the same, millions of dollars are at stake, so it seems important to acknowledge that Ballmer’s once again said he’s open to a deal. 

File Sharing with FriendFeed Now Possible
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Friendfeed announced today that it has added a feature, which allows users to share files. Previously, users were able to upload photos, but now other documents like PDFs and spreadsheets can be shared.

Transformers 2 is Huge for Online Ticket Sales

Online ticket vendor Fandango had a big day courtesy of the US release of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie came out today, technically starting at midnight last night.

Facebook Tests New Privacy Options

Facebook’s approach to privacy may soon be modified in an interesting way.  A beta version of the site’s Publisher is allowing users to micromanage their settings, adopting a different approach to every photo album and status update if they please.

Mimic the Inauguration with New Facebook Offering
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Facebook launched the Live Stream Box today, which is a feature that lets website owners and developers enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness events online. Think CNN’s Facebook integration from the Presidential Inauguration.

Weiner Becomes LinkedIn CEO

LinkedIn has named Jeff Weiner as its CEO, replacing Reid Hoffman, who wil remain on as founder and executive chairman. Weiner has been in the interim president role since January.

During Weiner’s time in the President role, he has overseen all operations and played a defining role in developing and excuting the company’s strategy on a global scale.

Yankees Fans Can Now Catch Games Online
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Major League Baseball said today it is partnering with Cablevision and the New York Yankees cable network, YES, to offer live games online in the team’s local market.

"These agreements are an important part of our global effort to give fans greater access to our game," said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig.

Google Announces AdSense For Mobile Applications Beta
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In many ways, Google is the company that AdSense built.  It makes sense for Google to extend the advertising solution into new markets, then, and the company’s doing exactly that with its fresh AdSense for Mobile Applications beta.

Time Warner, Comcast To Offer Shows Online

Time Warner has partnered with Comcast to offer some of its television shows online for paying TV subscribers, while making it more difficult for non-subscribers to get access to programs for free.

Top CEOs Not Big On Social Media

ÜBERCEO is sharing the results of some research, indicating that social media is not much of a priority among Fortune 100 CEOs. In fact, it’s barely existent within their own practices.

Most of these CEOs are not twittering. They’re not on Facebook, or even on LinkedIn – the social network, which caters specifically to professional relationships. The study looked at Fortune’s 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs to determine how many were using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or had a blog.

Ads Generating Interest, But Not Influence

Harris Interactive and AdWeek are sharing the results of a survey that looks at the interest-level and influence associated with advertising (in all formats) with relation to different age groups and incomes. The research indicates that overall, ads appear to be generating interest, but are not influencing purchase decisions.