Should You Still Submit To Directories?

One of the buzz topics in the marketing world for the past few months is the fact that directory submission is dieing as a method of link development and search engine optimization.  To add to the buzz, if you regularly check up on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines you will notice that it no longer lists submitting your site to relevant directories as something you should do.  To some, this is a sign that search engines no longer view directories as important.

U.S. Search Marketing Spend Sees Strong Q3 Growth
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U.S. search marketing spend showed healthy growth in the third quarter of 2008, up almost 27 percent compared with the third quarter of 2007 according to a new study from SearchIgnite.

Spend from existing search marketing advertisers is up year-over-year in Q3 across all engines by 26.9 percent in the U.S., a small increase from the year-over-year growth seen in Q3 2007 over Q3 2006. Quarter-over-quarter spend growth was also strong and consistent with Q2 vs. Q3 2007.

Google and Yahoo! Talk Volume Caps with Justice Department

Google and Yahoo! are in the middle of trying to convince the federal government (namely the Justice Department) that their search advertising deal is not an antitrust issue. This has been going on for months as they’ve tried to convince the entire world of the same.

GoDaddy Gets Smart and Social
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GoDaddy has released as service called SmartSpace, which it claims will make creating web sites  – complete with blogs, chat rooms, email addresses, photo galleries, and video showcases – easy for people that are not the least bit "tech savvy."

Yahoo Improves Content Match Technology
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Search Yahoo News for the term [advertising recession], and you’ll see about 1,200 results.  But things could be worse, as another arm of the company is seeking to address the problem with some upgrades to its Content Match advertising product.

NBC Redefines Its Local Sites

NBC is launching new local sites in cities across the United States, targeted at "locals only" to help them stay connected with what is going on in their respective cities.

Google Offers Inbound Link Advice
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Google’s Maile Ohye concluded Link Week with a tutorial on inbound links. It says basically what SEO experts have been saying for years: content and inbound links are most important, and in that order.
Google Offers Inbound Link Advice

FCC Clears Free Wireless Broadband

Free speech issues weren’t enough to knock down FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s push-through of a free national wireless Internet initiative, but few were talking about those free speech issues anyway.  T-Mobile’s and Deutsche Telekom AG’s arguments about signal interference—which is the cry-wolf line of the wireless industry these days–weren’t either; after successful testing in Seattle, free wireless Internet is on the way.

Google Maps Introducing English Labels For Japan
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Visiting a country in which English isn’t the official language can be tricky.  Visiting one in which the Latin alphabet isn’t common can be crazy.  But luckily for some travelers, Google’s trying to sort out the matter on its maps of Japan.

Number Of Illegal Downloads Falling In The UK
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Fewer people in the UK are illegally downloading music for fear of having their Internet connections cut off, according to a new survey from Entertainment Media Research.

Three quarters of music pirates would stop if told by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) the survey of 1,500 UK consumers revealed.

About 39 percent of music fans currently download songs from illegal sites, compared to 43 percent in 2007.

Proposals announced in July said that music pirates could have their Internet access restricted if a voluntary enforcement on piracy is not effective.

Text Ads Get More Clicks Than Video Ads
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Online video ads are not as popular as perceived with only 11 percent of consumers saying they were likely to click on video ads, according to a new study from iPerceptions.

Simple text ads were found to be the most likely to receive clicks with 25 percent of consumers doing so, followed by display ads at 20 percent and banner ads at 12 percent.

The only people who seem to be engaged by video ads are young people under the age of 25, a group that accounts for nearly one-third of the video-ad viewing audience.

Gray Lady Warms Up To Linking Out
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Let it be on record that in late 2008, the New York Times decided linking to other sites is acceptable for respected journalism operations. The headline, meant to be the replacement of the town crier, is heavy and sluggish with decrescendo: “Mainstream News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites.”

I’ll save you the trip to the calendar. No, we haven’t time-warped back to the Nineties.

Marketers To Spend More On Viral Video In 2009
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The majority (70%) of ad agency and media buying executives plan to increase budgets for viral video marketing in 2009, according to online marketing firm Feed Company.

Even with the industry’s support for viral video, the benchmark for viral video success remains unclear.

Microsoft Experiments With Customized Results

You have to give it up to Microsoft for tenacity. The company’s been sound trounced by Google in search, yet they haven’t given up their search ambitions. Most recently, Microsoft has been conducting a search experiment called U Rank.

It’s not entirely original, of course. Google’s been experimenting with personalized search results for a while now. U Rank is accessible via existing members’ Windows Live ID.

EU Warns Music Fans About MP3 Players
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A new European Union study shows that 5-10 percent of personal music player listeners risk permanent hearing loss, if they listen to a personal music player for more than one hour per day each week at a high volume over a 5-year span.

A European safety standard is already in place that restricts the noise level of personal music players to 100 decibels, but there is more concern over hearing damage from excessive exposure to such sources.

German Court Comes Down On Google’s Thumbnail Images

Either Google Germany’s lawyers aren’t up to snuff, or they’re just stuck in a really hostile environment.  Regardless, a new report indicates that two court rulings would have Google stop showing certain thumbnail images in its search results.

Newsweek Bundles Political Coverage For Kindle

Well, here’s an unexpected benefit of the digital era for print publications: Newsweek will be publishing digital anthologies of its election coverage as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle.

Essentially, that’s a nice repurposing of content that will be pure profit, something print publications need a little of these days. Consider this one of the early moves of a major print publications to evolve in a digital environment.

Email Scams On The Rise?


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MySpace, ‘My Ads’ Program Is Launched


Online Newspaper Advertising Sees Slowdown
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The growth in online newspaper advertising, the one area that has been a reliable source of revenue for the industry is now slowing down.

After 17 quarters of growth, online newspaper advertising fell 2.4 percent in the second quarter compared with last year, to $777 million according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA)

It was the only year-over-year decrease since the NAA began tracking online revenue in 2003.

Hope You Weren’t Too Attached to Twitter Instant Messaging

TwitterIt seems like Twitter is always acknowledging its shortcomings and apologizing for them. Some might take this as a weakness, but I tend to look at it admirably. Not many companies would be so straightforward when it comes to taking responsibility for their missteps.

MySpace Announces MyAds
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Last month, we reported that MySpace had launched a new self-serve advertising platform, but it was officially announced last night with a name – MyAds (beta). With this platform, users are able to create their own display banner ads with the following advantages working for them (as cited by the social network):

Twitter A Tool For Thieves?
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Some small alarms have been raised over the possibility that Twitter and social media like it could be used as information sources for those with nefarious purposes.

World Bank Hacking – Great Timing

The world bank has been hacked repeatedly over the last year according to a report on Dark Reading, which once again brings out the question, where was the information security team on this one?