Google Announces 10,000-Unit Google TV Giveaway
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Developers with an interest in Google TV might want to start clearing space in their dens for a set-top unit.  Google’s announced that it intends to give away a whopping 10,000 Logitech Revue devices in order to spur interest in the Google TV ecosystem.

We should note that Google’s not just trying to get apps built; this promotion is designed more to encourage the optimization (or creation) of websites for Google TV users.

Yahoo Mail Goes Social With Facebook and Twitter

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail Beta, which the company boasts is twice as fast and offers more social networking connectivity from directly within the inbox.

 Users can opt-in to try Yahoo Mail Beta.  The new mail service allows users to view and share updates from Twitter and Facebook without having to leave the inbox. An automatic slideshow feature allows people to see photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube from within their email messages.

MySpace Gets Reborn, With Emphasis on Entertainment
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MySpace announced its new redesign along with a new suite of products today. These, the company tells us, will "redefine the company as a social entertainment destination for Gen Y." We’ll see. 

Buzz Names Ross Levinsohn As New Yahoo Exec

A man with a very interesting history when it comes to social media and tech investments may soon be brought in to replace a high-ranking exec at Yahoo.  Rumor has it Hilary Schneider, EVP, Americas Region will step aside in order to make room for Ross Levinsohn.

Remember Levinsohn?  He used to work for Fox Interactive Media, and is credited with making the then-smart decision to purchase MySpace.  Plus, more recently, he’s been involved with some venture funds, perhaps gaining exposure to important up-and-coming companies.

Virgin America Goes Google With Gmail
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Airline Virgin America said today it is moving its operating systems into the cloud with Google Apps and will use Gmail as its email provider. Virgin America said the move to Gmail will improve its productivity for its more than 1,700 employees and it will help to streamline its IT infrastructure.

Twitter Celebrates Hiring Of 300th Full-Time Employee
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Any Twitter historians out there may want to mark today on their calendars as a milestone of sorts.  This afternoon, the company announced that it’s hired its 300th full-time employee.

To provide a rough timeline documenting Twitter’s growth: it supposedly had 22 employees at the start of 2009, 110 at the start of 2010, 140 as of February 14th, and 205 as of June 4th.

Google Donates $5 Million To Support Digital Journalism
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Some people like to argue that search engines are killing journalism, but if that’s the case, Google at least deserves credit for trying to perform a sort of first aid.  Google announced this afternoon that it’s donating $5 million to "encourage innovation in digital journalism."

Where $3 million of that sum will wind up is unknown at this point.  Google has only said that it’s looking to fund one or more journalism projects not based in the U.S.  As for the other $2 million, it will go to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

NASA Holding Tweetup For Space Shuttle Launch
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NASA said today it will give 50 of its Twitter followers the chance for a closer look at the next space shuttle mission during a Tweetup Tuesday, November, 9, at the agency’s Johnson Space Center. Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch on an 11-day mission to the International Space Station on Nov. 1 at 4:40 p.m. EDT.

Google Places Moves Forward With Pics Of Firms’ Interiors

Early this year, a rumor circulated that Google was exploring a concept called Google Store Views – basically a version of Street View that would photograph the interiors of businesses.  Now, pictures that were taken as part of a pilot program can be viewed on some companies’ Place pages.

Former Google Employee: Flying Easier Than Using Sony Google TV Remote
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It’s no secret that Google TV is having a rougher launch then some might have envisioned. (Some users have even said that it’s the first Google product that needs the "beta" label but doesn’t have it.) Mark Cuban has even blogged about how Google TV could hand Netflix the entire streaming universe.

WWF Launches Gift Catalog On Facebook
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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched what it calls the first, nonprofit gift catalog on Facebook today.

 WWF’s Gift Center on Facebook allows users to make a donation and pick a symbolic animal adoption from a list of more than 100 animals. Animal adoptions and all other items from the gift catalog, are connected to Facebook’s “Like”  and “Share” features, allowing users to create virtual “wish lists.”


Walmart, Best Buy To Begin Selling Facebook Credits

It’s perhaps not too much of a stretch to describe either Best Buy or Walmart as omnipresent, and together, the two retail chains are definitely hard to avoid.  So it looks like Facebook’s virtual currency will soon receive a huge push, as Walmart and Best Buy are supposed to start selling Facebook Credits gift cards.

Google Names Susan Wojcicki SVP

Susan Wojcicki is an important figure in Google’s history for all sorts of reasons, which we’ll run through in a moment.  But it looks like she’ll play an important role in its future, too, as word has come that Wojcicki was named a senior vice president yesterday.

A little background info: Wojcicki is the person who rented her garage to Larry and Sergey when they were in the process of founding Google.  She later became Google employee number 18, and managed to create everything from Google Doodles to AdSense over the years.

Amazon Launches Windowshop App For iPad

Amazon.com has introduced a free app for iPad called Amazon Windowshop, which the company describes as a complete “rewrite” of its website for iPad.

Amazon says Windowshop takes advantage of the iPad’s responsive, multi-touch user interface and offers a fluid user interaction.

“Amazon Windowshop is a top-to-bottom rewrite of Amazon.com – designed and built without compromise just for iPad," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com.


Rumor: Apple Vying to Acquire Sony
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Sony shares took an upswing as rumors began to swirl that Apple was vying to acquire the company. Reuters reported, from a Barron’s report, that Apple was interested in Adobe, Disney or Sony as their potential targets.

Would acquiring Sony be a good move for Apple? Your thoughts.

Travel Firms Band Together Against Google-ITA Deal
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Google’s $700 million acquisition of ITA Software has just hit another obstacle.  Several high-profile travel companies have banded together to form "the FairSearch.org coalition" and ask the U.S. Department of Justice to challenge the deal.

PayPal Names New CFO

The service that provides eBay with a good chunk of its revenue now has a new chief financial officer.  eBay announced today that Patrick Dupuis, formerly of contact center outsourcing specialist Sitel, is taking the CFO position at PayPal.

If that seems like an odd career path, the fact that BJC Healthcare, a nonprofit healthcare organization, employed Dupuis prior to Sitel may send your eyebrows even higher.  Dupuis did serve as CFO at both those outfits, however.

Select Droid Devices Now Getting Google Instant Beta
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It appears as though a beta version of Google Instant has been spotted in the wild, according to Droid Life. If you have an Incredible, Droid, or Droid X chances are you now have the ability to use Google Instant.

Do you like Google Instant? Tell us your thoughts.

Time Warner Puts ESPN Channels Online
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Time Warner Cable customers who have ESPN and have Internet service with the cable company will now be able to watch ESPN and ESPN3.com online starting tonight with “Monday Night Football.”

To view the content, Time Warner Cable customers can pre-register by visiting the company’s “My Services” section and verify they have a subscription. Customers can also go to ESPNnetworks.com or ESPN3.com to register or sign in to view content.

Digg CEO Announces Big Layoffs
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Six weeks after becoming Digg’s CEO, Matt Williams has made a tough call.  Williams announced today that he intends to lay off 37 percent of the organization’s employees in an effort to keep Digg out of the red.

Google Likened To World’s Second-Biggest ISP
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Earlier this year, Arbor Networks took a moment to consider the idea of Google as an ISP, and determined that the search giant would actually be the third-largest carrier in the world.  Now Arbor Networks has revisited the concept, and it believes Google’s moved up a step in the rankings.

Amazon Says New Kindle Sales Better Than Last Year

Amazon.com today said its latest Kindle eReader is the bestselling product on its U.S. and U.K. Websites.

Without giving specific numbers, Amazon said sales of its new Kindle have already surpassed total devices sales from October through December 2009.

Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps

So far, Google hasn’t celebrated with any public parties or press conferences.  Not even with a short press release or tiny blog post.  This morning, Google just used a Twitter account to announce the fact that the Android Market’s now populated by 100,000 apps.

You can see the seven-word tweet for yourself below.  It was sent from a somewhat out-of-the-way account the Android team uses to communicate with developers.

Half Of Americans Say Social Network Users Share Too Much
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Half of Americans who use social networking sites have seen people share to much personal information, yet more than a quarter (28%) rarely think about what could happened if they share too much personal information online, according a new survey from Lawyers.com.