Angelsoft Launches An Investor Search Engine

Angelsoft, a company that connects startups with investors, has launched an Investor Search Engine.

The Investor Search Engine contains profiles on over 1,000 venture capital firms and angel investment groups. It has a variety of filters similar to Web 2.0 travel search engine Kayak.com

Google Sidelined In China Yet Again
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Imagine any sort of sports team trying to come from behind in a 77-17 game.  Now, imagine that the losing team’s players get sidelined every so often for no apparent reason.  This appears to be analogous to Google’s situation as the search giant’s properties were blocked again in China. 

Skittles Did Taste The Rainbow With Latest Marketing Campaign

Say what you want about the Skittles experiment with social media, the campaign was effective in increasing the rainbow candy’s web site presence.

L’Oreal Goes After eBay In UK Court
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However bad the world economy gets, the L’Oreal Group’s legal team looks to be safe from layoffs.  L’Oreal, the world’s largest beauty products company, has put all sorts of stuff on the team’s plate, including a new lawsuit against eBay in the UK. 

Yahoo Launches Mobile Web Site For March Madness
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Yahoo Sports has launched a mobile Web site dedicated to the men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Visitors to the mobile tournament Web site will be able to track their brackets along with the progress of others in their group. Fans will have access to scores, news, schedules, pictures and commentary.

Online Brand Abuse Continues To Grow
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Online brand abuse of many of the world’s most popular brands increased in 2008, according to a new report from MarkMonitor.

The report found that 80 percent of abusive sites flagged in 2007 were still active today

Cybersquatting continued to rank as brandjackers tool of choice for exploiting reputable brands, growing by 18 percent in 2008. In addition, phishers expanded their targets in 2008, with 444 organizations phished for the first time.

New Severance Plan Clears Way For Yahoo Acquisition
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Delaware Chancery Court Judge William B. Chandler III apparently doesn’t love the idea of poison pills.  A settlement he approved would make it much less expensive – and therefore much more appealing – for a company to acquire Yahoo. 

Google Docs Privacy Glitch Accidentally Shares Documents
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Google DocsOn Friday Google contacted some Google Docs users to alert them of a privacy issue. Less than 0.05% of user docs were accidentally shared with people with whom they were not supposed to be. 

LinkedIn Stands Out in Terms of Revenue
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LinkedIn is a social network that often gets lost in the shuffle with greater attention being paid to Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is making money focusing on its niche of professional networking.

Marketing Shift, which notes that LinkedIn just came off its most successful quarter yet, takes a look at the network’s "three-pronged" revenue model:

Twitter Co-Founder Called Upon By White House
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Twitter Co-founder Evan Wiliams has been invited to the White House along with 19 other so-called "young business leaders" (including Chris Sacca formerly of Google) where they will discuss the economic crisis.

Google, Yahoo, MSFT Asked To Stop Censorship For One Day
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It never hurts to ask.  Representatives of Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International have written the CEOs of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to see if they would please cease censoring things for just one day.

Twitter Meets Parasite Hosting
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Google’s seemingly automatic trust of popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia make all of them—and by default, you, the end game—a target of spammers, scammers, and hackers. Combine that trust with Twittter’s foray into realtime search, and you’ve got yourself some spammer’s delight.

Self-Proclaimed “Facebook Era” Founder Wins Google Suit
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Aaron GreenspanAaron Greenspan, a man known mostly for his legal issues with Facebook, recently sued Google when his account was shut down and payment of $721 he was due from pubslishing Google Ads was halted. One day Greenspan received an email from Google saying:

Search Comes Home on Twitter
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It looks like the Twitter search box on the front page thing is coming to the mainstream. It was recently announced but only available to a very limited number of people.

More people are seeing this along with a pull-down menu for trends now, including myself. I never get these types of things before other people, so that’s probably a sign it’s on the way very shortly for everybody else.

Google Gains Tiny Bit Of Ground In China
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It’s rather unlikely that Google will ever dominate the Chinese search market; Baidu isn’t even close to being beat.  Just the same, a new report indicates the American search company is at least moving in the right direction, gaining an amount of ground last year that could be viewed as impressive. 

Robert Scoble Parting Ways With FastCompany.tv

Robert ScoblePopular blogger and WebProNews blog partner Robert Scoble is leaving Fast Company after about a year of video work at FastCompany.tv. But what’s in the cards next for Scoble?

Sheriff Seeks Craigslist Erotic Services Ban
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An Illinois sheriff wants Craigslist to stop making it so easy to catch prostitutes. Apparently it just gives him a lot more work than he can handle.
Craigslist Lawsuit

Measuring Success Of Social Media For Business

geometry_2At Econsultancy today, Editor-in-chief Chris Lake is putting social media measurement into perspective:

The key with social media measurement, I think, is to stand back and take a widescreen approach to measurement.

Google Letting Users Post Their Health Records Online

Before we get started I need to tell you that I will need to fight a strong bias here to write about the issue of health records online. I have some google-health-logobackground in the use, power and neglect of medical records from my days in the insurance business.

Microsoft Adds “Cash Detector” To MSN Toolbar
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It’s ugly out there, folks.  Unemployment has hit a 25-year high, the Dow is at a 12-year low, and it’s impossible to go 10 minutes without hearing the term "Great Depression."  So if you’re looking to make any purchases online, the MSN Toolbar and its new "cashback-offer-detecting mechanism" may be just what the financial advisor ordered.

Mahalo Employs Botnet Criminal
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An employee in Mahalo’s IT department, John Schiefer, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for launching a botnet attack. He was charged and agreed to plead guilty back in 2007. In the meantime, he got a job at Mahalo and has been working there up to his sentencing.

Seattle Paper Plans For Online Only Edition
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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has informed some of its staff that they have been selected to work for an online only version of the newspaper, if publisher Hearst moves forward with plans to shutdown the print edition.

Seattle PI Logo

Two reporters said they received "provisional offers" from P-I New Media boss Michelle Nicolosi or Hearst executive Ken Riddick, according to the P-I Web site.

Facebook Apps Get More Social with Chat

Facebook has launched the ability to let users chat within applications on Facebook. This keeps applications within the social network even more social.

If a developer uses the new fb:chat-invite FBML tag, they can display a list of users’ online friends and let them invite their friends to chat. Developers can also give users the freedom to choose which friends they want to appear in their chat lists within the apps.

Yelp Controversy Highlights Trouble With Consumer Reviews
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This consumer review thing may need to be rethought. Like just about everything else that came out of the Web 2.0 movement, customer reviews of businesses are huge targets for abuse.