Seattle Post-Intelligencer Moves Online

The Seattle Post- Intelligencer (P-I) will become the nation’s largest daily newspaper to move entirely online, its publisher Hearst Corporation announced today.

The announcement was made by Frank A. Bennack, Jr., vice chairman and chief executive officer, Hearst Corporation, and Steven R. Swartz, president of Hearst Newspapers. The final print edition of the newspaper will appear tomorrow.

Marketers Turning To Social Media
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The recession might have some people wandering through children’s sandboxes with metal detectors, but it hasn’t made marketers leery of social media.  Instead, more than half of the marketers who responded to a Forrester Research study intend to increase their social media efforts if the recession continues.

Google Adds AdWords to Picasa

Google is now showing AdWords ads above search results in its photo sharing service Picasa. It’s hard to imagine people being shocked by this.

Picasa Gets AdWords

Google has been getting more aggressive with adding ads to its products. Only a few weeks ago, Google started adding them to Google News search results after years of not having them.

Facebook Connects Users with iPhone Apps
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Facebook Connect on the iPhoneOver the weekend, Facebook launched Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod Touch at SXSW. Developers area already taking advantage of Facebook Platform APIs to add social features to many iPhone applications.

Social Media Market Still Miniscule, But Is Growing

Forrester Research just released a report that suggests the tough economy will be the catalyst for more spending on social media marketing.

U.S. Mobile Internet Use Sees Big Increase

The number of people using their mobile device to access news and information online more than doubled from January 2008 to January 2009, according to comScore.

Among the 63.2 million people who accessed news and information on their mobile devices in January 2009, 22.4 million (35%) did so daily; more than double the size of the audience last year.

Second Life Still Alive and Kicking
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Remember Second Life? While the virtual world disappeared from the media spotlight some time ago, it’s alive and well and continues to attract a new member every second.

A few months back you couldn’t escape media coverage of the brave new virtual world of Second Life. Major brands were building virtual HQ’s, holding virtual meetings and developing virtual marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola, IBM and even the NBA was making its second home there.

Twitter Bigger Than Newspapers in the UK
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Data from Hitwise shows that Twitter is getting more traffic than most newspaper sites in the UK. Twitter is the 54th most visited site there.

Twitter has overtaken sites like the Guardian, Times, Sun, Telegraph, and even Google News UK. Daily Mail is the only main newspaper home page that received more traffic than Twitter in the UK.

WIPO: Cybersquatters Set Record Pace In 2008
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Cybersquatters stayed busy last year, according to a new report from the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Indeed, they set a record, and it looks like they’re on track to do so again in 2009.

Bebo Makes European Push

The AOL owned social networking site Bebo has announced it has launched in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch as part of its continued international expansion.

Bebo says it has 22 million users globally with close to half of them in the UK. Previously Bebo was online available in English and Polish.

Hulu Follows Proverbial Suit, Creates Social Network

hulu logoNielsen Online’s VideoCensus indicates that in February, 17-month-old Hulu grew to become the second most popular video site (after the behemoth YouTube)—so, Hulu, what are you going to do now?

A Slow Year For Web Traffic (So Far)

AT Internet Institute has provided some interesting data looking into the evolution of web traffic. So far growth is slow this year.

Twellow, the First Twitter Directory Adds Features
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Twellow is expanding nicely into different areas of Twitter-related usefulness. Today a new feature was launched, which allows you to search among your own friends and followers.

Microsoft Kumo Screenshot Emerges
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LiveSide has snagged a look at the home page of Kumo, courtesy of some un-named Microsoft employee Twitterers. It looks something like this:

Kumo Screenshot

Upon first glance, it look pretty similar to say, this:

Wanted: New Media Business Models
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What we’re seeing on the Internet right now is a major upheaval of business models, a revolution that’s going to be viciously fought from both sides, by the newbies disrupting everything, and the old-world powers very upset at how the newbies are breaking down what were lucrative barriers for them.

More to Real-Time Search Than Twitter
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Google’s Seattle site director Brian Bershad told TechFlash.com, "There’s relatively little data in Twitter," Bershad said. "I think if you could take a Twitter-like service and combine it with a lot of other data sources about the users, you might be able to come up with something more interesting."

March Madness Comes to Facebook
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March Madness is a time-honored tradition for college basketball fans in the US, and this weekend is "Selection Sunday." That means it’s bracket time.

Millions of fans will be getting online to find brackets to fill out and chart their visions for the path to the NCAA championship. Many will likely turn to Facebook, and they’re in luck because developers like CBSSports.com, Watercooler and Citizen Sports have created March Madness apps where users can create brackets, participate in discussions and pools, and find news, scores and videos from the tournament.

Create Trust, Reduce Spam with Google Friend Connect API
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Yesterday, at PubCon South, Matt Cutts talked about Google Launching the Google Friend Connect API. Shortly after WebProNews broke this story, Cutts sat down with our own Abby Johnson for an exclusive interview in which he discussed the API launch in a litle more detail.

Economy Won’t Dampen NCAA Office Pools

You might think a rough economy would put a damper on March Madness office pools this year. Not so, says Microsoft. In fact, according to their survey, Americans are betting their brackets will outperform their 401(k) this year.
NCAA Basketball

Facebook’s Extended Growth Spurt Still Going On
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The phrase "growing like a weed" really only applies to Facebook if you say it with the plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" in mind.  New Hitwise stats once again prove that the social network is attracting users at an incredible rate.

“Twitterview” Scheduled Between McCain, Stephanopoulos
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The average person, if asked to visualize George Stephanopoulos interviewing John McCain, would probably imagine both men in a television studio, wearing suits.  But this Tuesday, it seems that McCain and Stephanopoulos will instead be hunched over keyboards and possibly dressed in their jammies.

Developers Taking Advantage of Best Buy’s API
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Last month Best Buy announced a new social and API-driven initiative to give its web business a boost. The Best Buy Remix Developer Network comes with an affiliate plan that lets developers earn commissions if the traffic they send to BestBuy.com results in a sale.

As Time Runs Out, MySpace Starts Counting Pennies
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You’ve got a hundred million registered website visitors. Now what? Some say focus on growth and retention. Another might say the next step is to try and sell them things. Perhaps a third voice says both. MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe is looking for the fast track to MySpace money—his job’s on the line this year—or at least to where he last saw a few hundred million bucks laying around. 

Facebook Vanity URLs Could Help Search Engine Rankings
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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. In areas where others have advantages over it, Facebook seems to be making changes to improve.Obviously there is the new Twitter-like functionality of its real-time news feeds/filters. But Mike Arrington points out another thing that Facebook is starting to do – vanity URLs.