Micrsoft on Why UK Advertisers Should Use adCenter

Microsoft faces some pretty tough competition in the pay-per-click space. On the adCenter blog today, they have posted some reasons they think users (at least in the UK) would benefit more from adCenter than its "main adCentercompetitor."

Yahoo Mobile Launches Out Of Beta
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Yahoo! Mobile

It’s a more personalized "mobile starting point to the Internet," available on the mobile Web and as an Apple iPhone app.

Yahoo Mobile has been released out of beta, following its introduction at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Google Suggest Goes Worldwide
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Google Suggest was released in the U.S. about seven months ago, and when it came to search terms like "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," the tool could be a helpful, allowing you to type just seven letters instead of thirty-four.  And now, people outside the U.S. will also be able to benefit, with some neat region-specific twists tossed in.

Google Introduces Rich Media/Video Ad Templates
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Google has introduced some new templates for rich media and video in the AdWords Display Ad Builder. Advertisers using the platform should take notice to these if they are looking to get consumers more engaged with their ads.

Google provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the templates in the following clip:

Skype for iPhone Officially Available
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Update: Skype says:

Apple’s Wozniak Turns to Social Media for Dancing with Stars Support
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Update 2: Woz is done. His efforts may have kept him around longer than he would have made it otherwise, but in the end, he just didn’t make it.

Update: Woz has survived another round of Dancing with the Stars for all of you who want to stay up to date without having to watch the show.

Original article: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appeared on Dancing with the Stars last night and came in last place. Now he wants help getting votes.

Alaskan Politician Outs Anonymous Blogger
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There are lots of politicians out there who aren’t thrilled with the anonymous free speech the Internet offers. If they don’t know the blogger’s name, they don’t know who to be mad at. One Alaskan political blogger got so under a representative’s skin the representative spent months trying to find and disclose her identity.

You know, because apparently there’s nothing else to do in the Alaskan legislature at the moment.

Life Goes Live Online

Getty Images and Time Inc. have partnered to launch Life.com, which will feature seven million photos from the 1850s through today.

The photos feature descriptions and are categorized allowing users to view, rate, share and link to images in the vast collection.  In addition to the Life photos, Getty plans on adding about 3,000 new images daily.

Writing For Conversions – Testing New Content
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Our exploration of utilizing content to increase conversion rates began with analyzing statistics to uncover opportunities for improvement, followed by how to create and implement good content to compel visitors to take action. The natural next step is testing.

April Fools Virus Bigger Than March Madness
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March Madness has been a very buzz-worthy topic over the last month or so, but as the NCAA tournament has gotten closer to its end, the buzz has faded consistently. A different topic has generated buzz however, and that is the Conficker computer virus that is supposed to hit the Internet on April 1st. According to Wikipedia:

Qwitter Enables Harassment 2.0
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I can see it now, an email in my inbox reading: “Hey, why did you unfollow me? I happen to think I’m very interesting, thank you very much. Consider yourself unfollowed by me, too.”

In the ever-evolving world of Twitter apps, we now have Qwitter, with the express purpose of “catching Twitter quitters.”

The concept is very simple. You give Qwitter your Twitter username and email address, and Qwitter notifies you when someone stops following you and suggests the tweet that may have caused it.

Facebook CFO Gordon Yu Fired?

According to Gideon Yu’s Facebook profile, the man is a fan of "Facebook," "Facebook Platform," and "The Facebook Effect, by David Kirkpatrick."  These repetitive entries are likely to be deleted in the near future, however, because Yu is leaving his position as chief financial officer of the company.

Twitter Makes Online Reputation Management Easier
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Late in the day yesterday, Twitter announced a change to the home page. The "replies" tab became the "@username" tab. Essentially, this makes Twitter even more useful for online reputation management than it was before.

Wikia Search Out Of Options
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So much for Wikia Search.  Other Wikia properties will live on, but this one service, which represented a foray into the field of user-generated search, will close today according to Jimmy Wales himself. 

YouTube and Disney Cut Deal For Clips/Ads

Google seems to be going back and forth over the video advertising business lately.

MySpace Teams Up With CitySearch for MySpace Local

MySpace announced a partnership with Citysearch today to launch MySpace Local. This is a social directory of small business profiles, where users can review, rate, and share content from businesses across the US.

Another Google Suit Settled For Ad Credit

If you have a dispute with Google over a relatively small amount of money, it’s probably best to take the company to small claims court. Joining a class action suit will only make lawyers rich and leave advertisers with advertising credit.

American Expands In-Flight Internet Service
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American Airlines announced today that it is expanding its Gogo in-flight Internet service to more than 300 domestic aircraft over the next two years.

American first launched the in-flight Internet service last August on 15 Boeing 767-200 aircraft on nonstop flights between New York JFK and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

American says it will install the Aircell system on its MD-80 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft fleets, beginning with 150 MD-80 aircraft this year.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet Crazy

Courtney Love, rock musician famous for being married to Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, is being sued for libel after tweeting some nasty things about her personal fashion designer.

Social Networking Continues To Drive Mobile Search

Social networking remains the number one area of interest to mobile Internet users with Facebook and My Space being the top two search terms on both Google and Yahoo OneSearch, according to a report from mobile software and infrastructure provider Openwave Systems.

In terms of average hits per session, MySpace leads Facebook by nearly 46 percent, indicating that MySpace could become the preferred choice for mobile communications for a segment of the operator base and displace some popular email offerings.

Nearly Half Get News Online in Spain

Research from comScore found that out of the total Spanish Internet audience of 18.3 million people in February, 8.4 million or 46% visited an online newspaper site.

New Jersey Law Seeks Monitoring Of Social Networks
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The New Jersey State Legislature is considering a bill that would force social networking sites to monitor posts that are offensive or face legal action.

If the bill is enacted it would likely have little impact on sites like Facebook or MySpace since the Federal Communications Decency Act protects sites from lawsuits based on users posts.

Microsoft Closes the Door on Encarta Encyclopedia
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Microsoft is closing the door on its world-renowned Encarta encyclopedia. It’s not exactly slamming the door. Online versions will still be available until October 31st, and in Japan, Encarta will still be available online until the end of the year.

Google Announces Venture Capital Fund

It’s quite possible that, over the next few days, more short, business-oriented PowerPoint presentations will be put together than the world has ever seen.  Google’s announced a new venture capital fund, and the aptly-named Google Ventures is looking for companies to support.