Google Survives Q1 Financial Report
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Analysts and investors were ready for just about anything this afternoon, with predictions of what Google’s first quarter would look like ranging from complete failure to yet another blow-’em-out-of-the-water success.  The real numbers landed somewhere in between, but – to most people’s relief – rather more on positive side. 

Sony Ericsson To Take Things Slow With Android
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The world’s fifth-largest mobile phone manufacturer is in no hurry to put an Android product on the market.  Sony Ericsson’s CEO made some comments today that gave the impression any sort of launch is quite a ways away. 

Headline Writing In The Digital Age
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There are many schools of thought regarding the Art of the Title, and generally this art varies according to purpose, medium, and culture. For better or worse, depending on your viewpoint, the Internet has changed what we expect from headlines, and how we shape them, but it is hardly a static art, especially with the advent of microblogging platforms like Twitter.

Best Buy Getting Into Movie Download Business
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It looks like Best Buy is getting into the business of offering movies for download. This could step up competition with the likes of iTunes and Amazon, and even Netflix really.

The concept is a product of Best Buy partnering with CinemaNow, the same company that Blockbuster has dealt with to offer movies through set-top devices. According to Variety:

Google Maps, Google Earth Match Up With Scientists, Webcams

It seems that, before long, Google Maps and Google Earth will be just about everywhere you look.  In the past two days, the programs have made inroads with both scientists and civilians, respectively. 

Google’s Android Going to Set-Top Boxes

Google is expecting a good year for Android, and it’s got plans for the mobile operating system. The company is planning "significant" products and partnerships.

NY Times Making Cuts To Paper Editions

I know it has everything to do with journalistic integrity and it is the right thing to do but when a newspaper the stature of the New York nyt-logoTimes reports on the cuts it must make to its sections to ‘survive’ it’s still sad.

Google Getting Desperate Trying To Monetize YouTube

I’m pretty sure that if it were not for its enormous size and price tag, Google would have shutdown YouTube along with all the other services that couldn’t turn a profit for the search giant. As it stands, Google has so much invested in the video sharing service that to fail would likely wipe at least a dollar from its share price.

Ashton Reaches A Million Followers
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About 2 a.m. East Coast time, Ashton Kutcher declared victory in attracting one million followers on Twitter. For what it’s worth—is it worth something?—CNN piggyback publicity team conceded victory, but would reach a million itself sometime in the wee morning hours.

About 7:30 last night, just about the time the Twitter-battle was being hyped on entertainment news, bookies reached out to my inbox to inform me the odds favored CNN. Odds were even on Kutcher, long on Britney.

Google TV Ads Online Launched in Beta
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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Google was testing an online version of its Google TV Ads. They’re now launching Google TV Ads Online in beta by invitation only.

Video Game Sales Dip In March

U.S. video game sales declined 17 percent in March to $1.43 billion, compared to $1.72 billion in March 0f 2008, according to The NPD Group.

Justice Department Extends Microsoft Antitrust Oversight

It’s not hard to imagine that certain Microsoft execs had started a countdown; as things stood, the Department of Justice would only be monitoring their company for about seven more months.  A new development has pushed the antitrust oversight period’s end date out to May 12th, 2011, however. 

Pirate Bayers Sentenced, Say They’ll Be Fine
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The Pirate Bay guys have been sentenced to a year each in jail, and the payment of US $3.59 million in damages. That goes for Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Carl Lundström, the four guys behind the BitTorrent tracking site. Each man was ordered to pay $905,000.

YouTube Finally Goes to the Next Level
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YouTube has finally announced after months of talks about deals with major media companies that they are now offering new sections on the site dedicated specifically to movies and television shows.

Partners include Crackle, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz and many others, which contribute thousands of television show episodes and hundreds of films. They also bring the social element of YouTube along with them because users can still comment, favorite, and share the videos.

Brits To Googlebomb Islamic Extremists

Well, if you can’t bomb terrorists directly, Google-bomb them I guess. Reportedly, the British government will be training sympathetic Islamic groups to use SEO in order to drown out extremist voices popping up in the search results. In a different, …

U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience Hits 20 Million
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The U.S. Hispanic online population reached a record 20.3 million users in February 2009, representing 11 percent of the total U.S. online market, according to comScore.

During the past year, the growth of the U.S. Hispanic Internet audience outpaced that of the total U.S. online population in terms of number of visitors, time spent and pages viewed, as Hispanic online adoption and engagement accelerated.

Boston Cops Hunting ‘Craigslist Killer’
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Twenty-six-year-old Julissa Brisman was tied up and shot several times in a Boston area hotel room by someone who solicited her massage services on Craigslist. This was the second killing in the area in a week originating with a Craigslist ad.

The other victim was identified as a Las Vegas prostitute but was thought to be an isolated incident until Brisman’s murder.

Google Continues Building Its Social Network
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Today, Google has launched a new event gadget for Google Friend Connect. The gadget gives webmasters the ability to spread the word about events of interest. Google Calendar Software Engineer Yoah Bar-David explains how the gadget works:

Facebook Announces fbFund Developer Advisory Council

fbFundAlthough the popularity of some Facebook apps has been shaken up since the redesign, allowing for others to emerge, Facebook apps in general are still booming.

What’s Going on with Facebook’s Valuation?

facebook-logo Conflicting reports, none confirmed, are circulating today about Facebook’s latest attempts at raising funding.

YouTube Comes Out With Advanced Caption Editor

People who want to add captions to YouTube videos should have a much easier time of it from this point forward.  An editor called CaptionTube has been released, and it represents a significant advancement over what’s been available so far.

TwitPub Wants You To Pay For Twitter Streams

While Twitter continues to tease us with its advertising plans, third-party providers continue to get creative with their efforts to make money from the micro-blogging service.

The Race to a Million Twitter Followers
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Who knew the race to be the first Twitter user with a million followers was so important? It’s not, but it is kind of fun to watch. Ashton Kutcher, CNN, and Britney Spears seem the most likely contenders, but one shadow organization lurks to manipulate while Oprah’s late entry could be an upset.
Ashton Kutcher Facebook

Google Adds Sitelinks for More Search Results
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Using Google for searching the web, you’ve probably seen some results pages from time to time that have the top result displaying a number of secondary links underneath it. These links go to different pages within the site.

Simply referred to as "sitelinks," such pages might take you to an about page or a help page, or really anything deemed beneficial to the user by Google’s algorithm. The example below for a NASA search displays links for Gallery, Missions, Aeronautics, etc.