Padres Ball Girl Makes a Great Catch and Becomes a YouTube Hit

    June 22, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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We have all seen the plays when there is a foul ball hit and the ball person who is on either side of the field to help shag in between foul balls tries to get to the ball and ends up falling down. It happens all the time in San Francisco because they only use senior citizens to do the deed. Some ball parks use attractive young ladies to go get the ball off the field.

Lisa the ball girl went one step further and took a stab at a line drive foul ball that was heading right towards a fan and caught it! It was a great play that got the announcers all twitterpated that such a pretty girl could make such a play. The words that followed from legendary announcer Dick Enberg are great “Hubba Hubba.” That is all. Even old men can appreciate a beautiful and athletic young lady.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself if they over reacted to her great catch. Maybe it was a web gem and I’m being over judgmental?


    She can catch my foul balls anytime

  • http://www.stutterrockstar.com Pam

    Is it necessary to use the word “stuttering” in this context? I am a person who really does stutter, and it’s so frustrating when media uses the term like this, connecting it to terms such as “buffoon.”
    I certainly am not a buffoon, but when average readers see this about stuttering, they think we are all stupid.
    Maybe I am being too sensitive, but the media has a lot to do with why people who really stutter (including children) are mocked and teased so much.

    • Rob

      Yea fortunately, this is not about you….

      Live and let live. If your offended by this, than maybe you are a buffoon

      Maybe the universe does orbit you and I’m the stupid one, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s probably not the case.

  • http://yahoo david

    lisa catches better than some of the pros,she has game and yes hubba,hubba was appropriately used in this case,she is smoking HOT