Pacquiao Vs. Bradley: Promoters Call For Investigation

    June 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Saturday night’s Vegas fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley caused such a huge uproar that the effects are still being felt today on the other side of the country. And it’s not over yet.

After a long and painful bout–during which Pacquiao seemed to be in the lead most of the time and Bradley injured both feet–judges declared underdog Bradley the winner, much to the dismay of, well, everyone. And while judges say they can see why Pacquiao supporters would be upset about the decision, they are also sure they made the right choice.

Judge Duane Ford said the split decision was likely so controversial because of Pacquiao’s popularity, but that fans need to look outside of their expectations to get a true reading of the fight.

“If this were ‘American Idol’, without a doubt, Manny Pacquiao would have won,” Ford said. “But it was not. I gave an honest opinion. I had Pacquiao up 4-2, I think, at the end of six rounds. I thought he hurt Bradley a couple of times early in the fight. But when the bell rang to end that round, it was over and what happens in one round doesn’t carry over to the next round. They’re separate units…Remember, it’s a boxing match and Bradley demonstrated his ability to box expertly.”

Promoter Bob Arum–who has come under fire since the bout for allegedly rigging the outcome–doesn’t agree, however, and is pushing for an investigation into the match to clear his name of any wrongdoing. Arum’s company promotes both fighters.

“I want to investigate whether there was any undue influence, whether the [Nevada Athletic Commission] gave any particular instruction and how they came to this conclusion,” said Arum. “But the whole sport is in an uproar. People are going crazy.”

Bradley famously challenged Pacquiao to a rematch before Saturday’s fight even took place, but it won’t happen until an investigation is done.

  • Ray

    I do not know what those two irrational reasoning by the two judges where doing during the night of the actual fight. I will advise them to learn how to judge, pay attention and bring them to match class so both will know how to add. It is a shame in boxing to put these two judges on big fight where the whole world was watching. You do not have to be a boxing expert and boxing fans to know who was the winner. Pacquaio for the first time after so many gruelling fights and after 8 belts in different weight class was unmarked. Look at his face after the fight. The world was saying and the boxing expert said you two judges messed up. How can they even said that this is not American Idol. What unintelligent answer.

  • tempten

    I wanted Bradley to win and would have bet a stack on it, IF I had it. If I had bet a stack when that bell ended the fight, I would have cried over LOSING my money. Did I like the decision, naw! not like that. I saw a strange decision. It is NOT the first, and won’t be the last, this is boxing in Las Vegas. This would not have even been the decision in Bradleys home town, and if it was in Manila…well somebody would NOT have made it home. Move on to rematch. Bob Arum is crap.

  • Sally Smith


  • Erik20

    What do you expect for judges that are 74,72 and 62 years old. They can barely stay awake when the fight began. Isn’t the retirement age 65 yrs old. Enough said, these GERITOL JUDGES GOT TO GO!

    • Ben Brown

      Geritol judges to to go? Ross and Ford need to be investigated,and if found incompetent (most likely), they should be punished. They, and maybe the Nevada Athletic Commission (for appointing those two judges), have caused irreparable damage to the boxing industry, they are responsible for thousands of fan dropping out, and they tarnished Pacquiao’s record and reputation. There should never be another title fight of any weight class held in Las Vegas.

      • http://Google Carmen Cortes

        I feel that one. Being honest is the way to go.

  • bert

    For even the social boxing fan. It is quite clear Bob Arum has rights to both fighter’s. Pacquiao and maywether is not going to happen, so why not create a contriversal ending to make another huge payday for both his fighters and himself. If I was Pacquiao I would retire and let Vegas and boxing suffer from his loss.

    • day alcober

      And now, you blame Pacquiao. EUREKA!!!
      What an amazing feat, how did you come up with this.
      Truly, special…..your special….

  • http://nnnmmmm michael

    The government of philippines should get involve because pacquiao is fighting for
    his country too. Definitely the state of nevada government have to be involve with this stupid
    fix on who behind this. Because it’s will cost nevada billions of $ boycott boxing in vegas tax money.
    I was watching the fight from the start to the end and follow up for the last two days on news,ect..
    I am not guessing who is behind the fix but it’s really funny to me that Pac-man got robbery and got
    screw by the boxing commissioner but he seem not upset or even piss off. So I was asking myself that
    does pac-man know who is behind the fix??? We all know Adum top rank promote is alway acting hollywood and he is a snake. Think about this, they all in for the money right, if rematch pac-man even make more money. Why is pac-man so quiet and doe not feel that robbery???? I am a vietnamese chinese guy that grew up in the united states that love boxing and a big fan of pac-man. I am disappointed of him is not because he got rob but he being too nice for all this situation of this fight and it’s question me.

  • escantillal

    Those two judges must be thinking just because they are the judges they know everything about boxing and everybody else will just have to close their eyes and accept their word. They cannot fool all those millions of viewers. How much were you paid, huh?

    • Irma


    • Michael Edwards


  • R

    If I was Paquiou they would never make another dollar with my skills… he is a true champ and did not deserve to go out like that. I’d be DONE with boxing and focus on areas of life where people apprepciate him, overall he is a good person. Congressman, husband, political figure– boxing isn’t all he has. They robbed him and I’d rob them of any future they have with my name, face, or talents. Shame on HBO and boxing for even allowing that decision to be read, Braldey knows he didn’t win that fight, the crowd knows, and the judges know– but we read the decision anyway and stripped the champ from his title, what a shame. Not only did they rob PacMan, they robbed FANS too– we pay GOOD MONEY to watch these fights and deserve fair and accurate decisions… This was pitiful!

    • Myrna Adonis

      We want our money refunded from Direct TV!!! $74.00 for that stupid decision?

      • Pete

        I agree 100%. It would bring overwhelming attention to the corruption in boxing, probably from the highest levels of government if Pac Man would tell boxing, Arum and Vegas to Go To Hell. He has been blessed to still be young, healthy and very WEALTHY. He does not need Boxing. Boxing needs him! There are many othe many more important things that he can do with his life. For him to just let these low life, greedy PIGS get away with this is an insult to him as a man and to what he has accomplished. I hope that he realizes this enough to react in a way that is more appropriate than what I have seen unless he is part of the scam.

  • noli a.

    The reason is clear why Pacquiao loses to Bradley,the 2 judges is watching the Heat-Celtics game replay.Pacquiao next fight will be out of Vegas….

    • Michael Edwards

      They were not watching the basketball game – they were busy counting bribe money and the big winnings from their BET on Bradley.

      • Pete

        All 3 judges should be banned from boxing, including the one who voted for Pac Man because there is no way Bradley could have been considered to have won more than 1 round, by the tinniest of margins. Remember; without even 1 judge voting for Pac Man, the decision would have been even more ABSURD. Never underestimate the guile and intelligence of these thieving low lifes. This includes Arum, the biggest, slickest snake.

  • Kay Martinez

    The two judges clearly need to step down as judges!! They clearly did not watch the fight! If bradley is the bigger man he will return the belt to its rightful owner…Paquiao is the CHAMP…regardeless of the judges decision.

  • http://Yahoo Pershing De Leon

    Judges in Boxing should always have Update course, sometimes judges only know their favorite fighter they forget they have obligation to public who love the sport to judge fairly, there also replay if they are daughfull. Boxing will not be popular if we have dirty Judges that fix the fight or Judges does not know how to judge a fight, Nevada Athletic Commission should investigate if the judges have made wrong decession and override the the victory of a boxer or hold the victory untill investigation is Done. Paquiao and Bradley Fight.
    According to Judge Duane Ford if popularity Paquiao Won I thin this Judge need to go back to school for Judging Boxing there is no popularity in boxing Judge the way you have seen the fight or review the tape of boxing. 90% who wacth the fight paquioa won what Judge ford talking about popularity he should look for another profession.

    • Michael Edwards

      Ford needs to rationalized BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in her/his pocket. Needs to be investigated.

  • updownin2

    There are to many Gangsters in Boxing. Get them out! It should be Outlawed because of the criminal influence. Anyone could see who hit the other more times with the greater force. The dumb judges think that the public is stupid. Strip the judges of their licenses and cloase down the Nevada commission, nothing but crooks.

  • JCE

    Where was the investigation when Paquiao “won” against Marquez

    • Woody

      That’s what I’m saying. Marquez beat pacman fair and square. Nothing. He just took the lost.

    • adan

      mexcuse juan manuel marquez even in compubox did not win, who sez he did?.no back-up right?.and how did the compubox marks vs bradley? don’t bother compubox is bias towards manny’s american idol like popularity. something is been cooked, you notice?.eeeehnge you dont.

    • PANCHO

      That fight could have gone either way but this fight was clearly a victory for Pacman. I agree Pacman could have lost that fight against Marquez because it was close but not this one.

  • Segun Odegbami

    I have been wondering if I was alone in thinking that this was the worst decision I have ever seen in my over 30 years of watching boxing fights. To think that this very anticipated fight by every lover of boxing in the world would be ridiculed by two judges who apparently saw the fight through jaundiced eyes is a great pity indeed! That verdict should be upturned to save boxing and its integrity!

  • Ivey

    I may be reaching a bit here, but I think some people have up Pacquiao because he spoke out that he wasn’t for Gays. I don’t mean to change the topic from boxing, but it is very possible.

    • Michael Edwards

      That’s a thought also. I have a suspicion that the judges are affected with that. ARE THEY GAYS?????

    • top1bystander

      Maybe possible. I have read somewhere about a judge being gay. Let this be said “Pacquiao is not against gays/homosexuality. He has lots of gay friends especially in the Philippines. He, however, strongly believes in marriage as being between a man and a woman.” That’s one hell of a difference! People deliberately misinterpreted/misquoted his words to mean otherwise.

  • fredjoe

    confusion in boxing?how shocking….Where is Don King when you need him? Boxing has no commissioner,no governing body,and no one that crdible in charge…..people that pay for this crap thru pay for view should wise up…your getting taken…

  • Tim

    I am finished with boxing. I am not partial to either boxer. I just like a good fight. Pacquiao semmed to land more punches (including more quality punches) and had actually hurt Bradley during the fight. Pacquiao did not seem to have been hurt even once. Boxing is a scam.

    • http://Google Carmen Cortes

      Never give up on boxing. Don’t worry the truth will come out sooner or later.

  • http://Google Carmen Cortes

    I think that the fight was rigged. I still believe that Pacquiao is still the true WINNER.

  • robert kirk

    the judges are on the take they walked away with more cash than both fighters put togather

  • JL

    The next pay per view I’ll gonna buy is the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Arums think people are stupid, that he can easily get away with it. After the public uproars, now he wants an investigation. How can they come up with a Nov 10 rematch right on the spot? Pacquiao and Bradley are both under Top Rank, you think people will watch a rematch if Pacquiao wins over Bradley last Saturday? They let Bradley win, to have a rematch, then Pacquiao will win the rematch and a 3rd fight comes up.

  • Andy

    Those judges shouldn’t be in boxing anymore. Transfer the fight to California.

  • Norel

    I do not know how Pacman lost the fight. My whole family were watching and even the results were clear that Pacman won the fight, and Bradley knew that he lost but did not disagree because he is greedy with the title. This is the end of the boxing game in Las Vegas. The whole world was watching and all saw the Pacman won.

    • Michael Edwards


  • cat’man’do

    Save the integrity of boxing ! Yer kiddin me, Right ?
    Need to start again with no promoters and an environment where TV has absolutley no influence.
    No need to raise a fighters hand untill the connecting punches have been counted and approved by a panel watching in slow-motion+replays (only clean connecting punches count)
    If it takes a week then let it take a week, I’d rather wait a month for a correct decision than a wrong one before the blood is even washed off.
    32 / 7 / and 1 here, well beaten on 3 occasions,
    4 of my 7 losses were scandalous decisions,
    best fight of my life was a draw, hows yer jaw Tommy,
    off da soup yet ?

  • Bob N. Weave

    Don’t know about any bribes: but, what I do know is that a fighter and his corner should have a clear indication of whether he is ahead on points or NOT.
    Judges’ decisions should be announced after the first round. We have a clear indication of which fighter is ahead on points and whether all three judges are judging the same fight; and, not until the other fighter gains and goes ahead on points, should there be a need to announce a change.

  • http://Facebook erlinda

    Raw decision!!!???? How Much!!!????Cheating in the broad daylight!!!????The whole world don”t agree!!!

  • http://Facebook erlinda ibasco

    Raw decision!!!?? How much!!!??? The whole won’t buy the issue!!!Even kids who watched the boxing can honestly tell who won!!!!???

    • shanaya



    it shows why Las Vegas is a sin city! i’ve been ripped off by this city many times…now the world has watched a crime committed before their very eyes!! this investigation is just a smokescreen, I think! the promoters are all involved here since i believed pacquiao is contemplating retirement after this fight and they won’t let go of the money machine!!

  • Pete

    For the public to be expected to believe the response from one of these crooks, called judges is an insult gross insult to their intelligence. What they are telling us is to believe them and not our lying eyes. The defense and the jury for the racist cops in CA during the Rodney King trial asked us to do the same thing. We know what happened there. If the Las Vegas Boxing Commission permits this decision to stand, Vegas should pay by not ever being permitted to host another important or championship fight.

  • hamlet

    The truth will set us free! It’s time for Pacquiao to retire!He has been used and exploited! I’m challenging the US Sports Comission to step up! Boxing has got to be in the mainstream of America’s Leading Sports! Bring back the Glory that boxing had during Muhhamad Ali’s time!I have nothing against Tim Bradley,he trained hard and that placed him on top rank among boxers worldwide.Many children would look up to these great boxers as their idol,their hero! But we have failed in instilling Truth,Justice,Integrity,Sportsmanship,these virtues our children badly needed are being deprived of them due so much greed! What happened Saturday night is just a symptom of society’s maddening cancer of moral decay! God bless America, God bless the world!

  • Pilipinas Kong Mahal

    THE WHOLE GAME IS A GREAT SCANDAL…..Most likely the greatest scandal in the entire boxing history. We the whole and entire people all over the world who are for Justice, Freedom and Democracy humbly demand that justice be done to Manny Pacquiao. Let there be an investigation, in all levels, local, state-wide, federal, and international investigation into this great scandal that happened in Las Vegas the night of June 9, 2012 Saturday in the Boxing Arena. The entire Filipino nation is indignant of this, and the more than 100 million Filipino people all over the world, we are callling all of you to Stand Up and Unite and put this great shame into the International Arena. Let the whole world decide and not just the voices and poor judgment of 3 old people. Justice for Manny Pacquiao, Justice for the Philippines, and Justice for the sports of Boxing.

  • joe

    this is a continuing saga! as pacman said he wanted to provide a good show to the fans! it so happens that the show goes on after the actual fight! well, fans, we got what we wanted after all the cheering!. One good thing this is boxing in its purest form! Nobody backed down!! it is just the judges spoil it with its bad verdict!

  • beverly canes

    Just so simple,the judges put lots of money over Bradley!!!

    • stycch

      They sure did!

  • http://webpronews chris pignone





  • Michael Love

    For everyone that knows this is wrong…contact Nevada Attorney General Catherine Masto aginfo@ag.nv.gov.

  • mspaap

    Its easier for Pac to SAY he won than to PROVE IT in a rematch.

    Its easier for Arum to argue wthan Pac won than have him prove it.

    It also saves Pac from having to fight another tough fight.

    Most fans will have to wonder if Pac is afraid to fight Bradley again.

    Hey it is what it is no matter how much a verba debate ends.

    • sandy mar

      Are you effing kidding us? Bradley knows he lost to PAC. Even Bradley’s wife was shocked that he won. DUH! What planet did you come from? Boxing Analysts, world champs, and famous athletes disagreed with the verdict, what do you effing know about boxing?
      He was in a wheelchair for injury, and you think the fans have to wonder if PAC is afraid of Bradley? You are talking like a clueless woman!
      PAC acted like a real champ, and accepted the verdict with an amiable behavior. He does not need to prove anything. He is the real winner and the whole world knows that. The only losers in this event were the demented judges, and poor Bradley became a big joke after years of hard work! Like what Dela Hoya said, He should have returned the belt and declined the rigged victory.

      • stycch

        Amen, sandy mar! Very well said…

  • http://googlechrome troy baksh

    the wbo president should mandate an investigation into the fight.shame on you duane ford,you should never never again be allowed to judge another fight.

  • David

    Its real simple, Arum promotes both fighters and a rematch guarantees this man millions. So it goes like this, Manny wins rematch then a third fight is scheduled to settle it. If Manny would have won the next logical fight would have been mayweather a fighter that Arum does not promote so he wants a rematch and possibly a third, even more for Arum, what he did not realize is all the backlash this was going to create so he goes publicly about how he wants an investigation into any funny stuff. I say launch an investigation against him. He has motive and the power to sway judges

  • yogi

    It’s really sad!!! Package won without a doubt. It was not even a close call. I know Bradley truly know he really did not win. No more watching boxing for me. I’m done. That did it!!!

  • HonestAbe

    Somebody should be made punished for a grave injustice that was just committed against the American people by no less by person/s who were supposed to be “fair and competent judges. We should boycott boxing and Las Vegas for thinking that they can lead us to believe that we are so stupid to believe and agree to whatever they say. I’M MORE THAN PISSED1

  • Djan Go

    No matter what investigation they will be doing on this two other judges, All decisions are final unless the court of nevada can accommodate a very super fast process to evaluate the minds and opinions of these two bias judges. Verdict had been issued and it is always final never in the history of boxing they have reverse any decision made by judges. Good luck to bradley hope u can keep up with Manny Pacqiauo’s greatness.

    • sandy mar

      Let us hope that he does not end up with a broken skull, or a spinal injury in NOvember. He sustained injured feet from this last fight, and had to be in a wheelchair for the post conference. I hope that PacMan does not kill Bradley next time.

  • James Bianco

    I think the judges need LASIK SURGURY.I don’t know what fight they were watching,but it just proves one thing,the fighting game is going out the window.I will never pay or see another fight again.

    • top1bystander

      Corruption and greed prevailed. I agree, we should not let get these A**H***s rich on our behalf! They have no respect for boxing fans nor for our hard-earned dollars. Manny should just retire and not go for a rematch (serves Arum and his co-conspirators, right!). Pacquiao doesn’t have to prove anything. He has 8 world titles and that is his legacy!

  • Leonardo Malalis

    Forgetit. I’ve done several times Nothing happens

  • top1bystander

    No more boxing! No more PPV! Definitely no more Vegas!

  • stycch

    “If this were ‘American Idol’, without a doubt, Manny Pacquiao would have won,” Ford said.

    Ow, c’mon, Jessica Sanchez who was the more talented and more popular one didn’t win the American Idol! Same as Manny Pacquiao who is more talented and more popular than Timothy Bradley!

    And the winners of both contests were less talented who suffered injury during the contests… What a perfect comparison!

    Obviously, your excuse is not well-grounded, hence unacceptable!

  • justin

    U guys are a bunch of babies. Coming from a pac. fan, Bradley won the second have of the fight. Stop crying and suck it up.

    • anees

      shut up justin sucker bradley fans.what a piece of shit.

  • jjjjj

    Camera never lied …Its the eyes of the judges that miss the action , Or intentionally did it wrong.

  • Mercedes Pasuquen

    UNBELIEVABLE?? FOR WHAT THEY’ve done it is very clear crystal than water that PACMAN won the fight better asked the world or gather signature who really won the fight. You Bradley you dont deserve that TITLE and I know you are not HAPPY for keeping it better give it back to PACMAN.Hungry……

  • alan

    has nothing to do with popularity. You just need to learn how to fuggin judge better. He clearly whooped Bradleys ass

  • Ez

    nobody wins em all, no matter what the circumstances may be… but when you can clearley seesum1 was paid for sumthing wrong what can u do?????? shake it off and beat his a** better next time

  • Jeo

    i am begging to the committee,any fight next time,whoever they are,please take a judges that are blinds,that is better than all so that people will not ask,why they dont see the actual game or how much Braedley paid for the judges or may be 100% sure nthey dont know how to make right decession,BRADLEY ! are you happy to recieve the belt which you know that it is not for you?oh what a pitty ambisious guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! return it back! thats not yours?

  • Jeo

    it is very simple,robbers of fame,greedy! ambitios! pitty people both Bradley & Judges,it is just a matter of comparison lolllllllll! assssssssshhhhhhhhhh or Thick lips,which of these is the good nickname of Bradley & Judges? HURRY! 1st ANSWER is the winner

  • bradley

    i did not won,i am just paid hehehehehehehehe no choice

  • Frank

    The fight was obviously fixed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDZES3eHJ-Y

  • http://thebestbloggers-robert.blogspot.com Grover Watts

    This fight smells of something inappropriate like a fix or something. If one looks at each round by round there is no way in the world that fight could have been that close. Obviously, Duane Ford needs to retire along with the other judges. Something is fishy and I hope that they get to the bottom of it. Someone has to pay for this travesty of boxing. Bradly and his corner know that they did not win that fight. Who are they trying to fool? That fight was not even close only a complete landslide for Pacquaio. Jail those invovled in that heinous scheme to make money the wrong way.