Pacifica Shark Attacks Fisherman In Kayak

    June 26, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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A great white shark attacked a fisherman off the coast of California Tuesday afternoon. Micah Flanaburg was fishing in a kayak with his father-in-law at Pacifica State Beach near Linda Mar when the shark attacked his boat. According to Flanaburg’s father-in-law, Ross Webber, the attack took place only about 200 yards from shore.

Flanaburg told San Francisco’s KPIX that the shark came up from underneath and began shaking his boat back and forth violently. After shaking the boat for a few seconds, Flanaburg says the shark let go, circled his kayak, and left.

Though the attack lasted only a few seconds, Flanaburg said that it felt much longer, and that the scariest moment was when the shark was circling after the initial attack, “’cause it swam back around and I thought he was going to come back and take another bite, right where my legs were.”

Flanaburg says that the shark was roughly three-quarters the length of his kayak, making it about twelve feet long. Fortunately the only damage was to Flanaburg’s boat, which received several scratches from the shark’s teeth and a missing strap.

Beach authorities are taking the attack seriously and have placed signs warning visitors of the recent attack. Nevertheless it is important to remember that shark attacks against humans are exceedingly rare. Only 80 people in the entire world were attacked by sharks in 2012, and only 7 of those attacks resulted in fatalities.

There is no word on whether Flanaburg intends to come back with a bigger boat.

  • J

    That’s pretty anal to put the cartoon shark from Nemo on a story about a real shark attack, no matter how minor that attack may have been. Where are people’s brains at nowadays?

    • JP

      I am amazed a cartoon shark was used in a story about a real life Great White attack. I have never heard of this media outlet Webpronews. I guess this article shows me why I can not take the website seriously.

  • JB

    Hmmm, maybe those who want to play in the waters of the Pacific off the California Coast should check out, “The Red Triangle”. Runs from Bodega Bar area down the coast and has one of the highest concentration of Great White Sharks in the world.

    Discovery did a show on it once and it was most interesting. They hang around that area because of the abundance of marine mammals to snack on – unfortunately they are not real sharp on telling man from other animals or such. My son dives – has no fear – says if you are in sharks kitchen you can’t complain if you turn out to be dinner.

    Not making light of it – but we do have a warped sense of humor!

  • M

    What do you mean cartoon shark? That a real shark. They smile when they know they’re about to have a meal.

    • JB

      Some people just have no sense of humor regarding sharks smiling, etc. I’m sort of surprised no one noticed the last line on the article – “There is no word on whether Flanaburg intends to come back with a bigger boat.” Granted that line is probably lost on people under – oh 30 – maybe even 40 – but “…we’re gonna need a bigger boat” is a very famous line from the movie Jaws – and I cracked up when I read it! Well done on the writers part!

  • poyman

    Y’all are just over-reacting… Look, only 80 people “in the whole world” were attacked by sharks last year and only 7 or 8 were fatalities… Sure there were a few more that lost arms and legs, but come on, what’s the odds???

    Well, they’re probably a litle worse than water skiers in Nebraska but percentage wise it’s low…

    So get out there and play in your kayaks and your surf boards, get as close as you can to them, enjoy life, the odds are with you.

    • Sheryl

      lol. how true, how true.

    • steve

      The odds are higher in areas where whitey has historically hung-out, and the increase of the Kayak trend of late, will create more incidences of missing do to fatalities. The season tends to determine where they are and the prey they are pursuing. I’d have a bang stick with 12gauge on board.

  • Jim

    Were going to need a bigger boat !

  • Ishmael

    This is what sharks do, it’s “THEIR” ocean. Animals rarely complain when we squash them on “OUR’ roads.

  • Sheryl

    lol…what are the odds? what is the luck of the odds? Is more like it…some people just seem to have all the luck, some don’t. So maybe better consider that first and then consider the odds…lol.. doesn’t matter when it’s your time to go, doesn’t matter whose dinner you are..or how you go. I personally don’t go near large bodies of water, because I don’t like sharks, or big animals that like to eat little people. I’m not that little, but hey, in size what’s the comparison? Or the odds ? Or the luck? Hmmm…decisions, decisions, decisions.

  • Marcusen I awaoke with the biggest hang over

    After high school I ended up in L.A. to get my SCUBA instructors license. One weekend a local guy, a South African and I ended up in Santa Barbara. We decided to do a little spear fishing. We had masks, fins, snorkels, wet suits, and Hawaiian Slings. We did not have “game bags” to stow the Sea Bass we speared. The only place we could store them was “in our wet suits, next to our bodies”. Afterwards I realized this was not the smartest thing I had done in my life. Stowing dead fish inside our wetsuits 150-200 yards off shore in sea kelp was asking for “Jaws” to come and eat us. We never saw a shark, thank goodness,

  • myles johnson

    rename the boat ORCA

  • eagleguy

    What’s with all of these Christian News agencies, demonizing the shark?

  • mary

    The great white goes there to mate. The males are very agressive. I dont know why ppl don’t figure this out? It’s not like this is the first time they have ever been seen there. Hello people!!! They are just doing what sharks do. Its not personal…

  • Atomicsynth

    Yeah I’ve heard all about how it’s “their ocean” nefore. I remember visiting cape cod with my son and swimming at a beach there the year before being only 5 miles or so from where all those shark attacks were last year (because the seal population is “protected”) mow we never saw a shark, but we were walking the 200 yards out to a sandbar which is the exact same thing one of the victims (who susstained a very serious bite to his leg) that next year was doing at that beach a little farther up.

    So I would say only that the commenters who have never been bitten or nearly bitten (myself included luckily) but the difference being that they seem to be all about the shark’s rights wehere I am more apt to say shoot the son of a bitch thing when it leaves deep ocean and comes 200 yards off store stalking humans.

    • alan staffa

      Today ( and every day )in this country alone at least 60 people perished in traffic accidents. At least 7 more perished on mountain and street bikes. Every 2nd day someone dies by lightning. Those deaths never make headlines. 7 people die in entire word in the entire year but here comes a screaming headline. Perspective, people, perspective….

  • LB

    I love the ocean but I do not like being on the bottom of the food chain so I stay my butt on shore. On land I am the top of the food chain, in the ocean, I am at the bottom. Not a good place to be.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/police-kill-dog-video-goes-viral-lawsuit-to-follow-graphic-2013-07#respond Towanda

      Right…It is important to consider if the fun of being in the waves is equal to the risks. While the odds are you won’t be bitten by a shark, there are other things out there that can cause you great harm. Long ago in the Gulf of Mexico I took my sister’s young children out. You can go out fairly far at low tide. We were out around the second sand bar when I saw a fin break water. I grabbed the youngest one and threw him over my shoulders and made for the beach. He was screaming all the way. When I set him down, he was bleeding pretty badly from my fingernails. He just screamed…that was a dolphin. I wasn’t waiting around to find out. That was the first time I saw a fin break water and I wasn’t going let that critter get my sister’s son. I was pretty proud of my reaction but my nephew thought me more than a little stupid. Ah well….I stick to pools now.