Owl Attacks On The Rise In Missouri - But Why?


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Owls are normally docile creatures unless they feel threatened or feel the need to protect their young. In Missouri, owl attacks have been happening pretty often and many people are wondering why? Local news stations have received several reports of owl attacks. The strange thing is that the owls aren't being provoked and appear to be attacking for no reason.

Animals seldom attack for no reason and it is not clear if there is more than one owl responsible for the attacks. One animal expert believes that the attacks may be happening because the owl or owls feel threatened. People can wander upon nests and not even know it. If the owl sees you before you see it or the nest, it may seem like the attack came out of nowhere.

Springfield Nature Center naturalist Kim Banner told KSPR, “They're going to be protecting territories and protecting nests and they just tend to get more aggressive this time of year however the Great Horned Owl has been known to attack people for no apparent reason.”

Attacks have been reported in several different locations, including Houlihan's, Target, and the YMCA in Springfield, Missouri. The owls don't seem to discriminate by age or sex and have attacked men, women and children over the last few days.

One ten year old boy recalled his attack saying, "He just flew down, acted like he was going to curve off that way, but then he just like darted straight at my head, and he got my hair."

The Missouri Department of Conservation says it is breeding season for great horned owls, and they often protect their territory.

Until the owl or owls can be caught and transferred to a safe environment, officials are warning the residents of Springfield to stay alert and avoid any contact with owls.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.