Osama Bin Laden: As Pakistan Oppresses Ethnic Minorities, US Resumes Aid

    October 20, 2013
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Two and a half years after the widely publicized US Navy Seal raid, which killed Osama bin-Laden at his hideout in the heart of Pakistan’s military-political establishment, Washington DC has quietly resumed overt foreign aid to Islamabad.

The decision to resume billions of dollars in aid comes in the face of crushing unemployment, worsening inflation, and a tsunami of $100+ trillion debt staring at American people.

Despite growing but muted opposition to foreign aid, a paralyzed and pliant America has resigned itself to decisions crafted by policy makers in Washington DC. Declining standards of living over last several decades have led to a situation where an aging and bankrupt US, with below replacement fertility, is boosting the finances of Pakistan with explosive fertility and rapidly multiplying population.

Pakistan’s ethnic minorities, which are deeply resentful of Islamabad’s oppressive rule, are bracing for further attacks on their communities and dignity, as White House revealed plans to transfer more than $1.6 billion to Pakistan, including $305 million in “security” assistance.

Newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Punjab is scheduled to meet with White House staff and US Congressional leaders, where plans for future aid will be elaborated.

“As part of our annual funding process, throughout the course of this past summer the State Department notified Congress of how it planned to program funds from several different accounts for various programs in Pakistan…While this is part of a long process of restarting security assistance cooperation after implementation was slowed during the bilateral challenges of 2011 and 2012, civilian assistance has continued uninterrupted throughout,”

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in an email.

Tens of billions in security aid to Pakistan’s military over last several decades has strengthened its grip on restive minorities, including Balochis and Sindhis, who have sought independence with varying degrees of intensity.

Last month, the ethnic conflict between Baloch minority and Punjabi majority came under international glare in the aftermath of powerful earthquake in the province of Balochistan, that took 400 lives and displaced more than 300,000. US congressional hearings on Balochistan have revealed the extent to which American aid to Pakistan has been used to suppress Balochistan’s freedom struggle and right to self determination.

Following the lead of Balochistan, separatists in Pakistan’s Sindh province have redoubled their efforts towards political independence from Pakistan, as American foreign aid enriches the Punjab province, home to Pakistani military-political-financial establishment.

It remains to be seen if American people’s opposition to foreign aid can be channeled into political action, so that the cycle of oppression, death and destruction of Pakistan’s ethnic minorities, followed by ever increasing aid by Washington DC, can be broken.

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  • Yes

    Bin Laden was dead long before the raid in Pakistan. None of the official story makes sense. Go on a massive ten year manhunt and capture the leader of the worlds most hated organization. Don’t question him, just shoot him, and then dump the body in the ocean. Then days later, many of the guys on the raid get killed.

    Also, according to French intelligence reports, CIA agents visited Bin Laden at the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, two months before 9/11. He was suffering from advanced Kidney disease with near term renal failure.

    This is not some conspiracy theory either. The much of the information regarding this came from Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Pieczenik’s credibility is beyond reproach. As well as serving under five US presidents, he wrote the book on psychological warfare and counter terrorism for the State Department, while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world. He also won two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards while studying at Harvard Medical School. Look it up if you want. MSNBC tried to debunk his statements and ended up confirming them.

    Believe the official story if you want but the story ranks up there with the Jessica Lynch fable and the Pat Tillman tragedy.

  • MH

    Most of what has happened since 9/11 has been fiction. The rest of the world knows but the American people live in a dream world, but I think they are waking up. All this discontent in America now is not only about the economy. The people fundamentally do not trust their government at all. It all started with 9/11 and it will continue to grow. Why do you think the government is doing all the domestic surveillance? The mainstream media will never cover this but many people do not believe the official story of 9/11 and the Bin Laden raid. Those numbers are growing everyday.

    Don’t ask me what the truth is because frankly, I do not have a clue anymore. That is what is scary to me personally.

  • Phil from Philly

    As mush as it pains me to say this …. I agree. It is funny the person below mentioned Jessica Lynch. I wrote a paper on her for school. The whole story the government said was a fraud. The real story is totally different. I mean completely different. Also, four guys who rescued her died in weird ways:

    Petty Officer First Class David M. Tapper died of wounds received in Afghanistan.
    Lance Cpl. Sok Khak Ung was killed in a drive-by shooting.
    Spc Josh Daniel Speer died when his car crashed into some trees for no apparent reason.
    Kyle Edward Williams, who worked in the same company as Lynch, died of “suicide”.

    Look up “Censored Images of War (part 6)” on YouTube. It will give you a good summary of events, but really the evidence is everywhere. I would give you my bibliograhy but I doubt WebProNews would want that long of a comment.

    The American people believe too much of what they see on TV. They should start calling Washington — Hollywood East — because most of what comes out if it is fiction and made for TV.