Oregon Highway Shooting Ends, Gunman Killed

    October 4, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Today, the Oregon Police Department released the video footage that was acquired during a highway shootout. The state trooper’s dash camera caught the whole incident on tape. With the public release of the video, the footage has went viral.

The incident occurred between a state trooper and a military veteran a little over a month ago. On August 29, what started as a routine traffic stop took an obscure, deadly turn when the incident spiraled out of control into a fatal shootout. Oregon State Trooper, Matthew Zistel, pulled over a man driving a dark colored on Highway I-84. The man who was later identified as military veteran, John Van Allen II was initially pulled over for speeding, reported KOBI-TV.

The footage began with Van Allen exiting his vehicle immediately after he is pulled over. “Sir, please get back in your car for me now,” ordered Zistel on the footage. After Van Allen fails to adhere to the order, Zistel repeats the command several times, asking Van Allen to get back inside the vehicle. But, Van Allen resists, and decides to draw a handgun and fire at Zistel instead. Allen took a military stance, and fired several shots, all while hiding behind the front of the squad car. Zistel begins firing back.

After approximately 3 to 5 brief seconds, Van Allen backs away from the squad car, and fires one more shot. Showing no signs of injury, Van Allen deftly retreats and gets back into his car and flees. Zistel contacts dispatch to request back-up, as he had sustained a minor gunshot wound to his left side.

However, it was later discovered that Zistel did, in fact, make contact when he fired at Van Allen. His car was found approximately a half a mile up the highway. He had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest, and was visibly immobilized and slumped over behind the wheel. His three children – two teenage boys and a 10-year-old girl – were also inside of the vehicle. The children were unharmed.

NBC subsidiary news group, KOBI-TV of Medford Oregon posted the video of the live coverage, which was released by the Oregon Police Department.

Image via NBC News

  • brad

    meaghan, another misleading/inaccurate media report.
    Not once did the military veteran shoot from hiding behind the troopers car. All shots were fired in open field. This makes a difference, as it depicts an entirely different mindstate of the military veteran, one, if he were indeed hiding whilst shooting, and two, if he was shooting in open field.

    There also appears to be no visible signs of impact on the veteran’s shirt once shooting has ceased. Suspicous.

    Point is, if you are going to report on a story, please be accurate.