Oregon Ducks Delivered First Loss From Stanford

    November 8, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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The match-up between the Oregon Ducks and the Stanford Cardinals was set to be one of the best games of the year, and a game that would decide the fate of both teams heading into the final few games of the season. While many thought Oregon would win, or at least put up a lot of points, they were shutout for much of the game and lost to Stanford 26-20.

Oregon entered the game with an undefeated record, and while Stanford had lost one game coming in, they each have one loss as they prepare for the Pac-12 championship. The final score certainly does not show it, but the Oregon Ducks suffered a beating unlike any other in recent history, and before their late and desperate rally, they were down 26-0.

It is unfortunate that the Oregon-Stanford game could not have been the exciting game that everyone was expecting from two of the top teams in the country, but unfortunately one team just does not come with their full potential sometimes.

For the past three years now, the Oregon Ducks have been one of the top teams in NCAA football, but just like the past two years, they have lost a big game and will likely lose out on another opportunity to make the BCS championship game.

The defensive coordinator and head coach are both trying to blame themselves for the loss, and coach Mark Helfrich said of the loss, “We didn’t get off to a good start offensively and on special teams, and that’s my fault, for whatever reason. Defensively, I thought we competed all day.”

Oregon ironically lost to Stanford with the same type of play calling and strategy that they used to win last year, when they played in Eugene. Stanford controlled much of the time of possession, running for 274 yards on 66 carries. The Heisman hopeful, Marcus Mariota, was also playing on a bad knee, and tweaked it more in the second half. He was forced to stick to the passing game, and rushed for -16 yards on three sacks.

The Oregon Ducks may have been one of the top few teams in the country going into last night’s game, but their performance agaisnt Stanford certianly did not show it. What will become of their post-season?

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  • denman

    yeah, Stanford owned the Ducks, they are clearly not a national champ caliber team

  • ron

    this reporter is so bad that he doesn’t even know to turn on spell check. and he’s obviously a Ducks hater!!

  • bill

    Just last week they were saying ducks should be #1 that the were so much better than Ala or FSU ..the ducks better be glad they lost now instead of playing Bama or FSU in the BCS Title game ,then you would hacve seen a shaming

  • Jesse James

    The Oregon Duck player who opened his mouth about the score of the game made a big mistake. He should have kept his mouth shut. You just don’t mouth off, it may piss off an opponent and here it did. It doesn’t take much.

  • Oregon Always Losses

    Oregon always losses a game. Always. Doesn’t matter how high scoring their offense is. This is why they will never win a National title. Eventually you are going to run into a team that plays defense.

  • Charle Gonzalez

    I am an Oregon fan, I love their exciting style of football. The hurry-up offense in its current form will win many games but the lighter offensive line required to run it cannot stand up to a heavy defensive line. I think if Oregon wants to win a National Championship, they need to somehow find bigger linemen that can handle the hurry-up offense. (easier said than done)