Oprah Grills Kardashians, But Why?

    June 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Oprah grills the Kardashians mercilessly in the latest episode of “Next Chapter”, pulling no punches when it comes to the things the public really wants to know but has no answers to, such as what Kim really thinks about that sex tape and whether or not her marriage to Kris Humphries was just a big publicity stunt.

But many fans are asking why she chose this family to interview when they are already famous for being famous. Their lives are taped and broadcast to millions, and there isn’t much they can do that isn’t shared on film; so why them?

Oprah says she didn’t know much about the family before the interview and had never seen their shows, so she had to do a mega-cramming session beforehand in order to get familiar with the Kardashians clan and what exactly makes them so popular. After the interview, she took to her Facebook page to share her thoughts.

Ok my friends I had the longest interviewing session I can ever recall, talking to ALLLLLLLL the Kardashians. I had never met them, nor seen the show. I did a full on Kardashian Kram in preparation, watching major shows from every season. I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon? Why do so many people love to watch their every move and why do so many others love to hate them. Are they completely ego centered? Are they really “famous for being famous” or is there something more?

I “GOT IT” … those answers +more. Those of you who watch the show know they hold nothing back. This interview I’d say was another level of forthrightness and honesty. Who surprised me the most? Scott. Lamar and Khloe. Kim.

Everyone who’s asked was the marriage a publicity stunt? Why did she leave after 72 days? Her answer leveled me.

An insightful visit with the Kardashians, every single one of them except 2 year old Mason.

The episode has garnered a huge amount of attention, and fans are already gearing up for the second half of the interview, which will air on June 24th at 8 p.m.

  • Ray Workman

    I couldn’t care less about Kim Kardashian. She sickens me and if she is on television, I turn it off! I thought Oprah was better than this.
    Kim only married Chris for the million dollar wedding show. She is all about getting her picture on TV and name in the paper.
    A very shallow woman!

  • http://.com beula

    Why would Opra interview this family and make them more famous ? The only one that is smart in the K-Kage is Bruce and his two little KK”s( for now). I do not watch them too often ,but when I do poor Bruce is left out of family matters. Like when he was gone two days,and Scot called to ask to speak to Bruce and Kris said that he was downstairs.Two whole days? they are all in it for the money. I was in their store and it was dead, Dollar general has more business in two days ,then what they have in one week.The two little KK’s still have a chance if Bruce helps them. Rob needs to man up and teach his sister to be young smart ladies.I think their dad flipping24-7. They all have a vulgar mouth and then say BIBLE.They all talk about their sex life as if they are talking about a movie, I know that is very normal for them ,but that is what bring them more money. They are just very high call girls.

  • Lee

    Well, Now Oprah has taken herself to a NEW all-time low…..
    It not “rocket science” to understand the Family enjoys their 10 min. of fame – and they’ve shrewdly parlayed it into a fortune at the public’s curiosity & expense! But are they classy?….Never.
    If it LooksLikeShit – TalksLikeShit – WalksLikeShit………… It’sStillShit, Folks –

  • Elizabeth Marciano

    First let me say that the Kardashian’s are not famous, when you dress, behave, slut around, make sex vapes, air your dirty laundry, are money hungry mongrels gypsy trash and self centered pieces of shit, with vulgar mouths and no respect for themselves or others, that doesn’t make you famous. It makes you infamous. There is a difference. You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear! Why do people say they’re famous? That is an insult to all the genuine, decent actors and actresses on TV and the Silver Screen. These people have no dignity or class, if they did they wouldn’t air their scandalous life style to the public.

    • debbie

      Oprah just doing what she does best interveiw with celebrity talk …oprah at her best

    • Sam

      They are brilliant business women like Oprah, Bethanny, Howard Stern. College dictates what classes you take, once your out, the world is yours for the taking. People don’t create a life like these girls do.

  • http://yahoo.com mj

    the kardashian is a disgrace to the new generation of soceity. they are showing no morals at all in all their tv shows. in short, they are bad role models and bad influence to younger generations. its just full of crap and trashy talks. the people shouldn’t support their shows at all. i think only stupid people watch their shows and its pathetic that a lot of people nowadays are like that. i have high respect for oprah especially on her choice of shows, i think it was disappointing to know she chose the kardashian clan for an interview. its really a poor choice.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Fanny

    Like many of you I feel that the K’s are greedy and they stop at nothing for fame and money. The first step was for Kim to get some attention by hanging out with Nicole R. and Paris H. She used them to get her picture and name out, then the sex tape and later posing nude. Rob lives at his family expenses, Kourtney is too mellow to think straight, Scott is OK and he deserves an applause for putting up with the crazy Kardashiams. Kris is mean to poor Bruce most of the time, and actually Kloe seems to be the more normal one with solid feelings for everybody, the Jenner girls are really adorable, we only hope the Kardashians contamination won’t reach them so they can be respected as normal people. I was for the cancellation of their show but money talks in this world and we are doomed to keep hearing about them. Bummer

    • http://yahoo Relish

      You are so right. Nailed it…….can’t stand what they are doing to the young girls watching all the trash on TV. Like you, hope the Jenner girls survive it all. But it is monkey see monkey do…so we’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best. They are so precious…..

    • Sam

      Because military familes went into the military because they had very little or no choice. The Kardashians used their work ethic an imagination to build something. Military familes reap what they sew.

  • http://yahoo Relish

    Why can’t ol Oprah interview some military families and all they go through making it without the partners, men or women have a hard time and then there is the kids w/o a parent. Good grief, wake up Oprah you have sunk to an all time low period. Never watch your OWN network. Hope it goes bust…….good grief……Wake Up America

    • Rick

      Cause nobody wants to hear a bunch of white trash toothless whores who slut around while their husband is in Iraq.

  • David

    What seems to really have gone non-commented is the irony of the biggest attention whore of all time conducting this interview. I, like the real majority, am tired of Oprah, a self-appointed High Priestess of her own narcissistic cult of self-love, “conducting in-depth interviews” with people who are not only no worse than her, but in ways are more honest than her. Kim K. may be a sleaze who will do anything to remain a non-celebrity celebrity… but she has yet to deny that is what she is. Oprah was the one that started it all for the last three generations of “celebutantes” and “reality stars”, and the fact that no one has every questioned any of the multiple lies that the woman told on her own show and was allowed to ignore as if they never happened is precisely what has made many men become reactionary in their return to misogynistic ideals about women of the past and with more zeal than past generations before them.

    • Andria

      Really? Big difference between Oprah and the Kardashians. I don’t remember seeing a sex tape of Oprah with Brandy’s brother or maybe I missed that one…..I think I smell the scent of jealousy:)

    • SPR

      I do agree with you. I lost all respect for Oprah when I heard she was going to interview the Kardashians – what a load of codswallop! I always thought she was more intelligent than that. Getting sucked into the whole Kardashian Kalamity? I guess OWN is not doing so well. Oprah you lost a whole lot of credibility.
      To say she was ‘leveled’ by their honesty?? Give me a break Oprah – I bet after the interview was over and Oprah left, they would have laughed their heads off – SUCKED IN !!!

  • http://webpronews elsie dunlop

    Why waste our time on the Kardashian family? They can do whatever they like and it will not bother me. If Oprah truly focused on those who try to better our world, maybe including her schools, she would improve tv quality,perhaps inspire others to do so, and maybe give the world a better picture of us.

  • kiera k

    Though I don’t personally subscribe to social mores that mandate the sense of exposure that seems to dominate the every waking moment (seemingly)of the Kardashian Experience, I certainly respect the business savvy and acumen that has engendered an impressive dynasty for the family. And say what you will about Kim, she has made superficiality its own art form.

  • Andria

    I don’t really believe the Kardashians were honest or forthcoming in this or any other interview. They give rehearsed and disingenuous answers time and time again; matter of fact, I think all celebrities do this. And does Kim really think anyone believes all the BS about her “marriage that went all wrong in 72 days?” Yeah, I think it’s time for all of us to turn the channel and direct our focus to constructive info and people. Better yet, lets use our time a little more wisely and make a real difference in this world ourselves. I’m ashamed I ever watched one episode of their show or any other reality show for that matter.

    • Sam

      It seems they came off very well, articulate, and authentic and you are searching for negativity. If they came off crass an uneducated it would confirm your preconceived notions. Kim has options, she didn’t have to stay with that tantrumming liar who though he married a groupie. He will fall in the weeks to come…and I can’t wait to see the Hump exposed.

      • Rick

        Don’t defend the Kim. She is a nasty slut. I wouldn’t EVER marry some chick that fucked a nasty black dude and FILMED it.

  • Dennis in Green Bay

    These people are just like the Gabor sisters. Famous for no reason. Sooner or later even these women will run out their 15 minutes of fame and fade away. Remember Twiggy? Remembery Jackie O? Remember Liz Taylor? Remember Kirstie Allie?


    I feel for the men in their lves. Lamar, Scott, BRUCE. you have to be drunk like scott to be with any of these moranic women….

  • debbie

    Oprah just did interveiw get real people

  • debbie

    Oprah just interveiwing celebrity what she has always done.oprah at what she does best..Seems too me noone can say anything good bout the kardasians ..everyone has good in them ..

  • debbie

    Kim has helped alot she is sharing her money where it is most needed helping helping people in need There is alot of people who appreciate her. Thanks Kim

  • debbie

    Kim married chris believin her marriage would work like all people rich or poor .love is powerful thing .I am sure Chris and kim really tried work things out,But when two people are hurt..Best thing is to seperate why cause more conflict ,,,

  • Chrissybabe

    Any promotion is good promotion and now YOUR talking about it. Oprah wins again. And yeah, it’s only an interview, take a chill pill!

  • Joaquin JimeneZ

    Taking their money away and their just like everybody else POOR…

  • tones

    Let’s face it: Kim Kardasian is a PROSTITUTE!!!! She saw what being the star of a porno tape did for Paris Hilton and SHE WANTED IN ON THE ACTION!!! SHe F***ed and S***ed her way into the national spotlight. She is no better than any common streetwalker IMO.

  • linden frank

    I would just like to go a day without hearing the Kardashian name. So sick of them. Poor Bruce Jenner. But you know what they say? What goes around comes around. It’s coming around Bruce. You gave Christy Jenner hell so guess you’re getting some of your own now.

  • http://Yahoo.com Craig Pulkownik

    Who gives a crap WHO Off-Rah is grilling?

  • Johnny DoNothing

    Really Kim the whore and her media whore family, they are nothing but shitbags…

  • Tami

    Is Oprah just getting desperate? I mean really, why are you trying to” grill “those hoes? You can publicity in so many other ways…. You can just breathe and people will be more inclined to war next your next chapter. you do not need to use the sleazy Karshittians!!!!! Didn’t you work your way from the bottom up? Why are you going back down????? Maybe you should allow them to appear on a show on std prevention.