Oprah Grills Kardashians About Sex And Money

By: Amanda Crum - June 18, 2012

Oprah grilled the entire Kardashian family mercilessly in the first hour of a two-part interview for her show Oprah’s Next Chapter, and some of Kim’s revelations shocked even the veteran talk-show host.

The infamous family sat down with Oprah to talk about the few aspects of their lives that the public isn’t already privy to, and she devoted quite a bit of time to Kim, delving deep into the questions she knew people wanted to know the answer to.

“Would you be where you are had there not been a sex tape?” Oprah asked.

“You know, I think that’s how I was definitely introduced to the world. It was a negative way, so I felt like I really had to work ten times harder to get people to see the real me.”

Kim also addressed rumors that she released the tape herself, saying she would never do anything to bring humiliation to her family’s name. She also talked about her brief marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries, saying that the two of them simply weren’t around each other for long enough periods of time before getting married and really had no idea what they were getting into.

“I think when people first meet, everything is great in the beginning, but I didn’t spend more than a whole week with my ex before we married,” Kim said. “When we moved in together, I saw how our relationship was… I don’t want to get into the small things, but once we moved in, I knew he was not the one.”

Kim also revealed that her mom, Kris Jenner, helped her get on birth control at the tender age of 14 after she explained that she wanted to lose her virginity to her boyfriend of two years.

“She said, ‘OK, so this is what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put you on birth control,’ and she was like, really open and honest with me,” Kim said.

Part two of the interview may have even juicier bits of info, including Oprah’s questions about Kanye West and his role in the Kardashian family’s life. The next installment airs on OWN on June 24th at 8 p.m.

Amanda Crum

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  • marky

    Offrah is a fat disgusting hogg, Kim should kick her black ass !

    • Jerry

      her black ass can buy your poor ass a million times

      • Steve

        Why do you have to resort to name calling, too? Apparently you don’t have the I.Q. to respond intelligently.

      • http://Yahoo Dennis

        It is really something when we are have so much valuable time to agree that Oprah is a fat ass. Haven’t we come such a long way, baby?

    • Steve

      Why do you have to resort to name calling? Apparently you don’t have the I.Q. to respond intelligently.

    • Sandy

      @marky u r a racist pig

      • jc

        I”ll drink to that!!!!!!

    • CyndaLee

      Oprah has done more for other people and helped thousands get an education, home, jobs…etc. She is an awesome person who has used her money and talents to help more people than just about any one person in the world!!! marky should be banned from the internet… No one should be allowed to talk about someone in such a terrible negative, degrading way…

  • Paula Ward

    Since I am not privy to Oprah’s new channel nor her shows, I can only respond to what I know – not heard about this family. I am so sad to think that even though we are a free republic and live under a constitution that indicates free speech, the people here can sell sex on camera for others to watch, and then gleen fame and notoriaty from it. What has the K-family ever done for anyone else? This is all about them making money. There’s no talent in this bunch, little progressive education, just examples and more examples of how backwards we keep moving in this country. The sad part is as long as someone is watching these shows, the more money they make. Question: Does anyone else see that Bruce Jenner is looking more and more like a woman?

    • Steve

      First, the US is a contitutional Republic.
      Second, you can’t respond to only what you know because you don’t know them.
      Third, Oprah grilling them? Give me a break

    • Terrance

      Wow have you ever met a Kardashian or lived with a Kardashian or even grew up with one of them? How dare you insult them using phrases like “free speech” as a back bone for cyber-bullying.

      If you were to simply search the web or watch their show one time(not a fan but i have watched on many occasions)you would see that they have given more money to various charities in a day than you would make in several years.

      So what, porn stars do what she did one time hundreds of times in their lives, and do it better. Why are you not on porn websites calling them out for selling their bodies for fame?

      Maybe you should worry about yourself rather than trying to jump on the Hatedashian bandwagon.

      P.S Kris Jenner is a successful business woman and her late husband was a successful and accomplished attorney. What exactly have you done evolving this so called “talent” that we all must have to get by day to day?

    • dancing girl

      Well, I agree the the whole clan needs to clean up and go away..However, I am disgusted at the arrows pointing to “This Country bla bla bla”. I am a born citizen and have never signed an invitation for you to come here. If you don’t like it, and wherever you came from is better…GO BACK !! THERE ARE PLEANTY OF OTHERS THAT WOULD LIKE TO COME HERE….

    • Stella Elgie

      I think he’s been leaning this way for years! I am certainly not surprised! Can’t believe I’m even writing about these no class idiots! I need to quit!

    • http://Yahoo Dennis

      Why are so many people UPSET with the “K’s”? It appears that they came upon a good, cheap way of making millions of dollars while the rest of us sit around and complain about how unfair everything is? Are we just a little jealous?

      • Ausiz

        Some of the K’s look nice. However, most of us can actually see the reality behind it _which is simple human pervertion with a nice face, pretty much like the delicious apple offered to Adam by Eve.
        Now, making money with dignity is one thing, but losing your dignity while making it is another thing. So, just because there is so much moral decay and confusion in society promoted by the media nowadays does not necessarily mean that everybody has joined the bandwagon or approved of such behaviour for most of us Americans _though not perfect_ are mostly Christians.
        So, let’s not get so defensive about these fame, money hungry women because most people are simply excersizing their right to warn the unwary of the K’s decadent behaviour.

  • Lisa

    Marky, please spell a person’s name correctly if you want to criticize them.

    • joyce

      i love how people focus on spelling when they have nothing else worth saying.

  • Harvey Lain

    Oh Damn! When I read the heading I had hoped they meant literally “Grilled”, as with gas or charcoal. No such luck! Are these people never going to go away?

  • hollywoodnc

    These twerps are just ONE of many idiots out there seeking attention through the media and the media is accommodating every one of them for RATINGS.
    Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kate +8, Octomom, the Palins, this group of jagoffs (kartrashians), Kanye West, Lindsey Lohan, Charlie ‘LOSING’ Sheen, etc…
    A few of the nut jobs just appeared out of the woodwork one day and the rest followed.

    The best way for these irritating fools to vanish, is to BOYCOTT the station that airs ANYTHING involving them.

    When these trollops air on fatasses show on OWN, don’t watch it!
    WHO CARES how they stole their riches with sex tapes, fake marriages, etc..
    Anyway, don’t we all have enough shit to contend with, then to see a whiney cunt throw a temper tantrum all because she doesn’t get her way?!
    (sorry…I had a George Carlin moment there…!)

    Gee…if these sleazebags can become rich w/sex tapes, how about I masturbate and shoot a load on a kim kardueshian poster and record it!

    Gross?…Not any worse than what this clown clan has done to become rich and famous.

  • Antonio

    The Kardashians are fucking idiots and if anyone doesn’t see that there just as dumb as they are. Sure there making million but, they are still fucking idiots

  • voodoopriest

    truth of the matter is you all citizens of a free and blessed country.people are suffering and dieing of hunger Africa.

  • steve james

    oprah people who live in glass houses should not talk about others …oprah has had enough hidding her own things

  • jumbalaya

    offrah is not a good interviewer anymore. she should go on and be free to be gay.

    • Chavonne

      Offrah LOL, you gave me a good chuckle lol.

  • jumbalaya

    offrah is no a good interviewer anymore she should stop already!

  • scott

    ‘Oly Chit, I was wondering why the fire departments from several states were not called i. Here I thought that it would be a hot fire over a low grill, boy, was I put down.

  • Chavonne

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Kardashians, they have a right to make a life for themselves and live out their dreams just like all of us do. And if we haven’t realized our dreams that doesn’t mean we should take it out on those who have, just work harder on your own.

  • max levine

    in our flawed democracy talent has not been the only way to fame and wealth. the khardashians are preceded by zsa zsa gabor and her sisters , the children of musicians and also actors. look at what we pay some athletes and how most of the world is hungry and sick. life is not just but america is wonderful and occasionally silly.

    • Rien

      I wouldn’t even give the Kardashians any attention. She gives a guy a blow job, spreads her legs and squeals like a pig and our society rewards her with attention? That is the only talent Kim has is laying flat on her back. I have NEVER watched their boring reality show and I never will. I have more respect for woman who can earn their way to fame and fortune the respectful way with hard work and determination. Kim’s way was the the easy way out. I think back in the old days they called girls like this a harlot but in todays world she is considered a tramp.

  • corinne

    That is Why She is the QUEEN. What is right is not for us to decide, but to think, What would Jesus do??? It is so simple, yet people have their own thoughts regarding this matter. That is exactly what is wrong with society, we are not evolving, we are desolving

  • samantha

    who is oprah to talk. she never even gradauted form college . who is she to have a television show and express uncertified intelect when she doesnt even have a proof that she is soooooooooooooooo smart that she could condesendingly be to attack someone else

    • beth

      *graduated *from *intellect *condescendingly

    • E-Baby

      Samantha did you graduate from college, because Oprah did and is even a member of a sorority. I would tell you the university’s and sorority’s names, but I just want to see if you are capable of looking this up, since you were too stupid to find out the facts before you spoke. You are so funny my dear, and people like you are always wondering why they are the butt of all jokes!!!!

    • J

      Uncertified intellect? I wasn’t aware that intelligence now needed certification. And intellect is someone’s capacity for rational thought, which does not need certification either. Don’t use words too big for your comprehension.

  • samantha

    oprah winfrey is not smarter than any kardashian. if she is then were is her college degree?

    • Funguy

      You don’t need a college degree to be intelligent or successful.

      • kojo andoh

        you mean a person needs a college degree to be smart or act smart? look again Oprah just proved otherwise

    • tim

      based on your logic, bill gates isn’t any smarter than any kardashian.

    • Lauren

      she graduated from TSU

    • theprof


      You should not be commenting on anyone’s academic inability when you have made a 2nd grade grammar mistake. The word is “where” not were.

  • http://Yahoo KMike

    It’s a nice promo for ratings and nothing more. It gives the media something to hype on a daily basis, because they have no original thought process anymore. The majority of the general public doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the Kardashians. They’re just a few folks out of nearly seven billion on the planet, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Nik

    Why are people attacking Oprah an her intelligence level? She is just doing her job and asking what others want to ask!

    She must be doing something right because she sure is getting what she wanted…your attention. :)

    • Nik

      *and her intelligence not an

      • laurie

        have you read Oprah’s biography by Kitty Kelly? If not it will be sure to change your view on the queen of talk

    • Barbara


  • pat

    Marky is very ignorant and it shows obviously. Oprah doesn’t have a degree, yet she has gained so much from doing a show that millions love. AS well as help so many people in need in a educated manor. Not a sex tape, to the person who claims Kim and Oprah are the same Thats a negative, what is kim kardashian doing for people to better themselves, nothing at all. That whole family is something else, and thats not in a good way. I will give them credit that have truly extended their 15 minutes of fame but I am sure ready for it to be over.

    • E-Baby

      Note: Oprah does have a college degree. She graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN and is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Also, her pocket book and the fact that she is still relevant after all of these years says it all. The people who are questioning her intelligence are haters and mad that this poor, black girl from Mississippi grew up to be so successful. I’m not mad at the comments that were made, though. Haters like you are needed to keep us Non-Haters motivated. Have a blessed one!

      • Me

        OWN is the one channel I make absolutely sure i’ve taken off of my channel listings.

        Wish i’d known Rosie had a bomb too. GOOD

    • E-Baby

      I just wanted to mention that I did mean to bring forth awareness about the degree, but the rest of my post was to people like Mark and the rest of the haters. Thanks for your post!

  • E-Baby

    Everyone, please excuse Marky! His parents were siblings. LOL!!!!!

  • fatnana59

    I just wish Oprah would go away! Enough already. Thought we were rid of her. I make sure to avoid OWN!

    • shahbaz


      • JiJi

        I completely agree. I was so over Oprah years ago, as she would answer her questions to her guests herself. Now she thinks people want to spend money to watch her on cable??? Not me, ever – or even if OWN becomes available for free …. she’s a greedy money grubbing cow!

  • flo

    nonsense who cares about the k family anyway!!

  • Bloo

    I only clicked on this because I misread it as “Oprah Kills Kardashians”. I was expecting the news story of the year.

    • Barbara


  • B A

    The Kardashians are money gubbing whores. If there was no sex tape she would just be another fat ass white girl looking for a guy with money. AS long as people feed into watching bad behavior, the family will get richer. With all that’s going on today with unemployment, homelessness, and the war, you think people really care who she slept with? And the wedding joke, that was all about the money as well. Why the sponsors didn’t go after her for the sham is beyond me.
    We live in a time were the media celebrates bad behavior. It’s really sad.

  • Curtis Barlows

    Remember the BAG OJ Simpson gave his private Lawyer DADDY Kardashian. LAPD wanted that bag, and “RUMOR” has it, that MOMMY Kardashian took a big chink of the “Ten of Millions” that was in the bag.
    We are all watching what OJ’s lost money produced….the unREALITY Kardashian Whores..

  • Mike

    All I want to know is how much would it cost me to get double-teamed by Kylie and Kendall.

  • World

    The Kardashians are the most over rated people for nothing. Just like the Hiltons. Who cares? I certainly don’t and apparently neither does the rest of the world. The shows ratings are driven by 15-18 little girls that idolize Kim. Is that a reason to be famous? Are you kidding me? They could disappear tomorrow and I would not even make a comment. They are so full of it…specially the mom. Oprah…did you really have to make this interview? My respect level for you just went down a notch.

  • CougarGold

    Kim also addressed rumors that she released the tape herself, saying she would never do anything to bring humiliation to her family’s name.

    She’s accomplished that all on her own with being on TV on a regular basis.

  • JJ

    Kim on birth control pills at the age of 14…OMG

    • Barbara

      Belive or not there alot of kids on birth control and there alot of kids having babys and there still babys get real

      • Coree

        Barbara, I totally agree with you. If my daughter came to me at the age of 14 and told me she was thinking or thought about having sex, I would want to take the same precautions. That does not mean I am condoning or encouraging her to have sex. Even if a parent tells a child “no don’t have sex” if they want to, they will. Better safe than sorry.


        YES! Some kids are on it for acne also or even to regulate their periods. There are other reasons to being on hormone pills than just preventing pregnancy. I would like to stick my daughter with the Depo shot as soon as she starts her period just cause Im scared to death lol… But I know thats probly not a good idea lol

  • Barbara

    You know all these people that post those shits comments what if it was u up there I sorry I think the kardashians are very pretty woman and youngers one are very pretty too and as for Oprah yeah she up there because she smart and made it they are all making money I like watching the kardashians and belive it or not I have talk to alot of people that like watching them yeah there drama but thatswhats make the show better we all have drama in our if you than you live a boring life drama whats makes the money wake upcheck your life out anyway if I could make money like them I would but I am on ssi yes I am kind of poor but happy stop putting these people down just because they made up there kardashians keep doing what your doing I am watching if you don’t like there shows than don’t watch or read it

    • fred johnson

      What if your aunt had balls? She’d be your uncle.

    • Paul

      Wow, if I were an English teacher and this was an essay, it would get an F.


        Lol. I dont see any periods what so ever.

  • Carolyn LeBoeuf

    Your paragraph doesn’t even make sense. You really should spend more time reading and writing than watching untalented people with their “drama.”

  • ade onikoko

    ori gbogbo yin ti fo danu! eyin alai nironu

    • Bola A

      My guy you don kolo o

  • van

    Kim should be taking off the show and her stink mother.

    • http://yahoo idachadwick

      honestly, you are right. from the first time this family publicly
      appear revealing their personal lives and activities i realized they are wasting their time. Sex and money is “passe”. Why not reveal what you honestly can do to help other that do not have the beauty that all the Kardishians put together have.
      They are wasting the natural treasures that god hasgiven them.
      People all over the world are not looking and donot pay attention to these lucky ones.People all over the world are looking for real love. Real families. Real us. God bless you,God
      bless Ophra and God bless us all . ida

  • Bulljacket

    “so I felt like I really had to work ten times harder to get people to see the real me.”

    The tape did indeed show the real you!

    “saying she would never do anything to bring humiliation to her family’s name”

    B.S.! Kim would screw a Silverback Gorilla if she could catch him, because if the gorilla would run like hell the second he saw her coming!