One Year Old Shot To Death In New York


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Police are currently investigating the death of a one year old boy, who was shot in the head while in a stroller. Gun violence seems to persist all over and with a tragic death like this one, hopefully more people will start to realize that there is a serious problem going on. The boy's name is Antiq Hennis, an African American baby who appears to have been killed accidentally in a gang related killing. The boy's father may have been the real target, being involved in some gang activity previously. He had just picked up the boy from his mother Cherise Miller's house, and was on his way to his grandmother's house. Four shots were fired and one hit Antiq in the head, being declared dead as he arrived at the hospital.

Anthony Hennis, the boy's father, was pushing the boy in his stroller across the street in a Brownsville neighborhood when shots rang out, the police told the Huffinton Post. The tragic incident also occurred on the same day as the West Indian Day Parade just over a mile away, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a statement calling Antiq's death "a tragedy for his family, for this community, for the entire city." The Huffington Post also goes on to mention that Antiq's killing was at least the second case of a toddler being shot to death in a stroller this year, with another incident occurring in Brunswick, Georgia.

A woman who identified herself as Antiq's godmother also left the hospital completely rattled after finding the boy dead, only being able to live a year of his life. The NY daily news reported her saying, “I saw him, I saw him in there, oh my goodness, oh my God, oh my Lord." As compared with anyone in the same situation, it would be terribly hard to deal with and most people cannot even imagine what her and the other family members would be going through after seeing something like this happen.

After Bloomberg's statement, he and other politicians spoke about gun violence. Gun violence has become such a problem in today's society that it has come to the point where babies are getting shot and innocent people are dying all the time. Something needs to be done about this, and it is up to the politicians in power in order to make stricter laws that will prevent such things from happening. It has come to the point where people have become too afraid to watch or read about the news because of the gruesome sights that they are likely to encounter when discovering what happened that day, and that is a very sad fact.

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