Olsens’ $55,000 Handbags: Croc Skin And Pills

    December 4, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have never exactly shied away from the limelight; at 26, they’ve achieved more than many of their peers put together. As child actresses, they dominated the television landscape with roles on the highly popular sitcom “Full House” and later put out their own series of direct-to-video features, which appealed to kids on a mass level. From there, it was on to fashion and jewelry and perfume, and they haven’t stopped dabbling in all the things they love.

But the latest venture for the twins is somewhat controversial, and not just because of the outrageous price tag; their crocodile-skin handbags are also adorned with prescription pills, which many say advocates drug use.

The bags, which will only see a limited run of 12 when they go on sale on December 12th, will cost around $55,000 each and were designed by Damien Hirst, who is no stranger to controversy himself. While there are a couple of different styles, the main attraction seems to be the pill bag, which comes in a multi-colored style as well as all-black.

Luckily, a portion (unspecified) of each sale will go to UNICEF, and as popular as the twins’ last handbag line was, it’s expected that this series will sell out despite the cost.

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  • lisa

    Stupid and very cheap looking I might add!

  • Stephanie

    Even if this bag were a free gift with purchase of cosmetics I still wouldn’t want it. It’s hideous.

  • Vicki

    Any fool who buys that “pill bag” best be ready for some verbal comments from Mom’s like me out and about the mall. I mean what FOOL would buy that and better yet what FOOL would design such a digusting product?

    • http://oneness r

      Vicky- Get a job.

      • Elizabeth Sanders

        “r” – Go to school. You can’t even spell your name. Lol

  • Vicki

    I say we all write UNICEF and tell them if they accept a DIME of donations from this bag we boycott them. What a wretched product!

    • cg

      Yes lets boycot a charitable organization becuase of the people who give it money –

  • Michelle

    Ummm…is this even legal? Or is selling prescribed medication legal depending on how much you charge? Im not seeing the article saying anywhere these are “fake” or Look alike pills. As for the look? Someone dropped a walmart purse into some whores pill vomit and called it fashion.

  • hoobie

    isnt these street drugs cheaper if you bought it without the ugly purse?

  • Sarah

    I don’t think anyone loves bags and shoes as much as I do.


  • http://Yahoo mary price

    Well, I just find it unjustified, material, superficial and for what? No body on this earth needs a bags that cost $55.000. You can buy a house for that in some part of the US. I just don’t have tolerance for this kind of crap and show off show off see what I have accomplished materially kind of thing. Rich man, poor man, we’re all going to the same place. Send your $55.000 to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

  • L

    Oh come on. Just donate your $55 000 to UNICEF instead of handing most of it to these idiots. Viagra and some antibiotics glued to crocodile skin? It’s a waste of everything involved, from materials to manpower.

  • Donna

    My father-in-law who is in his 70’s, can’t afford his monthly prescriptions even with insurance. How about donating the proceeds of ONE purse for that cause????

  • janet goree

    I think I will glue some of my meds on my purse!

  • Amanda

    Not the mention the poor crocodile! By purchasing this bag, you are contributing to the continuing use of crocodile skin and thus the killing of these animals for profit.

  • http://www.libertycandidates.com Gigi Bowman

    If you are on facebook then you will be able to see this. Having lost a daughter to Big Pharma and the drugs they push –I have to ask, is this a statement that the twins are trying to make or are they glorifying the generation of drugs?


  • Chris

    $55,000 for an ugly purse with pills glued onto it? That’s called “fashion”?! Get real!!

  • Moique

    How is it possible to get caught with one pill not in a bottle is automatically a felony. To have them all over thete purse how manu felonys is that, i dont know but ehat is do know is its aboit 10 years in prison

  • Moique

    Lets face it mary_kay and ashley are troubled more than we think

  • http://www.pills.co.in/ Samantha

    “Crocodile skin bags”, do this bags are really made of the skin of Crocodile ?