Olsen Twins Perfume: News Gets Mixed Reactions

By: Amanda Crum - September 21, 2012

With everything they’ve already accomplished, it’s pretty rare for the Olsen twins to find something they haven’t at least dabbled in. And in fact, they have already released frangrances–L.A. Style and New York Chic–but those came out when they were what is known as “tweens”. Now they’re adding to that long list of Olsen products by pairing up with Sephora for a new, more grown-up frangrance under their Elizabeth & James label, to be released next March.

The girls have a fairly strong fanbase, but equally strong is the group of people who have felt inundated by their presence since they were toddlers on “Full House”; thus, the Twitter reaction to one more Olsen announcement was pretty mixed.

Amanda Crum

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  • Georgie Girl

    I bet they taste as good as they smell

  • parrotheadtink

    I can’t imagine what the trollettes smell like…I can’t get past the umbiquitious racoon-eyes. They always look like streetwalkers. What’s their talent now? Do they “do” anything constructive? hmmm.

  • Tearri

    They look like 40 year old soccer moms.