Olivia Benson the cat is 'Big News' to Mariska Hargitay


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Mariska Hargitay adores the fact that Taylor Swift named her cat after her iconic Law and Order: SVU character, Olivia Benson.

To promote the 16th season of the hit NBC show, Hargitay sat down with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood to discuss the upcoming season and Swift's cat. Hargitay revealed that she first became aware of the cat from Twitter. She jokingly told Bush and Hoover that having a cat named after her character was "big news." Hargitay mentioned how after finding out about the cat on Twitter, she received a flood of emails from friends and family about it.

Hargitay used Twitter to express her excitement over the news. She posted a picture of herself wearing a cat collar. Hargitay told Access Hollywood that "if you name your cat after me, you're gonna get a response, damnit!" She laughed and then said, "I got her a Tiffany collar. She's getting it in the mail. It's Tiffany – I spared no expense on this!"

The Olivia Benson cat is also become quite famous with Swift's Instagram cat videos. There could possibly be a Hargitay and Olivia Benson the cat acting collaboration soon.

Tonight Hargitay reprises her role as Olivia for Law and Order: SVU's 16th season. After last season's highly dramatic showdown between Olivia and serial rapist William "the beast" Lewis (Pablo Schreiber), she finally gets some joy back into her life. This time in the form of motherhood. Law and Order: SVU season 15 ended with her adopting baby Noah. A lot of this season will revolve around Olivia's transition as she becomes a parent. "I think this year she's going to be trying to balance motherhood with being acting commander of a squad and constantly under scrutiny and being threatened by a sex-trafficking gang. She has quite a bit to manage," disclosed Hargitay.

Law and Order: SVU season 16 premieres tonight at 8:00 pm CST.