OJ Simpson Allegedly Confesses to Nicole Brown Murder

    January 7, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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The year of 1995 became quite a fortunate year for O.J. Simpson, as he was acquitted of double murder charges for the brutal killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The victims were found slashed to death outside Nicole’s condo in Los Angeles, CA.

The O.J. Simpson murder trial became the most publicized case in US history, aptly called “Trial of the Century”. It was the longest trial ever held in California, at a daunting nine months, and costing over $20 million to fight and defend.

When the verdict was delivered, it is said that 91% of the television viewing audience watched it and an unbelievable 142 million people listened on radio to hear the verdict delivered on October 3, 1995.

The biggest percentage of the population believed him guilty. However, he was set free and walked away.

Now OJ is in prison presently, on 12 charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping. Simpson is due for parole in another four years, but because of the news he received recently about the state of his health, he has requested clemency from the president.

The Inquisitr reported that O.J. Simpson has recently been diagnosed with a tumor on his brain which, according to numerous reports, is in fact an advanced form of brain cancer.

In a personal letter to President Obama, pleading for clemency asking that the president show mercy on him due to his deteriorating health, He wrote:

“Mr. President, I know my life is coming to an end. Please, don’t let me die in prison. I feel the end coming. But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.”

Celebritylaundry.com reported that in early January, because of deteriorating health and in a state of depression, Simpson had lost hope and allowed his health to deteriorate further.

According to sources, because of the news of the brain cancer and with just three months to live, is allegedly when the shocking confession came. Apparently inmates repeatedly asked Simpson if he’d murdered Nicole Brown to the point where he admitted that he had.

O.J. Simpson even went a step further and said that he would do it again in a heartbeat if he were faced with the same situation. The witnesses say that since he believes he is a ‘dead man walking’ he doesn’t care what people think anymore.

Unfortunately this is all speculation and there has been no official confession made. Just wait – if he’s turned down for clemency to “die at home” as he has requested … we might just learn more.

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  • http://yahoo on smith

    why houldn’t he die like jailhose scum ecaue tht is that he is

    • http://yahoo wanda

      If he really has a brain tumor and has only 3 months or even 6 months to live, let him go so our taxes will not be paying for his healthcare or his upkeep. He knows the truth and the Good Lord knows so he will only burn in Hell AND ONLY HE HAS TO PAY FOR THAT. God does not make mistakes and he does work in mysterious ways. A brain tumor is a painful and agony death which he deserves if he is guilty. So think about it, what a way to die. He has no friends on the outside and will have no caretakers. He will on the inside. Let him go.

      • Gibster

        If he confessed his sins to a priest and did his penance then according to your religion he’s all good right? See you in heaven OJ…….right?

        You don’t sound like a very loving and forgiving person, you seem to want vengeance and pain and have judged him already. Which I do believe according to your religion is GOD’S job, not yours. Shouldn’t he seek the lord rather than “god gave you tumors murder” Isn’t that the point? When you sin you seek forgiveness right?

        But you prefer he gets a tumor and dies in hell rather than his soul be saved. And this is Christianity? Maybe you shouldn’t use religion as a crutch excuse to justify your hatred. Lest you do a horrible job of representation. Which is exactly what you’ve done here.

        • Beener

          Wow, Gibster, you are really ignorant about Christianity and the Bible, aren’t you? I’ve never seen such a collection of stereotypes, falsehoods, prejudice, and bigotry rolled into one reply!

          How about actually LEARNING about the Bible and Christianity before making uninformed comments about it?

          • gezeee@yahoo.com

            Perhaps the brain tumor IS God’s judgement!

          • http://webpronews Mingus

            Care to expand? You didn’t really address anything he said.

          • Lisa S

            There is only one know as God. HE has the final say, period. We have laws of land we ALL are held accountable for, and some have a religious belief they abide by as well. We all have free will & how we use it is up to each & every person. To have an opinion about his guilt is not a judgement, it’s just how someone feels. Regardless of judgement or feelings, God has the last say on the matter. And, that’s that.

        • Helga Joubert

          According to our religion, he has certainly not repented. If he has said to fellow inmates that he WOULD DO IT AGAIN, that doesn’t sound like someone who is sorry for his sins.

          • gezeee@yahoo.com

            Oh pleeease! Why does this guy think he is the exception to everything! Don’t do it Obama or you will have all inmates who are sick asking for clemency!

          • Mskd

            I believe OJ wants to get out of jail especially with his newly discovered illness. I do not believe that he said he would do it again. That just doesn’t sound like someone saying something like that when he his asking clemency from the president.
            Gibster, you are on point. It’s not Gods will that any should perish, but that all come to repentance. Rather he has confessed this or not,it’s not up to us to dig a hole and cast him into hell.

        • FedUp

          He has people on the outside that still support him!Friends and family.His children have stood by him.Maybe just for the money but have been by his side.He should die in jail,he is no better than any other cold blooded murderer..

          • Sharon Pieczynski

            remember Gotti he died in jail,nowhite president pardened him oj. is black pres. is black. if he pardens him go figure,

        • Gary Preston

          You are so right the Bible says “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I wasn’t there when his wife and her friend were killed I don’t know who killed them only God and the killer know that.

          • B

            I wonder how many of the private detectives he was hiring will be un-employed since we now know who the ‘real’ killer is.

        • lin

          There’s always some confusion with the sacrament of confession, which you have referred to. Going to confession is not a “Get out of Jail” free card. Many individuals compare it to a child who breaks a window. His parents may forgive him, but he stills needs to admit his guilt and pay for the damage. Yes, a priest will give him absolution, but God is still the final judge.

          • lin

            In regards to the “absolution” comment made in my previous comment ~ Actually, a priest will give a SINCERE, truly contrite, penitent absolution, but there will still be a penance given. This isn’t a “once saved, always saved” mentality, where if you believe in God everything is forgiven and taken care of no matter what. It’s not quite that simple. Because of the seal of confession, only the priest and the penitent know the actual penance given.

      • donotlethimgo

        I do not think he should be set free. He has proven himself to be dangerous. If he feels he has very little time left, he might just decide to kill or otherwise hurt those he feels doublecrossed him in the past.

      • http://yahoo joyce

        The first thing I thought of when I read this is the woman who killed the man in the courtroom for molesting her son. She got cancer and was not allowed to go home. Hell no, he shouldn’t go anywhere but the prison infirmary.

      • K. Smith

        I have a brain tumor that is in stage 2. This has been determined by several MRI’s and a biopsy. I may live for several years unless it changes to a Stage 3 or 4.
        Treatment may add several months to years to last stages.

        • Jessica

          do you want a pity party or…..? This is about OJ and how he shouldn’t be let go cause he is scum. I hate people who do this shit. Fishing for petty. GTFO.

          • R.D.

            K. Smith is not asking for pity. He is making the point that if they let Simpson out he could still live months or even years as a free man. Damn, you are a cold person.

          • Paul

            Thank you for making clear what should have been obvious to Jessica. It’s sad that clueless individuals such as her are so ready to spew hate without really knowing the truth.

          • Lisa S

            WOW!!! Really? Lack of empathy, amoung other things, got OJ where he is. Might be good to learn a lesson or two about having compassion for others. That person wasn’t looking for sympathy, just stating facts.

          • Anna608cp

            Jessica , Based on your statement, you are indeed a heartless bitch. Your statement was “petty” . I think the point this person was trying to make ( a point that clearly you were too dumb to get ) was that he may have YEARS to live. Meaning letting him out would be insane not only based on his actions but that he will probably have more time than led to believe . I highly suggest you remove that ice box where your heart should be.

      • Kof KC

        I stayed the opposite, but thinking again you are right.

    • TRINI

      He does not deserve clemency, we knew all along he was guilty as sin but because his BROTHERS were the jury he got off.

      Shame on those people, because they knew as we all know that this bastard had killed those two beautiful people but because the criminal was one of their own they set him free. They probably will have the same fate this criminal is getting…….:(

      • Deadland Rider

        The jurors were all football players?

      • Saloma

        I do believe a couple of his Dream Team are no longer on this earth,since this happened.

    • http://WebProNews Bevy

      IF he did confess, doesn’t seem like a lot of remorse. No mention of his children that belonged to the mother he murdered?
      The DA’s office blew and mishandled this case. Yes, I do think both OJ and his son killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.
      Should he be released, HELL NO. He’ll die better than his victims, and much older.

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

      • WOW


    • jan lemos

      he deserves to rot in jail for what he has done!i have no sympathy for him!he is the scum bag of the earth!

  • Parsley

    He is overlooking the fact that he IS common jailhouse scum. It’s unbelievable that he still thinks he’s better than others behind bars.

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • Sharon

    Does anybody really think that this criminal deserves compassion? He FINALLy got what he deserved. If they had only done IQ tests during the jury selection process he’d probably already be dead, although much more humanely than his victims. Anyone with even half a brain knows he killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…look at Susan Atkins: she enjoyed killing 8 months pregnant Sharon Tate and bragged about brutally stabbing her while she called for her mother and begged to live to give birth to her baby. Atkins got the death penalty but it was revoked (too inhumane?)
    She married on death row and whenm she got brain cancer thought she had the right to expect to die at home with her loved ones. Disgusting!!! As far as I’m concerned let Simpson die, the sooner the better.

    • ringo712

      The Good Lord Forgave the sinner on the cross next to him.
      Who are you to judge OJ?

  • http://Twellow K.L.

    Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman didn’t get to die peacefully at home. Why does O.J. think he deserves to be given clemency?

  • Meangene

    No OJ your not common jailhouse scum, your much lower than common jailhouse scum! Just because your a Black celebrity does not mean you should get any special consideration. Do your time and stop crying like the bitch you are!

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

    • eric

      Why is this scum still in the Hall of Fame?

  • Debra

    Oj wants to die at home? What home? Where? The house in Florida was foreclosed on and either tore down or someone bought it on auction. In any case he doesn’t have a home.

  • sharon

    let the fucker die in prison where he belongs

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • Jim

    I am sick to death of THEM. O. J, and all of the sports jocks, getting away with murder and other crimes. And now we have this Jerk in the White House. Wake up People.

    • kindness

      Hey Jim ! Nobody gets away with anything at judgment
      Have you repented yet ?

    • joe

      Wake up Jim! Ur a nobody and so is your entire family!


    • Carol

      I agree with you Jim. OJ is not any better than any one else and does not deserve special treatment. There are criminals that die every day in prison, OJ is not any different or better than the other convicts. He might not have been convicted of murdering anyone but his life has been nothing but hell since the verdict. Just goes to show you, karma is a bitch!

    • eva

      Well if youre so sick of “them” meaning black people. why don’t you drop dead?….I’m not for OJ but I am by far racist.

      • yasmine

        Can’t you read, Eva?? Jim clarified “them”–OJ and all the sports jocks getting away with murder and other crimes. No mention of “black people” that I could see.

        • Eva

          Can you comprehend? Better yet, can you make sense out of what he just said?OR must he spell it out? you are in denial. He says it loud and clear. Read the entire sentence, retard. “we have this jerk in the white house”…as if he is the reason this country is the way it is. wake up lady!

    • molly

      Hey Jim,

      and watch the jerk in the white house give him clemency. nothing would surprise me!

  • http://none john johns

    “I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.” And why do you believe you are not scum OJ? Everyone else in the nation thinks you are but that is ok, Obamy most likely thinks because you are black faced you deserve attention.

    • joe

      nice head: Obamy? U r a fken joke, u white nigger!!

    • Shirley Jones

      I see everyone is playing “God.” I may be wrong, but I just don’t feel O.J. committed this crime, because of the timing, and the phone records showing that Nicole talked with her mother around 10 P.M.; given the time O.J. had to be at the airport makes me doubt, especially if he committed this crime, with the two bodies, and stabbing and cutting like that, it would take him hours to get rid of the blood when taking a bath or showering. I need to see more information, the use of luminol, or the like. Frankly, when I think of more hideous crimes committed by sadistic serial killers on children, that is when I really get upset because no one seems to put any emphasis on this kind of crime. They don’t talk about these crimes every chance they get. They seem to sweep these crimes under the rug. I am willing to let God handle this. If he is guilty, God will make him pay more than any of us ever could. You who are believers of the Bible, read all of it, not just the part that pleases you.

  • Kathleen

    When Nicole and Ron begged for their lives did you listen? Well we’re not listening to you. What goes around comes around.

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • dee

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time……OJ had it made,wealth
    and a family,he made his own choices, he was just a football player,
    so society thinks he is better than us hard working poor people.He had the best lawyers,so he bought his way out of a murder charge,and then
    he thought he could get away with another crime,LET THE MAN DIED IN PRISON,that what they would do to us working class people…..

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • Sam Jeldo

    Commit the crime and do the time… without time off.

    Of course, his pal 0bama, seeing his brutha in jail may not only pardon him, but try to reverse the ruling of the jury.

    • kindness

      Sam your pile Satan has something shocking in store for you too if you don’t Repent and change your wicked thoughts and actions.

    • http://WebProNews Mike

      What a stupid fu c k you are Sam. I’m thinking that maybe you are the one with a brain tumor? I get sick of hearing retards like you trying to blame everything on Obama, or making dumb remarks like you just did

    • eva

      Sam is just upset because he is a white old cracker who is seeing black people breed with white people and he simply dislikes the mixture. He is upset because black people are everywhere and here to stay. News flash Mr Sam: We are sleeping with your nieces and your nephews and having babies lol, yes we are everywhere and there is nothing your old white behind can do about it. Now go and smoke on that pal.

      • wtf_U_say

        Eve, let me see if I get this right – you are talking about having babies while not being sure and not knowing who the daddy is, shopping at walmart with your ebt card for your monthly WIC food benefits; getting your section 8 housing and complaining about not having spending money for new 52 inch TV’s in addition to needing high speed dsl and high def cable. But heck, you have lived your life on the government’s dime, who needs a home, savings, car, retirement, marriage, commitment …. you know, the things that normal ‘working’ people want to have.

        • Eva

          drop dead. I have no kids and last time I checked, I do not own an ebt card, never have idiot! I really don’t need to explain myself to a complete racist idiot. Continue making yourself appear like the ass that you are utilizing the stereotypical tiny brain cells you have left. Everything I have I work hard for through my career job :) thanks to God, my ambition and my degree. Now go jump off a cliff. What? Never met an intelligent black woman that has lots going on for herself? Mrs Obama is a prime example…you are ignorant. Remove yourself from that small box KKK neighborhood you live in, wake up and smell the coffee. We are here, and here to stay. suck it up. If you do not like or agree with the way this world is going. I have one suggestion….simply make yourself…disappear.;)

        • WOW

          God will forgive you

        • Interesting enough

          You must be without the sheets walking around in anger. Hmm well how do you feel about black women and men taking your positions as engineers, doctors, lawyers, Accountants etc etc? Every reason to make such assumptions and generalize, I can see why you are angry. You feel very little in this big world.

  • Sam Jeldo

    The talk about him confessing is nothing more than a media ploy to try and get readers….

  • Here is What is Sad

    I know people in prison that are completely innocent of their crimes but they will never have a chance to get out of prison. There are many people who are innocent in our prisons. It is so very sad. Even people who aren’t innocent are suffering for very minor things. I personally know of a guy serving a life sentence for stealing a pair of tube socks and another serving 55 years for selling $350 worth of pot. Our legal system is so pathetic!

    However, this guy, who is clearly guilty gets chance after chance to get out. In America, if you are poor you go to prison. If you are rich, you avoid prison and even if you go, you get chance after chance to get out.

    Our system is not fair and it is not just.

  • BiBi

    Getting jail time is what he deserves for breaking the law multiple times.

  • Big Mamma

    OJ didn’t kill nobody. That’s a FACT, a PROVEN FACT in a Court of Law by a Jury of 12. Only think O.J. ever did was try to help somebody, unfortunally, the Goldmans, in business, i.e. Hertz-Rent-A-Car Franchises, etc, Oh YES, they LOVED O.J. then, just as long as they could get him to dump loads of CASH on them to make money. Then, when that ALL stopped, SUDDENLY, O.J. is not in their A-List, instead, he become the FALL guy, and he remained a FALL GUY for any and every thing they didn’t like about him, but NEVER knew anything about him other than what they ASSUMED! This is how people are….the Goldman’s, a band of common pathological narcissists where anything thing they dream up is SO, simply becaue they thought it to be so. Well, they’re WRONG! O.J. didn’t kill anybody…Nicole is the ONLY person responsible for what happened that night due to the druggie company he ran with, her COCAINE BUDS, her Snow Fairy pals. Those are the people who kill her and Ron cauz they own them a lot of cash, six figure level cash, and she was scared they would come after her, and they did. They went to O.J. to get him to pay for her and her snow nose pals who ran up a huge cocaine debt, and he refused. He told them he ain’t go notting to do with any of that. They told him if she didn’t pay up soon, that her and her friends are going to wish they never…..etc. So O.J. ran over to Nicole’s to warn her but it was too late. They were already there in progress and O.J. himself had to run for his life. That’s what happened.

    • Kathy


    • Kacie

      OJ was proven “not guilty”….that is not the same thing as being innocent. When you have a brilliant dream team of handpicked cream of the crop attorneys making millions to defend your behind and your prosecuting attorneys are nimrods…well, he paid for his verdict, so to speak. Sometimes, you cannot understand the wheels of justice. Karma, on the other hand, caught up with Mr. Simpson when his ego out-thought his brain and he got slammed to the full letter of the law for his legal “oopsy” in Nevada. Without a dream team, no way he was going to skate.
      Now he does not want to die like “common jailhouse scum”…and that may allow some of that scum the opportunity to end his inhumane treatment, uh, prematurely, if they get wind of his latest blithering foot in mouth disease.
      Nice that he is so special a human that he deserves to die better…really??????

      • B

        Do I detect some sarcasm?

    • Chuck

      It’s quite obvious by your name “Big Mamma”, and your illiteracy in grammar and spelling, that you are an ignorant, common, welfare sucking porch monkey. And Nicole was not a “he”. If you actually believe that what you TRIED to write here is really what happened, then you are just a waste of good oxygen…because obviously you are brain dead. But that is no surprise…you people have shown that to us time and time again. And now we have one in Washington trying his best to ruin our country. Better wake up people…they are breeding uncontrollably, without any concern of who their “baby daddy” is, and taking over by shear numbers and turning us into a third world country. And the sad part is, that, when this happens, they will be screwed, because there will be no one left to support them. And yet they have no clue. You buy them books and send them to school, and the eat the books. Go figure.

      • eva

        Yes blacks folks are breeding uncontrollably and even dating your white sons and breeding with them. what are YOU going to do about that? Not a damn thing. Now listen up, if you don’t like “us’ simply make yourself disappear…cracker! lol

        • William

          Sorry but I am not breeding with your people I am white. And nor would I really ever unless the black girl wasnt hood and had a decent background. If a white chick has been with a hood black guy, well, you can tell by how she acts and talks. I avoid those girls. Those white chicks weren’t much to look at anyways.

          • WOW

            OUCH!one nonhuman soul declines. We will all go mad because of that. What world do you live in that all of them are so called “hood” anyway? must be living in a box. Must not get out much, Reality shows must be your best friend. I strongly suggest you get out from time to time, get off the internet, turn the tv off once in a while, when you have your first encounter with a black person, initiate a conversation with them, because life is tooo short living the way you live and labeling people the way that you do. Please, get out more hun.

      • Michael

        Dear Chuck !!!!!!!! I actually cried laughing so hard at your statement to BIG MAMMA … everything you said is right on !

      • B

        I wonder how many ‘Baby Daddy’ call her ‘Baby Mama’.

      • Shirley Jones

        Sorry you feel that way about all of us Chuck, especially as this pertains to O.J.s situation. When you said, you people….Well, seeing how you people like incest amongst your family members, and molest your own children often and kill them; I find you a disgusting character. You are an avid racist. Are you one of those people without the sheets?
        Try reading the Bible. Jesus said, “Judge not, least ye be judged by the same measures which you judged your brother. You have a lot of hatred. I have some things that I don’t like and heavily disapprove of, but I try to live my life in spite of all of the inequalities. Pray for yourself.

    • B

      Yo — Big Mama — How many call you their ‘Baby Mama’?????

    • SKM

      OMG, Ray Charles could see through this, open your eyes Lady.

      • B

        As would Stevie Wonder.

    • Carol

      I think you live in la la land. OJ only tried to help them, please, the man beat the crap out of Nicole for years!

    • Carla Frimodt

      WHAT? Almost sounds as if you were there. You got the scenario down. Kinda scary…

      I’m with the majority of the country…I do believe he killed Nicole and Ron. And you can’t honestly believe that the Goldman family wouldn’t trade all the money (that they saw very little – if any – of) for more time with Ron? C’mon…

    • http://Yahoo.com Mary Harris

      You are one dumb stupid jerk. Big MAMA you must be on drugs to write what you did.

    • http://Yahoo.com Mary Harris

      You are one dumb stupid jerk. You must be on drugs because there is something wrong with your brain.

    • wilma

      big mama you may be big, but your brain is SMALL!!!!!!

    • http://google S

      Big Mamma, you are SO-O-O-O delusional!! What a idiot!! Yeah, OJ is innocent and I’m Raquel Welch….

    • Michael

      that is the dumbest remark I have read BIG MAMMA …but I guess since you believe in double-negatives like ” didn’t kill nobody “, I can see why your brain is the way it is !.

    • Bill

      “Not Guilty” should by no means to be equated with “Innocent.” In the criminal trial, he was found “not guilty,” but in the subsequent civil action a picture was introduced into evidence showing him wearing a pair of, as he called them, “ugly ass” Bruno Magli shoes of the same type as left footprints at the murder scene ~ the type of shoes that he flatly denied ever owning or wearing! ~ so he was found responsible in the civil action. Had that photo been unearthed in time to be introduced in the criminal trial, it’s doubtful that even the late, great Johnnie Cochran could have won an acquittal.

    • Jean winans

      I did not know u were there. Why didn’t u speak up since u know so much. The trial may have been a lot shorter.

    • Cobb Webb

      Have fun in your delusion Mamma

  • Moondoggy

    The hell with this dirty piece of crap! What do you think now all of you idiots who think this scum was innocent?

    • B

      Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • Gloria

    “But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.”

    But that is exactly what you are, you SOB. Hell is waiting for you, OJ.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama wil let him off, after all he is one of his own, and the jury that set him free was exactly that and they knew very well he was guilty…….shame on them!!!

    • Kathy

      Shame on you!

    • eva

      you sound very ignorant. what a bunch of white, old angry birds. If you are so angry why not just drop dead. you think OJ or Obama gives a flying crap how “you” think? I highly doubt that. Obama is one of his own? such ignorant comments. go jump off a cliff and take your ignorance with you CRACKER!

  • http://none herbert dickens

    I feel so sad for O. J. Simpson having brain cancer, but I am glad that he is finally coming clean by admitting that he killed Ron Goldman and his 2nd wife “Nicole”

  • Whatever

    Brain Cancer? And you think the President is going to help you? Why?
    Karma baby! Stop requiring so much attention you POS!

    • Racial Slur?

      Your mama is the only POS that exist, making you biracial> Need clarification?> half human/half POS ;)wink!

  • jim

    Get back to you on that in 3-4 months

  • Kathy

    It’s easy to make racist, name-calling slurs. Feel better everybody?

  • B

    Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • Mercy

    Here is what is funny. Every person commenting here has some dark secret about their lives. When we all stand before God we will be asking for Mercy, but on earth, we don’t want to give mercy to anyone. How is God going to be merciful to you if you cannot give mercy to another?

    America’s court system is corrupt to the core. It is not like it is on TV. There are many innocent people in our prisons. Many, many, many innocent people. I work in a courtroom. I see the forced pleas every day!!!! DAs pile on charges and years so people are forced to plead. It is much cheaper to force a plea than it is to go to trial. Much cheaper.

    Now, OJ isn’t innocent. But frankly, all people deserve mercy. All people. In the end, OJ is going to have to stand before God too. Believe me, he isn’t going to get away with anything. None of us do. Even the people sitting at home commenting on this article.

    Don’t give him mercy. But don’t expect to get any when you ask for it either and believe me, we will all ask for it. I promise you this.

    • Michael

      I knew Nicole Simpson and was her algebra tutor in School….
      I saw the photos of what that animal did to her…slicing her throat from ear to ear etc..etc… And saw the smurk on his face when that stupid jury said not guilty… and the even dumber Judge that allowed that judgement to be entered and not overturned as he could have done.

      • Lisa S

        I, thank goodness, cannot imagine knowing someone who ended up killed like that & quite frankly can’t imagine it. I’m a mom to a now grown young man & I couldn’t help to think of Nicole’s children back then & thru the years. My beliefs are just that, mine, my hope is that she & Ron, were taken quickly as not to feel the evil that happened to find them. Just a belief I hold on to. I wish you all the best.

    • ? Lettie C

      When I stand before my God, it will not be for committing murder and lying about it. There will be 12 people standing behind him asking for the same mercy – especially the female juror who slept through the whole trial. I wouldn’t want to be standing next to him when he’s rejected and the door in the floor opens and he goes to hell. You must also have been a VICTIM of the justice system since you speak so lowly of it. Didn’t they let you get away with murder? Get in line behind OJ.

  • SKM

    He is a liar and master manipulator and has tried everything to get out of prison. Leave him there to die like the jailhouse scum he is. I will be glad when we never have to hear is miserable name again. He is a disgrace to his family, the NFL, Hertz and any other organization he is affiliated with. God Bless his children, the are far better off without him and regardless of what happens, God will deal with him justly, and he can take that to the bank.

  • B

    Guess he’ll save money by NOT, as he promised, looking for the ‘real’ killer.

  • roger foster

    No,no the guy with info about the cocaine gang killing Nicole and Ron while his hero OJ the humanitarian was tardy in saving their lives has the story mixed up. What actually happened was a disgruntled Hertz
    customer believed he could harm the corporation’s profits by slaughtering those innocents and framing OJ, thus smearing those money
    grubbing capitalists. I have proof that OJ never accepted payment for
    any of his endeavors, preferring to live simply off donations from his church and the kindness of strangers. Some recognized a certain saint-like aura about him. Hella Dude. We will all miss him.

    • Carol

      What the hell are you talking about, a saint like aura, lmao, are you for real?

  • http://yahoo.com Dwight Spears

    Nobody is going to cry for OJ. He is an arrogant A-hole too full of himself. I got a big problem with Guys like OJ,rich black men who marry white girls that wouldn’t give them the time of day if they made $50,000 a year in the Steel Mill. Whats even worse was the fact that LA County allowed the Browns and Goldmans to park free at Parker Center even before Simpson’s verdict and made OJ’s Mom and Sisters pay and then after that and all the racism he endured he got out and start dating another White Woman. Any Man Black or White isn’t worth a piece of crap when they don’t appreciate their own kind because We ALL God’s Children and one race is no more better than the next one and We must first love ourselves no matter the race to love another Human. For some stupid reason Black Men think White Girls marry rich guys for love instead of Money, just ask Tiger Wood but He’s another ashamed of His African Heritage but when God starts to manifest His Truth that those that are last will be first and those that are first will be last, They’ll all want a place in line! I’m not trying to sound racist I’m just speaking real and I love all People because We truly are all God’s Children!

  • Wow!

    Wow!! Lots of people invoke the name of God, but none want to do what God asks. Forgive. Be merciful. Show compassion. Do not judge. There are so many hypocrites in this world! No wonder Christ was killed. The very same people who claimed to be of God killed the Son of God because they were hypocrites!

    I don’t know how to dispense justice or how to equal out the wrongs of this world. That is up to God and the Lord. But if we know he is going to die soon, and if he asks for mercy, it should be given. Believe me, he isn’t getting away with things.

    None of us will get away with anything. I know people walking around who we think are so wonderful but behind closed doors they are terrible. I know people we think are terrible who will be easily ushered into heaven. A lot of this world is an illusion. Man is clueless. Only God knows the truth about everything. That is why he is only fit to judge.

  • http://O.J. Jenny

    My renters; a black couple, were raised with O.J. in their neighborhood. They said he was a rotten kid. Spoiled to death by the mother. What’s different? Still can’t understand that he needs to pay his price. Murderer and thief, not a common jail bird for sure. Because his money kept him out when he should have been there before and not to do the other crimes. Let him catch up on the time he should have paid already.

  • brotherap

    Two books objectively exclude OJ Simpson from committing these murders, 1995 “Legacy of Deception” by Stephen Singular who was contacted in 1994, 7 mos. before the trial even began by inside LAPD and was told of the preservative to be found in the blood swatches, and that LAPD had gone twice, not once, to Simpson’s house and planted the glove 3 hours earlier than what they stated publicly. He brought this to both the Defense and Prosecution who suppressed this. OMIG investigator T.H. Johnson in 2011 authored “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial and it Hidden Secrets”, places OJ in the backseat of a chauffeur driven limo at 11PM to LAX airport while ex-wife Nicole was still alive on the phone with her mother Juditha Brown, and found Simpson’s foot to be much longer by 3/4 inch than the alleged Bruno Magli shoe soles, and a left hand as well as right handed assailant attacking the victims, with homicidal characters close to each victim, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Both available via AMAZON books.

  • Ricky Leiderman

    Calling the kettle black, no racism here. He is jailhouse scum and he will finally get his death sentence right where he belongs. Praying Obama lets him rot.

  • Ricky Leiderman

    Calling the kettle black, no racism here. He is jailhouse scum, maybe finally gets the death sentence he deserves. Praying Obama lets him die in his own Juice.

  • Reeper

    OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman. Period. He was found liable in the wrongful death trial. He was subsequently convicted of crimes most of us would have walked away from under the circumstances. The presiding judge in that case took the opportunity to give the White folks of this country what they wanted, which was to put another innocent Black man in jail. As a White man myself, I am disgusted by these racist comments. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Our great country has been turn apart by this and other matters that frankly don’t change anyone else’s status except those who are affected. Did the City of Los Angeles reimburse the taxpayers for the $20 million of their money they spent attempting to prosecute this man? No! That means you all should get over it, leave him alone and clean out your filthy closets.

  • fu2

    personaly nicole and her boyfriends death means nothing, she was a coal burner so she got what she ask for, her boyfriend was nothing but scum to lay with her after that black beast had her, no great loss in thier deaths.oj being the sub human animal that he is has a criminal mind and is a threat to society, so all in all the world is a better place with the coal burner dead and the beast in prison

  • Bob Jones

    I did not think he had a home to go to………Maybe the Goldman’s will take him in…I’m sure they feel sorry for O.J.

  • Bob Jones

    I did not think he had a home to go to…Maybe the Goldmans would take him in….they feel sorry for O.J.

  • Kof KC

    Do to the very Possibility O.J. Simpson “According to sources, because of the news of the brain cancer and with just three months to live, is allegedly when the shocking confession came. Apparently inmates repeatedly asked Simpson if he’d murdered Nicole Brown to the point where he admitted that he had.
    O.J. Simpson even went a step further and said that he would do it again in a heartbeat if he were faced with the same situation. The witnesses say that since he believes he is a ‘dead man walking’ he doesn’t care what people think anymore.
    I say President Obama, leave him in prison.

  • Neal Carter

    As Mr. Simpson is in prison due to a Nevada state offense, and as he was tried and convicted in a state court how will the President be able to grant clemency; presuming that the President even cares to do so?

    • Lisa S

      Neal…do you happen to know the rules on this? I do not. And would be interested in knowing if in fact the President could & how would it effect this case if he did. I worked in law but not in this area, yet find it an intresting concept. Thanks.

  • Kaye Hildegarde

    The hatred and unkindness many of the writers directed toward each other on this subject is so sad. Do we really want to add more hate toward each other to this suffering world. OJ is a dangerous and troubled man but this is no reason to turn on our fellow persons.

  • Lisa Williams

    Let the piece of shit die in prison. He is no different than any other criminal other than he got away with murder. I do believe that Karma has caught up with him.

  • gezeee@yahoo.com

    Oh pleeease! Why does this guy think he is the exception to everything! Don’t do it Obama or you will have all inmates who are sick asking for clemency!

  • gezeee@yahoo.com

    Perhaps the brain tumor IS God’s judgement!

  • http://webpronews.com rambo

    He says he does not want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum.. well OJ,, maybe you haven’t noticed but that is exactly what you are.

  • Paul

    The entire article sounds like a bunch of hog wash!

  • Abster

    F. the Po Po.

  • Nancy

    He is certain where he belongs and YES OJ you are common jailhouse scum. No clemency for OJ.

  • B

    I wonder how many private detectives will be un-employed now since they won’t be looking for the ‘real’ killer???????????????????

  • Linda

    I can see no valid reason why President Obama should grant Simpson any kind of clemency.

    • Lisa S

      Can the President even give him clemency? I don’t know if there are any “rules” about this, I’m sure there is. Does anyone know them or how they could or would effect this particular case? I would be interested in knowing. Thanks.

  • Shirley Jones

    I have replied to one article, and I wrote another. I don’t see them in the comments section. Can you tell me how to find them?

  • sam stewart

    had O.J. been white the jury would have convicted him.-Had the victims been black the jury would have convicted him- I think our most useless ever president will pardon him because O.J. could have been his father.

  • md

    i don’t think his bro in the WH gives a rat’s ass about this creep

  • http://yahoo Robert


  • http://jenab6.livejournal.com/ David Sims

    So OJ was never anything more than a nasty criminal who happened to know how to play football. I remember how the blacks cheered when he got away with murdering two white people.

  • Hornet1

    Let the murdering bastard die in his cell in his own excrement.

  • http://www.olgalazin.com Dr Olga

    OJ, he was let go by the city’s governor, and police, because it was going to cause a RIOT in Los Angeles. Blacks were prepared to start burning cars, etc..They were given an order, including the prosecution (who is working hand in hand with the mayor, Police chief, etc all LA officials were peeing in their pants afraid of a new riot. Remember the L.A. Riots in 1992? Blacks attacked and burned all white and latino, plus Asian establishments, etc… Will write more about this.

  • Bob

    This is a ploy for clemency. If he really has a brain, doubt it.
    He has the right joker in the WH to release him.

  • Saloma

    I do Believe a couple of his Dream Team are no longer on this earth.

  • daisy morehouse

    Why is everyone still on his jock strap that man was acquitted of murder so by justice he’s innocent until he decides if he wants to come out and if he ever does it. STILL won’t change anything. Only God can judge, the only person he has
    To answer to is
    God at that gate and that is his fate
    It be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    he got away with murder because of an all black jury-what did you excpect