Ohio Walmart Shooting Bystander Collapses and Dies

By: Mike Fossum - August 6, 2014

An innocent bystander collapsed and later died while fleeing a shooting incident at a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio Tuesday.

Beavercreek police shot John Crawford, 22, of Fairfield, Ohio after he refused to stop waving a gun at shoppers. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he later died. Crawford’s girlfriend believes he was brandishing a toy gun, and the incident is under investigation. Police Chief Dennis Evers said officers acted appropriately when they shot Crawford.

Angela D. Williams, 37, of Fairborn, collapsed as she fled the police confrontation with Crawford, and died of what is believed to be a heart attack. According to the Greene County Coroner’s office, Williams was “apparently running from a dangerous situation inside the Walmart store when she collapsed. She was taken to Soin Medical Center where she died at 9:14 p.m.”

Williams was to be married Saturday and had children from the ages of 10-years-old to 18-years-old.

Bill Robinson, administrator of Villa Springfield, the nursing home where Williams worked, issued a statement – “Angie was a free-spirited person, she was a very compassionate person. As far as her abilities here, she was a nurse who went above and beyond. A huge part of our team. It’s very somber and a lot of emotions are going through the building right now. Sadness, shock and heartache. It’s devastating today in our building.”

Police said a 911 call was received saying Crawford was waiving a “rifle-type weapon” at Walmart customers, including children. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been brought in as an outside party to investigate the shooting, and has yet to reveal if the gun Crawford had was real or a toy.

Both officers involved in the shooting are presently on paid administrative leave. BCI spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said, “BCI is going to look at the entire situation and look at what happened and what led up to the incident and how the officers responded. We will not make a determination of if the shooting was justified or not.”

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  • upagainstthewall

    Well the Chief of Police has stated that they are standing by their officers. We are the people of this country it is time that our voices are heard so police can start being held accountable for the murders that they are committing.

  • CopBlock

    I’m sick and tired of police officers being above the law! It’s a badge, not a crown! The sociopaths that killed John Crawford were not trying to protect and serve, they were just being a couple of thugs. This shooting is in no way justifiable. Let your voices be heard!

  • jesskazen

    People need to be marching in the streets because of this. This is disgusting.

  • Jesus H Gun

    I’m waiting for people to start shooting back at the police. patiently waiting.

  • Idontwantapolicestate

    Wow,talk about accusations by the reporter “refused waving the gun at people”

    Wallmart security footage and witness reports sure price otherwise….

  • Richard Einstein

    The cops should be charged with second degree murder. This shit has to stop and the only way to do it is hold these moron cops responsible for their actions. Prison with the general population is where they belong. No protective custody for these murdering scumbags.

  • Cyndeewi

    Did you read the article. I am sick of the media and articles such as this. Crawford did not refuse to drop the toy gun. He was not givingg a chance..,3 seconds and he was dead. White peoples have given ISIS more of a chance than blacks are given.

  • Cyndeewi

    The Williams and Crawford family needs to sue the 911 caller as well as Walmart and the State for wrongful death.