Officer To Be Executed After 9 Murders

    December 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A former police officer who was found guilty of nine murders in the late ’80s is scheduled to be executed tomorrow night despite a plea from his lawyer for a stay.

The Florida man, Manuel Pardo, enjoyed a good career as a highway patrolman–even earning accolades from his co-workers–but marred his record with a termination due to the falsification of traffic tickets. He was later involved in a police brutality case with four other officers in Sweetwater, and by 1986 he had been fired again for lying to a judge on behalf of one of his colleagues, saying they were undercover officers after a drug bust. That was the beginning of a shocking downward spiral for Pardo; that same year, over a 3-month span, he killed nine people and committed a string of robberies. His penchant for taking photos of the violent aftermath–and recording the details in his journal–ended up being his downfall. He reportedly took up a heavy fascination with Adolf Hitler and later told prosecutors that he had been doing his victims a favor by killing them.

“He was very cold,” retired prosecutor David Waksman said. “He was doing robberies and went home and slept like a baby. He was proud of what he did.”

Pardo said he modeled himself after Hitler because he was an “activist” and showed no remorse for the murders.

“They’re parasites and they’re leeches, and they have no right to be alive,” he said. “Somebody had to kill these people.”

A plea for a stay of execution was forwarded last Friday (under claims that he is mentally ill), but unless it comes as a last-minute decision on the judge’s part, Pardo will be given a lethal injection on Tuesday night.

Image: Florida Dept. of Corrections

  • http://google Lynell Lentz

    Of course this man is mentally ill. I can’t believe they’re going through with the sentence.

    • Tom Fox

      What a horribly written article. How can he fired twice by the Highway Patrol?? Was he an officer at the time of the killings?
      Go back to journalism school.

    • Hector Schmector

      Well, Lynell Letz, have him come reside with you and you can help cure him if you wish.

      • judy

        Well Hector, lets hope mental illness never occurs in your family.

  • Melissa

    So what if he’s mentally ill? Rotting in a jail cell won’t help that.He deserves to be put to death for what he did.

    • Liz

      I agree – that is what I was going to post — what is the difference — he killed 9 people

      • judy

        Melissa would you feel the same way if he were your brother or son? You sound as cold as he is mentally ill.

  • cletus fraley

    This man should have been put to death years ago.And his lawyer wants a stay–wow.His victims didn’t get to stay.

  • Jackie Duncan

    I believe this man is beyond guilty, he was a police officer and chose
    to go off only after he had been fired more than once for wrong doing.
    I think the punishment fits the crime in this case (even more than some others)….He has no right to live!

  • kelly

    sieg heil! say hi to hitler for me when you head south, buddy.

    • Bob

      No way! He’s going to Mexico? Awesome!

  • Kotta

    Why would you want a killer to live anyways? It’s human nature once a killer always killer, theres no “I have changed my ways.” No its twisted feeling these people get from killing that would tempt them to do it again. Plus he’s a cop. Those damn bastereds need a reality check they are not of higher authority just because they have a badge. We are equal and such as one killers are not equal and deserve to be punished, as the people who new the victims may want a peace to know that whoever killed their mom or dad or brother or sister, whoever they have been to them can no longer hurt anyone else like that ever again. I can’t believe that the idea of him living even came up. He owes the living 8 lives that he cut short, so there for he should pay with his life. It’s harsh and cruel I know to think this way but if you let everyone off the hook for killing people well it just invites people to kill more.

  • Kim

    He needs to go. Good riddens.

  • Big Daddy

    Mentally ill…Not. Racist …Yes !!!!

  • JRS

    The Fort Hood shooter should have the same fate also!

    • Liz

      but not wait 27 years – I agree – he should be dead aready there were so many witnesses to his murders of innocent military and their families – he knew they were unarmed (Ft Hood shooter)

  • eli

    Why is he just now getting the axe!
    Wasting my money to keep him alive for 26 years. WTF
    Why isn’t the Hood shooter dead? Or the Joker that killed those poor people in the theater.
    To sad.

  • matt boeker

    Psychopathy is not the same as mental illness. This man is fully sane, just evil.

  • http://yahoo Joel

    he deserves jail… and in general population!

  • duke111

    Very poorly writen, no details on the murders,go back to college and do over !

  • dagann

    Dear Manuael Pardo,
    Time is short and i know you are busy, but I just wanted to ask you to tell “Adolf” i said hello when you get to Hell. You’r cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

  • ED

    Ive never killed anyone that didnt deserved it and I tell the truth even when Im lying.

  • Nicole Oden

    Does anyone else think that this guy looks like Voldemort?

  • http://yahoo berni worra

    Some people are just evil and no good. This is one of them. Doctors and lawyers can lie all they want,but in the end we will never know why some are bad seeds. Exise them from our society asap and save lives.

  • john

    his name seems strikingly Hispanic. does he not realize that not only was he NOT of the master race but b/c (if he is of hispanic ethnicity) that he too would have died in Hitler’s concentration camps? Hitler killed Jews, blacks, whites who lacked certain characteristics (blonde eyes, blue hair), the handicapped, gays, etc. he pretty much killed anyone.

  • Pat

    An eye for an eye I say. Maybe if this country would send people to death if they kill maybe there would be less killing. There is way too much of this nonsence in this country. People are getting away with murder way too much.

  • Laura Stutler

    He looks crazy

    • Liz

      he most likely has spent the past 27 years in solitary since general population prisoners do not like cops and he would have been dead within weeks after entering general.

  • Jack P

    Let’s get on with it. Long past due for him to pay the ultimate penalty for his Hitlerian conduct.

  • Greg

    There was a parasite alright, Pardo. I agree with others, he should have been put to death along time ago. And he was PROUD of what he did. Why should he live and be a burden on the tax payers. There are 9 people who’s lives he ended, so an eye for an eye.

  • Beverly

    You are still executing people? Take a look at the countries who still have the death penalty.


    Think about who is NOT on the list, i.e., most of your allies. Think about who is on the list. The U.S. execution rate of humans is only exceeded by Iraq and Iran. (And Saudi Arabian)

  • Pat

    yes, I believe that he is evil.duke111 why would you want details of the murder? He appears to have planned it all.Which makes it premeditated. We need to rid our society of these people.

  • HeavyC

    What they arent telling you is….
    all his victims were known drug dealers.
    Kinda changes it up a little bit dont it…?

    • Janay

      HeavyC, No it really doesn’t…He still killed them and enjoyed it right?

    • Mind8

      actually it doesn’t change a thing. Just because someone is a drug dealer doesn’t give anyone the right to kill them. You don’t get the death penalty for being a drug dealer…you may get sentenced to life or for a very long time but not the death penalty.

    • Liz

      no — that is what the courts are for — no one person can be judge, juror and executionor. I hate drug dealers but wouldn’t want someone going around shooting people. What if they were undercover cover agents?

    • http://Yahoo David


  • George R

    This parasite adored Adolf Hitler??? He will soon join Adolf in the very bottom of hell!!!!!


      That’s why we need to take lessons from Texas:they have express lanes.WE have all paid for this jerks keeping for 27 years.That’s bullshit!

  • Cyndi

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  • guest2012

    Just ANOTHER example of why the death penalty is a JOKE. There is NO reasonable excuse why this murderer has lived on death row for 27 YEARS!!!!! This is EXACTLY why the death penalty needs to be done away with OR revamp it so that justice prevails much sooner that 27 YEARS LATER!!!

    • Caligula

      The death penalty isn’t the joke, it’s the legal system. Now that we have DNA and the investigations are so much more detailed, they need to not give these clowns so many pleas and quit plea bargaining. If they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which these days they pretty much are, take them from the court and strap them in old sparky, and turn it on! No need to waste tax payers dollars with a place to put them, food, and clothing. Just get it over with quickly.

      • Liz

        I agree but problem is the bleeding heart liberals think it is cruel and unusual punishment but they don’t care how many innocent victims suffered and were tortured

  • tony

    What this article leaves out: “Manuel Pardo, 56, and his partner Rolando Garcia committed nine murders as they ripped-off drug dealers before killing anyone capable of implicating them in the crimes.

    At his trial in 1988, Pardo went against the advice of his lawyers and confessed saying his victims were drug dealers who ‘have no right to live’ and that he was ridding the streets of the ‘scum of the earth’.”

  • tony

    What they left out of this article: “Manuel Pardo, 56, and his partner Rolando Garcia committed nine murders as they ripped-off drug dealers before killing anyone capable of implicating them in the crimes.

    At his trial in 1988, Pardo went against the advice of his lawyers and confessed saying his victims were drug dealers who ‘have no right to live’ and that he was ridding the streets of the ‘scum of the earth’.”

  • otis freen

    Its always been this way. For some, there is no line between crook and cop.

  • johnny

    No injection,,,shoot him several times,,,the way he carried his murders…for 26 years we tax payers have fed, housed, given med care, and probably tv, books , clean conditions,,,no justice in this system..guilty take immediate action ,,,well maybe give em a week…

    • Liz

      They should have accomplished this execution 20 years ago — too many have a lifetime of free benefits, including mental health now. Why pay for all these appeals, etc?

  • fred

    you must die the same way they did peace brother

  • http://officertobeexecutedafter9murders fred

    you must die like they did buddy peace not in heaven…………

  • Christina

    And he’s been kept alive this long why???? Our judicial system sucks and this proves it!

    • Julia

      I agree 100%. Why is this ass clown still alive?

  • George

    Over 20 years later and he still hasn’t paid for his crimes. Kill him already!!!!!

  • jon

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    May he roast in Hell.

    • Matthew Nwokoji

      The beauty of rule of law is that everyone is equal before the law.I am aof a strong opinion that whenever an individual has been vested with police powers, he should be made to understand that he or she should be held accountable.

      The police like any other organizations has few individuals that are criminals, who managed to come into the force without being detected.If we identify this small group and punish them, this will send a great message to every law enforcement agent, the message is clear that we gave you the badge and we can also take it from you. If such a message is not sent, we will witness lots of abuse and end up having chaotic and criminally minded organization.

      I believe in the rule of law .

      Matthew Nwokoji, Ph.D

  • Mort

    I’ve long said that Police officers should enjoy NO perks when it comes to breaking the law. In fact, if they do choose to break the law they are sworn to uphold, they should face HARSHER penalties for violating that trust. The public places it’s trust in these jackbooted thugs, and when they violate it tends to be of an even more egregious nature than a standard crime. Just like the conviction of Officer Fred Thompson in Spokane, WA for the beating and suffocation death of an innocent man, Otto Zehm. Then he LIED about it to Federal Prosecutors after the tight blue line of the City of Spokane refused to prosecute him. He even got other officers to lie and back him up. The lies were only exposed after HARD PROOF in the form of a convenience store video tape exposed him and others as flat out liars. They only gave him four and a half years. He should have got four and a half decades.

    • shirley stone

      what about the doctors, lawyers, senators, judges, presidents. Police officers are no different than anyone else that has crossed the line. The justice systems needs to be revamped where each crime has the same time. doesnt matter who you are and how much money you have.

  • Jim

    Good riddance!

  • Hambone Johnson

    Fry the dog…absolute evil trash.

  • mouhamed izzat ebraheem

    check out my mouhamed izzat ebraheem book white slave on amazon after doin time in florida prisons with people like him

  • mouhamed izzat ebraheem

    check my book white slave

    • http://Yahoo David

      What book ?

  • http://Yahoo David

    I was around when they kept Roger Dale Stafford alive for over 15 years after he was convicted in the steak house killings in Oklahoma saw him get fat on our tax dollars, I do agree this man needs to die for what he did and no one should get to sit on death row that long.

  • jon

    The Nurremburg trials and executions had a point after WWII.

    They hung the guilty at Nurremburg because it was an ignominious death fitting the trash they were. It was a dishonorable death. This guy should be hung for the same reason.

  • Robert

    Just proves that our judical system is lacking in putting these types of people to death ,& filling up our prisons & Death Row with this type of scum .

  • john

    how much did it cost tax payers to keep this guy alive for this many years? how much did the lawyers make stretching the obvious ? complete waste for al parties concerned but one thing is certain … there is some justice no matter what position you hold even a badge and there are some real good cops out there and i thank them for what they do

    • shirley stone

      having worked for the department of correction it cost about 35000 dollars a year to keep one person and that is on the cheep side depending on what the cost of living in the state you are in

  • Brittney

    Bye Bye

    • http://yahoo jose

      he,s parasite and has to go, the people he kill they dint do nothing to him, and now justice is serve.

  • bob.boychuk

    All cops are pigs. THis is a murdering pig. The rest are hateful, lying, nigger beating pigs. There isn’t a decent one among them. I hate them all. Nothing but meat, gristle and lies.

  • http://Yahoo WENDY**

    I think this cop is scum and any of the other officer’s who believe they can get away with this, but for the good cops, thank you, thank you so much**

    • blair kituhwa

      There are consequences for behavior,either in this life or the next. I hope he has a come to Jesus meeting before Tuesday,or he will wish he was back in prison after his execution.

  • ray nichols

    Wonder if he will smell like Bacon while being executed???

    • http://WebProNews Dave

      Bacon,hmmmm. How about Krispy Kreme Donuts?

    • http://yahoo jack.kerr1965@yahoo.com

      not bacon, smelle like chicken………

  • oft

    how does our society let this man go 25 plus years alive.
    i for one do not want to house, feed and provide health care
    for such animals as this man is, a stay–who are you kidding.

  • http://yahoo eva

    Hold it right there, guys. Why the hell should this man get a free pass? Because he was a policeman? All the reason to give him the needle. Nobody else gets a free pass for 9 murders. Neither should he.

  • tony

    these type of people are seriously mental but that doesn’t mean that they get a get out of free card and only have’t to stay in a mental institute for 10 years these people deserve to be put to death and i think that the state of florida is giving these victims justice tomorrow night because this piece of scum does not deserve to live and be able to hurt another person

  • budmanx

    Too bad they can’t kill him 9 times…. Sorry SOB.

    • Nate

      I couldnt agree more! I’m 49 and have only ever had 2 traffic tickets, one of which was for running a YELLOW light in front of a cop that didnt like me I guess. I even had 2 witnesses that I did not in fact run a red light but it didnt matter. There are a lot more corrupt police officers than people realise but thankfully, most are on the up and up and do take their job seriously and protect and serve!

      • shirley stone

        think of all the times that you deserved a ticket but didnt get it.

  • Kelly

    It just goes to show you that evil people can infiltrate just about any group or organization, even Law Enforcement. This is very sad on two fronts. First off, this man had been entrusted to ‘protect and serve’ the people within his jurisdiction, which he did not. This is an unthinkable breach of trust which he carried out with wanton abandon. Second, this man actually had the audacity to embrace the likes of a man as evil as Adolf Hitler. Obviously Pardo had some issues beyond the scope of the norm, but he carried out these deeds in a cold and calculated manner which means that he was fully aware of what he was doing, and equally aware of the potential consequences of being caught. Simply put, this man needs to die.

    • Chris

      “Even law enforcement”?????? I don’t think there is a whole lot of people out there who didn’t already know there is a LOT of evil already in law enforcement. This is coming from a 41 year old who has never been convicted of any crime so I am not just some thug who hates the police.

      • steve p

        due to the fact you used the word “thug” you can only be another African American (oxymoron if in america then you are american only, else you should leave) who believes the “po-po” are out to get them. this is just another form of racism done by YOU

        • Dan

          So only African Americans use the word “thug”. I’ll note that for future reference.

        • shirley stone

          why does race have to be brought into it. THis has nothing to do with race. I wished they would just wipe that word out. And tell me what job classsification does not have evil people. Alot never caught

  • Alan

    There has never been a good police officer who suddenly turned like this.
    He had to be committing crimes all along, and it was just those times he got caught.
    Will the execution be filmed for later viewing enjoyment?

    • http://yahoo george russell

      i think the system works for all of us,its the bleeding hearts that is hurting us. i wonder if a family member was on death row would we all be so eager to see them die. dont get me wrong i think sitting on death row for years is a waste of time, money,and man power. and i am all for the death penalty, i just think the system needs to be reworked. after twenty years or more there in no justice for the victims familys.

  • David

    KARMA..My Cousin & a Friend were killed in Cold Blood by “PIGS” FUCK THEM ALL!

  • http://yahoo tracy rogers

    Kill him and let him suffer. He didn’t give his victims a “stay”.

  • http://yahoo GIGI

    Everything has been said that can be said. What amazes me is how long he got away
    with so much, and even then a slap on the wrist. We are finally waking to the fact a uniform and badge is not a license to kill, steal, lie and everything else he did. We need very strict enforcement
    because I believe some officers see so many crimes, they become copy-cats, or are
    so consumed with their own power they think they are God.

    I believe they should be punished just as anyone else is for the crimes they commit.

    Perhaps some will agree an annual exam and lie detector test would at least alert the Chief who is possibly a problem.

    There should be mandatory laws as to what happens next. Do they need medical attention, are they a potential
    risk to themselves and others?

    Stricter screenings when hiring could also alert those in charge who is not emotionally or mentally capable of this

    In closing, some may be un-detectable when hired, but routine exams could solve potential disasters.

    Any ideas out there?

    • skip8282

      Must be one scum bag of a lawyer.


    They should grant him a Stay-Of-Execution,then after he KILL his Lawyer,they EXECUTE him.

  • maria

    I would rather see him do life and then he has a daily reminder of what he has done ,and the knowledge of knowing he will die some day ,but not anytime soon ……

  • kay

    there are alot more people to be killed any which way I look to the east.

  • AB

    As a veteran police officer of 24 years Im surprised at some of the comments. If you will notice, this person ( I wont say officer ) began his killing spree AFTER he was terminated for falsifying tickets and lying under oath. The Florida Highway patrol could not forsee this kind of behavior in someone they terminated. Good departments do their best to screen applicants and investigate behavior by their employees. If you look at the big picture, police officers have a better ethical records than doctors. Do not blame law enforcement as a whole due to this guy. If he had been a plumber or a construction worker you wouldnt be calling for tighter regulation and training in those fields. The cops fired him. What he did after was as a regular, unemployed psycho.

  • http://www.webpronenews.com Beverly K. Campbell

    Interesting report! Seems to be a common trait of breaking laws that are supposed to be upheld as well as protection of people. The lies, cheating, theft and covering up for each other is known first hand in OK as well as being told when reporting a crime that “you would considered crazy!”

  • Jonathan

    It is easy (albeit a little disgusting) to be a cheerleader for killing people when you don’t actually have to operate the death machinery or take a close look at how capital punishment actually works.

    It is also easy to look at a particularly horrific crime or series of crimes and decide that maintaining a whole death penalty system is worth it. It isn’t.

    Just a few actual facts for your consideration (from someone who has been involved in death penalty cases):

    1. It actually costs more — substantially more — to execute someone than it does to keep them in jail for life without possibility of parole.

    2. The capital punishment system, being run by humans, is fallible (as we all are). It makes mistakes. Innocent people have been convicted of capital crimes; doubtless some have been executed. There have been 301 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States. 18 of the 300 people exonerated through DNA served time on death row — in other words they were convicted of capital murder. In most cases, their innocence was established not on a direct appeal from their trial, but in proceedings brought sometimes years later. Several were very close to being executed. These are the ones we KNOW about.

    3. The United States is the ONLY western democracy that executes people. The other countries that still maintain the death penalty are not exactly beacons of democracy and human rights. They include places like Bahrain, China (People’s Republic), Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Nice neighborhood, huh?

    4. The overwhelming majority of American criminologists do not believe that the death penalty deters crime. It is worth noting that many U.S. states that retain the death penalty have among the highest murder rates in the country.

    5. The system is capricious. Because of the differences among prosecutors, judges, juries, geography, etc. often times some of the most heinous criminals do not receive a death sentence while others, less heinous, do. In addition, with the multiple layer of appeals and post conviction challenges, who lives and who dies can be determined by technical mistakes made by lawyers and judges, rather than by meaningfully differentiating between various crimes.

    6. The lawyers who work on behalf of condemned inmates, challenging convictions and/or sentences are almost always unpaid volunteers.

    • shirley stone

      It does not deter when they get 25 to thirty years add to their sentence. That is about what happens when they are found guilty and then it begins.

  • doreen

    ok, bye now.. why did it take so long? i am sure his victims did not have to wait 24 years to die

  • Roy

    jonathan, those are just your opinions… the deathg penalty doesnt deter crime because you live on death row for 20 years. it needs to be more immediate and public, let the criminals know that they will be dealt with swiftly. as for the cost… who care, thier victems didnt get years to think about anything before they were killed and torn from thier families. You liberals are such a cancer to this country!!!

    • shirley stone

      they should have the three courts, place of crime, state, supreme court and that is it. Just to make sure they got the right one.

    • steve

      Roy, that is just your opinion. Liberals are not a cancer. Extreme right and left wing people are both cancers. Your stupid vague generalizations are the problem. Conservatives and Liberals are both needed to balance out ideologies and meet the needs of the average person. I support Obama and the death penalty.

  • Kelly

    Chris, everyone knows that crooked cops have been around since time immemorial. My point is that this cop was a serial killer while serving as an officer, PERIOD.

    • Ralph8119

      What about crooked people in general why cops?

      • shirley stone

        it doesnt matter whether he was a cop or a taxie driver you have choices you cross the line you pay the price

  • Ralph8119

    From one retired cop, he was a scumbag bad apple thats receiving his tomorrow, HAPPY TRAILS TO THE INFERNO!

  • ed

    How many of his murders don’t we know about? If he were to kill another inmate or a prison guard, what should be his punishment?

  • http://WebProNews Robin Daddario

    He’s already has had stays of over a decade.The taxpayers are tired of coddling these monsters. Lethal injection is too easy for killers like him. Let him rot in hell.

    • shirley stone

      but that would cost us just more money kill them. He has had his day in court. along with all the child abusers

  • Michelle

    Say “Hello” to your idol Hitler in Hell you psycho!

  • Ed

    If all he killed were drug dealers and pimps, he should be given a reward and set free. We need more people who are willing to rid our streets of the trash that run wild in our cities. We could have used many of these guy’s during “Occupy Wall Street”. These folks are needed when Unions and our Government get out of hand.

    • Jack

      You are a sick person. If you mean that you are just as messed up as Pardo, you just have no balls

      • http://www.wix.com/hebrewhero/againstantisemitism King David

        Dear both honorable Sirs Ed, Dear Jack.

        At yahoo, we would definitely NOT have this hostile talk between you twoze here. !

        The Vietnam war was wrong. Not the Iraq war. Saddam was a massmurderer. Yet SOME US soldiers committed their own anti-muslim hatred game — and the lots of Abu “Graves” Graibs, where US soldiers tortured Muslims — but that doesn’t mean that MOST US soldiers would be “BAD”, murderers. TOTALLY NOT. Totally not. But those who DID unneededly in hatred, for drivin up their killrates, kill, those, I do condemn, but I have to say that so, that ALKAIDA HIZBOLLA JIHAD HAMAS those much, MUCH more than USA could EVER be, CRAZY fanatics ALKAIDA and co, they PRAISE and PRAY to HITLER, as this “PARDO” here whom I for one do NOT pardon.

        As a ten year old, I was asked by my youth club Madrich teacher, like all my mates, what I would do if I held a gun and was facing an old real Gestapo SS officer who now lay sick, very sick, in his hospital or home bed. All others said they would spare the old scumbag and let him live his rest of a few days to months. I not. I said, I would pull the trigger. After the lesson, the teacher took me privately, and asked me again, he wanted me clearly to change my mind. I did not. He could do nothing. I am Irgun.

        And between Irgun and Alkaida and Hamas hizbolla, it is a fight to the death, and it shall be. Evryone who sees it differently is stupid. I don’t say KILL ALL of the hamas which was, what hitler did with us Jews and what the highest command of USA, Truman, Nixon, and LBJ, did to four million Vietnamese, and what Jiang Zemin did to four MILLION Falun Gong. Murder and torture. And what USA did to two million Iraqis. And what Hamas Alkaida Hizbolla Jihad to many more millions of people, already, since not only 46, but since the 18th century. Who says now I’d even show openly that the “numbers” would be “unequal”, IS a nazi, already, clearly, obviously, himself, or even: herself. The numbers ARE like that: some 3000 Jews were killed at the coronations of BOTH Muhammad and King Richard, some maybe 200’000 Jews or more by Egypt some 4000 years ago, and also that number by Babylon some maybe 5000 years ago, or 4500 years, some maybe around 400’000 Jews by the spanish Inquisition of around the year 1400, some maybe 300’000 or more Jews by the church in the middle age, six million Jews by hitler, and maybe some 200’000 Jews or more or less by the Romans 2000 years ago.

        0 Jews were killed by Napoleon the First, and some maybe 5000 or more employed as lawyers, cooks, writers etc.

        Some maybe 40’000 or more Jews were surely murdered by Robespierre the naziswine just before Napoleon came. Robespierre squatted murder all over fRance in 1790 to 1793.

        I am in love with an arab girl. She is an Israeli soldier.
        I saw her on TV from honestreporting dot com. She is stronger than me, but I trust her. I find also european police chicks VERY attractive, and they me too, one looked at me when my mother called the cops n psychos for nothing, for a few painfully anxious SMS of mine, now I shall pay 500 dollars, scandal, total unrightfulness, I can’t pay, and will not, the health insurance will make another one of their stops of payments in any cases.

        My nose was broken two years ago and lip split in an unwarned, sudden sneak assault on ma face by to muslims who praised HITLER and were explicite antisemites (“JEWS”: TABOO SUBJECT.”). Until that day, I sung extremely strong, you cannot imagine. You can also not imagine the four wholes in my face, and how the lip hund down so I could in the mirror of the unofficial hemp selling place where I had to go to since the official dangerfree and taxpaying hempstores were CLOSED 2005 by police on the order of attorney general of SWITZERLAND mister NAZI called “HOMBERGER”, and how the skull was visible, my face disfigured. Because hemp is illegal and there is no security or law protection for Hemp consumers. We are criminalized like the heroine takers. When I don’t even drink ANY alcohol EVER, and never took any hard drugs. I hear crazy stories about Cocaine and Heroine, and people at parties ask me if I wanna take pills, which I deny, and then, they are shocked that I only smoke Cannabis and don’t take other drugs. The world except Netherlands, Colorado, Washington and Tibet before its (unlike Israel’s to the Westbank and foremostly Gaza!) unrightful occupation, is perpetrating several discriminations at the same time, the one against Cannabis, and the “other” one which is racist, against the best People who live on Earth, in order to install evil on this world. We Jews fight against evil, which IS islam, actually, big parts of islam have now yielded politically to nothing else than the HITLER-PROJECT. Therefore, we should DEFINITELY NOT wonder, that the whole world press is biased against israel. the whole world IS an antisemite. And Jews evrywhere should now be SHOCKED and MUST NOW ALL go ON THEIR FEET and SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS ACTUAL RACISM-ANTISEMITISM. I am behind You, my Jews. Don’t worry. Either we all die together, or not. When you die, you die. It IS sad, true. But think, when we are angels above, we can laugh at this world. It is stupid. Evil. shall it be. we have to laugh at it.

    • Richard Walton


      • Richard Walton

        I’m sorry; I meant to say Ed your a Jackass

    • Richard Walton

      I’m sorry I meant to say Ed your a jackass

    • DK

      Ed you are a f@cking dummy yummie you probably have killed someone and living like you havent done anything wrong you sick bastard

  • jonathan hargis

    is it just me or is the value of anothers life more and more quickly losing value, is it desensatation brought on by several contributing factors ( not going to start an argument by saying something as blaise’ as oh violent movies, music , blah blah blah) I am worried for our existence and future.

  • http://dasit jonathan hargis

    I pray for this man I pray he feels remorse-and not only because he will soon die, I mean true remorse. I served 13 years in the United States Marine Corps , I was deployed three times in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. I WILL NOT sit here and write Rambo stories I am 32 years old and let me say any man coming back or claiming to be there boasting those horrible stories are full of shit. Now with that being said I was in quite many incursions and not a day passes I do not feel remorse for any of those adversaries, may they have gone with God and be at peace.

  • edie lipham

    My dad was murdered in 1996 and I have always said it was a police officer, because the crime scene was so clean and no evidence to go on…I BELIEVE she paid a police officer to commit this crime….Until this case is solved my mind will not change…………

  • Lorraine Toppi

    By…By! Whatever happened to “swift” justice.

  • http://www.wix.com/hebrewhero/againstantisemitism King David

    ah no the chick was lookin at me haha when one arab beat me and months later cops made a “mistake” and came to my house when I already signed and sent off that thingy.

    one cop of those three in the other case was a hardened nazi, another youngo one a deluded skinhead cop, and one was a young ok fine gentleman. and da higher psycho woman was a GOOD “witch”, as I call her, with DARK totally BLACK hair, and she was ethically good, the other BLONDE (!) was NOT ok at all, she sends sane people to insane houses to be injected with hard drugs.



  • http://www.wix.com/hebrewhero/againstantisemitism King David

    My own site, I post it more proudly here than at this SWINE yahoo as of now since some months:

    my site:


    thx all. Lechaim.