Officer To Be Executed After 9 Murders

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A former police officer who was found guilty of nine murders in the late ’80s is scheduled to be executed tomorrow night despite a plea from his lawyer for a stay.

The Florida man, Manuel Pardo, enjoyed a good career as a highway patrolman–even earning accolades from his co-workers–but marred his record with a termination due to the falsification of traffic tickets. He was later involved in a police brutality case with four other officers in Sweetwater, and by 1986 he had been fired again for lying to a judge on behalf of one of his colleagues, saying they were undercover officers after a drug bust. That was the beginning of a shocking downward spiral for Pardo; that same year, over a 3-month span, he killed nine people and committed a string of robberies. His penchant for taking photos of the violent aftermath–and recording the details in his journal–ended up being his downfall. He reportedly took up a heavy fascination with Adolf Hitler and later told prosecutors that he had been doing his victims a favor by killing them.

“He was very cold,” retired prosecutor David Waksman said. “He was doing robberies and went home and slept like a baby. He was proud of what he did.”

Pardo said he modeled himself after Hitler because he was an “activist” and showed no remorse for the murders.

“They’re parasites and they’re leeches, and they have no right to be alive,” he said. “Somebody had to kill these people.”

A plea for a stay of execution was forwarded last Friday (under claims that he is mentally ill), but unless it comes as a last-minute decision on the judge’s part, Pardo will be given a lethal injection on Tuesday night.

Image: Florida Dept. of Corrections

Officer To Be Executed After 9 Murders
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  • http://google Lynell Lentz

    Of course this man is mentally ill. I can’t believe they’re going through with the sentence.

    • Tom Fox

      What a horribly written article. How can he fired twice by the Highway Patrol?? Was he an officer at the time of the killings?
      Go back to journalism school.

    • Hector Schmector

      Well, Lynell Letz, have him come reside with you and you can help cure him if you wish.

      • judy

        Well Hector, lets hope mental illness never occurs in your family.

  • Melissa

    So what if he’s mentally ill? Rotting in a jail cell won’t help that.He deserves to be put to death for what he did.

    • Liz

      I agree – that is what I was going to post — what is the difference — he killed 9 people

      • judy

        Melissa would you feel the same way if he were your brother or son? You sound as cold as he is mentally ill.

  • cletus fraley

    This man should have been put to death years ago.And his lawyer wants a stay–wow.His victims didn’t get to stay.

  • Jackie Duncan

    I believe this man is beyond guilty, he was a police officer and chose
    to go off only after he had been fired more than once for wrong doing.
    I think the punishment fits the crime in this case (even more than some others)….He has no right to live!

  • kelly

    sieg heil! say hi to hitler for me when you head south, buddy.

    • Bob

      No way! He’s going to Mexico? Awesome!

  • Kotta

    Why would you want a killer to live anyways? It’s human nature once a killer always killer, theres no “I have changed my ways.” No its twisted feeling these people get from killing that would tempt them to do it again. Plus he’s a cop. Those damn bastereds need a reality check they are not of higher authority just because they have a badge. We are equal and such as one killers are not equal and deserve to be punished, as the people who new the victims may want a peace to know that whoever killed their mom or dad or brother or sister, whoever they have been to them can no longer hurt anyone else like that ever again. I can’t believe that the idea of him living even came up. He owes the living 8 lives that he cut short, so there for he should pay with his life. It’s harsh and cruel I know to think this way but if you let everyone off the hook for killing people well it just invites people to kill more.

  • Kim

    He needs to go. Good riddens.

  • Big Daddy

    Mentally ill…Not. Racist …Yes !!!!

  • JRS

    The Fort Hood shooter should have the same fate also!

    • Liz

      but not wait 27 years – I agree – he should be dead aready there were so many witnesses to his murders of innocent military and their families – he knew they were unarmed (Ft Hood shooter)

  • eli

    Why is he just now getting the axe!
    Wasting my money to keep him alive for 26 years. WTF
    Why isn’t the Hood shooter dead? Or the Joker that killed those poor people in the theater.
    To sad.

  • matt boeker

    Psychopathy is not the same as mental illness. This man is fully sane, just evil.

  • http://yahoo Joel

    he deserves jail… and in general population!

  • duke111

    Very poorly writen, no details on the murders,go back to college and do over !

  • dagann

    Dear Manuael Pardo,
    Time is short and i know you are busy, but I just wanted to ask you to tell “Adolf” i said hello when you get to Hell. You’r cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

  • ED

    Ive never killed anyone that didnt deserved it and I tell the truth even when Im lying.

  • Nicole Oden

    Does anyone else think that this guy looks like Voldemort?

  • http://yahoo berni worra

    Some people are just evil and no good. This is one of them. Doctors and lawyers can lie all they want,but in the end we will never know why some are bad seeds. Exise them from our society asap and save lives.

  • john

    his name seems strikingly Hispanic. does he not realize that not only was he NOT of the master race but b/c (if he is of hispanic ethnicity) that he too would have died in Hitler’s concentration camps? Hitler killed Jews, blacks, whites who lacked certain characteristics (blonde eyes, blue hair), the handicapped, gays, etc. he pretty much killed anyone.

  • Pat

    An eye for an eye I say. Maybe if this country would send people to death if they kill maybe there would be less killing. There is way too much of this nonsence in this country. People are getting away with murder way too much.

  • Laura Stutler

    He looks crazy

    • Liz

      he most likely has spent the past 27 years in solitary since general population prisoners do not like cops and he would have been dead within weeks after entering general.

  • Jack P

    Let’s get on with it. Long past due for him to pay the ultimate penalty for his Hitlerian conduct.

  • Greg

    There was a parasite alright, Pardo. I agree with others, he should have been put to death along time ago. And he was PROUD of what he did. Why should he live and be a burden on the tax payers. There are 9 people who’s lives he ended, so an eye for an eye.

  • Beverly

    You are still executing people? Take a look at the countries who still have the death penalty.


    Think about who is NOT on the list, i.e., most of your allies. Think about who is on the list. The U.S. execution rate of humans is only exceeded by Iraq and Iran. (And Saudi Arabian)

  • Pat

    yes, I believe that he is evil.duke111 why would you want details of the murder? He appears to have planned it all.Which makes it premeditated. We need to rid our society of these people.

  • HeavyC

    What they arent telling you is….
    all his victims were known drug dealers.
    Kinda changes it up a little bit dont it…?

    • Janay

      HeavyC, No it really doesn’t…He still killed them and enjoyed it right?

    • Mind8

      actually it doesn’t change a thing. Just because someone is a drug dealer doesn’t give anyone the right to kill them. You don’t get the death penalty for being a drug dealer…you may get sentenced to life or for a very long time but not the death penalty.

    • Liz

      no — that is what the courts are for — no one person can be judge, juror and executionor. I hate drug dealers but wouldn’t want someone going around shooting people. What if they were undercover cover agents?

    • http://Yahoo David


  • George R

    This parasite adored Adolf Hitler??? He will soon join Adolf in the very bottom of hell!!!!!


      That’s why we need to take lessons from Texas:they have express lanes.WE have all paid for this jerks keeping for 27 years.That’s bullshit!

  • Cyndi

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  • guest2012

    Just ANOTHER example of why the death penalty is a JOKE. There is NO reasonable excuse why this murderer has lived on death row for 27 YEARS!!!!! This is EXACTLY why the death penalty needs to be done away with OR revamp it so that justice prevails much sooner that 27 YEARS LATER!!!

    • Caligula

      The death penalty isn’t the joke, it’s the legal system. Now that we have DNA and the investigations are so much more detailed, they need to not give these clowns so many pleas and quit plea bargaining. If they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which these days they pretty much are, take them from the court and strap them in old sparky, and turn it on! No need to waste tax payers dollars with a place to put them, food, and clothing. Just get it over with quickly.

      • Liz

        I agree but problem is the bleeding heart liberals think it is cruel and unusual punishment but they don’t care how many innocent victims suffered and were tortured

  • tony

    What this article leaves out: “Manuel Pardo, 56, and his partner Rolando Garcia committed nine murders as they ripped-off drug dealers before killing anyone capable of implicating them in the crimes.

    At his trial in 1988, Pardo went against the advice of his lawyers and confessed saying his victims were drug dealers who ‘have no right to live’ and that he was ridding the streets of the ‘scum of the earth’.”

  • tony

    What they left out of this article: “Manuel Pardo, 56, and his partner Rolando Garcia committed nine murders as they ripped-off drug dealers before killing anyone capable of implicating them in the crimes.

    At his trial in 1988, Pardo went against the advice of his lawyers and confessed saying his victims were drug dealers who ‘have no right to live’ and that he was ridding the streets of the ‘scum of the earth’.”

  • otis freen

    Its always been this way. For some, there is no line between crook and cop.

  • johnny

    No injection,,,shoot him several times,,,the way he carried his murders…for 26 years we tax payers have fed, housed, given med care, and probably tv, books , clean conditions,,,no justice in this system..guilty take immediate action ,,,well maybe give em a week…

    • Liz

      They should have accomplished this execution 20 years ago — too many have a lifetime of free benefits, including mental health now. Why pay for all these appeals, etc?

  • fred

    you must die the same way they did peace brother

  • http://officertobeexecutedafter9murders fred

    you must die like they did buddy peace not in heaven…………

  • Christina

    And he’s been kept alive this long why???? Our judicial system sucks and this proves it!

    • Julia

      I agree 100%. Why is this ass clown still alive?

  • George

    Over 20 years later and he still hasn’t paid for his crimes. Kill him already!!!!!

  • jon

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    May he roast in Hell.

    • Matthew Nwokoji

      The beauty of rule of law is that everyone is equal before the law.I am aof a strong opinion that whenever an individual has been vested with police powers, he should be made to understand that he or she should be held accountable.

      The police like any other organizations has few individuals that are criminals, who managed to come into the force without being detected.If we identify this small group and punish them, this will send a great message to every law enforcement agent, the message is clear that we gave you the badge and we can also take it from you. If such a message is not sent, we will witness lots of abuse and end up having chaotic and criminally minded organization.

      I believe in the rule of law .

      Matthew Nwokoji, Ph.D

  • Mort

    I’ve long said that Police officers should enjoy NO perks when it comes to breaking the law. In fact, if they do choose to break the law they are sworn to uphold, they should face HARSHER penalties for violating that trust. The public places it’s trust in these jackbooted thugs, and when they violate it tends to be of an even more egregious nature than a standard crime. Just like the conviction of Officer Fred Thompson in Spokane, WA for the beating and suffocation death of an innocent man, Otto Zehm. Then he LIED about it to Federal Prosecutors after the tight blue line of the City of Spokane refused to prosecute him. He even got other officers to lie and back him up. The lies were only exposed after HARD PROOF in the form of a convenience store video tape exposed him and others as flat out liars. They only gave him four and a half years. He should have got four and a half decades.

    • shirley stone

      what about the doctors, lawyers, senators, judges, presidents. Police officers are no different than anyone else that has crossed the line. The justice systems needs to be revamped where each crime has the same time. doesnt matter who you are and how much money you have.

  • Jim

    Good riddance!

  • Hambone Johnson

    Fry the dog…absolute evil trash.

  • mouhamed izzat ebraheem

    check out my mouhamed izzat ebraheem book white slave on amazon after doin time in florida prisons with people like him

  • mouhamed izzat ebraheem

    check my book white slave

    • http://Yahoo David

      What book ?

  • http://Yahoo David

    I was around when they kept Roger Dale Stafford alive for over 15 years after he was convicted in the steak house killings in Oklahoma saw him get fat on our tax dollars, I do agree this man needs to die for what he did and no one should get to sit on death row that long.

  • jon

    The Nurremburg trials and executions had a point after WWII.

    They hung the guilty at Nurremburg because it was an ignominious death fitting the trash they were. It was a dishonorable death. This guy should be hung for the same reason.

  • Robert

    Just proves that our judical system is lacking in putting these types of people to death ,& filling up our prisons & Death Row with this type of scum .

  • john

    how much did it cost tax payers to keep this guy alive for this many years? how much did the lawyers make stretching the obvious ? complete waste for al parties concerned but one thing is certain … there is some justice no matter what position you hold even a badge and there are some real good cops out there and i thank them for what they do

    • shirley stone

      having worked for the department of correction it cost about 35000 dollars a year to keep one person and that is on the cheep side depending on what the cost of living in the state you are in

  • Brittney

    Bye Bye

    • http://yahoo jose

      he,s parasite and has to go, the people he kill they dint do nothing to him, and now justice is serve.

  • bob.boychuk

    All cops are pigs. THis is a murdering pig. The rest are hateful, lying, nigger beating pigs. There isn’t a decent one among them. I hate them all. Nothing but meat, gristle and lies.

  • http://Yahoo WENDY**

    I think this cop is scum and any of the other officer’s who believe they can get away with this, but for the good cops, thank you, thank you so much**

    • blair kituhwa

      There are consequences for behavior,either in this life or the next. I hope he has a come to Jesus meeting before Tuesday,or he will wish he was back in prison after his execution.

  • ray nichols

    Wonder if he will smell like Bacon while being executed???

    • http://WebProNews Dave

      Bacon,hmmmm. How about Krispy Kreme Donuts?

    • http://yahoo jack.kerr1965@yahoo.com

      not bacon, smelle like chicken………

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