Octomom’s Son: Restraining Order Is Filed

    November 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Octomom Nadya Suleman’s oldest son, Elijah, has asked for his mom’s help in filing a restraining order against an ex-nanny, alleging that she is spreading false stories about him to tabloids which are damaging to his character.

Gina Bryson has reportedly told various media outlets that Elijah was caught sexually molesting his younger sisters and frequently watches porn; Suleman is in the process of filing two more complaints against the woman on behalf of some of her other children, saying they have all been harassed by phone calls or text messages from the woman.

Bryson has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet from Elijah and is prohibited from contacting him.

Suleman recently relocated her family of 14 to a nice new home, which she proudly showed off in a video, perhaps to silence her detractors after an acquaintance went to the media with reports–and photos–concerning her old home and how unkempt it was.

  • http://webpronews catlin

    What a loser this woman is, She is a drug addict and cannot handle all of her kids, so she had to go into rehab just to get away and try and get clean. She lives in a new home but when the rent is due and her bills, she will be out on the street with 14 kids. How long does she think people will help her. Why cant she get a respectable job? No one will hire her. She would sell herself on the streets to make a dollar. way to raise the bar, MOM. What a bad influence on her kids that she has no choice but to accept porno stuff. Sorry, But I think she is a loser.

  • http://yahoo T

    I totally agree she is a big loser. Wants all those kids so we as tax payers can fit the bill and she goes and works the porn industry. Then has the nerve to have an ex-nanny REALLY!!! YOU WANTED ALL THOSE SPERM DONOR KIDS ( WHY so you’re kids would never be able to know their father) NOW GET A DAMN REAL JOB AND TAKE CARE OF THEM. I work my butt off 40 hours a week to take care of MY OWN household needs DO THE SAME. 14 kids you could have 14 payments of child support from the father of those kids. YOU’RE SICKENING OCTOPUS not OCTOMOM a real MOM takes responsibilty for her own not have some else take care of her responsibilites. GROSS PIG

  • lana

    This idiot for a mother will do anything for attention….except make the father (s) of her kids pay up and give California a financial break. She is rediculously stupid!!!!

    • Lauren

      There aren’t any fathers, she went to a fertility clinic.

  • cheryl

    How come welfare moms are critisied for having one kid after another but this women has them all in one litter and does the same inept parenting cause theres to many to take care of and cant possibly supervise all of them.eventually child protective services will help relieve the that burden from her and then taxpayers will INHERIT that same burden from this trainwreck of a women.I feel bad for this womens mother she must be beside herself with her daughters choices in life

  • wendy

    Some people really step into it, they act without thinking, I would not want to be a mother of 14 exp. when they were little. Sometimes when in a jam, a mom does whatever it takes, if a mom isn’t very smart to start with the only road would lead to porn. But I’m glad the kids are in a cleaner enviroment. Everyday is a new beginning and every day is another chance to get it right. I don’t wish her or those kids anything but the best. Maybe she could actually take some typing or computer courses and maybe work from home. IDK, glad the kids are happy. I always say if your not willing to roll up your sleeves and help then walk away(silently).

  • jean malloy

    As sad as she is, even sadder is that our society has made it EASY for her and thousands and thousands (though not with 14 children!) like her. They have managed to remove the stimatism of such behavior. A married woman with children trying to balance work with rearing her children receive more flack in many circles than women like Suleman and for God’s sake, don’t be a Republican!!

  • AYFS

    How exactly is it that Elijah “asked for his mom’s help” when his mother was busy shooting a spoof music video in Tennessee while telling everyone else she was in rehab? The restraining order was filed by an employee of Natalie Doud’s manager, Gina Rodriguez who by some coincidence has had her twitter account suspended for violating their TOS concerning privacy. It’s also amazing that none of her detractors (aka, people who know the truth about Natalie’s abuse of the children)none of them have had their accounts hacked since GR was suspended. There are no coincidences, people.