Octomom On Welfare Again After Rehab

    January 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“Octomom” Nadya Suleman is back on government assistance after five months, and says rehab bills ate up much of the money she made from appearing in a porn film.

The mother of 14 recently began renting a home away from the harsh glare of L.A. and showed it off in a video, saying she was happy to be able to provide a clean, stable place for her children to live. In order to keep the home, however, she’s signed up for assistance which will earn her a reported $1,800 for food and $1,000 in “emergency cash” a month, plus medical assistance.

Suleman is presumed to be doing well after her October stint in rehab for an addiction to prescription Xanax pills. The mother of octuplets–who will turn 4 this month–earned notoriety for being the single mother of so many children, then used it to her advantage by signing up for porn and stripping gigs.

  • Amadeus Rex

    A single mother of eight who is a drug addict and is going on welfare. Welcome to the Obama nation…

    • Rachael

      8? More like single Mom of 14…. Now entering the Obama nation.

  • No More OBAMA

    I guess she will have to do a couple more porn flicks to get back in the black