Octomom Makes Her Awkward Stripping Debut: Twitter Reacts

    July 17, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Octomom Nadya Suleman was originally scheduled to perform at a little joint called T’s Lounge, a strip club in West Palm Beach, Florida. However, a seemingly harmeless news report featuring quotes from a few of the establishment’s employees apparently rubbed her the wrong way, causing her to bail on the show. A lawsuit promptly ensued, though this didn’t stop the infamous mother from taking her routine to another venue. Finally, after months of anticipation, it appeared that folks were going to see Suleman in all her glory.

On Friday, the Octomom took most of her clothes off at Playhouse South, where she awkwardly performed a show that involved the wonky removal of her PVC outfit. Despite the pending lawsuit from T’s Lounge — they claim they had an exclusive engagement with Suleman — she took to the stage anyway, though, according to reports, her routine was less than impressive. At one point, someone had to make their way on-stage to help Nadya remove her gloves.

“She’s really stiff,” one stripper explained to ABC News, “Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night.”

Nearly 400 people showed up to see the Octomom in action, which netted the wanna-be provocateur $5,000. This, of course, is in addition to the money she made selling photographs and T-shirts, the latter of which contained the phrase “I saw Octomom naked at the Playhouse South.” I guess everyone needs something to be proud of.

Not surprisingly, the Twitter reaction to the show has been interesting. If you’re curious to see a handful of photos from Suleman’s stripping debut — they’re a little racy, so use your best judgment if you’re at work — cast your eyes to the images embedded below. Beneath that you’ll find several reactions pulled directly from the popular micro-blogging website.




  • truthdefenderdep

    Seeing her stripping pics made me question if I am straight or gay, because my penis retracted 2 inches in horror!

    • Ron Jeremy

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

    • Kelly

      truthdefenderdep, you are fine. I am sure you are straight. If I were a guy, I probably would have the same reaction as you did.

    • CJ

      Hahahaha that was funny :)

  • Johnny DoNothing

    Im NOT going to make it rain up in there

  • bilbo baggins

    another Dr. Phil success story

  • ligtasan

    I had a stomach ache earlier and needed an extra push to throw up. I was at that stage where you feel ill but not ill enough to blow chunks.

    After seeing the octomom stripper pics I was able to blow serious chunks into the neighbor’s toilet from my front lawn. I did my impression of old faithful. On the plus side I feel much better, on the bad side I now can’t get an erection even with the help of viagra AND ecstasy……dammit.

  • amber

    WTF is wrong with her Have some goddamn respect for your self if not for you then at laest the kids i mean jesus christ your a mother and what happens when ur kids get old enough to know and see how do you explain that. then they get tormented for the shit, thats not fair to the kids.

    • Diane

      that trashy mom would have some excuse like always defending what she does it is all about money people who have defended this country like myself would like a make over but i guess I’m not a low life trashy animal being half naked so I wouldn’t qualify for a make over or a night on the town.

  • Carrie

    Maybe the kids are better off in foster care than with her.

  • big ed

    i’d give her my pay check…

  • woopdydoo!

    commence vomiting…

  • marjorie armstrong

    can you imagine feeding 14 children a proper diet I think it is a shame she has to resort to this but to feed her kids ok.

  • Diane

    looks like she let herself go a bit with what seems like a large abdoman and loose skin hanging from the back of her thighs….a mom who intentionally got pregnant and is always in the news as being trashy to make money…I defended this country for 20 years and never showed myself as being trashy but I would like to have a make over and have a night out on the town but I guess I’m not what the news is looking for by the way I was working on a Phd.

  • Maureen Skib

    There should be a new category for People Magazine called most pathetic human being and Nadya should be on the cover!

  • Maureen Skib

    There was a grandmother in the news who was bullied by kids on a bus and someone started a fund for her and she received almost $700,000,-where is this kind of generosity for a desperate woman like this…

    • Gene S.

      Yes, but those taunts were not due to anything that grandmother did, while Octomom intentionally got pregnant with those 8 kids all at one time and she did not do it the natural way either.

    • Lyndia

      You have a point, but she put herself in that position. The lady on the bus had no choice.

    • bunnie

      People DID fund her in the very beginning for not aborting all her babies. Then the articles about her blowing $1000 at the MAC counter came out, now this.

  • Maureen Skib

    Maybe Nadya just enjoys all the sick publicity and hopes she’ll get her own talk show or something, who knows

  • greg williams

    Octomom, no…. Dodecegonmom ….. yes

  • Gene S.

    While I don’t disagree with the comments that were posted here, for heaven’s sake doesn’t anybody have something good to say about Octomom???

    • No More OBAMA


  • Lanis

    There are a lot of childless couples who would love to have some of her children. She should not be allowed to keep those kids, where is DHS?

    • Allison

      Why does DHS need to take her kids because she’s stripping? What does that have to do with how she treats her kids? I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to have her kids but, there are thousands of children if not millions without homes. Those people can have any of those children. Nayda’s children have a mom. You might not like her but, that doesn’t give anyone the right to say she is not a good mom. What she is doing she may have felt like this is the way to earn money for her kids. As a parent you will do what you have to in order to take care of your children. I personally have never went this route. But, as a christian woman I will not judge someone else who does. Walk a mile in her shoes before you do.

  • China

    Where’s the good doctor and why isn’t HE paying for those kids???

    • Lynne

      China…that’s a great response…the doctor has a responsibility too. Trully. I hope Nadia’s atty reads this. Thanks China.

  • http://yahoo SID

    This is so sad. She was givin advice from Dr. Phil Dr. Drew and Susie Orman but she didn’t take it.

    • China

      Unfortunately, she’s mentally ill. I think the doctor that did this to her should be bankrolling those children.

    • Judy

      That is exactly what I would suggest.She made bad choices compounded by more mistakes and bad decisions. It is obvious that
      she does not have the capabilities to make beneficial decisions to correct her problems, which seem to be accumulated by this latest fiasco. Granted, she needs an income, but get help from other sources.At first I thought she was a “nut case”, but actually she could not predict how many children would be born the second time. She seems to be a needy person and a “mother hen” who enjoys kids.She really needs mental guidance as well as
      financial. How miserable to be in the lime light for all the wrong reasons.

  • China

    She’s doing what she’s gotta do.

  • kt

    thats a dam shame yall put that woman down for trying to feed her family.HELL this is america the land of the free.what would you do to feed your hungry kids.lol she got paid!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/myaccessiblelife Deborah (@myaccesiblelife)

    I get it, you have 14 kids to support but Nadiya please write a blog or a book; these folks are laughing AT you not with you. As a human being this breaks my heart.

  • think of the kids

    Nadia, stop worrying what the people think. You have become the national joke, they want to see you humiliate yourself every way possible, to make them feel better about their poor pathetic lives. The fact is you have all these kids with no one to help. Everyone has an opinion of what you should do, but no long term answer. This stuff will be on the internet for years to come, your kids don’t need to see it for their self esteem. It’s about the kids now. Sign up for welfare, get food stamps, join a church, to connect with a church family, don’t do any more public appearances or interviews, and focus on your kids. No more porn, stripping, and “do you think your crazy” interviews or whatever other display of public humiliation the public wants to laugh at you about. You have made massive mistakes in your life, teach them better. Help them to become productive members of socitey. That will be your biggest postive accomplishment.F@#k the people and do you and your kids. I hope not to see you I the news anymore.

  • http://solvehealthproblems.net/raspberryketones Solve Health Problems

    What the heck is going on here???? The Octomom looks HORRIBLE! Her body is NOT ready for stripping!! She may need to 1st try using some Raspberry Ketones to tighten up that body.

  • think of the kids

    Nadia, stop worrying what the people think. You have become the national joke, they want to see you humiliate yourself every way possible, to make them feel better about their poor pathetic lives. The fact is you have all these kids with no one to help. Everyone has an opinion of what you should do, but no long term answer. This stuff will be on the internet for years to come, your kids don’t need to see it for their self esteem. It’s about the kids now. Sign up for welfare, get food stamps, join a church, to connect with a church family, don’t do any more public appearances or interviews, and focus on your kids. No more porn, stripping, and “do you think your crazy” interviews or whatever other display of public humiliation the public wants to laugh at you about. You have made massive mistakes in your life, teach them better. Help them to become productive members of socitey. That will be your biggest postive accomplishment.Then you have the last laugh. F@#k the people and do you and your kids. I hope not to see you I the news anymore.

  • Allison

    And the men comments here. If any woman knows any better. Guys don’t care. Thats why 400 of them showed up to see her strip. You guys would sleep with her in a heartbeat. Stop hating! Tell the truth! This woman is not an unattractive woman and still is desirable. You guys act as if you are the sexiest thing walking. You try being a single mom, taking care of children and still maintaining your woman hood at the same time. I think considering she looks great! Men carry some kids and then judge. A lot of you guys bald, with pot bellies and trying to talk about this woman. Work on you and quit putting this woman down the press has done that enough!

    • maggie

      I am sorry- I am a mother and should not have had the 8 babies- BUT with that said DHS or Childrens Servies needs to step in – take them from her and find foster homes for them. Did you see the shows she has been on and pretends to have control on raising them. She did not!! Do not blame her Mother- N is mentally ill and the photos are disgusting. Can you imagine what they are going to think of her when they read this in the future and see those photos.- God willing- they can learn to read but I do not believe that is her priorty and quite frankly she is only into her and all her. And the Md that produced 8 babies should be arrested. Do not tell me he did not know what he was doing. There are people out there trying IVF for just one baby. Get those kids out of that house and away from that whacko or send them to another country. I am not willing to accept that she can claim enormous welfare with my taxes

      • Lynne

        Maggie…it’s true it shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Our society only takes children from their mothers for abuse…she’s a loving mother…not an abusive mother.

    • Clint Flournoy

      You do have some valid points but, with 13 methods of birth control including abstaining, do you think she could’ve chose at least one?

      • Sue H

        She wasn’t using birth control because she wanted to get pregnant and she did both times with IVF. That is how she got 14 children.

  • http://cureretrogradeejaculation.com Cure Retrograde Ejaculation

    YIKES!!! That’s all I have to say about that! Take a look at the 2nd picture…she’s gross! How did she get pregnant in the 1st place? I’m sure having 8 kids couldn’t do that much damage to her…FACE!

    • Lynne

      How about if all of the usual ‘yahoo responders’ to yahoo articles leave her alone this time…she’s a mother doing something she would never do were she not trying to feed and put a roof over her childrens’ heads. I care about her and I don’t know where this will end…but I care about her. The most important of all? She loves her children.

      • http://yahoo EMH

        Can’t leave her alone because she is always out there isnt she? She should not ever have had implantation of six eggs!!! she was being selfish then and now she is paying the price and so are her kids. Its called Karma and its very real. Dont feel bad for her feel bad for the kids.

  • Clint Flournoy

    “After being turned down for a promotion at Planned Parenthood, i decided to further my education. Now a have a successful career stripping in Miami! Thanks Brandmen!



  • Lynne

    Further on down the line of comments, China said…”Where’s the doctor who did this…he has a responsibility to provide money for those children also…” (not an exact quote——but a good idea…) Nadyia…have your attorneys done something about the doctor’s responsibility in this? We’d like to know…most of the comments here are about our caring about you…what you’re having to go through.

  • adam

    Half of me is laughing and half is me is sad. Oh and half of me wants to see this, no matter what she looks like, because I am a pervert.

  • Patrick

    This is sad and wrong. Is sight pollution not a misdmeanor crime? Guilty!

  • gunnaBsick

    Oh my God…. and just when you thought the day couldn’t get any worse, you have to look at an elephant trying to dance on a pole.

  • Nightingale

    She never was the sharpest tool in the shed. I suppose she is working at her capacity. She has to feed her children. You do what you have to do.

  • Jeff Green

    Let her do for her children what she can. This is part of her responsibliity to her 12 kids. She is a good looking woman although a little out of touch.I hope she can do well in the future.

  • Boggie

    I feel sorry for her children, this is what happens when you bring children into the world that you can house or feed properly.

    • roses

      Obviously she is feeding them and providing for them. We do not here in the media that the kids are starving and no one has taken her kids away, even when they wanted to. Just because of the negativity threw the media she proved them wrong. She showed them that she is taking care of her kids. They can criticize her all they want. But obviously she is a good mom because if she wasn’t. Trust me she is in the eyes of the world. If her kids were suffering they would have been taken away from her.

  • Marian

    I find this so sad. This woman has been exploited beginning with the doctor who impregnated her. She needs compassion and help with those kids who are innocent of any wrong doing.

    • Boggie

      Unfortuantley, She madee the decision to have more kids.

      • den

        Ya I feel the same. She’s really trying her best on raising those kids and keeping them fed. I feel the people trying to get her to strip and do porn should feel ashamed of themselves

  • Pedro De Pacas

    Stay in school kids!

  • http://yahoo michele wagner

    she really isn’t too smart. The dr. the started all of this shit was alot less intelligent! Give her kids a break…..they have to eat!!!!!

  • Thelma Anderson

    I know there are plenty of comments against this woman & why in the world she ever decied to have so many children is unreal – bur she has them & has to provide for them so I just feel really, really sorry for her & wish her GoodLuck for kids sake.

  • http://yahoo michele wagner

    HEY LYNN,,,don’t worry about it! She might not be the sharpest tool in the shed and that home was not Mitts but she deserves to keep her children! The docter should have to support these children. What does Mitt call them,,the people at the top? Oh yeah,,,THE JOB CREATORS,,,,well in this case he created himself one hell of a job, to support this girl!



    • roses

      I agree, I new some ladies who stripped just to survive and feed there kids. They were nothing attractive. But at night with there wigs and costume and make up. they looked totally different. I feel for Octomom. People laugh at her but she is doing the best she can with all her kids. It would be different if may be she had a college degree, but she don’t. She does not look to bad and hopefully things will get better for her. She obviously is not a bad mom the minute she still has her kids with her. How many moms have there kids in the foster system who did not have as many as her and didn’t take care of them. My repects to Octomom for doing the best she can for her kids and still having them with her and providing.

    • tracy


  • Skullabove

    Jesus Christ!!! 14 kids?!?! And no Dad around?!?! Well this is why all the other countries hate us. We suck. We have people like this that occupy our time. We want to know everything thats going on with this fucking attention whore and we dive right into all the bullshit news. Yay!!! Go AM’RRCA!!!

  • http://yahoo gwendolyn hawkins

    She looks terrible. gxh2

  • Yvette Alvarado

    Looks like a big truck ran over her stomache.

  • Frank

    Well…..I guess if she danced to the theme from Charlie Brown or promised not to do the splits (for fear of the obvious) ..we could stomach it with a bottle of Tequila and a love for horror movies. The 400 goofblls that showed up to see this should spend their money on feeding the poor..ALL the poor…not just the 8!!

  • kathy lee garcia

    all i want to know is why isn’t the doc. who helped this naive,misguided person have these 14 children in prison or his license revoked? god help those children.

  • http://webpronews.com billy

    All those dollar bills are counterfeit!!!!

  • roses

    Sad how the media has used her for entertainment purposes and people who go along with it. I wish her the best. She is not bad looking, so hopefully she will learn to strip better or land a better job. My best wishes to her for doing the best she can to take care of her kids, and thanks Octomom for providing for your kids, not like a lot of women in this world who have them and loose there kids to the system or abandon there kids.

  • RICK

    i can’t understand the fuss i think she looks good and if that provides a living for her and the kids good for it

    • r.h.

      rick…see above!

  • r.h.

    Oh that’s just great! Wait til you have 14 kids THEN turn into a stripper so they can emulate you when they grow up! This woman is a KOOK!

  • http://yahoo sugamorgan

    Damm.She needs some sun,skin tightner,strech mark,s removed,and a bag over her entire body.

  • Lily

    Carnival freak-show

  • bella

    “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”~ John 8:7

    and if this article is worthless to you , why on earth is she trending?

  • Cathy

    Shame on the Right to Life groups; where is your involvement once the “little dears” are born? I think abortion would be preferable to watching your Mom degrade herself in order to put food on the table!Society SUCKS; and SHAME on men who get “off” on watching this sort of thing. Come on, Christian folks, step up to the plate and help this poor women or quite speaking out against abortion!!!

  • robert trumbo


  • kchamp

    So hot!

  • Turtle

    Three words: Brazilian Butt Lift!!

  • Art Friend

    Ok Kate Gosselin, now it’s your turn.

    • tracy


  • dontjudgeme

    I think that many of you judge her physical appearance as if your own were perfect. This is the problem in our society. Many people struggle with weight, and after 14 kids, she looks pretty damn good to me. Sad she is screwed up so much emotionally, and had to resort to what whores do to make money. There is NO morality is stripping for lust filled eyes, I don’t care what size you are. Save your keyboard rebuttals, and explain YOU are a stripper to everyone you know- then let us know there reaction….

  • Bill

    After seeing her pictures I almost got sick. If I had been there I would have paid her not to take her clothes off.

  • Damnmyeyes

    Well…it appears that her bank account isn’t the only thing that’s bankrupt

  • http://Webpronews.com Renee

    This makes me sad. We need to take up a collection and help this woman out. Her children are beautiful and they are here so we as Christians need to help her. Also her body does not look that bad at all for what it has been through. I just got back from the grocery store. Do you know how many fat people were riding around in those carts to shop? Not one of them looked over the age of 40. I would rather help out a mother with kids then someone who has never worked and is sitting home getting bigger and bigger. That is what is crazy!

    • CG

      Fuck that! It’s enablers like you that help perfectly capable people stay on welfare! Her kids should be repoed from her and she should be put in jail for trying to spread VD!

    • april

      As a Christian I know some people have health issues that may cause them to gain weight. As a Christian I know some medications will make people gain weight. As a Christian I know it is not right to pass judgement on people and assume they are lazy couch potatoes because of their size. Remember, God made us in His image, Christian Renee.

    • Marty

      Renee: You really think you are a Christian? Hey, I have severe RA and no cartilige in my knees, so if I want to get out and shop it has to be in a cart. Yes, I look big because of the steroids I have to take, not because I overeat. If you had to live with half the pain I have you would commit suicide. It is people like you that have me leaning away from religion altogether!

  • BonkKers

    How much does Barnum & Bailey’s sideshow freak jobs pay? Maybe she should try that next.

  • http://Yahoo! John S.

    Enough!!! Of this bizarre creature.

  • BonkKers

    How much does Barnum & Bailey’s pay for their freak side shows? She should try that next. LOL

  • http://YAHOO slysi

    WHY ON EARTH DOES THIS… PERSON …get to keep those children ? another sad picture of todays society !

  • James

    Thinking she would have more than two tits, after all she has had a litter…..is it just me or dose she look a bit skanky

    • Jack

      She looks more than a bit skanky. She’s downright disgusting.

      • Maria

        Aren’t all strippers skanky? She looks better than some women I see at the grocery store.

  • James

    WHORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Really

      At least she knows how to Spell!!!!

  • James

    Wonder if these pics will make the family album……thinking not, but im guessing she is so proad of her self……HO

  • kylady38

    She looks as good as some of the playboy holes,at less she is trying to feed her children,She is not a bad looking woman,this world is so full of hated it is sad,she needs a home for her children,at less she is trying to do something.wish her best of Luck

  • Jack

    God in heaven is this women hideous. And I’ll bet that she’s real smelly “downstairs” as well. You can just tell by looking at someone that she stinks like Hell.

  • Heelboy

    Who needs Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig? Just view these pictures 5 minutes before a meal and you certainly won’t want to eat. Maybe she can be a spokesperson for Dexatrim or one of those other appetite suppresants to make money because this “career move” is going to go nowhere fast.

  • Bonnie

    I’m sorry for this lady. Why can’t we help her out in some way? She has children and needs a way to support them. I’m sure her dancing was quite embarrassing for her but she was desperate! Why do we continue making fun of her? Are we all so perfect? Do we too make mistakes? I do.

    • monster

      #1. Yes I do make mistakes, but I try and learn from them. I try not to multiply them by 14 at the expense of children.
      #2. the only help anyone can give her now is to take all those children away from her and adopt them out to people who are able to care for them.
      Im sick of hearing how we should keep helping people who have proved time and again that they are beyond help. Thats right! some people are beyond help…

  • indiannurse

    I feel nothing but compassion and sorrow for this poor woman. Obviously she has some serious mental problems or she would not have started “hoarding” children (most likely to fill a deep internal void that she probably has always had.) At least she’s trying to support her kids. Many prostitutes, escorts, and strippers are doing so to support children because they have no education, have had to leave abusive circumstances, are not getting child support, were victims of incest, etc. or just can’t see another way out financially. I think any mother in desperate circumstances would do what she would otherwise never consider to feed her children. It irritates me so when people refer to these occupations as “victimless”. Certainly the women involved agree to do these things, but to my way of thinking it’s often an extension of the victimization/trauma that got them into these situations in the first place. Also, she’s been ridiculed enough, so why criticize her appearance? I think she looks pretty good for birthing 14 children. She needs REAL help, for herself, and her children,from people who value her as a human being with worth, not as a “freak show” that unfortunately a lot of people enjoy mocking. Can you even imagine how low her self-esteem must be? Please have some mercy on the poor girl, and pray that somehow she can pull her life together and take care of the 14 children for whom she is the only parent.

    • Laurie

      To Indiannurse,
      There are vast numbers of jobs for the uneducated that don’t involve degrading yourself by taking your clothes off for men you don’t know for money. Although, I DO agree that this woman has serious mental issues and her children will be the ones to suffer.

      • Crotch

        Laurie. You my friend are retarded!! To put that nicely!!!!! Any woman that will do that just to support herself and her children should be considered brave and strong. What you’re saying is if you had kids and your only means to support them was strip for guys that you don’t know so you could feed them you would say no and let your children starve to death. You are a sad sad sad sad excuse of a human being much less a woman and should be ashamed of yourself to say you would kill your children just cause you don’t want strip for somebody so that they can eat and have the necessities they will need for their future!!! You should be ashamed yourself!!!

    • jane davis

      You go too far in your enlightened comments. This woman wasn’t raised right, is mentally screwed up, should not be giving birth to human beings. period. The kids should be adopted to those that know how to put one foot in front of the other; the sad thing is her offspring are probably going to be a mess too. There Just “oughta be a license.” And she thinks she’s desirable to boot. pure sicko

    • http://yahoo Carrie

      Maybe they should collect dolls instead- you won’t get any of my sympathy!

  • bunny

    she’s been planning this for a few months now, i would’ve thought she’d try and get her body in shape. and i understand her being ‘stiff’ her first time, wouldn’t you? i just feel for the kids cause you know each one needs attention, there is no way she’s able to give each one the quality of attention they need, Lord please help those children

  • http://Twitter Mel

    My concern is for her kids. This lady’s history reveals a person that’s highly unstable, Stevie Wonder can see this!

  • kate

    i still think the dr who insiminated her is so neglegent and should loose his license to practice medicine period

  • Yesyou

    Nadya Suleiman is ugly, a slut, WHO is taking care of her 14 children while she is stripping???? Slutty white trash with no morals at all to speak of.

  • Sir William

    What is this “Return of Creature from the Black Lagoon” ??

  • James G

    I saw the news, she said she was going to do some racy pics, then weeks later she said she was going to do porn, and now she says she is going to become a stripper. I said in the beginning, she can do all that, get paid a meager amount for each and I would get and see all the porn she does for free. AND I DID!! Stupid is as stupid is and she left her stuff hanging out there for everyone to copy, view and enjoy (if that is possible) for free!

  • N. Sample

    Enough already! Give this woman a break! She looks pretty good for a woman who has had 14 children. And she SHOULD NOT be ashamed of her stretch marks. We have not given this woman much of a chance. We need to help her, and her children, and quit making her a laughing stock.

    • april

      Help her? She’s getting what she wanted, attention. It’s a shame she has to do things she swore she’d never do, but it’s her fault.

    • monster

      Are you kidding me??? Nobody went out looking for this “Octo”puss, she seeks the attention. How much of a chance would you like to give her? She bankrupt her parents and they lost their home helping her. She then took all her money and instead of helping her parents she bought a house and never made payments or paid for utilities. Now shes going back on her own word and making porn and stripping. all of this is after going out and having FOURTEEN children without a father around or even having a job. What kind of chances or help do you think she deserves at this point?

      • http://yahoo Carrie

        Make that another person on here with common sense!

  • William Thorton

    I see a very sexy beautiful woman and A MOTHER going to any lengths to provide for her children. and in my book makes her ALL the more beautiful shame on all of you negitive nellys. Let ye of no sin cast the first stone!!!

    • Gena

      If you can’t feed the children you have to begin with, you shouldn’t have eight more. It’s trifling, irresponsible, and disgusting that she was using the beauty and sanctity of motherhood to be fame whore. I don’t give a s*&# about her stripping but yes, I do believe she is a disgusting human being. Have you seen the pictures of her house? She lives in filth… like a pig. She doesn’t take care of her kids and she doesn’t pay her bills but she can afford Brazilian blowouts for her nastyass frazzled hair? She deserves every ounce of judgment she receives since she has not a modicum of self-respect or ANY respect for her children. And sorry, but her body is gross. Thanks.

    • http://yahoo Carrie


  • http://www.webpronews.com judy.canale

    if everyone had sent her 1$, think she could stay home with the kids, dont judge her,wish we had her address, do youthink its a good idea?

    • sueb

      Judy there has been a way to make donations to her for awhile now. It can be done through paypal online. For those of you who feel so inclined, here is the website address.


    • Ly Stubblefield

      I agree with you 100%

    • Big Redd

      Every time she gets a big amount of money donated to her, she just blows the money, that’s why no one will help her anymore. Dr. Phil is threw with her, Suze Orman said she just can’t deal with her anymore because they have tried to steer her in the right way financially & she didn’t want to listen, now look what she has to do. Dr. Drew tried to help her also, she’s just messed up in the head.

  • http://yahoo joyce

    There’s no telling the lengths a mom will go to feed that many kids, give them a home so as not to be separated from them ever. It’s all about love. I’m sure without the above 14 reasons/kids, she wouldn’t even think of stripping. yes the sad truth is, america deserted her. She deserves a large check each and every month for herself and all those children and a home to match. She loves all of them and will do anything to keep them. I’m sure she is blocking out in her mind the stripping.

    • liz

      Joyce – if you really believe what you just wrote you are an idiot – that thing will do anything for the PUBLICITY – not because she loves her children – Why don’t you send her a nice big check each month & open up your home to her if you are so sympathetic to her – Having 8 more kids on top of the 6 she already had was HER choice alone – She’ll never get any sympathy from me !

      • http://yahoo Carrie

        At least there’s one smart person ! Cudos to you,Liz!

      • Crotch

        It took TWO that’s 2 For u retarded ones, to make the decision to get pregnant each time she did. It wasn’t just her fault. The sperm doner is at just as much fault as she is. Get over it let her do what ever the fuck she wants. As lo g as im not paying for them then let her do what she wants. If say she shouldn’t have her kids for any reason if the things she is doing g now then I say YOU shouldn’t have or be allowed near your children on the grounds that your too retarded to raise them

      • Crotch

        It took TWO that’s 2 For u retarded ones, to make the decision to get pregnant each time she did. It wasn’t just her fault. The sperm doner is at just as much fault as she is. Get over it let her do what ever the heck she wants. As long as im not paying for them then let her do what she wants. If you say she shouldn’t have her kids for any of the reasons or the things she is doing now then I say YOU shouldn’t have or be allowed near your children on the grounds that your too retarded to raise them

  • mac

    I clicked because I wanted to laugh and make fun of her. However, I really feel sorry and I empathise with her.

  • Apache

    She is earning her way to support a family. Notice how men will drag when work is needed to be done, she’s not waiting for Mr. Richt, Mr. Right is a fairy tale and a lame truth to the lesser of Men that sit around the pole to entice and laugh her down…What would Cleopatra do when faced with the dilemma of a shrew..Geed I would cook him for lunch then feed my kids what was broth and less meat from the bones of what we call Men American real cheap!

  • Shea

    For all you who judging her need to check yourself first the lord said be fruitful or yeah I forgot don’t know believe in jesus everyone for got what he with thru for he was beating until point you didn’t know who he was . They are woman out their who have a lot of kids. It is not your place to judge which you just committed the biggest sin and look in the mirror at all the sin you have done are you any better NO!!!

    • http://yahoo Carrie

      It’s not the fact she has a lot of kids, but the fact that they were neglected and dumped on her mother while the bitch sat home and collected welfare! Don’t be so ignorant- get the whole story, pal…

  • http://yahoo Carrie

    Should have dubbed her “OCTOWHORE”…

  • Marcie

    WOW, I see a lot of you passing judgement on her and criticizing her for trying to support her family and then there are the ones who say her children should be taken away from her.. REALLY, on what grounds, because she had 14kids and is a single mom. That’s not a reason at all. She has issues, but then who doenst these days. Oh and being a single mom and doing what you have to do, is not a reason either. Nadia has made some poor choices and made some bad decisions, but she is keeping her family together and doing what she has to do to provide for them regardless of what it is. So what she took her clothes off for money. There are single mother’s out there that do the same thing, but your not critizing them for what they do.
    She needs help in several different forms, and I hope she gets it.

  • linda

    A cautionary tale on many levels. For one thing, get pregnant the old-fashioned way, know who the father is, and then sue for child support if necessary.

  • http://Yahoo Mary Ann

    Thank goodness for all of you kind and understanding good people who realize this situation for what it is. Octomom obviously has major problems, but she’s at least trying to do what she can. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Crotch

    Look people! Ya is she retarded for having that many kids? Hell yea!!! But is she doing something to support and take care of her kids? Hell yea!!! What would you rather do strip and let people pay her to take it off, or maybe even put it back on, OR would you rather her sit on her ass at home and collect state or government monies??? I will man up and say I wouldn’t complain too much about seeing her naked I’m a Guy and all u guys know damn well you would look too!!!! So GOOD JOB Nadya Suleman!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck and most definitely wish your kids the best of luck!!!!! Sorry to say it is every kids nightmare to walk im on their parents having sex. But it is inevitable for these kids to not see pictures of their mother naked for all the publicity!! Sorry kids. Hope you have a good life. You too Nadya good luck!!!

  • panhunter

    While this ridiculous excuse for a parent and human being are running around the country stripping and doing God knows what, I wonder whose taking care off her eight,that’s right,eight,little money makers.

  • panhunter

    Hey Crotch,you should really change that name, you can bet this enigma is in every local,state and federal program she can get her despicable little mitts into,remember I did say,eight little money makers all in a row!

  • http://yahoo jessica

    its a shame a mother of 14 children have to degrade herself like this to feed her kids. if she were blonde and blue eyes maybe she would have a show like kate plus 8. THAT THE AMERICAN WAY!!

  • Big Redd

    My only problem with this is that every time she does something to make money, she always half do it. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her & to believe she has morals. Forget your morals Nadia, if you are going to do something, do it with all that you have. This gig can really make you money for you and your kids, if you do it right. Do it right especially since you have decided to do this kind of work.

  • dude

    ok, she strips, big deal. she is still a long way from the bottom. She still has her looks and when those go she will be spreading her legs for the money… then she still will not have reached the bottom… as a mother the bottom is when she finaly decides that her 12 or so children are to many, to keep some she will have to adopt/sell out the rest. then she will have reached the bottom.

  • Mayra

    Be careful to what we are saying because life have several side, do not let your mouth condemn you. I hope she’ll find a way to succeed with her children.Who are we to judge someone in such of degradable way Good luck Nadya,

  • Mayra

    Be careful to what we are saying because life have several sides, you see today but ignore what tomorrow will bring you,do not let your mouth condemn you. I hope she’ll find a way to succeed with her children.Who are we to judge someone in such of degradable way. Good luck Nadya

  • dianaz

    Way to go Mom//If any of us had that many kids at once..I just bet any of us would only wish to look that good afterwards..Its not like she just repeatedly got pg..And At least she didnt murder part of them thru abortion..or give them away..She handled up..You Go naudia..No shame in your game..You have my respect here..

  • Francine

    Hey people — at least Nadya is pimping HERSELF out to support her kids! That’s a whole lot more honorable than Kate Gosselin, who only had kids to pimp THEM out so she could get rich and live a luxurious life.