Octomom Investigated by Police: Twitter Reacts

    April 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Octomom Nadya Suleman can’t seem to catch a break. When she’s not being openly ridiculed by comedians, bloggers, and those who spend an embarrassing amount of time on social networking sites, the world’s most hated mother is dealing with the pressures of everyday life. In this case, everyday life involves carrying for 14 children. That’s enough to give anyone a year’s worth of waking nightmares.

Of course, you could say that she brought all of this nonsense upon herself. Recent Octomom-sanctioned activities include posing nude and applying for government assistance, though it would seem that she’s added a new pastime to her extremely hectic schedule: unfit mother.

According to E! Online, Suleman had been under investigation by the La Habra Police Department after receiving a tip for a woman who claimed the Octomom wasn’t properly caring for all of her offspring. This, of course, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since people have speculated about her skills as a mother as soon as her name starting popping up in the media. However, since the police department has to take these claims seriously, a proper look into her life was necessary to determine if the allegations were, in fact, true.

Turns out there’s really nothing wrong with the way Octomom is caring for her litter of offspring. Her kids, as well as her home, were all a-okay. However, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone else claims that Suleman is being a terrible mother. Wherever she goes, trouble seems to follow close behind.

For instance, TMZ is reporting that Suleman is quick to drop insane amounts of cash on haircuts. Like I said, if it’s not one thing, chances are it will be another.

What do you think? Is the Octomom a terrible mother, or is she simply an easy target for media hatred? I’m sure you have an opinion on the matter, so why not share it in the comments section. In the meantime, have a look at some Twitter posts on the subject below.

So Octomom gets 2g’s a month in food stamps yet spent $520 on a Brazilian blowout. Oh & have u seen the pics of her filthy house?! Smh(image) 5 minutes ago via Plume for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Octomom has 14 kids but only one bathroom…..(image) 6 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Octomom: new pictures show kids live in squalor yet she spends $520 on her hair http://t.co/iuUD3WOx(image) 16 minutes ago via ShareThis.com ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • Ashley

    “Carrying” or “caring” for 14 children? Typo.

    • Lisa

      Also typo of “a for a woman” instead of a tip “from” a woman.

    • http://yahoo.cm yasir

      i love my life are ulike

  • Gar

    “In this case, everyday life involves carrying for 14 children.” Does the writer get paid for this type of crap? Do writers ever proof read anymore? Better yet, did you ever think about using the spelling and grammar checker feature in your word processor? It seems that the internet has killed skilled journalism.

    • http://yahoo.cm yasir

      what r u doing

    • Jonzi624

      It’s not the fault of the Internet. Skilled journalism can be found on website that are reputable. Not that I’m slamming this one, but the reality is that pay here is likely QUITE different than at the NY Times, for instance.

  • nee

    It is not news that she on welfare,she did’nt get the fame and money that she thought she was going to get.So really she did all for nothing

    • Jonzi624

      She didn’t have her children for fame or money! That was just the result of people finding out that an “octomom” existed. She didn’t sic the media on herself! That happened outside of her control.

      I don’t believe fame or money had ANYTHING to do with her choices. I believe she had all of those children because she desperately wanted to be loved, and these children were “hers”, meaning they would love her unconditionally. I believe this is something that she has lacked all her life. Just look at the relationship with her mother! It’s pitiful and sad. Obviously, many issues are at play with Sulamon, but I would suggest that this need for love after a lifetime of what she perceives as abandonment from her own parents (especially her mother) is a dominating concept in why she is who she is today. She is an emotionally “injured” person.

  • Susan Green

    Leave this woman ALONE! She is doing the best she can. She has admitted to mistakes, What else can she do. Do you want her to KILL her children, would that make the public happy???? Leave her alone & stop nitpicking her every move. There is only so much she can do to satisfy the public. Her main job is to take care of her children. And she is doing just that. People always trying to judge others. Go clean up your own nasty a$$ houses.

    • bob

      really? my tax dollars go to pay for those 14 children. so, if people want to blast her for 14 huge mistakes then i say, let them.

      • monica

        Bob – please do not refer to her children or ANYONE’s children as mistakes!

        Broken people break people and enjoy watching others as they break..as you obviously already know. Enough already!

        • Littie Weaver

          Yes, having all those kids was not wise. It would be nice if all the perfect people who critize her would make some effort to help her out. Perhaps there is a good handyman nearby her place who could help fix up the house. Maybe some of these perfect mothers could babysit occasionally. I can understand that child services would be involved…she has to many children for one person to manage. I praise her for keeping it together this long. It is so easy for some people to go after a person when they are down.

          • Brtty

            She is extremely mentally ill, yet brilliant and manipulative. The state needs to provide around the clock protection for the children with nanny’s and obviously food and resources or take the children and put them into foster care.

      • Bonnie

        Amen, Bob ! I think she is trying the best she can. SHE IS PRESENT in her child’s life. That’s alot. They are fed. I don’t know what else you can do. I had twins when I was 17. (I am a grandma now age 64) I have 11 grandchildren. I made do when I had the twins, but always protected them. I remember when my mother came over and they were premies, and I was fixing breakfast in my husband’s housecoat. One twin in one pocket and one in the other. I couldn’t afford two cribs so I put the smallest in a dresser drawer. (he was supposed to not make it) The drawer kept him nice a warm. I had to make do, but took care of them Now they are 6′ 2′ good looking guys. She will make it if people will quit pressuring her and let her do her thing !

        • Jonzi624

          So well said, Bonnie!!! I couldn’t agree more. Yes, Nadia has some emotional issues (from what we have seen through snapshots of her life – not the best way to get enough information to make judgments) but she is caring for her children DAILY, HOURLY, BY THE SECOND!!! She deserves some credit for what she has accomplished to date! If people want to help, then HELP!! Mow the lawn for her, offer to fix the plumbing (the reason the kids are using an outdoor commode), bring the children care packages, anything but judging from the outside looking in, only capturing a glimpse of what is actually happening. From pictures, those kids look pretty healthy to me!!! So, they colored on the walls, there’s a certain level of disarray, and probably another few “problems” that are of no danger to the children – any more than the dangers that ALL children face! Just look at the children – they are well-fed, well-clothed, and there are none missing!!! I bet if I was responsible for 14 kids on a daily basis, I’d lose one or two of them in the first week!! Nadia should be commended for caring so well for her 14 children. I surely wouldn’t be able to do it,and I don’t have the same psychological issues that Nadia seems to have!

      • Carolyn Allen

        She made a big mistake, but she’s trying to take care of her children the best that she can. The Christian thing to do would be to help this woman and her children. You can’t do anything about it now. The children are here and need to be raised properly. Bashing Nadya Suleman is not going to help anything. These children are all precious and need to stay with their Mom who should be helped to take care of them. Our government wastes more money on other foolish things so they should have the money to help out this woman who made some bad choices. Let the one who has never made any foolish or bad choices in their life cast the first stone. We ALL make mistakes.

        • http://yahoo.cm yasir

          what is this i love every one u agree with me

        • mnw8888

          I think she made a good decision for herself. I love her for her decision. I think she is a hero and should be admired, thanked and helped. Many more women should follow her footsteps. She now has lots of beautiful, American children; and as we know, children are the best assets, the hope of this country, of this world.
          Thank you Nadya. I pray for your strength and success in rearing your children. We need more children to take care of now and share with them the best of what we have, and, hopefully in the future, they will be able help the older generations.

      • jonny

        I so agree. All these negative people are nothing more than bullies. Leave her alone.

    • monica

      I agree with Susan Green…leave her alone! She has ENOUGH on her plate already without armchair juries passing judgement on every little thing she does. Handle your OWN business- comb your own hair and clean your own homes and leave her to figure hers out without so much scrutiny. If an expensive haircut helps her keep her sanity while raising 14 kids – who are any of us to say it’s wrong? Enough with the welfare crap too – why isn’t anyone hurling insults at the woman that recently won the lottery and still collect her food stamps?? That’s more of a travesty to me.

      • otto

        Leave her alone and stop being so critical. These children will someday see all these
        hateful remarks made about their mother. Enough already.

    • K

      you hit the nail on the head.

    • Suzanne


    • Vania

      Good Susan! I totally agree with you!

    • Jonzi624

      Love your comment Susan! Couldn’t be more appropriate!!! Thanks for standing up for someone who needs people to stop judging her so harshly. It’s not fair! Those children – all 14 of them – are well-fed, well-clothed, clean, and appear to be loving their mommy and enjoying life! What’s so awful about that?!? People are just so incredibly quick to judge and condemn people like Nadia rather than having a compassionate heart. So… THANK YOU for being one of the rare people who will stand up for those who are being maligned without good cause!

  • http://Yahoo.com Jerri

    I think she is a target for people who are judgemental.
    I say clean out your own backyard before throwing insults her way.
    Give her credit for caring for all those children. They are children of God.
    God bless her.

  • Christine Carmel

    Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. I am sure she is aware that she didn’t make the best choices in life, but now she is trying her best to cope with the responsibilities the best she can. It would be nice to see people jump in and give her a helping hand instead of criticizing her all the time. The thing she and her kids need the most is love!

    • monica


    • Erin Carrigan

      No one is perfect and we all make MISTAKES? She was unemployed and already had 6 children that she could not afford. Then she purposely went out and got implanted and ended up with 8 more. This was NOT a MISTAKE. What was she thinking? This was intentional and the only ones I feel sorry for are the innocent children who are trapped in this mess.

      And as for people jumping in and giving her a helping hand…we all are…it’s called welfare.

      • Guest

        I totally agree.

  • Elizabeth Carpenter

    I think the doctor who inseminated Nadya should be responsible for these eight kids. She is a better mom than most mothers with 4 kids. Give the woman a break and please support her as she does not have a life of her own and won’t for quite some time.

  • Nicole

    We all knew she was wrong from the start, but to beat a dead horse is just wrong. Shame on all the haters. The kids need mom. Leave her alone. You are hurting the kids when you do this. The same people that are trying to ruin her kids life are the same kind of people that probably claim to be pro-lifers.

    • paat weston

      I couldn’t agree with you more! What’s done is done. Now the focus should be on caring for those children.They need all the love and support they can get. And your pro-life comment is probably not far from the mark either.

  • Nicole

    The way people are treating her makes me on the side of her kids. That means I’m on her side.

  • Nicole

    I’m sure her life is hell every day. I can’t imagine the drain of taking care of so many kids. I’m sure she loves them but she has her hands full. Nobody would want her life. Why can’t the haters just be happy with that? The billionaires cheat the American people out of more money than people on welfare. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!

  • Nicole

    I’m sure her life is hell every day. I can’t imagine the drain of taking care of so many kids. I’m sure she loves them but she has her hands full. Nobody would want her life. Why can’t the haters just be happy with that? The billionaires cheat the American people out of more money than people on welfare. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!

  • Lisa

    I am so tired of hearing this same old story. Leave the woman alone and let her raise her children in peace.

    • http://yahoo.cm yasir

      i am agree with u but every one not same babies allso life part

  • Mag

    I think people are just looking for any little thing to point their fingers at Nadia. She’s doing okay with those children. If she’s getting help for her children, so do many more people. Maybe these children will excell and be productive adults one day. She needs support instead of criticism and judgement.

  • Diva M.

    This poor woman is critised/bullied beyond belief!

    At the time she had the embroyos implanted she did not realize she would have more than 2 babies. The Dr. was more at fault than the patient. She is attempting to care for all these children (for one person is impossible). Where are the Right to Life Organizations, why are they not assisting her financially?

    The extreme criticism is cruel and inhumane.

  • Invisibleiam

    I didn’t think her house was filthy. Sure the kids had drawn on the walls but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve seen worse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jsplash123 James Hornum

    Leave her alone guys, Hears a thought how bout somebody step up and help her out.. Lets get her that reallity show America! You all know you’d watch.. Why isn’t someone in cable or Network TV “Doing thier Jobs” get on it Guys.. spread the word.. why not? Thats just good Programing -Just Sayin-

  • juli

    The gov should make her name the father so he could help raise those kids. So the tax payers don”t have to.
    she is getting money from other sources if she doesn”t need help at times.
    who pays for her nanny. help wiwth housework,cooking ,clothes for kids and a lot of other things.. Maybe she sells drugs who knows.

  • anna.patrick

    I think that she is doing the best she can raising 14 kids alone.People need to focus on the important things in life like getting the economy back.So what if she gets food stamps.She has a right to get any help that is out there like every one else does..This is what’s wrong with the world today.To many people sticking there two cents in were it isn’t needed.!!!

  • me

    Just leave her alone, she loves them, enough people NOW YOU ARE STARTING TO HURT THOSE KIDS WHO LOVE HER SO MUCH

  • cyndy

    I agree w/Susan Green also. Leave Nadia and her children alone, I don’t believe anyone can claim to be the perfect parent, we cannot go back and change anything, let’s just pray and hope everything goes well for this family. As far as the jobs she has taken, even if we don’t agree, it is not our choice. For the food stamps, let me tell you, I would rather see Nadia get them for her children then the tons of people we have all seen who sell them for drugs or other stuff and their poor children are never fed properly. It would be nice if people could all just take care of their own business and if they still have free time, maybe go over and help Nadia clean up or give her a break and help with the kids. I raised 6 alone, it’s not always a picnic, but now that they are grown, we all look back and laugh or cry at the good and bad, and I thank God everyday I still have them and now grandchildren:) God Bless you and your family Nadia.

  • Elaine Noe

    No she is not a bad Mother just needs help and she needs to accept it. It is not for her but the kids, they cannot help it that there is so many. It happen its over and get over it and help the kids. Buy clothes,food fix up house. Just donot give money I iminage any size clothing or shoes would fit one of the kids and buy them food.

  • Buxom

    OMG. She’s not capable of taking care of that pack. She can’t afford them. It’s 14 Children. She can’t afford to feed them, cloth them, and take care of them. And when she needs MONEY she turns to television. TO SELL HER SICK TWISTED STORY. Those kids should be put in foster care, or better yet up for adoption.

    • Diva M.

      Buxom, foster care is horrible! At least those kids are with blood who has love in her heart for them. The numerous organizations out there should help this woman. She is educated, why hasn’t a corporation offered her a job? Many corporations have on site child care.

      It is disgusting how entities in power have not offered employment and childcare help to her.

  • pam avey

    ive seen footage of the eight and they seem happy and healthy, they walked and interacted with mom, and were only afraid of the cameraman. Its time to let things go and leave this mother alone

  • tha coach


  • Suzanne

    I got three kids ranging in age from 8 years, 5 years and 16 months. And if cps was to walk in my house right now I would probably be wrote up for it being messy. Toys from room to room and dishes from this evening’s taco night still in the sink waiting to load in the dish washer. If cps walked up in her house and she got an A-OKAY knowing she has 14 kids and I knowing how much of a mess just three can make. I say shes doing pretty good. People just need a reason. And they take it from there. Doesnt take much these days.

  • http://Yahoo Arlene – Orlando Fl.

    All this cash she is making on personal appearances, nude photos and other ventures, instead of spending it on the kids she is taking herself to the beauty parlor to have her hair done at $520.00 a clip. That was her whole original intentions regarding these personal appearances was to give herself a better lifestyle. Why dont she pay a cleaning woman to clean up that mess the kids are forced to live in.

  • n.hunt

    She made a choice. Not the best choice but what’s done is done. However giving her a reality show so she can go on to make hundreds of thousands if not millions is not the answer. She should continue to get food assistance and childcare assistance as well and get a regular job like any other single mother does.

  • Donna

    This mother is very aware she did not make good choices. However she did not get pregnant wothout help from the medical profession. They should assume a great deal of responsibility to help care for these children. They should not be the ones to suffer. Why can’t extra help in the home not be provided free of charge? Why can’t enough food and clothing be sent to her on a regular basis? Why can’t some special fund to set up and controlled by an outside source be available to help her pay her bills?
    She is being picked on because she is different and poeple are quick to judge anything that is different. Why can we not get behind her and help? I would.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t hate the Octomom. For some strange reason she has 14 children, much more than she can afford. But I don’t hate her for it. I think people should be trying to help the children if they can.

  • Ronnie

    the lady has recieved so much negative feedback from so many. There were videos of people attacking her verbally (We all throw so many stones as if we’re so perfect). Very few people will touch her with a ten foot pole for fear of being attacked themselves. How then do you expect this lady to get a job? She has been shunned from society. She asked for a little help and she gets attacked. Why is there so much hate? If I were rich, I would help her. It takes a village to raise children. My prayers go out to her.

  • Dennis

    Why do they keep saying she posed nude? She didnt pose nude I think shes trying really hard to take care of her kids. She know she made a mistake on getting In vitro fertilisation and if she needed a little help Then she needed a little help. Hell who doesn’t need a little help sometimes. My grandmother had 16 kids with out In vitro fertilisation and I think that’s a little foolish you ask me haven’t people heard of condoms But when you have that many children you hope them the best.

  • brian

    It wasn’t her fault, it was the doctors’, I heard she only wanted twins is all. The doctor done it ’cause he knew it would make news. He ought to be fired!!..Being a foriegn, I don’t trust him!!!.

  • Kenny Sands

    I’d still bang her.

  • michele

    OMG! leave her alone already she did something crazy by having all those kids but she is paying for it!! She barely rests and is alone and doing the best she can!! She and those kids need our support, I say we should stop hurling insults and looking for her to self destruct. What we should do is reach into our pockets and write her a check. I find when I help someone in need I recieve it back ten fold…so do it for those kids but if not do it because the universe will bless you back…. Just my little opinion!!

  • http://YAHOO.COM joyce

    maybe she did what she did for t he wrong reasons ithink she was mislead by the doctor now shehas to make the best of it isay good luck to her and thosebabies and GOD BLESS !!!

    • http://julius_bonnie@yahoo.com Bonniejean Julius

      Indeed Joyce Indeed <3 .

  • Darlene

    NHonestly ;while the home looked a little bare and empty squalor was a definite exaggeration.Secondly I’m not even sure the woman shown is octomom! I have no respect for her over her prior derogatory comments where she made it clear that she disliked her children. Calling them pieces of poop

  • http://n/a daveda

    being that she have 14 kids to care for i dont feel that she should be spending $520 to get her hair cut thats ridiculous

  • Greg Stoltzman

    This woman thought from the begining that the public would pay for everything- Her kids need to be removed from this manipulating sick women Public needs to watch her her interviews way back – she thought everyone would feel sorry for her and send cash and pay her bills – she had NO RIGHT having all them kids !!!! Step in STATE and take them Kids away NOW!!!

    • Diva M.

      Greg, the kids would have a horrible existence in foster care! Stop being so critical of this woman that had an extreme case of bad luck. Her life is ruined as it is, stop with the evil comments.

  • ilovedessert

    She’s human garbage!

  • Rashida Pauksta

    The citizens of her community should be asking themselves how they can help her and her children. Some good old fashion “helping the needy” is surely what is needed-FOR THE CHILDREN. What are the churches doing? I pray that someone could come up with an idea that would benefit them–someone helped me, so I know there must be some community groups would be willing to show some empathy for their plight.

    • Diva M.

      Thank you, Rashida, for your kind suggestion.

  • http://julius_bonnie@yahoo.com Bonniejean Julius

    Really now ! Are you all so narrow minded that you have nothing better to write about ? “Wait i’m lowering myself to your level too.” None of us are without sin , how qiuck to cast the stone ! Pay attention to matters that really need attention . You only keep youselves upset and hostel .

    • Hong

      “But Jesus said we are not to judge anyone”.

  • Boyed

    I agree with Brtty, that she is mentally ill and manipulative.

  • Boyed

    In addition to the above post, I don’t believe she spent that amount or spends anything on hair cuts. I mean really, look at her. Does it look like she spent $500 on a haircut?

  • Hong

    Nadya made poor choices. She acknowledged that, so it is time to show some compassion and leave her alone. She didn’t commit a crime, she din’t kill her babies, she made just mistakes. Besides, I was watching her octomomtv channel. She is way better than many of of us. She is never rude, she is forgiving, she is well educated. Could anybody tell me that you never made poor decisions? How long are you going to beat up this woman? She loves her children and no one else can give that to her kids. Are you talking about foster homes?
    Are you saying you have never seen filthy homes? I have. I have only one child who makes bigger mess than Nadya’s kids.
    I believe Nadya is a good mother and her kids are doing just fine.

    On the other hand, her so called friend is absolutely terrible person. I would like to see photos of her home. She took pictures of Nadya’s kids, her home and gave them to TMZ. I wonder how much money she was paid? Her action was absolutely unacceptable.

    As for welfare, our tax money is going to how many countries? How many billions were spent for Iraq? Please, ask how politicians are spending your money before judging Nadya.

    What is done is done. And, please stop beating her up for her poor decisions. Kids are here and they are very beautiful and healthy. I don’t think any of us could have done what is Nadya is doing now. I think she is so strong and working very hard.

    I would ask you all to stop being judgmental. And I pray for Nadya to stay strong because her kids need her.

  • sweetsassyfox

    no one is perfect in this world or with perfection there is alot more issues than hers, i disagree with the death threats and endangering her life for her and those children , but i think its very hard for a women to raise a boy child alone you need a man for that and a women cannot raise no boy, she can never be a man, i dont know how many boys she has but she is going to need a man, she should of thought about the future of the children because they will not be babies forever, she certainly will need some help with those boys, and you need some help some times just to get away from the kids to keep your sanity , as a stress reliever, she should take them to church every sunday, and seek help from a church at least become a member,you cannot raise children alone you need some help, if she had 50 million dollars i would say anything but, she is going to need some help and thats life,i have no critical comments, because there is way worser things in life

    • sweetsassyfox

      i think she should get all the help and support , she can possibly get
      because people are wasting millions of dollars on drugs and other nonsense and losing millions of dollars at casino, and other things that doesn’t matter, beside who are they to judge her , let her choice be between her and god, and government money for welfare office some of the worker steal from clients, it was a news paper article about how the welfare office and other government office steal from the clients and abuse the money use the money for themselves and dont help the people like they are suppose to, her kids should be with her that the best place for them
      just give her help and support she needs, maybe a caretakers and a choreworker from welfare to help clean her house and care for her children its free , through their services and support thats all she needs,but leave those kids with her because these foster homes they molest people children abuse them and some foster homes are only in it for the money and martial things, so leave those kids with there mom, and there state should have a weathering program and other programs that help fix her plumbing for free, she will treat her kids better than any foster home will

  • http://yahoo.cm yasir

    iam discover my life patner

  • http://webpronews Austria

    All I can say is God bless her! At first I tended to be judgmental too, but then I stopped to consider some of MY OWN SERIOUSLY wrong-headed emotionally fueled decisions and HERS DON’T seem so bad. LOLLLL!!!!!! Those of you who want her to do more/better/faster with perfect execution should try to remember the MOST IMPULSIVE decision YOU yourself have made in YOUR life that may have caused you heartache, shame and or DEEP regrets, then REMEMBER how YOU felt being judged by all & sundry. Especially TOTAL strangers! Cut Nadya some slack everybody. She REALLY has been castigated enough. Those beautiful babies DON’T deserve to grow up in the piercing glare of constant public scrutiny. When you cyber-bully Nadya, you traumatize her kids in a mean-spirited, passive-aggressive anonymous way. Feel better about yourselves now?

  • Lu

    I feel for the Suleman children, but I have no problems having strong negative criticism for Nadya. Another poster said she is manipulative and metally ill and I’d say that is very accurate. Most kind hearted people just read an isolated story or two about her and then pass jusgement in her favor. It wouldn’t be hard to do because dealing with 14 children must be a challenge. I doubt it will ahppen, but if Suleman isn’t going to relinquish her children, then social services needs to come in and support via teaching her how to parent ( Despite the fact she has a degree in child development!)and the media needs to STOP giving her opportunitties to continue to stay in the spotlight as she craves for HERSELF, despite her claims of needing the money for her children. Her own father stated it very simply when early on he said she had the mind of a 14 year old.

  • julia mudjitaba

    She is trying to get luck to make millions $ from the tv shows as “kate plus 8″ by keep having babies. But she neglect her own kids as “8 pieces of poop” (that her own words), while she has time to do her $600 hair done. POOR KIDS!!! WHAT KIND OF MOM IS SHE??? DO NOT LET HER AMBITION/DREAM COME TRUE, OR THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SULEMAN IN THE FUTURE BY USING THEIR OWN BLOOD FOR MONEY.

    Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/pictures/see-what-octo-mom-does-all-day-200929/3474#ixzz1t9V6hMZe

  • Kerrina

    I can’t believe the hatred unleashed toward this poor woman. This is bullying! If you can’t help her, leave her the **** alone!!! Those children deserve nothing less. Pray for them if you don’t like their situation. If the police and CPS believed she was negligent, they would have acted. They didn’t. She loves her children. By hating her, you hurt her children, too. She doesn’t deserve to lose them, and they don’t deserve to lose their mother, either.

  • emoc

    I really feel that the media and the haters out there are engaging in bullying on a monumental scale. I think they are trying to intimidate Nadya into giving up her children to the system. Doing this will cost the American tax payer even more money. We should try to help Nadya in any way possible. Here is the definition of BULLYING for those of you who forgot..A form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force, coercion,harassment,threats etc… Please leave that woman alone, again if you can help please do, don’t criticize. It could be you!!!