Octomom In Rehab For Xanax Addiction

    October 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Octomom Nadya Suleman recently showed off her new, sprawling home and seemed happy to be able to provide such nice living quarters for her 14 children, but she has secretly been battling an addiction to doctor-prescribed Xanax for a while now and has finally decided to seek help.

Suleman’s rep told TMZ yesterday that she will be entering rehab for her addiction for a month-long program and is leaving her children in the care of three nannies. She’s also depending on the help of some of her friends to take care of her children while she’s gone.

“Nadya wanted to get off the Xanax she was prescribed by her doctor and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion and anxiety with professional help with a team of doctors. Nadya wanted to deal with her issues and make sure she is the best mother she can be,” her rep said.

While the famous mom filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, she’s had quite a lucrative run in the porn business, which has enabled her to move into a bigger, nicer home and away from the neighborhood where her children were being bullied. TMZ reports that despite her newfound riches, however, the rehab facility has graciously offered their services for free.

  • stacy

    having that many children, I would need Xanex too!

  • patricia Gray

    She justs wants someone else to watch her kids. She should have thought of this before she wanted more babies. Filed bankruptcy and then bought a house, something wrong in this picture. Porn business, lol Her kids will be so proud of mommy. Get a life and take care of your own children stop depending on other people. They could have a better life if you put them up for adoption and they could have stability.

  • KK

    What a train wreck! When will she stop making excuses for her crappy life and start being the mom she needs to be? She ruins a FREE house given to her by a celeb by trashing it. Not even having a running toilet! She starts stripping, then does some porn, now leaving her children for rehab. She brought this stress on herself by wanting more kids after already having 6. Get your shit together Nadia and stop being selfish. Be the mom you need to be and stop being a loser!

    • deb

      WOW, you really sound like a jerk ! She made a mistake , get over it ! She is trying everything she can to support her kids and need a little help and compassion right now !!!

      • Toby

        It’s scary that you say that, a mistake is having sex with a man and accidently getting pregnant, a mistake isn’t going to a fertility clinic to be impregnated with multiple children that you know you will never be able to take care of. An accident is crashing your car because someone pulls out in front of you, not going on television every time you have a headache just for donations from stupid people who think you just made a mistake.

  • Toby

    Will this herpe never go away? Actually this woman is worse than herpes,she keeps coming back, and no one cared the first time she broke out. If it weren’t for the children I would say let her kill herself, and no it isn’t about being cold, it’s about having enough pride to self destruct without the world having to watch. Go away Octomom you have way outlived your usefulness and interest.

  • http://yahoo.com shar

    I give her much earned credit,she did not ask for all those babies,just one more.Why don,t we have compasion for all those children?When other couples only had six, they got everything from people\,charities,news tv,and helped out the families.She had to go to porn to care for her kids!Whats up with that? Here are 14 kids who could use some type of help,come on people STEP UP!

  • Julie

    There is no such thing as a Xanax addiction. If the medicine is prescribed by a psychiatrist the patient takes that prescribed dose. However, there is abuse of one’s psychiatric medications. This usually causes any smart psychiatrist to stop treating the patient if he or she continues to repeat the behavior and ask that patient to seek out the services of another psychiatrist. Also, if the psychiatrist is smart, he or she will warn those in the field in his or her city to be warned about this patient and his or her tendencies to abuse drugs. I feel absolutely no sympathy for this freak of nature. I hope all her kids are taken away and placed in proper homes where they can be raised by proper parents.

    • Al

      You are so wrong about Xanax..Google the Ashton Manual or Benzobuddies or the dozens of other sites dedicated to helping accidental addicts get off the drugs that were prescribed by doctors. If taken for around two weeks one becomes accidentally addicted with just the smallest dose and it can take years to get ride of the withdrawal effects…I know firsthand of what I speak..

  • tecky

    C’mon really. Enough is enough. when is CPS gonna step in and do their job. She is unfit and there is hours of media coverage to prove it. 1 excuse after another. 1 blunder after another. then, oh wait. A tear or two and everyone thinks she’s great. she can’t take care of those kids, and never could. Why do we have to wait until she kills 1 of them before anything gets done. Just because you want 14 kids doesn’t mean you can just go out and have them’ then expect the whole country to support them while you go out and do god know’s what. i mean really, her and her doctor should be brought up on criminal charges and put away so this kind of thing doesn’t continue happening. If you think about it she’s just opening the door for lazy useless people everywhere.

  • susie wood

    What??? The is “no such thing as Zanax addiction as it is prescribed by a psychiatrist”???? You goon, I have a bridge to sell you!