Obamacare Hindered by Republicans

    September 29, 2013
    Val Powell
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The Republicans have decided to play hardball. The party voted 231-192 in favor of a spending plan that would stall Obamacare for a year. They also voted 248-174 to repeal Obamacare’s tax on medical devices. The devices tax is especially harmful because it taxes medical innovation.

Time, however, is running out for congress.  If no deal is reached by the start of Tuesday, the government will be forced to shut down. House Republicans and Democrat are yet again finding it difficult to reach a compromise.

The Republicans are opposed to the President’s medical device tax because they believe it will send jobs overseas. This is a viewpoint shared by a number of House Democrats as well. Despite this, Democrats intend to stand firm so as to to push Obamacare through. President Obama is also prepared to veto an opposition if necessary.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the Republicans’ defiant game plan “pointless”. It turns out that even if the shutdown were to happen it would not stop Obamacare from continuing. This is because the funding needed for Obamacare comes mainly from new taxes and cost cuts to government programs like Medicare. In other words, even if Republicans succeeded at forcing a government shutdown the Democrats could still vote Obamacare into law. A government  shutdown does stop the law from taking effect. This was pointed out to Republican Senator of Oklahoma, Tom Coburn, by the Congressional Research Service.

A shutdown of the government would cause major disruption to Americans. Thankfully, the U.S. Postal Service,  Social Security and Medicare would still continue to function but and estimated 800 000 government workers would not get paid. The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want this to happen.

Republicans are vehemently opposed to many of the provisions of  Obamacare, including forcing health insurance companies to provide coverage for anyone who wants it as well as making it mandatory for Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a fine.  Even so, if Obamacare becomes law, all Americans would have to abide by it and a government shutdown would only cause the public unnecessary pain. Republicans are concerned that they may be blamed for the shutdown. This would almost certainly undermine their plans for dealing with the federal debt ceiling – an issue that needs to be resolved only a week later.

(source via CNN.com)




  • Really?

    Americans divide themselves so often by identifying themselves as a republican, democrat, or tea party member. Liberal, moderate, or conservative. Left wing or right wing.

    The reality is that all politicians are the same. They go to the same schools, share the same benefits, invest in the same companies, join the same clubs, date/marry from the same circles, and are the richest people in the country. In a very real way, they are like professional wrestlers. On TV, all the wrestlers hate each other, but behind closed doors, they are all friends.

    The only people that politicians serve are the rich and themselves. Make no mistake about this. Look at the past two presidents — different parties — but the results have been the same: NOTHING HAS GOTTEN DONE. By doing nothing, all you do is benefit the rich and suppress the poor. No wonder the middle class is the smallest it has been in the history of our nation.

    Wake up America and stop all this partisan bickering. The battle is between the people in power and the masses.

  • chris

    If only the American people would wake up and see that they are being lied to by the Rep.