Obama Divorce Story: New Bio Garnering Rumors

Book claims to shed light on Obama's marriage

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A new book about the life of President Obama could reveal some juicy tidbits about his marriage, but his camp is firmly denying them.

Edward Klein’s “The Amateur: Barack Obama In The Whitehouse” claims that Obama and wife Michelle came very close to divorce in 2000 after he went against her advice regarding a run for a seat in the Chicago House Of Representatives. According to Klein, the primary–in which he lost to Congressman Bobby Rush–left the family in debt and Michelle was not happy that her husband disregarded her opinion on how things should have been handled.

“Michelle actually had divorce papers drawn up,” Klein wrote, quoting one of Mrs. Obama’s friends.

According to a reported portion of the book, due out Tuesday:

“This was a calamitous turn of events, and during the dark days that followed his defeat, he turned to Michelle for comfort. But she was in no mood to offer him sympathy. After all, he had refused to listen to her warnings about taking on the formidable Bobby Rush. He had put his family in a precarious financial position. And he had dashed Michelle’s hopes of creating a stable and secure future. As a result, their marriage was on the rocks, and Obama confided to friends that he and Michelle were talking about divorce.”

Of course, rumors about the most famous family in America have always run rampant, and this isn’t the first time they’ve faced stories about their relationship faltering. Obviously, everyone wants to know more about the people taking up residence in the White House; it’s been that way for decades. For the First Family’s part, their rep Eric Schultz denies the allegations.

“Ed Klein has a proven history of reckless fabrication in order to sell books,” Schultz said. “Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one.”

Another recent book, “Barack Obama: The Story“, includes journal entries from some of Obama’s former girlfriends and is regarded as a telling look into his younger life and the demons he faced.

Obama Divorce Story: New Bio Garnering Rumors
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  • http://gotogo@dumb.com michelle

    Hey I gots news for ou hubby. The entire USA once a divorce from you now hunny buns

    • Tony Tony Tone

      Once? Once?? Seriously, I weep for our education system.

      • BrooklynPaulie

        True dat!!!!

        • hunter

          Notice that the writer is “Michelle” and refers to the president as “hubby”. I believe that this comment is meant to mock Mrs. Obama, and i doubt the author is actually that ignorant. But hey, maybe he/she is.

          • Tony Tony Tone

            Good catch, didn’t notice that.

          • http://Yahoo 2×2

            Thank you John! Atleast someone in this chat has sence, and better use of their time rather than talking all this nonsence on a chat rather than sending a letter to congress or actually taking action.

          • Eric

            If reference is being made to suggest that Michelle Obama is not intelligent, it seems that the person making such a reference has failed to take into account that Michelle Obama is Ivy League. If this article has any truth to it, I do not see how this would discredit the President or the First Lady. Finances are the most popular cause of divorce and the decision to run for office when you have no chance of winning was a bad decision for the family. The First Lady would have been justified to be upset and the President would have been justified for fighting what he believed in. Last, I think that we will find that most Americans are not looking for a divorce from President Obama. The people that voted for Obama in 2008 will vote for him again and the people that did not vote for him are not likely to change their minds either. The President will lose the state of North Carolina but that is not a major loss. As long as he can hold his edge in Virginia, he can win (even if he loses both Florida and Ohio).

          • kg

            also, “once” was used to describe his Term number… “once” …instead of wants.

          • Leo

            Yup, getting into IVY league on Affirmation Action don’t mean jack chit! How many times did fat Michelle fail the bar exam? She probably wanted a divorce once she found out our first president was in the closet and was afraid to come out!

        • pamela stauch-altman

          Why would people joke about something as sacred as marriage, especially about our president of the USA and our FIRST LADY? Are all of your lives that boring that you only live to gossip about very important people in this world

          • jim

            actually, yes

          • http://yahoo nyumba

            apparently, people have found nothing better to do with their times these days. no wonder we are falling apart!!!

          • Renee

            Pamela, Jim, & Nyumba, you all have hit the hammer on the head of the nail. Thanks! Have a great day!

          • http://yahoo karen s

            I believe any thing Of this president!!!!!! Vote Obama out 2012

          • Nancy

            Well ; he ain’t a president ‘ ; and she , sure as hell ; ain’t no ( first lady ).

          • Elmer

            Joke about something as sacred as marriage? It is not very sacred if the commander in chief is talking about gay marriage being OK.

          • Mike88

            Who is Joking? The people of our nation DO want a divorce from Obama and his entire regime, in the most effecient and effective way possible. If the American people could enter into a divorce agreement today with Obama and his entire regime we would have the papers drawn up immediately, and have them served post haste if it was just a simple process of divorcing Obama.

          • Jose

            January 20, 2013. The end of an ERROR.

          • mike

            it is not a joke, the joke is that you still believe in them. his whole bio is a fairy tale and you tell me that what was said doesnt sound just like something that michele would say and do!!!! do your homework and read what rev. wright said about the two of them. they are traitors to our country. MICHELE IS AS BAD A 1ST LADY AS BARRY IS A PRESIDENT. QUIT LISTENING TO THE LEFTIST MEDIA and do your own research, it will be enlightening!

          • randellmd

            Apparently so is yours. your here also.

          • Aly

            Dude, I live in Az he took away our first amusement park ever to ber Built since he became Prez the ecnomy went way down. HE tottaly deserves to be talked about. No only has he ruined our lives he wants to ruin our lives 2 as hard, by doing a communist world. Where we all get the same amount of money. Obama, hes is trouble by other people the guards should be carefull one of these days, i can just see it the Vice Prez is going to be taking his place.

          • dawn

            sure, we have nothing better to do. Lots of people outta work now and no one is hiring. And then for the ones that are working, everything is too exspensive to do anything. Worse than it’s ever been, can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but economy even worse than it was under George W

          • http://www.rudylogos.com Rudy

            OFFNED! But look at how Obama has “represented us” to the world! We are laughed at, villified and mocked by nationsof th world mostly because of Obama’s dumb…or I should say “deceitful…way he treats America and what his nefarious lans are for bringing us donw to thelevel of a Third World Nation, or lower!! He came into office determined to bring us down and is doing a forceful job at it!! The guy needs to go, and I don’t care what his race, religion or any other category is!!

          • http://None Greg

            Obama is only important in that he has single handedly managed to become a worse president than Bush and Carter combined by bankrupting this country by spending more money than ALL US Presidents in HISTORY and circumventing the constitution as he sees fit. He rode a campaign against the very policies you he continued from Bush and failed to recognize the failure of his own policies. NOBAMA 2012.

          • bubula

            Thank you very much. Exactly what i say.

          • sheryl

            Sorry Pam, but he is NOT my president!! I did not vote for that UNQUALIFED, INELIGIBLE person.

          • steve

            No, people’s lives aren’t boring. They just have too much time on their hands because they can’t find a job under the President O-bumble administration.

          • Will

            He might be your president I voted for the other canidate.

          • panom

            pamela you are right people need not to gossip on very important peoples like president obama.

          • http://yahoo.com Bill

            Frankly I don’t see any very important people!!!

          • John

            He is our president. Let us not degrade the dignity of the office for one man. We the people elected him, lets vote him out if that is what we desire, but there is no need to degrade our culture in the mean time. He’s not a perfect leader, but I’m not a perfect father. I am, however, the one my daughter’s got, and she needs to obey and respect me no matter how I do. Let’s pray for our leader, give him due respect and honor, and vote him out if he’s not doing good work.

          • RedBloodedAmerican

            The issue isn’t about marriage… That’s what was going to be affected by a behavior we see from this president. He doesn’t listen to advice and is putting things in financial ruin. The story tells us about how this behavior affected his marriage. Now we see this same behavior is affecting our country. It is time to divorce this guy…

          • Peter Winfield

            Figures a comment like that would come from a woman with a hyphenated name. The joke is that Yobama is still in office. Are you saying that what was printed is not true ? Maybe it is, it is not printed as a joke. Look below :


            change one letter in Obama to Osama, then split Biden and add NLA, you have


          • Never Mind

            NOT MY PREZ…..I can not stand the guy, I believe his only interest is his self interest. He has been proven to be a liar and he has no respect for your three branches of government, our constitution, or the traditional marriage. HE IS THE JOKE!

          • Austin

            Well, jokes don’t change anything, however, if this story is true, then that changes everything. It means that Obama has lied to the American public and recruited his family in helping to cover it up. If he has lied about that then there’s no telling what he’s lied about. I’ve always wondered how he was able to climb the political ladder so quickly, especially considering the bucking of the norm as far as Presidents go. He may be a good guy, but there is no place for the leader of the free world to neglect his people of the truth. I’m not saying the author doesn’t have his own shortcomings, but it is a possibility, he has friends of Michelle quoted, and I’m sure that would be easily verifiable. At least until Obama starts throwing his power and money around in a manner not conducive to the integrity of the office. It’s not a stretch to say he hasn’t done that before, think of the health insurance policy, he abused his powers in order to push that through without the proper approval from congress. The man is a bane on our society and doesn’t deserve your defense. He has set us back at least a decade just in that decision alone, and now we come to find out that we really can’t trust him in anything he says, or has said. I feel violated even though I had nothing to do with getting him to where he is, I am at his mercy. Thanks for you efforts in trying to point out people’s shortcomings and thus improving their own efforts, but your arrogance and judgmental attitude supersede your point. Just thought I’d let you know

          • Linda

            Yes, marriage is sacred, but it is also true that in order to be respected, one has to be able to be respected. Obama has done thing that would even hint of being respectable. He has lied, and his wife, the “sacred” Michelle, has disrespected America over and over again. The only racists are those who accuse “honkies” of being racists. The only racism I have seen or heard of since Obama has been in the White House is those who look like him. How in the world can you fault someone for making a statement about their marriage. If you choose to live your lives in the public eye, they you KNOW that your life is going to be under scrutiny. The president is suppose to be a servant of the people. Our country elects the administration to work for them, as in, We the People”, not the other way around. So, anyone has a right to express themselves on here as long as it is without profanity. Comrade Obama is the unequivocal worst president that this country has ever seen. I, too, will continue to hope and pray that he is not re-elected. If he is, we’d all better get on our knees.

          • John

            Um, you’re doing the thing you’re complaining about. You are not one with logic. Is your life so boring that you only live to question the people who live to gossip about important people? And is my life so boring that I call out the lady who questions the people who gossip about important people. See, we’re all just bored.

          • http://yahoo James

            Who’s joking this is more than likly the truth…I can see how Miss Oblamer would do exactly that.. She is always angry when you see her on TV and very power hungry.

          • Joe

            Quote by Karen: “I believe any thing Of this president!!!!!! Vote Obama out 2012″

            That’s the problem sweetie…You believe ANYTHING!

          • joe

            Why wouldn’t we. He obviously does not care about something as sacred as marriage because he believes it is alright for homosexuals to be married!

          • mary skay

            Excuse me….only really really stupid peole like yourself judge people, especially women, as “fat” and it is a travesty that there are people such as youself voting on important issues. I am truly embarassed for America. This is tabloid crap.

          • erick

            I can’t belive that an idiot that thinks that all ivy leage people have brains. lets see here she failed the bar numerous times and this So Called president is not even a us citicen by the constitution nor was he born a natrual us citicen on U.S. Soil as written in the constitution. he is a liar and a fraud so that is why so many of the active military left and why he is using reservs to fight for him not to mention he is gearing for war with Korea and also Iran so who is going to belive another lier. let me guess u right pam. or any idiot that voted for him “Change” was his platform same as Stallin and Hilter and see how well that went in history. oh wait you didn’t get that far in school did you since this president wants to kill all education for the US and have all our jobs in another country. damn WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS AND VOTE THIS TRATIOR TO THE COUNTRY OUT!!!!!

          • Austin

            Joe, I think you are confusing spiritual marriage with legal marriage. Based on most religions same sex marriage is considered immoral. A legal marriage is mutually beneficial to two parties who have pledged to care for each other, and is generally believed that the couple will share boarding thus reducing the burden on society by requiring less housing to be available, among other things. I am a hetero male and I believe fully in the Constitution and the BoR to the core, and I find it outrageous that a person’s sexuality is protected under some instances of the law, but not all, considering the equal protection clause was added in the 19th century. Here’s the text on Wikipedia:

            Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

            To clarify, it says state because it is amending the fact that the Constitution applies to the federal government and states were taking advantage of the lack explicitly stating that no state shall make a law denying rights to any person. So it says no form of the government whatsoever can make unavailable to one person under law what is allowed to another under law. And to further assess the point (we should all be familiar with these words):
            We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

            Mind you, even God will forgive the sin of homosexuality, and Himself says that we are not to judge one another. This type of thing is the exact reason why, because he knows the nature of people. All the gay community wants is the same allowances granted by the Constitution to all people to apply to all people. There was a time in this country when black people were not considered citizens, but were allowed to fight in the army, women did not have the right to vote but took up jobs when all the men went to war. We have come a long way since those times and we are only reliving them again and again. By not allowing two people of the same sex to marry, we are denying that pursuit of happiness, liberty to choose freely and in turn life. We take these things for granted if we have them, but I still don’t see the purpose in denying anyone else. I think of all the servicemen and women who have given their lives in order to protect these truths that we do hold dear, and it pains me to think that they have died in vain if we allow such cruelty to continue.

          • http://Pamelastauch-altman AJ

            You are a idiot!!!

        • Nancy

          I weep ‘ ; for our country ; our children , and grandchildren .

          • Bobbi Brent

            @Nancy…I weep for you dear. After the last democrat (Clinton, in case you don’t remember) we had a balanced budget for this country. BUSH left us horribly in debt, our military dying in a war started with a lie about wmd’s and a Republican party that was so bold and racist as to say from the time the President won that they were going to make sure he was a one-term President. What pisses me off is that he is ALWAYS referred to as our first african-american President…PEOPLE, HIS MOTHER IS WHITE!!! The grandmother he adored in Hawaii was WHITE! I am so sick of the racism in the country that is suppose to be the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Brave. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. But, I suppose you will be out in force to vote for Romney…who is admittedly a man who ran the state he was governor of into the ground, is a member of a secretive organization that calls itself a religion…now before you get up in arms, I have cousins and Aunt who are Mormons…have been most of my life. And to this day, the rest of the family knows NOTHING about their religion…oh, except that when my Uncle, who was NOT a Mormon died, after a year they got together and “prayed him into Heaven”. So, in conclusion, Nancy, I weep for you and all the rest of the idiots who will vote for Romney…just because he’s white, despite the fact that he is against unions, poor people…really anyone who isn’t like him and his friends…and I’m sure that includes YOU. So I weep for YOU, not our Country, and the other idiots in our great Nation who would vote for a baboon, as long as it was a registered Republican!

          • Andrew

            Bobbi, the last democrat, Clinton, did help balance the budget, however what you and most people seem to forget is the main reason for this economic meltdown we have experienced is the subprime mortgage crisis. (Which Clinton signed into action). This allowed people to borrow money and buy things that they would never be able to afford, and it all collapsed under Bush. This was a problem that Clinton started and it broke down during Bush’s presidency.

          • stanley

            Marriage: No one needs a back seat driver.

          • Andrew

            As for your next point, I would hardly say that Romney ran Massachusetts into the ground. What are you judging that on? And the Mormon people are not a secretive group, they are very open about their religion. I have 3 mormon friends who I have had long talks with about their beliefs. Although I may disagree with their beliefs, it is their American right to practice whatever religion they want.
            Lastly, you pulled the race card, lets touch on that. In the last 5 elections, African Americans (who make up 13% of the population) had about a 20% turnout to vote. (Whites only had a bout a 22% turnout, so its not like they were that far off. Bud suddenly, an African American was running for president and what happened? There was a 90% turnout amongst African Americans to vote, 95% of which voted for Obama. You are upset with people voting for Romney strictly because he is a republican? I’d rather have people vote for somebody strictly because he is from the party that typically is consistent with their beliefs than have someone vote for a president strictly because of his skin color. That, Bobbi, is called reverse racism. I’m not saying Obama was elected president strictly because he is an African American, but before you point fingers and call everyone who doesn’t vote for him a racist, maybe you should look in the mirror. Clearly you have not done a whole lot of research, and instead just listened to what other people told you. I hope you, along with everyone else in this country, actually thinks hard about who they vote for, and they vote for them for the right reasons.

          • mike

            bobbi, andrew got it right and if you lay off the koolaid and do some homework you will find that he was raised in another country and mentored by communists. nobody is racist towards him, because we are talking about his white half and rev. wright said he was led to christianity to hide his islamist beliefs. now go back to your koolaid or maybe research the worst president ever who makes bush look like a economic genius!

          • sparksfly

            Nancy – I think the few words you wrote seemed to have pushed poor Bobbi over the edge. I think some high blood pressure medicine is in order!

          • Barbara

            Face it, you bigots can’t stand the fact that he is black. No one said anything when George W was doing all the stupid stuff that he did. He is the one that that ran up the deficit when we had a surplus, lost all the jobs and Mitt will do the same thing. But then again he is white so that’s ok.

          • Jeff

            Andrew, I applaud your intellect. Thank you for being not only correct, but explaining your side in a clear-cut manner.

            And Barbara, no one said anything when Bush did this? Really? Where were you when Bush was in office. EVERY night on the news they bashed him. EVERY night you saw footage from Iraq. He was blamed for each and every thing that happened in 8 years, not excluding the greatest terrorist attack the world has ever seen. This has NOTHING to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with the direction in which he leads. I would have no problem with a leader of any race leading us into prosperity, but I have a major problem with a leader OF ANY RACE driving this country into the ground. I applaud him with the Gay Rights stance, but why does he wait 4 years to make it? Why does he decide to announce it following the outcries after the votes in states throughout the country went against it? And with our debt growing by the millions each day, don’t you think there are bigger fish to fry besides going on television to make that announcement? I don’t like Romney and wish people gave Ron Paul a better look, but anything is better than this HALF WHITE president.

          • Bob

            @Andrew, your response to Bobbi was eloquent and direct, and a terrific response. The citizens of this country have to stop basing their opinions on what they are spoon fed by the largely liberal, and mostly secular media. I am originally from Chicago, and the efforts that were expended, including busing voters to the polling place, in order to get the African American vote out were amazing, but unfortunately the votes were being cast solely on race, with little or no knowledge of the candidate, much less the issues. The other support group our current President has is Hollywood – the bedrock of morality. As others have written here, please do some research and vote this President out before he completely dessimates our economy. (By the way, check the numbers and see what the national debt was when Obama took office, and compare it to where we are at today).

          • dawn

            @Bobbi, so agree with everything you just said. Wish we had someone else running for president. The problem is that Romney might win because not as many people will get out and vote because they don’t think that there is anyone good to vote for. They don’t want Romney for every reason you just said. They don’t want Obama because he has helped in absolutly no way and in fact things have gotten worse. With Clinton it took a while for him to get it all done BUT he had it started during his first term and everyone knew it. When he was running the first time, he said it was gonna take time, it wouldn’t happen overnight it would take 6-7 years before we were outta the clear. He did as he promised. Obama hasn’t done as he promised.
            Clinton was the best president we had in forever. So he got around, he’s human. Even everyone’s favorite prez, FDR had a mistress. As far as that goes, Elenor had a mistress too and moved her into the white house
            Obama is more white than he is black. And michelle looks like a bitch, so what!!! Thought Hillary woulda been good partially for that reason too. Who wants to argue with a menopausal bitch, you know you’ll never win

          • Heidi

            I’m weeping for myself that I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than read Yahoo!!!!! Ah well, I do miss the Clinton years!

          • Ann

            Do any of you read what you write? Between the misconceptions, the misspellings, and the misinterpretations of everything I’ve read above – I usually skip this crap because the people here don’t read, which is obvious due to their spelling – it shows that you’re on the blame game trail. Does anyone look at where Bush left us before Obama got into office. And you think Mitt Romney knows what Americans are? He’s so out of touch with life it’s scary. Give him $40,000 and tell him to go find a place to live, day care, a job, a car, etc. He’d laugh and think it was a vote and probably say “No one’s income is this low.” Well wake up people, because if you think Mitt Romney will get into office, and/or make things better, you’re in for a sad, sad revelation.

          • Chuck

            Andrew, there is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism…be it black on white, white on black, or any other combination. Negative racism would be no racism at all. Think about it…if you have a racist and you negate that, you have no racist at all. BTW….I’m NOT an Obama supporter. I’ll be voting against Obama…not because he’s black, but because he’s done a TERRIBLE job of leading this country for the past 4 years.

          • Andrea S.

            Bobbi, Obama and his cronies are the ones who are touting his “blackness”. Frankly, I’ve never been sure why he essentially never acknowledges his white mother and white grandmother who was a big part of his formative years. He’s the one who seems to forget that he is 1/2 white.

            Most people really don’t care what color he is if he does what he says he’ll do, not work to destroy our country and blame everything (even three years into his Presidency) on Bush. I have nothing against a black person in office (an effective black woman or any other minority man or woman either for that matter) but I do have a problem with someone who ignores the Constitution, acts as if the laws of the country don’t apply to him, breaks his oath of office, has run our economy into the gutter, took over the health care system, is trying to take away religious freedom,and has us still involved in wars he swore we’d be out of soon, etc.

          • Lisa

            Nancy, you must be one of the stupidest people ever! I weep for our children and grandchildren because of dump hicks like you who use the word AIN’T. In addition, what marriage has not had a difficult patch. Really, this is actually news worthy? Get a life. If I was married to you, I would have an affair a week in order to be able to come home to your stupid ass! The problem with the world today is ignorant people like you! May God have mercy on your judgemental soul!

          • sheryl

            No Bobby,
            You people have already voted a Baboon into the Whitehouse, his name is obama!
            Now, we need him voted OUT!

          • Kay

            I agree with you Nancy.
            Bobby Brent-Don’t just assume that people voted for Obama in the first place or that that it was a fair and just election either. BTW Clinton’s budget was a farce. He tabulated other funds into it to make it look like a surplus. Ron Paul 2012

          • Never Mind

            @Bobbi Brent…oh yeah you can bet on it. We will be OUT IN FORCE to VOTE OBUMMER OUT and his Chicago-style politics! Why is it okay for you to attack a religion, but you act like others are racist just because we do not like OBUMMER? Obambam himself refers to himself as a “brutha” in his rendition about his drug induced daze in the last 2 years of high-school. Drinking, marijuana and “drugs” were his life…..la la land then and now. I CAN NOT WAIT TO VOTE HIM OUT!

          • Austin

            @Mike, your comment is even worse than any of the others on here, intelligent or otherwise, and is fuel against what you say and believe. It is very short-sighted and rooted in issues that you yourself must overcome, with or without assistance. I suggest seeking assistance.

            @Bobbi, Clinton himself was a liar and what he did for this country was create a bubble that would look good for him while he was in office only to pop when the next president (or even the next one, noone could really know how long it would take) took over. Most of what you refer to is the biased look from liberal outlets that was cut to send a certain message, self-preservation of their own interests and those that control them (NBC, MSN, NYT, etc.). It is good for the rich for a progressive to be in office because they are actually part of a secret society that has merged itself into present day politics through the Democratic party. Not all democrats are progressive, but 99% of progressives are democrats. Teddy Roosevelt was part of this group, and he did a very good job hiding his true intentions, unlike Obama, which were to serve the affluent, who don’t much care for those outside of their circle (the other affluent). I personally don’t trust the fabricated birth certificate he provided because his own family far removed from him has confirmed that he was not born in this country or any of its provinces, thus negating his eligibility to even be in office. The man is full of deceit and there is no other way to explain his quick rise than promises of action supporting those that would help him get there, once he got there. You don’t go from broke to President of the United States of America in 8 years, it’s just not possible. Furthermore, there was all kinds of opposition to the war that Bush initiated and my belief is that contributed to the UN delaying action against the Hussein regime and gave him the opportunity to hide his WMDs. Not saying that they were there, I couldn’t know, but with the way things turned out we can never know. At any rate it was the right decision to allow our soldiers to fight for the freedom of the oppressed, whether they are citizens of our great nation or not. Freedom is a human right, not an American right, though we are most willing to sacrifice for it. I would like to take this time to reiterate Greg’s statement of truth, the current democrat in office (in less than 3 years) spent more money against the national debt than ALL OTHER US PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY COMBINED. What good can that do that it doesn’t negate in the future? Why does the Republican party have to be racist when they say the same thing they’ve always said when a democrat takes office now that the democrat happens to be a minority? They aren’t even bold, they want things to stay the same, that is their purpose of existing, they are traditionalists. I’d rather have Romney who has experience running a state in the ground and has learned something from that, if not only the capacity to not want it to happen again, than someone, Obama, who has no real political experience to speak of and is now running our entire country into the ground. Mormons should not even be brought up in this situation, the basis of most religions is the betterment of all, and considering that the afterlife has certain requirements in those religions guides people to act in such a way that is not detrimental to self or others. It seems you are entirely misinformed, I would suggest you stop watching NBC!!

          • mike

            austin, you use a lot of words, but say very little. was this from a meth induced haze. wow

          • Austin

            Mike, based on your response I suppose you didn’t read my post. Also, based in part that most of what I wrote is concerning the same things you yourself put forth this in this same response thread. I’m not sorry if it went over your head, I’ve been known to do that to people, but please make sure you understand things before responding to them

          • Austin

            I choose my words very carefully and after reading my post again, and your responding post, I wouldn’t change a thing, except I would trade that word intelligent for informed. I was regarding your use of koolaid, as I feel you could have avoided resorting to using the same term used in what I took to be racist in context, though I may have misinterpreted. There is plenty of content available in my words so long as you can keep up with someone who uses the language properly

          • Austin

            And I certainly don’t appreciate your attempt to discredit what I say because of my tendency to be long-winded. Throwing out random insults and ill-conceived notions does not accomplish that, by the way. This is all because I have an interest in the future of our country, one I love and care for (it’s called passion), and would hate to see it further threatened by the obvious lack of insight into the political realm. But also because it is disheartening that people are eating off the spoon just because someone put it up to their mouth

          • Austin

            There is plenty more to said and if I were you I would thank me for cutting it off here and by not responding with more personal attacks, this time against you. Though, they would be unfounded because I don’t know you from Adam, and I seriously doubt your name is even Mike

          • erick

            hey Bobbi Brent
            in case you lost a brain somewhere then you obvilously forgot that Clition was no help at all and yes there were WMD’s that were found. however democrat controled press won’t report it. I served in both wars and guess what they were there i have seen them there and even disarmed a few of the chem one. just because they wern’t nuclear doesn’t mean the WMD’s weren’t something else oh and by the way another democrat say Carter gave those WMD’s to Iraq durring their war with Iran. before you open you mouth research what you say about war and the policies. Cliton was warned about 9/11 and did nothing Bush did however wer couldn’t get all the ones through due to buget cuts by the Demcrats bs and 4 palns got through also Bush had an Executive order signed that stated BIN LADEN was to be draped on the White House Lawn with DNA proof for the world to see. only a muslim would want the truth hidden and a body thoun out to sea and a liar as well. I know that the spec ops community would love to have fullfield Bush’ wish. but a wimpering Obama cant have that not to mention he can side with his terrorist buddies if he did that. so where is the proof the BIn Laden is dead? i don’t belive him and also the SOP for blackops would never let the op info out to the public so that tells me that Bin Laden is still alive and planning show me the body to prove me wrong. untill then shut your hole and say thank you for what the troops do for you everyday and leve the fighting to us unless you want to get in a war with us and stand on the front lines with us keep you mouth shut

        • lesli anderson

          i’m so glad i’m not weeping all alone!!!!

          • http://yahoo thelma m shaw

            My, my,my, what terrible words some of you have written.This President got you out of the gutter after the previous Pres, drug you through the flood
            So soon you forget who helped keep this country from going in a recession completely. If the congress worked with him more, our country would be in much better shape. If this next guy gets in, he will have the same policies as the previous guy which caused the rich to get richer.
            Don';t you notice everything that the congress wants never suceeds. It always goes the opposite direction. God is in control in this election. Don’t forget what I’ve said.

          • ann

            I can’t get a life, or job, or home, or food, so I will spend my evenings reading this garbage. Who cares if it is Geez, or Geeze, or Jeeze, it is not a word, period! To the lady who calls anyone who doesn’t vote for Obama, Shut up, if white individuals are as racists as you imagine the man would never had become president. The best thing that came out of the 2008 election is the over use of the race card made it noneffective. As far as voting for Obama this election, anyone who does is a straight up idiot!

          • http://yahoo.com Bill

            Hey Thelma, is that Allah you’re talking about that is in control? Let’s keep this straight, obama would be allah, Romney would be Jesus Christ!

        • Never Mind

          Don’t you know? Ebonics is a dialect

        • http://www.30dayherbaldiet.com LuAnn

          I totally agree with you. wants, not once. Wow, miss using words and spelling errors really makes me wonder if they ever went to school.

      • Ayana

        Wow! the words are, “you” (not sure if that was a typo, but who can tell)–and “wants.” Jeeze Louise!!! I agree with Tony Tony Tone and I’m a teacher who is greatly embarrassed.

        • John

          It is actually spelled, “Geeze”. :)

          • paul

            dude it is not geez, however it is jeez. Therefore ayana was right..sort of lol…we can give an take the e. Go check it in your dictionary dude.
            no point intended just wanted to clarify that.

          • M.J.

            Anya – The word is actually spelled GEEZ. Get a dictionary and look it up. As a teacher you should know this. Your response speaks volumes about the educational system in this country or the lack thereof.

          • Angie

            Actually it can be geez or jeez:


          • mdb

            OH GET A LIFE.

            “Geez”, “Geeze”, or “Jeeze”, what-f****ing-ever.

            NOT ONE OF THOSE ARE _REAL_ WORDS, so who cares how someone spells it???

            You got the point, right? You knew what was intended, right?

        • http://facebookyahoo.com ryan

          I remember when Nixon was running the first time someone Wallace was hot tempered and cause cant think how to spell his name so will use first Hubert swore and Nixon didnt do anything like guess he was an angel till

          But I dont see how so many stories have come about not born in usa almost divorced who cares is he doing a good job or not? frankly i say no sending troops half way around the world when the main problem here is our neighbors south of here. And wish congress would just ONCE take a pay cut.

          • Carol

            Actually, I think it is a contraction of “Gee” and “Whiz” and should therefore be spelled “Gee’z”

          • http://Ks, mary

            This sounds like our paper the “The Phone Forum” where the idots can say anything and get way off the subject. I did not vote for this president and will not this time.

      • http://yahoo jacquelynn

        Ditto…I believe “wants” is covered in 2nd or 3rd grade English aka Language Arts…kindergarten if you have parents that encourage READING INDEPENDENTLY and WEBSTERS DICTIONARY

      • Tracy Tracy Tracy

        I have to agree with Tony also. Does ‘once’ = ‘wants’ in spelling? I don’t think so. Nor does ‘ou’ = ‘your’.
        Once? Once?? Weeping copious tears foor our “hedyoukateshun sistim”. Seriously.

        • Tracy Tracy Tracy

          “for” I meant…whoops!

          • lovethisUS

            LOL. Love Tracy Tracy Tracy

      • Mindy

        You really can’t spell at all, can you? Once. Hunny. You should divorce your teachers and your parents for letting you grow up and be so stupid.

        • Jack Barton

          My wife is a genius with a Phd and an O.D. I call her doctor squared. I can tell you she can’t spell very well. Mental ability has nothing to do with it. Some people, like her, focus on the big picture and not tiny details. Remember, Mark Twain was famous for his poor spellng.

        • Kay

          I believe Michelle’s statement was a mockery and really funny.
          I see many of you are English teachers or wanna be teachers. Who cares about syntax, slang, spelling, etc. This is a blog not a Thesis for a Doctorate’s. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to determine this administration has plunged us not into a recession–but into a full blown depression with signs of it getting worse on an everyday basis. God help us.

      • Renee

        Why do you weap? Teaching starts at home……………

        • Douglas m. Saunders

          I agree it does start at home but these days quality teaching seems to be ending there as well. Perhaps we need to look at the Feds report card on education while cosidering these facts….The US spends more on education than any country in the world with a dismal return on our investment. One example: We currenly placed 17th in science compared to all industrialized nations in the world. Whom do you feel deserves credit for that ranking? We need radical changes in the way we educate and we need to do it urgently. The first priority should be the Children not the teachers, administrators or the unions and throwing more money at the problem is rediculous!! Get rid of the Dept. of Education and let the States be responsible for starters!!

          • satwai

            As a former teacher, I can tell you in part why we rank so low in Science. In my district we spent almost nothing on supplies for experiments. If I wanted to do a science experiment I had to purchase the materials myself.

            Most teachers (along with most Americans) do not show a good grasp of logic and the Scientific Method. For example, many assume that if X happens after Y, then X must have caused Y. (Post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy)

            Read some of the Yahoo readers’ comments about the economy and you will have ample proof of this tendency. Americans like easy simple answers and don’t want to be bothered by things like logic and researching facts to see if their beliefs hold up under scrutiny.

            Why should our kids be different from their parents and teachers?

          • http://yahoo debbie irvin

            Douglas, you are portionally correct, the system does need work however; living in Fl. I know that there is no state wide curriculam it is done district by district. The problems are created simply by not letting teachers do what they do best which is teach. There are guidelines that they must follow and are not able to sway from. Teachers choose this career for the love of it surely not for the pay. The revisions to the system must start at the top which entails getting out of the way of the teachers, leaving the politics out of the schools, eliminating unneeded unwanted authority from the boards. Those who can teach, those who can’t authoritze!

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            Wow…I totally disagree with you!! In fact your comments make me angry!
            Your are advocating spending more money when we are already spending more than any other country. If you are not getting the right tools that sounds like someone is not properly allocating funds. Someone is surely responsible for that. You are just continuing the practices that have failed. Your comments on supplies I cannot accept as a reason or excuse for failure. You don’t just accept that as status quo. Again someone should be held accountable but like typical government practise no one assumes responsibility. A clear administrative problem. Not a lack of taxpayer dollars!
            You seem resigned to accept the state of our educational system and blame it on our way of life. We as Americans must adamently oppose this. You fail to see the forest for the trees and an attitude like that will have terrible consequences on this Country while you calmly say “Oh Well” And your a Teacher? Shame on you! Isn’t part of teaching to show someone how to grasp logic and a scientific method. Aren’t teachers supposed to challenge students?
            I used science as one example but my point is our entire educational system is failing. We don’t need proof of failure. We need new direction and radical changes starting at the top and going down.
            Lumping are children in a catagory that doesn’t measure up is a sad way for a teacher to feel. Treating all students abilities the same is completely wrong!!
            And finally to answer your last question…We as parents and teachers are charged with the responsibility of educating our children. That is first and foremost. What do you think you’re there for?

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            Wow…I totally disagree with you!! In fact your comments make me angry!
            Your are advocating spending more money when we are already spending more than any other country. If you are not getting the right tools that sounds like someone is not properly allocating funds. Someone is surely responsible for that. You are just continuing the practices that have failed. Your comments on supplies I cannot accept as a reason or excuse for failure. You don’t just accept that as status quo. Again someone should be held accountable but like typical government practise no one assumes responsibility. A clear administrative problem. Not a lack of taxpayer dollars!
            You seem resigned to accept the state of our educational system and blame it on our way of life. We as Americans must adamently oppose this. You fail to see the forest for the trees and an attitude like that will have terrible consequences on this Country while you calmly say “Oh Well” And your a Teacher? Shame on you! Isn’t part of teaching to show someone how to grasp logic and a scientific method. Aren’t teachers supposed to challenge students?
            I used science as one example but my point is our entire educational system is failing. We don’t need proof of failure. We need new direction and radical changes starting at the top and going down.
            Lumping are children in a catagory that doesn’t measure up is a sad way for a teacher to feel. Treating all students abilities the same is completely wrong!!
            And finally to answer your last question…We as parents and teachers are charged with the responsibility of educating our children. That is first and foremost. What do you think you’re there for?

          • Deni


            Complain that our nation doesn’t rank higher than other industrial nations. Most of them educate only the top 10% of their population, students and parents spend up to 16 hours a day on education, tutoring, arts, and music. By the time some of the students are 10 years old, they are no longer eligible for school due to not meeting requirments or being “smart” enough to continue their education. They are left to learn family business, work in factories as child labor and etc. We American’s like to buy things on the “cheap”, where do these things come from? They are imported from these countries who don’t have child labor laws and we don’t put a “tax” in order to make them so expensive that it wouldn’t be worth it to sell in the US. Try living overseas and buying things made in America. The cost is almost triple due to importation tax. This is something that our nation needs to impose. There’s an old saying regarding education in the United States, we are not in the ice cream business in which we can “sort” out the damaged blueberries and those that don’t make the grade A, cut. We take them all, bruised, smaller, not ripe, too ripe, on the verge of being sqished and attempt to polish them into blueberries in order to meet GRADE A expectations.

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            Deni you may have a point regarding the way the youth are educated worldwide. Let me point out another fact and not compare the US to other nations. Go back and review the trend say over the last 40yrs. of the direction our educational system has gone. How do you explain the obvious decline and since I hate the word “Blame” I’ll ask you who should receive the “Credit” for it? I’m merely stating that there has to be some accountability starting from the top down. Why are we being complacent and willing to accept a substandard education for our youth. Those who have failed at their jobs need to go and be replaced with fresh ideas. People willing to acknowledge the problems and do what it takes to correct them.

          • Austin

            Could it be standardized testing? Federal involvement? Lack of control for allocated resources? Lack of respect for the teachers? This last one was the reason I wouldn’t perform in some of my classes. Not because I don’t know how to respect people, but because I refuse to respect someone who doesn’t respect me. I don’t care what authority level, respect is mutual and can only be earned with respect. As far as standardized testing goes, I was in one the first classes to use an essay as part of the TAAS tests, and my essay was only in format, while the text did not concern the issue presented for more than a paragraph. I went off on a rant of how bad the school was for learning and got an “A”, imagine that.

        • satwai

          It’s weep.

          • harley


            Your points are good.

            You are absolutely right…we take them all…’bruised, smaller, not ripe, too ripe, on the verge of being squished’…and one teacher is suppose to educate this group.

            Teachers are suppose to parent this group, do that which these kids’ parents – have chosen not to do while being over-regulated within a system that is not conducive to the learning process.

            Unfortunately,most quality educators are not going to do this. They are not going to take the abuse. They will choose other professions.

          • Never Mind

            If you really want to “fix” our education situation in the good ol USA, implement the VOUCHER system. Put some competition into it. Take teacher’s unions out of it. Attach a Voucher to each kid, cut the layers and layers of administration that is in the education “districts.” In these ways the monies will be redirected to the classroom…..the problem w/ it now is it is a government monopoly and that is socialism at work. THAT is what is wrong. BTW we all know the “elite” in our country sent their offspring to “private” schools…..if the voucher system were in place, we would all have that choice!

        • Renee

          To Satwai: Thanks a million for the correction…! (smile) I don’t like to miss-spell anything…lol! I do agree w/your comments though and it does make sense even if we were not on the same team. We don’t have to agree just make sense…! Re:”Teaching starts at home, why do you weep….?”

          • Never Mind

            If you really want to “fix” our education situation in the good ol USA, implement the VOUCHER system. Put some competition into it. Take teacher’s unions out of it. Attach a Voucher to each kid, cut the layers and layers of administration that is in the education “districts.” In these ways the monies will be redirected to the classroom…..the problem w/ it now is it is a government monopoly and that is socialism at work. THAT is what is wrong. BTW we all know…and it speaks volumes that the “elite” in our country send/sent their offspring to “private” schools…..if the voucher system were in place, we would all have that choice!

        • patricia

          What’s sad is, that we are actually discussing this at all.

          • dawn

            Yes Patricia it is sad

        • Sharon Murphy

          How hard is it to spell “weap’ correctly?

          • Austin

            How hard is it to ignore spelling and stay on topic?

      • Able Baker Charley

        Michelle’s last name was purposely omitted…”Obama.” LOL!

      • lovethisUS

        Thanks a bun. LOL. I tried to get what it means but couldn’t. I really need to go back to kindergarten. :(. Had a good laugh just to read your anger,good medicine to start my day.:)

      • ali


      • Joni B

        If I had a hubby who said he once a divorce, I would call the grammar police, then an attorney.

      • Nancy

        I weep ‘ for our country .

      • Dapreacherswife

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Tony Tony Tone!

      • Dale

        I think he’s queer! That answers a lot of questions!

      • Dee

        hahaha,,, ignorant hillbilly…

      • Kim

        AMEN, I wanted a divorce before he was sworn into office!!!!

      • http://Yahoo 2×2

        First of all people think that once you are the president, you can do whatever you want in the matter of days or even minutes. They don’t realize the process in which he has to go through to get things done. He has to get approved before he can even left a finger. And all you other people want to do is complain? Would you rather have a guy who was a POW(Prisoner of war) or have a women, who’s husband couldn’t keep his thing in his pants? I would like to see all of you “True AMericans” do his job, and go through what his wife has been doing to him. Oh and about the Gay Marraige Thing… Anyone one can get married to whoever they want. None of you can tell them that they cant be together because it is not Moral Code. If you don’t like it then stop reading about it and move on to something that actually refers to you..

        • Never Mind

          Yes 2X2 I would rather.

        • Austin

          Just one question: how did he get the insurance bill passed without congress? He used his Presidential authority, authority that he created for himself, not that was granted by the Constitution, and, in fact, was banned by the Constitution. That’s my answer, what’s yours? What’s that you say? Congress isn’t bound by the same law? I believe that’s un-Constitutional, as well.

        • http://YAHOO LIBBY


      • MellyBelly

        As do I… I just finished my freshman year of college. Let me tell you, the VAST number of grammatical error surrounding me on campus was astounding. Hand made signs constantly said “your” instead of “you’re”, “there” instead of “their”, etc. It was disgusting. It gave me the heeby-jeebies every time I saw something like that. Call me a grammar natzi, but I simply don’t enjoy reading things that contain such obvious errors as those.

        • Never Mind

          If you really want to “fix” our education situation in the good ol USA, implement the VOUCHER system. Put some competition into it. Take teacher’s unions out of it. Attach a Voucher to each kid, cut the layers and layers of administration that is in the education “districts.” In these ways the monies will be redirected to the classroom…..the problem w/ it now is it is a government monopoly and that is socialism at work. THAT is what is wrong. BTW we all know the “elite” in our country sent/send their offspring to “private” schools…..if the voucher system were in place, we would all have that choice!

        • Austin

          MellyBelly, I choose to respond to yours only because I had a similar experience when I attended college. However, I don’t believe that spelling in any form or fashion negates an argument. I’ve seen many talking about spelling (a lot who misspelled something themselves) and I am quite tired of it. All you who feel this way just deal with it, and let the rest of us continue the conversation on the topic at hand. Let me tlel you singhtome, the odrer of the ltertes is not nlraey as iprntomnat as you mhgit tnihk.

      • bert v

        Looks like you got a divorce from the English language. How can your spellingbe so horrible? At least the president doesn’t sound like a complete moron when he writes…

    • http://DisciplesofTouba-Indianapolis A. Wade

      Knew of a couple that were married for 25 years and afterwards got a divorce,asked,How long they had been thinking of getting a divorce? 24years. That proves he’s Christian. Christians have the highest divorce rate in the world.

      • http://yahoo jacquelynn

        He must not have been saved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…a true Christian would strive to be the best husband or wife in Jesus name..and truly honor their marriage vows…bad joke in bad taste by the way

        • http://yahoo CMR

          Being the best husband or wife means you stay together and work things out…by the way is she not the First Lady? I don’t know, but it sounds as if you don’t come short and get saved by grace!

        • Pam Miner

          Who knows what a Christian will do these days. To say that president Obama must not be saved because he had a rough patch in his marriage is not logical.

          I’m a saved Christian and What bothers me is that even though the republicans ideas are counter to what Jesus taught Pastors all over the country are telling their flocks to vote republican.
          Jesus fed the poor, where the GOP would take money to help the poor to buy military hardware.
          Jesus healed the sick, GOP says to the uninsured, “let him die!”
          Jesus threw out the money changers and GOP wants to give money to the rich and corporations.
          Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself, GOP leaders say” my role model is” the atheist, communist, “Ayn Rand”, who preaches the greatest good is selfishness.

          I could name other discrepancies but I hope you get my drift.

          You don’t know that they were not trying to be the best partner to each other, even Christians make mistakes,
          but Jesus teaches forgiveness. Which is not what the GOP followers refuse to do.
          I’m a Christian democrat and try to follow what JESUS said, not what some right wing pastor is telling me to do.
          You would probably rather be led by a mormon, which holds some Very Un-Christian doctrines. Also the GOP followers were happy to forgive Newt with his serial divorces.

          • Karla Sprague

            To Pam, the Christian Democrat: How do you deal with the pro-abortion slant of the Democrat Party?

          • Spence

            are you for real

            what color is the sky in your Christian Fairytale

          • Jeff A.

            It’s not a sin to be poor. Jesus said you will always have the poor with you. It is a sin to use abortion as birth control. Same sex marriage is detestable. All things Democrats stand for. The Republican party is certainly not perfect but they certainly have view points closer to mine. I am a born again Christian. The Bible also declares if a man doesn’t work he shouldn’t eat. A man who doesn’t provide for his family is WORSE than an infidel. They all have encouraged so much laziness by giving to people who are fully capable of working.. Shame on them all. I support helping the needy but if their being needy is caused by laziness let them go hungry!

          • Anna

            For your information Mormons are christians too, we believe in the bible and in Jesus Christ that is why we are Christians. If you do not know, then don’t comment. It only makes you look like the fool you are.

          • jessi

            to Pam, What do you mean “a saved Christian”, There was never anything to save you from except your own hidden fears and shame. From a zen practitioner.

          • Bob

            Pam, Republican ideas are counter to Jesus, but the Dems mirror what Jesus preached? Huh? Yeah, Jesus was very big in favor of abortions. He also really favored man-man love/marriage. Of course, we all know that Jesus’ 6th Commandment, “Thou shalt use contraception”.

          • Listening

            To Anna the so-called Mormon – you don’t even know your own doctrine – with is not the same Bible as the Christian Holy Bible Old and New Testament. They don’t believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior, they have their own Mormon Book, which is a cult. No person should ever say if one is saved or not, we are not the judge – God is the only judge and Jesus who sits at his right hand, will determine if we are saved, based on our belief that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross for our transgressions, and rose again. I too am a Christian and a Democrat, non of us are perfect, that is why God sent a Savior. Something Mormons or any other wordly ‘religion’ knows nothing about unless they repent and read the indestructable Word of God.

          • http://www.yahoo.com jeff

            Christian Democrat? The Democrat party is the least christian party on the planet. Give me a big time break.

          • Ryan

            To listening, the so called expert on Mormons. The Jehovah’s Witnesses use their own version of the bible. But the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) use the King James version of the bible, the very same bible used by most Christian denominations…

          • luz perez

            mrs.pan Miner ,if you are cristian dem. I don’t trust the cristianity that you practice, because you are defending the averrations that Obama is approbing firstable the abortion of one criature that star to live in the umb of the mother is a crime.you know if your mother prefered to abort you you weren’t be here & watch when you have time how those animals from those clinics kill those criatures burning them with a salt shot &with the vacum extract the rest of the bodies.thats a crime &know Obama aproved gay marriage,(digusting) the should continuing inside the closet &do whatever they wanted & the sociaety would continuing like nothing happened, but no, if you’re cristian would be agree with the words of JESUS CHRIST said =one man & one women shall live toghether & multiply with criatures ,because he knew between two person of the same sex can’t get pregnant .So the world would finish because theres no gonna be anymore procreations between to mans or two womans.well I hope that you as acuote cristian think about repugnant iadeas that OBAMA has.thanks

          • CG

            I understand, Pam, why you see it the way you do. First, keep in mind that Jesus was not the government or a representative of it. He wants his believers to help others. Second, the government does not care about the poor or our health care. What they want to do is make the people dependent on the government so they can stay in power. They believe in taking from those who work and giving to those who do not. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for helping the truly needy–the disabled, the elderly, orphans. I even agree with the gov’t helping people temporarily–especially if they are working and need some help in the form of food stamps and such. The government should restrict their duties to public safety (military, police, fire fighters) and supporting the rights in the constitution. Everything else should be at the state and local governments which are closer to the people and their true needs. The church should be feeding the poor and helping others in the community (which many do). It is NOT the job of the government to support everyone. Communism and socialism do not work. No political party is perfect. At least Republicans are are the biblical side of the social issues and they encourage people to work rather than to loaf. Our founding fathers did the same thing. Even the Bible states if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

          • Erin

            @ Pam Miner… What “Christian” planet are you from? No “Christian” using the conscience God gave them could ever vote for or support a democrat. Supporting a democratic candidate, much less voting for one, defies ALL TEACHINGS of Jesus Christ. Obummer’s stance on “gay marriage” as well as the HHS Mandate totally contradict Christian values and morals. He is thumbing his nose at religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the the covenant of marriage. Maybe you need to chat with your minister….

          • Will

            Oh Weel lets say Romans chapter 1 Where it talks about men and women leaving the natural course that God created for them. AND THOSE THAT TAKE PLEASURE. Also be ye not a part of another mans sins.

          • Austin

            This just goes out to all, yet is in response to Pam Miner. First of all, while we are a society based on the Christian religion, these are not the tenets that all live by and as such the government should have no say who should and should not be allowed to be married based on those tenets because they are born of a single religion, which is not what our country is founded upon. It is based on the religion and not necessarily a governmental reproduction of it. Not ascribing to a religion is a religious choice and getting married is a legal, and personal choice. While marriage is lawful, it also a spiritual device, hence why people get married on paper, with witnesses, in front of a JOP and then go get married again in a church with the blessing of their chosen deity. Divorce has nothing to do with religion or government, but is of the failing of two people to make a marriage work. I call myself a non-practicing Christian, and mostly because those that do call themselves Christian do so in a social manner and not in a religious manner and try to push those beliefs upon others (which, I might add, God himself would not even presume to do) and I do not want to be lumped in that category. My faith is personal to me spiritually and has absolutely no bearing on you or your thoughts. Secondly, Christian is a very broad term and cannot be condensed into one denomination’s beliefs, or political beliefs. A Christian is defined as being one who believes in Jesus Christ as the one who has died for our sins. Not even as the Father, the Son of the Father, and the Holy Ghost, which is only believed in certain Christian factions, just the one who died for our sins. Divorce itself, according to the Bible, is not a sin. Divorce without giving it your all to make it work is the sin, i.e. giving up before due process has been exerted. Tertiary, when you boil it all down Republicans believe in working for and earning what you get, and not giving to those that don’t want to support their country (and themselves) simply by getting a job and paying for what they use. They are very aware that not everyone has that capacity, but by giving to all (a Democrat’s stance), and not just those that need the help, you are creating conditions in which people will not attempt to better themselves because it is easier to fill out a few forms once every 6 months or annually. If spent nearly as much time planning their life for improvement, rather than planning to stay below the “freebie” line, then we would all be much better off. Quaternary, when the rich get taxed, they just pass those losses on to those that are subject to accept it, by raising the prices of the products and services that we all rely on and blame it on the officials that put those policies in place. The trickle-down effect may not be as rewarding as we would like, but it certainly is better than the alternative. The problem is, Americans have forgotten how to assemble, and when they do, it’s not always peaceful. And about the health insurance thing, it’s not as simple as just let them die, every hospital in America is obligated to take patients regardless of their insurance status, so you are just off-base there. As a Christian woman you should not be touting the Democratic party, as it is as the others have stated, almost entirely against the actual principles that Jesus himself was teaching. Based upon your reasonings I would assume that most of you spew is something that someone taught you, rather than ideas you conceived based upon your own observations and interpretations. Also, left-wing pastors exist too, and those are exponentially more dangerous than the right-wing pastors. Either way, they should leave the church as it was intended to be, a place of spiritual growth and not a political forum.

        • Tom Buodeigha

          You have said it all. Let them open their mouth to say any thing they like. ‘POLITICS’ wow.

          • Gregory Johnson

            I am perfectly capable of working, I also have trillions of dollars of ideas on the market, why am I on disability?

        • Gregory Johnson

          Must be that no sex before marriage thing, if people actually knew the sex they were going to get before marriage, perhaps they would not get married.

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            OMG Greg do you really think many people practise abstance?
            We did have a former President that believed as long as there was no penetration it wasn’t sex….yes he went so far as to share that info. w/America….then argue he did nothing wrong as he ordered the bombing of Bosnia to take our minds off his personal problems.
            Just a mere flashback in history not a condemnation or judgement of Billy

          • Kay

            Gregory Johnson…..ROFL

        • Art

          I have to agree with Jaquelynn, a true Christian would do their best to be the best spouse possible. Most people who get married nowadays obviuosly don’t take their vows seriously enough and are too quick to get divorced.

        • satwai

          Jacquelynn, Since when did “being saved” mean that you never experienced temptations or struggled through bad times? Looks like they overcame their problems, so wouldn’t that argue against what you imply?

        • BetterOffNed

          Not a joke jacqueass, christians are the most morally bankrupt people in the world and its about time the brainwashed masses see the truth.

      • Tim

        Your logic stinks. Did you even CHECK to see if he was a Christian?? That’s like saying, “there was a murder last night in NYC. Blacks are more likely to be involved in violent crime. So the murderer was black.” Duh. That’s about as bad as Michelle up above with “once/wants”

        • Sam Mitchell

          @tim, During the 2008 campaign, then Senator Obama was filmed attending church services in Chicago with his family. It was a Christian church, but I don’t remember the denomination. His father was reported to be a Kenyan Muslim. It boils down to whether one is Christian by birth or by choice.
          However, the Obamas have assigned themselves as Christians repeatedly in the public eye, and I believe it is generally acknowledged that they are. I don’t think there was any racial intent in the comments above.

          • RR Worker

            The Obamas attended a RACIST church in Chicago with a RACIST PASTOR in a pretend Christian church.

          • Renee

            To Sam. When a person states; “THESE PEOPLE VOTE!” In my opinion thats racist!

          • Austin

            Whenever someone refers to people, they are not necessarily referring to people of any race, religion or creed. In the context, “these people” refers to the people who are voting and doing so without being informed. There’s absolutely nothing racist about it. Please refrain from using the race card unsubstantiated. It is used all too often when race isn’t a factor and only serves to help keep alive the bigotry that is actually occurring or falsely discredit someone who did not have those intentions

        • Art

          The reply was to Being a true Christian, not as to the possibly made up story of a 24 year old divorce in the making. Maybe you should make sure what you are talking about Tim. Now, if Mormons are Christians too then why are they listed seperately in the spaces that ask for religious preferences on almost all “Official” forms? Christians do not advocate Multiple wives as the mormons had for so many years and only changed because it’s considered Illegal.
          To jessi, apparently you are an atheist, what you said doesn’t matter then because the Lord will be giving you a serious wake up call when the time comes.
          As far as Dem v. Rep , The ONLY people that believe the Rep. are closer to doing as Jesus preached are delusional or are of the 10%rs. And perhap the Dem. are actually saying “Let the people do what they are going to do,It’s their choice that they will be defending on the day of judgement.” After all, not EVERYONE in the U.S. are Christian, remember the country was started because of religious intolerance in Europe at the time. Who should tell you that you can’t be married to SS partner? It’s not like God’s going to say “OK since you WERE married I’ll let you in eventhough I detest what you were doing.” Get real.

          • Alice

            Thank you Art! Why can’t anyone remember that one of the founding principles of this country was freedom from persecution based on religion. Since 9/11 ALL Muslims are now evil apparently. Oh, and anyone who seems at all Middle Eastern. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing all these supposedly “Christian” people JUDGING people. I’m pretty sure the bible has a lot to say about that. (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…)I was raised in the fundamentalist Christian church where my father, all my uncles, and my grandfather were pastors. I have seen so much hypocrisy in my life I can no longer even set foot in a church, even though I DO believe in the principles of Christianity. What I can’t believe in is the RELIGION that MAN has turned the teachings of Jesus Christ into.
            Regarding same sex marriage… It’s not like any church in the land is going to be FORCED to wed any couple they don’t choose to. I wasn’t even married in a church because I refused to submit to being counselled for however many sessions by a pastor who had never even been married. Let these poor people be married already! Think of the children that they ALREADY HAVE. Gay couples can adopt, can get pregnant, can have families in so many ways… Those children deserve the security of a family who can all have the same last name, parents who can have each other on their insurance, who can make life and death decisions for each other… All the things we hetero couples may take for granted. No one’s asking you to like it. You don’t even have to accept it. Close your damn eyes like you already are people. This country is full of all kind of people who deserve the same rights as everyone else. Isn’t that what our country is all about? Everyone is supposed to be equal. Poor people, rich people, middle class, black, white and everything in-between, gay and straight people, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and even Mormons. Who, by the way, are definitely not Christians. No Christian would baptize anyone for anyone once they are already dead. Where does it say anything about that in the bible? In any translation?
            And as for Dem -vs- Rep… All these politicians are full of BS. ALL OF THEM. But these republicans who are those top 10%, and especially Mr. Romney, in that lovely top 1% (must be nice), have NO CLUE what this country is really about. And any working class person who thinks these Republicans give a flying anything about the working man and woman have another think coming.
            And plenty of good people, even Christian people, have trouble in their marriages and hit a rough spot. Many Christians even get divorced. But whether the Obamas did or did not have said rough patch, they are still together. They took their vows seriously and they pulled through. Bravo!

      • jane

        I am a christian and I have a wonderful marriage of 30 years and divorce has never came up. People go through stuff but their love for God and one another keeps them together. Moreover, there is no perfect marriage and there are challenges which inturn makes the couple and marriage stronger as these challenges are over come. I am completely happy with the President knowing he is not perfect and he has inherited a mess before he became President of the U.S.A.; and it’s no walk in the park serving a country who themselves will betray you. It’s so funny how eveyone has a negative response to leadership but most of you arent call to lead anything.

        • Dot

          AMEN Sister, but be careful about those verb tenses.
          never COME, instead of never came…and.. challenges don’t makes, they MAKE

          • Ronny

            How the heck did this story turn out to be an English lesson??

          • Listening

            I don’t agree – challenges is plural, therefore makes should be pural, not MAKE. And what do you care anyway?

        • k

          Thank your Jane for standing up for the President and for the people who stand behind the President. Thank you for standing up and speaking out for christians (true christians)you hit it on the head when you said that “The President inherited a mess before he became President.” It’s a shame how people voted for him to do a job, which he doing to the best of his ability and then betrayed him a day later. It’s also a shame that nobody wants to give him credit for the positive and good things for our country, but they are quick to point out all of the negative things. I they supported him in his endevers then they would/could see the good he has/had and even trying to do for our country. Like you I am completely happy with the President knowing he is human and not perfect. But you said a mouth full when you stated “everyone has a negative response to leadership but most of them aren’t call to lead anything. LOL

          • ann

            How can you call yourself Christians and stand behind a political party that believes in same sex marriage,and abortion? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

          • BetterOffNed

            Ann, how can pastors, politicians, and priests call themselves christians and rape children?

            How can you call yourself a christian when you back a party that uses hate speech and fear to influence constituents? How can you call yourself a christian and back a party with more divorce and gay sex scandals than any other?

            Christians are degenerates too, they just lie about it more…

          • Never Mind

            K, I did not vote for him, I do not trust him or his cronies! He has done a deplorable job, he has embarrassed this country overseas, I find it humiliating that OBAMBAM is our Prez! His confrontation w/ the Supreme Court was a perfect example, but I was glad it happened because his true arrogance and narcissism was exposed! Obambam is not interested in what is best for our country, he is a Socialist! clear and simple and obvious! I am an EX_Democrat due to OBummer and his cabinet. I changed parties. I am an independent now…..but I never did vote for OBummer and I am so happy he is leaving office soon.

          • Never Mind

            @ K, If you really want to “fix” our education situation in the good ol USA, implement the VOUCHER system. Put some competition into it. Take teacher’s unions out of it. Attach a Voucher to each kid, cut the layers and layers of administration that is in the education “districts.” In these ways the monies will be redirected to the classroom…..the problem w/ it now is it is a government monopoly and that is socialism at work. THAT is what is wrong. BTW we all know…and it speaks volumes that the “elite” in our country send/sent their offspring to “private” schools…..if the voucher system were in place, we would all have that choice!

        • RR Worker

          How the heck can he inherit a mess HE helped make as a member of a veto proof super majority congress that made all kinds of policies without presidential signatures starting in January 2007? If you will remember, this mess didn’t start until spring of 2007 after the Dems put their fiscal policies in effect and turned the economy south.

          • Renee

            RR WORKER. This MRSS started long before 2007! Wake Up everyone! Wake up! We are all stuck on OBAMA! What happens when we remove him from the problem and it continues? Who will WE blame then…..!!!! It is a fact this problem began before OBAMA! I’m not going back down memory lane with you though.Do your own research and don’t just highlight what you like.Be honest This is the problem no one wants to look at the facts. We follow people..and what the people says goes! Time out for that!We need to focus on whats important and stop passing false judgements on the CIC! Be Good To yourself. It helps….!!!!All this other talk makes no sense you are right about that!

        • http://yahoo pat


        • Austin

          It’s one thing to know the mess he got into, it’s another to blame the bad decisions he has made on the mess. And if he said he was perfect he would lose credibility in the face of the American public. I’d like to hear the time he admitted to being wrong, I’ve never heard it. He’s basically said that he is right regardless of what the American people think, want or desire and that he going to follow through with what he thinks is right. Not only that but his actions have thrown that fact in our face. I’ve never been so disgusted with a President’s course of action. He is supposed to uphold the Constitution and provide security for the people, nothing else. Any sort of required purchasing law is entirely against the Constitution. A lot of people have likened it to the auto insurance policies, but the difference is that not everyone is required to drive a car, but we are all required to draw breath.

      • http://none priscela

        obama is part muslim-muslim has lots of wives.

        • Pam

          You can’t be Half muslim.
          It’s not the same as being half black or half Chinese.
          It is a set of beliefs. A religion.
          You don’t have to believe it yourself, but if you did, you would be a muslim and not half muslim.
          Do you think there are half Christians too?
          EIther you believe in a set of Beliefs or you don’t.
          Obama has said he is Christian, people who call him muslim or say born in Kenya are really saying “I don’t want the leader of the civilized world to be black.”
          Some people didn’t want a Catholic when JFK ran either.

          • dawn

            Only Part of that, that I don’t agree with is the black part. Obama’s father was black, but his mother is white, so I beleive that makes him half black, half white. He’s mixed in color only. But I do not ever remember reading anything about his Kenyan father raising him. So really, I don’t think you can call him black really at all.

            But, yeah, you can’t be half Muslim and half Christian. Plus why the heck does it even matter what religion he is.

        • rina

          The world’s population of Muslims having more than one wife is only 16% and the husbands have to get the first wife’s permission. The husband actually has to be SUPER rich because he has to feed all his wives and children. Prophet Mohammad did that to give leverage for women by then in 500-600 B.C. Because just like how it was in the 1950’s when divorces were an embarrassment and a financial ruin it was the same back then. So he was trying to give the women better social status and financial stability. Nowadays Muslims men do that for sexual reasons only. Back then people were sincere and kind, not like now.

        • shee

          Don’t be ignorant all your life.

        • satwai

          Obama’s father was born into a Muslim family, but he disavowed that religion for atheism.

          Obama was with his father briefly ONCE in his life. Is Islam so powerful that having a parent who doesn’t believe in it, and who wasn’t around you when you were growing up overcomes everything else? Wow. In that case maybe it IS the true religion…?

        • Tony Tony Tone

          Straight derping. Check it and see, your derp goes to 103.

        • Mary Drysdale

          What’s wrong with you people? Let them be. I love them. they are an example of what a marriage should be. Every day is not christmas. There are proplems in every marriage. I have been married for 16yrs, and boy somedays I want a divorse, that does not mean I will divorse my husband. Let them be. Thanks

        • dee

          you’re an idiot111

        • dee

          prescela, really??? grow up!!!

      • Joe Vissarion

        That would depend if a Muslim stays married to the severed head. Let’s consult the Koran on that one.

    • BetterOffNed

      For the love of the English language, read a dictionary. Also, I believe this person displays the average literacy level of right wing nutjobs.

      • Kerry

        Well now BetterOffNed, do you have an actual, accurate statistic to back up your literacy slam of we rightwingers? Well, of course you don’t you moron. People like you won’t wake up until we’re all wearing the same Commie/Socialist uniforms as the Chinese. Go ahead, vote for Obama again, raise the debt ceiling again…what a joke you Democrats have become…I’d like to shove my PhD up your dumb blind ass.

        • Craig

          I doubt you have a PhD, but I bet BetterOffNed does have a blind a$$.

          • Tim

            How would you know? I’m a craniofacial surgeon reading this in my few free minutes today. He might well have one. Nevertheless, the comment was stupid.

        • Ken

          Another lie and distraction from the GOP / Tea baggers. They will lose this fall because,
          they are all, pathological, liars. Truth does not matter anymore. The days of going to the dictionary (or an encyclopedia) to settle a bet are gone. Today’s republicans and tea baggers merely respond that the dictionary (or encyclopedia) is “owned by the leftist media.” Accordingly, they will not read those publications! I get a big kick out of watching the republican clowns eat their young. Almost every single republican that I know – and I am surrounded by them here in Missouri — every one of them will simply refuse to look at the facts if their ideas or statements are challenged. Recently, an email has been making the rounds that claims that President Obama is, “….going to paint the White House purple.” When I responded to 200+ people on the email list with 4, separate, links that proved this was a lie, those that responded all reacted in the exact same way: “I refuse to look at those links, Ken, they are owned by George Soros and the liberal left.” When I show them that these assertions (about the links being “owned” by the liberal left) are false, they insist on believing them anyway. Even going so far as to say.”I don’t care what the facts or the truth is, I am going to believe the story that I want to believe; the story that suits my, preconceived ideas.” The republicans and tea baggers will admit that they know they are lying; admit that they are furthering on false information and admit that they will say or do anything as long as it results in President Obama losing the next election. This former republican has left the party forever. I cannot live with liars and thieves and idiots. The nuns taught me better than that. Remember, our nation’s decline began with President Bush. When the Supreme court allowed that sophomoric dude to steal the election, our nation began its downfall. The good news is that there are many of us with long memories and we will vote out all republicans at the state and federal levels. If a former (30 year) republican like me is turned off by the GOP, imagine how the rest feel?

          Lost on all of them is the fact that they, universally, get their information from FOX or AM radio.

          BTW, those of you that want to lob ad hominum attacks at me..Just Google the term: “Lying for Jesus.” You will find thousands of videos and quotes and articles of folks from the GOP and tea baggers saying those exact words I quoted above. This is a well documented phenomenon and is not some obscure observation that belongs to me alone (or was discovered by me). Also, while educating yourself, research: “Preconceived notions and the facts.” Countless studies and surveys confirm that the majority of Americans prefer news and information that is in line with their, existing, beliefs. Further, the studies prove that those that identify as republicans tend to commit this (ignoring the facts) at a ratio of 2 to 1 over those that identify themselves as democrats. The sad part? The tea baggers reading this will not Google those terms I offered above. As described in the first paragraph, they refuse to look at any information that does not conform with what they already feel & think

          • Able Baker Charley

            Time for your meds, Ken!

          • Spence

            hey bought more facebook at $38 this AM

            yeah and all the coins going to defeat ObamaCARE

          • http://yahoo.com Lee

            Ken: you are completely and utterly correct!

          • DisConNecTed

            The best part of Ken’s post comes at the end when he already goes into “excuse making” mode. It follows the ideology of: If you don’t agree with me you are wrong because……….

            I will gladly look at your “resources”. However, I do not believe everything on the internet. I do believe that is the 1st rule of internet “surfing”.

            I made my decision to follow the “right leaning” ideology by watching the world around me; by listening to left leaning people and realising I have little in common with them. I don’t believe in 90% of what the Democrats stand for. Unions: blah (corrupt), nanny state politics: blah, high taxes: blah, gay marriage: could care less, public funded abortions: double blah, etc, etc, etc.

            Now comes the big one Ken: I don’t watch Fox news or listen to the radio. I haven’t watched TV in 3 years (except football or ESPN).

            But I will address your “pathological liars” statement with this. If you can honestly say that you back Pelosi (We have to pass the Bill so you know what’s in it) and Reid (Open mouth insert foot on a daily basis), then all hope is lost with you. You are what I call a Tammy Wynette (sorry Tammy) aka Stand by Your Man type of person. In other words, you may see and accept the truth, but could care less about the truth. That alone makes you a person to be disregarded. Your opinions of me, or anyone else, are irrelevant. To use your quote, “Truth does not matter anymore.”

          • Carolyn West

            Ken Why would you subscribe to someone who thinks Obama, Clinton, Kennedy and Lincoln were Atheists. Your views are quite radical and to quote this site is stupid because what is an atheist going to say about religion. People quote the Right wing media, some quote the left ing media and you quote the atheist media. I’m sure that each has their own theories on all subjects and let you people drink the Kool Aide one way or the other.

          • The Z

            Funny how anything bad/negative about President Obama is inaccurate or a hit piece and anything that comes down the line about Romney or the GOP is solid fact.

            Definition of “liberals”: One who believes that everyone should be able to do what they want as long as it’s the same thing as everyone else; otherwise you’re a close-minded, uncaring money-grubber who doesn’t care about anyone (even though Republicans do donate more money to charities than any other political party).

          • satwai


            Thanks for your comments. Wow… someone who knows what an ad hominem argument is! :-)

            I too am a former Republican, for the same reasons. I find the dems and liberals also lob ad hominem arguments and are quick to jump on their preconceived ideas without first looking at the facts, but they really do seem to do so less frequently and less vehemently than the extreme “conservatives.”

          • Alice

            Ken you are right on the money. I moved to Kansas from California 6 years ago and I really can’t believe all the red-neck Republicans here. Like I said in an earlier post, do they think the Republicans that are supposed to be representing them actually care about any of these working class blue collar people? HA!

          • Never Mind

            Ken, Maybe people have minds of their own and do not need your liberal influence? Maybe you are closed minded and an island?

          • Austin

            Ken, do you not realize that never in history have so many Ds been voted out of office during any president’s term, and that counts those that had two? And it’s not even over yet? George Soros is nothing but a self-interested, egotistical, over-powered bum that doesn’t want anyone to see the truth. It has been proven time and time again that he has altered news storied to give the perception of truths that do not exist. I’ve seen many videos spiced in such a way that twists the words of people, only to be shocked when I saw the full video on both, Fox and non-partisan news outlets. Nobody is allowed to see the truth and noone realized the reaches that George Soros has and just how much of his dribble permeates our society, as well as those around the world. He is a part of that society that helped Obama gain office, and that wants to even America out with the rest of the world. Let me explain. They think America too rich as compared to most other countries around the world and as such there is a balancing act that needs to take place in order to make it more even. This is why you see so many jobs going overseas and nothing been done about, no tariffs being placed on foreign goods anymore (also, all the politicians’, D & R, lack of intestinal fortitude to be able to tell the other countries no, even though they have placed ridiculous tariffs on our goods going over there). He manufactures all this in such a way that his own fortune is uncontested and the people are distracted by all the nonsense he puts out through his media holdings. You sound like an intelligent sort, it’s just too bad that someone has corrupted your ability to think for yourself, how Democratic.

          • Austin

            @Satwai, here’s the thing, liberals are blinded by those types of arguments because they are used so often they have lost all meaning to them. It’s hard to point out what you’ve been accustomed to as being true. You are absolutely correct that they do resort to those tactics, yet I think you are unaware that that is about all they do. Compare the liberal news outlets to those that have no affiliation to any party (as well as the non-liberal) so you can see what I’m talking about. I suggest the PBS news as the best source for unadulterated content. Leftist media skews things to be perceived a certain way, and righty media presents things as they are with their own views incorporated heavily. Major difference, but at least one allows you to see what you need to as long as you don’t listen too hard

        • IRINA

          Hello, Kerry. It is really amazing, that today Republican represent the best educated, the smartest, the most successful part of America, but liberal still can’t recognize it. We have 3 PhD IN OUR FAMILY AND GUESS WHAT – WE ARE ALL REPUBLICANS.

          • Silvergourmet

            ‘Book sense’ is not a definition of ‘common sense’. There are many educated people that have very little. After all, books are written by non-perfect people.

          • http://yahoo.com Lee

            Sorry, Irina. I have 3 Ph.D.’s in MY family and we are all Democrats. Perhaps your Ph.D. family members could explain to you the fallacy of generalizing from a particular.

          • BetterOffNed

            Yet you still cannot grasp the English language…

        • stewart

          Kerry, you don’t really expect anyone to believe that you have a Phd, do you? You wrote “…of we rightwingers…” That is a prepositional phrase and therefore you should have used the objective “us” not “we”. Phd, indeed!

          • Austin

            Semantics on vernaculars, nice play, though doesn’t refute the statement made. I would go with the belief that Kerry is also making a play, and trying to remind us all, “We the People…”

        • satwai

          Kerry, If you truly have a PhD, why do you resort to name calling and unsubstantiated statements to “present” (can’t call it argue) your point?

          Our education system really is in a bad way!

          • BetterOffNed

            It is because GOP backers do not need facts, nor a generally accurate grasp of the English language. All they need is fear mongering, hatred, and Jesus.

          • Austin

            Or perhaps because those ideas presented by a moron. Did you even read what the response was responding too?

        • BetterOffNed

          You GOP nobgobblers want to just sling about broad generalizations, I can do it too, I can just do it cleverly and without bigotry.

    • Ronnie

      Puppette Michelle did I give you the right to speak for me? No I did not. You right wing puppets think you have some right to speak for others and that is so unamerican. So STFU speak for yourself puppet and I am voting Obama in 2012 !!

      • Grannydukes

        So Ronnie! Do you hate America as much as he does? Is it your wish to turn America into a socialist nation? Then you better read about Venenzuela because that’s where he’ll take us if he gets the chance. I’ll vote for the prisoner in Texas before I’ll vote for a man that wants to destroy my country.

        • Pam

          TO believe that our president hates our country shows to me that you never gave him a chance. Obama and most of us democrats are trying to Save our country From the ignorant poison of the tea-bags.
          Do you also believe that the very richest people need a government hand out?
          Do you really believe that women shouldn’t have access to low cost breast exams and cancer screening?
          If your daughter was pregnant and had a condition that would kill her if she remains pregnant, would you still be against all abortions for any reason?
          Do you believe that domestic violence against women do Not need protection?
          How about continuing to foul the air, land and water, and earthquakes caused by fracking?
          Do you think money should be taken from those in poverty, Knowing that 40% of them are children and most of the rest are the old?
          And believe that money should be given to the pentagon to buy more weapons, even though the US spends way more on defense than All Other countries combined?
          If you believe all these things are right and moral I hope there are not lots like you.
          By the way, socialism can mean community libraries and parks, firefighter, police, highway and bridge upkeep. It is not just stuff like Russia.

          • DisConNecTed

            Well Pam, I guess I didn’t give him (Obama) a chance then. I truly believe the Democrats DO want to end America as we see it. I think they want to “redo” the Constitution in an attempt to rid our country of any Capatilistic beliefs.

            Most Republicans would agree that terminating an unborn child to save a mothers life is acceptable. Instead of listening to the nonsense on the airwaves, ask a conservative. (In an unbiased way of course.)
            No Republican (true Republican) would ever stand for domestic violence.
            Republicans have created some of the largest wildlife ppreserves in the country.
            Republicans are for public assistance that actually allows the person receiving it to better themselves. Lower education costs, free day care to underpriveledged families that want to continue their education. The ideological difference is, Democrats are okay with giving it to everyone…..for generations. That should make any hard-working person, regardless of political ideology, extremely angry.
            The “rich people” are paying most of the taxes used to pay for the poor that choose not to work. They have a right to protect their interests. It used to be, hard work and risk taking equaled justifiable rewards. Today it means you get to “adopt” a family of people that want to sit in the house watching Jerry Springer seeing if their cousin is on it. (True story, saw it myself.)
            The money for the Department of Defense is used for more than just weapons. Many of our devices and applications today come from military innovation, i.e. GPS, ambulances, Emergency Room treatments, Microwave (conversion to household uses), Freeways (or MSR’s: Main Supply Routes), jet engines, etc.

            Thanks for the over-generalizations though. It keeps us smiling.

          • Will

            Yes by digging a deeper hole to bury this nation. You do not save something by creating more debt. Best way to save it is get out your bibles knock the dust off and read what thus saith the Lord. Instead of listening to these preachers that go to the seminary and learn to be dead preachers all they want is your money they tickle your ears for the $$$$. My father called seminary a cemetery. He is right! God makes his ministers lively stones of fire. ANYTHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD IS NOT CHRISTIAN BUT OF THE DEVIL. Read about offering their children to those false gods. Any different than abortion. Read the old King James version it might be hard to understand but it will lead you in the right direction I do not care what color or nationality you are.

        • Pam

          to Karla and Spence, Did you read what I said about what Jesus would do and what republicans seem to believe? I doubt it.
          About abortion, I would not do it and would hope my kids would not do it, but, if it meant the life of the mother VS life of the future baby, If I Loved the Mother, I would choose her to save.
          If someone were pregnant by incest, I would not judge that person.
          If the one pregnant were only 12, I wouldn’t condemn her or her parents if they didn’t want her to carry on with it, I would understand.
          Abortion is a complicated issue and should be between a woman, her family maybe and her doctor.
          I would not allow 3rd trimester abortions, if the child is viable, if a person carried it that far, it should be birthed and adopted out.
          I don’t see it as black and white. Circumstances DO matter.
          Just think of it if it was someone you loved and conditions, before saying absolutely not.
          Spense read again what I said and yes , GOd made the sky a beautiful blue. God made a marvelous earth, and every single thing He has made is perfect.
          I know this won’t change your mind, I just want to be clear on this.

          • Jake

            This is the problem with the Dems…”if it meant the life of the mother VS life of the future baby, If I Loved the Mother, I would choose her to save.”
            If you didn’t love her, then you would choose her to die? Point is, it shouldn’t be up to you. Democrats want to control everything, while claiming to be the party that cares. If Dems care, then leave me the F alone with your BS gov. programs and let me earn my own money and spend it on what I want, not what you think I need.

          • Alice

            Yes Pam! Preach it sister! I love these old, rich, predominately white males trying to tell women what they can and can’t do with our bodies. I wouldn’t have an abortion personally, and I definitely don’t believe it should be used as a method of birth control. But these men would like 11 year old rape and incest victims to give birth to their attackers babies! Let it happen to your daughter or grand-daughter and see what you think then old man!

          • BetterOffNed

            Jake, are you kidding? You make a generalization on an entire group of people based on one person, ignorant of the language, said in a comment board. Here is the real deal, you say we want to control people’s lives when in truth, we want to give people the freedom of their own choice in the matter. Christians and conservatives are the ones that want to control others, you want to take away a woman’s right to make their own decision, acting as though that person’s decision will have any effect on yourselves. The right is the real party of socialistic control, we give them that inch and you will wake up in a church controlled country the likes of which we escaped all those hundreds of years ago.

        • Art

          Grannydukes , If you are of the elderly, then all due respect,but where do all of those people that believe Obama “hates America”.
          , or that he is trying to “turn America into a socialist nation”?
          The Rep. spewed that garbage as a smear campaign against Obama because of his fathers religion and I believe that had Obama been white, that would never have been said at all. Yes, I strongly feel that the Rep. party is full of closet racists. Had the Rep. congress actually did their job instead of opting to “DO NOTHING”,as they did, things could very well be different with the economy today. To think Obama wants to destroy this country rediculous. So if that’s your belief, then you are rediculous.(Odd that rediculous and Rebublican can be represented by just R.)

        • mandy

          I am guessing you voted for Bush.

      • Austin

        Ronnie, I urge you to reconsider. The only reason Obama got the vote is because of his advanced knowledge of body language, tones, rhythms and how to incorporate them into public speaking. It is a scientific fact that people only hear 10% of the words that are spoken and most of what they take from a conversation relates to body language and tone of voice and facial expressions. I cannot in good faith trust someone who knows this and uses it advantageously and expediently, rather than for the actual good of those who he is hypnotizing. Don’t ask me, ask the experts on the topic

    • Aaron

      ou hubby???
      once a divorce??????
      wow, I am not a Obama supporter, but that is embarrassing!

      • lovethisUS

        hopefully it’s not one of Romney’ people .

    • Nick

      Michelle is the classic idiot republicant american. So pathetic.

      • lovethisUS

        republicanT Nick ???? Call for all the teachers, GO TO WORK!!!

        • Me

          I think the “t” at the end of republican was intended as a pun. “Republic can” vs “Republic can’t”.

      • Austin

        classic liberal generalization, so short-sighted. when did people lose the ability to respectfully disagree?

    • julianaxw

      Speak for yourself Michelle. Republicans have done enough damage and are sitting on their fat keesters not doing anything to help the recovery

    • Terry

      Please speak for yourself. You are stating, “the entire USA”. I am one who personally feels that he is doing the best job he can with what he was left to work with, after “The shrub” Bush took this country into the worse financial crisis since the “Great Depression”. And people, like yourself, want to go back to leadership where only the very rich and big business matter. Think about the past…I personally don’t want history to repeat itself in this case!!! So, it is not “the entire USA” it is you and that you need to speak for.

      • Austin

        Don’t worry about history repeating itself, Obama has transcended all of that and put us all in a new world of hurt that is unprecedented. How long do think it’s going to take to work off the debt before he took office? Now, please don’t hurt yourself trying to figure out how long it’s going to take us to work off the debt after he’s done. MORE THAN ALL OTHER US PRESIDENTS COMBINED, INCLUDING “THE SHRUB”. There is no excuse for that, regardless of the bubble that Clinton built, which only popped under Bush. And then throw in the terrorist threat that still affects us all today (goes beyond the attack, they are responsible for a good portion of the ID theft that takes place, costing us billions, if not trillions). He did a masterful job of handling that, especially in front of the cameras at the school when he found out. How do you think Obama would have reacted? He would have run out of that school inciting an even worse racial and religious response to the Muslim community. Sure, Obama has done much for the Muslim relations on the other side of the world (most of which still don’t like us), but that’s only because he’s throwing them a bone, a rather large bone, and does absolutely nothing for Muslim relations here in his own country.

    • sunshine

      I’m sorry, but I am in the USA and I do not “once” a divorce from him.

    • Lauren

      It’s sad that people think because he is the leader of this country, he is perfect. NO ! He’s not, and why should it matter that he and his wife had problems at one time. The reconciled their differences, and are stronger now. Does this man have anything else to do with his life. Bashing the President in a book. It’s clear that he couldnt find any other faults in this wonderful man,but the fact that at one point in time, long ago, he and his wife were having problems.

      • Austin

        The problem is in the denial. They don’t admit to ever having problems, thus creating reason to not believe what they say to be truthful, ever. I also think it’s funny how Michelle’s fitness in children initiative has taken a lot of the power of choice out of the parents hands, even though she should have no power just being the wife of the President.

    • philvich

      Unionized teachers work 180 days per year and have turned our once great education system into a joke. If you dont know the difference between the second person posessive pronoun and the contraction for “you are”, thank a teacher!

      • Austin

        Union caused complacency doesn’t stop there. A few other great examples is of MLB umpires, grocery store employees, and in general, the auto industry.

        • Austin

          Yes, grocery store employees. Think Kroger….

    • http://yahoo Patrick Flynn

      Just think, these people VOTE!!!! That should scare the hell out of you plus now we know how
      the big ZERO O got elected

      • Renee


        • ann

          A little sensitive? He was talking about all the individuals posting on here!

        • Austin

          This is a great example of crying wolf and how it keeps racism alive. I wish people would stop thinking every single, little thing that happens or is said is about race. Hell, we can’t even call black people black anymore without being scolded on how bigotry is bad.

      • BetterOffNed

        He got elected because intelligent individuals decided it was time to kick out the degenerate GOP. You wrested control of the legislature by fooling all of the ignorant masses into joining the “tea party” fallacy (a disgraceful reference to it’s namesake). I, a middle class white male, will be voting for our president, Obama, yet again this year, so will many, many more just like me, so brace yourself. You just might have to run to Canada! (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

        • Austin

          You have already had your right to speak revoked. Your right to vote is next. Dude, vote for who you want, nobody cares. Actually, he got elected because the Democrats literally helped and coerced people into voting for him. Not only that, but most of those who voted for him did not do so on any intelligent basis, but because he claims to be non-white and the people felt it was time to break that chain in order to gain respect from those around the world, because we are sick and tired living good lives, being good people, and still being blamed as a people for the shortcomings of our leaders. They all have them, just not nearly as numerous as Obama. Please, list the good things he has done while in office. Anything you can think of Ned, anything. But you better get a gun while you can before you vote, if he makes it back in office, the second amendment is gone. Mark my words

      • http://facebook sissy kemp

        be careful on voting obama out you might get the american who sends his money to swiss bank accounts so he don’t have to be taxed to help the real american people.

        • Austin

          I’d rather send it to the Swiss banks and still have it in control of the Americans than send it directly to China who just happens to be the most prosperous country on the planet right now

    • http://none priscela


      • BetterOffNed

        Learn to spell the name Priscilla. By the way, people can read your ignorant comments, you don’t have to use caps.

      • Austin

        Don’t you “wants he’s out of office?” :D I would say she is going to pull a Hillary, though, she’s going to kick him as soon as she has lost use for him.

        • Austin

          Edit: Don’t you *mean

    • Renee

      First of all, thats the past! What you should’ve wanted was a divorce from Bush! Learn respect for authority and your life will line up…! Don”t blame your ineligibility on the President because when Bush was in office SCREWING UP!; you were kissing that donkey’s tail! Now a BLACK Man is in the office and you have so many complaints! Divorce yourself you will save a lot of hartships in the future! I made it through the foul play Bush put us through. You can make it through too…! It’s called quite make excuses for your lack! Get it done!!!!!!

      • Renee

        You are making me miss-spell words with your ignorance…! It’s called quit making excuses! Get it done…..! Go back to school, take up a trade, or something!

        • Austin

          And you should have respect for the former-President. How can you tell someone to respect one and then go off and disrespect another? Don’t try to go on and say that donkey as republican, we all know that’s not what you meant. Clever way to disguise your intentions, but we are not as uninformed as you might think. You are so short-sighted to think that we have a problem with him because he is black. Not a single person has said anything bad about that, yet multiple people have defended against it! This is infuriating, noone really cares what race he, only that he doesn’t fess up and accept the races that he is. He is at most 1/4 black, and most of us know that by now, and just tired of him being deceitful about it. None of you people who are doing that realize that it wasn’t Bush who created those problems, he just happened to be there when it happened. He denies being caucasian (among others), he denies being muslim, he denies marital issues, he denies his birthright, he denies that he ever made certain promises to the American public once he got to office. What short-term memories we have….

    • http://yahoo.com Patricia

      Really Michelle, before you start to insult the leader of the free world, consult a dictionary.

    • elsie

      Speak for yourself

    • Silvergourmet

      Speak for yourself. That is why we have a voting system. If everyone agreed there would be no need for it. I do vote and I will believing that everything is truly in the hands of God and will work according to His purpose.

      • Austin

        Thank you for adding a little sensibility to these forums, it is an sight for sore eyes. And thanks again for representing your faith in a respectful manner, and not in a politically biased manner

    • None

      Spell check is your FRIEND!

    • Yetty

      Learn to spell

    • Lady Vipress

      I am amazed and concerned! Reading some of these comments or replies, is that I am concerned about our education system! Also, who are we to put limitations on our President, that we as United States citizens chose not to live by either? So what if he had marital problems? Everybody who is married knows that marriage comes with complications even if it is our Mr. President. So who are we to go and slam him for those issues? I don’t live in a glass house, do you? I would love to see the history of those that would cast the first stone at him, and for that matter, Michelle. His children see and hear these articles, comments, and replies. He should only be judged for what his current position is and what he wants us to vote for in the next elections. Thats where we have the choice. This is something that happened before we voted him in for our current leader of the Free World! Let’s get real people. These aren’t facts at this time and even if they do come to light to be a fact, how does that go against him now? This is news that shouldn’t be tolerated when we are looking for a President. He is only human like you and I and also, who is to say that Michelle might have taken it too far. We don’t know that facts, so please people, let’s stay with the facts.

      • Never Mind

        Lady V: If you really want to “fix” our education situation in the good ol USA, implement the VOUCHER system. Put some competition into it. Take teacher’s unions out of it. Attach a Voucher to each kid, cut the layers and layers of administration that is in the education “districts.” In these ways the monies will be redirected to the classroom…..the problem w/ it now is it is a government monopoly and that is socialism at work. THAT is what is wrong. BTW we all know…and it speaks volumes that the “elite” in our country send/sent their offspring to “private” schools…..if the voucher system were in place, we would all have that choice!

    • http://Yahoo Mary Ann McDaniel

      If this is all we have to talk about is a divorce that hasn’t happened then the world must be desprate and will believe anything.

    • http://yahoo.com Lee

      Michelle: Did you want to say “Hey, I have news for you, hubby. The entire USA wants a divorce from you now, honey-buns?”

      You might want to work on your ENGLISH.

      Also, the entire USA doesn’t want a divorce from President Obama.
      When he gets reelected, you’ll have to live with that.

      • Never Mind

        But it was ebonics, perfect ebonics, do not criticize ebonics….. Can’s WAIT to Vote Obozo out!

      • Austin

        go back and read the second comment to this article

    • Sam Mitchell

      The entire USA does not. Many people support the president. Others, like me, are not huge fans but think the alternative being offered is much worse. Are you old enough to remember the Reagan years? or the Clinton years? Obama is certainly no worse than either of them, and better than W.Bush IMHO.
      Don’t garner your opinions straight from the media, left or right. They both have agendas. Look at the world. See people’s actions.
      Then when you make a comment, someone might listen instead of just correcting your spelling and grammar.

      • Austin

        While I think you are misinformed about the appropriation of the past President’s level of involvement in the actual recession, I must say you sound like one who is familiar with the most famous speech in the world, given be Dr. Martin Luther King. Thanks for pointing that out, at least

    • http://Explorer DARLENE C. MORGAN

      Why are these people trying so hard to run this man down over every stupiod little thing.
      Is it because he’s not white.
      Every time this man tried to do good all the haters stoped him before even given him a chance. It’s nothing but pure HATE !
      Shame on all of you that has done nothing but cause this man troubles for trying to do something right. When Barack Obama first came in office he’s not the one that messed up he came in to it and all he did was try to make it better.
      Don’t these Hateful People get tried of being so full of HATE!
      The only one’s that needs to leave is all the Haters ! that’s against this man. In the first place his pass is no one’s business. My gosh what is wrong with all of you. We the people weren’t sent here by God to judge no one let alone Barack Obama.

      All I can Say I pray he does make it through another four years.
      Instead of all the Haters that’s deeply against him they need to get a real life and stay the heck out of His.

      • Ashley

        *claps hands* best comment on this whole page

      • Never Mind

        Wow, Darlene, you are the only comment-er talking such “HATE”. You obviously **HATE** anyone with a different opinion from yours. Too bad your mind is closed….PS…You really need to do some spell and grammar checks before posting because your ignorant rants coupled w/ your **HATE** speech do nothing to promote your boy Obummer!

      • Austin

        We are not judging the man, just his actions, which is free game, even the realm of God’s world. Once again, noone has any problem with his race, just the fact that he has actually done no good, and only put us in a hole that is now more than twice as big as the hole we were in when he came into office. How can everyone just ignore that fact? That’s the reason our country has a degraded credit rating, not anything to do with the housing bubble, his being partially black, his marital issues, or even his wife’s ability to take power out of the parents of the children in our schools. Is he not the man who was behind taking The Pledge of Allegiance out of schools? Denial is his first and only recourse, and we are judging based on merits, not race. Get over yourself and have shame

      • Austin

        I would really like to know why he is trying to run our country so down, have you anything to say about that?

    • T88

      Speak for yourself,not the entire US. A little full of yourself huh? OBAMA 2012

      • Never Mind

        NO-BAMA 2012!

        Yes, speaking for myself…..

    • jerry

      once a divorce? proof read much

    • yeahyeah

      Just speak for yourself and maybe your family. You do not speak for the majority, if you did I would see you running for office and the majority of folks wanting you in office.

    • Gregory Johnson

      well, I think in most marriages people at least consider divorce, and considering the divorce rate, most people get one.

    • DEE

      Calling BS on you-I got news for you michelle- MOST of the country disagrees with you.

      • Never Mind

        Dee: LMAO!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com Lee

      Edward Klein has a reputation for doing extremely bad reporting. In other words, he is a hack.

    • ned nedley

      who else would be repub?

    • gregg

      Hey, Michelle, you speak for a minority of small minded, undereducated, superstitious and bigoted people.
      We LOVE OBAMA.

      • Never Mind

        Gregg: LMAO!!!

    • apf007

      Seriously that is your well though out educated reply. Spell check is your friend use it hunny buns… OBAMA 2012

      • Never Mind

        NO-BAMA 2012

      • Never Mind

        apf007: don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • YouKnowMe

      Michelle, nothing you said made ANY sense. Once or wants? I can see how one would get those words mixed up? And also, you can speak for the entire U.S.A. because you don’t know what I want.

      • BetterOffNed

        Did you take the same English course as Michelle? I think you meant to use the word “can’t” in both instances.

      • Never Mind

        YouKnow: don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Listening

      Speak for yourself! The entire nation does not want another repugnant fake politian of the mormon cult running us down even more than the Bush era did. OBAMA 2012!!!

      • Never Mind

        NO-BAMA 2012!

    • joan

      maybe in your sad universe
      I hated Palin & thought McCain a moran for choosing her
      & Lost all respect-
      Romney or any of the other right wing clowns, I think not
      take a wake up pill; Obama will sweep NY ^ Calif & many other states- just red neck bible belt fundamentalist who want to revoke legal abortions, planned parenthood (even 96% OF CATHOLICS ARE SAID TO PRACTICE BIRTH CONTROL) & AGAINST STEM CELL RESARCH- MORANS- MOVE INTO THE 21ST CENTURY WILL YOU
      Obama inherited problems it wil take 50 years to dig out-

      • Never Mind

        joan: NO-BAMA 2012

      • Austin

        Let me guess, you got your statistics from George Soros? Of all the religions highly practiced in America, Catholics are the ones who stick by the duties of their religion the most. They are very traditional and most that don’t follow are those raised in Catholic homes and were just pushed away by over-bearing adults, and just never disputed their Catholic upbringing. Those are non-practicing Catholics, and non-practicing Catholics who will have to answer to their God (who will forgive them because he is a merciful God) and not you or any of us. Just because some don’t……96%!!!! OMG, way to lose any credibility you might have left after suggesting non-existent medications and bigoted, atheistic generalizations of people that don’t agree with you. Obama added 100 years to those 50 Clinton put forth for us. Do you have any idea how the funding of the Bailout was spent? Do some research, then come back to Obama.

    • http://yahoo Corinthia

      first of all you need to learn how to spell and secondly u need to get off obama’s back get a life for your self honey bun wanna be.

      • Never Mind

        Cor: don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • jay

      Suggestion,first get an education, learn how to spell, and then get some life experience. Then maybe post your opinion. Because as of right now “it is better to keep ones mouth shut and to be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    • jan

      Speak for yourself my dear. Those of who actually think will be voting for Obama.

    • amboy

      go back to school and learn how to spell.

    • chelle

      can you please learn to spell and use grammar correctly????

    • Beege

      Maybe but your spelling of “once” for wants is truly ignorant.

      • Never Mind

        Beege: don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Just Sayin 13

      DAMN……Wish the USA could file for divorce from Obama. !! And I doubt very much this story is false. “Hubby” would do anything to keep Michelle happy as he was on the road to the White House and would kiss her rearend as many times as it took. OMG….he put his family in debt to run of an office…….GEE AND WE WONDER WHY HE CAN’T FIGURE OUT AMERICA IS HEADED FOR RUIN FINANCIALLY? When someone can’t run their own household? They can’t run a company…..let alone a COUNTRY. Obama is the poster child for Narcissist.

      • Bobbi Brent

        @ just Sayin 13…President Obama doesn’t have a rich daddy who could, together with a rich baby Romney, finance his run for the office of President, dear.

    • Layla

      OMG!!! “Michelle” whoever you are up there…LEARN TO READ AND WRITE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO POST YOUR EMBARRASSING COMMENTS. Red neck trailer trash…

      • Never Mind

        Red neck hater: don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Renee

      Michelle you started this… I hope you are happy…!? Did you say anything yet or make a point….!? Thought it would be easy to say anything and get no response….!? Next time think before you speak and don’t forget to pick up the paper (News Paper) Not trash because I think thats what you did… picked up trash! lmao.. Bless your heart! The world IS listening!

      • Douglas m. Saunders

        famous “Candid Camera” quote from the First Lady….”All this over a damn flag”…..to which Barry nodded. Perhaps the second time in her life she was proud to be an American.

      • Kay

        Has it occurred to you that perhaps this website posted the “Michelle” comment to get attention and ensure there would be many posts on their site?

        • Austin

          No, because they put the headline “Obama Divorce Story” to get attention. No need to post something after the article in order to bring attention to the article

    • Cairol

      Me thinks, lol, you need to get a life…and quick!

    • ma

      obama didn’t make the world like it is. the white man did it. they stole money all of their lives while in congress. Just like those republicans

      • Austin

        I sure did, I stole everything I ever had, and then I stole some slaves and made them work for everything I ever had. I also can be blamed for the financial crisis in Greece, the militant, murderous regime in Iraq, and your overly-simplistic, racist, jealous rantings

    • Bobbi Brent

      Hey, your grammar is horrible…try finishing school before you try to speak for the rest of us, ok?

      • Bobbi Brent

        That comment was for Michelle, sorry I forgot to @ Michelle.

        • Austin

          How many times do you feel the need to point out a juvenile, satirical misspelling? Really, all you people need to quit trying to distract from the conversation with your own arrogance in spelling and grammar, goodness gracious drop it

      • Never Mind

        Bobbi–don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

        • Austin

          And you, Never Mind…never-mind, you know what you are doing and just how much respect you’ve lost for yourself

    • Shelby Williams

      THIS MICHELLE CHICK IS SO STUPID! haha. whatever. You mad cause Obama is cool and Mitt Romney isn’t going to win. Whatever. Obama is the man and watch in his next 4 years the United States is going to be changed forever. I can’t wait. :)

      • Never Mind

        Obviously Michelle was very smart to get so many people taking! BTW….don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • http://yahoo.com linjaynes

      Excuse MS know it all GOP but I am one of those whole World people. OBAMA 2012 That should say it all dosnt it?

      • Austin

        nope, only that your logic is as lacking as those you support if you think that says anything

    • http://YAHOO DARSHAUN


    • Dee

      you mean “wants” don’t you??? ignorant hillbilly…

      • Never Mind

        Dee–don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Sam

      Another Republican desperately doing whatever they can to slander the President of the United States…remember when there was a white President…and they called even QUESTIONING Bush “UnAmerican”…yeah…pathetic…

      • Austin

        Bush was the most ridiculed President in history! Guess what. He’s white! Guess what else. He didn’t single-handedly destroy our country’s credit rating. Another Democratic using personal attacks to distract from the real issue…yeah…pathetic as it is ignorant. BTW, did you buy that Bush “idiocies” doll that sold by the millions? I bet you did. I got to meet the man and shake his hand. His presence is awe-inspiring, and gave me a sense of feeling that I’ve never felt before. I’m not a bad judge of character, and you can see in his eyes that he truly does care. That’s something you can’t fake, like the speech and body language cues that Obama uses to distract from the words he uses and his intentions. Where are all those promises he made before taking office?

        • Ozone

          Please it was the republican congress eagerness to use the credit rating of our great nation as a bargaining chip that lead to the destruction of the credit ratings NOT Obama who told them that what they were doing was wrong.

          We have not forgotten Mr Ryan’s budget proposals and how it would have reduced medical cover for seniors.

          Bush moved this country from surpluses to deficit on a large scale by giving tax cuts and waging wars that were not paid for. Yet what did he achieve?

          Obama has killed Osama bin Laden with much less, ensured that Ghadafi was removed without pulling the country into another war.

          He has become a hero to millions outside America and NOT a ‘fool’ to be stoned with shoes like Bush was.

          Obama also stemmed the free downfall the economy was in, reduced the unemployment to its current levels and saved industries like the auto industry. You have to invest to pull yourself out of any financial hole? What else could he have done, tell me?

          • Austin

            The Reps used that credit rating to borrow when Bush was in office for the bailout of the auto industry (Obama is now trying to take credit for it too, even Ford, who didn’t receive any bailout money) and because our country really would have gone under without it. This wasn’t nearly as substantial to our credit rating as the Obama proposed bailout, which he was told was wrong, and is what actually pushed our credit rating over the edge in light of the Bush bailout, among other reckless spending. Since Obama’s came after, it was his decision to put it through with little regard to the fact that it very well might lower our rating, and many people were surprised it took as long as it did for the axe to come down. Without the Bush bailout our unemployment would have been over 20%. Now, even with Obama’s, we’re still nearing that number, though, the highest rate Bush ever saw never reached 9%. I realize that a lot people think Jr. was an imbecile, however, he is the only President to have degrees from Harvard and Yale. Bush put much of the effort into finding Osama and without that tactical information and previous searching, Obama never would have found him, much less within the two years that he was in office. We vetted a lot of square miles in that search during Bush’s terms, and I am appalled that Obama took credit for the entire operation, of which he only continued and served as a figurehead, not a real component. Had he mentioned the previous efforts in the slightest, I would have been happy about it. I am also not concerned about one fool throwing a shoe at Bush, and that in no way speaks to his character. I would like to remind you that the sole purpose in choosing Biden as a Vice was to serve as a foreign relations aid (not even a real VP, and BO never would have gotten the votes without him), in which our President has no experience, and any contribution BO has made to those relations is primarily in the Islamic community, most possibly because of his questionable relationships. When Obama took office he had a Dem House and Senate, and still couldn’t push a single one of his policies through without loopholes, what does that tell you? He cheated the system like no other President before him. He’s only a hero to those outside our country because they hate our country, and he is not doing us right. GM, in their 100 year history, posted record profits last year ($7.6 billion), yet did not pay any taxes whatsoever, and using the tax breaks that Obama pushed under the table, actually received an additional $110 million back in taxes. These tax breaks that Congress intended as a deterrent to buying and selling of tax deductions will allow GM to do the same thing for the next 20 years. No taxes, and receiving our tax dollars for running the company so poorly that they should have gone bankrupt. Nice reward. But it’s ok because, as the GM spokesperson so eloquently put it, “We pay other taxes around the world”. Don’t even get me started on FM, AIG, and FM. Aside from GM, much of that money went to expanding welfare and unemployment benefits. That would have been better served giving directly to companies to hire and pay for employees, and allow the people have a sense of accomplishment and not sit at home collecting checks from taxes taken from those lucky enough to have jobs. These handouts are bad for moral, bad for the deficit, bad for the dollar value and reduce the surface value of the unemployment rate, which has nearly doubled since he took office and started his stimulus plans. I cannot say exactly what he should have done, I’m not Ivy-league educated, but I know what he did did not serve the American people. It created more dependency on the govt by more people, more companies, and (roughly) half of an entire industry. Add in ObamaCARE and you get a whole other industry. He certainly could have made it a condition to more of those companies to place salary restrictions on those raking $500,000+/year. As FDR would tell you, throwing money out in a recession/depression will not solve it, but by saving and cutting we’ll work through it. Sure, it’s going to take a little money, but not what they spent, and a lot of that didn’t even go to relief efforts. Between misrepresenting facts, claiming sole party in successes, and corporate takeovers, Obama has been busy. Too bad all of that will come to show that he is a deceitful puppet. I’m sure presented with accurate numbers, and given a couple weeks I could come up with a better solution, but as it stands, I can only say what the problems are. Please, get online and do some research into the differences of the bailouts. Read multiple sources, find out the idiosyncrasies, cut out all the political lefty-righty BS and form your own opinion. Like I’ve suggested to many on this particular thread, stop watching NBC, they are ruining your life. And mine.

    • The most interesting man in the world

      For you doubters, this was actually written by Michelle. This is the true Michelle – her handlers usually catch the stuff and correct the grammar and spelling and make her seem intelligent, but this is a rare look in the real women herself. Once does sound a lot like “wants” in ebonics so you really can’t blame her, it’s just her genetics and upbringing.

      • ellie

        “most Interesting Man in the world”. LOL, oh, LOL. Is that as in a strange species? An ameoba that has mutated, an alien who fell to earth or came from below the earth?

        YOUR handlers have let you wander around.. and look what happened…you stuck your nose into some chemical that gave you brain damage.

        Your “trainer” forgot to teach you when to heel and sit with your mouth closed. Ask your owner to get her money back…she was cheated. Try the impossible…show some respect for a lady when you encounter one. What? You don’t know any? can’t recognize one? What a pity!

        • Never Mind

          Ellie, now now, what ugly words! Why you hate people?

      • BetterOffNed

        Nothing is interesting about a lying racist.

        • Austin

          @Interesting man: You said your piece, now scram! And don’t forget your muzzle

    • Peter C

      This is pretty silly. All of these people who are reading this are turning rumors of divorce for the President of the United States into something that’s more than it should be. Who cares? I know plenty of people who get divorced who function in their prospective fields of employment just fine. This entire country is forgetting who really controls this country….. The rich, white people who make up the top 5% in earned income. These are the people who are screwing the country up. I will vote democratic for the rest of my life because I am so tired of the rich people (white, top 5% in earned income) who are screwing up the country and blaming it on everybody else. The republicans in power (who are openly racist) have been raping the guts out of this country (for decades) and then blaming it on anyone and everyone but themselves. Why can’t less privileged people get help from the government for medical benefits? 70% of all the people on welfare in this country are white. Despite that, there are many Americans that feel that there are too many Blacks and Hispanics on welfare. This is a load of crap. This is my opinion. I do not like republicans. I do not like people that support the republicans. The people at the bottom of the income scale for this country outnumber all other groups (middle class, upper class, super rich) combined. Why can’t these people get aid? I guess it’s a better idea to spend millions of dollars a day in Iraq and Afghanistan looking for weapons of mass destruction that never existed in the first place. George W. Bush Jr. was a moron. We all know G. W. Bush Sr. was the one running the country anyway. During G.W. Bush Sr. first bid at president, he ran the most openly racist campaign that I have ever known. But I guess you all forgot about that right? Well here is a news flash to all of you dinosaur republicans that are well on their way to being extinct: WE the people have had enough! That is why Obama got elected in the first place! Young America has had enough! We are the future. When Obama gets re-elected everyone will see that times are changing, and everyone will witness “chapter 2″ in the remaking of America. Don’t you know that the other countries in the world rejoiced when Obama was elected? That should tell you something. Let’s not forget that it was Obama who found and killed the only “man” to stage a terrorist attack on this country. He did this within two years as president. Bush couldn’t do it in 8 years, and he had the help of his father who used to run the C.I.A.
      To all of you people making a big deal about this article: Get a life! Reading these responses was surprising. It must be nice to be white. It sounds like life is pretty good for you all.

      • Peter C

        The other dude….. Tim Mcvay? Anyway, he doesn’t count as a man. He was a traitor and a murder of innocent people. I do not seem him as a man. Part of being a man is being a man of honor, and he had none. He killed his own people to prove a political point. I do not see him as a man.

      • Kim M

        I agree with Peter. So what Obama almost got a divorce. For the Obama haters…whatever. November will say it all. Whether it be Obama or Romney, nothing gets done without the approve of Congress. Blame the Republicans in congress for all the stress that this country is going through. Another thing, George Zimmerman is setting the example that we need to stop racism. He shot an innocent kid because he had a hood on walking in the area to go home….Stop using the black/white issue to bash the President.

        • Austin

          It’s not that he almost got a divorce, he almost ruined his family for political ambition, disregarding his own wife’s wishes, and is now lying about it. How is this not a problem for the most powerful man in the world? We can’t trust him to do what he says, or look out for our interests or wishes

          • Ozone

            What evidence do you have that he is lying? Its his word against the writers.

            Or are you saying that the writer knows more about Obama’s marriage than Obama himself?

            Get a life Austin. Your tea party, unproven lie-mongering style is now outdated. We know what you want and we are not giving it to you. We are no longer driven by fear.

            We think and have a brain and can reach our own decisions.

            You can vote for Romney, God help you but allow me to vote for Obama.

      • Never Mind

        Peter, why would Obummer take credit when it was the military that put their lives on the line? It was Bush that started the hunt, so for Obummer to take credit rather than thanking the military for their good job is embarrassing…..yet typical of a narcissistic egomaniac…such as Obummer. NO-Bama!

        • Ozone

          Do you think that the military would have gone ahead without Obama’s consent?

          Who do you think would have been burnt the most if the mission had failed?

          If the mission had failed, Obama would have gotten all the backlash.

          Now that it has succeded can’t we just give him some credit even if it is a little?

      • Austin

        Obama used the intelligence gathered by those eight years of Bush’s administration, and actually 7, because we didn’t start looking for him really until after 9/11, which didn’t take place the day he took office. And he did so using the same CIA and other governmental agencies Bush did. He did absolutely nothing but watch the man get shot in the head, then ordered his body tossed in the ocean before anyone could prove that they did find him. Sure, just take his word for it. And let’s not forget, since you like to remember things, that Clinton had reports of the preemptive attack on 9/11, had Osama in custody, and let him go knowing he was going to carry through with his threats. Osama had it out for our country since the before the first Bush was in office, he just didn’t care enough to do anything until after he lost his place in his own home because his father didn’t like his propagandist hatred America, who was offering aid to his country at the time, and still is. The Pakistani government was helping to cover the tracks of the until they couldn’t hide that fact anymore, and only because of their ineptitude. Again, Obama did nothing, just took all the credit because he said “Go now, my children.” What a load of crap. Hating Republicans is racist by the way, bet you didn’t think about that. A little history lesson, Theodore Roosevelt ran the most openly racist terms as president. Along with the beloved FDR. I’ll have you know, also, that all races in the top 5% are to take accountability, not just the whites. None of them want to share. All people are inherently the same, and saying anything otherwise is narrow-minded and inexcusable.

        • Ozone

          Do you think that the military would have gone ahead without Obama’s consent?

          Who do you think would have been burnt the most if the mission had failed?

          If the mission had failed, Obama would have gotten all the backlash.

          Now that it has succeded can’t we just give him some credit even if it is a little?

    • Steve

      Wow Michelle,

      You’re so good speaking for all of us. Such great spelling!

      • Never Mind

        Steve—don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • ellie

      Hey Michelle X:

      You have to first GET a husband to divorce. In your wildest dreams you would never get to be President Obama’s wife.

      So you can speak for the Entire country???Would that be the United States of America? I think not! Last time that I looked we each enjoy Freedom of speech, even for those who don’t really know what to say…

      You don’t speak for me, but maybe you can tell us about UFOs?

      • Never Mind


      • Austin

        And I bet you feel good about the Never “Mindless” one laugh. Will you people get off the spelling and grammar kick. I’m sure Michelle really thought she could be the President’s wife, no matter how bad his decisions are

    • http://facebook Bryan Dorn

      Michelle,Is there a possibility we can get you to moove to say sweeden that way you wear your white sheet in peace? IJS

      • Never Mind

        Bryan, why do you assume someone is prejudice just because they do not like Obambam? How little teeny tiny minded of you.

    • Erv

      Learn how to spell before you post a public opinion… HONEY!

      • Never Mind

        Erv, don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Sandy

      You’re an idiot. If you think we are idiots, try logging into Fox News for a response…that is all.

    • joe

      well I personaly think we need a president born and raised here and a god fearing man or woman to lead our country back to the christain morals our country was founded on in God we trust . we once had until now. before this new world order obamas is trying to do . he will not have my vote because the truth is not in him/.period amen

    • m

      To those who want to slam President Obama, I bet you didn’t have a problem cashing those stimulus checks or accepting the extra money that is in your paycheck each payday. Or perhaps you or someone dear to you is continuing to receive unemployment or help with government subsidies,compliments of President Obama. For those who don’t like him, don’t vote for him and above all QUIT BEING A HIPPOCRITE. Don’t accept anything he’s offering in the way of financial relief. Give it back and help cut the deficit.

      • Never Mind

        EXTRA MONEY???? It is MY MONEY I EARNED! How dare you say it is my privilege to keep it! Lowering SS deductions was just bait and switch anyway because what is decreased in the SS deductions is increased in the income tax deductions…fools… but I guess if math is not your strong point….or if critical thinking is foreign to you…you just will keep posting your uneducated garbage`…. NOBUMMER!

      • Austin

        You mean the stimilus checks that Bush initiated and Obama only continued so he could be seen as a savior, and not as the hypocritical narcissist that he is? The sole reason behind him renewing the stimulus checks is for political gain, not to help the American people. That would be Bush

        • Austin

          hehe, I spelled it right once…lol. *stimulus

        • Ozone

          If it Bush that initiated stimulus checks, then Bush is the reason why this country’s deficit increased period!

          Republicans!!! When would you stop talking from both sides of your mouth?

          Obama invested more in this country to dig us out of the grave that Bush put us in and the deficit had to increase as he saved the auto industry and also the darling of the super rich called the banks.

          Now all of a sudden you claim that it is Bush that started the stimulus checks but also somehow it is Obama that increased the deficit, when we know that the stimulus checks helped increase the deficit?

          What do you want us to believe?

          Now I get it, you want us all to believe that Obama is BAD!!!

          I am sure I can now be considered to be a BORN AGAIN REPUBLICAN.

          Where is my tea please?

    • JT

      That’s hilarious. His buns aren’t honey though. They’re sour and soon to be bitter from defeat.

      • Never Mind

        JT, love it!~

    • Ad

      “Once” a divorce? Wow…that’s some well grammar there, padner. Frightening to think about the idiots supporting Romney.

    • http://veronikemirrors.tumblr.com Veronike

      Maybe you’re some redneck person who feels excited about the downfall of this historical president, but please keep your snide grammatically incorrect remarks to yourself.

      P.S, You mat knot no this butt spell check is their four a reason.

      • Austin

        It’s spell check, not grammar check. The spelling was intentional. No wonder all you people are still wanting to vote for Obama

    • Don

      Remember WMD’s in Iraq, “Mission accomplished”, “we should go into Afghanistan for Ben Lauden” and we didn’t get him untill Seals under the Obama Administration found him and killed him. What about the wasted lives of young men who might have done wonders for the USA had they not lost their lives in these two wars. I will bet these wars will end up just like Nam, lots of young men killed and will end with no mission accomplished. Afganistan and Iraq will still spit on us with their palms still out and the drain of assets for supporting them will continue .

      Wars are started by old men and fought by young men. If the Old Men had to fight the wars, there would be no more wars!!

      Too Bad we cannot just be Americans and not simply define ourselves down party lines. If the politions would work together for the good of the Nation instead of their party, what a greater country this would be.

      I am an eight year Veteran of the Nam Era who cannot visit the Vietnam War Memorial without shedding tears.

      • Austin

        Thank you for your service. Being a veteran you should know the impossibilities of simply invading a country to look for one man. And should also know that it’s not that simple to just find that one man, in the many possible places he could be in this world. Some are better at hiding than others. Vietnam was another war the American people didn’t agree with, yet many lost their lives there too. Freedom is the right of all humans, not just Americans, and that is what they lost their lives for. I’m sorry for your losses and wish we really could know what good those men and women could have done, but the good they have done is inherent in all of us, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This is spreading in the world still, and while the WMDs were not found, a lot of good came of it, it’s just not easy to teach people how to be free and begin to think for themselves, especially without those negative values returning because that is what they are used to. Bush was willing to bear that in order to provide something for those people that they never would have known otherwise. At least he did so following the boundaries of the Constitution….Again, thank you for your service, we are all indebted to you

    • KsKate

      This is my first response to any article on any website and this one tweeked my curiosity. The most interesting and encouraging thinking I’ve noticed is the conservative mindset is growing. Get the facts, research and then research again. The most discouraging thing I’ve noticed in the answers and opinions of the responders, is that people of the left tend to respond with emotion because of some sense of remorse, guilt, or fear of knowing the truth. That is not to say that there is not some of that on both sides of the political aisle, but it is certainly more noticable. The morality issue is huge. I am a female in my seventies, and I’ve seen the decline of our society. It’s real, the problem is not just a problem with Obama, it is a moral problem and we are all complicit. Obama is many things. Right now, America needs to come together, stop the name calling and get on with the matter of electing him out of office. Facts are facts, they cannot be disputed. However, we do have a voice, a loud voice. Let’s exercise it at the polls. Remember also that SILENCE can be a powerful voice. No more name calling, just call it like it is. It’s still free country, let’s not denigrate it by name calling.

      • Ozone

        I really love the response above, let us all learn to discuss without name calling.

        However, I must say that this decline in our society has been long coming and not an Obama issue.

        As you said it is a moral issue that I must say stems from the fact that we do not look out for each other anymore and do what is best for our country.

        That has lead to unnecesary selfishness and disregard for others. Morality is not religion, it is all about the golden rule – do to other what you would want them to do to you?

        And what is best for our country?

        To have a president who believes in equal right. I am a christian but I do not believe that another does not have the right to be a muslim or a mormon.

        If my view of a perfect american was one where only christians live in and only white were presidents then this country as it is now would be a disaster for me.

        What we should remove is anti-social behaviour. Belief that because someone does not agree with me then then have less rights than I do.

        That is the type of thinking that lead to 9/11 bacesue a group thought that they as muslims have a right to kill Americans.

        Now does that make all muslims bad, No it does not. Christians kill too. What is wronng is the assumption that you can kill people who do not believe in your religion.

        And that is what I see with a lot of the far right and also far left but more with the far right. An inability to allow other have their own views.

        A perfect world is not one where everybody has the asme exact views or colour of skin, NO, a perfect world is one where everybody is allowed to live without prejudice PROVIDED you do not encroach on other peoples right in the process.

        We need to stop seeing america as a land that must conform to our one-sided view of life but a land where people live together under the ideals of our founding fathers, helping each out out and not being selfish.

        Obama has nothing to do with our inability to do this. Infact he is helping to make America a better place, unless you are self centered and want to force your veiws on the rest of America.

        Vote whom so ever you want to vote but do not tell me that Obama is the reason for the increasing moral decadence, it is our incresing materialism that is to blame.

        Unless you are not happy with a black, unprejudiced man being president of this country!

    • kat

      I’ve got news for you, The whole country does not want a divorce from Obama. In fact we want a divorce from the Tea Party Republicans that are turning our country into a third world country. One percent of the population has all the money. I’m pretty sure you don’t fall into that category.

      • Never Mind

        kat, we will see what happens.
        I predict a landslide Obummer DEFEAT!

      • Austin

        As imbalanced as that is, we still don’t have the right to go taking money from that 1% in order to give it to people who are not willing to even finish high school, enter and reside in this country legally, or go to work and get a paycheck. That is what is un-American if anything else. As a country, our people have worked very hard to be in the position we are in, and I hate that my children will be paying for Freddie Mac’s and Annie Fae’s of the world. They made their money, spent it, have money owed to them, and still got a gift from the government. When I lose my job I don’t apply for unemployment, I apply for jobs. You may not know it, but the more the people rely on the government and accept the handouts, the more control the government has over them. GM is a perfect example. Healthcare controls 1/6 of the country’s finances, so when the government controls that, they control 1/6 of the most basic necessity each and every one of us has outside of food/water/shelter. Add to that figure the portion of Freddie Mac and Annie Fae, the largest mortgaging and foreclosing companies in the world, and you get a big ol’ heaping pile of rotten government cheese.

    • Shay

      so dumb! once! omg!

      • Never Mind

        Shay-don’t yaz recugniz ebonics wen yaz reedz it?

    • Jerome corsi

      Im writinga book about the time Obama almost got abducted by aliens.

      • Austin

        Here’s a story, of a lovely lady, who couldn’t get out of a marriage with her man. Now he’s a president, and takes control of anything he can. He lies to our faces, and denies his races, and doesn’t care about the poorest man. Okay, song’s over, now the facts. His family lives in a bungalow in Africa, if you can call it that, maybe a shack, and he spends his money (against the pleadings of his wife) on his own ambition, instead of helping them in the slightest, even though they helped to raise him. His brother, who he would never admit to being related to, also led a failed mass genocide. And his father, who he lived with during his adolescent and teen years, and who he loves and follows to no end, taught him everything he knows about communism and is a self-professed anti-American. That’s not really what I look for in the leader of my America.

    • Emil

      Who cares? Marriage is one of our failing institutions, anyway. It is part of the collapse of the family structure in America. Who has lived in a perfect marriage, Who? Who? Marriage is temporary and it is now the divorce which is permanent. Most women do not know what they want, anyway. I was marriade to two of them. The first, I told: “Don’t wake up one day and say you are not happy, and want a divorce.” And, with two daughters (which is what she claimed she wanted) in private schools, with two cars and mortgage, with me working almost seven days a week to pay for it all, that is just what she did say, “I am not happy, lets get a divorce.” So, this is old stuff. For the past 10-20 years, my two exs are still looking for another Mr. Goodbar.” Except, they are now in their 50s and 60s and no one man wants a woman with high miles and sagging rubber. These woman will never be happy, ever.



    • gerry

      Hey “hunny” first of all are you old enough to vote…what grade are u in before you judge someone take a spelling and/or grammar test

    • Bob Polaneczky

      The divorce story is one of the least of the damaging revelations in the book

      He tried bribing the Rev Wright

      • Austin

        Lol, that’s a great person to have on your side, bribed or not

    • Bridget

      Continue to do great work Obama… I campaigned for you in 2008 and I will do it again in 2012…

    • John

      Yeah…..we need to go back to the good ole Bush days ….it sure was great??????

    • John

      You are really f***d up

    • John

      While your busy checking out Obamas birth certificate….maybe you should check out McCains ….he was born in Panama

  • Karen Banks

    White folk, mind your business. You people are abnormally obsessed by President Obama. Get a life. Go away. Far, far , far away.

    • Barbara Carson

      I agree

      • filingfordivorce

        America is filing for divorce from this dangerous amateur; the divorce is FINAL on November 6, 2012.

        • Jane Benovitz

          agree 110 percent hoping the election will prove a complete divorce

          • Renee

            You guys are stuck and it seems; wishing you could’ve experienced the slavery days…in my opinion! Thank God for FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You are AMAZINGLY disappointed in our ability to grasp the information that you kept from us soooo many years ago and OBAMA is giving it to you and you can’t stand it! We have superceeded your expectations of us and some of you are just about to POP you are so angry…!Lmbo! Again,thank God for freedom of speech! You are speaking to us loud and clear and we need that! Keep telling us how much we make you sick and we will keep giving it to you…..!!! Yeah…!

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            I’m glad you respect and thank God for “Freedom of Speech”!! I hope you would be willing to protect that Constitutional Right because we could lose it. There are those that would take it away if they could.
            I also hope that when opposing views and beliefs are expressed that this is also “Free Speech” and no one has the right to shut them up.
            I did not experience slavery days and niether did you nor do I desire to. Your feelings of inferiority have obviously given you a complex. That is a personal problem for you to address and deal with. If you feel you are still being repressed as a race or individual that to is a personal problem. If your obvious hate for “Whitey” is a motivating factor that drives you to succeed and contribute to society…kudos to you. Why do you feel you have to measure up to others expectations and not your own? The only thing that makes me sick is your attitude. Why do you want to be treated as a second class citizen unless that is another motivator for you. Too bad all this is hate driven. Hey it’s your life and apparently you want to be miserable. What are you giving to us? Give to the IRS and I’ll be happy.
            You people are pathetic….yes I said “you people”.
            Deal with it!

          • Shelby Williams

            Douglas M Sanders is an idiot…
            Just saying. because YOU stupid white people are freaking idiots if you think Obama isn’t going to win again. I can’t wait to watch this shizz go down. :D Don’t Hate, unless its on expresident bush. Did you guys elect him in? we see were that got us…

        • Kim

          Yeah ~This is one divorce God will approve of!

          • IRINA

            Poor Renee, you are still in slavery days and it is sad, because you unable to enjoy normal life and unfortunately there is no sense to give you advise, because your brain is not developed.

          • Renee

            Kim, don’t envolve God in your mess…..! Nothing will prosper you that way….. You will not either….! Do you know God for yourself? I’m hanging today! I am at the office and i am so tired of all the nasty comments; I decided to make it my business to respond to some of these comments because, its tired and needs to stop! All you so call educated people who started the conversation and forgot to turn on spell check; Pay attention to the comments that are written for example: w/o saying any names. Some of us that are present are not OBAMA Supporters however, have been limited w/ the negativity. Still have the self respect they started with….! TUVM! You from top to bottom look like an ass! If the shoe fits wear it! Newspaper articles are very informative. You should try to read one! Oh, and right down words you may be unfamiliar w/ so that it will help you moving forward…..! Be more productive than you are! That would help this GREAT Country out a lot………….!! Thank you those that agree and disagree however took time out to speak realisticly and not ignorantly! We need that!

          • Carolyn

            Douglas….Renee hit the right button! I am one of those “you people”. The real truth is what Renee said…. Obama is giving it back to you, and you “all” can’t stand it! A Black man is giving it right back at ya! President of the United States of America.

          • http://veronikemirrors.tumblr.com Veronike

            Bitch, PLEASE.

        • glidernyc

          Yes, folks like you long for the return to the good ol’ days of former AWOL, former drunk, former drug addict, former bankrupt “professional” politician Bush who dragged the country down the hole and his shotgun toting sidekick Dick. 2000 to 2008 — for America, it was like being married to a stained t-shirt wearing wife beater. One who lies at every turn and promises to “keep you safe” from everyone — but him that is. America “left” the bums in 2009; not looking backwards.

          • http://yahoo.com Lee

            Hey glidernyc: Yes! Yes! Yes! You are totally correct!

          • Listening

            YES! One Million Percent agree!!! W and his side-kick Cheney, took this country down, and now the rest of the Repugnant party of Evil want to take us down even farther.

          • terry

            is so verrrrry true where are the people who spoke out about bush and bush and all the damage done toour country and our constitution

      • Ann

        Me too!

    • rucrazy

      “You black folks” need to stop classifying a comment with race tied to it. Amazing how it can never be just people and their actions/words, just the racial flap which reveals your true character you racist.

      • old goat

        When logic and common sense are not proving your point, play the race card.

        • gabi

          How do you know that the previous message was made my a “black folk”? It could have been made by any non-white person, I do agree, tying race into that comment was as inappropriate as tying race into your comment was.

          • Ayana

            Agreed Gabi!

        • Brian

          When logic and common sense are not proving your hate, It is the race card.

        • Douglas m. Saunders

          The transparency of this so-called President has been slow in revealing itself but it has evolved nonetheless. It came from several sources and like a puzzle with a thousand pieces we began putting it altogether. We are seeing now things that should have been clear 4yrs. ago.
          While the far-left chants 4 more years the rest of us our saying quietly 6 more months. Fool me once shame on you…Fool me twice…Frankly I’m so sick of seeing him and all the rhetoric accociated with his campaigning I’m resolved to the fact it will be a long hot and angry Summer.
          I see here all the racist Blacks are on their game with lots of lip service. Nothing new there. I do have a question for them….How is it a person born of bi-racial parents (Black father/Caucasian mother)considered Black while you refer to some others as half-breeds. Is it a way of denying any evil Caucasian blood? It seems things people don’t want to accept about this man requires changing the truth and although most think that is not possible there are those who adamently believe it is. So it goes with so much of his past even some on the Left are quietly scratching their heads but dare not open their mouths. Now that things are surfacing perhaps the laws of physics will prevail and inertia with continue to bring things to light. I’m not convinced that money can hide everything or change the past by re-writing history. We shall see.
          So as we demand the selfish, nasty rich to share the wealth many are left to spread the hate. The more things change the more they stay the same….Perhaps this is still your Fathers Oldsmobile afteral. So have we been deceived or is it devine intervention “Obama Style”?

          • Sam Mitchell

            Putting aside your political viewpoint, I want to answer why if someone is half black and half white they are usually considered black. It is because it used to be law, and has now become custom. The law in most states read that if an individual had 1/8 or more minority “blood” they could not be considered white legally. These laws were used against blacks, Indians, Japanese/Americans and many others to deny voting rights, land ownership and interracial marriage.
            Old habits die hard. Even though those laws were declared unconstitutional 50 years ago, it is still common practice to refer to a person of Caucasian-mixed race by the other race.

          • Douglas m. Saunders

            Thank you for explaining that. I did not know. You did not touch on why some Blacls refer to them as “Half-Breeds” in a demeaning manner and some even look down on them.
            I have one other question….Where in this world would anyone live as a minority and really be treated as an equal especially when there are noticable differences in features? I have lived abroad and experienced being a minority. Speaking from experience our Country comes the closest to treating everyone as an equal. A fact rarely ever mentioned.

      • http://NYBladie2000@yahoo.com Phyllis

        Just because you don’t say the words, doesn’t mean your not a racist. We know who are you without saying the words okay?

        • Douglas m. Saunders

          Sounds like a witch-hunt and a vailed threat. That motivates those you hate to sound off more! We don’t need to be exposed. It is obvious who we are and we can speak as loud as you. Will the Rev.Jackson and Rev. Sharpton be in charge? When are educated people going to realize that racist/White are not always synonymous? It can also be racist/Black. Using that word to quiet those who oppose the far-left is having less effect all the time. It is slowly having the reverse effect. You are not going to shut us up!!

          • Peter C

            Reverse racism is a joke. No one cares. Thats why any minority commedian can create an entire act about reverse racism and nobody says anything. But let a white man create the same type of act and the media will hang him out to dry. White people don’t really care. For whatever reason. It’s kind of like letting your little brother that you teased for years get a few shots in at your expense….. You don’t really care because nothing your little brother does can compare to the hell you put him through for his entire existance. White people go to see people like Criss Rock perform and half of his act is making fun of white people. They love it, and pay top dollar to get front row seats to see it. Next time you see one of Chris Rocks stand up shows on TV look at the audience. More than half of them are white, and are laughing thier butts off. You don’t see black people going to shows that make fun of them do you? No. Maybe because the humor found in racism for Whites is a daily struggle for blacks. Reverse racism is a joke, and people who argue the point of reverse racism are even funnier. Why does more than half of the counrty walk around with blinders on?

      • shee

        I agree im a Barrak Obama supporter! Race shold not be a issue. When will all you racist people croke? That’s the only way we’ll be able to move pass skin color. You don’t have to agree but be respectful. So keep your retared comments to yourself. Im a black man and I don’t teach my kids stereotype thinking. This goes for black , white or whoever period!!!!!!

    • David White

      Whatever karen.

    • BetterOffNed

      Hey racist, don’t generalize about an entire race of people, and don’t use the term “you people”, bigot. Nice to see that you learned the biggest lesson of the civil rights movement instead of childishly becoming racist yourself. (In case you are too ignorant to understand, that was sarcasm, look it up.)

      (btw: I’m planning on voting for Obama for the second time, its also pretty healthy to be obsessed with a person when they are our representative to the rest of the world.

      • Douglas m. Saunders

        Glad you took the time to explain your comments. I was thinking you were stupid but after reading all you wrote you convinced me you are!
        You have allot of anger and hate. You must be one miserable person. Do you blame all your failures and short-comings on another race? Just another sign of a simple mind. If you lived in China would it be the Chinese or Russia the Russians? Society owes you nothing. You have the same opportunity as anyone to achieve your goals and ultimately that will be up to you. If you took some of that energy you waste by hating and applied it to something positive you may get a little self-esteem (look that up in Websters)
        I am happy and live life to the fullest. I don’t look for charity and I’m willing to work for the things I desire in life. Have a nice day loser :))

      • wangunyu

        Why are you guys so obsesed with race?What matters is the upstairs oblangata,not the skin.Deep beneath,all are vulnerable and what befalls the black,asian or coloured,is liable to visit upon the white man too.It is circumstances what determine ones fate.If there is a blackman in the white house,it certainly is not by luck:rather hard work put him there and all got to respect the fact that being a black man,he had to work twice as hard as yours truly!!As for divorce,which home doesn’t have it’s black moments however white..??

    • http://yahoo.com Lee

      Karen Banks: Sorry, the President is everyone’s business. I’m not obsessed with President Obama, but I am obsessed with putting up with the stupidity, the obtuseness, the incivility, and the racism of the Republican party and almost all conservatives.

    • Douglas m. Saunders

      careful what you wish for Karen! Somebody has to be here to pay the taxes to get your welfare check to you

      • dee

        Douglas, do some research. You seem to think everyone on welfare is Black. Sorry to disappoint you but the majority of people on welfare in America happens to be white (Caucasian). Thank me for educating you on that fact. Now go learn something before you start spouting off your uneducated mouth.

    • Bobbi Brent

      @Karen…yes, being a white/native American, I AM obsessed with the President…obsessed with helping him win a 2nd term…how ’bout you, mouth?

    • Never Mind

      Banks; You racist pig! Getting Obummer out of the Whitehouse IS MY Life work!

    • Austin

      I know plenty of black people that don’t like Obama, because they judge him based on what he’s done in office, and not because his skin color matches theirs. Apparently you have ignored all the pain this country is going to go through because of his un-Constitutional, self-serving ways. He displays many signs of the highest order of narcissist, and it has been proven that a narcissist does not possess the capacity to seek the best interest of the people around him, much less the people he never has to look at. Therefore, along with everything else you failed to take into account, he is not fit to be my President. Maybe you who think us white people suck should join Obama’s church:
      (this is copied and pasted btw, not my own work)

      In short, Obama’s “unashamedly black” church preaches the politics of black nationalism. And its dashiki-wearing preacher — who married Obama and his wife and now acts as his personal spiritual adviser — is militantly Afro centric. “We are an African people,” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright reminds his flock, “and remain true to our native land, the mother continent.”

      He’s been a member of this church since 1991, and they also:

      In 1991, when Obama joined the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, he pledged allegiance to something called the Black Value System, which is a code of non-Biblical ethics written by blacks, for blacks.

      It encourages blacks to group together and separate from the larger American society by pooling their money, patronizing black-only businesses and backing black leaders. Such racial separatism is strangely at odds with the media’s portrayal of Obama as a uniter who reaches across races.

      The code also warns blacks to avoid the white “entrapment of black middle-classness,” suggesting that settling for that kind of “competitive” success will rob blacks of their African identity and keep them “captive” to white culture….

      …..Wright once traveled to Libya with black supremacist Louis Farrakhan to meet with terrorist leader Muammar Qaddafi. Last year at a Chicago gala, Wright honored his old pal Farrakhan, who’s fond of calling whites “blue-eyed devils,” for lifetime achievement.

      You cannot in good faith tell me he has my best interest (as a white male) in mind after reading these indisputable facts. I don’t care what color his, or your, skin is, but he certainly has issue with mine.

  • Barbara Carson

    To bad people don’t have anything better to do but talk about our President. Let him do his job. I don’t think anyone else would of done any better with what we were left to deal with from past presidents.

    Even if so, it’s none of our business.

    • Carolyn

      ummmmm….did you think the same thing about George Bush? I bet not….just sayin’

      • karmon7

        But he doesn’t do his job. He can’t even find the Oval Office. He should at least let us know his golf score, he spends enough of our money playing golf. Or dancing on tables or flying his dog on Air Force One. He doesn’t do his job, he tears us all apart. He foils any attempt to correct our financial situation and exasperates any attempt to alleviate our social situation.

        • Dot

          Gosh Karmon, you don’t really believe that garbage do you? Man, this is childish, deranged, infantile, and sick! Do you really believe this convoluted way of thinking, or have you been listening to your forefathers?

        • dee

          Karmon, are you old enough to be participating in this on-line conversation. You sound like a 2 years old child who is able to talk and not think for him/herself. Come on now!!!

          • Austin

            Being President is a full-time job, you don’t get 7 vacations a year. When golf is more important than the emergencies our country confronts something is amiss. I question his dedication to the most demanding job known to man.

          • Austin

            Yes, I mean the oil spill. Also, there were many measures he could have taken to lessen the effects, but opted to trust BP to clean it up, even after weeks of their excuses. How many presidents do you think would have let that happen? 0

    • Sam Skousen

      The President had an economic situation to deal with, but he handled as FDR did, increasing spending and taking care of family and friends. Only 8% of Obama’s cabinet and staff have experience in private business, never having to meet a payroll or deal with the heavy load of regulation that his administration pours out (much higher than other administrations). As a result, other presidents and congresses have pulled America out of recessions as bad or worse in 2 years or less i.e. Coolidge in 1921, Truman in 1946, etc. Just as with FDR, he made the recession worse, devalued our currency and is taking our freedom from us. Read his book “Dreams From My Father” where he outlines how he wants to follow after his father, a known Marxist and Communist.

      • http://yahoo dave

        In the last 3 plus years things have gone from bad to worse. This by no small measure do to a rookie in so far that his verbal strengths are totally overcome by a lack of any productive experience. I bet he never even had a paperroute or a COOLaid stand!

      • ladyspencer

        Thank You so much for your comment. I wish there were more of this, in regards to “Our” President. He is working on so much at one time, it’s pure jealousy to disregard these facts.

      • http://yahoo.com Lee

        Oh, Sam, you’re so paranoid about things. Perhaps you had to meet a payroll of a few thousand dollars. Wow! Perhaps you know how bad public schools are (so you think), but you’ve never taught school, so you actually don’t know how they work. And, as you don’t know your history, no president has had to deal with a recession as bad as the recent one since FDR (which he pulled us out of, by the way). The usual crap from a conservative (read foolish) thinker: Oh, my . . . Marxism, Communism. Can’t you think for your self? I do think that you should be required to eat meat that has come from an unregulated slaughterhouse. Or you should be required to fly in an airplane that hasn’t been inspected. Perhaps you could drive over a bridge that hasn’t been inspected.

    • greylady

      It would be nice if he would actually do his job for a change.

      • Tony Tony Tone

        Zing. sick burn.

      • Watcher

        Hmmmm….haven’t private corporation CEOs been fired for less destructive actions against their companies? If the book is accurate in saying that he put his family in debt to run a campaign he couldn’t win, then wouldn’t this be a pattern of spending money that doesn’t exist to attempt to win/salvage/prevent something that can’t be won/salvaged/prevented? Doesn’t a pattern make it predictable what he will continue to do for the rest of his life unless he takes steps to identify and change the underlying personal problem that is causing the behavior? Just a few thoughts I’ve had.

        • satwai

          If you read up on Romney’s experience, you will see that his company made 70% of its profits on just three companies. He lost money or broke even on abou 50% of his deals.

          If he becomes president and our country happens to be in the good 50%, good for us. If it is in the bottom 50% — not so good.

          A better idea of how the economy would do under his leadership is to look at what happened while he was governor. He entered as governnor (like Obama) at a time when Massachussett’s economy was retracting. He left with an expanding economy, but it was expanding at a lower rate than most of the rest of the nation.

          On the plus side, Romney did tackle the state deficit, and turned it around. He also enacted a pretty nifty health care law that is similar to Obamacare. :-)

          But his record as a job creator, both in the private sector and in the public sector, is not nearly as great as he states. He was, however, great at producing profits for his investors, but perhaps at the expense of the “little guy.”

          I like Romney. I think he’s a good guy, and seems to be a good family man. Ditto for Obama.

          So much is made of Obama’s desire to “destroy” America. I think motivation should be pretty low on the list when we evaluate our public servants, but if we were to look at POSSIBLE motives — Obama’s plan would have him paying more taxes, and he is not a megarich guy. Romney’s plan would have him paying less taxes, and he is a megarich guy. Hmmm. Might be some motive there, might not. Just saying.

          I think there are two dangers to our economy:

          1) The deficit. Republicans are to be commended for keeping us focused on controlling it.

          2) The increasing gap between the rich and poor, and the diminishing middle class. Democrats are to be commended for keeping us focused on stopping this trend.

          To me, the increasing wealth gap is scarier than the budget. Runaway budgets can be contained, but once the imbalance in money gets to be too big, it is pretty close to impossible to turn it around nowdays — especially not without a revolution. And revolutions in the old days could be fought with sheer numbers. Nowdays, with technology, it would be harder to change the dynamics simply by bodies fighting.

    • Mike

      Talking about the President reminds me of all the talk about George Bush and Bill Clinton. Seems we talked about them also.

    • white panther

      yawn…too bad you would NEVER give Bush that leeway, you blind, dumb moonbat

      • Ann

        Yes, bush was.

    • Austin

      Also, Barbara Carson, if he didn’t want to be under public scrutiny, then he shouldn’t have run for office. I am very thankful for my right to speak out against my president if I so feel the need and I certainly won’t pass on it for any reason, much less because you, or he, don’t like it. I, and millions of others, don’t like a lot of things he’s done but do you see him turning them around? No. His feelings are not a concern of mine unless his own human rights are being called into question. They are his feelings, let him deal with them

  • lawrence

    Who said that it was the National Enquirer.
    Space aliens capture in New York.

  • Rufus Hudson

    That’s grrreeeaaatttt! this means he is normal like the rest of us. Now he is left with the mess of what previous President left. Which is worst than divorce. White forks are too obsessed with this great black leader. They can’t always be in charge.

    • Alice

      Unfortunately there are many white people who make the rest of us look bad. But then again, the same is true for all races isn’t it? I am just so often embarrassed by these ignorant comments made by other white people who are so obviously convinced of their own superiority. What are all these idiots going to do when the world is full of mixed-race people and no one can actually identify with only one race. I LOVE to see it happening here in Kansas :) These red-necks who talk all their junk on black and hispanics and then their own beautiful white daughter brings home a mixed race baby. Can we get over this race junk already people? Growing up in LA during the riots I just can’t help but quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

      • bridget

        you’re an idealist, sweetie pie. You must be a teenager- if not, you’re just plain dumb!

        • Austin

          Ah, the tables have turned. Now that there is a portionally black man in office it’s ok to lump all white people together because of a few opinions ignorantly put forth by a few white people? Nice to see you learned something from the struggles this country has gone through de-segregating. I’d say Denzel Washington would make a damn good president, and has just as much experience in politics as Obama. I’d vote for him, but never in my right mind would I have voted for a man who can’t even back his own religion publicly.

  • Sam Skousen

    Obama’s book is “Dreams From My Father” not “Dreams of My Father”. He states he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his Marxist, Communist father

    • Tony Tony Tone

      …and I’m sur he said it just like that. You probably don’t even know what Maxism or Communism even are. You just repeat the big words that Bill “Let’s Do It Live” O’Reilly says on his show.

      • IRINA

        I know exactly, what is Marxist and Communist, i run from country, ruled by those for 70 years. So when people with this experience tell you, Obama is turning this wonderful country into former Soviet Union you better start thinking for a change and better read the history. Forget about Bush and realize, the color of his skin is nothing to compare to his aggressive ideology he provide for America and it means for you, your kids and feature generations.

        • Austin

          Thank you Irina!! That’s what we’ve all been trying to say, your words are much better though! I’m glad to see you found freedom and see fit to defend it!

          @Tony Tony Tone: Is that your argument? What is your point? Do you discredit the message or the messenger? Based upon your current words, neither, just yourself. A simple search will provide you with evidence, and so would reading the book Obama himself wrote. Do a little research on the man takes spiritual advice from, and keep in mind that spiritual advice is the most sacred a man get. Just, please, don’t vote for him just because he has a darker skin color than most of America. Find a suitable replacement, not just the same old dribble that is ruining this country and pushing closer to a communist society than any president in history has been able to do (if they had those wishes, do another search on the progressive presidents, it’s called educating yourself)

  • http://Yahoo.com Clarence

    There is no such thing as a good long term realtionship the media people need to grow up its like the past really matters now and days look at the futrue we have a black presdent discrimate for his wrong doings and the past what about bush and him putting us in recession. I’m 18 years old in i can say that Barack Obamabo is doing a decent job every thiny he promised to do he has done it but still they think he is doing wrong misjudgement is not the key if it was there would be no such thing as this.

    • Celine

      Wake up and smell the coffee. Grow up. Please name the things he had delivered to the nation amongst his promises while compaining 3 years ago.

      • Monte

        Celine, you must think he can turn around the economy in 6 months. Be patient his promises are working. Also he did say it was important for all of us to work together to work on our goals. He has met resistance throughtout his Presidency. We are out of the Recession. He kept us from going into the Second Great Depression. He caught Bin Laden. CAn you name another President that has done more in 3 years to help our country. I think not.

        • Econ major

          uhh hello maybe a president that turned around the economy in 3 years in the 80s and ended this thing called the cold war? also our econmy was in fact much worse then the great depression finacially. it was only because of new policy learned from the great depression that we didnt have run on banks and a truely downward spiral in our country. as for getting bin laden i would like to think it wasnt a president but a whole effort from the military branches getting the SOB. Becasue lets face it Bin laden was first named during Clinton’s admin and lasted to this current one.

          • Austin

            Every president has met with resistance, even the best ones. George Washington was hated by a lot of people, as was Lincoln, both of whom changed the course of our country. Lincoln did so in less time, with substantially more resistance. Truman, as someone has mentioned already, if you had bothered to read other comments. Even FDR and Teddy, even though they had their own failings.

            Monte: He has made it impossible to get himself out of this hole even if he does get re-elected. Throwing money around does not solve everything, or anything. Self-reliance and cutting back when you need to does though, both of which he has proven incapable. Obama is right about one thing, though, we all need to pitch in a little, albeit, because of his bail-out bill among other needless, fruitless spending. Many highly respected economists say his policies are driving our country into a world-threatening economic breakdown, not to mention the socialistic tendencies

  • Heidi

    Are you kidding me? How is this news? I’d venture to guess that the vast majority of couples have been on the brink of separation/divorce at some point in their relationship. I would like to hear what The President and First Lady have to say about what happened and how they feel about it now…and probably what they learned about each other and their marriage in the process.

    • Austin

      Heidi, did you finish the article? They implicitly deny it. The only thing they learned was how to put on a good show

  • http://yahoo rosajohnson

    i am sure at many points in their marriage , especially in the first7 years, like every other marriage they both have said, i am going to leave this person. 20 years of marriage for anyone has some stormy weather and second thoughts. 2 opinionated people like them you can bet its been some whooping and hollaring. but the important thing is they are stil together and doing well today. no marriage is without hard times.

    • Silvergourmet

      Right!!! If you have ever been married you know that is true. Trials in life come to make us stronger and having gone through them together makes a stronger bond. If the truth be known there is not any relationship worth anything that has not had rough times. It is strange that God forgives if we are truly repentant but some folks don’t. Anyway that is their business and has nothing to do with the running of this country. It is good to take a person as what they are and have been to you, not what they are to someone else.

  • http://yahoo.com Margaret

    If she wants to divorce him, let her. She’s better off without him.

    • http://yahoo Poetic Justice

      If you were the first Lady of the U S would you divorce your husband? Did Hilliary divorce that old whore she is married to?

      • http://yahoo jacquelynn

        Thanks for that comment..its sad when the obvious is not so obvious to everyone..point well taken

      • dee

        Poetic, I like the way you said that!!

    • BetterOffNed

      Just wondering, who the hell are you to judge whether another person, one whom you have no possible way of knowing personally, is good for another person?

    • Chuck

      Margaret, excuse me but don’t you mean he would be better off without her?

    • Silvergourmet

      Do you realize that it was in their past??? Let it stay there, apparently they have.

      • Austin

        Apparently isn’t good enough for me. Everyone can smile, even when they are not happy. The fact that they are still together speaks more for Michelle than Barack. The capacity to ignore sound advice, though? How is that irrelevant to the man who holds the highest office in our country? We, as a people, need to be able to trust our leaders. We, as a people, need to start getting educated in who it is that is running this country, including, and almost especially Congress, who has also shown the knack to debuff the Constitution. Do we all know they are not subject to ObamaCARE? Congress does not fear prosecution for sexual harassment? Congress does not pay into Social Security? Only as one voice can we correct anything Congress does not see fit to impose on themselves, and same with the president. Vote for who you want, but vote with an educated, and well-informed opinion. Search the proposed 28th amendment and, if you like (but please!), write your local representative.

  • http://yahoo Poetic Justice

    Hey, why don’t y’all lay off President Obama. He is running the country, and he certainly do not need a bunch of old jealous white folk trying to bring him down with silly rumors and accusations. Sure he is in the spotlight because he is the First Black President. I think he is very courageous and very, very intelligent. The dumb bastards in the media need to find another donkey to ride. . . .because President Obama is not a jackass!

    • Commie Barack

      The media has already tabbed Bill Clinton as the first black president. The media also tabbed Obama as the first gay president. Hows that working out for all you black folk?? Obama is running the country is correct. Obama is running the US right into the ground. After 3-plus years of Obama are you better off today than when he took office??? NO way in hell. Gasoline has doubled in price. Groceries are 40% higher since he took office. Heating and cooling bills have skyrocketed under his administration. Health Care premiums and costs have increased 20% since his “Affordable” Care Act was implemented. He gave $500 million of taxpayer money to a company to make solar panels that no one would buy. Obama is gutting the US Constitution and reducing our freedoms.

      • Silvergourmet

        It’s working out just fine for this ‘black’ woman. You need to take classes in government and economics to learn how they work then you would be better able to evaluate the conditions in the U.S.A. today. You also need to read your history again.

        • Austin

          My history books didn’t have any of the horrible policies Obama has implemented, but they didn’t mention the progressive ties to the socialist party either. It is well-known based upon the actions of previous Democratic presidents that they were seeking to gain a control of the American people that they could not have using any Constitutional standards. Hence, why Obama had to push ObamaCARE through using a loophole, since it wasn’t passed by Congress, hell, it wasn’t even read by Congress. The administration put a clock on the vote, then held back the pertinent documents for a longer period than they gave Congress to get through the mammoth of a proposal. 1200 pages, and under 2 weeks to read and understand how it would affect our nation for the next decade, or more? I’m assuming you already have healthcare, have a steady job, and that there is a reason you did not point out exactly what in history to read or even allude to it. Did you miss that part about every necessity rising in price? Did you Obama wants to rid us of the 2nd amendment, which is for the protection of the American people against the American government? Do you think it’s reasonable that in less than 3 years Obama has commissioned more debt to be spent than was garnered by the entirety of the past presidential populous combined? Also, you being a black woman is irrelevant, as is your status, we are talking about the whole of the American public for decades.

      • JayC

        I think you meant to say: “He is ruining the country” right?

      • Tony Tony Tone

        So it’s Obama’s fault that the price of groceries increased? Jesus Christ you’re a dope.

        • Ralph

          What does the Lord have to do with it?

      • dee

        OMG, Commie!!! another dumb white!

    • Lyta

      I find it very strange that this president is called a black man!!! Yes he has a black father!!! Did everyone forget that the woman who carried him in her own body for 9 months is white??? I can tell you that if I had a child by a man that was a different nationality than myself, I would be very offended that the child would be reffered to by the nationality of the father as if I had nothing to do with it!!! This is really disgusting and besides, I believe that God created all people equal and no one should be considered less because of their color or nationality.
      What a dull world this would be if everyone was the same color!!
      I believe God feels the same way. That’s why we have different nationalities and colors!!!!

      • Austin

        Actually, we have different nationalities and colors and languages so we can’t build a tower that reaches to Heaven, but I am thrilled that you are providing this input on how a woman should feel if her involvement in the bearing of a child was minimized in any form or fashion.

  • everett

    Who cares. He is the president! Dang! Grow up!

    • Austin

      People who would like to be properly informed about who is running the most powerful country in the world and in turn is the leader of the free world care. That’s who. It’s a long-held belief that if a man cannot manage his household properly then he cannot be entrusted with the security of the people who are intentionally and inadvertently subject to his policies. We are all reliant on this man, and as such have the right to know how well he is able to handle life is we know it.

  • nunubess

    Hay barbara would you be bringing up the color card if the President was of another color than black or white. I think not . You need to be color blind.

  • http://yahoo Poetic Justice

    Talking ’bout the President won’t solve air polution. . . . .put your hand on your mouth when you cough. . . that’ll help the solution!

    The Staple Singers of the 1970’s

  • white panther

    The Kenyan pigmy’s days are numbered…January 21, 2013!!!

    • BetterOffNed

      I can’t wait to see what happens to all of you degenerate GOP suckers when he gets re-elected.

    • Silvergourmet

      Ignorance is bliss!! Happy????

    • Tabbie Kadde

      Am Kenyan and won’t wish Kenya to be drawn into this. No marriage is 100% perfect.I applaud The Obamas’ the way they handled their issue.

      • Austin

        Do you applaud their ability to shamelessly lie about it?

  • http://DisciplesofTouba-Indianapolis A. Wade

    Well Lets Stay Together another 4 more years they did and look what they accomplished.

    • Barbara Dancy

      Your comments and name caling does nothing but emphasizes your stupidity as well as your racism. It is people like you that think the WHITE house is for nothing but people of your color and mentality. This prez haws done nothing but attempt to help dumb poor jackasses like yourself. If you think you are having it bad, or had it bad when Bush was in office, vote Romney in office and sit back and wallow in utter poverty then. If you had any clommon sense you would be blaming your dumb stupid congressmen and senators for constant fillibustering, and preventing and worthwhile legistration from being passed.!!!

      • Austin

        Which one would that be Barbara? The one that negates the right to bear arms, the one the forces us to spend our hard-earned money in a certain way, or the one that allowed nearly a trillion dollars to be spent without any discretion as to how? Wait a minute. Did he give our tax dollars away without any real restrictions and now is trying to tell us to spend the money that hasn’t been taxed away? I don’t mind paying my taxes, and actually I’m proud to, but I don’t like how that money is being spent, nor do I like being told how to spend the money I have left. I also don’t like that he is trying to re-amend our Bill of Rights because he doesn’t like it.

  • PlainJane

    Ok .. I know that this might just go out on a limb.. I am not a political person by any means but …
    The president doesnt make all of the decisions .. He has to get it through the House and the Senate ( right??) He was handed this mess of a country, welfare system a ticking time bomb, Medical cost in the billions, people getting bills from the birth of their fragile baby in the millions, and all of the other screwed up crap he was handed. What did we as a country expect our president with laws, rules, and obligations to do in his first term? Where did you expect him to get the powers to save our country? I hate to tell you but you have just about as much power to change the world as he does. Are you out there puttin your life and your families life under a microscope? If you want change look in the mirror. Start a garden for the homeless to feed them fresh produce in your area… What there are no homeless in your area.. you need a wake up call then. Want to change the world look in your yard .. help a family or two put clothes on their children, start at home.. where you can make a difference. Stop complaining that he didnt fix all the little things and open your eyes up to a bit of reality to what we as American do live in. Remember the days when we had the good presidents? those who everyone looks to … you think that they had the same struggles then? heck no! it wasn’t the same rules and control we were not fighting so many small fires in the country as we are now.. stupid crap…

    • Silvergourmet

      You said it!!! It is so easy to blame him and easier because he is black and many expect him to mess up because he is.

    • Silvergourmet

      You said it!!! It is so easy to blame him and easier because he is black and many expect him to mess up because he is.

    • Peter C

      Good post plain Jane. It’s funny how all of the Obama hater that claim to be educated have all ignored your post! Kind of like what Ken was saying……. Republicans tend to ignore the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!

      • Austin

        Good post, but I think you have failed to see what it is that people are complaining about here. A couple mentioned not having jobs, sure, but the rest of it consists of valid concerns. The current President of the United States of America would fail a simple security clearance to gain access to files he would never otherwise see if he had not made it to office. Right you are that people do control their own lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy with our President. There are many issues I have with him, most of which have been hashed over on this forum. At any rate, our liberty allows us to speak freely about such things, which is not allowed in many other countries, and I will be need to be put down before I relinquish that right for anyone, for any amount of time. And yes, that includes our leader, I wish I had the opportunity to tell him my thoughts. I would do so in a respectful manner because he deserves that, and I attest that any and all who disagree with him should also do the same, even when not speaking to his face.

  • nancy pharr

    Hmmmm…This would explain the Donald Young thing a clittle more clearly – if there was “touble in paradise” and the Obama marriage was on the rocks at the time that the Donald Young thing alledgedly happened – now the timeline makes more sense. I just heard about Obama’s connection to the late Donald Young, choir director at Rev. Wright’s church, and this would certainly give more verisimilitue to that. Honestly, I was stunned to read about that relationship and don’t know of the validity, but this info makes the Donald Young relationship much more believable…Google it, if you’re not familiar… The American people deserve to know the truth…

    • Silvergourmet

      Why is it important to know about his personal business?? Do you think it affects his job as president??? Has it any other president??? Read your history!!!

      • Austin

        The courts see fit to validate a person’s wellness when giving testimony in trials, so I would think that it is also fair to think that it certainly could affect what I’m sure is the most stressful job in the world.

  • http://www.brodian.com Stewart Brodian

    Word has it that Jacklyn was going to divorce John Kennedy if he lost the election back in 1960.
    Politics can put a lot of pressure on a family.

  • LIrocker

    Can you blame her? She has more balls!!

  • Me

    All you people should shut the hell up and look at them as 2 people. Black, white, spanish, it doesn’t matter. Divorce is divorce and people who aren’t happy in a marriage think about it, or end up doing it. Judging and profiling is ridiculous.

  • lisa

    Wow, what’s the big deal, if they CONSIDERED divorce. Every relationship has it’s issues and I’m sure most if not all have considered ending a relationship once or twice, but decided to work through the issues. I just don’t understand why everything he does is so scrutinized and when people can’t think of anything else to say, they fall back on race. Guess what he is bi-racial!!! which means he is a representation of us all white and black, the great American meltinng pot.

    • Austin

      Lisa, the concern is the truth did not come from them, and even so, they deny it. Could be false, but at this point it is coming from friends and fellow advocates of the family. The only people who keep bringing up race are the people who can’t accept any simple truths and throw that out, such as yourself, when a logical response is not forthcoming. Everything he does is so scrutinized because he accepted the responsibility of being the President of the United States of America. Are we to presume that you think that one who accepts that position should not be held to a higher standard than the rest?

  • nanette

    Buy the book after the election….lol..

  • golden

    Having been blessed with long life, I am still amazed at the thinkings of our ofay brotheren. No matter what Mr. President does, it just isn’t right. When Mr. Clinton left the white house there was a surplus and here come Mr. Bush who spends all of the funds and now it’s the Mr. Presidents fault. What the crap????? I’ve been watching this kind of crap since before I purchaced my “POLL TAX” at the age of 18. So what if the Obamas have marriageable problems? I just can’t understand the problem with this “RACE” thing. Mr. President is as much anglo as he is Black. He is your kindred as much as he is mine. MANY BLESSINGS MR. PRESIDENT

    • Austin

      So, I contest your entire post. Anyone could say they lived a long life, purchased a poll tax, and seen one thing many times, while only providing one misguided example. The problem with the race thing is Obama is taunting his blackness, and not his whiteness.

      • Austin

        taunting = touting; that’s what I meant to say

  • L Leslie

    First of all I would not call him Black – not a black person even helped raise him – only the white family took care of him and raised him – where was his Black family?

    • Ann

      The blood line comes from the Father. Being around or reared by whites doesn’t cut it. You think it’s the greatest to be white.
      President Obama doesn’t think of himself as half ’cause he is aware that it all comes from his African Father. His mother was just a “carrier”.

      • Juan

        Ouch! I think referring to the person that single-handedly raised him and made him who he is today, a ‘carrier’, is a bit cold.

      • willdo

        Its apparent you are not a mother and never bored a child. I hope your childern don’t refer to you as just a carrier.

    • Austin

      Ann: WHAT?! You need a history lesson and a biology lesson. 50% from the mother, and 50% from the father, that is how we get diversity in the gene pool so long as the mother and father aren’t related. I can’t believe any self-respecting person, much less a woman, would trivialize the birthing and carrying of a child. Not saying that the father wasn’t around, because Barack had his time with his father, but I am sore that you will be voting for him because of what his father left with him. I wish you wouldn’t because of the education he received from his father, to which he admits to following with a full desire to, but alas, I cannot stop you, nor in good conscious ask you not to.

  • filingfordivorce

    Win the War on Error: Fire Obama. America is filing for divorce from this dangerous amateur; the divorce will be FINAL November 6, 2012.

    • Tony Tony Tone

      Do you honestly believe Romney will do any better?

    • Never Mind

      Yes, Obummer is a dangerous amateur and must be stopped!

  • http://yahoo connie

    well said lisa

    • http://yahoo connie

      I am just glad that they survived it all…I applaud Michelle for handling it the way she did if there be any truth to the matter…she is 1/2 of the marraige and her feeling and voice should be taken into consideration, especially when you look at how it will effect her family…also when it does turn out just the way you feared then you ahould not let the person off the hook so easy…because that just opens the door to them coming and doing the same thing to you again…I am sure that this lesson has helped them to be the strong family that they are today…God Bless The Obamas

      • Austin

        So, let me get this right connie. She should be respected and that she is half the voice of the marriage, and if he doesn’t listen to that voice then he should not be let off the hook, yet the hook he got is the one he wanted in that she did not follow through with any sort of action thus creating the door that he opened which was the same political ambition that almost crushed the family in the first place? Sounds like you are right about one thing, and one thing only. He did not concern with trying to keep that door closed and the family together by listening to his wife’s voice, it was by his will be done. After reading the Thomas Young story, I wouldn’t be too out of line to suggest that there is more to why she didn’t follow through than just making it want to work.

  • me

    cannot wait til they start locating all the mistresses NObama has had too….just like willy-wonka clinton and tiger woods…..just sayin~

    • Tony Tony Tone

      This is sheer idiocy. Everyone here is now dumber for reading that. May god have mercy on your soul.

      • http://yahoo faye brown

        if you’ve been married very long….who hasn’t had problems……??????? just saying…..

    • JayC

      Maybe they should start with Larry Sinclair

    • Juan

      And if they locate them, what would that prove? I fail to see the connection between past romps in the sack, and the ability to govern. Bush was faithful yet a failure as a president. Clinton was a jerk, but an awesome president. That is why we get the candidates that we get. Successful, talented people elect NOT to run for office for fear of their dirty laundry being aired out. Both parties are equally shameless.

      • Austin

        You fail to see how integrity is important to the leader of the free world? I fail to see how certain aspects of his life are not public knowledge, such as his brother’s political alignments, his father’s political alignments, his spiritual adviser’s political alignments, and his inability to pass a low-level security clearance required to be an agent in the FBI based on those relations.

  • stephanie hobbs

    I would prefer hearing more insightful news. I do not care what happened in 2000. NEWFLASH, Its 2012. For those that get off on bringing up old news, lets talk about Bush reading a book upside down. Really??? Im not going to get into the race issues although I truely believe that it is an issue when it comes to MY president. I’m team Obama regardless, heck Bush beat us up for 8 year. President has definitely done a better job than he did.

    • Juan

      “I do not care what happened in 2000. NEWFLASH, Its 2012.” Amen to that. I do fault Obama for one thing though… volunteering to try and clean up Bush’s mess. Now the increased deficit, failed health reform, and sputtering economy is all on his watch. He will not be remembered for Bin Laden’s death or the elimination of Qaddafi or the ending of the wars, but rather the aforementioned. Imagine, despite all the controversy with Rev. White, 88% of Republicans still aren’t sure he is a Christian. Some still rant about him being born in Kenya (really?). The uninformed are allowed to vote, and there is nothing you can do about that.

      • Steve

        Juan, unfortunately you are the one uninformed. The elimination of Qaddafi put in place Al Qaeda. Bush put in place water boarding which lead to the information and eventual killing of Osama. Clinton’s success was a result of speaker Gingrich’s reforming of medicaid and his balanced budget he presented to Clinton. Clinton gets the credit for signing it in to law. Egypt has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood ( a terroist organization) . Stop watching MSNBC !

  • Tony

    who writes this Garbage

    • cheryl

      I’m sick of the “race card” attitude. My family has been bi-racial for 40 years. I voted for Obama because he offered us “hope” and a “new beginning.” I am now disappointed that I did vote for him. I’ll not “bash”, like some of you. However, I will ask this: In a country like ours, why is it we do not have better choices of who runs our country. I’ve been around for a lot of years and many presidents and work for the election board. I have voted every election, since I was old enough to vote. This is the first time, in my life, I don’t think I’ll be voting….Sad.

      • Austin

        Nobody cares about race anymore, and those who do will be ignored. It will do us all a favor stop bringing it up regardless of our views on it. There will be decent candidates, perhaps you should organize your community to support those rather than bowing out. I hope you decide not to do nothing.

  • Kc

    I think that Clarence needs to grow up, get a job, pay taxes, own a home,pay utility bills, pay for college for his children,save for retirement, and then maybe he will understand the shortcomings of this administration. No disrespect intended. I do believe that Mr. Obama is doing what he thinks is right for the country! The trouble is that a community organizer has no skills to run a country let alone one that is in such financial disrepair!Oh, and yes …Tony Tony Tone needs to really get a life!!

    • rick pratt


      • Peter Winfield

        It is amazing to me how uneducated the populous is. People blame Bush for the economic meltdown, when it started with a lot earlier with Democratic President’s signing the Community Re-investment Act. The only people voting for Yobama are the uneducated, the African Americans, 3rd world Hispanics, and the people who rely on handouts by the government to survive, as Yobama and the liberals have created many new social programs. It is funny to me how the “poor” people vote by who is going to give them more free money. Grow up and get a job, stand on your own two feet. Problem is that after generations of welfare families having 4-5 kids while the tax paying families are having 1-2 kids, the number of government dependents has grown out of control. The only way to fix this is to stop paying people who can’t take care of themselves for having babies. Bring back orphanages and make abortions accessible. DO NOT pay them for having a kid at 16-18 so I have to go to work to feed another hungry mouth.

        • Donna Kahn

          I am white, educated and a working middle class women. I love Barack Obama. Just for the record it is not only Republicans who work. Democrates work just as hard. Too bad this country is still filled with ignorant bigots who can’t believe anyone but a white man can be president. Grown up and go to school. Only the uneducated are bigots.

      • Sungman Paik

        It is wrong to blame Bush for everything. Bush has been a man of honor when he was the president and after the presidentship. I have never heard him or his administration ever blame Clinton for anything. However, Bush should have clarified about the effect of Clinton’s housing policies that had caused a major economic impact in 2008. And also, two big names in Congress and Senate, F and D should have been investigated regarding the Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac.

    • Donna Kahn

      I think we should all mind our own business. If the President and the First Lady are having or did have marriage problems it is NONE of anyones business except his and his family.

  • stephanie hobbs

    Oh and since were living in the past and everything is so racially motivated,let us revisit slavery and the 20 acres and a mule no one black has ever received. If not then lets move forward.

    • Tefair McCauley

      When will the mess stop, and no black folks like me, a young 77 and loving it. Amen History, has already been made, Babe, and we work for what we want, and guess what we are doing awesome, by His grace. Lets live and let live, check your own mess, before you start writing about the man who never has, and will never receive any credit from some folks, I’ll Pray for them all, Amen Have a blessed day, and life also-I love it To the writer of book

    • Renee

      Stephanie Hobbs: You spoke to the wrong person..! You are even more ignorant! It is 40 acres and a mule stupid! Again, thanks for speaking up and letting us know those feelings we need that..! What else…Everything is not racially motivated.. I tried to stay away from the teaching and spelling part but, you also need classes.I will make you want to go back into your mother’s womb. You don’t want to come at me!

  • GeorgeTrueChristian

    Like every descent American I knew that this man was incencere to his family,now in the white house he proved how evil he is. How he will apprear to ask for the vote of the American people a man who made marriage mockery and was about to divorce? I am asking every true Christian American for God’s sake vote this satanic man out and lets bring a man who will support freedom, democracy, Christianity and Family values in this country.

    • BB


      • Donna Kahn

        You are sooo wrong my friend. He is not evil.

    • Listening

      Greorge – some true Christian – I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ – does that give me the right to call this man, our President, leader of this great nationa and chosen by God, satanic and evil?? Shame on you – he is neither one of those things!!! If only God would open your eyes, you could see reality. Barack Obama is a chosen by God leader, and we are never to judge or criticize, because that would be criticizing God himself. You need to repent and ask for forgiveness from God and pray for our President as the Bible says. Do you really think Mr. Mormon is any better, please, get a real life!!!

    • Renee

      GeorgeTrueChristian: Drop the Christian or do more research on Christianity! You idiot!~ Get this misrepresentation of a christian out of here! A Christian is not suppose to judge!

  • the truth

    Donald Young myteriously died in 2007 , the year Barak declares he will become President. Young a black choir boy at Barak’s church confessed to a long standing homosexual affair with the future President. Interesting he was murdered as the campaign begins. Before that a white politician Larry Sinclair allewged that he had a homosexual affair with Obama in 1999 in a limo. Later he wrote a book about it and how he was silenced by Obama , Aklerod and later the Attorney General of Conn. , the son of Joe Biden , our Vice President.Recently Obama supports gay marriage and now we hear of a stress in Obama marriage in 2000. The reporter that breaks this story of cover-ups and lies will be remembered forever. The downside is that every whistleblower becomes dead , ridiculed , imprisoned or called crazy like the birthers. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Joe Wilson was right !

    • Listening

      Oh puleeezzz! Get a life! Another made-up, consipiracy theory by right-wing fringe lunatics. Guess the J. Wright thing ain’t workin’ huh.

      • Renee

        Wow! Listening, you are really in the house!! I will just enjoy you speak the truth! the truth: I see why you don’t capatilize your screen name! You know nothing of the truth! In the words of Ray Charles’ dead mother; May she rest in piece, “Scratch a lie, find a thief……..!!

  • joan

    Readers be mindful of the source of your information, especially on the internet. This article states that Pres. Obama ran for a “seat in the Chicago House Of Representatives”. There is no such thing. He ran for a seat in the U.S. Congress. Once you see an error in an article or TV/radio story, you should be concerned about the credibility of the rest of the story.

  • jack

    looks like America wasn’t the only thing she hated

  • Sherrie

    I agree that most married couples have had tough times and disagreed about how things should be handled. I disagree that *most* couples have thought about divorce and I more strongly assert that I am sure MOST of them did not go so far as to seek legal counsel and have divorce papers drawn up. All this does is put the Obamas in the same court as many other public and political families: staying married because they want to be in the limelight and get the perks. See ALL of the Kennedy clan families (although I will also say being Catholic played a large role in their staying married too), The Clintons, for examples.

    To the person who “does not understand this race thing” because “he is much more white than black”, seriously? Since he himself claims to see himself first and foremost as a BLACK man this statement is simply ridiculous. As, in my opinion, is ANYONE who first and foremost sees themselves as ANY COLOR first and foremost. If I was asked to describe myself or tell who I was I sure as hell would not say I was a **(insert color here) woman. I would say I was a
    happily married mother of six. It is ALL about how we define ourselves, not how others define us. If we define by color first we are then racist regardless of the color of our skin. It is that simple. You want to change how the world sees you? Change how you see yourself!

  • David Gore

    What a silly story! Who cares. I don’t agree with the President’s policies. I voted against him in 2008 and I will again in 2012. But this kind of meaningless reporting is just a waste of time for everyone. At one point or another almost every marriage has problems, and being the president does not make one immune. Heck, If I were Michelle and this happened I think talk of divorce would be in the air also.

    • Renee

      David Gore: What a silly comment! Who cares. You don’t agree with the President’s Policies. You voted against him but, HE WON! You idiot! You need to read and think before you speak!

    • Mary-Dawn

      I agree with David that most marriages have trouble at some point or another.The strong ones last because people work thru those issues.Regardless of how anyone feels about our president isn’t it their business not ours.

  • robin shinee

    Who wouldn’t want to divorce an egotistical fraud? His former girlfriends easily concede that Osama, I mean Obama follows his own tune and does not connect or interact with others. I recall it was revealed that Obama manifests a selfish unwillingness to consider another. Further, he sllegedly cloaks his inadequacies with that signature smooth demeanor. These were prime reasons one former girlfriend broke off with him. He simply was (is?) a mental and emotional “no show.”

  • AL TRU

    Obama is bisexual…on the down low….old news. the DNC is going to run someone against him at the convention…could be Hillary.
    Google Larry Sinclair,Reggie Love,Chicago Bathhouse

  • Je Colon

    Maybe it was due to the “LIMO” situation. I mean, everybody in Chicago knew that Obama like bathhouses and the only men who go to these bathhouses are homos. A real man does not state to the world that he is for gay marriage. Obama has a lot of “issues” to overcome.

  • Commie Barack

    Like the “Occupy” thugs?? Now theres a group of “courageous” people. lol. Barack Obama says he is SEIU (Service Employees International Union). SEIU is paying the rent for an office suite in New York City for the “Occupy” thugs. That would make Barack Obama an “Occupy” thug.

    • Juan

      I never did get the whole “Occupy” thing. Sounds like a bunch of people with a lot of time on their hands. Just saying.

      • Nancy

        ‘ Occupyer ) ; and he sure as hell , ain’t legal ‘ .

      • James

        Lot of time on their hands because obummer sucks as a president and cannot fix a thing

    • Ralph

      reminds me of another “community organizer” from Austria.

      • Joe

        Nice Patriotic comment buddy…You obviously don’t know anyone who went through the Holucost! What a dope you are!

    • Kim Clark

      You mean the Occupy “thugs” who have informed the country that 1% of the population controls 95% of the wealth. Truth-telling makes one a thug? Now America knows the truth that Wall Street has been hiding. Edward Klein is a nobody-lying-chees ball – I call lying about the President a Thug. Occupy is telling the truth, whether you like their fashion choices or not. Keep living a the Tea Party bag of lies, but the tea is getting pretty weak

      • Juan

        Was that the purpose of Occupy? Informing the country of what we know already? I don’t get it.

        • Derrick


          • Frank

            It has nothing to do with color… why is it that a complaint about policies gets twisted into a color thing?

      • Renee

        Kim Clark: Wow! Somebodies toe HURTS! lmao! Awesome!

        • hilite1

          “Occupiers” should stop protesting an “occupie” a job!

          • M jan

            Shame on your poor soul !

          • josh

            you really have no clue what the occupy movement is all about do you! It is to get the big corprate lobiest out of the public sector or we will occupy the private sector where they do buisness until they get out our public sector. Do some research you sound so stupid most of these people who are out there in the streets (the occupiers) are making this country better for you and me and by the way i have 2 jobs and i am part of the occupy movement.

        • Tiffaney

          NOT EVEN

      • Jake

        occupy wall street did not inform the county of anything, even if cnn said they did.

        if you dont like america, leave. class warfare hate speech like yours is a problem, not how much money the big bossman makes.

        how much do you make kim?

  • http://yahoo Patrick Flynn

    Just think, these people VOTE, that should scare the hell out of you!

    With this type of idiots roaming the earth, we now know how the big Zero (Obama) was elected.

    Pat in Fort Myers, Fl.

    • Renee

      Patrick: Been looking for you which is why i’m still here! How in the world are you to talk about; “Now you know how he was elected..” pss! You are a Floridian, the same way Bush was elected if that is the case! Stupid (Florida) We sure do know that you all hate blacks been there and done that and you all claim to have black friends…! Lmbo! Racism lives you are just hidding behind it but, your comments make it evident and we thank you for saying here when we called your name!

  • Ralph A. Hunt

    A troublesome question keeps coming up, namely; “Is the principle and driving reason that no one dares oppose or negatively react toward Obama in any manner; is that reason only because he is black? And an implied threat of racial warfare in the streets if anyone dares oppose Obama, period?” A valid question, in my opinion

  • Kitty

    who cares

  • Kim

    Enough…….I feel so sorry for the off springs of everyone that posted something on this post pertaining to someone being a racist of any kind. That means that your children will most likely grow up to just like you and have your same thoughts about racism. As for the book which the book which the forum was supposed to be about……its truly sad what people would do for money these days. At the end of the day who in the hell really cares about somebody getting divorced people all over the world do this every damn day. So what he/she thought about getting a divorce. I’m quite sure they’re not the only married couple that have had these thoughts. But you don’t see anybody writing a book about it either. As for the President being an amateur….So was all the other damn Presidents before him just as he didn’t know we all don’t or wouldn’t know how hard it would be to run a country until you hop you’re a** in the hot seat. Everybody is quick to blame, I guess that’s the American way we just gotta blame somebody for something. Somebody has to take the blame not Bush so how about this guy. So we run out and buy this persons book….& for what? So we can have another rich a**hole running around making dumb a** statements all the time. All I can say is….. Good job people keep up the good work. smfh

  • Learnall

    Let us not judge the president and his family. Rather than judge him, let’s pray for him. He is trying his best to move this country forward. Tell republicans to cooperate with him and give him one more chance!How many presidents achieved what he was able to achieve within three and a half years despite obstructions by the right wing? I want you to remember that it is not easy to bring fresh heads and dry heads together. You take for instance your own family; don’t you normally have misunderstandings with your siblings?

    • Listening

      Yes! Finally, someone here said something that makes sense. We should all come together in this country and get behind this president who is intelligent, is a family man, despite what this article is trying to portray him as, and, he knows how to move this country forward! Vote for Obama in 2012!

  • Jerald Peterson

    Now this is the kind of news that appeals to most Americans who do not know who their senator or congressman are. Dumbing down America with gossip. Who cares? P

  • John

    Everyone wants to play the race card. People should realize that not matter who steps up to pretend to run America is going to do it all the same way.. They will pocket what they can and screw out the rest of Americans. McCain would have messed us up too.. I wouldn’t expect a single money hungry jerk to do anything actually right by Americans. As far everyone being out of the recession. Thats BS.. The state I live in still has very few jobs.

  • budhunney

    i think black people voting for someone just because they are black is no better then white people voting for someone just because they are white. maybe its time all americans vote for who they think will make this a great country again.

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