Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific, Shows Study

    December 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the home of Honolulu, is dissolving from the inside, shows a new study. Geologists state that the island’s Koolau and Waianae mountains will gradually be reduced to nothing, leaving Oahu a flat, low-lying island.

“We tried to figure out how fast the island is going away and what the influence of climate is on that rate,” said Steve Nelson, a Brigham Young University geologist. “More material is dissolving from those islands than what is being carried off through erosion.”

The study, published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, looked at both groundwater and stream water, comparing them to see which removes more mineral material. Geologists spent two months sampling both types on Oahu, then added data from the U.S. Geological Survey to calculate the total mass that disappeared from the island in various years.

“All of the Hawaiian Islands are made of just one kind of rock,” said Nelson. “The weathering rates are variable, too, because rainfall is so variable, so it’s a great natural laboratory.”

According to Nelson and his colleagues’ estimates, the plate tectonics affecting Oahu will continue to grow the island for 1.5 million years. After that, groundwater will begin to force the island and its mountains into a flat landscape.

  • John G.

    So “everything’s OK” for another 1.5 MILLION years ?!?

    Why the Hell is ANYBODY worried about this now . . . especially if this is a more-or-less natural process, which WE can do NOTHING to prevent ?!?!?

    Great food-for-thought, however!

  • http://yahoo.com jim

    who cares ???????

  • http://yahoo.com John

    I read the headline and sold my Oahu condo for pennies on the dollar, hoping the new buyer hadn’t heard the news. Now, after reading the article, I discovered I had another 1.5 million years still. Geez! That’s the first time I have ever seen a “news” story on the internet that had a totally misleading headline. Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson. Keep up the quality reporting! This article should win a Pulitzer.

  • Suzie

    I was thinking the exact thing as John G., but he beat me to it. I guess Steve Nelson was feeling insecure, and needed some attention.

    And, how much of OUR tax dollars went into any amount of time spent by the USGS personnal to add to this stupid (did not need to know this info at this point in time)study?

    • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks

      And how much of our hard-earned tax dollars have been wasted paying off Unions and lobbyists and subsidies to thugs in the Blowbama ad-MINI-stration in the last 4 years alone…

  • Tweets50

    Jesus will be back before than. No Worries!

  • Suzie

    I just emailed Sean Patterson (author of article):

    “Dear Sean, have you read the comments? How can I get a job there writing completely useless articles with totally misleading headlines?”

  • Robert

    I agree with Suzie, Steve Nelson was craving attention. Hope his “book” doesn’t sell.

  • Doug

    I agree what a complete misleading & useless headline — What a jerk for even writing this article!!!

    • larry

      Yeah and in 2 millions the rockies will be flat also, california will have falled into the ocean, florida will be covered in water.

  • donnie atkinson

    If Jack Lord was alive he would really be upset!

  • Steve M

    So…the island is actually going to grow for 1.5 million more years, then, at a rate nobody really knows, it will slowly “dissolve” into the Pacific. Florida would be jealous. Is there any way I can go back in time and smack myself before clicking on this article?

    • A Johnson


      • http://webpronews theresa

        Ditto Ditto

      • MusicGuy

        Me too.

  • t c bakalla

    The solution is to start shipping stone from the mainland and build out the islands.

    • lol

      I don’t think I have ever read anything more ridiculous in my entire life, my IQ is now so low i can barely function. Thank you, so much, for making us all a little more stupid today.

      • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks

        You must have “voted” for Blowbama if your IQ is that low…explains so much.

  • Jim

    REALLY? REALLY? This is a news story, 1.5 Million years of Growth then a decline. You shouldn’t be in the news business, no clue.

  • http://yahoo sands of times

    What it this! another 12 21 12???

    • aelfheld

      Stick around 1.5 million years & you’ll see.

  • http://yahoo jack luft

    Oh, nuts! I just took out a 2-million year mortgage on a bungalow in Honolulu.

    • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks


  • Mary B

    Quick! Get out your cameras! I want to see the action in time-lapse photography.

    • morningsky

      “Bookem Dano” Should we all fly there an book hotel room before the final sinking? oh geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez give me a break.Sounds like a lure for the vunberable tourist economy.

  • http://Yahoo John T

    Good ridance!

  • Don

    — Chain —

    The life wave on Mars moved on eons ago. What you are finding is the
    remnants of when the life wave was on Mars.

    Figure 3. one Chain

    A Chain is a group of seven planets or Globes.

    — Round —

    Figure 3. one Round

    A Round is time spent on seven planets or Globes. Our Earth is the fourth of seven Globes in this Round.

    The duration of the Globes of our Round are not equal, but occur at a ratio of 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7. (C W XIII pp. 301-306)
    Planet A: 11,020,408 years
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    — Manvantara —

    • wiff

      Uh, say what?

  • wiff

    I have a theory that life in our solar system has moved from the outer planets to the inner planets over time. Might have started on Pluto, moved to Neptune, Uranus, to one of Saturns large moons, then to a moon of the Jupiter system, to Mars, now us. Venus is hot now and will be the next one. Mercury will be the last. The Sun is the key, has it cooled over time? It had to have burned hotter early in it’s lifetime to support my theory.

    • Mark

      wiff, your theory is backwards i am sorry to say. the Sun’s output, or luminosity, will increase over time. The “habitable zone” that our planet resides in right now will move farther out until Earth is no longer habitable due to the heat. the oceans will, if they haven’t permeated into the crust by then, will evaporate. Mars will become hospitable and then the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

      • Jon

        Mark, actually Mars will become even less inhabitable. Not only is its gravity too little to hold a sustainable atmosphere, its magnetic field is also to weak to adequately shield it and the atmosphere from the solar winds. Eons ago, the atmosphere was probably a bit thicker, but the solar winds have stripped it down to its current level.

        One or two of the Jovian moons will probably be much better candidates.

  • sharron

    OH come on. the island is dissolving—- yeah in 1.5 million years. quick get the life raft. good grief. I think the residents will have time to figure out a solution, unlike the islands in Alaska which actually are dissolving quickly and are something to worry about.

  • Steve

    Wow! Better make plans to go before it’s gone!

  • 96706

    Ah den I still have to pay my land tax and mortgage!! Shucks!

  • http://whitehousedossier Steven

    America is rotting from the inside, thanks to obamination and the first canine!!!!!!!

    • EM

      You seem a little up tight or are your overalls too tight?

      • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks

        EM…time for you to go back to your one-handed “quiet time” with your Blowbama poster…a$$hole Libtard….

        • Really

          Methinks that Blowbama would like to do just that. Hey, a tasteless post for a tasteless poster. Cheers, loser!

  • http://whitehousedossier Steven

    Obamination won’t be able to vacation there, he will have to go to kenya!!!!!!!!

    • EM

      Oh my gosh … that is so funny! Not. More like retarded. Another tasteful idiotic remark brought to you by GOP Toothless Redneck Ass.ocation of America.

      • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks

        EM…and yet another Libtard response from a brain dead moron who “voted” the Obamanation back in…A$$hole DUMBocrat.

  • Me

    Another worthless study done at our expense irrelevent information guessing this might take place in 1.5 million years..

    • http://www.yahoo.co ozarkbiker

      I totally agree. Don’t ya just want to slap the underwriters of this research gig?

  • Ricko

    They said this about Galvestion Island in the 1970’s when I was a kid. No changes in about 40 years that I can see.

  • Sean Ferguson

    Wow! I better extend my property insurance in Oahu.

  • Marco

    It took scientists two months, on an arduous all-expenses-paid stay on Oahu, to reach this conclusion. They formulated their final conclusions over umbrella drinks on the veranda while waves gently lapped the shore.

  • Lanai

    They have to do these studies in order come up with something so they can keep their jobs.

  • ronr

    Since the world did not end on December 21, 2012, believers had to look for something, even an island supposedly sinking.

  • Debbie

    Money well spent…for scientists to vacation on Oahu to say the island is sinking…in wow..1.5 million years! Who will be around then..not me! The huge cockroaches will be though! haha

  • Linda

    So, the Island will grow BIGGER for 1,500,000 years… THEN it will start to dissolve and flatten. That sounds a whole lot different than “Oahu Dissolving Into the Pacific”!!

    • Rhonda Hall

      I agree Linda! Why is it that journalists today have to go for the BIG drama. Why don’t they leave the drama on Broadway where it belongs. Tell the factual story and be done with it. Is 15 minutes of fame that darn important that you want to scare people to death. Shame on this writer for using the same tactics that our President uses. The POS is a narsacistic, socialist, muslum. What else would he do but be dramatic. You can probably tell I didn’t vote for him on his first or second term. lolol
      If drama, raitings, and fame are the only reasons you are a journalist then crawl back into your hole and cover yourself up. A journalist is suposed to be inlightening not scaring people to death. Your articles should have the basics. Who, what, where and when, with maybe a side not by you about how you feel about the story. That my friend is high school journalism 101. Go back to school. Geeesh!

  • http://www.blowbamasucks.com BlowbamaSucks

    It is a shame that the island couldn’t dissolve a little faster while the POS Pretender-in-Chief and his transvestite “wife” were there…

    • A.Perkins

      He’s the president,harvard grad,his wife looks better than anything your tubby ass could pull…you smell so much like a loser I swear I smell you through my monitor.

  • Ed

    Hey there blowbama, lets get something straight efore we get too far afield. His name is really Osama bin bama and his wife is a transsexual. Please at least get the terms correct.

    All I know is that the cowards that voted this jerk back in are living in lala land and have no idea what they have done.

    Oh well, at least I did the right thing and voted the jerk out, my conscience is clear.

    • LK

      Your comments show just what an idiot you are Ed!

    • Chris Tan

      Can’t believe that there are still jerks like you around. It just shows what bird brains you have. Oop sorry, the birds have mose brains than you

    • EDS AN ASS


      I just wanted to point out how ignorant you really are…and by that I mean uneducated and literally f’ing stupid. Politics aside, what is your actual point? I hate comments like this and people like you because you post for attention and to create hostility. Get a life and a hobby! Oh, and try being a bit optimistic…..
      dumb fuc$

    • Vincenzo Martinelli

      We know exactly why we voted the great muslim president back in.

      Now, pay your freakin taxes and STFU. We got big plans for your money.

    • Mark Jenkins

      Anyone can have a clear conscience when the switch is turned off.

    • Mike

      So Ed we are all so glad that you express your opinions, However what have you done to sacrifice for this country. Probably nothing! So until you do something that is meaningful quit your complaining!

    • thom

      wow! thanks for your clear conscience. at least you have that…not much else, not even a brain

    • carson

      quit your crying , and act like a man

  • Juanita

    Hooray for the good old USA. Every person is allowed freedom of speech no matter how mentally deficient the speaker may be.

  • mike esler

    If Obama care is so great why did the two top democrats who helped shove it down our throats get waivers for their businesses to not have to participate in it. (Nancy Pelosie and Harry Reid)? Also if its such a boon why did the administration bribe the Nebraska republican to sign on to the bill by exempting the entire state?

  • mike

    Has anyone even bothered to keep up with all the executive orders made?

  • John P

    Ed is much more intelligent than the idiots that run this country.

  • James S Horgan

    This might be a world’s record in journalism for “burying-the-lead.” YES, the island is “dissolving” and will eventually be flat as a pancake, but ONLY after it grows larger for the “next 1.5 million years.” Obviously a lefty wrote this article because they couldn’t help but to insinuate the cause of this catastrophe as “climate change.”

  • Matt

    looks like I have to find a different retirement spot

  • Doug Sterling

    Got to visit sometime in the next 2 million years, before it’s too late!

  • Mark Jenkins

    Here’s News that needs to be known-and reported- OAHU will dissolve from within in 1.5 million years- definitely something to worry about.Who authorized the wasted money for this study?

  • Patricia Jefferson

    Forget geographic erosion dissolving the island soon or billions of years away, pure hatred destroys any & everything faster. Love is the only thing that will prevail. Words can kill just like a weapon. The tongue is a double-edged sword, the Bible says. The sword cuts, sheds blood. If there’s life in the blood and the blood is shed, then what’s left is death. The Son of Our Creator God says, “Choose Life”.

    We are to pray for our leaders and their families. That’s what I practiced no matter what Party “so-called” was in office. In the Military you respect the Rank, even when the order given out seemed unfair.

    This is an Honorable family. They deserve a chance to execute the laws of the land as well as any one else elected to serve the American people. They are clean living, the love and respect each other, the love their children, and they love this country and the American people. Best of all they are Christians. Christians, new and seasoned, are still clay in the Potter’s Hands. Therefore, God is not through with any of us, yet.

    May this New Year, 2013, bring God’s Peace & Joy & a Wealth of Blessings to all who spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all encountered in our daily lives.

  • michael wardlow

    After 1.5 million years has passed, the entire eastern Pacific tectonic plate will have been subducted under the north and South American plates which are advancing in a westward direction because of sea-floor spreading happening in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. Oahu will not only be flat by that time, it will be gone! There goes the North Shore big-wave surfing. Damn.

    • mightythor

      (1) Sea floor spreading in the Atlantic is only about 25 mm/year (Wikipedia,Mid Ocean Ridge) or about 25 kilometers in a million years, That’s about 25 miles in 1.5 million years.
      (2) Sea floor spreading along the East Pacific Ridge (at about 100 mm/year — same source) is moving the Hawaiian Islands AWAY from North and South America, towards Asia. Oahu is expected to move about 60 miles every million years, in the general direction of Midway Island to the west-northwest. At that rate it will be subducted under Siberia in about 100 million years.

  • William Stollar

    Ha! I TOLD my neighbor not to buy that time share on Oahu. Now his investment is going to be worth nothing in a few million years.

  • Mike

    HELLO. If we don’t start using our smarts to save our planet, there won’t be a planet in a hundred years, let alone 1.5 billion.

    As for the Obama crack made by ED, I didn’t vote for Obama, but yes, ED is an idiot.

  • Phil

    Why is anyone paying these people ANY money to determine that an island will be flat millions of years from now. REALLY? As if this information will benefit us in any way. CMON you have to be kidding. This is just such a ridiculous waste.

    • ken

      University students are not being paid to study this sort of thing. Paying tuition and fees in graduate school comes to $20,000-$50,000 per year just for the opportunity to make statements such as this. Great work comes out of people who can afford to review data and present studies. I think this is an interesting article.

  • jay

    what goes up —must come down.

  • http://yahoo David

    These people are getting multi-million dollar grants to waste time doing this. If people are still around in 1.5 million years, THEN start worrying.

  • http://facebook stanley evans

    Go get them sheriff you are the only one with guts enough to tell the bleeding hearts to go to h___./.protect the kids and no mercy to the guttertrash// train those teachers to forget the appeasement training see that they learn you dont talk to these clowns ..they come with a firearm ==they are carried out in a wheelbarroy to the nearest dump…..now if we can get the same toughness on the CRIMINALS crosing our boarders we just might straighten out our country.

    • terry

      that’s “borders” btw…

  • http://facebook stanley evans

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  • Marvin Rose

    oh no the sky is falling again, only this time 1.5 million years away. Dang , so sad I will miss it

  • Deborah Carroll

    hey there are a ton of tunnels and underground cities on Oahu

    maybe that is contributing to the sinking inward issue

    millions were spent on a new third tunnel through from waikiki side to windward side through the mountains near Aiea and i think it was about 11 million spent to do this boring through the mountains back in early 90s, only to find out that the microwaves penetrating that new tunnel would cause infertilization of the commuters who would benefit from a new tunnel to make traffic times less slow and long, so they closed the tunnel and basically decided it was a mistake and could not be used for drivers afterall.

    I suppose it was an add on to some of the tunnels and underground cities built under hickam airforce base.

    what is really happening? I wonder!

  • carson

    Ed , quit your crying and act like a man.

  • Angela

    This is not news! Every knowledgeable person knows that islands formed from volcanos in the sea will return to the sea. 1.5 million years really is a bit of a throw for us to really be concerned as Id think humans wont even exist at that time…at least not the way they do now. Either way, this is not really news. Technically they all are doing the same thing!

    • Jon

      It says the island will continue to grow for another 1.5 million years, and it will start flattening until after that. So, it’s not even dissolving yet.

  • Cathy

    And just who do you think will be alive to watch this happen in 1.5 million years?

    • http://yahoo BRAD

      Who will be alive in 1.5 million years to watch this happen? At the rate that WHITE women are marrying NEGROS, and having NEGRO offspring, the only things that will be alive to enjoy this happening, will be the future half human, half monkey population, that will inherit the planet! Thank you Abraham Lincoln, and John Kennedy!

      • pissed reader

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      • cindy adam

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  • joe lancour

    In other news, the sun came up today.

  • zac

    another pointless article if you are not immortal.

  • me

    We’ll, that’s a minute I’ll never get back… and that’s more tragic than this stupid story, I’d say.

  • Elmer Fudd

    That wascawwe wabbit George W Bush did it, a-huh huh huh huh…

  • http://hotmail Floyd

    White people have more in common with black people than rich people.
    We need to get rid of all colors of people and just have everyone keep f___king everyone until we are all the same color.

  • Tony Mac

    Wow! People actually got paid to reveal this to the world! Probably on som tax payer funded grant. Unbelievable waste……..

    • Cuzzin

      Yes people get paid to examine every detail of our planet every day. Were it not for this desire to fully understand the world we live in you would still be living in a cave … assuming you bothered to go out to try and find a suitable cave in which to live. Sadly the people that get paid to understand our little rock dont get paid nearly as much as the pretty people who we eagerly watch at the movie theatres and TV. Now ask yourself which of these two groups would you rather spend your money on before you declare these finding as a waste.

      and another thing … your tax dollars are spent bombing camel herders in the desert, feeding crack mothers in government housing, and among other waste paying all manner of lazy useless morons that call themselves politicians … yet you complain about spending on scientists to understand our planet. Seriously?

  • schema

    Giving this study – a bit speculative, don’t you think? – the headline it has is, well, beyond utter stupidity. So the island will grow for the next 1.5 million years and then it will begin to ‘dissolve’, eh? This isn’t science – it’s the stuff of comic books. Who gives a flying #$%#! what will happen after it reaches its maximum size in 1.5 million years and then begins its descent into the Pacific? If we own a plot of land there now, should we sell or wait a few hundred thousand years? Will the Cubs win the World Series before then? Perhaps residences on the big island should begin building their ark now – certainly no later than the year 1,459,231.2! Happy New Years, fellow scientists.

  • Me

    I’m a democrat, and I would have gladly rather spent this money or the Romney Campaign. What a waste of tax payers good money….1.5million years?? Dumb ass study probably cost 1.5million dollars. But who am I to complain, I would take a two month job in Hawaii and not work on s*** either.

    • Joe

      To Me, there’s virtually no basis for your statement about use of taxpayer dollars as there is no mention of any money being spent or where the money came from. This study was done by geologists, plural, but only one was identified he is from BYU and that is a private institution. No mention of whether or not they got federal taxpayer dollars. In addition to the data they collected they said they got data from the federally funded US Geological Survey, but no mention of what data was used or how it was collected. It could have been satellite data which would not involve any employees going to Hawaii at taxpayers’ expense. Heck, some data that they collect is SOLD in order to help recoup the costs and it may be that the group who did this study actually had to pay for the data. Even if the study was federally funded, at least this portion would have seen money go from to the study via a grant, then back to the government for the data.
      So before you go bashing this (or any other report) as a waste of taxpayer money, get the facts about where the money came from, how much money is involved, then complain. Or when that is not available or known, at least clearly include something like “If this was funded with taxpayer money, then…” your complaint and how you would rather have spent the money.
      BTW, I’m a republican and I would NOT have wanted it seen spent on the Romney Campaign.

  • http://www.sdgwebdesign.com Steve Kent

    Yeah, I was kind of expecting some kind of shocking reason or timeline, like acid rain will have dissolved in within 30 years, the geologically timelined grind of plate tectonics is hardly news, what’s tomorrow? “India crushes South East Asia!”, “Australia about to smash into Antarctica!”?