O.J. Simpson Party Had Inmates Fighting For Invites

By: Amanda Crum - February 13, 2013

O.J. Simpson, who is serving a 33-year prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery, is apparently living it up while he’s behind bars.

The 65-year old former football star bought himself a television from the “inmate store” and is one of very few prisoners who has one in his cell, so when it came time for the Super Bowl, he had a little party. A source told The Daily Mail that inmates were fighting over who would get to attend, as there was obviously limited space.

‘He’s like the Godfather of the prison now,’ friend Norman Pardo said.

Simpson made headlines last year when L.A. District Attorney Christopher Darden claimed he thought the infamous glove presented as evidence in Simpson’s murder trial had been tampered with, and ordered an investigation. But members of Simpson’s defense team spoke out against the idea.

“As members of the defense team, Carl Douglas and I were present in court on the day that Chris Darden asked O.J. Simpson to try on the glove,” attorney Shawn Holley said in a statement. “Mr. Darden’s self-serving assertion that Johnnie Cochran tampered with the glove–or any piece of evidence–is false, malicious and slanderous. Almost 20 years later, it seems Mr. Darden is still trying to exculpate himself from one of the biggest blunders in the history of jurisprudence.”

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  • http://ayala20032@yahoo.com Augustin Ayala

    He broke no laws. Why is it an issue?

    • fake

      Oh he broke some laws….

  • http://na wh

    money can make a lot of difference in prison live .most every one should have know that a wet glove will shrink where it’s with water or blood ; but i guess they weren’t that smart of a jury !!!

  • Mona


    • Juantime Quadraped

      Driving through Lovelock,NV on the way to Boise, I usually have a scathing comment to yell toward the prison (where OJ resides) regarding Karma or the scales of justice tipping very slowly…I just can’t think of any right now……

  • http://tinamcgee.com Tina

    I don’t know. OJ is sexy. I would like to serve him all night long. I bet he has the long schlong and I would love him inside me. He’s a great man. Innocent and deserves so good ol’ hot muffin lovin!