NYC Nanny Stabbing: Neighborhood, Web In Disbelief

    October 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When news broke this morning of a 50-year old nanny in New York City who allegedly stabbed two small children to death in their bathtub before turning the knife on herself, residents in the Upper West Side neighborhood were shocked with grief and disbelief. Nannies are not an uncommon thing in that part of town and often live with the family they work for, becoming as close as any other family member. For someone so seemingly normal and trustworthy to have done such a horrific thing is beyond the comprehension of just about everyone the story touches.

2-year old Leo and 6-year old Lucia were found by their mother when she returned home last night from her 3-year old’s swimming lessons, along with the nanny–Yoselyn Ortega–who suffered what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds to her neck. A neighbor said she heard screaming coming from the apartment, as well as someone yelling, “You slit her throat!”

The children’s father, Kevin Krim, is an executive at CNBC. Comcast and NBC released a statement about the murders and about the massive loss this family is dealing with.

“A member of the CNBC family has suffered an unimaginable loss. The sadness that we all feel for Kevin, Marina and their family is without measure. Our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support are with them all.”

The people of New York have been extremely supportive, gathering around the building to lay bouquets of flowers in honor of the children; readers of the story have been equally touched, for the most part. When young children die, it is unfailingly tragic. When they die under such horrific and needless circumstances, it is more than tragedy; it is unfathomable. As a parent, I can say my thoughts will be with the Krim family for quite a while. I’m sure many others feel the same.

  • Cher Reed

    MY heart breaks for the Krim family…Having had a family member murdered it is horriffic…but children thats unimanigable…Prayers and thoughts with this family for a long time…

    • Jacqueline

      These parents are forever changed because of this horrible murder. I hope in time they find some sort of peace so that they can at least raise their third child. At least they still have her and she’s alive.

  • Tamara Murphy

    I too am just horrified by what has happened to the Krim family. Mothers and fathers all belong to an exclusive club of unwavering love for their children. I believe there is no stronger love. My prayers go out to this family that will grieve forever for this loss.

  • Jenny King

    This the worst thing that could happen to a family, my heartaches for you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this horrific time of mourning. Bless each and everyone of you.

  • Crissel Morales

    When I heard what happened to the krim family I was indisbeliefs that someone so close to the family could to something so horrible, i am truly sorry im lost for words. My prayer’s go out to the family.

  • Crissel Morales

    When I heard what happened to the krim family, I was in disbelief that someone so close to the family could to something so horrible, I am truly sorry. I am lost for words. My prayer’s go out to the family.

  • Reneeaka5

    My prayer are with the family during this horrible loss! May God give you wisdom while dealing with your, loss. Lean on him for wisdom & understanding. The world is praying for your family at this time!

  • ana

    I wonder if this nanny is

    1. deranged?
    2. abused by the employer? But if you’re being abused to the point of killing someone, you must be #1.

    I’m sorry for what had happened, but there must be more to know from this story.

  • Stefani

    Wow. I was horrified when I saw this on the news. My heart sunk. What happened with the nanny that she would do something like this? Makes you think twice before hiring a nanny. My prayers for them…

  • Chris Hunter

    How do you recover from this?. The pain must be unbearable.

  • Lori Garza

    I am praying so hard for this family…no words or actions will help these parents right now……what is going on in this world?! I feel so much anger and sadness hearing about this tragedy. What sick person hurts children?! What horrific undescribable pain these parents must feel. I have a 2 yr old and a 4 year old so i could not stop crying this morning when i heard this. God bless you and help you through this Krim family.

    • http://yahoo sathia

      I can’t stop thinking about this family and what they are going through all day. My tears go out to them. I have a 3 years myself. It’s so sad. My prayer out to them. There is such evil in this world. Please God , help this family and protect them as they go through this.

  • Dorothy

    This would be the hardest thing ever to happen to a mother & father. I think it is double in pain to not hear of the dealths but to walk in and find your precious babies in such a bloody scene. I hope the little sister didn’t see too much. Such a horrid thing to go through and for me to just read this makes me sick.

  • Beth

    This is so aweful. I can’t even fathom the pain the family must be feeling right now. I have young children myself and this breaks my heart. So absolutely sad.

  • emily romero

    How can people do that? They live with a family and then destroy that family in the worst way… absolutely unthinkable. My prayers are with this family.

  • Tina

    Horrifying can’t even describe what has happened to those poor children. And the devastating and unimaginable loss the family is feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, all day I’ve thought of their Mom and the indescribable pain she’s going thru. As a mother among many I know we are all crying and grieving with her. I pray for her and her family that somehow they will get strength and comfort to carry them through this nightmare.

  • http://yahoo Cheryl Brooks

    The tears falling down my cheek are pieces of my heart. What a horrible thing to happen. Something this terrible is almost without fathom. I too am a nanny and the love I feel for children would never allow me to commit such an atrocity, I cannot even raise my voice at a small child/infant. How can someone who has displayed love and has given comfort to child then look into their eyes and then STAB them to DEATH!! We will never understand and we will never know what came over the, (and I must believe this) tortured woman where she felt it was something she had to do….I must believe that something happened, something snapped…..how can I believe that a “normal” loving person would take two childrens lives for absolutely no rational reason??? The mother, grandmother, nanny, auntie, lover of all children, in my cannot wrap my head around this!!! Peace be with the family, Love is in my heart for the survivors and I hope that the person who did this BURNS IN HELL

  • Marlene

    Words can not even express what I am feeling. My heart aches. My prayers are with this family, their extended family and friends.

  • http://webpronew/life christy

    i am absoulty horrified!! my heart is completly sadened!!! that poor family!! my thoughts and prayers are with you!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • Toby

    I live in Brooklyn and have an almost five year old daughter. i am in tears over this story and want to do something, anything for this family..especially for this mother. i have searched to find a story that talks about how to support them, but I can’t find anything. Maybe it’s too soon. I’ll certainly be praying, sending loving energy to these parents and the surviving child. Anyone know of a way to support them?

  • http://yahoo lo

    why are they no pictures? of the babysitter sorry for the family though

    • Mr. Sanchez

      she’s dead too, what’s the point?

  • Mr. Sanchez

    they should have kept the nanny’s last name private to the news, now people will go against the hispanic community because of this horrible tragedy.

  • Rosemary

    My condolences to the parents. I know something of what the parents are going through. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, the percentage of this kind of thing occurring in similar situations is minute. But still, nowadays, if I were taking in a high income, I’d just stay at home with my kids.

  • jennifer

    Well…some people aren’t thinking that maybe this nanny was close to these kids and she felt the kids were better off dead…

  • jennifer

    My heart truly goes out to the family, but we don’t know why the nanny felt she should/could…do what she did…

  • jennifer

    If I’d ever had a nanny for my kids…they’d have been checked out in EVERY possible way!!! Not just reference check, but psychological check..etc…You have money to hire a nanny..you should have the money to thoroughly check them out!!

    • Susan

      Jennifer, what makes you conclude that they did not thoroughly check out the nanny? I heard they did, even spending nine days visiting her family in the Dominican Republic and whatever other checks they might have run.

  • jennifer

    You also run into the fact that the nanny may NOT have been treated nicely. If she came from another country you hav
    e to look at…WAS she a “labor” or “sex” slave..or maybe BOTH!!!

  • jennifer

    My heart indeed is sad for the family for the loss of the children, BUT what do we know of this family BESIDES that a nanny murdered 2 of their children??

    • Robin

      Why are we already looking for a way to blame the parents?
      A crazy woman killed 2 children. Let her take the responabilty’
      Why do people always want to shift the blame over? She did it, shes sick and crazy. Leave the parents alone give them respect and room to mourn.

  • dsd1222

    Maybe if the parents actually took care of their own kids instead of leaving it up to others, this tragedy would not have happened. Makes me sick all these people who hire nannies. Raise your own kids, or don’t have them at all!!

    • Jason

      Wow. Blame the grieving parents who are working to support their family. What an understanding, compassionate,gem you are.

      • Brooke

        I agree Jason . . . Well said . . .

      • madarren

        I cant believe some of these comments. I usually dont read them because i get upset at the stupidity of some people who hide behind their computers to talk smack, which they would not do if it was face to face. Anyway, i feel bad for the parents of these innocent children and the Nanny will hopefully get whats coming to her. RIP little ones.

      • madarren

        well said Jason

      • heather

        To the parents my condolences – this is a nightmare no matter what the circumstaces. To the nanny – how about innocent until proven guilty. This situation should never ever happen in a “caring” society. Maybe we all have to search our consciences.

    • dsdidiot

      Those are filthy words. These people have careers and hired a nanny to help them. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t hands on parents. You are a loser.

  • Brooke

    Maybe people should stop blaming the parents . . . I’m a teacher and I don’t have a nanny . . . but my kiddos have gone to daycare and babysitters while I am at work . . . I feel awful for these parents . . . I can’t imagine loosing my own children. My heart breaks for them.

  • Robin

    dsd1222 you are such a jerk Its like your saying the parents deserved that. We are talking about 2 children that were murdered here.You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • madarren

      some people just dont have that compassion gene. they are called IDIOTS.

  • Nicole

    To the family, I am praying that you receive all the strength and peace that your heart can hold. May God bless you, your surviving child and family for many years to come.

  • Merlyn

    My heart goes out to the family, may your family find peace and comfort in God, My prayers are with you. God bless.

  • Awakan

    This is just awful. I cannot believe this story. My heart is with the family

  • Daniel

    …. To the d r for a nanny?!…. Kiddin me!….multicultural enablers – no tears shed,here…. 10k month for rent and couldn’t watch own kiddies? …. Disgusting NYC culture…. No tears shed,here

    • dawn

      Daniele, your comments are cruel and sick, please go seek therapy or medications

  • Daniel

    10k month rent equals “working parents?”… Lmao rotfl….

  • Daniel

    …. What world do u arses live in? Oh boo Whoo our mud imported third world nan y sliced and diced the kiddies- oh poor mommie n daddie….you people r the sick ones…. Wake up, tribe

    • Part of the tribe

      @Daniel. Not all of us “tribe” members are mentally unstable. However, Trolls such as yourself are questionable. Go back under your bridge & wait for the Billy-Goats. Oh, and just STFU.

  • GMama

    All the assholes who are commenting on how much rent people pay, where the nanny is from, etc. are missing the bigger point. Why, with all the murder and mayhem engulfing all of us, do TV and Film still pander to such drivel as “Dexter,” the living dead, Vampires and all such ghoulish garbage. Then we wonder why baby teens are killing baby teens for such bullshit as bikes and Ipods and sneakers. We have lost our way. Please, people … PLEASE let’s start paying attention to what really matters – God and love and family values. Race doesn’t matter. Financial status doesn’t matter. Hug your kids and let them know their value. Teach them not to bully. Teach them to work for the things they want in life. Teach them how to love, how to appreciate the important things in life. Teach them to live to help others less fortunate. God bless this family who has lost sooooo much. God bless the 3 yr. old. We can only hope she saw more than she’ll ever remember. My heart aches for all of them and for all of us.

  • Lydia Marie Farmer

    My deepest, deepest condolences to the parents and surviving sibling of those two little babies.

    May the nanny die within the next thirteen days. May the nanny see and experience Death as she forced Death upon those babies.

  • Bella

    That woman is sick. Who does stuff like that??

  • http://yahoo william barrow

    Is this just a rare case of mental illness or perhaps a “warnin sign”.It seems alot of denial abounds,like “global warming” being a liberal scam ect. The JOKE ain’t funny and the “lies” are being “exposed”. Perhaps it’s narly too late to change the devistation. President Carter tried, I think, and his reward was constant ridicule by rightwingers visa vee the media.It boils down to GREED peeps and we know it!

    • http://N/A NormaJean Nelson

      This is another horrible experience for the family of the children who were murdered. Compared to this I have not a problem in the world. God bless you folks, I am so very sorry for your loss.

  • hockeymom

    OMG this is heartbreaking. I can’t stop thinking about the parents. I also can’t stop thinking about the heartLESS idiots who have computers and post such ridiculous comments blaming the parents! Get a life. . . or better yet, please don’t have kids and stop commenting!Or, take your life, as you are heartless anyway.

  • marisa

    We have to pray for our children’s safety. It’s a dangerous world and they are the most vulnerable. I believe those children are in heaven
    right now. I pray for the families suffering in this ordeal.

  • janice

    This is devastating! Even if I try to muster up all the hatred, malice, evil, debauchery, heinous acts, and other diabolical thoughts that may or have ever entered my mind, there is NOTHING that I can come up with to even imagine what those two babies experienced prior to their death or even what, if anything, (other than something more evil than I even care to imagine or could ever comprehend)would have made this woman do what she did. To have had the children’s family spend time with her family and for them to treat her as if she was a part of theirs and THEN she kills their children, OH MY GOD, the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL. I pray God’s peace for them during this tragedy which is the only peace that will suffice at this time.

  • Jenn

    Does anyone else wonder who yelled “You slit her throat?” That wouldn’t have been the nanny unless she was a split personality. IT wouldn’t have been the 2 yr old. period. does anyone consider that there was another party that perhaps wanted to hurt the nanny??

  • mildred salazar

    maybe another person was there.

    • john snyder

      There was someone else there!!! No one is talking about what really happened! No one is talking about the truth! Kevin Krim is a man who has been targeted by very powerful people, this incident is no coincidence by any means! The nanny was not crazy, thats just the cover up…be real and look at the facts. The fact is Kevin Krim was behind an article which was posted on CNBC website pointing to a massive lawsuit against powerful people running the banks, if I gave you the number of how much this lawsuit was for you wouldnt believe what I am telling you. Shortly after posting the article his children and his childrens nanny were assassinated, shortly after their death the article was removed from their website!! Luckly people took actual screen shots of the article, which may be the only evidence that will lead anyone to believe the true story. here is a link find out for yourself, spread the word, share this information and bring the real criminals to justice.

    • jenn

      I agree that someone else was there too.