Nurse Left Suicide Note After Middleton Prank

    December 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who took her own life after she was the victim of a hospital prank regarding Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, left a suicide note, it was revealed today.

Few details have emerged regarding the final hours of Saldanha’s life, and the contents of the note have not been released. The family is still dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy and want to keep as much as they can to themselves.

Middleton was briefly hospitalized for her severe morning sickness symptoms just days after it was revealed she was pregnant; Saldanha reportedly put a call through during Middleton’s stay which was from two Australian DJs posing as members of the royal family. When the media learned of her mistake, the news went viral immediately and a backlash ensued, with Saldanha firmly stuck in the middle.

Saldanha left behind her husband, Benedict Barboza, and their two children, 14-year old Lisha and 16-year old Junal. The hospital has announced it will conduct a full investigation into her death; meanwhile, the two DJs have issued tearful apologies and their radio station, 2DayFM, has announced they will donate $500,000 to a fund set up for Saldanha’s family.

Image: Sky News

  • barbara

    It is a shame that the nurse took that prank call so hard, it was not worth her life.. So many pranks everyday and this one person just could not live with herself. It was an honest mistake on her part and not the end of the world, now her family has to live with it. if the media would not blow everything into such a huge mess as always, shame on the media.

    • susanshorb

      As sad as this story is and as unacceptable many pranks are, why would a mother leave her family? To me, this is more horrific than any of the other wrong doings! The Royal family feels terrible, The DJ’s feel terrible and now a family is left without a mother. Is there more to this story than we know? Maybe when and if the suicide note is revealed, we will get a clearer picture of why she would do such a tragic thing.

      • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

        Right, not worth her life! As my father took his life over his stupid lace factory that my mom owned the building of! So what’s the deal with the nurse that had a hubby, kids and a great position, she just transferred the call, she didn’t say anything, I think she was planning to take her life due to mental breakdown, and when the princess came, it caused this nurse to be more anxious and therefore her mental disorder was more pronounced!

  • kate

    that is too bad. i feel so sorry for her family. i am sure will and kate will do something for her family as well. i know they must feel the pain her family is feeling. they are classy people and i am sure they will be in contact with her family to see what they can do for them. i am sure they will make sure that her family can bring the nurses body back to india.

  • kate

    pranks like that are horrible. they should be ashamed of themselves. i believe it was one of kates friend that told the media about kates pregnancy. that isnt cool. i know they wanted to wait for the perfect time to let the world know.

    • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

      Yes, it was a prank, but the nurse is at fault not the DJs. The nurse had Bipolar disorder or some mental problems, like my own father had, when he committed suicide over business crap, that could have been rectified but he took his stupid life exactly how they said this nurse did. I feel for the family and all, but don’t blame the DJs, blame the one who was the coward …. the nurse!

  • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

    You know this is so horrid! How can this nurse do this to her family over a stupid prank. The DJs should be re instated and all should be normal. Obviously the nurse did not have a sense of humor nor a caring nature, for those who take their own lives (like my father did), are cowardly and selfish, not brave and selfless! This nurse was probably BIPOLAR or ADHD but slipped thru the system and this meant she would have been found out. And I’m sure she hanged herself, not fell unconscious! MORE TO THIS STORY!!!!!

    • Rachael

      I agree! I dont understand why these DJ’s are getting so much crap for this.. I mean ya they were rude to intrude on their privacy but this nurse committed SUICIDE! The only person to blame for that is herself, she is selfish to leave her two children and husband among other family behind over “feeling bad”! I feel its a really sad situation and so sad but lay off the dj’s. I believe this would have happened, at some other time and some other situation. Suicide doesnt just pop in your head one day because you feel bad about something, its something you contemplate and think about. Even the information she may have put out there wasnt that big of a deal! Its not like she leaked something significant! Not to say that if she did it would warrant committing suicide and leaving her two young kids behind without a mother and a grieving husband trying to keep it together for the kids.

      • D. Johnson

        Sometimes people just don’t get it, like Rachael. The DJ’s are getting crap, and well deserved crap I might add, for a prank that went terribly wrong. It comes down to one thing and one thing only, if they hadn’t pulled this prank, the lady would still be alive today. No one but the nurse knows what stress this misguided prank caused her but with world wide media focusing on her, you can rest assured it was a tremendous strain for her. It was ironic that she had been asked to help out with the switchboard that day, that wasn’t her job, she was just helping out and look what happened. It is really sad that she felt suicide was her only way out but to say you don’t understand why the DJ’s are getting all the crap is to show you ignorance.

    • Jerri

      Dear Leslie, you obviously have no idea what it would take for someone to kill themselves. She had to have been Bi-Polar or ADHD? 10 – 15% of patients with bipolar disorder commit suicide; •In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 (both sexes).•Mental disorders (particularly depression and substance abuse) are associated with more than 90% of all cases of suicide. However, suicide results from many complex sociocultural factors and is more likely to occur during periods of socioeconomic, family and individual crisis (e.g. loss of a loved one, employment, honour).
      •Depression is present in 50 percent of all suicides
      •Mental disorders (particularly depression and substance abuse) are associated with more than 90% of suicides. —But, that’s a guess as they are just labeling people who commit suicide —- people not being seen for mental issues— as having a mental disorder such as depression.
      Something happens to a person, maybe you next time, where it causes great anguish, maybe or maybe not coupled with some other life events. They’re not necessarily clinically depressed. PEOPLE READ…Clinical Depression is NOT the same as being in great sadness/anguish. They may only need their family members to stop closing them out over some little ridiculous matter; to forgive them when they say they’re sorry – not to dredge up more stuff from the PAST to plaster on them. When your world turns against you, who do you have? no one. What’s left? Nothing. People can be so very cruel. Like you.

      • Kirsty Thomas

        I think Leslie is of that view due to personal experience that she mentions in an earlier post. I don’t agree with Leslie personally but if a family member or friend took their own life I may be of the same opinion as well. Dealing with suicide professionally is very different when it affects you on a personal level.

  • Sue

    Are you kidding me!!!!! You are blaming the innocent victim of the hoax. I’m not saying she may not have had mental problems, but this may have been all it took to push her over the edge. And as for a sense of humor , this was by no means funny. These two are stupid DJ’s that have nothing better to do than intrude on Kate and Williams privacy when she is having such a rough time. I am a nurse myself and find nothing even vaguely funny about interrupting the care of patients for a couple of idiots trying to boost their ratings.

    • Kirsty Thomas

      I am a nurse and I do find the prank funny as did many other people. I don’t find the distress it may have caused her funny, nor the suicide. That idiots comments were abusive and uncalled for, however, some people do think that people who commit suicide are selfish. I can see where the view comes from although I do not agree with it. Things are not that black and white and people with views such as this have obviously never suffered from depression. People are however, entitled to that view. As for insulting the nurse, thats just disgraceful. What is worrying though is how badly the hosptials confidentiality procdure failed, especially where they reguarly treat members of the royal family. I worked there myself 10 years ago. It is standard practice in many hospitals for information only to be given once an agreed password on the cardex is given. My own mother was in hospital a few months ago and the hospital would not tell me a damn thing! Nobody is to blame, a tragic mistake that lessons need to learn from.

  • Proud American

    The nurse was a coward. She deserved to die. Stupid bitch did not have a sense of humor. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Bitch!

    • Kirsty Thomas

      you may be a proud American but I very much doubt that America is proud of you sunshine.

  • Laura

    Although everyone is blaming the DJs who pulled this plank, they are not the only ones to blame. It was the fact that this broadcast hit the internet and was repeated over and over again in print and electronic media, that took its toll on the nurse, Jacintha. I’m sure she thought that the immediate world knew of her mistake. People have said that Jacintha must have been emotionally unstable to take her own life. That may be a factor. However, she came from India and in that culture, shame is much more serious than it is in many other cultures. Whether this prank was the cause of the suicide or whether it was the final straw that pushed Jacintha over the edge, we will likely never know. My thoughts are with her family. I think also of Princess Catherine who must know about this and feel so sad that her situation was what caused this all to happen. Many lessons can be learned here. 1) Pranksters need to realize that tragic consequences can always come from their need to be silly and gain attention. 2) There are many in our world, who are hurting and we need to be aware to support our brothers and sisters. 3) Kate Middleton is a kind and caring person, who should be allowed some privacy in her personal life. Please, please, let’s all back off and speak out against the media who chase her. Let’s remember Diana and how she was haunted and taunted by the media and let’s not do this all over again. 4) Hospitals and many other institutions need to have a phone protocol that makes it impossible for this to happen again.

  • nicolle

    I think the royal family had her killed ,just like diana, kate better watch what she does. Why would someone commit suicide when it wasnt even her fault.

  • http://yahoo Curt Hanson

    The 2 DJ’s should be prosecuted for their actions.

    • http://yahoo.com debbieheaton

      Iagree totally

  • http://yahoo Curt Hanson

    I think the two DJ’s should be prosecuted.

    • Kirsty Thomas

      Fortunately, most people are balanced enough not to agree with you.

    • tim edinburgh

      If you think that the DJs should be prosecuted, then you are obviously not a very intelligent person.

      You would have to barking mad to believe nursey topped her self over this. These two incidents have little or no correlation what so ever – but a fantastic coincidence for the media to pounce on.

      Frankly i think its completely selfish for her to kill herself with no thought for her family and the inevitable childish backlash against the radio presenters by stupid people like you.

  • kate

    first of all it is just kate and william . they are two 20 somethings . BFD. People are making way too much over them. They are just two kids who happen to have been born in the limelight. They aren’t worth getting upset over.

    • Kirsty Thomas

      30 somethings actually. I think you will find that people are upset about a nurse comitting suicide and not upset over Kate & Wills? Hardly their fault if anything relating to them is plastered over all the newspapers & TV etc. I am not interested in the Royal family at all, however, most people seem to be and thats fair enough.

  • Doreen Lambert

    I hope the prankers would learn a lesson, and also the others that likes to intercede in peoples personal buisness so they can say they’re the first one put it out cry shame shame people have to lose their lives my heart goes out to the family

  • http://Yahoo jean calder

    Why would they say that she left a note and not tell us what it said?
    If you’re not going to tell us then don’t say anything

    • Kirsty Thomas

      what a stupid question. whats it got to do with you or us?

  • http://webpro Ben

    This is definitely a tragedy that could have been avoided. However, I do not believe that the two dejays should be held responsible for the nurses death. While their actions were not the wisest, their prank was just that … and not done in any ill fashion. For a nurse to kill herself over a prank, is quite selfish. Her beautiful family will have to go on and try to remember happier times when they still had their doting mother and wife.

  • ella

    why is everyone getting so mad at the djs? honestly, it was just a prank. NO ONE knows that the nurse killed herself because of it. it could have only been a coincidence. you’re all just making assumptions when none of us know the whole story. either way, its not the fault of the djs. yeah theyre prank was probably stupid and uncalled for but it shouldnt be held as a cause for someones suicide. that just doesnt make sense. they didnt force her to kill herself.

  • brownin329

    People like Leslie will never understand, so why try explaining it to her. It’s like if she saw someone on fire, she’d tell them it was their fault for wearing flammable clothes. Personally, I do not think the two events are as related as much as they are being linked. Depression is an odd thing; all it takes is one event or a culmination of a series of events to make a person take his/her life. When a person is at their most vulnerable and alone, they may think to do this and no amount of family, friends or love can help. No one but her family knows what was going on with her before this happened and how many times she attempted suicide before. I also do not believe the DJs should be as hard on themselves as they have been but it is good that they set up the trust for the family. This was not a dangerous or racist prank. They never thought or planned for it to go this far, and the prank may not have had anything to do with the nurse’s suicide. I say until we all know for sure why she left us, we hold our tongues and wait instead of speculating and getting angry about something that has nothing to do with us.

  • http://yahoo.com debbieheaton


    • Kirsty Thomas

      They should NOT charged, it was not their fault. Pranks on Radio & TV have been going for years and are mostly great fun. They could not have forseen what would happen. They are unlucky it happened to them. What about Ellen on the Ellen show? I think her pranks are awesome but she could give someone a heart attack, so could I have done years ago when I used to work night shifts pretending to be a ghost to colleagues. Beadles about? Many other set ups? Mostly, things do not go wrong. The DJ’s do not authorise what goes on air either, thats above their heads and it was given permission to broadcast from people above them. They are just on the frontline. Nobody could make them feel any worse than the way they already feel right now. Get a grip those of you blaming them. Mistakes happen. At the moment they are being treated far worse by some of you than a drunk driver would be treated after hitting and killing a young child!!!!

  • http://westnet.com.au john whelan

    Why do you call her Middleton?

    • Kirsty Thomas

      Because its her name.

  • Maria

    Performing an action in the hopes that someone does something unethical = entrapment, plain and simple. Even if the entrapment is to further some other agenda, foreseeable is the result of admonishment/punishment …they just didn’t expect the nurse to have a hand in it too

  • maureen worrell

    I am trying to believe that she commit suscide.

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