NRA: Bleeding Obama Target Mannequin Banned From Convention

    May 7, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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It’s no secret that the NRA doesn’t agree with the gun legislation President Obama has endorsed in the wake of the Newtown school shooting in December. However, a political disagreement isn’t the same as a threat, even when the topic is gun rights. To prove this, the NRA has gone to great lengths to distance itself from a few of the more disturbing aspects of the U.S. gun culture.

This week, BuzzFeed is reporting that the NRA has asked Zombie Industries to remove a specific mannequin target from its booth at the NRA Annual Meeting last weekend. A booth-worker for the company told the publication that an NRA representative asked them to remove the mannequin because it looks too much like President Barack Obama.

Zombie Industries sells mannequin targets styled to look like zombies. The targets are life-sized and “bleed” pink goo when shot. The questionable mannequin is dubbed the “Rocky Zombie,” and does resemble the current U.S. president, despite being a bright shade of green.

Zombie Industries sells over a dozen different zombie mannequin target models, including a boar, a wolf, a kangaroo, a clown, a “nazi,” and a “terrorist” that greatly resembles Osama bin Laden.

The company’s zombies were featured last year in an episode of the Discovery Channel reality TV show Sons of Guns:

Zombie Industries has also posted some demonstration videos to YouTube:

(Image courtesy Zombie Industries)

  • Daryl

    Why should it be banned? Because it wasn’t black? I think it looks just like the monkey.

    • John

      Your a horses Ass and a real example of the backward thinking that keeps real gun owners like me who don’t mind Universal Background checks from joining the NRA!


    • Dave Swayne

      Calling your duly elected President a monkey is a hateful, racist comment, and not one that should be accepted in civilized democratic society.

  • ElmoColt45

    The Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Communists are what is wrong with this country. If you don’t believe me look at what the have done to Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, New York, and the dummy doesn’t look like Obama, it looks like a composite of the Democrats in the Senate. We are going to loose our rights if we continue letting them get away with this trash.

    • Tom Legare


      Why such a hateful attitude? Democrats are not communists, socialists and the like. They are American people just like you who happen to believe different things than you do. The NRA is just a lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers plain and simple. There is no need for all this hate. Not one democrat or the president has asked you or anyone else to give up any guns. Why are you people so delusional??

  • david

    ask your other brothers Daryl. It is truly sad that folks like you continue to exist.

  • Timbo

    The problem is not the 2nd Amendment. The problem is that the 2nd Amendment allows stupid hateful people to own weapons.

  • Ray Workman

    That picture is completely racist! The NRA should be forced to start paying for ALL funerals and buriel expenses of innocent people killed with handguns and assult rifles.

  • http://webpronews gary

    The NRA is no more a terrorist group than bleeding heart liberals.

    • pete

      that’s bull Gary. Though i disagree with libs, they don’t promote the sale of guns to anyone.( kids, cons, nuts, dopers, dumbers,and the like) Come on man

  • Neil

    Zombie Industries, the makers of “bleeding” zombies and gun supplies have come up with a zombie named “Rocky” who is also called “Barocky,” which is supposed to represent President Obama. Some people are going to have a problem with this ” FEB 2013

    of course the un name downers of this shite shack blame liberal media

  • http://facebook Billy Gardner

    GUNS dont kill people! People kill People ! ENUF from the Non GUN OWNERS !

    • pete

      dude chill out people with guns kill people I own guns and don’t kill people get it

    • marninsky

      But the guns do help kill more people faster

  • Wayne

    Why should Congress and obama try to take OUR guns and ban our guns? They don’t have a problem giving money and weapons to other countries to kill their people and terroize their law abiding citizens!

    • michael

      easy there, as I have read no one is taking our second amendment rights away. Just a simple back ground check, add some paper work and that is all. No need for hate or going off about liberals.If you are a law bidding citizen there is no need to worry. GOD before GUNS.

      • pete

        easy Mike you must speak the truth very slowly to some folks. you are right on the money.

      • Al King

        Better read the fine print in that SIMPLE BACK GROUND CHECK.
        As with everything that comes out of Washington, it is not what it seems. There are several strings attached to the proposal that would definitely infringe on your rights and/or incriminate you for things that you would be guilty of without thinking. If you want to have back ground checks lets start with the POTUS, seems to be some cloudy issues with his backgrou nd…

  • Bob

    May all sentient beings be free of suffering without exception.

  • Frank

    It is distasteful, the NRA banned it from the convention, one should not critize an organization based on a comopany production. Universal background checks should be implemented for backpacks, fireworks, and the illegal/legal foreign populace as long as the liberals are compounding a list………….The POTUS should stick up for our country and let Mexico clean up their own mess. NAFTA should be restructured as this opened the floodgates for illegal activities……………….

    • tom

      A bit of a stretch with that background/NAFTA thing.

  • http://Facebook.com Walt P

    Why do they always blame us for living in the past. When they’re always reminding us of the past. Damn fear is a bitch

  • robert smith

    Do they make a Hillary version?

  • Susan

    Pretty shocking and appalling – you don’t joke about shooting the President or anyone for that matter.

  • Johnny Nightrider

    It doesn’t look anything like President Obama.President Obama is Black and this is green.The lips are too red and the eyes are too white and blue.The ears are too thick.They should continue 2 market it.Not at the NRA convention but at stores.

    • bearfred

      how about a dummy that looks like your mom, or your daughter? would you be okay with that?

  • Columbus Ellis

    In 1780 the only guns they had were muskets, which would be fine today. I bet our fore-fathers would be for background checks before AK 47’s and the like sales to sick or criminal people. I agree with 90% of American people and hope legislators who vote against us lose reelection soon.