Now That’s How You Complain About YouTube Comments

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Now That’s How You Complain About YouTube Comments
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In case you haven’t heard, Google has changed the commenting system on YouTube, moving toward a Google+-based approach. Users aren’t very happy about it. Even one of YouTube’s co-founders has apparently broken an eight-year silence to complain.

Obviously there are some very colorful comments all over YouTube (and the rest of the web for that matter), but one YouTube user knew how to complain about it right. In true YouTube fashion (a viral video of course). It’s called “My Thoughts on Google+”.

Hint: Her thoughts aren’t very positive (and contain a great deal of NSFW language).

Regardless of what you think about Google+, you gotta hand it to Ms. Emma Blackery. That’s how you complain about YouTube comments.

[via Hypebot]

Now That’s How You Complain About YouTube Comments
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  • http://www.barnettassociates.net Toby Barnett

    YouTube commentors are the definition of anonymous trolling – the comments are so bad even Macklemore mentions them in Same Love.

    • Joe

      If you want to make a difference, close your Google account. It might not change the way Google are treating youtube users, but it’ll change your personal world because you won’t have Google as a pimp anymore.
      A big thing is being made out of the quality of youtube commenters. The thing is, a ton of users who comment are speaking English as a second language. I don’t think a lot of the grammar nazis take that into consideration. And if YT commenters get too thoughtful and wordy, they’re accused of pseudo-intellectualism so they can’t win. The other thing is that it’s a bunch of strangers who don’t have to get along in an on-going relationship type way, so there’s no need for social grease, or BS charm and flattery if you prefer. Things do get out of hand, and there are lots of bitter miserable gits who just seem to want to pick holes in every comment they read, but I’ve always liked raw no-holds-barred environments. For a long time it’s been a welcome surprise to me that YT has been allowed to remain that way without so much as censoring on the swear words. Can’t be many big-name sites that are still like that. Fine by me. Swear-filled rants are often very funny, like this video. Losing that would be a minor tragedy.

  • Lee

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. Google need to realise, trends change, technology changes, we are only here out of convenience, it’s not compulsory.

    I post this from my gmail. I currently own an Android phone. None of this is set in stone. I still keep my hotmail, & my phone is slower than death, despite rooting & changing roms. I tried Chrome browser (on both phone & laptop) & found it to be rubbish. Google products are not that great. I would even go far as to say, google are as evil as Farcebok.

  • http://ketutparta.com sewa mobil di Bali

    I think it’s not too detrimental

  • http://skillcode.com/ Alex

    I think the video was a little bit silly and also uncalled for, but a lot of people seem to love it. I do however agree that the new comment system blows big time.

    The main concern seems to be the anonymity of commenting, as well as being forced to use a service like Google Plus.

  • ColPick

    This isn’t the way to complain at all. Google are perfectly happy to have people inside the tent pissing out. Google won’t worry about “I know this won’t make a difference” protest vids, and silly crayola terrorism. As long as you’re still using the service, they won’t give a toss, .
    The youtube site is now just a facade for GPlus. You don’t log in to YT. You don’t comment onYT. Youtube is gone.

  • Sylvia

    GOOGLE is with there “wrong EGO’ destroying them self… !

    I WAS a big Fan of Google …… time ago !!

    NOW my feelings of being put in a “Google Jail” did changing over the last times… more and more
    to a “BIG F …. you Google ” for trying to make as all here to your damn brain-dead slaves !!!

    Sorry .. when this sound a little RAW …. BUT THIS IS HOW ALL THIS bs MAKE ME FEELING AND iI AM NOT THE ONLY ONE !

    Google ..YOU NEED as BUT WE do not truly need YOU !

    Goggle Management .. WAKE UP and better THINK quickly again !!

    was the BEST Community out there for years ….. until YOU “Google” came in this “game ‘ !

    People take your RIGHT to express your mind and feelings openly !


  • Sandra

    Maybe if enough people would protest by closing their google + accounts and even stop using youtube until they change it back.. I’m pretty sure google would start caring about what people think if no one visited their sites anymore

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