Now Is Your Chance To Ask Matt Cutts A Question

    September 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen some of the Webmaster Help videos Google’s Matt Cutts has done. He regularly takes questions from webmasters about various Google behaviors, and uploads responses to YouTube. Sometimes, they’re longer in more in depth, and sometimes they’re quick and to the point. We usually share them here as they become available, as they’re often filled with useful information, even if it’s not always completely new info.

Cutts took to his blog this afternoon to announce that he’s currently taking questions for the next series. He says he plans to record some videos next week, and asks that people submit their questions via this Google Moderator page.

Ask Matt Cutts a question

So, now is the time to submit a question if you want a shot at getting an answer from Google’s Distinguished Engineer and head of web spam. The man can hardly walk through the hallways at an industry conference without being bombarded by people with questions. His answers are clearly in demand. Here’s your chance to get an answer without having to wait in line.

Or, of course, you can just check out the Moderator page, and just upvote the questions you think are best.

  • Bob

    it cool, however him never answering questions in normal way. You can ask him is sky is blue, him will answer you – may be yes, but content is king and links is bad. Him just a bot.

  • http://www.microgiochi.net ignacio

    nice. i was waiting this for months!

  • Justin

    what to ask him? What will in new updates? Tell us secret sauce? Explain what is keyword stuffing? Tell us how google rank sites? What is good link for google and what is bad link (and in technical details please). But common MC speech such as ‘i not tell you details’ is not acceptable anymore.

  • http://bulkflashdrives.blogspot.com/ Steve

    Well, first of all I believe you should ask your question using proper English. If you can barely make up a sentence, then I don’t think anyone will answer your question in there.