North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey”

    May 10, 2014
    Alex Williams
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Propaganda is usually more eloquent, combined with images of gallantry and false promises through meaningless slogans; a rhetoric that allows for no free thought or discussion – ‘you’re either with us or against us.’

North Korea spares no elegance when it tries to make a point, whether it’s a myriad of empty threats, execution by flamethrower, or bombardments from its state-run media front; Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), currently threw out some bigoted comments describing President Barack Obama as a “wicked black monkey.”

“Divine punishment to the world’s one and only delinquent Obama”, published in Korean on May 2nd, came just in time with Obama’s state visit to South Korea. The article is composed of essays penned by four different people, despite the style being indistinguishable. If it wasn’t labeled a government publication, it’d pass as satire:

“You can also tell this by his appearance and behavior, and while it may be because he is a crossbreed, one cannot help thinking the more one sees him that he has escaped from a monkey’s body,” it stated.

The written diatribe lists Obama as a monkey four times, as well as calling him a “clown”, “dirty fellow” and somebody who “does not even have the basic appearance of a human being”; it geared towards the United States as “paper tiger” – its strength as a nation being largely a “myth.”

“It would be better for him to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa … and licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers,” wrote steel worker Kang Hyok at Chollima Steel Complex, author of one of the four essays.

Another author, a military officer named Han Jin-Sung, wrote with more madness:

“These Yankees have no idea who they are dealing with, and we will teach them the true taste of fire and war. Our nuclear strikes of justice and our powerful baptism by fire will decimate America, that devil’s den, without a trace — that is our resolution.”

The articles have drawn criticism from the White House’s National Security Council, which said they were “particularly ugly and disrespectful.”

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said on Thursday that the North Korean dispatch was “offensive and ridiculous and absurd.”

“I don’t know how many words I can use up here to describe the rhetoric … It’s disgusting,” Harf told reporters at the Foreign Press Center in Washington.

Yoo Ho-yeol, a professor of North Korea studies at Korea University in South Korea said that North Korea is trying to garner attention by publicizing such controversy, and that the government will distance themselves from it, attributing the remarks to their citizens who ultimately penned the piece.

“If it was to publish such a report in the voice of the authorities it would entrap them, whereas reporting the story under some ordinary citizen’s name will give them leeway,” said Yoo.

The published pieces are particularly a response towards President Obama’s recent visit to South Korea, where he and South Korean President Park Geun-hye held a summit in Seoul last month. During his visit, Obama said at a joint news conference with Park that he’s considering further sanctions against North Korea, and that the U.S. will not hesitate to engage in military action to defend its allies.

Politics explode.

Images via Wikimedia Commons (1), (2)

  • Russ Tuck

    North Korea is a little shit country, if they ever launched one of the little missiles our interceptors would take it out and then their little piece of real estate would become a fucking parking lot for South Korea! Hahahaha

    • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

      depends Russ. If they get to ICBM status, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to take them out with interceptor missiles. You have to remember and incoming ICBM is probably travelling at about 18,000 mph.

      • Guest

        North Korea has ICBMs(Taepodong-2 very old technology it doesn’t use solid fuel and it’s based on multiple Russian scuds) they already have the technical ability to hit as far as Alaska (if everything worked right). We could easily take anything they shoot down from South Korea. The Boeing Yal-1 can take it down with a laser. Ground based laser defense stations have the option of taking them out in air and so does the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. Since our lasers go at the speed of light (299792458 miles a second) we can catch up to it in a matter of less then a second and our anti missile system missiles can do much faster then 18,000mph, we have a good chance at taking anything they have down while it’s still over North Korea. We have been moving Missle defence systems to south Korea since NK started making these threats.

        • smarterthanthisguy

          Yes they do. If you’d bother just looking up the Taepodong-2 missile on wikipedia you’d find it has a speed of 6,900 to 8000 m/s which is a top estimated speed of 18,000 MPH.

          Want a comparison to one the U.S.’s older ICBMS? Alright, I’ll take the Titan II missile with it’s maximum speed of 15,000 MPH.

          How about the Russian R-36? Up to 17,700 MPH (listed as 7.9 km/s, I converted that for you).

          Nothing else you say is of much relevance considering how clueless you are on ICBM speeds.

          • hangman

            Wow, how little you guys know. You only know what the poweres that be want you to know, but it is apparant that with your all-knowing ways, and gozzip mentality, you make good helpers for all of our enemies.

          • sam

            if it was on the interwebs, it must be true

          • Gsxr Superbike

            lol, he said wikipedia, so a country can;t claim they have something, set off a couple mock rockets claim its this and that and wiki wont repeat it..

            YOU nor WIKI would know WTF they have cuz they don’t allow you or wiki in to INSPECT!!!

            some idiots on the internet..

        • hangman

          And it was neccessary to let them know this? Best to act the endangered one, and surprise them.

        • chris

          speed of light is 186000 mps

        • Mark Andrew

          Given that you didn’t get the speed of light (186,000 m/s) right, which is basic high school physics, I’m skeptical about the rest of your comments too, forgive me.

        • Gsxr Superbike

          what a crock, ALL OF IT

      • American

        18000 mph!?!? Try again… your looking at 1200 mph and we now have rail guns that shoot over 5000 mph

        • Hon. Dr. Hairy J. Ballz Jr. II

          My Red Ryder BB gun can easily hit their missiles if they ever shoot them this way…

          • Dan6667

            Don’t shoot your eye out!!!!

        • smarterthanthisguy

          Lol, rail guns are still just prototypes. We still don’t have a single combat ready rail gun. They require more power than any of current naval ships have. The first ship that can support a rail gun is currently being built.

          Furthermore, the Taepodong-2 long range missile has a speed of 6900 to 8000 m/s. That’s up to 18,000 mph you thick skulled moron.

          • American

            It also states that U.S has the fastest icbm at 15000 mph don’t believe everything the net tells you!! Especially if there facts are coming from north Korea. I’m not going to lower my self to your level and start name calling like a child.

          • American

            I’ll also admit i was wrong on the 1200 mph for an icbm, You learn something new every day. It sucks that depending on where you look on the web it say’s different things and wiki contradicts it’s self on many things. One thing that i am sure of even though I hope never happens is if we came into a technological or nuclear war with north Korea ill be very glad I’m from the united states.

          • Varg Vikernes

            Fools, for every one weapon you know of, theirs 5 you don’t. Come in here with figures you got on the internet, Really!? You know nothing!

          • wwt17

            theirs 5… ?

            Grammar check: There are 5…

          • Varg Vikernes


          • wwt17

            I AM that well endowed.

        • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

          please do some research on ICBM’s.

      • hangman

        And how fast does their bull S@iT travel?

        • wwt17

          Ha, good one!!!

      • Gsxr Superbike

        lol @ 18,000 mph, mach 1 if they are EXTREMELY lucky, even at 18k you would have about 25 minutes to zero in on it, but the reality is it would take over 3 hours for it to get here and that’s enough time to deploy F35’s and knock it down with a sparrow..

        bad hair cut boy with enriched uranium? lol.. that why his hair is so bad?

        try SCUD, that’s all they have

        • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

          Please do some research on this. There is no way a sparrow missile can knock out an ICBM. Have you read the news about NK developing one soon? ICBM’s reach an altitude of hundreds of miles, …far out of reach of F35’s. There is only a few minutes to intercept in the descending missile. The window of opportunity for that is at launch before it gains speed and altitude

    • tommyboy

      you ever here of the Korean war I did I was there and we didn’t bet north korea then and couldn’t now

      • Jeff

        The bottom line is…our armed forces could crush any army any where if the politicians didn’t get involved. though it would be a lot uglier!!! TOMMY.. If you did serve thank you and GOD bless you!!! actually he all ready has, you came home!!!

        • hangman

          Tomboy. It’s doubtful you served, as you have trouble with spelling simple words like beat, not bet. I would bet thet your only experience is what you read in comic books, because if you had been there, you would know that China was their biggest defense, we could not chase them across the Yalu river, where the cowards would run to get away from the MARINES, and our cowardly politicians did not want to offend China by tearing them a new one in China. China and our politicians are the reason N. Korea exists today.

          • Jeff

            Great point…and some true fact’s

          • Mot

            China is up to something. They have been buying up all the scrap metal we can come up with. You don’t hear much about it but every once and a while they show the huge aircraft carrier they are working on and their super sonic jets. And the fact that they have nukes too is very scary. Japan did the same thing just before world war 2 and started throwing it back at us over Perl Harbor.

          • hangman

            Mot Sometimes I watch a station out of California for news, because the are upfront with what’s happening. One of the things they showed was how a cartel in Michoacan has taken over the iron mining, and last week it showed a Chinese vessel loaded with contraband iron ore going to China. So China does not follow rules, ‘you got it, Ill buy it.

          • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

            Our Marines would not chase them? Have you not heard of the Marines being surrounded at the Chosen Reservoir and run out to the coast. They were lucky to get out alive. We (the US), were defeated in that war. P.S. I’m an ex Marine, circa 1958-1962. Korea was before my service, but vivid in my memory.

          • hangman

            UnGrateful Child As A Marine, I can tell you that at the reservoir, the idiotic N. Koreans mistakenly though they had us. But Chesty Puller then said, ” Men, they are on our front, our rear, and on our sides, There is no way those ‘bastards’ can get away from us now.” And the Marines plowed right through them. You were obviously not in the service, at least not in the Corps.

          • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

            I know the quote, …the ridiculous quote. Plowed right through them? Yes they did, escaping to the sea where they were picked up. They were lucky to get out alive.

          • hangman

            Grateful child, How could you have been a Marine and not know the Corp’s history? Or were you one of those in the Specias platoon because you really were not Marine Quality? Your ignorance shows a lot about you. You might have been a wave.

          • http://www.gratefulchild.org/ Grateful Child

            Actually I was a nuclear weapons specialist. It isn’t me that doesn’t know the Corps history. You don’t remember the 1st Marine Division being cut off at the Chosen? They were lucky to escape to the sea. Read your history please

      • Gsxr Superbike

        you’re an IDIOT,

        we kept the everything south of the 38th parallel and drove the commies back, why there is a S. Korea and a N. korea

        why are Americans so fuggen ignorant anymore?

        the Us wanted to push all the way and get all of it and out of the Koreans hands but the war was considered a stalemate as the US did not want to enter into a war with China!!

        BUT, the US regained south K from the commies so it was a WIN!!!


    • Robert McAdams

      Russ, You talk like you personally are going to do something about it. That is a joke, right?

      • tommyboy

        what did I say I was going to do personally nothing

      • tommyboy

        tell u whats a joke is a person who has no clue what isto sacrifice for your country I already did something about it been in this wheel chair since 1959 tell me im a joke so u can spout off that’s your right and I sacrificed so u cn

        • BQ4

          He isnt even talking to you. He clearly made the comment towards Russ Tuck. Calm yourself.

          • Charlie

            Actually, an armistice was signed in 1953. South Korea and North Korea are technically still at war. I was stationed in South Korea in 2003. There have been small skirmishes since then, but nothing you would consider a battle. Most of them were along the DMZ and some in the ocean along the 38th parallel.

          • Dale Morrison

            Just because they agreed to stop fighting doesn’t mean they did, they still have skirmishes ,I’ve got pictures from the 70’s of a US tank that was blown up . And Tommy was right we did not win that war in fact we got our asses handed to us

          • Varg Vikernes

            Oh, here we go, more Wiki historians.

        • Chris

          You got the joke part right lol. Maybe you should of used that 50 years to learn how to read and write properly.

          • Bear

            Don’t put down my Brothers and sisters who did their bit! I was U.S.N. You want a piece of me? Back off and show respect. We all have the right to speek our opnions. Although you slander a fellow Vet, we fought for that very right for fools like you!

          • hangman

            Bare– A squid trying to talk tough? what a joke. If you had grown a pair, you would have been in The U.S.M.C. where the men are, Like I did. Being a wave in our sister service only lets you growl like a bear, but you are showing your BARE ass. Go take your meds.

          • shooternc

            We, Marine Vets do not talk crap about our Brothers in Arms, that stopped during Vietnam. We do not slander a fellow Vet. so don,t speak for our Marine Corps Veterans

          • Varg Vikernes

            Let’s see how far your proper grammar gets you when It hits the fan, boy.

    • John P. Ruczynski

      My sentiments exactly!

    • TheVelociraptorOfLove

      You know so little about North Korea. If we attacked them they would launch every last possible missile, rocket, whatever at Seoul and cause horrible destruction. It doesnt matter if in the end “we” destroy the DPRK, it would cost the lives of possibly hundreds of thousands of people in the south and that is not a win.

      • magnumpi28

        So how will this play out? Will we just let them get nuclear?

    • piggty wiggy

      maybe ,maybe not hahahahahahaah lolololol

    • You

      LOL, You think America would stop that missle? No! They’ll let it hit and use it for propaganda!

    • stinkingwetbacck



    • RHO1953

      I doubt it. How exactly would a nuclear strike be so surgical that it would leave South Korea untouched? How do you suppose the Chinese would take to having a nuclear strike at their border? North Korea is going to collapse, and it will be really horrific for their people, and it will put stress on South Korea and China that will be incredible.

    • rob zhang

      Not true, with Obama in office everyone knows he is a paper tiger and unfortunately won’t do anything but talk.

    • Gsxr Superbike

      they print these type of lies to gain sympathy for a loser, why buy into THEIR garbage?

      whats that gnigger ever done for Americans?

  • denniscerasoli

    This is the only country that is threatening our very existence and we need to deal with it.There will come a time when they will be capable of killing millions of American civilians and they may be able to cause some damage now but that is debatable.It makes no difference as some one suggested a shit country this is irrelevant.The longer they stay the more dangerous they become.They are obviously crazy.We had a war with these people for three years that cost us 60,000 dead and though forgotten it remains one of the bloodiest wars in our history.North Korea is a very dangerous place and not to be taken lightly.We need to act before they attain the capability because at some point in time they will.

    • Ana Morris

      Yes, someone needs to take out the POS right now. I will dance on his grave.

      • baddboyy

        I will Piss on his grave

        • Andre,DC

          I will sh**! on his grave

        • Robert McAdams

          That’s brave to do that, after someone else has to kill him first

      • Robert McAdams

        You probably can’t dance and expect to get other people killed.

      • hangman

        Or all of the above?

    • denniscerasoli

      No you can’t but this regime is very unstable.They openly threaten our existence and down the road it could really get out of hand.We could bomb their nuclear reactors like Israel did to Iraq back in 1982.The Pentagon takes them very seriously and have been talking about the North for a long time as a future problem.They won’t test this Korean leader by bombing any reactors because they would retaliate on the South.I am betting that the North is mentioned everyday in higher up meetings.Their military is something they worship the same way that Christians worship the Messiah .They define the word rogue state like none other and the Korean war stopped to early but no one had a crystal ball.

      • duh

        They openly threaten a lot of countries, big deal. Even China has been getting fed up with them but you don’t see any of those other countries immediately going to war over the threats.

    • Ross Magargee

      we have more important things to worry about the this little pain in the ass country. As they said ,we should be worried about what that little black monkey is doing in the White House

      • denniscerasoli

        Not a very wise view Ross.And the black monkey comment adds to your vision of things.Think what you will but keep it in your mind don’t display it.I have my own thoughts that may not be popular but I just don’t reveal everything.

    • shoorternc

      Very well put, and 100% correct, don’t take Korea lightly and thank our Korean
      era vets that fought in that War

  • wwt17

    Go figure. Kim Jeong Eun sees the entire world making fun of him every day. He’s got to lash out somewhere. Ironically, by doing so, he only confirms about himself what we already know: he’s a little fat little adolescent puss.

    • Ana Morris

      yes, spoiled brat ugly psycho

    • Robert McAdams

      Funny that this guy makes you mad at him. Enough for you to call him names. Well if you are so brave, go to NK and do something about him then. Otherwise…..you are just spouting the same things he does.

      • patrick garant

        BOBBY, why are you so intent on starting bad intentions on a story that is simply showing how puffed up and loud NK is being , you know, like how a little kitten protects itself.

        • Jeff

          Looks like bobby has a crush on someone maybe?

      • Jeff

        Kim jung un is nothing.. its his 2 million man standing army that will get ya!!!

        • Billy Burt

          Jeff, all we need to do is set up a few “Barbies” (BBQs) along the 38th when the wind blows from the South. Betcha when that 2 mill. RNKA soldier smells the delicious aroma of Hickory smoked beef, he’ll put down his rifle and ask for some.

          • Jeff

            LMAO… you may have a great idea!!!

      • wwt17

        What I say is absolute truth because I am your supreme ruler. Don’t forget it, Robert!

    • Steve Brickman

      I think many of the right-wing posters would disagree with you. They say the same obscene and hateful thing about the President every day. More than a few seem to spend their entire waking life doing it.

  • jerry noble

    A crazy haircut can induce crazy thoughts.

    • Robert McAdams

      You don’t like him because of his haircut. Now, that is crazy!

  • Ana Morris

    Kim is an evil dog eating very ugly fat overgrown baby. He got nerve calling ugly. Why did no one finish him yet??

    • Robert McAdams

      Ana, Why don’t you do it, instead of running your mouth on here.

      • Jeff

        Bobby why dont you stop running your suck to everyone and go put it on kim jung un dick? from the looks of it you are defending the fury little foreigner… does some one need a hug?

  • Owen

    The truth hurts. Obama is a monkey.

    • Ron

      Coming from a trailer trash low life hick like you who is a parasite to this country…. hmmmm that says it all…

    • Bunny

      Go live in NK, you teatarded inbred mouthing-breathing redneck.

    • Tru 2 tha Game

      I love it. Hate well never die, now kill yourself creepy-ass-cracker

    • denniscerasoli

      Owen why do you say things like that? Obama doen’t look like a monkey and is as matter of fact a pretty good looking guy.I’m white and what I got out of the article is that racism has a long arm and not just pointed at white people.Read what they have been doing to Ethiopians in the middle east who seek work as maids the abuse is rampant.They are sexually abused they keep their pass ports and hold them under home arrest and supposedly it is being investigated but not going anywhere.I would just like to let Afro Americans know that we are not as racist as you would have us.The Chinese.Japanese,Vietnamese,Asians like no one but themselves.This Is far from a black and white issue.

    • BigBen

      whoever you are I believe your ancestors come from either white, yellow or brown monkey or Ape

  • Ianmacfarlane

    Are these guys affiliates of Fox “News?”

    • Ron

      Probably, Fox News trailer trash hicks….. must be loving this…lol

  • James Oss

    Almost as hateful as bigoted Republicans and t-billies here.

    • Jeff

      Don’t forget democrats… if you had any intelligence you would know that demonrats created the kkk.. To be honest have seen some racist in both repub. and dem.. haven’t seen it on T party yet!!! bet you haven’t either, but your a demonrat and only see what they tell you to see…good luck with that!!! open your eyes seek the truth its out there. of course most demonrats wont because there to lazy to do anything but wait for there next hand out!!!

      • Entioch

        We do have educations, that’s how we know that during the period when the KKK was founded, democrats and republicans were ideologically the opposite of what they are now. With Democrats having Republican ideals and visa versa. Though I’m not sure what I’m expecting out of someone with the writing skills of a car wash Mexican.

        • Jeff

          MMMMMMMk.. typical democrat response attack the person and avoid the facts!!! run along, don’t worry about the spelling you and your kind got the point, and cant dispute it so you will attack the skills of the Mexican car washer… drool on demoncrat drool on!!!

          • Entioch

            Actually, my post addressed both your grammar and attacked you personally, with reading comprehension you would have figured that out. Have a nice Mother’s day.

          • Jeff

            Yea I know, I got that… thanks for proving my point. Like I said… you cant discuss the facts as it’s the truth, so you attack per usual its, liberal demoncrat 101. for the record I might of spelled the words exactly how I wanted too, maybe your the one that cant comprehend. And Happy Mother’s day to you also and GOD bless!!!

          • Jeff

            Hey thanks for proving my point!!! you cant argue the conversation, as your on the wrong side of it… So DEMONcrat 101 attack the person… in this case a Mexican car washer. I’m pretty sure I put my point the way I wanted to, so even a Demoncrat as yourself would understand it. like I’ve said before… drool on DEMONcrat drool on!!! Thanks again for proving my point!!! Mexican car washer… yea your not racist.. well done DEMONcrat, well done!!! Your mother must be sooo proud!!!

  • baddboyy

    Let the Fat Little Dick, launch his missile and then Test one of our own in his back yard, show him what a real Nuke can do…I am tired of this piss ant threatening the world with his Little Penis man Syndrome, some one needs to lock and load on his Ass, i promise you once he sees what a real Nuke can do, it will shut him up…Didn’t we just enact Bully laws in the USA…that is what he is, A Bully with a Tiny Penis…so trounce on his Ass and cut him down to his size

    • baddboyy

      Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do…and yes i know other people would die with him…that’s why we have what they call collateral damage, comes with the job

  • Walter

    Anything North Korea does; atomic tests, fire missiles into the ocean anything, China has knowledge and gives tacit approval, including this..

    • denniscerasoli

      The Chinese do not support the nuclear program of the North and have signed onto it.Kim doesn’t take orders from the Chinese as some may think.But China is stuck between a rock and a hard place because if the North falls they will have NATO on their borders.Look how we reacted in 1962 when I was a Marine who was about to invade Cuba 90 miles away because we didn’t want missiles in our hemisphere.Why would the Chinese want NATO missiles on their borders.What is good for the goose is good for the gander.One of the reasons why we haven’t invaded is because we didn’t want to put China in a spot.

  • Sebastian

    North Korea finally got one right!

    • Guest

      Sebastian! Everybody I know with this name, something is wrong with them, I never know one Sebastian! That was any dam good.

  • Don Azarias

    Kim Jong Un is a skunk!

  • Timothy Calloway

    It doesn’t work that way. The so-called little missile would actually have to hit a target in the USA before we could actually retaliate with a strike of our own.

    • navymp9502

      Not true Timothy. Only thing that needs to happen is the U.S. Detect a missile launch from that hell hole of a country. We would in response fire a whole barrage of missiles then take out the one or two they fired.

      • Andre,DC

        Thank you. I was just about to tell him that.

        • Andre,DC

          We have a defense system in place that will automatically shoot down any missile launched from another country that threatens our country that is set up in space.

  • tommy boy

    no one is afraid of Obama he is the laughing stock of the world and makes our whole country look bad sorry shape is in under his leadership

    • Andre,DC

      Okay, so tell me, under your leadership what would you do?

      • tommyboy

        tell u what im a nobody but I tell u what I could do no more harm to this country than obama has he sure is no leader hes a puppet

        • Andre,DC

          I am a regular citizen as well, but when you speak against the leadership of your sitting president, you must have some idea as to HOW he should lead and some examples of what he should do that would win your approval of him. So what would you do different in his position right now facing the crisis in North Korea?

          • eastcoast_beachguy

            Well, since I speak Korean, as president I would meet him in person in an arbitrary and secure location. We would eat Korean bbq and drink soju. Then, we would have a long long discussion about history and what has happened. I would abdicate the US’ status as world police and make agreements with him, as long as he would open up his country more and allow us to maintain open lines of communication. Since their country is very race based and considers its people to be pure, I would ensure that they would be allowed to maintain their sovereignty, as long as we could all know for certain that there would be no threat of war between either of our nations.

          • Andre,DC

            Okay, you speak Korean, and I speak from the heart. First, what always amaze me is when a citizen from another country leaves their homeland, reside in America and rally against American policies and leadership. What America stands for is unprecedented opportunities for anyone who resides in our country, whether domestically born or foreign. I know you said you speak Korean and never mentioned you WERE Korean, I still wanted to state that for all citizens from other countries who reside here but hate our policies, president, etc. Police the world? Look at history and if it weren’t for US intervention in many situations our whole world would’ve been ran by foreign dictators controlling our country. Had we not stepped in and helped France while we were getting our behinds kicked in Pearl Harbor, Hitler would’ve came across the waters to our land (which he was headed). Had we not stepped in and pushed back Saddam Hussein, he would’ve controlled the worlds most valuable commodity: Oil! Had we not taken out Bin Laden, there would’ve been another 911. So say what you want when no other country wants to step up to keep tyrants and dictators like this clown in South Korea from taking over the world, we have protected our country and has given YOURSELF a free country to pursue your dreams in, unlike the countries you assume we are just trying to police to be world bullies. If we wanted to take our North Korea, we could. We sent Stealth Bombers over there from Missouri and back, dropped dummie munitions on targets in South Korea and they never knew they were there until they came back home. Be thankful we are not afraid to take a stand when need be. And may God bless America!

          • precious

            May God bless and protect us that reside in American,because from the message you tried to present and knowledge as you can see no one is listening or reading that’s why we have dictators like this nut that feel yes he can take America because the American people don’t respect it’s leader in authority or recgonize someone that’s for the people not for the rich that’s taking away the American rights of living and governing they as people will never learn until we become a war torn country in ruins like the world of nations before us!it will be too late to cry over that spill milk or blood until it strikes homeland there will be no understanding and hell they will probably still find to pin the blame on Obama,but it was okay for Mass destruction,bombing of the trade center but don’t fault the fault of the later authority in the matter that didn’t give two damns about American homeland or the people but you want to keep finding and belittling Obama so whose better Korea leadership and his treats or the people with their hatred?(hm)nice statement though good knowledge!

          • eastcoast_beachguy

            You are just toeing the American propaganda line. It’s one thing to be a patriot, and another to be a nationalist. I am American and happy to live here, but am only here out of birthright (and my family has been in the US since the 1600s). I respect those who organized and developed the US into a sovereign nation, but I know for sure that when we pursue other countries, we often pursue our own interests. That is not what this country was founded on. We are not meant to be a war machine except for the defense of the Constitution and our own sovereignty.
            North Korea is nuts, but their belligerence toward the US has a long history, and it is not pretty. Sure, there could be dictators around the world, and if we want war, we can act with a coalition, NOT unilaterally as has been our trend.
            Most Americans do not even learn Korean or know much about Korea except what the media fills their heads with. It’s all war war war. Ever see any news on Korea that didn’t just talk about the DMZ and the Korean War? Probably not. Why do you think that is?

          • Andre,DC

            Listen, I am an avid reader of historical events and tyrannical dictators like Kim Jong Un whom you support. This young boy has no military experience. He was appointed a General when his father died. This country has electrical power for 3 hours out the day. They are impoverished beyond the worst poverty stricken person on the streets of United States. This inexperienced dictator has thwarted every opportunity we have given not only to him, but to his late father for peace talks. He plays tapes to be heard on trains and throughout the city all day and night about going to war with United States. They are not allowed to watch DVD’s in your country. if they speak against there leadership over there like you are speaking against Obama over here, you will be killed. You know that. Yes, sometimes we have to act unilateral when it’s in the interest of protecting our interest or the interest of innocent lives. That’s what a true leader does. And last . . . if you hate your president so much and hate our policies then you have the permission of every citizen in America who loves this country, to move to Korea where you would fit into their customs and ideals. I’m sure they would welcome you. We can sum up all your disgust with how we run this country by you moving to another country that share your ideologies of what a sovereign ran nation should be.

          • eastcoast_beachguy

            So you resort to the typical social contract fallacy.

            Also, do you really feel bad for North Koreans?
            1. They knew what they were getting into back in 1945, and chose to remain under the dictator
            2. Who is to say many are not happy under the status quo?
            3. What are you going to do if we fight, they nuke Seoul, and refugees flood out? Absolutely nothing, and that’s not going to happen anyway.

          • Andre,DC

            Your vapid display of words with no literary content is almost amusing and borderlines an insult to my intellect.

            Do I feel sorry for the North Koreans? Yes I do. You can’t bring diplomacy to a dictatorship ran country and expect a diplomatic resolve overnight. It doesn’t work like that. These innocent citizens have no say-so over the leadership of their country without being slaughtered. That is one of the perks of being a US citizen you should know. We have control over who we elect as our leader without being sent before a firing squad for voting against who is running for that position like they do in Korea. For someone who professes to have strong Korean ties and speak their language, it’s almost as if I have to teach you about the differences between both countries and how helpless North Koreans are there. Again . . . you don’t like it in our country please get a one-way ticket to North Korea and pick up Dennis Rodman on the way.

          • eastcoast_beachguy

            Intellect? All I see are ad hom, ad captandum, and circular reasoning. And again “You don’t like it, then leave.” Such a cop out. I refuse to even look at your nonsense. Get out in the world more and read on the airplane. Sounds like you might need it.

          • Andre,DC

            Ad hom? Do you mean ad hominem? And for the record, you don’t have personality nor character for me to attack. So you can take your logical fallacy, red herring- defensiveness as a ploy to over- compensate for being intellectually and politically inept . . . and shove it deeper than the depth of that missing Malaysian airline.

          • eastcoast_beachguy

            I have far more personality than your ugly and uneducated self has. Want to turn to ad hom, which yes, you learned the meaning of after about 3 posts I guarantee you had to look up the definition. You are clearly a blue collar bumpkin, probably from SE DC with all the other ghetto crawlers. I will be happy to know a wasted piece of genetic garbage either gets shot or keeps promoting war with NK and ends up getting hit with a flamethrower on the front lines.

          • Andre,DC

            Oh! So you assumed that using the term ad hominem (which I learned in Jr. High School) deemed you intelligent and exempt from the norm of intellectuals? lol. You really are self-absorbed and conceited to the 5th power, clown! You used the shit so much in your statements like you just learned the term (and don’t know how to properly spell it) that I thought I needed to address your faux pas of intellect so you can stop using the shit trying to profess intelligence. Learn a new quote, clown! Its a big difference in being intelligent and being under the influence of intelligence. You’re the latter!

          • Entioch

            This would be a splendid plan if what we are dealing with was a rational person, which is clearly not the case considering the periodic and mostly empty nuclear threats. This is a child who was raised spoiled as we can probably ever imagine, with little to no leadership capabilities and raised by a irrational dictator starving their people to death. Most likely he’s not the one actually making the decisions right now. Being able to have a rational conversation on that basis is naive at best.

          • Andre,DC

            Thank you.

    • Entioch

      Yes, the ones who have are ignoring him, as you should.

    • Mr.Kaka

      Haha. Blacks will always side up with Odumbo no matter what. USA can’t even deal with Detroit, the shit hole of the country 😉

  • Alan

    China has been using North Korea as a wild card against the free world.

  • Charles Ramada

    According to Darwin You North Korean’s and everyone else came from a monkey, and from the looks and sounds of it the GOP in the US came from North Korea.

    • Yaspar

      Now that there’s some brilliant wit…especially after careful reading to weed out the incorrect capitalization, and punctuation errors. Public school, no doubt?

      • Entioch

        Someone who is clearly proud of their own upbringing responding to an ad hominem with an ad hominem. The irony here is palpable.

      • Charles Ramada

        I should be so lucky, I never went to school all together, but had I been afforded that opportunity, I’m sure I would’ve become a smart S know it all grammar yahoo internet teacher with nothing else to do or no opinion but to rant and try to correct some 78 year old shaky handed grammar and punctuation, now I’m glad I skipped school all together.

        • Tammy Barnes Beard

          C’mon with it!!! The saddest thing is when someone has to try and put another down to try and prove how smart they are, only to prove that if they only had COMMON SENSE to go along with spell check!!! It only shows which end they really speak with.

  • Robert McAdams

    We know obama is a monkey and Moochelle is an orangutan.

    • precious

      hm’ I thought that was your mama and papa! was told you all deprived from the ape population(hm) that’s why your so hairy!look in the mirror monkey!

  • Aaron Schmitz

    I wondered what they called satan Bush?

    • precious

      Satan’s brother? or distance cousin(hm) since he was the one that ducked the shoe tossed(lol)

  • jim

    Come on that not news everyone know that …

  • skeete44@yahoo.com

    This is so funny that I think I might take a drink. The N. Koreans are bottom feeding lunatics. What’s really funny that they called Park Geun-hye a ‘despicable prostitute’ and Obama as her pimp. If these people think that name calling gets them aid, I’m lost for words. What more funny that these bird brain idiots think the world is going to feed their army with the aid, it never goes to the people. Just hold out on the aid and they will self-destruct. Every time aid was given, the Kim Die-nasty put it in their banks accounts to make sure they look powerful. The citizen never hear about the aid and if they speak about it, they are dog food. Another thing that is funny that Kim is a sow faced leader who thrives on the misery of others. If he thinks a starving army will win a war then he’s a idiot. Nuke, Nuke Mickey lover is all they can muster as a nation. Let them have their nuclear mistake and then China will be in a whirlwind of refugees. As far as I am concerned, the North are an inbred nation lunatics. Their bodies are fuxed-up and their heads are out of shape. Look at Kim head and hairdo, that’s inbreeding! I guess they think having sex with their relatives make them Royal Blood. Of course it royal, a royal mistake. If Obama needs to be in a zoo with monkeys, the whole population of N. Korea should be in the freak shows in the Ringling Bros. Circus. Most of them have cat eyes and deformed extremities. Tell them they smell like feces from a snake! It only takes on person to stand up to Kim. They are going to die anyway so sacrifice one of your citizens to take him out. Now, getting back to the funny stuff. Why would the North look like a bunch of Beefus’ and Buttheads? Because they are. Huh, huh, huh, huh, is all that nation can do for the world. They contribute nothing but humor for the world. I just think this is funny and when they launch that missile they are threatening everyone with, it’s going to blow up in their faces and then China will be held responsible for not telling them, you are wrong. Maybe this is world propaganda to make sure the world has a clown. Just too funny!

  • robert scott

    Dealing with a stupid you have two choices. Kill him or let
    him alone. A stupid one, newer kills you, but newer lets you alone …

  • felipe ramos sr

    oink, oink, oink ,oooooooooooooooink !!!

  • Saying Dtruth

    I wonder if the NKorean dictator will be called, pig or pork?.

  • Rustob Agruspacion

    All North Korean are Monkey & TEA bagers gun lovers

  • EC

    i bet if it were some white country making these racist comments the Republicans would be worshiping their leaders just like their new-found god Putin while bashing their president for being black.

  • babasankor

    This kind of Kim has got no Dick in-between his thighs, trust me fat Kim has the smallest pennis ever giving to a man.

  • dubblpumper

    What a way to rub it in!!!

  • EC

    the Repubtards sooo want to worship Kim Jong Un because they hate their own black president so much, but they have mixed feelings because they also hate “chinese” people

    • Yaspar

      LOL, you really had to stretch for that one, didn’t you? Speaking of respect for peoples, the word “Chinese” is a proper noun (look it up), and as such requires a capital “C,” and not quotation marks.

  • Chrisblackusa

    Well north korea will not fase our president when he has elected officials and alot of Americans that have said things openly that cant come near the Korean insult..

    • Yaspar

      Is there supposed to be a point in there somewhere? Didn’t your troll advisor warn you about wakin’ and bakin’ before going to work?

      • Chrisblackusa

        Yes..the point is he has americans that say worse in the open..anyone can hide in a newspaper. .what a foreigner says means nothing. .its what his own american people say that is troubling if it matters..duh..

        • Yaspar

          I just knew there was a point in there somewhere.

  • Joseph Cool

    Can’t we just blow them up already? The world hates them, can’t we just all agree to break the rules this one time, since literally EVERYONE hates them? Come on.. you know you want to.. so does Germany, China, and even Russia..

  • Scott Campbell

    That is silly. He does not have a tail. He is an orangutan

  • TheMediator

    Interesting that many people in these comments want to try to draw comparison between N. Korea and Republicans, when truly, on the political spectrum, Obama is much closer to a communist than any Republican. Just Google “Political Spectrum Chart”, or click here… https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=ytff1-yff23&p=political%20spectrum%20chart&type=
    Liberal Progressive is right next to Communist. This is the issue the majority population has with President Obama. His somewhat radical political stance is leading us in a dangerous direction. We need to get back to the center of this chart with our leadership. This is where I stand with 80% of the country… in the middle of all this mud slinging, which is a really dirty place right now! Let’s clean it up next election and pick some middle ground folks!

  • Brent Bowles

    Both leaders are of the same kind who only know to monger war.

  • dubblpumper

    Particularly cruel, rub in salt in nasty wound!! I don`t think we will show them much sympathy should they be so foolish to they something!! Watching that whole country smoldering under smoke would be a blessing for the world!! I see a lot of nasty things happening in the world right now and we better make sure our military is ready to hit hard if something big breaks out!! If anything our military needs to be bigger not smaller in an ever dangerous world!! It has become more dangerous not less dangerous!!

    • Brent Bowles

      Ha ha. Seem like the only thing you know to use is your guns not your brain. come on. Be more civilized. You have met with them, Vietnamese, Talibans, right? What have you learned?

  • Phil P

    What is Dennis Rodman his GOOD buddy an APE?

  • dubblpumper

    They make it sound like he escaped from a zoo!!

  • Anna

    “Propaganda is usually more eloquent, combined with images of gallantry and false promises through meaningless slogans” hmmm yahoo talk about Obama here?

  • carlberlin

    He is not only a monkey, but a piece of EXCREMENT

    • Bunny

      You’re the type that thinks Bush was a great leader. You have no credibility, no logic, no reasoning, and no clue. Get ready to lose the white house again, Republiconman.

  • Yaspar

    The authors of these Nork articles appear to have gotten their tone, style and rhetoric from the same sources as the anti-GOP commenters here, except that their English is much better.

  • Ilya Simkhovich

    here’s a sad political fiction “concept”: we go to war to fix rogue asians, even DRAFTING our fresh, strong men to go die in hell like korea and vietnam and finally NUKE japan; setting the bar for brutality in history. why? if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had sweet technics turntables, sony walkman’s, toyotas, or the world’s sweatshop–china–to give us practically everything in our homes and the computers we used to create the information age, not to mention “television”. i believe in a higher political power and it’s not your father’s “masons”, “skull and bones” or “illuminati”. it’s just… a consortium and we get to be the war dog funded by many interests. watch this “set up” because iran might have ducked it but north korea can’t be ignored. they’re as bad as stalin or the nazis and um, as far as genetics are concerned, they’re rumored to be 3 inches shorter than south korea on average. if big china can still accept their population breathing and potentially viable for BREEDING, they need to get cracked wide open SOON because as inbred… you know what i mean. yo g.i. joe… next stop DPRK.

  • Troublemaker

    Obama has every right to be offended as he is only ‘half-monkey’…

    • TheVelociraptorOfLove

      Well, with this post you prove that you are full monkey. How do you feel about that ?

      • Troublemaker

        I am still superior to you so how much of a POS does that make you?

        • TheVelociraptorOfLove

          “Superior” ? Is that what they tell you at stormfront ?

          • Troublemaker

            Facts are facts. You are just some stupid white guy…

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          You’re not even superior to you.

    • precious

      What half are you? you all haven’t learned a damn thing still full of your shit and hatred for a man that’s trying to give your half ass kids or generation a future of benefits that your participants are taking from you and you got the gull to call name and point fingers that’s just why Korean leadership feel they can blow America away in a puff because of piss ants like you that shows no respect and call the president of the USA names and why they feel just for doing the same! because jackass like yourselves will never learn or mount to anything before it’s too late and this country becomes a war torn nation like other countries so keep on with your hate and bigotry and see how long you will aide in the destruction of America you will be walking like a monkey! so keep on being so proud of another mass destruction in the making! your own and taking the world with you and your future generation! think not?(hm)think again bud! if your monkey ass was on fire I wouldn’t spit on you to put you out, burn ass hole!

      • Troublemaker

        Ah… aren’t you ‘precious’. A liberal Democrat who constantly calls for ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ all the while you are a vile-filled, racist fool yourself. Please google hypocrite and have someone explain it to you as you are too ignorant to comprehend….

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          As an enemy sympathizer you oughta know.

  • TheVelociraptorOfLove

    The DPRK has great ties to many African countries, so what does this mean about those people and leaders ? Are they saying that black Africans are monkeys ? Will Dennis Rodman call out Kim Jong-Un and demand an apology ? If this is really how they feel about Obama they are making a big mistake, its not just Obama they are talking about, they are talking about all black Africans as Obama looks like any average African (African/American). I hope that this news piece hurts their international affairs and forces them to print an apology. Thats something I have never seen from the DPRK.

  • Plieku 1968

    I agree with this commie bastard, our POS president does look like a monkey but even more so is his ugly looking monkey wife Mochell. 2016 can’t come soon enough to rid of these freeloaders.

  • Tom Tucker

    He is only half monkey, the other half is white trash.

    • TheVelociraptorOfLove

      So he’s half republican ?

      • Troublemaker

        No, half-monkey and half-white trash makes him 100% Democrat.

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          If you think that sitting in here cheering on the communists on the brink of potential war, giving praise and comfort to the enemy while undermining your own country makes you anything less than a piece of sh$t, then you don’t think.

          • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

            You’re traitors, and hell waits hungrily for your cowards soul.

          • Troublemaker

            On the brink of war? What fantasy world do you live where you think for a second Barack Yomama would ever grow some balls and take on a fight? All he ever does is pander to our enemies and lie to our own citizens. FYI… criticizing our President is not the same as giving comfort for the enemy. You are too stupid for words…

          • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

            We have warships in the Black Sea as we speak with more headed there. We also have fighters on the borders flying in immediate proximity of the enemy as we speak. Russia has already threatened that nuclear war was on the table and we have men and women in harms way and you sit there like a spoiled little brat spouting treason from the comfort of your cowards seat.

            Like I said, a$$wipe. You know what they do to traitors.

          • Troublemaker

            FYI… when Yomama said he’d be more flexible in his second term, he meant he would gladly bend over so Putin can work him from behind. You know, the way you like it when your same-sex lover bends you over.

          • Andre,DC

            Curious, have u ever been to war? Because it seems your idea of a resolve is blowing up sh**! to make Putin and Kim Jong UN respect our country.

          • Troublemaker

            In NONE of my posts have I said we should go to war. Seems like you are just some loudmouth with a lot to say without anyone asking and with no one caring…

          • Andre,DC

            Hey POS, this is an excerpt from your post:” On the brink of war? What fantasy world do you live where you think for a second Barack Yomama would ever grow some balls and take on a fight? All he ever does is pander to our enemies and lie to our own citizens.” Now from your own words that means our president doesn’t have the balls to go to war. Now like I said, your idea of a resolve is blowing up sh**! And since you like blowing I can give u something to blow on.

          • Troublemaker

            My post only relates to this President being weak and a pacifist in my response to M-T-F’s claim we are on the brink of war. Nothing there that infers we SHOULD go to war. If you had any brains, you’d have noticed that. Your picture tells me all I need to know about your lack of intelligence…. No wonder you voted for Obama,

          • Andre,DC

            These are your own words again, clown: ‘Yomama would ever grow some balls and take on a fight?” Which suggest that if Obama had balls he would take on a fight. Do you comprehend your own sh**? When you can’t read and comprehend your own sh** then you really are an extraordinary piece of sh**! And I have the balls to put up my pic and my name. I don’t hide behind a blank avatar like clowns like yourself, racist! It’s in your DNA to hide. Your ancestors hid behind hoods. I bet a Black man took your ex girlfriend. That’s why you’re butt hurt over the existence of Blacks. And you know once she went Black, she’s never coming back? Right? She’s probably walking like she just rode a horse right now :-)

          • Troublemaker

            Monkey see… Monkey do. That’s why you voted for Obama. Looks like you are not even half-monkey…

          • Troublemaker

            Let me explain it to you as it’s clear you are stupid…
            When the previous poster claimed “we are on the brink of war”, I countered that this President will never go to war with anyone as he has no balls. This is not an indication I would go to war with N. Korea over this matter… It is a summation of the pacifist ways of this President and how he is weak.

            Now… just because you are a monkey and you hate references to Yomama being half-monkey, at least he is half-monkey which is far superior to you. You look like you are full-blown monkey who likes to do some blowing yourself.

            The only one walking like they just rode a horse is you as it’s very likely you have spent time in prison and were rode hard by Ben Dover.

            FYI… my wife would never have sex with a //igger.

          • Troublemaker

            Apparently, Disgus doesn’t like it when I call you a //igger.

          • Troublemaker

            I guess Disgus doesn’t like it when I call you a coon, jungle bunny, spear chucker, porch monkey, nig…

          • Troublemaker

            I’d bet a horse has been riding you…

          • Troublemaker

            I got your horse right here… except I don’t do blacks.

          • Troublemaker

            If Disgus wasn’t deleting my replies to you… then you’d know exactly what I think about ‘your kind’.

          • Troublemaker

            Oh, please… you are ‘spooking’ me.

          • Troublemaker

            If only they would not keep deleting my reply posts to you…

          • Troublemaker

            Everytime I reply to you and tell you what i think of you… Disgus refuses to post my reply.

          • Andre,DC

            They refuse to post your comment because your intellectual ineptness, racist rants and lack of ability to express a profound meaningful thought, triggered the system that there was an obtuse individual leaving a comment, so they deleted it to save yourself the embarrassment and integrity of your stupidity. You are so cretin that you keep trying to log onto Disgus when it is Disqus. Start there! SMH

            We have something in common: we both hate *%#gers! What you don’t get is that the majority of African-Americans hate people who possess those traits: lazy, worthless and contribute nothing to society. That term describes characteristics, not a race. The average successful Black person (like myself) doesn’t wast their time hating White people. We are too busy trying to find our own way through 400 years of oppression, segregation, slavery, disenfranchisement, and just basically prospering and growing as the innovative and pioneering race that we are! Being CEO’s of companies, being selected as 90% of the majority of top sports athletes. We’ve come from a ship to the White House. What progression, huh? When you call an ambulance, police, or when you’re at the hospital in need of treatment, do you say:” excuse me! I only want a caucasian to assist me?” If you’re going to be racist, be true to being racist. Refuse assistance from anyone African-American. I don’t care what the service is, refuse it! See, this whole argument is not about Obama being a Pacifist (in your mind). This is your engrained disdain for Blacks from the illusion that all African-Americans are inadequate and can’t lead because we’re less than. But your less than president who you feel has no balls, is serving two terms. He made a decision to take out Bin Laden on his gut and own volition. Made affordable health care for thousands, which your boy Mitt Romney used first but decided it was wrong when our president used the same plan. He brought home troops that your boy Bush Jr. sent to war to avenge the attempt assassination of his father Bush Sr. by Saddam Hussein which had nothing to do with 911 and Bin Laden. Made equal pay for women so your wife could bring home what you bring home. I was going to be ignorant with you, but why? I don’t feel less than. I feel equal to! And that’s the origin of racism: when you feel less than another race instead of knowing we all originated from Africa. And we’re all ONE race. Because when God calls you and I home, there’s not going to be segregation at the alter when we’re being judged. We both will see the same God, my brotha.

          • Troublemaker

            No, they refuse to post my reply because I am white. They post yours ‘because’ you are black and liberals believe blacks cannot be racist. However, you are indeed a racist. You are also an ignorant fool who voted for Obama. Monkey see, monkey do…

          • Troublemaker

            You are a racist. How do you know that I am white? You are just making assumptions based on your on racist ideals. I could be latino, black, asian…. you are clueless.

            You successful? Only success you have ever had is serving jail time and getting out on parole….

          • Troublemaker

            Selling crack does not make you successful…

          • Andre,DC

            Yeah, yeah, yeah![yawning] The ‘ole typical racist rants: All Black men are drug dealers or locked up; Black women all have babies and on welfare. The norm. I’m going to entertain myself and go to your level since I see I can’t bring you up to mine. Listen, aren’t you suppose to be in school? If I called your mother and told her you were home from reformed school playing on her computer you know she wouldn’t take you to see Godzilla tonight. You call yourself Troublemaker? That’s an indication that you’re a grown azz child. If you want something to play with, McDonalds has Happy Meals with some toys inside, or you can open my zipper and play with the original Godzilla from the movies. It’s up to you.

          • Troublemaker

            What makes you think I’m white? I could very well be Black, Latino, Asian or even Eskimo. Just goes to show who is the racist. It also shows you are stupid…

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      You’re 100 percent trash. Color not a factor. Traitors to their own country always are. Cowards and traitors.

  • Republican Anarchy

    What a perfect candidate for the GOP. I am sure Rush and Bill agree with this whole heartedly.

  • Fancy Tan

    Ankd Kim is a yellow cockroach.

  • Larry Major

    What you going to do about this Obama?

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      History will remember you traitors. You “Jane Fondas” cheering on the enemy.

  • Larry Major

    In 2 Thessalonians chapter2~~~ it says basically there shall be a great
    rebellion against God in the last days before the man of perdition the
    antichrist, the lawless one is revealed and since God said as it was
    from the beginning marriage is to be between a male and female and
    homosexuals are rebelling and atheists are also we see the end is
    getting closer!

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      Quit fixating on the writings of a Roman who claimed to see Christ, and try reading Christ’s words for a change. Christ told you what would happen at near the end, “The love of many, shall wax cold”.

      APATHY. Human APATHY. Racism. Lust of guns over Christ’s Gospel. Replacing his word of peace with one of war. These are the signs of the end he said, and the signs of the AntiChrist.

  • Lee Frank

    Yes North Korea is a country led by thugs, idiots, and a dictator full of himself. But, now look at where America is headed. The same direction. If Obama and his small minded minions finish their great plan, we will be like North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela. All countries of absolute poverty to the people, murder by the dictators, and absolute despair and hopelessness!

  • shineon

    wow. is anyone in this country over 10 years old

  • fiducial private

    I am not surprised at all, here in US, particularly on FOX they called him Monkey, even worse, a monkey who tell lie, all time, maybe through some code they used.

  • Deke

    One more thing North Korea and the Tea Party have in common…

  • ben cruz

    North Korea is run by a pig that’s why their news agency writes dirty things about other leaders.

  • tom56071

    little kid calls people names only we the usa people and others from the free world can call our dictator names ok porky pig

  • http://www.4chan.org FestertheFister

    Harsh talk from a country whose leader has the body of a woman.

  • Kim Jong Un

    “These Yankees have no idea who they are dealing with…”

    As if US intelligence are using simple magnifying glass to go their work.

    “…and we will teach them the true taste of fire and war. ”

    That is the funniest statement. As if US never been to war and actually tasted the “true fire and war.” As if US is profoundly lagging in technology.

    • Andre,DC

      I know, right? And It really bother’s me how these racist clowns on this topic hate Obama so much (only because he is Black) that they are supporting the racist statements made against him from a dictator who’s whole focus is to kill everyone in America! If they (the racist Americans) side with Kim Jong Un so much and love his leadership better, then please hop their azz on the next flight to North Korea and become a citizen. I will even pay for their one-way tickets.

      • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

        That’s the only reason they hate them. Turns out, electing a Black President exposed the racist half of the country. Turns out, MOST republicans, are racists who hate black people and Mexicans. Apparently North Koreans and Russians, not so much.

        Turns out, their racist hate of being told what to do by a black man, drives them to be traitors to their own nation at a time of potential war.

        I’m as white as Casper the Friendly Ghost, but I’m with you. Lets put them on the first flight to North Korea.

        As long as that flight is on the tip of an ICBM.

        • Andre,DC

          Thanks you. And I’m not racist either. I have two mixed children by a White woman. But the racism has to stop. It’s sick. Anytime people are siding with a Korean clown who wants to kill all of us over our president . . .that’s when you know how sick racism really is.

  • LuLlu

    How do you think Dennis Rodman feels now? He was supporting N.Korea with his basketball expos. Does he feel like a monkey?

  • Jerry Frost

    I Just hope he don’t start lobbing nukes at us because he see’s our president is an evil black monkey.

  • J. Harp

    Kim Jon Un MUST be looking in the mirror when he says that! I don’t know why he is criticizing Obama? They both share the same politics!

  • Bill

    North Korea finally got something right, he does look like a monkey.

  • Dan6667

    Hmmm……In one way I got to agree with the “insane fruitcake”. Our CIC is a real Dumb-A. But if that “insane fruitcake” thinks for one second he can fire off a nuke without getting totally slaughtered within 30 minutes after he does it…..then he truly is way more than just an “insane fruitcake”!

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      Like most of this new generation of racist right wingers, who are nothing like those who went before, you show yourself to be nothing more than traitor to your own country. Saying you have to agree in one way with the guy, is like saying you have to agree with Hitler about the Jews.

      Which you probably do.

      • Dan6667

        I have fought for my country and you. I served 10 years as an Airborne Infantry Soldier. I am by far not a racist. And do not lecture me about being a “traitor”…..That is grounds for a direct and immediate “throat punch” that I promise you will respect and never forget. I love my country and I served for my people (which includes you). I did not go into the military because of a President or any Political Party. I served because I am an American. Period.

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          You didn’t fight for me you inbred piece of trash. WWII, was the last war where our nations freedom was threatened and which my family fought in. WE fought for this nation, you did not.

          As for your infantile little sissy threat to “throat punch” me,… hard to punch when your face is being surgically removed from my boot.

          Trust me boy, I know what you are. Nothing but a two bit punk kid with a big mouth and a wanna be hero attitude. You’re nothing but a wimp, a traitor to your country, as is evidenced by your posts in here.

          You sicken me, you sicken the flag you claim to support and you ought to sicken the trailer trash that bore you.

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          An American traitor.

  • Roberto Vergara

    If he is a monkey what are you skunk? Pest of the world, think better ,treat and feed your own people better.

  • Pablo

    Fat Boy Kim, needs to understand that, while he thinks that President Obama is a “monkey”, Fat Boy is a Pig. Just look at him, he has tiny squinty eyes, a nose that resembles a hog’s and a body stature that implies that he should be walking around on all fours, rather than trying to stand up straight, like monkeys usually are able to do. I would rather have a monkey for a world leader than a FAT PIG BOY!

  • moparfan54

    NK is a sad place, and I feel sorry for the general population, but does their opinion of the US mean anything? NO, it does not. As long as we do not let our guard down, and react accordingly to what ever actions they may take, they can talk all they want to. I saw a statement earlier that we fought NK once and we did not win then, and we would not win now. We definitely could win in NK, but we fought the Chinese as well, and our government (Harry Truman) did not have the gumption to follow Douglas MacArthurs guidance that could have avoided the situation we are in today.

  • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

    Its good that John Wayne died, because he would not have wanted to look at this new breed of ignorant, uneducated racist filth that now occupies his party, as they turn traitor, cheering on the communist dictator and committing vocal treason against their own nation at a time of potential imminent war.

    The new republican party who’s apathy extends to all who are not “one of their own” was Predicted by Christ as sign of times.

    “the love of many, shall wax cold”.

    Apathy. Racism. Hate. The new “Conservative Christian Values.

    And don’t forget to add “Treason” to the list.

    They are Patriots.

    To North Korea.

    • Anthony

      The Duke made MONEY ACTING as some military hero, HE NEVER SERVED

      • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

        ….who said he did?

        • Anthony

          You make it sound like a hero that he’s not

  • Guest

    The communist in Pyongyang has no respect for the communist in Washington, D.C.

  • disqus_fFH5B3KocK

    Like anyone cares what that fat little dictator who enslaves his own people says or does. He needs droned out like nobody else.

  • Dale Morrison

    This is the same guy that Rodman as a visitor I guess he considered Rodman as his pet monkey

  • Marisa

    Egg shape, pot bellied,moon faced, short put, kite head,,,,,,,,No i think I am too civilised to hurl these kind of words at him!

  • Spdey Gonzales

    N korea never said that, pure degrading US propaganda….

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      uhh, Korean isn’t some obscure language idiot.

      It was recorded live.

  • jb

    omg…they used racist terms…omg…nuke the nk’s

  • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

    We’re still officially at war with North Korea. At WAR. They are the enemy, making you people cheering them on and undermining your own nation, nothing but traitors.

    Not in some esoteric blogger sense of the word. In real life. You are in here committing actual treason, giving praise and comfort to the enemy while sabotaging your own country.

    You’re “Patriots” alright. To the ENEMY.

    • Anthony

      If you KNEW any better you might REALIZE that IT WAS CALLED A POLICE ACTION, IDIOT

      • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

        The Korean War was a war that killed roughly 3 million civilians and a half million soldiers. So that Truman called it a police action at one point for political reasons doesn’t have anything to do with it. We’re at a state of war with them. And that makes you pieces of sh$t, traitors to your own country.

        Go suck your fat boy Kim Jong Un’s dong if you like the enemy so much.

        In the US you’re nothing but an enemy sympathizer.

        • Anthony

          The 2nd Security Police Squadron Held ground while the NK Over Ran the Compound saving ALL the other Persons on Base, When the base regained US control ALL THE 2ND SECURITY POLICE HAD BEEN DRAWN AND QUARTED YOU COWARDLY PIECE OF HUMAN ESCRAMENT!

          • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

            lol, what is this cut and paste babble you’re trying to pass off as some coherent thought of your own?

            Did you accidentally swallow an encyclopedia?

            And how does any of that change the fact that you’re an enemy sympathizer?

  • Hoag

    If we had to take action on every country/person that said something defamatory about our country or President………..there would be nobody left on the face of the Earth. Why have we as Americans become so thin skinned that we feel these stupid remarks from a country as weak as North Korea should be headlining news??? This little punk is always spouting off BS. Who cares!!! Why does our media stoke all this gossip like we are all little school children? This is just stupid.

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      No, what’s stupid is people like you trying to pretend that this is the ONLY thing we’re dealing with NK right now. They’re testing NUKES you idiot, and they’re threatening war, firing into South Korea, they sunk a south Korean ship and you right wing apologists trying to downplay it so Americans won’t rally around our President is sickening. You’re traitors to your own nation.

  • Truth

    This is bullshit ur an idiot if u believe that people are so retarded there. They dont believe they landed on the sun or that they found unicorns its just bullshit US propaganda. Its about time u assholes realise that the rest of the world hates u. You wouldnt be under so many threats if u would just fucking stay away and stop conquering and killing people around the world who dont agree with u. The ammount of people supported governemnts hte US overthrow is fucking big and the US has been installing dictators who serve their capitalist interests like Pinochet. Start talking about equality and solidarity instead of weapons and how big rockets u have and people might fucking like u.

  • George Hirst

    So funny! I do not care for the north Korean government but this is hysterical!

  • Jan


  • Dennis J Savala

    He is KING CONG to you cockroach!!

  • J.t. Coleman

    Well, they got the monkey part right.

  • rastus


  • Art Williams

    North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey” They got that right ! Not because he is black but because he is an ape. Besides that why do blacks flock to the party of there former masters ( Democratic party )? You would think every black American would be Republican . The only thing I can think of is they ate white shit as slaves and they continue to eat it today as Democrats. Must be some good shit!

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      When you Tea Trash babies lose an election, you turn traitor and side with our enemy. Remember a$$wipe. We’re still technically and officially at WAR with North Korea.

      The ones you’re siding with, while trying to undermine your own nation at war.

      • Art Williams

        I’d agree with you , but then we would both be wrong .

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          Let me see, you said “North Korea’s State Owned News: “Obama is a monkey” They got that right ! Not because he is black but because he is an ape.”

          Nope. Got it right.

          You’re definitely siding with the enemy over your own country’s leaders.

          Looks like you’re just wrong, twice.

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          ..which of course makes you no “Patriot”.

          Unless of course we’re talking about North Korea.

          Then you’re a real patriot.

          To Kim Jong Un.

          • Andre,DC

            Continue getting in their asses like a wedgie! lol

  • hangman

    The old saying, ‘It takes one to know one’ is certainly true here. A baboon calls an ape a monkey. After I stopped laughing, I saw the irony of it. It does take one to know one.

  • disqus_tzf3a7eO2g

    Well, even a broken watch is right twice a day.

  • Herr Oberst

    Well, even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then.

  • James Young

    n . k. is a mental state of people who don’t know how to think for them selves but still there seems to be a little truth in the first part of the statement

  • King of North Korea

    it’s not like we have been kind to that little imp of a leader they’ve got.. the future is never bright for an impotent, short, fat, incompetent, lunatic dictator who kills family members.. LOL

  • Crazyinjun

    I actually agree with North Korea for the first time ever.

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      That’s because when worthless trash like you loses an election, you turn traitor on your own country. Now you support the North Korean’s, whom we are currently still technically at WAR with, …..over your own nation.

      You’re nothing but a criminal and a traitor. Moral-less. Gutless. And now a commie loving traitor at a time of war.

      Good luck with all that. You’re gonna need it.

      • Crazyinjun

        I really doubt a piece of crap like you have ever served or done anything for your country and yet you try to pass yourself off as a patriot. Eat crap and die.

        • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

          I’m more of a patriot than a commie loving piece of sh$t like you will ever be..

          In here you’re nothing but an ENEMY SYMPATHIZER.

          And you know what they do to traitors at a time of war, right big mouth?

          • Crazyinjun

            Look, we have finally found obamas gay lover.

          • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

            Infantile babble won’t help then either.

  • Guest

    “It would be better for him to live with other monkeys at a wild animal park in Africa … and licking bread crumbs thrown by onlookers….lol

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      That’s it “Bob”. Cheer on the leader of our sworn enemy whom we are still at war with.

      Just because you don’t like the black man.

      You’re a Patriot all right. To North Korea.

  • William Moore

    You call this journalism?? really?? I don’t think the President of the United States cares what North Korea says about him. And frankly neither do the majority of Americans. Ignore them and they have no one to talk about other than themselves.. Oh yeah, the editor who thought this was news should probably find something relevant to publish….

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      So you don’t think that its of journalistic interest that the dictator of a nation we’re technically at war with, is using the exact same racist slurs against our own President, that the Tea Party has been openly using since the day he was elected? Slurs that dot the internet by the millions?

      You don’t think its just a bit noteworthy that what 30 percent of our country is calling him, is now being echoed by the North Korean madman?

      Gee…..who knew?

  • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

    Its amazing. Republicans support our democracy until they lose an election. Then when they lose they start brandishing weapons like third world banana republic animals, threatening treason, ….and now COMMITTING treason by supporting the enemy over their own country at a time of war. Just because they didn’t win the election.

    Feel free to go join your new friend, Kim Jong Ill.

    In hell.

  • chris

    that is funny!

  • fritz

    Insult to a monkey.

    • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

      You’re an insult to our flag.

  • Masta Luv

    Who gives a rat dusty behind. YA FREAKEN HOO! Stop posting this stupid stuff about this retard.

  • pogi

    hey, what about the US secret weapon developed in area 51 called “aurora” otherwise, our very owned flying saucer that can fly the speed of light and can obliterate anything on their path. I think, that coconut husk head N. Korean president will pee his pants when he realize his country is wipe out from the world map……

  • pogi

    if he call our president a monkey, then he is also a COCNUT HUSK HEAD PRESIDENT, a coconut cut in half use to polish a waxed floor to make it shinny…hahaha

  • dave

    That little fart is pretty smart !!!

  • stinkingwetbacck


  • Russ Tuck

    You guys wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we have, their missiles would be lucky to clear the silo. I’m more worried about the way this douchebag cuts his fuckin hair! Lol

  • Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator)

    As we see now, the Tea Party in all its racist glory, embracing our enemy’s at a time of war over their own nations elected President.

    Even Neville Chamberlain didn’t take it that far, and he was branded traitor and sympathizer.

    What does that make the Tea Party?

  • Russ Tuck

    Actually I’m ex marine, our gov has goodies you wouldn’t believe. The Koreans are not seen as a real threat just a rogue, believe me our military wouldn’t have to hit the ground there. Ever hear of neutron bombs? Read up, they pretty much vaporize everything except buildings…..and you guessed it we got em. Kim Jong is an uneducated little man whose mouth is gonna write a check his ass can’t cash

  • Umbral Facebot

    I think this is the dream candidate the baggers have been waiting for!

  • Jf Faith

    If we had NUKED North Korea in the 50’s… Vietnam and all this s*&t going on today would have been prevented !

  • Ba

    Hey North Korea you have no right to call our mon-key a monkey, only we in the U.S. have a right to call him that.

  • Mark D

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Better yet come to my yard and say that !

  • Russ Tuck

    Tommy Boy I served my country in the United States marine corp, I’m pretty aware of the sacrifice involved, certainly in no way was disrespecting any brothers or sisters who have or are, just saying we are the mightiest armed force in the world. North Korean nukes will never touch our soil!

  • guest

    i wanna see him and china bully each other. they are both trying to provoke others because they have nobody to test their nuke toys on.

  • Gsxr Superbike

    welp I agree wholeheartedly and I am an American so there ya go with your “propaganda” calling him a monkey is propaganda..

    I’ve never trained a monkey but I am positive I can train one to do his job, all it has to do is sit there and do nothing and open his banana hole every now and again and utter some rhetoric..

    and speaking of propaganda that’s all American media is anymore so STFU and do something positive for the people for once, and what’s that a55 clown lobama ever done?

    poor economy?

    too many illegals?


    criminal agencies, wall street and bankers?

    so SERIOUSLY what’s he done sides blow more of our money?


    • Rod Willem

      So what’s pig boy’s current thought on his basketball sidekick?

  • political correct pete

    The Korean Central News Agency has sure made a mistake now. If the NBA COMISSIONERS SEE THIS, they will be banned from all games and forced to sell any sports interest that they hold immediately. The new political correct rules are that no one can voice their opinion about anything or any body even in the privacy of their own homes. They may even sick “Poop Dog” on them with his vulgar and base comments (which is legal when he does it, not like when a normal US citizen does something similar). That Korean coconut head that he is referred to as may even ask his girlfriend to not be dating someone else , that little racist bigot. The freedom of speech must be much more lenient in Korea than in the US. They must have a First Amendment. We sure don’t.

  • Zhuxiong Pan

    it is really a sucking country and the people there are so ignorant ““`

  • JoRyanSalazar

    Obama’s no ordinary monkey…he’s the real-life version of Son Goku. Our president is a Super Saiyan. Take note, Pyongyangites.