No Touching! Woman Files Charges After Pregnant Belly is Rubbed

    October 29, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Any woman who has ever been pregnant can probably sympathize with a Frankfort, Pennsylvania woman who got so frustrated with people rubbing her belly that she decided to file charges. After a neighbor approached the woman and rubbed her belly without asking, she filed a police report. The man could end up paying a fine for rubbing the woman’s belly.

According to Yahoo!, an official with the Pennsylvania State Police said that 57-year-old Richard J. Beishline touched the 30-year-old pregnant woman earlier this month. The two are neighbors and Beishline reportedly hugged Michelle Troutman and said, “I just want to be friends.” He then rubbed her belly, which prompted Troutman to push him away and call the police.

Pennsylvania’s harassment law covers unwanted touching like this, so Beishline could very well pay a fine (or worse) if he is found guilty. “Pennsylvania law defines harassment as engaging in conduct that harasses, annoys, or alarms a person,” Pennsylvania attorney Phil DiLucente said. “That’s always been the law, whether someone is pregnant or not, but this is the first time to my knowledge it’s been used in such a way.”

Don’t think that simply touching a pregnant woman’s belly one time in Pennsylvania will necessarily land you in a mountain of legal trouble. According to DiLucente, Troutman will have to prove a “course of conduct,” meaning she will have to prove the unwanted touching happened multiple times. If the incident happened just one time, Beishline may receive a simple criminal citation and pay a fine, which is no more serious than a traffic ticket.

The case is being widely debated on Facebook and Twitter, with many women saying that rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly is no big deal, while others say it’s a huge violation of personal space. Jennifer Bosse, a mother of two, called the situation “tricky.”

“Elderly grandmother that exclaims excitedly and touches your belly for the briefest of moments? Maybe mildly annoying but not a crime. Scary woman or man that grabs at your belly and continues to jiggle you around long after the first no? Crime,” Bosse said.

Another woman, Dani Mathes, says that this is much ado about nothing. “Annoying? Sure. Illegal? Heck no. We can’t have laws for everything. We already complain about having so many laws for minor crap.” What do you think about the pregnant belly rubbing issue? Respond below.

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  • Ted in Topeka

    The woman is crazy and I feel sorry for the baby. Anyone who would go through all that trouble is an ass. This very same woman will be complaining that she isn’t noticed at all once the baby is born. Have we gotten this crazy in this country? Has Misandry gone this far?

    We have men being sent to prison for decades for going to meet a person from the internet even though the person invited them to meet. The men literally don’t even see anyone and still go to prison. Likewise, we have a woman in Nevada serving a life sentence because an underage boy touched her breast. Isn’t it time we all stopped being so petty and just stopped the madness? Everything now is becoming a legal issue. For things that are utter nonsense, people are having their lives destroyed. We are so petty … petty…. petty. That is why no one is happy in this nation.

    As kids we all stuck to the notion that if there is no harm there is no foul. We should stick with that notion.

  • http://www.modestmoney.com Erastus@ModestMoney

    This is really absurd. I do agree pregnant ladies should be given spaces but this lady is going to far. Imagine in a situation where she will be in labor pain and no one in the house. Who will help her? It will be that neighbor who she is suing. I will also say other laws shouldn’t count.


  • Sara Lee

    This woman needs some Mental Health Counseling…..This is a personal problem NOT a Criminal Problem…..geeZ

  • Really?

    Really? Pressing charges? Women touch me or give me a friendly hug all the time. Even though I don’t ask for these things, it is no big deal. Just further proof that woman are crazy and slaves to hormones People think that is just a joke, but it is true. Men and women are vastly different and it is because of hormone imbalances. Scientists have proven this time and time again, but no one wants to admit it. We have all seen the woman who is mad at the world for no reason and then a few days later she is back to normal — it is because her body chemistry is out of wack or the woman who just cries for no reason. Hormones play a huge role in decision making and emotions. This woman in a few days will realize what a irrational thing it was that she did but it will be too late. The damage is done.

  • Stupid People Tricks

    People just like life and a pregnant woman is a symbol of new life. That is the only reason why the guy touched her belly. Yeah, it is annoying but it isn’t criminal and wasn’t a personal attack. Any woman who thinks so needs to have her head examined.

    By the logic this woman showed, when I broke my leg and a billion people that I didn’t know signed my cast, well I should have charged them all with harassment.

    If I would have done that , I would have been the biggest jerk in the world.

    • ozedude

      Not the same. In what way is signing a cast as intimate as rubbing someones pregnant belly AND close hug? Poor analogy.

    • Amber

      I would bet you that random strangers did not just waltz up to you, whip out a pen and sign your cast without asking you if they could do so. But I GUARANTEE that this woman has been touched numerous times without the same courtesy.

    • Maribel

      So is it ok to rub the fathers balls and say good Job?

  • Use Your Heads

    Yes, there is something wrong in our society. Since when is alright for a man to touch another mans wife in any condition?! Since they are neighbors I would think they are already friends it did not warrant any touching. Maybe she could have gotten past the belly rub however irritating but, the full body contact? Also there is such a thing as body language that she would have picked up on being the recipient that your over-looking here!
    Hormones may have been a predominant factor in this scenario but I don’t think they were hers!
    Ask yourself if friendly Richard would have done that had her husband been standing there!

    • Dee

      This reply is quite late coming, but there is too much wrong with this comment for me to scroll on past. What the hell difference should it make if she’s married? She has a right to autonomy over her person regardless of her marital status. Society in general seems to think that pregnant women are fair game to public scrutiny, unsolicited advice and,in this case, unsolicited touching. This is a problem and I’m glad to see that people are talking about it.

  • Give me a break

    Sounds like some creepy old man go too close for a final time. You notice that he told the woman he just wanted to be friends….I wonder what that was about. This is probably some perv getting off easy by not getting a sexual harassment claim.

    And if a woman doesn’t want someone pawing at her, she shouldn’t be criticized for it. This is why we have a rape culture mindset, it’s always someone else’s fault that the person who touched someone they knew they shouldn’t touch.

  • ozedude

    I’m a guy and i agree its a violation of someones personal space (at the least). Could never understand how being preg changes this.

  • http://www.aptaclub.ie/ Rebbeca White

    A pregnant women symbolizes a new life, and to disobey or disrespect that women in any manner would be a symbol of disgrace. Pregnancy is a time when a women needs the most care and attention of his life and because of such actions she might feel hurted and dis balanced. So its my urge to all such people to stop behaving like shameless creeps and start respecting women.

  • Amber

    Ok, so what makes it ok to touch a pregnant woman? Would these bump touchers walk up to any woman and touch her in such a manner? If you didn’t put that baby in the belly keep your paws off, period. Newsflash… You are not actually touching the baby, you are touching the mother in a VERY intimate manner that would warrant sexual harrassment in any workplace in this country. Didn’t EVERYone learn to keep their hands to themselves in kindergarten aside from a few pregnant women?

    • Maribel

      So very true, people need to stay out of personal bubbles unless their invited in. Being pregnant myself made it very uncomfortable and violation of my body. Can’t just go around rubbing peoples bellys.

  • PoorGuy

    This woman is clearly a vile, hateful,and malicious person. She could have backed away, used her hands to hide her belly, and told him to stop. Instead she stood there and let him feel her belly. A sign of care and joy. But no she invited him and entrapped him. Now he has to face criminal charges because she is annoyed. If she doesn’t want attention then she needs to lock herself in her home. But, it’s obvious she did this for the attention and fame, probably to earn a pretty penny to raise her bastard child. I hope karma bites her in the ass. Did she file suit on everyone that felt her belly. Or is it because she is jealous of her neighbor? What a way to bring down another human being, accuse him of assault. I wonder if she would have done so had it been a female neighbor. But that child’s birth is stained with his mothers cruelty. I wonder how far it’ll get in life. For one I hope it’ll be ashamed of his bitter mother.