Nina Dobrev Gushes About Her Ideal Boyfriend

By: Meaghan Ellis - September 3, 2014

Nina Dobrev is undeniably gorgeous!

There are probably tons of guys who would love to date the famed Vampire Diaries star.

However, the 25-year-old actress has already visualized her ideal boyfriend. She even opted to share the details with fans!

But, of course, the talented actress didn’t just offer up a long, daunting list of the physical features and characteristics she desires in her ideal man. She took things a bit further with a relatively comical twist!

On Thursday, August 28, she took to Instagram with a creative post describing her dream guy in Starbucks style! Dobrev compared her ideal boyfriend to her favorite Starbucks order!

Her ideal guy has to be “extra hot!” “!!!! HAHHAHAHA #awko-taco, Best StarBucks order ever. If only…” she captioned.

Maybe the former Degrassi: The Next Generation actress is just starting to feel some type of way about love and romance because this isn’t the first time she’s expressed her desire for a boyfriend.

Last month, Dobrev appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she joked about needing a “steady boyfriend.” She explained having a steady boyfriend would keep down on all of the rumors about her love life. During an interesting game of giant beer pong with Fallon, she dished about getting a boyfriend.

“But honestly, I need to get, like, a steady boyfriend so that people can stop speculating because it’s getting annoying,” she said of all the rumors. “I have a lot of girlfriends, they’re all texting me at once [and] it’s just like, my thumbs are starting to hurt.”

In the past couple months, Dobrev has been linked to numerous guys including Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom. Although she still insists that she’s single, she obviously doesn’t see the harm in expressing her desires every now and then!

There’s no doubt her “ideal boyfriend” will appear eventually!


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