Nicole Smith Daughter May Be Entitled To Millions

    May 31, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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When Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007, she had been in a lengthy, no-holds-barred battle with her millionaire husband’s estate lawyers over money she claimed was hers. Now, a judge has ruled that her daughter is entitled to some of it.

Smith married Howard Marshall in 1994; despite their 62-year age difference, she said she was in love with him and didn’t care about his money. When he died a year later, his family claimed he’d left nothing to her in his will even though she said he’d promised her $300 million. The case hopped around from court to court, with Smith awarded millions only to have the amount reduced drastically when it went to federal court. In 2010, a jury found that Marshall’s will should be upheld and that his estate be handed over to his son, Pierce Marshall.

“J. Howard’s wishes were always perfectly clear: He gave Anna Nicole Smith approximately $8 million in gifts during his lifetime, and those gifts were all that he intended to give her,” said Eric Brunstad, the Marshalls’ lawyer.

Now, however, a California judge says that Marshall’s attorneys didn’t play fair and left out vital documents from Smith’s estate lawyers after her death. He says her daughter, Danielynn, may be entitled to as much as $49 million in sanctions against Marshall’s family.

Dannielynn, who is just six years old, is being raised by her father, Larry Burkhead.

  • Denise Hilker

    If she didn’t care about the money why did she spend so much time trying to get what wasn’t hers? She was a gold digger and all she cared about was his money. She was a who**. Her daughter was not his so she should not be entitled to any of that money. The only money she should get is what her mom had left after her drugging and partying. If he wanted her to have that money he would have changed his will before he died.

    • Berny Acobe

      Im pretty sure all you women would do the same as Anna Nicole if you had her same looks,,,, She had good looks and did a survival technique.

      • jackie wood

        If I personally, were not a Christian, I probably would, but I certainly would NOT sleep with that man and kisses would only be on the cheek

      • cindy williams


    • Diana

      Denise Hiker, hmmm, good thing you were never in a situation like Anna Nicole….because Lord only knows that you’d jump at the bit & do the same thing!!
      I know you cannot be that naive!! It’s amazing how people wish they’d only be fortunate enough to fall into such a situation….when they don’t, they become so negatively jealous at a situation that wasn’t theirs………..sick & sad…
      People like you feel like this, “Why is she so lucky, why can’t I be!”

  • http://Yahoo Janice Core

    Thank you Judges, as her daughter deserves the money. For once the courts did a good job.

    • BiteMe

      And WHERE do you get THAT idea???

      • Diana

        The same place you got the idea that you don’t like to see people get their due! You know……you speak like you’ve lived a sad, lonely, poor life and feel that others that live better are due the same card you were dealt….an UGLY ONE!!!! You are one sad individual BiteMe……my prayers go out to you

  • BiteMe

    Smith was ONLY after Marshall’s money. Are you KIDDING me??? And Burkhead only took custody of the kid hoping to one day get RICH from her getting big bucks from the courts. Smith was NOTHING but a GOLDDIGGER, as is BURKHEAD. IMHO…..

    • http://www.webpronews.com Sam

      Who are you to say that Larry only took custody of “the kid” hoping to get rich? He is actually a great father to Danielynn. But you would know that if you knew him personally.

    • Joanne

      I agree, this woman was but gold digging trash. It is sickening that she is portrayed as anything other than what she was…TRASH.

      • cindy williams


      • Diana

        You appear to have an identical disposition as, BiteMe, which isn’t one to be proud of! I feel bad for you as well………people like you & BiteMe must have lead an ugly life to have such negative thoughts about people you don’t know!! Sick & Sad….I feel bad for you two ;-(

    • Diana

      BiteMe….what a negative comment…WOW ;-( I write the following from my heart:
      I feel sad for you…..your comment leads people to believe that you had a rough life :-(
      The way you blatantly speak bad about a mom and dad, tells a lot more then you know! Lots of people that feel like you don’t like others to see into their—–uhm—soul! But with comments such as yours, it’s easy to read!
      Have you ever just been happy for someone that gets their due?? This little girl is getting something that her mommy was due…..you can’t just be happy that her daddy took responsibility and chose to raise his daughter???
      Why would you say such “UGLY” words against someone you only read about in gossip mags!! People in their right mind know that gossip mags are just that~~~GOSSIP~~~

  • zee

    that man was in his right mind and knew what he was doing who cares about the age difference such is life! Hope he made into heaven!

    • jackie wood

      Only if he accepted the Lord into his heart and believed Him to be the son of God, rose again on the third day and ascended unto heaven and sits at the right hand of the father. That’s the sinner’s prayer. After that, live a life worthy of that which you were called.

      • cindy williams


    • Diana

      Well said Zee!!

  • peggy

    I hope Dannylynn gets all she wants for the rest of her life. She lost her mother and brother. She has a great dad and he takes care of her. They both deserve happiness!

    • margaret

      Ill gotten $$$ Anna was not with this man long enough or cared about the old fool enough to get the $$$.t I feel for the small child. This may prove to be a curse rather than a blessing. It will come back and bite this little girl one day. Her Dad learned nothing from Nichole’s sad life and out come. He’s learned nothing about his daughter’s brother’s suffering and death either. “What does man give in exchange for his soul?” He hasn’t heard that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter heaven. Of course in today’s age Dad may not believe in a heaven to come?

  • Will

    I’m much more sympathetic to the little girl than I was to her mom. Larry seems to be a good dad, but that’s irrelevant to the child’s rights. The rest of the Marshalls won’t miss $49 million, so why not? I realize such an argument wouldn’t stand up in court, but what the heck? Can you imagine the life that Danilynne could have, being beautiful AND rich? Whew! Wonder if she’d like my youngest son someday when she’s grown. (g)

  • mindy

    The heck with the possible promise of $money$. Larry, I hope you encourage your daughter to play sports (helps her learn teamwork, responsibility plus keeps her healthy &strong) & guide her toward college (a great education never hurts). Be a super parent! Focus you NRG on Danielynn. Take care.

  • Sharon

    REALY…..it’s none of anyone’s business….

  • Sheila Barthos

    What father doesn’t love his own daughter? As for the rest of it, that’s for the court to decide. If my father married a trashy thing 67 years younger than him and he died a year later and left her nothing in his will I would fight to ensure she got what he left her. At his age I would be concerned about whether he was in sound mind. If he was then who he leaves his own money to would be his business.

  • Sandra Bass

    Pretty much all of Marshall’s family has died only his lawyers are still alive, I believe her daughter should get the money. She has no mother or brother to help her out in life, if need be. She does seem to have a wonderful loving father though, if the money is put in a trust for her to receive when she reaches an age where it would benefit her, that would be wonderful. Why is there so much hate on the inter-net? Look within your selves people before it’s too late to matter!

  • Charlotte Sitterson

    J. Howard’s attorney’s didn’t provide all document’s that is a fact. They were skirting the law and got caught. It doesn’t matter who or what Anna Nicole was or after. J. Howard”s dad married her and she is and her daughter are entitled to whatever the courts decide. J. Howard grew up well and has had every opportunity. Pride goes before a fall and I think was both parties involved motivation. Unfortunately it got taken to court and the media to try to work out.

  • jackie wood

    Danilyn should get the money her mother should have gotten. Anna Nicole was his WIFE. Hope the little gal gets what’s coming to her.

  • Jane Williams

    Let the person without “SIN” judge Nicole. She did what was best for her at that time. Nicole was legally married to J Marshall, she was there for him when he needed to be close to someone -not his children who was in their own World. Therefore, she should be treated as his wife regardless of her lack of wisdom. No one instructed her to secure what J M offered her, including his greedy lawyers who are now milking the estate, the longer this rolls in the court system the more they take home. Her Child is entitled to her estate, so whatever happens, happens. I hope she gets her Mother’s inheritance. No one walked in her shoes so no one should be quick to discredit her.

  • http://yahoo Nancy

    The truth be told!Anna married FOR MONEY!not her money!so the little girl does not need that evil money ITS NOT FROM HER MOMMA!it was evil gotten!END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • claudette altieri

    How much it’s an off ? you mine to tell me amount of all 500 hundred million it’s only 49 million they Marshall’s would like to give to Dannielynn. Well; money is good when using for progress But not to used for greediness WEAK UP!!! May be this young mind with the help of this money, could used; TO study ,and be coming anything they world will need in the time future to even invented,or save, let’s
    be fair for the benefit of every one

    • shelly

      Maybe you could use some to learn how to write proper English so that people reading it can understand. And spell check wouldn’t hurt you either!

  • Ester

    survival technique, is a good word to A. Nicole. Anyone who has the guts, young and beautiful would do the same, money is power! I don’t blame her.